Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Talks U.S. Bilateral Trade With Mexico…

Methinks Maria Bartiromo is the only media person who has caught on to “the secret“.

Within her wording and presentation today, inside this interview Fox News Maria Bartiromo hints toward her understanding of the Trump trade strategy as it pertains to Mexico, Canada and ::cough:: NAFTA ::cough::

 Nudge/Nudge – Elbow/Elbow – Wink/Wink – Say no more/Say no more!


After the end of Round #6 (January 2018), it was obvious to POTUS Trump a NAFTA renegotiated deal was impossible.  In March, 2018, Team Trump stealthily began moving in a different direction.  In June,2018, Canada accidentally made the admission there were no ongoing talks between the U.S. and Canada.  The reasoning is simple yet stunning.

Trade watchers, Wall Street experts, financial pundits and the entire media apparatus are missing what Team USA are doing right in front of their faces…. they’ve obviously never followed or studied Trump’s out-of-the-box problem solving when it comes to complex deals.

Without drawing any attention to the shift, Trump put NAFTA in the corner and began an entirely new bilateral trade discussion with Mexico. [ie. Forgetaboudit… just leave NAFTA over there; but let people think what we are doing is NAFTA]

Instead of following customary sequential steps: (1) waiting for endless NAFTA negotiations that can never be resolved; (2) and then announcing the NAFTA withdrawal; (3) and then dealing with the political fallout and financial backlash; (4) and then beginning bilateral trade discussions, etc. etc.  Team Trump brilliantly and quietly strategized an end-around.

Team U.S.A. reversed the sequencing (but didn’t announce it).

  1. Negotiate the Mexico bilateral.
  2. Announce the Mexican bilateral agreement.
  3. Offer Canada a bilateral (slightly different terms).
  4. Announce the Canadian bilateral agreement.
  5. Dissolve NAFTA.

Instead of beginning new, bilateral, comprehensive trade constructs after trilateral NAFTA is dissolved, they end the new, bilateral, comprehensive agreements with trilateral NAFTA being dissolved.

Ergo, no political backlash and no political influence. By the time anyone realizes NAFTA is dead – it’s moot.  No formal trilateral NAFTA exit strategy is needed because new deals are already on the books.

The problems with NAFTA are systemic and there are too many political and multinational lobbyists conniving and scheming to retain the status quo. There are far too many political interests involved that are financially connected to the current NAFTA.

In essence, too many interests shouting outside the door for anyone at the table to hear a word the other is saying.  Too much noise near the table for any reasonable new negotiations to take place…. So Trump took them to another building and no-one noticed they had left… Wall Street and K-Street are still shouting at the door.

Everyone thinks Trump is renegotiating NAFTA; that’s just what Team Wolverine want everyone to think… that allows the team maneuvering space.  NAFTA has already ended, they just haven’t told anyone yet.

How can you not admire the sheer brilliance of how President Trump can guide his economic team through the byzantine labyrinth of DC politics; and end up with an entirely new set of deals that benefits the U.S. and shifts the entire economic sphere in favor of American interests; while no-one has the slightest clue how he’s doing it… yet he’s doing it right in front of their face.

This is infinite levels of winfinity.


To winfinity and beyond!


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61 Responses to Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Talks U.S. Bilateral Trade With Mexico…

  1. DanO64 says:

    Got to keep winning.

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  2. Dutchman says:

    Nafta; dead trade deal walking.
    “Dead trade deal, here. Dead trade deal walking!”

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  3. MM says:

    Love our President………….
    PDJT is the first President in my life that is actually working for the good of the American people…

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    • fleporeblog says:

      The poll SD references above (IBD/TIPP) shows a big difference between our President’s Approval versus what Americans feel about his policies. The good news is that when it comes time to vote, his policies will ALWAYS trump his approval!

      The MOST important one for everyday Americans:

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  4. Resistwemuch says:

    Justin isn’t ready

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    Ledt’s go back to my original idea: NAFTA was business negotiated by politicians. Trump’s a businessman negotiating business. You wouldn’t believe a politician could do surgery on you, what makes anyone think they can do business? Trump’s just the right person doing the right job – we’ve had professional politicians playing international businessperson for so long we’ve come to expect square pegs really can fit into a round hole.

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    • Cheri Lawrence says:

      Really what can politicians do except raise money to buy votes and employ endless strategies for self interest. Eradicate them all!

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    • Janie M. says:

      cz – 👍👍👍 right on point.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Anyone can do business. It takes one side with money and the other with a good or service to sell.

      Whatever they enter into willingly is “business.” If the buyer or seller could have gotten better terms may never be known. Tactics to figure this out are “negotiations,” or price-seeking,” etc. They are aspects of business. Not business, itself.

      Yes, Hiraly could sell our uranium rights, and believe she was a good businessman. Was she? No. She What she was selling was not hers. She was a broker.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Sure anyone can do business but I’m talking business on the international level. A guy with a hot dog stand does business but, most likely as good as any politician, I’m talking Big Business done by Trump (an international businessman) negotiating with the political likes of Trudeau and Nieto.

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        • Sherri Young says:

          Sounds like he has been negotiating, or at least interfacing, with AMLO.

          Both of them have fought tough battles to be elected to drain their respective federal swamps. I think they both love their countries. AMLO is fortunate in that his party virtually swept the gubernatorial races.

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          • czarowniczy says:

            I love this country, served it for many years in many places and don’t really trust most of our politicians. I don’t really ‘love’ their countries and as such trust none of their politicians. As I do with the US they each put threir countries interests ahead of ours.
            Both Mexico and Canada have put tacks on our chair from time to time, it’s just their putting their individual interests first. In joint business I feel more comfortable with a businessman who hums “America First’ doing the negotiating rather than a professional politician who puts diplomacy and the possibility of a consultant/lobbyist job later on as his priority.
            Japanese are my heros, their politicians and businessmen regularly swap positions so they have an understanding of both work. If they weren’t constrained by geography they really be a force to reckon with.


  6. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Love this, cutting out the corrupt lobbyists and multinational globalist agenda!! Taking control back from Team Dark at the speed of light!!

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  7. czarowniczy says:

    I’d like to see how much money the top Democrats in Congress and the Party have made under Trump.

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  8. lastinillinois says:

    Build the wall!!!

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  9. snellvillebob says:

    China is pumping $billions into K-street to purchase our Congress. It’s their only way out.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Congress? Not just Congress. I would look at the FBI, DOJ and State Dept. They are also for sale.

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        China pumping millions into Canada, Mexico, USA MSM, and more, before they lose this good deal.

        I suspect that the tours of USA, etc., done by Trudeau have not only been paid for by China, but prompted and arranged at their behest.

        And I dont say “behest” often.


    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Would be kind of interesting if we taxed transactions coming in from China (as part of the tariffs). And tax the transactions going out to Mexico.

      Could pay down the debt (or at least the deficit) right quick…

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  10. Sylvia Avery says:

    SD, thanks for educating me about this stuff and then thanks for continuing to explain.

    I have been watching the approaching bilateral agreement with Mexico and listening to the talking heads on business TV yapping about NAFTA and Canada and wondering what is wrong with this picture? Am I misunderstanding something here? Isn’t what I am seeing is the Death of NAFTA by first creating a bilateral trade agreement with Mexico????

    Ha! Instead I see that I need to trust my CTH Degree in Econ. It wasn’t my lyin’ eyes deceiving me it was the talking heads. Thanks, Professor SD.

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  11. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I love the strategy of our great President and his team. He said during his campaign that he would put the best people negotiating trade with him, that he knew the most brilliant people for the job, and he was right! Thanks AS.

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  12. ATheoK says:

    Using Trump type tactics, Theresa May should have exited the European Union years ago.

    Even starting today, she could exit the EU within a year.

    Geniuses are able to think and act in patterns obvious to themselves, but are non-existant or invisible to non-geniuses.
    Theresa May and her staff are not only blind to how Brexit could have been achieved quickly and efficiently. Ms. May and her staff appear to be oblivious and incapable of learning from Trump and Trump’s team(s).

    I love winning!!
    Especially after decades of losing because bureaucrats believe we should lose.

    America, obviously has a lot of incompetent bureaucrats who should be making sand from boulders while under state or federal hospitality.

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  13. Donna in Oregon says:

    Mexico will pay for the WALL 🙂

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  14. Mncpo(ret) says:

    Any trade deal negotiated by politicians is doomed for us. They are the only ones who make money. A trade deal made by an American Business Man makes money for the regular man and the country. 2019 and beyond will be our economy on winnimins!

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  15. Ringoagogo says:

    And you just tipped them off. Good job.
    Sarc. They still are clueless and the MSM are the ones who are really missing it.

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  16. thLuckyOne says:

    Sundance, I just logged in to say “I love you” and, I’m Joining in with everyone’s celebration for a little while. Gotta get back to my job searching but things are looking MUCH more hopeful these days – even for an old geezer like me.


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  17. itswoot says:

    From earlier this year…

    Theo Moudakis / Toronto Star

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  18. Publius2016 says:

    Mexicans love tortillas! if they can eat three square a day, they will not leave their families and hometowns! flour or corn with chicken fish or beef in the norning noon and siesta!! bilateral trade will be beneficial that focuses on farming and automobiles!!


  19. TigerBear says:

    So….Canada has been less than honest in these dealings, yet the Mexican President has been honest. I am stunned, It seemed it would be the other way around. I stand corrected and apologize to Mexico. And…….WHAT THE HELL Canada???

    Bravo Mr. President, you are brilliant!! Killed NAFTA and some of those involved don’t even know its dead yet. They’ll figure it out…..maybe an obit should be written and placed in the NYT! LMAO Yes, I love it! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😄

    God Bless America and President Trump!

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