Whoopsie – Federal Elections Commission Opens Inquiry….

The FEC has opened an inquiry (see pdf below) into Ted Cruz Super-PAC (KtP) and Carly Fiorina Super-PAC (CfA).   I’ll just drop this here as a reminder to what we previously said was going to happen; when you know the “splitters” you know the most likely scenario:

fiorina 1

Keep The Promise (KtP) Super-PAC is a pro-Ted Cruz PAC run by David Barton  (Details HERE) David Barton is also Chairman of Mercury One Charities (Glenn Beck)

david barton 3

david barton 2

david bartonCarly For America (CfA) Super – PAC is a pro-Carly Fiorina PAC.

The FEC is asking why would Keep The Promise (Ted Cruz PAC) be giving money to Carly For America (Carly Fiorina PAC)?

One opinion….:

[…] Theories have been floated by various corners that the republican party may have been trying to keep Carly Fiorina in the race simply so it could say it had a female candidate, or that Fiorina was kept around specifically so a woman could attack democratic rival frontrunner Hillary Clinton; indeed Fiorina spent the summer playing the role of Clinton attack dog. But now that Carly Fiorina climbed just high enough in the polls to matter as a candidate, the mysterious backroom financial dealings which had kept her in the race are now more than just a head scratcher for onlookers. (link)

….Makes you almost snicker, no?  The brutally obvious motivation is all of the above.  (And what exactly does David Barton have to do with the official RNC apparatus? Such that he would be working to keep a “female” candidate in the race?)

Carly is a member of Team Jeb’s Splitter Program which is funded through the use of Super-PACs, and she -along with Rubio-  is currently fulfilling the role of Operation Hummingbird.

Oh but that makes me a conspiracy theorist.  LOL.  Gotcha {{{ wink }}}  OK, well lets go full ‘splodey mode:

[2010] […] Carly Fiorina (aka Cara Carleton Sneed) sat on the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum, which has observer status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

But congressional support for global governance will not wane on Carly’s watch. Agenda 21 and “sustainable development” are the new buzz words for “global socialism” through global governance and Carly sits on the Foundation Board at the mother ship.

This is by no means new for Fiorina though. Her affiliation with global activists dates back many years and includes some of our nation’s most nefarious characters.

An inquiring reporter worth his or her salt should be asking Carly to describe her long-term relationship with Dr. Khalid al-Mansour—aka Don Warden, Black Panther puppet master, Saudi Royal front-man and Obama education financier?

Fiorina sits on other Boards with al-Mansour, such as the African Leadership Academy. Al-Mansour, aka Don Warden, was the man behind the men of the Black Panther movement in the 1960s. He has long held hope for a “black nationalist” president, starting as far back as his relationship with Malcolm X. In fact, X died while speaking at one of al-Mansour’s college campus rallies.

Al-Mansour moved in both Black Nationalist and communist circles throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, including relationships with noted black communist Frank Marshall Davis, and Weather Underground domestic terror leader William Ayers. Fiorina’s name pops up here and there in these circles, dating back to her college years.

Al-Mansour has been accused of using Saudi money and Black Nationalist leaders like New York Borough chief Percy Sutton, to finance the young Obama’s high-dollar education, among other nefarious pursuits.

In Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age, Newsmax reporter Ken Timmerman reveals just how far back the relationship between Obama and al-Mansour goes. But Fiorina’s relationship with al-Mansour (aka Warden) appears to date back just as far, all the way to Berkeley. (more)


But, but she’s an outsider, n’ stuff.



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255 Responses to Whoopsie – Federal Elections Commission Opens Inquiry….

  1. Devora Clark says:

    PLEASE look into the UTAH voting scam too! I’m sure you’ll uncover a LOT more deceptive poll booths!


    • howard and theresa allyn says:

      yes please set the record straight and get cruz for voter fraud in utah


    • I think the whole world should put Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary, Uma Abedin, George Soros and all his rich friends including corrupt Democrats, Republicans, Independents, the EPA, Unions, World Banks, I could go on forever but it would take about a month to list everything and people probably wouldn’t believe it anyways. Most of the whole world should all be in jail for TREASON, but that won’t happen because it is to late, only GOD his son Jesus and the 144,000 good angels come here to cleanse the earth. Hillary the serial liar who wrote a college theses on Saul Salinsky a communist, Why is it know one can see or read this, it’s because Bill Clinton won’t let this happen why is that? Something they might be hiding….Uma Abedin and Valerie Jarrett were both born in Iran, Uma’s Religion is Islam. The things going on in the whole world today is the EVILEST Demonic thing I have ever seen in my time and i am 74…….. It’s all about New World Order and total control of the whole world, Satan has always wanted to rule the earth, he hates Christians and Jews meaning only EVIL will control. If the people can’t see anything I feel bad for the whole world.. Ted Cruz “right now” is the best man for the President of the United States a Constitutional Conservative man who believes in the CONSTITUTION, The first ten amendments to the CONSTITUTION–the Bill of Rights–were ratified effective December15, 1791. he believes in small Government and most of all we the people who are the Government, he cares about the people, and he is a Religious man… The corrupt Government don’t want Cruz because he looks like he could win, so out comes the dirty corrupt news media , the tabloids with there scum reporters and the people who would believe anything they read. These types of people are being deceived and they don’t even know it. GOD BLESS THE WHOLE WORLD…………..


      • Kelly says:

        Ted Cruz is one of them! Are you crazy! You know WHATS going on, but MISSED THIS?

        ANYONE that is NOT Trump, will continue the NWO, that the last 4 Presidents have participated in freely! JFK and Reagan both tried to WARN us! They BOTH were SHOT! Everything they WARNED are FACTS today! Agenda 2030 is ONLY 15 years away! I refuse to hammer (vote) the final nail in America’s coffin! I would be sabotaging my OWN Children and Grandchildren’s future! I refuse to have to APOLOGIZE for what I know is wrong in the first place!

        I’m at the point I’m tired of being non chalant about the truth, not wanting to be labeled a conspiracy theorist, crazy, a tin foil hat wearer, or scared to SCARE my fellow Americans! ! Yes the FACTS will scare the CHIT out of you (they certainly do ME), but it’s TIME you learn them, unless you are WILLING to leave your children to fend for themselves in a 3rd World HELLHOLE!

        STUDY! NWO, NAFTA, Agenda 21, Wetlands, NAU (Ted Cruz organized and Heidi Cruz helped write), TPP, TPA and Agenda 2030! All brought to you by Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama!
        Google Executive order where Americans can be SHOT on spot without trial and jury! Google “Strong City Communities” where the UN will control our Cities! 600 cities to date have contracts with the UN! THE FACTS ARE WE HAVE A TYRANNICAL GOVERMENT! It is NOT Democrats vs. Republicans, Rich VS poor, black vs white, straight vs gay! THEY created all of that! The fact is it is WE THE PEOPLE VS SATIN’s Government!


  2. charity says:

    I agree with above comments, both of them

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Louise hamilton says:

    Kelly. I agree with every single word you said.


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