Accidental Honesty – Chief Canadian NAFTA Negotiator Slips-up on Camera and Admits There’s No Actual Negotiations Taking Place…

Whoopsie – During a debriefing session between Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, Canadian politicians and business leaders, the chief NAFTA negotiator for Canada Steve Verheul accidentally told the group, while cameras were rolling, there were no actual NAFTA negotiations taking place.

When a seemingly shocked participant then asked a follow-up question about how could Steve Verheul reconcile that admission against earlier statements about an upcoming  Memo of Understanding (MOU), Ms. Freeland quickly shut down the discussion -in french- until the cameras left the meeting.  [Watch Video Segment Here]

Council Question: “Do you still meet your counterparts? Do you still have committees that are working?  What is the status of the negotiations?

Steve Verheul: “We don’t have any active negotiations. I haven’t talked to them in a little while.”

Council Question: “Since, …since?”

Steve Verheul: “Two or three weeks. Um, I’ll have the odd conversation, but no real engagement, no real negotiation session.”

Council Question: “And when we hear that you were close to a kind of MOU [Memo of Understanding] what was the basis of that?”

Chrystia Freeland: awkward interruption in French. (watch below)

What became evident within the exchange is the Canadian government trying to hide the lack of NAFTA progress from concerned citizens inside Canada.  In essence, the Canadian government is lying to their citizens about the possibility of a NAFTA agreement.

The Canadian economy contracting.  Last month the Canadian economy dropped 31,000 full-time jobs.  Amid an economy one-tenth the size of the U.S, that would be a comparative single-month job loss of 310,000 in the United States.

By contrast the U.S. economy is firing an all cylinders as massive investment flows into America.  In the same month the Canadian economy dropped 31k FT jobs, the U.S. economy added over 223,000 new jobs.

Ms. Freeland and Justin from Canada are trying to keep their electorate from comprehending what is about to happen.  The video segment is a brief window into the collective desperation amid a central cast of left-wing economic characters who are focused on feelings and political sensibilities.

The accidental video snippet was also captured and tweeted:

Two words:…. “Wilbur Ross”

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316 Responses to Accidental Honesty – Chief Canadian NAFTA Negotiator Slips-up on Camera and Admits There’s No Actual Negotiations Taking Place…

  1. Pyrthroes says:

    Canada’s ensconced delusives are uniformly passive/negative, not active/positive, reverting to crumpet-crumbling by default. Sense is that Trudeau’s clunking vehicle never shed its training wheels.

    The country has tremendous natural advantages, for those with eyes to see– but since when have politicians ever wiped their goggles off? (Think mid-17th Century Holland, a global commercial empire with the Amsterdam City Hall en par with an unoccupied garage.)

    “This is not the end; it is not even the beginning of the end. But it is the end of the beginning.”

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Watch Canadian news. CBC, CTV or Global. They are the 3 sisters of Pravda. 24 hours of anti-Trump garbage. Regurgitating the same crap American Mainstream news.
      These fools haven’t seen the big picture. Trump has put every country in play. One will fold and the rest will follow.
      In Trudeau’s finger painting days, someone should have shown him a map. Cozying up to Mexico hurts him, not helps him since the USA is the geographical center of NAFTA.
      Bad mouthing Trump is the strategy of a child. Did he think Trump was going to fold because of some infantile slogan?

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        Geographic, economic, and cultural center as well as military 10 ton gorilla on the North American continent. The only reason USA didn’t annex Canada long ago was its protectorate status under the UK and lack of interest/need.

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      • TheTooner says:

        “…Did he think Trump was going to fold because of some infantile slogan?”
        Of course not. He felt Trump would fold because of some infantile slogan. That boy can’t think even with both his brain cells on.


    • Tentative Infidel says:

      Has there been a nation so irrelevant and inconsequential as “Canadia,” that we have permitted to batter us in trade because of previous administrations. Of course, the chief executives, Clinton, Bush, Obama were, and still are globalist traitorous scum.

      I only care about my country, case closed.

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  2. rmramerica says:

    Canada needs, is addicted to, the revenue streams of NAFTA. They have no idea what to do now. They’ve never met a US President who wouldn’t back down before. Their government is hoping this will all go away and in time just dissipate. The problems are just beginning. When their currency falls v. the US$ their whole country will be awakened to the problem. Winning!

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    • Betty says:

      When you say: “They’ve never met a US President who wouldn’t back down before.” you leave the wrong impression.

      I don’t believe Canada ever made a US President back down, not even Barry. I think what you needed to add to that sentence in order to keep every one really informed is this: “They’ve never met a US President who wouldn’t back down from the US Chamber of Commerce.”. Lou Dobbs would add two more entities – the Business Round Table and one other I can’t remember who.

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    • wildsailor2018 says:

      Unfortunately, if the world trading representatives (including Canada) listen to the US Media (especially CNN) Trump will be out after the 2020 election ‘so just hang on’. The tactic from now until then will be to hunker, throw snowballs, and wait for the election. Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen UNLESS there is a lot of election foul play.

      Hopefully there are some robust workstreams in play to secure the 2020 vote making sure the dead, illegals, and repeat D voters are not taking place this time. Trump almost lost the election in 2016 because of the foolery (the ballot boxes went ‘missing’ in Detroit for hours before magically reappearing sealed with a tally so in favor of Clinton that I have no idea where the voters were from. The districts that did not happen to were in favor of Trump). His landslide victory was almost stolen by ballot box stuffing. For 2020 we will have Canadians and Mexicans crossing the border to vote if we are not careful!

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      • evermench says:

        Except Trudeau will be gone next year. I’m Canadian and believe me we have HAD ENOUGH of this trust fund entitled snot.

        He’s toast. Especially after this. Our economy is in the tank. Especially retail. I sell wholesale to retailers. Business is BAD right now.

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        • dayallaxeded says:

          Tough to like this–but take it as sympathy for your bad situation and hope that you and your nation’s citizens will get their chit together for the next election. MCGA!

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        • Daniel says:

          How many leftists in Canada think otherwise and would rather simply declare war on the USA for betraying Canada?

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        • DMWT says:

          Canadian Brother/Sister, Do not despair. The world is on fire right now. Join us at #WeThePeoplePatriots24/7 Soapbox Livestream. We have folks on every day from all over the world. Red pilling is occurring and folks are waking up and ready to take back their country. Join the movement.

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      • Maquis says:

        2018’s November elections are our chance to tell the World that no matter what the Seditious Traitor Anti-President Obama says, PDJT is our man and we will all of us stay the course.

        Wakey Wakey, World! MAGA is here to stay!

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      • P B says:

        Don’t forget that during Jill Stein’s recount in Michigan, it was reported that 37% of precincts in Detroit registered more votes than they should have. We need to rid ourselves of bullshit electronic voting systems that use secret, proprietary technology that is not allowed to be publicly audited. Dems are preparing to win using one of their favorite slogans: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. They will lie, cheat, steal, and kill if necessary.


  3. AH_C says:

    Lol. Oh Canada, what were you thinking in bringing to power the Just In Canada Amateur Show?

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    • Sharpshorts says:

      …thinking? We don’t have to do no stinkin’ thinking…

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    • Dekester says:

      We were not thinking. The masses were manipulated by the same folks that gave you Clinton, the Bushes and Obama.
      Had not an extremely courageous and wealthy individual of immense strength and character and with a private plane, not stepped forward.
      Just where would we all be, particularly fly-over country U.S.A.

      God bless PDJT.

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      • AH_C says:

        True enough. Far too many were gulled by MSM etc to “leave” it to our betters

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      • Maquis says:

        Nor did it hurt that he is Batman!

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      • Daniel says:

        That he has his own plane was actually a complication. Turns out campaign finance laws required that his campaign pay the Trump organization for the use of the plane. I’m actually surprised the media didn’t try very hard to spin it to say “see? he’s personally profiting from his own campaign!”

        If it weren’t for the value of branding, he would have leased a plane, that I can tell you.

        All other things are relevant and accurate, however.


  4. RJ says:

    I do like the socks Justin wears…he is so cool. Perhaps George Clooney and his “brilliant” wife, Amal–who is a world re-known lawyer working for human rights, could visit Canada and provide some photo shots of them all drinking his brand of liquor and laughing at Donald Trump’s hair.

    It’s what serious people do, it’s how they think, and of course, it’s all about their “feelings” don’t ya know!

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  5. Doug Amos says:

    The Canadian media are selling people that this is all personal with Trump; that he is deranged, tantrum-driven. Some uncomfortable truths are arising, however. The new premier of Ontario has followed Saskatchewan and pitched Justine’s cap and trade, the federal gov has been forced to concede that yes, indeed, the tariff on U S dairy is 270% and yes, Toronto, Toronto had 4 homicides on the weekend. Mr Trump is a great distraction tool for the media and the fools cannot get enough of the written and spoken vitriol. However, gnawing away, bumping around uninvited in the room, is the steaming, frightening fear that the auto pact topic will be raised. Then the fun will all be gone, then the grinding reality that a lost and leaderless country, in the hands of some of the most incompetent politically appointed people imaginable, will have only 1 chance to survive. Even the self-proclaimed geniuses are going to be forced to admit that they have to ask the kindest, most generous people in the world for help.

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    • Dekester says:

      D.A. Ten four to that.

      We are a herd of sheep, and our media is the Shepherd.

      God bless PDJT.

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    • evermench says:

      The big thing that is starting to come to light is the Chinese steel we’ve been declaring as Canadian made and selling into the US. Most people didn’t realize this was going on as Sundance has laid out time and time again.

      Sock boy is in deep deep trouble. FINALLY!!!

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      • Lemmy says:

        Sock puppet.


      • Orville R. Bacher says:

        I’ve traveled through Canada on business. Chinese steel is the dominant steel, followed by Korean (often transhipped Chinese steel). Most Canadians are blissfully ignorant that their government has allowed Chinese steel into the building industry.
        And more Chinese steel, especially in autoparts, is shipped into the USA under NAFTA, declared on Customs documents as “made in Canada” (or Mexico).

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        My understanding is that Canada had substantial steel and aluminum manufacturing industries not too long ago. When did it disappear? Why? Are people still around who remember it/worked in it and who would step forward to red-pill the rest of Canada?

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        • Trudeau Sux says:

          Hamilton Ontario was a massive steel town at one time. Hamilton is still called steel town….the industry is tiny compared to what once was.


        • Canada still has steel industry, but — in order to compete with Chinese steel — they have had to become fronts for transshipped Chinese steel.

          Canadian political and business leaders screwed up in exactly the same way that US leaders did: They assumed that international trade which favored transnational chicanery was never going to end.

          However, if you look at US businesses, many were starting to realign their investments some time ago in anticipation of the coming changes, not the big transnationals, of course, but other, smaller, businesses with international scope.

          Now that tariffs on transshipped steel and aluminum have taken effect, the US manufacturers are going like gangbusters in an effort to make sure American steel and aluminum is available to the US market.

          The sad fact is that, because of Canadian intransigence and duplicity, actual steel manufacturers in Canada are going to be hurt by the tariffs. But, that’s really the fault of the Canadian leadership. They’ve had ample opportunity to work with the US on rules of origin and have failed. It was a stupid move by stupid and arrogant people.

          Canadians deserve better. I suspect that, after NAFTA is ended, there will be a change in the Canadian political landscape favoring ‘conservatives’ and the trade relationship between the US and Canada will change.

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    • Raven says:

      Dear Doug,

      We too were once led by deranged, tantrum-driven fools who were taking us to the cliff’s edge and telling us it was a short drop.

      We give thanks to God for saving our country through His man, President Donald Trump.

      Your words of kindness towards us, the every day American people and our President, brought tears to my eyes. I live 134 miles from our shared border and know many sweet, sane Canadians — like yourself.

      My best to you from northern Minnesota!

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  6. FrankieZ says:

    That picture above says it all: One obese thunder thigh BULLDYKE marching in with her 4 skinny vegan millennial COMMUNISTS. And they are going to run roughshod on Trump. HA HA

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  7. 335blues says:

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
    ― Margaret Thatcher

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  8. Southernborne says:

    In my teen years in the 60’s, before PC, we would have called that 10lbs of sh*t in a 5lb sack.

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  9. The Boss says:

    Seems to me it is Canada that is fully reaping the benefits of Obama’s economy.

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  10. MTK says:

    If NAFTA Has been on life support. My guess is this slip will pull the plug.

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  11. Karmaisabitch says:

    If you continue to watch the Canadian above program, you’ll hear Canada’s only strategy is to go negative on President Trump and join the Resist movement.
    Ten years ago I watched two small mills in my little area in Ulster County go belly up, amidst their owners complaint that Canadian lumber companies offered the best prices for the trees and leaving only the tops. It’s true; I would drive up to Canada every week, and the Northway loading with trucks taking logs up north. Quebec, due to the climate, does not have any tall strong tree grow, they rape and closed our milling production and sell us back our own wood milled at higher prices.
    Canada, to me has always been like pirates. Example; they come into our land, with H.B.O. and movie chains, pollute and rape our culture and talent, then rush bake across the border to their bosom of protectionism.

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  12. NC Nana says:

    I don’t understand the Canadian people. They clearly understand what is happening as far as trade negotiations are concerned. The video in the Mars v Venus post shows this along with Andrew Coyne’s complete disdain for our President and anyone associated with our White House. Mr. Coyne’s proposed strategy is to stay quiet, keep smiling, and don’t instigate any changes to the status quo. Now we see the chief NAFTA negotiator for Canada applying this idea to his Canada/US relations. Using this plan, Canada will try to proudly say they weren’t at fault when the “big” one hits.

    Has Canada become so accustomed to taking advantage of America that they can see no alternative? Is their 270% tariff on dairy that important? Wouldn’t it be better to work out something on steel/auto than to have no trade or limited trade in this area?

    When people became stubborn, selfish, or greedy and were not working through issues we use to say “how do you want this to come out?”

    I think Canada needs to do a little soul searching and say “how do we want this to come out?”. Is this really worth continuing to take advantage of our neighbors?

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    • Mickturn says:

      With our ‘Supposed Partners’ like Canada, Mexico and the EU it is clear they are ALL just in it for what they can ‘Steal From US’! Time to let them know the game is over and all that is left for them is the Crying and waiting for their Citizens to Revolt and kick all the Commies OUT! Rest assured, the Leftists are Actually COMMUNISTS warmed over, they never went away only changed their clothes!

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      • Daniel says:

        Taking the US down is a prerequisite for taking freedom from the rest of the planet. There can be no “greener pastures” for the sheep to long. And if they are successful in destroying the USA, the sheeple will simply find comfort in their misery because everyone will be equally miserable… everyone except the elites which the sheeple worship.

        That’s what continues to blow me away — the “celebrity worship.” That’s at the root and core of what is wrong with people today. They go nuts over their favorite entertainers… you know, like Robert Deniro? Whatever they have to say, people will eat up and beg for more.

        When I see entertainers, I see entertainers and that’s the fullest extent of it. I might go a little “fan boy” and want a selfie but it doesn’t mean I look to them for wisdom, advice or as a model for how I should think. The sheeple go too far.


        • Richard says:

          Agreed, it is really sad to see. Most people don’t know that Robert De Niro never finished high school. A talented actor, no doubt, but a political beacon, he is not.


    • JMO, but you fail to bring in the overarching goal: global governance!

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      • Every international trade agreement requires adjudication of disputes. This is fine when dealing with bilateral trade agreements because there are only two parties to the process and it can either work — or fail — to adjudicate disputes in a timely manner.

        However, this is not the case with multlateral trade arrangements. Because there are multiple nations — often many, many nations — involved, adjudication of disputes *never* occurs in a timely manner.

        These multilateral trade adjudication bodies — like the WTO — are, quite simply, *global* governance bodies. International trade was always a ‘gateway’ to global *political* governance. *Every* multilateral trade agreement removes large swaths of economic decisions from national polities…and that is the point.

        The case of the EU, it started out as ‘customs union’ and then morphed, over time, into a transnational superstate.

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      It is the fake “moral superiority” card that they are trying to play.
      Any Canadian that uses gypsum wallboard should be aware of the 150% tariff that Canada slapped onto U.S. made gypsum.
      Canada is dirty, they shut down debate, and stifle discussion- just like what the Dems are trying to do now.

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  13. Dixie says:

    “Two Words: Wilbur Ross”

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  14. tampafan says:

    Obama met with Trudeau after Trump’s election. Trudeau also met w Congress after his WH visit and undoubtedly got the Resist message. Clearly Trudeau believes that impeachment, or a Blue Wave, is inevitable. It was obvious by the Canadian trade team’s behavior through the negotiations that they thought they could just virtue signal, stall, until the next election. They won’t believe they have a real problem until 2020.

    Trump said, more than once, that the Canadians are good people, and a bilateral agreement would benefit Canada. Now Trump will just ignore them. Their fate will be linked to decisions made to deal with China and Mexico. Sad, and a lost opportunity to participate in North American energy and economic dominance.

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  15. Lactantius says:

    Tampafan notes: “Clearly Trudeau believes that impeachment, or a Blue Wave, is inevitable.” I agree.

    The crux of the problem of “free trade” and “fair trade” revolves around fact that “free” and “fair” are abstract concepts and, therefore, the devil’s playground for politicians who intend to corrupt what passes for the rule of law.

    Canada, quite naturally, is dedicated to what is in the best interest of Canada. Ditto the United States. Hence, “negotiations.” If there is a “break” in negotiations, that signals a stalemate.

    Liberals are hopelessly crippled by Bush Derangement Syndrome. They claim rigged voting machines, the Electoral College, Russian interference with the election, etc. caused an invalid election. They threaten impeachment, trying Trump on the Emoluments Clause, and using the 25th Amendment to find him nuts. Maxine Waters is the go-to flapping mouth for all things Trump Derangement Syndrome. The liberal press (oxymoron alert) and the mindlessness of Hollyweird babble about Trump in terms of Hitler, Nazi, etc. and they even pose with his decapitated head.

    Nothing having to do with the rule of law works for the liberals. So, they have to dream their impossible dreams of slaying the Trump monster. Their last great hope is the Blue Wave of November when pious, righteous liberal doxology tidal wave will wash Trump into the abyss of history.

    Take note: If the November Blue Wave is successful, the deranged Trump haters will come for you and me. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, notes that ““If citizens can do what government used to be able to do, which is censor … Free speech is no longer practical. It’s still legal, but no longer practical.”

    Scott Adams is right. Just look at The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia as to how these lunatic liberals intend to rule over the deplorables and clingers who are the equivalent of being mere carbuncles worthy only of exclusion.

    So, Canada is pinning its hopes on the anarchy of liberalism settling the score with President Trump. It is just a bit more than four months until the Blue Wave crashes down upon Trump and globalism returns to prosper and rule. Or, Trump prevails and the nuttiness that is liberalism really goes off the rails.

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Your last sentence is the more likely outcome. Indictments and arrests are sure to come, along with declassification of info that will force a reckoning.

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      • Lactantius says:

        I hope there will be a reckoning. But, we are at a crossroads in which civilizational decline may not be possible to arrest. Socrates died as an example of how vital it is to preserve honesty and integrity in the rule of law. And then the Golden Age of Greece went down the toilet.

        Socrates could have fled and saved his skin. Instead, he carried out the sentence imposed upon him by a kangaroo court as a an act of defiance. He was dead and the corruption of honesty and integrity continued apace in spite of his nobility.

        The establishment is acclimated to the games they play. It is what makes them established in a pit of corruption and power brokerage.

        So long as We the People make it possible for Some of the People on welfare to realize the equivalence of $30-$50 per hour (if they were employed), justice and equality have been rigged against trying to succeed.

        The traditions of the country lie within the hinterlands, not the cities. So long as “culture” of the cities prevails, the deplorables and clingers will be forced to swim upstream. A clash is not inevitable, We honesty and integrity types may just censor ourselves and pass quietly away.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      Disagree. If they don’t win back the House in 2018 they will simply litigate as many elections as possible under ‘muh Russia’, have their allies in judges robes issue nationwide injunction after injunction, continue to have their media acolytes foment still more humanitarian crises the evil heartless Trump is solely responsible for, and continue fighting under the flag, ‘wait ’til 2020.’


    • Daniel says:

      The blue wave is looking more like a red typhoon.


  16. CharterOakie says:

    D’OH! Canada!


  17. positron1352 says:

    The Libs are a sneaky lot as the video shows. Like no one will interpret the French?


    • Daniel says:

      You can trace the fall of Canada back to their officially recognizing French as an official language. When they went “diversity” they really screwed things up and it has only gotten worse since then.

      Language is the encoding of thought. Once thought becomes even more diverse than ever, it’s only a matter of time until every principle is compromised. And they are doing a pretty good job in the USA through the leftist’s abuse of language. Why do you think the mild-mannered Jordan Peterson became so vocal against the laws forcing certain language on people? The difference between Canada and the USA is that the problem of language is far more advanced than our own but Spanish is just an official declaration of law away from being the USA’s second official language. FIGHT IT. Ban the use of Spanish in official government documents.

      If you’re not good enough to learn and function in English, then you’re not good enough to live here. Try doing any of that in Japan, for example. They would simply say “learn Japanese.”


  18. gymcy81 says:

    Whereas they are sovereign nations,
    from what one can tell, over time, is that Canada (and Australia) have more than often, followed and actively participated (with a lag factor) with the lead of the USA.

    Imho, those, and other countries having followed the USA (mis) lead of BO,
    they are currently going through an adjustment (correction) period of time.

    It would be helpful for Canada and Australia,
    if the USA was more consistent (and not statist) in its leadership.
    (but, the USA was not consistent … at many costs…and that is, in part, on us, as ‘we-the-people’ sometimes get lured in (mis) taking wooden-nickels (Thess. 5:21) of various forms …. )

    The bigger ships, vehicles, countries etc. are not as nimble as smaller boats etc. and as such, have larger turning radii, and need time and room (for the people) to make course corrections towards getting on the same page, the same chapter, and the same book. It has been done before, and can again.


    Love thy neighbors
    Matthew 22


  19. Pam says:

    Wilbur Ross is a master! Enough said! 😉


  20. jilly says:

    My first post! Thank you to all fellow Canucks who have posted. I just moved here from BC. Justin Trudeau is an embarrassment. At least my vote in the recent Provincial election counted to kick out the reigning liberal.
    Back to justin. You should know that he has no education to speak of. Tried boxing: fail; tried acting: failed, tried substitute teaching : failed. It wasn’t until his father Pierre died, when he did the eulogy and the left went ga ga! “He’s our next PM” they rallied and here we are with a puppet for the far left in the backroom pulling his strings.
    In the meantime, I watch only FOX and Levine and post only on Conservative sites. Thank you all Americans for giving me this privilege!!

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  21. teeheeman says:

    Beauty, eh? I love the Canucks but watching Socks and Stuffed Pantyhose totally botch this is pretty amusing.


  22. POTUS and Team are just allowing the process play itself out. When the hammer finally falls, our Trade Warriors will have all the ammo they need to reassure the public in the US and Canada that the process was followed and failed and the US will be formally withdrawing from NAFTA (to great cheers from the Deplorables).

    I think the lead-in to the US midterms is going to be chock-full of ‘interesting’ revelations and actions.


    • Daniel says:

      The public no longer trusts the media. If the media thinks they have the majority of people believing in what they are shoveling, they’re wrong. I can’t tell you how many prior Hillary voters have really shut up and stopped parroting the media. They’ve gone silent and some of them have even gone angry at the media.

      Some people do talk about the growing support for Trump, but few are willing to say where that growing support is coming from.


  23. Dd9er says:

    While Trudeau is negotiating for a NAFTA 2.0 that is based on promoting gender neutrality and transgenderism, adding gazillions of new regulations, kneecapping Canada and USAs oil production, and environmental boondoggles…..Trump is negotiating to win and put America First


  24. Paragon says:

    Notice how the chief negotiator cocks his head to Freeland’s side when the other person asks about the status of the MOU when there are no negotiations. Response to a kick or nudge under the table? Then Freeland says in French, lets put this overt discussion off until they leave. I can’t help by think that he laid a stink bomb out there on purpose to signal what a disarray their side is and how he may be hamstrung to try and negotiate in good faith by the Globo-Progressives above him. He may be asking for an adult to step in and help him do his job.


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