The Problem Isn’t Just Corruption at the FBI and Main Justice, It’s Also The Media…

Over the past year we have learned that a significant number of people within the DOJ and FBI have been the source of leaks to the media.  Almost all of those leaks built on lies.

Reports have confirmed that FBI Director James Comey, his chief legal counsel, James Baker as well as his chief-of-staff James Rybicki have all been leaking to media outlets.

In addition, FBI Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ/FBI Attorney Lisa Page have been identified as leaking stories to Politico, the Washington Post and New York Times.  Adding to that mix, Asst. AG Sally Yates, Asst. AG John Carlin and a host of Main Justice officials were also participating in leaks; all leaks based on self-interest.

DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr were both in close contact with Glenn Simpson and Fusion-GPS, and that entity has admitted openly to shopping -and selling- stories to the media, under the auspices of ‘anonymous sources’.  Those financially distributed Fusion-GPS stories went to a host of friendly and ideological media outlets.

In total, hundreds of leaks from the Obama White House via, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice and the larger intelligence community staff, add up to thousands of media reports which were then re-reported by dozens more media outlets filing their reports under citations of “according to a report in (fill-in-blank)“.

Think about the scale of the reporting, and reporting on reporting, of anonymous leaks, false leaks, lies from “people with knowledge of the matter”, “government officials involved in the matter”, “people familiar with the matter”, “government sources” etc. all going in one unified and semi-coordinated direction – against the aggregate Trump administration.

We’re talking about thousands of hours of media TV pundits, thousands more columns written, and almost every scintilla of it based on originating intelligence sources -from the larger intelligence system- that are now being exposed as duplicitous and conspiratorial in the scale of their malicious intent.

This larger story-line has traveled in one direction.  The narrative has only traveled in one direction.  Each thread converging on codependent trails for collective stories all going in one direction. One big engineered narrative endlessly pushed.  Think about how far the collective media have traveled with this story over the past eighteen months.

Now, in a period of a few weeks, it has become increasingly obvious the collective journey, using all that expended effort, was going in the wrong direction.

Think about this carefully.

Do we really think, with that much exhaustive energy spent in one unified direction, that this massive monolith of media are capable of questioning their destination?

Think about it.

For context, think about how the U.S. Media writ large responded to their absolute guaranteed election outcome of November 8th 2016?

After almost two years of one-way traveling and convincing themselves of one predetermined outcome/desination, what was their response to Clinton’s loss and their getting the entire arc of the election wrong?

Did a single media outlet reset their baseline?  Did any corporate media executive demand a comprehensive reassessment of their coverage to see how they could have possibly been so comprehensively wrong?

Was there any autopsy of their own inherent institutional echo-chamber to reevaluate anything? Anything?

Were any personnel changed?  Were any executive adjustments made in the wake of their seismically wrong assumptions?  Was there a single comprehensive editorial review?




After a brief period of grief counseling amid their peer group they went right back to the exact same flawed system; used the exact same ideological perspectives; controlled by the exact same disconnected executives; and began engineering/reporting the exact same flawed and ideological broadcasts and narrative scripts from the past two years.

Not a single thing changed.


What exactly do you think the American institutional media will do with a Justice department reality, within the real DOJ and FBI story, that factually ends up in a direction 180° divergent from their current year-long travel?

The media have fully invested themselves in eighteen months of narrative distribution in only one direction.  Not a single MSM entity has questioned their travel as a result of false leaks and false sources in the totality of time they have covered the DOJ and FBI story.

Nothing within their collective need to will-an-outcome, will change the media’s proximity to facts when the truthful story behind the DOJ and FBI corruption is finally exposed.  The media are so far away from the place where this story ends, they have no inherent capability to even begin to travel in the opposite direction, toward the truth.

The only way they could align with the truth is to admit that virtually every scintilla of their reportage over the past 18 months was inherently false.   There’s not a single media outlet capable of doing that.

If the media had only gone half as far in their flawed journey, perhaps an argument could be made that their return was possible.  However, they have gone so far beyond the horizon they are no longer even capable of seeing the origination point; and even if they did turn around now, it would take so long to return they would be strangers upon arrival.

Think about a New York Times, CNN or Washington Post journalist now having to accept that every column inch they have written in the past eighteen months was built upon a foundation of lies.  Do we really think such a catastrophic level of flawed ideology could ever reconstitute into genuine reporting of fact-based information?

Unlikely.  Heck, impossible.

Think about this as we read media reporting over the next few weeks.  Keep all of this in mind. I would anticipate the media’s only reasonable option is to double down on trying to convince themselves there’s another reason, some other reason, for their disconnect.

Introspection of the level needed to admit their prior gullibility and attempt recovery would be akin to Al Gore admitting to the foundational lies of man-made global warming.

These next few weeks will be very interesting.

Very interesting.


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  1. Lurker2 says:

    If the submitters paid for the information to be published then it is advertising and should be disclosed as such.

    But it all falls under the “propaganda” umbrella.

    information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

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    • PgtSndThinker says:

      IIRC (my first time using that acronym!) there was a court decision in the past year or two against a media outlet that failed to disclose the nature of a segment that they were paid to broadcast. I think it was radio. I know that many print outlets put the disclaimer “paid advertisement” on some content that is formatted to resemble an actual journalistic article.

      If I’m right, this type of law could be a useful tool against some of the malfeasance in the MSM because it sounds like we now have evidence of payment.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        That is actually pretty brilliant. Hope that WORKS!!!

        AND you are using IIRC wonderfully. IIRC, the acronym has only one common meaning, but perhaps R is a variable here, like R often is! 😉


    • slothb77 says:

      >These next few weeks will be very interesting.


      Next few weeks? When does the storm begin? How close are we to the storm?

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  2. Joe says:

    John Solomon, of The Hill, very leftist news outlet, was doing some good reporting and following it up by discussing the reporting on FOX.

    Apparently the staff went bonkers and they have shut him down in the past week or so.

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  3. Kaco says:

    I wish they would break up these media conglomerates. They’re also buying up local and regional papers, too. The Columbus Dispatch was owned by the Wolfes but sold it to a NY media company, which are purchasing other family owned media.

    Then there’s this:

    and this:

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  4. rsanchez1990 says:

    Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is so strong that it drives them to do illegal crap just to preserve their precious little worldview. Whatever reason the news organizations may have for refusing to correct themselves, the individual people working there won’t stop and think about why they keep going crazy over Trump because that will force them to ask themselves some very dark questions about where the hell their lives are going and where they went wrong. They are in deep psychological trouble.

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    • yy4u says:

      I have a different view rsanchez1990 — I watch the behavior of the FBI, IRS, DOJ and see a parallel to the “bureaucracies” Lenin setup in the USSR a hundred years ago. Time moves faster in the 21st century thanks to technology, but just imagine how Stalin and his “bureaucracies” would have behaved had 25 years into the Soviet Union, Stalin had been unexpectedly defeated in one of his sham elections. Would the KGB et al have behaved ANY differently than the FBI, DOJ providing they could not resort to murdering the dissidents? I don’t think so. What we are seeing is the American Bolsheviks of the 21st century reacting to the fear that their carefully constructed government was going to be taken down.

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  5. L. Gee says:

    Nope, the media will definitely not be making a U-turn (now or anytime in the near future), I think one of their defining moments was when they en masse told viewers that they HAD to attack Trump because he was so dangerous to America. At that point, they moved their strategy from covert to overt (was anyone paying attention?). This is war to them, and it’s not just about $$, but their entire life, their livelihood, and their very identity.

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  6. litenmaus says:

    I thought the Strozk went to Michael Flynn’s office?

    Another Fake News/Real Leak?

    The Daily Caller – Jack Crowe

    “President Donald Trump and his senior aides were completely unaware that national security adviser Michael Flynn met with FBI officials to discuss his contacts with Russian officials until two days after the interview, according to NBC News.

    Under normal circumstances, a lawyer for the National Security Council would have accompanied Flynn to the meeting but he reportedly decided to forego official representation and also opted against bringing his private attorney.

    “No one knew that any of this was happening,” a senior White House official who was there at the time, told NBC News.”

    “Apparently it was not clear to Flynn that this was about his personal conduct,” another White House official said. “So he didn’t think of bringing his own lawyer.”

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    • mimbler says:

      The article is written ambiguously, but I don’t think it contradicts previous reports that the FBI went to Flynn. It was still a meeting at that point and Flynn did not call his lawyer to bring him to the meeting.

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    • Ziiggii says:

      best to go to the original source – NBC – example:

      One person familiar with the matter described Pompeo, Coats and Rogers as “peripheral witnesses” to the Comey firing. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who played a key role in Comey’s departure and was a top adviser on the Trump campaign, was interviewed by Mueller last week as the special counsel’s team inches closer to possibly questioning the president himself.

      or this one:

      Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon is expected to meet with Mueller’s team by Jan. 31, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

      or this – because we all know 2 are better than one {insert DoubleMint gum commercial}:

      Two people familiar with the matter said Trump was unaware that Flynn had spoken with the FBI until two days after the interview took place. An attorney for Flynn did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

      A brief phone call from the office of Andrew McCabe, the deputy FBI director, to a scheduler for Flynn on Jan. 24 set the interview in motion, according to people familiar with the matter. The scheduler was told the FBI wanted to speak with Flynn later that day, these people said, and the meeting was placed on Flynn’s schedule. The scheduler didn’t ask the reason for the meeting, and the FBI didn’t volunteer it, one person familiar with the matter said.

      I can go on and on, but hopefully we see the pattern… muddy waters!

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      • Ziiggii says:

        oh and I’ll take a stab and say McCabe is the one leaking all this to NBC

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      • shannynae says:

        I have wondered why all these journalists (she says sarcastically) aren’t fired and replaced with all the “sources: and “persons familiar with the matter” since they seem to be doing all the leg work and the MSM just obsesses over their phones all day. Haha…

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      • litenmaus says:

        Thanks Ziiggi, I had to go searching…..CNN was the originator of the information that I was trying to find…..

        December 4, 2017

        According to another source, with direct knowledge of the Jan. 24 interview, McCabe had contacted Flynn by phone directly at the White House. White House officials had spent the “earlier part of the week with the FBI overseeing training and security measures associated with their new roles so it was no surprise to Flynn that McCabe had called,” the source said.

        McCabe told Flynn “some agents were HEADING OVER(to the White House) but Flynn thought it was part of the routine work the FBI had been doing and said they would be cleared at the gate,” the source said.

        “It wasn’t until after they were already in (Flynn’s) office that he realized he was being formerly interviewed. He didn’t have an attorney with him,” they added.

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      • phoenixRising says:

        I don’t believe Mueller has any right/ground what have you, to question POTUS as to why he fired Comey.


    • ray76 says:

      Strzok et al arrived on the pretense of a routine security orientation for new personnel. They then questioned him about legal activities. According to the terribly biased Strzok, Flynn contradicted his previous statements (illegally obtained). After months of attack by Mueller, Flynn was financially destroyed. He lost his home and his family was emotionally exhausted. He then agreed to a plea deal just to end the attack.

      A crime has been perpetrated against Flynn. Mueller, Strzok, and the rest of these degenerate SOBs need to fry.

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  7. TexasRanger says:

    “We’re Looking at Potential Obstruction – This is an Outrage”

    Gohmert on Missing FBI Texts:

    Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) talked to Jon Scott on Fox News regarding the admission by the FBI that it did not save five months’ worth of emails between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page due to a so-called technical glitch.

    Rep. Gohmert noted on the program, “this stinks to high heaven, and this time Congress cannot drop the ball.

    We did not enforce our contempt on Eric Holder when documents disappeared; and, he refused to produce them. We did not go after others –nobody paid a price for things disappearing. This is too serious.

    We have got to hold these people accountable …”

    Fox News Interviews Louie Gohmert Video 06:48 Minutes Jan-24-2018;

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  8. TexasRanger says:

    ABC, NBC, CBS Ignore and Downplay Missing Strzok-Page Texts

    Viewers who rely on ABC, CBS and NBC for their news might be unaware of the drama surrounding Lisa Page and Peter Strzok
    President Donald Trump, Republican lawmakers and political watchdogs are furious that the FBI failed to preserve five months of text messages between FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok – but the news divisions at CBS, NBC and ABC have largely ignored the story.
    The story was completely ignored on Monday’s evening newscasts despite details emerging with plenty of time to be included — and Tuesday wasn’t much better.

    “Where the networks wanted to censor the revelations, Fox News Channel’s ‘Special Report’ covered them in detail,” Newsbusters’ Nicholas Fondacaro wrote. “Instead of reporting on the FBI, ABC’s ‘World News Tonight’ gushed about the Super Bowl, ‘CBS Evening News’ reported that Minnie Mouse got her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and ‘NBC Nightly News’ fawned over yet another royal wedding in the U.K.”

    ABC News still had not even mentioned the story as of Tuesday night when it was skipped on “World News Tonight,” according to the Media Research Center.

    CBS spent three minutes covering the story on Tuesday morning’s edition of “CBS This Morning,” but coverage was reduced to just 36 seconds by the time “CBS Evening News” aired later in the day, according to the MRC.

    Fondacaro noted that CBS’ coverage “seemed to paint it as something the White House was claiming happened,” pointing to a quote by CBS White House Correspondent Major Garrett and the decision to hide the details in a larger story about the Russia investigation as proof that the network isn’t properly covering the situation.

    Over on embattled NBC News, Lester Holt managed to take a break from praising North Korea to dedicate a whopping 27 seconds of Tuesday’s “Nightly News” to the story, according to the MRC.

    NBC White House Correspondent Kristen Welker also tied the story to the Russia investigation, saying, “As the investigation gets closer to the president, Mr. Trump is escalating his battle with the very department that’s investigating him,” before noting that Strzok was “removed from the special counsel probe for writing disparaging messages about then-candidate Trump.”

    MRC Vice President Dan Gainor called the lack of coverage “utterly insane,” and said “major media never seem to care about missing emails or missing texts when it benefits the left.”

    Read The Full Story Jan-24-2018;

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    • Bo Ure says:

      Lester Holt! That’s the guy I woke up to. First words I hear in the morning, from him, “Mueller investigation getting closer to Trump.” *click* The precise reverse of the facts. Now, how is he going to explain to his dopey viewers still with him when that doesn’t happen? The answer will be reversed too.

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      Unless the the FBI is not charged with Obstruction of Just Us then, maybe its really not a big deal.


  9. extremelyunimpressed says:

    the knowingly did this, they complied with what the Obama Admin asked them to do, im almost willing to bet, and because they knew they were lying the entire time, its almost impossible for them to backtrack It now, I think that every single anchor or talking head, who helped push this narrative, should be jailed for slander if not treason against our President, they have come up with the most ridiculous claims to make against him, and they don’t just say it once, they repeat it over and over until everyone who even glances at their channels believes what they are saying, this was a tactical maneuver to take out our President, and it should be treated as such.


  10. John@OregonCoast says:

    Reads like a Pulitzer winner Sundance.

    Thank you.

    We’re hangin’ in tight.


  11. Rondo says:

    James Woods


    So basically we have been without an Attorney General for the duration of this administration. Meanwhile the Democrats and their henchmen are running rampant – destroying files, emails, texts and other evidence. This is a coup d’etat. Make no mistake.

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    • Rondo says:

      Attorney General Jeff Sessions Sat Down With Special Counsel Mueller’s Office
      Sessions recused himself from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election after news reports highlighted his interactions with Russian officials.


      • G. Combs says:

        Gee, Thanks for REPEATING the LYING Yellow Stream Medias Talking points about AG Sessions. You do them proud.

        Now as an exercise in telling the truth — Go find out what ACTUALLY HAPPENED!


    • zimbalistjunior says:

      agreed…unless this has all been part of the plan to trap them, mistakes have been made by the good guys.
      but sundance has faith, so i will too

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  12. Sayit2016 says:

    Ah the noose is tightening…..A friend of former FBI director James Comey who leaked sensitive FBI memos to The New York Times in the wake of Comey’s firing in 2017 now claims to be Comey’s personal attorney. Daniel Richman, a law professor at Columbia University, told The Federalist via phone on Tuesday afternoon that he [is] now personally representing Comey.Richman got at least one classified document from the Comey pile, which wouldn’t be legal even if he had been Comey’s attorney.

    At the same time, the new claim to attorney representation in the Comey-Richman relationship looks a lot like a bid to shield the both of them from answering questions from Congress, due to attorney-client privilege.

    The sudden claim to attorneyship from Comey looks a lot like a weaselly effort to get out of any accountability for his strange exoneration of Hillary Clinton and his agency’s inexplicable continuous targeting of President Trump.


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  13. Chuck Stephens says:

    I find myself wondering if some new form of Journolist was set up prior to the election and is still in play. Creator Ezra Klein and best buddy Ben Smith are deep into the dossier propaganda and also close to the GPS Fusion crowd. Also the early Hillary wine and cheese invite were loaded with Journolist alumni. Could it be that they were the communication apparat of the Society that was mentioned in the texts? It seems that there is too much press coordination to be simply haphazard.Could Ezra and Vox be at it again?


    • yy4u says:

      I think one also has to take into consideration the role the “journalists” played in Barack Obama’s presidency, how they supported and promoted him and did not cover anything that was detrimental to him like Fast and Furious, Benghazi. Compare that to their constant piling on of George W. Bush (deserved or not) and we can easily see that the media has been politicized along with the DOJ and FBI.

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      • Charlotte says:

        According to something Q Anon said: The media get their talking points from Obama-Jarrett cabal. An insider says every morning at 4.30 am these go out from them to the media. They all use fake email addresses to do this and probably burner phones


    • ray76 says:

      Gamechanger Salon


    • jimsung says:

      “After Klein shut down JournoList, a new group, calling itself “Cabalist” was started by Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic, Michelle Goldberg and Steven Teles, a professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University. The group, which had 173 members by late July, was made up mostly of former JournoList members. Its existence managed to stay secret for several weeks, until The Atlantic magazine correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg revealed its existence in a blog post on July 21. Goldberg reported that one recent discussion concerned whether or not members should ignore the articles on The Daily Caller website. “In other words, members of Journolist 2.0 were debating whether to collectively respond to a Daily Caller story alleging—inaccurately, in their minds—that members of Journolist 1.0 (the same people, of course) made collective decisions about what to write.””


      • G. Combs says:

        Paul Raven said a while ago

        “…A few years ago the former editor of Pravda wrote a letter to the editor of some liberal magazine (I’ve tried to remember, but cannot) in which he asserted that the American media was far worse than Pravda. Why? He said that many writers and staff of Pravda were acting under coercion, and at same time many would slip in sly jibes against the Soviet system. But in America, the writers are voluntary useful idiots, are paid well, and NEVER question their progressive ideology or its masters.”


  14. 2Slim says:

    The coming self imposed discreditation of the MSM is a welcomed disruption to the status quo. The exposure of their complicity with the bad actors involved creates opportunities for new, fact based journalism. The old guard MSM has bedeviled themselves, are writing their own obituaries and we are witnessing their death throes.

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  15. 4sure says:

    “These next few weeks will be very interesting.

    Very interesting.”

    SD. Do you mean “interesting” re. the media?

    I think the media will be same old same old media running ridiculous lies covering for the criminals. They are never going to change. It’s just who they are. They are ideologically commies and hard core commies never change.

    They think a soft version of communism is better than capitalism. They think that a soft version has never been implemented and that if it is implemented, it will be Utopia. The soft version will not have mass graves because we will all be treated fairly and will accept our being taken care of from cradle to grave. That’s their vision.

    One world order where all the wealth and resources are controlled by those who know better than us peons and who will use that wealth and resources for our benefit.

    I suppose the interesting part will be seeing them twist like pretzels in making up far out stories to cover the treasonous actions of their idols in the uniparty.


  16. Hotlanta Mike says:

    Mueller’s Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

    His investigation is hopelessly compromised.

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    • ray76 says:

      Legally, yes. Mueller is pursuing a political outcome, not (directly) a legal outcome. He is generating optics. He seeks to create an appearance, which the Democrats will use to impeach.

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  17. Eric Kennedy says:

    Problem is – as Rush has been discussing – half the country hasn’t even heard of the corruption at the FBI and DOJ. The MSM isn’t covering it. They don’t know about the missing texts, the secret society, etc. And they want to keep as many people as possible in the dark. That’s their plan. Hold out until November.

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  18. David Reznor says:

    This is exactly and precisely germane to this topic: How the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward conspired with a Deep State operative named Douglas Caddy to first plant the CIA’s pure fiction “Official Story” of Watergate:

    Bob Woodward and Douglas Caddy: Deep State Operatives and Mouthpieces for CIA

    Few people seem to realize that Woodward was highly placed in the intelligence community before he inexplicably was hired by Operation Mockingbird mouthpiece The Washington Post not long before “Watergate” broke—and when all the gears had already been set in motion for it, to frame and bring down a President of the United States, just the same way the same players have been doing to Trump.

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  19. Another Scott says:

    So to Sundance’s point, this is the kind of “reporting” form the establishment media (Washington Post in this case) we can expect:

    If there is any reporting at all. Note how it brings up the issues but has a “why you should be skeptical” command for each.


  20. phattcat says:

    Could anti-trust laws be used by the Feds to break up the media corporations? 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America.

    What are the antitrust laws?
    Most States have antitrust laws, and so does the Federal Government. Essentially, these laws prohibit business practices that unreasonably deprive consumers of the benefits of competition, resulting in higher prices for inferior products and services. Antitrust laws – also referred to as “competition laws” – are statutes developed by the U.S. Government to protect consumers from predatory business practices by ensuring that fair competition exists in an open-market economy.


  21. iwasthere says:

    Same thing with the general public and the Trump is Hitler meme created by Godzilla You were set up for confirmation bias to view Trump as Hitler, but after the election, when Trump turned out to NOT be Hitler – cognitively you must conclude (a) you were lied to and (b) you were duped (you’re a fool) for believing this lie (although some apparently are still suffering the delusion). Since your ego (or id) will not allow you to process (a) and (b) you, as Scott Adams would say, hallucinate or irrationally grasp for something anything – Muh Russia. Or double down, i.e., Sundance’s conclusion. The key to turning the media, at this point, is to find some analog to the Muh Russia irrationality for the Media to grasp, that will lead them in the direction, maybe even as an intermediary step – back to the light of truth. That’s a level of ‘pre-suasion’ above my pay grade so to speak. Of course, it’s probably one of the reasons why the DOJ/FBI corruption story is so s.l.o.w.l.y unfolding. Obviously, Trump is going to wait for all of Congress to be screaming for the purge (maybe we can get some FBI spying on Congress) – before Trump can do the need mass firings. The historic precedence here is the Church commission – purporting to uncover the CIA – plausible deniably MO, before Turner sacked almost the entire senior DO management at the Agency. Interesting Turner just passed on the 18th.


  22. zimbalistjunior says:

    oh good, a new squirrel
    msnbc reporting on jared getting presidential daily briefings even though he only has temporary security clearance..
    yes, that took up 3 minutes of air time..
    hey idiot 25 year old journalist reporting on this non story…when the department of defense source called you out of the blue with this squirrel, should you have simply parroted his bullshit…or perhaps, have the fortitude to ask yourself: why am i being used this way?!

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  23. If you do a Google search for #releasethememo right now, you’ll find lots of stories claiming it’s trending on Twitter because of Russian bots. They uncritically accept this.

    Supposedly 600 Russian-linked bots have tweeted the hashtag, hence Pelosi’s letter and these stories. @RepMarkMeadows tweeted with this hashtag on January 18th, and Twitter shows that tweet was retweeted 48,000 times. @WikiLeaks tweeted the hashtag and got 13,000 retweets.

    Many other accounts with substantial followings tweeted this and were retweeted, but even just comparing the Russian bots with the Mark Meadows and WikiLeaks retweets would suggest Russian bots accounted for less than 1% of the tweets containing the hashtag.

    This should be so obvious to any journalist that, if they were writing about Pelosi’s letter, it would be to ridicule her for making such a ridiculous claim. Instead, we see lots of pieces saying, essentially, that the hashtag is trending because of Russia…

    The journalists pushing these pieces are, perhaps unwittingly, part of a disinformation campaign. A special prosecutor should be appointed, and, among other things, they should reach out to the writers of the pieces at Vox, Slate, Newsweek, and others to find out who fed them the story. I’m now reading that people’s Twitter accounts have been locked.

    I keep oscillating between thinking this can’t possibly be real, and that it’s just a crazy conspiracy theory, but then I keep seeing further confirmation that this really does appear to be real.

    This is going to get messy. If they can push out disinfo like this, they can probably do a lot of other things when this starts to really blow up.

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  24. H&HC 2nd-16th says:

    BB has a blurb saying 49% want another special counsel to investigate the FBI. If that happens, is it justifiable cause or legal to stop/halt/suspend the Mueller investigation? Or, is justice better served with a grand jury and trial? In the army (ours) I was a Legal Clerk and the UCMJ was a very precise, exacting and well defined way of dispensing justice… bleeding heart liberals or biased media to contend with. Everything was cut and dry.

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  25. Dave in Texas says:

    Let’s see. One person who no one has ever seen in real life (Peter Strzok) is listed as a leaker. And, another person (Andrew McCabe) who is at the center of the FBI corruption schemes is the only key player not listed as a leaker. Hmmm….

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  26. DanO64 says:

    The Trials must be historic. Along the lines of the Nuremberg trials with a military tribunal. No separate trials.

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      And that is exactly the way this is going to go down. I hope they follow the Nuremberg execution schedule, trial in the morning and hang them by 4:pm. Group hangings, got a nice ring to it.

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  27. bkrg2 says:

    Sundance – another brilliant article. So true, yet very terrifying,

    This is why I love it every time my President calls them Fake News. Yet again, he will be proven correct!


  28. James G. says:

    This is my fear. The media will never report the truth. All of this will be spun as Trump using the power of government to prosecute his political enemies.
    Those on the Left won’t even look at the currently compiled evidence. Theu dismiss it amd laugh at me for sharing something from a treehouse. Since their media won’t report it truthfully, even when indictments are handed out and some of these people are prosecuted they will never believe the conspiracy happened. They will say it’s all countermeasures to stop the Russian Collusion investigation and they will hate Trump even more.


  29. MTK says:

    The first step is for the MSM to come to a catharsis … as in looking in the mirror.
    Is it is not Russia, it is not even CCCP crap, it is in the course of 20th century, we have insituted are OWN Marxist arseholes. This crap is 1970’s NewLeft BS. The stewards of DNC were looking in the mirror, and seeing this is it, this is our last chance to effect the ideals of their youth.
    That is right, they’re staring death in the face, looking forward to HRC as their queen apparent. Then the American people spoke. Opps. Can’t have that. The rest is history, they have been caught red handed. It is now a matter for Congressional Oversight to present to the American public an open airing of the DNC subversion of our democratic insitutions.


    • MTK says:

      Here is an interesting speculation on DWS.

      Which has become somewhat of a back page story to the even the most corruption aware blogging.

      My take is if, the DNC and by DNC I mean HRC. Was using the MSM as water carriers, using Govt planted creatures to obstruct Over Sight. Then is it unreasonable to ask…

      Would HRC use DWS and Huma as Operational controllers to enable a spy ring in the Halls of the Senate and House just so she would the most informed politician outside of govt while she groomed herself for the role of POTUS.

      30,000 missing emails run through a private server. Is it starting to sink HRC, that is precisely why, “It is GROSS, as in repugant.”

      You made yourself unelectable, even the smallest amount of objective logic says, “You opened yourself to all sorts of blackmail, can’t you understand by conducting the Public Business behind closed doors, then telling us to go pound salt when FOI request where made. What if you where POTUS, right now you would be opened to any and all sorts of adverse influences simple because any adversary could threaten release of contents either in actual contents or fabrication of the contents. Just imagine at a critical junction, an Executive level decion has to be made, and out there someone is leveraging your missing private communications to their advantage.
      What are you going to imply, it all about fluffy cats and private family drama, ie nothing burgers.

      That is why you lost, and absolutely why it was gross negligence on your part to do so.
      Duh, it is the only reason why Public Business Conduct is enshrined in accountability governing communication of public officials.

      Your lawlessment is not an indictment of your political ambitions and positions, your lawlessment was to conduct this business absent of accountability. The American people have rejected you at the polls, not because your of politics, we the American people do not seek to crimialized political direction, we the American people expect an ethical standard in conduct.
      And look squirrel misdirection is no longer going to cut it.
      We are twenty trillion with a 100 trillion facing us unfunded. It is no longer going to cut it, if our elected representatives on both sides of the political spectrum can not openly debate the solution without the paid and bought MSM shoveling words in their mouths faster than they can explain their position to the public in the sound bite space that is provided to them.
      We are simple tried of this, and frankly tried of you personally. Ms. HRC.


    • MTK says:

      Another, amazing pure logic observation.

      It is the presented estimate of the MSM that PDJT colluded with Russia to influence the election. How did I learn of that. Well, by the MSM of course. Ergo, for folks that earn their daily bread hammer out words, you folks did an excellent job. What did Putin do put a gun to your heads, and say write this narrative about a deeply flawed canidate and conversely couch it in a context that PDJT colluded with Putin to set up HRC. A narrative that blew up, and was rejected at the polls.

      The list of influencing factors during the election was not the making of Putin, it was HRC, from start to finish. Period.

      What the election deterimed was, “Enough Americans saw through the spin to whitewash two very important reveals about candidate HRC. First, her contempt of safe guards of existing statues governing communication and accountability. Second, DWS and DNC back dealings to elevate HRC into heir appearnt.

      These are observational facts of emence import that cost her the election.

      Pardon, my characterization PDJT this way, but you did not collude with Russia by tweeting Putin, “Gee would not it be great if some how if we could paint HRC in a bad light, I have thousands of journalists in my employ just wanting to undermine her.”

      No, you did the most brillant of all things… exposed her through the simpliest of simple tweets on the heels of the breaking news that was trending about her private email server.

      So yes, if we take serious the Russia collusion narrative that Moscow interfered with our election and swayed it into DJT flavor, it is just as equally important to acknowlegde the MSM role in elevating the issues of the election to DJT flavor. Since, it was none other than the MSM that scripted the collusion narrative as a spin, that failed to sway voters.
      Equally, observable, lets take a moment to consider that if the election was truly influenced by Russia. I don’t remember any headlines breaking, “Today, Russia exposed to the world, HRC and the DNC dirty laundry to influence the American election.”
      Nor, if you believe, the Russians would not be so overt, they would leak it and let it become inconvenient factors. That position, would require some sort of intermediaries, which well leads, lets take a guess… leads right back to my asscertion… The MSM colluded with HRC to deal with the inconvient blowback of gross disregard to statues governing the public’s business of communications and accountability. Laws that specifically attempt to shield public servants from the pitfalls of impropriety.

      Is that really?, how the MSM sees the Russia collusion narrative, that candidate Trump actually put the MSM in a position to script a losing narrative revealing the deeply flawed character that is HRC to the American public. That he bull baited the MSM into biting down, to hell or high water for HRC. Where is the massive communication back and forth to Moscow. Now, that is collusion.

      What?, is the MSM going to now going to argue there is no need for back and forth communication, “We are politically reliable functionaries.”

      It is all BS, folks.

      Yes, I am attempting to crowd source a roll out narrative for #RevealTheMemo.
      SD, i am just a #12 fan.
      I don’t have have anything more than a God given passion and belief in our exceptionalism.


  30. God bless, Sundance. Long live the Tree House!


  31. scott467 says:

    “Introspection of the level needed to admit their prior gullibility and attempt recovery would be akin to Al Gore admitting to the foundational lies of man-made global warming.”



    It’s never going to happen, it’s not even possible to happen, you have a better chance of breaking someone out of the Heaven’s Gate cult than you do the Marxist / Globalist cult.

    Which is why DJT needs to destroy the MSM and lock up as many of them as possible for their crimes against America.

    The last year, DJT has exposed the MSM.

    This coming year, he will destroy them.

    He has been extremely generous, giving them every opportunity to repent. I see people here quote Sun Tzu frequently, and noting that DJT is a student of Sun Tzu.

    Sun Tzu said: In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them.

    But if the enemy will not (or cannot) relent…

    Sun Tzu said: All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.

    DJT is going to crush these worms.

    They are evil, they are corrupt, and they deserve to be crushed utterly.

    So that is what he is going to do.


  32. MAGAbear says:

    The MSM is the democrat party, the democrat party is the MSM. There is no seperation between them. It used to be that the MSM was like a fan rooting on their team, but they have since become part owners of that very team. So it’s not just that they want their team to win, they have a vested interest in their team winning because it is their team! There is simply no one left at any of these networks who cares to question whether they may have gotten the story wrong, their only interest is in creating the false narrative and selling it as reality.

    As Dennis Prager often says, truth is not a value to the left, they only value leftist idealogy.


  33. The only way to get the media’s attention is through their advertisers. Follow the money.


  34. Minnie says:

    Breaking on Hannity – DOJ has begun recovering some of the “missing” texts.


  35. Maquis says:

    Administration Fake News Truth-Telling is the only thing that can break this mind-lock.

    To work, it must be BRUTAL. Relentless. Putting the miscreants at great risk if they do not “return” to Actual Journalism.

    I know just the man for the job.



  36. libertysc2016 says:

    The nature of this conflict is entering a new stage. Everyone must pick a side and only one side wins. The future for the losers is dismal. The MSM, DEMs, and many others have moved all their chips to the middle of the table. No exit strategy, only desperation. They are dangerous and the slow, deliberate efforts of Nunes and company may not be up to the short-term threat. If nothing else, they may need to speed up the timeline.


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