Senior Senate Staffer James A Wolfe Arrested For Leaking Classified Documents To Multiple Media Outlets – Indictment pdf below…

In a just released 11-page federal indictment (full pdf below) a Senior Staff official for the Senate Select Committee Intelligence, James A. Wolfe, has been identified as leaking secret and top-secret classified information to multiple media sources.  Mr. Wolfe was arrested Thursday night by federal marshals.  (direct link to justice pdf)

According to the indictment, Mr. Wolfe (58, pictured above), the former director of security, lied to the FBI when he was questioned about his involvement in leaking classified intelligence to the media.  Last night the Senate Intelligence Committee agreed to release documents to the DOJ/FBI investigators.

Earlier today it was revealed a New York Times journalist, and former 3-year girlfriend to Mr. Wolfe, had her phone and email communication seized by investigators.

The criminal indictment was unsealed moments ago:


*note* this is breaking information.  Further analysis to follow.

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1,348 Responses to Senior Senate Staffer James A Wolfe Arrested For Leaking Classified Documents To Multiple Media Outlets – Indictment pdf below…

  1. Wayne Robinson says:

    Low hanging fruit almost 18 months in / but it is at leadt some movement . In nature i have noticed and learned not to dispuse small beginings .

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    • neal s says:

      I think there is a strategy at work here. If at first lots of big names that we would so love to get perp-walked were arrested and charged, half the nation might be up in arms thinking that this is some type of political persecution. But if smaller less well known people are charged with fairly obvious things that are hard to deny, it becomes much harder to falsely claim that the prosecution is politically motivated.

      The scope of the wrong-doing is far beyond what anyone not red-pilled can imagine. Starting out slowly and methodically in an impossible to refute way with smaller fish and smaller crimes, builds credibility that prosecutions are just and deserved.

      I believe a lot of thought has gone into figuring out the order in which to press charges and on whom. Because doing these things in a haphazard way could result in much disruption and social unrest among our blue-pilled countrymen. And we have seen they are not averse to doing stupid things like riots to express outrage.

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  2. Phil Garber says:

    Charging for the lie but not for the leak is what do you do when your priority is to flush out the leakers. You’re trying to give people an incentive to confess and cooperate. It’s going to make anyone else think hard when the question is put to them, knowing that the investigator may already know the answer and that denial carries the greater risk over come my clean.

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  3. MVW says:

    Must be getting close to Mueller wrapping up his report on nothing, which would leave Trump free to clean house. DOJ needs to start throwing low level criminal wood on the sacrificial fire as a substitute for the big logs.

    In other words, It is an attempt to keep Trojan Horse, Sessions, from the flames.

    I expect more low level catches, Strzok blamed & charged, Comey wrist slapped, McCabe charged with a minor crime and given a harsh tongue lashing. Loretta given the Lois Lerner treatment. The over zealous Obama White House staffers being shamed, and the whole rotten crooked mess called tragic. Nothing will happen. Obama will be surprised and disappointed, but he will understand how his loyal staff would be overzealous in face of the ‘Big Dream’.

    Words, smoke, virtue signaling, and ‘It is Trump’s fault’. & the hope will be that this never happens again. Rug lifted and dirt swept or shoveled under it. Nothing to see, move along.


  4. Prof. Woland says:

    It will be interesting to see if his motivation for leaking was financial or ideological.

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  5. Richard Whitney says:

    Imagine the blood sweats of the other perps. Andy has to tremble as he reads about Wolfe. Real justice is coming for him. He can hear the cries in the distance of those getting indicted, and he knows justice will catch him too. He has no defense, and will not get immunity. The torment of what certainly lies ahead is better than a life sentence right now, because the terror of a life sentence awaits.
    Everyone who wants Jeff to convict and sentence in an instant isn’t thinking about the terror being inflicted on the conspiracy. Keep up the good work Jeff! I am enjoying it all. When these guys are all in solitary in Gitmo, it will be like the day after Christmas.
    2018 is going to be a glorious year.

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  6. I think this should serve as evidence as to the true nature of Sessions. The awe shucks disposition and the appearance of doing nothing is merely the “tall grass” from which he hunts.

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    • Somewhere in Dixie says:

      Sometimes I have been thinking the same. There is a reason why Trump still keeps him.


      • Lurker2 says:

        I will bet a substantial sum of money that when the Mueller investigation is done Sessions’ days are numbered. It doesn’t matter what good work he has been doing, his recusal (and failure to inform Trump in advance of it) caused massive problems for Trump and the rest of us. He needs to go.

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        • If you believe that POTUS is a stable genius who somehow didn’t see the conflicts Sessions had with the Mueller investigation coming, while simultaneously pointing out all of the conflicts on Mueller’s team, you have probably been duped.

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  7. Bill Henslee says:

    TBH catching a leaker from the Deep State is serious business and must be taken to a conclusion that will deter others in the future. The journalism crowd will bleat about their right to find and publish secret information under the 1st Amendment, but they should take some heat too.

    However, I doubt that this guy was part of the plot to take down the President headed by the cabal of Brennan, Clapper, the various minions of the Obama administration, and the 7th floor officials of the FBI.
    Lord knows how President Trump is still standing tall against all these mooks who were trying to do him in.

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  8. “13. During in or around 2013 and in or around 2014, REPORTER #2 was an undergraduate student serving as an intern with a news service in Washington, DC.

    14. In approximately December 2013 WOLFE and REPORTER #2 began a personal relationship that continued until in or around December 2017.”

    Then you have this:

    “Temple senior breaks national story involving CIA ”

    “A senior in Temple University’s journalism program helped break a recent national story that has members of the U.S. Senate pointing fingers at the CIA.

    Ali Watkins, currently a 22-year-old freelancer for McClatchy in Washington, D.C., received a tip from sources who came to trust her while making herself a presence on Capitol Hill, according to a posting by Temple’s School of Media and Communication.” March 2014.

    Wolfe has been leaking for years.

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      Or she was being passed around for years.

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    • SW Richmond says:

      “Wolfe has been leaking for years.”

      Being more of a newshound, I told Mrs. SWR about this story:

      Me: “57 year old chief of security for the Senate Intelligence committee has been banging a twenty-something college student and leaking classified information to her which she has published and used to advance her career.”

      Mrs. SWR: “So he’s been leaking more than one thing”.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Like Petreus and Broadwell? I think in this case he was furthering an agenda other than just getting some.


  9. Lurker2 says:

    Release Wolfe and Watkin’s texts! I’m sure they’re even more fun to read than Strzok and Page’s.

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  10. Truthfilter says:

    Is there any additional information we can infer from the fact that it was U.S. Marshals who served the warrant instead of the FBI? Are there reasons for using one agency instead of the other?


  11. Lurker2 says:

    Why is he only charged with making false statements and not leaking classified info?

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    • smartyjones1 says:

      Because the Feds hold all the leverage and don’t need to throw everything out into the sunlight. They have more than enough to inflict the PAIN and maintain the cloak of secrecy over others who are connected to Wolfe.

      It puts all the conspirators into a panic. This is not an unusual practice. Similar is seen with McCabe although he’s not indicted yet. You put out enough to work with and hold back the critical details until you need them.

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      • Richard Whitney says:

        Read the indictment. There is more to come.
        For Mr. Wolfe, the real punishment begins when Mrs. Wolfe reads the indictment.


  12. Lurker2 says:

    Dear Ali Watkins, I hope you enjoy your new career. Yes, I would like fries with that.

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  13. waltherppk says:

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  14. LULU says:

    From Newsweek:

    “[He] maintained that he had never disclosed to REPORTER #2 classified information or information that he learned as Director of Security for the (Committee) that was not otherwise publicly available,” the indictment said.

    According to investigators, Wolfe’s emails and phone data proved that the pair exchanged “tens of thousands of electronic communications.” One particular text message sent by Wolfe read, “I’ve watched your career take off even before you ever had a career in journalism.… I always tried to give you as much information that I could and to do the right thing with it, so you could get that scoop before anyone else….”

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  15. SkyPhoenix says:

    Got it, Eeyore. “Doom and gloom; doom and gloom…” (Shuffles around, looks at feet with sour expression.)

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  16. dawg says:

    This guy sounds like exactly like that sick f character played by that sick f Kevin Spacey in that frighteningly accurate depiction of Washington D.C., “House of Cards”. In one of the earlier seasons, Spacey was having an affair with a very young journalist and giving her info. Then when things got too dicey, he pushed her in front of a train.

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    • SteveT says:

      Yes, but what is more frighteningly accurate is the way that the original (1990 approx) House of Cards about the British government has been used as a base for the American series you refer to. Spare us a thought as we have the same swamp problem but no Trump card to play.


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  17. imatexan says:

    I hope the hammer continues to drop until all the nails are in the slammer.


  18. smartyjones1 says:

    You start with the catfish on the bottom and work your way up the ladder with indictments; not the other way around. SMH, when will they learn?

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  19. Richard Whitney says:

    You GOTTA read the indictment. You may have skipped it to get to the comments. Go back and read the indictment. You will be happy you did. Go ahead, read the indictment. I will wait.

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    • Timolin says:

      Leaks are over. It’s an important tactical gain. As the accused had access to all information he prevented any potential whistleblowing against the cabal. Assurances given to those wishing to come forward have now been given demonstrable support, and floodgates will open. These people who are under charge are very badly busted and they have much to worry about. It will be interesting to observe the NYT’s response. I have the impression that they were hoping none of this was going to happen. They know they have an implacable opponent, and they know that they have insulted him and his family. There will be no mercy, they surely realise, and the tide of battle has turned against them.

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    • LULU says:

      It appears that too many skip to the Comments without reading much of anything.

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  20. mimbler says:

    I truly don’t understand Comey going free after admitting his crime on national television.


    • LULU says:

      Does anyone really believe Comey has “gone free”? It’s only beginning for him and some of the others…

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      • mimbler says:

        Yes. I think it is possible. Like Holder went free with fast and furious, Lerner and Koskenin went free with the IRS, Hillary went free with her server.
        I can’t predict the future, but they are all certainly free right now, and Sessions stated he will not look into the IRS scandal, so that is pretty much guaranteed.

        And the point is that Comey admitted to crimes on national television. It doesn’t take any long complicated investigation to charge him for things he confessed to under oath.
        He is still loose, bad mouthing PDJT, and doesn’t seem particularly concerned.


        • Perot Conservative says:

          No. IG Report #1 is our first entre at a grand banquet.

          The McCabe report is just the free peanuts you get when you walk in to Texas Roadhouse. Not even an appetizer.


  21. LULU says:

    Wolfe was hardly a “low-level nobody”. As security director he may have known more than anyone in the Congress – including the various SSCIs (Intelligence Committees) he worked with over the years. He’d have been trusted with the most secret intelligence…


  22. BC says:

    This appears to be misleading, he apparently wasn’t charged with ‘leaking’ information, only with lying to the investigators.

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    • mimbler says:

      True, but he lied about leaking. So if they can prove the lies, they can prove the leaking. Sounds to me like they are giving him a chance to plead or rat out others.


    • Richard Whitney says:

      You are correct. But you can read the indictment and see that the sting included a ‘barium meal’, information that will be traceable to Wolfe that gets to the reporters. The FBI has requested the documents from the SSCI, but that is a formality to legally obtain what they already know.The leaking of classified information and Top Secret information is on its way. This indictment is just the first wave of a tsunami.

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  23. Before all the dominoes begin to fall you have to push the first one over

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  24. I watched a news program tonight that said reporters sources in Washington aren’t answeing phones today.

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    • WSB says:

      Can you imagine all of the person to person meetings the cabal is now forced to resign itself to?

      Starbucks will have two lines outside their doors. And both will be for the restrooms.


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  26. Concerned says:


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