Carly Fiorina’s GOPe Super PAC – How Wall Street Funds A Campaign Without Supporters….

Post 2009 Citizens United SCOTUS decision, 2012 was a test run in using Super-PACs to replace campaign contributions by the electorate.  The following election cycle (2014 mid-terms) took the earlier approach and injected steroids into the plan; insuring all of the GOPe incumbents were protected by Super-PAC shields. 

Now in the 2016 race we are seeing Wall Street funded Super-PACs actually replace campaigns entirely.  The New York Times showcases how they do it in a great expose’ of the Carly Fiorina campaign.  This finance method is exactly how a big part of the GOPe road map was constructed.

a17b2-hip-replacement-recall-briberycarly fiorina 2

LEXINGTON, S.C. — The table festooned with red “Carly for America” placards arrived hours before the candidate. Political operatives took up positions outside the front door to catch supporters of Carly Fiorina, the corporate executive turned Republican presidential contender, and gather their contact information before steering them inside to the room where she would speak.

But the table, the placards and the workers did not belong to Mrs. Fiorina’s campaign. They were there because of the “super PAC” supporting her run for president.

The Federal Election Commission forbids direct coordination between campaigns and super PACs, lest candidates effectively rely almost entirely on the huge, unlimited donations of a small number of billionaires. But in 2016, the groups are aggressively exploiting gray areas and loopholes in the rules, few of which the commission — deadlocked with its three Republican and three Democratic members — has hastened to close.

One of the most important openings is the simplest: Candidates and super PACs are free to coordinate their plans if the information is shared in public view.

That exception has taken on extraordinary power in the post-Citizens United campaign world, where candidates can give super PACs B-roll for campaign ads by posting video on YouTube, and campaign managers can signal a preference for positive advertising by alerting their Twitter followers.

Mrs. Fiorina and other candidates who have depended the most on the unlimited money raised by allied super PACs have taken it a step further: making travel schedules available, then letting the outside groups arrange and finance the events.

Under the rules, Mrs. Fiorina’s super PAC — whose name, Carly for America, makes it sound anything but independent — could not even call her campaign’s staff members to see where and when she was headed next. But Mrs. Fiorina has cleverly sidestepped that prohibition: Her campaign has created a public Google calendar, which it updates weeks into the future, showing the events she has planned.

“Essentially, it inoculates a case of coordination by making it public,” said Kenneth A. Gross, a lawyer who specializes in campaign finance. “As long as it’s not hidden in a ‘Where’s Waldo’ game and meets a reasonable definition of being public, it is a way to avoid running afoul of the coordination rules.”  (continue reading the entire expose’)

carly fiorina 3


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41 Responses to Carly Fiorina’s GOPe Super PAC – How Wall Street Funds A Campaign Without Supporters….

  1. Look at that face! Curtains for Carly. If she wants to waste yuge amounts of money let her!

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    • Doodahdaze says:

      She’s fierce. She’s feminist. She’s in your face.

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      • Arkindole says:

        There’s one thing and one thing only that I will say for her. She said what should have been said across the entire electromagnetic spectrum about the Planned Parenthood Murder Industry®.

        That is all. Now, I will bash her into a bloody pulp on everything else.


        • NYGuy54 says:

          That may be true but now Carly is known as the anti Planned Parenthood candidate and this is the wrong thing to get tagged with. Trump has artfully engineered his candidacy right into the sweet spot that takes advantage of voter dissatisfaction. This will end up haunting Carly..the netwoks are going to hang this around her neck.


  2. Doodahdaze says:

    Lois Lerner. Where are you?

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  3. every time i see Snarly she is entertaining groups of man-hating women, screaming and hugging each other dodging curtain back drops falling on them and whining about Donald Trump. i wonder if she is a member of that yahoo group “castrate men?”
    token female Snarly, she’s going nowhere on a nowhere platform with a nowhere plan and a nowhere record. really such an embarrassment for American women, like Hillary.
    neither one will get the nomination.
    Wrecking ball coming for Carly SOON.

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  4. hocuspocus13 says:

    Who is Mr. Carly Fiorino?


  5. Curry Worsham says:

    FWIW, CNN did not bleep out Trump’s “bullshit” remark from the NH speech when the clip was played on the Don LeMon show. No apologies. That was a conscious decision. But why? We cold anger Tea Party people probably liked the language. I did! Maybe they thought it would offend the Evangelicals. The only time you hear words like that on regular TV is when Tiger Woods hits a bad shot or something.

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    • bullshit is hardly a curse word. For a farmer, shit is an everyday word, as it is a big part of a farmer’s daily life.

      In 0bama’s America, bullshit is a big part of the citizens daily life.

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      • Curry Worsham says:

        Like the farmer, for a politician, shovelng shit is an everyday thing, as it is a big part of a politician’s daily life. Right, Mitch?


    • I cheered. The, “It’s Political Bullshit” remark is my new bumper sticker and rally cry.

      We all know Rubio stole Braman (the south Florida benefactor who pays for all things Rubio) away from Bush after Bush vetoed the 80 million for the Braman Medical Center at U of M. The following year, opportunistic Rubio secured the 80 million in funding and endeared himself to Braman ever since.

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  6. sundance says:

    Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has repeatedly criticized the Clinton Foundation for accepting foreign donations, yet she has a larger relationship with its offshoot, the Clinton Global Initiative, than previously reported.

    The former Hewlett Packard CEO has addressed reports she spoke at Clinton Global Initiative, or CGI, events on two occasions. However, WND has found that Fiorina currently serves on the boards of two nonprofits that have partnered with CGI.

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  7. georgiafl says:

    Carly and Hillary have a lot in common – they are both ruthlessly ambitious – and – jail-worthy:

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  8. profnickd1967 says:

    How is this not a blatant violation of the campaign finance laws? Making her schedule public doesn’t cut it — just because “Carly for America” decides to put on an event at a hotel that Fiorina will be appearing, it doesn’t mean that Fiorina’ campaign and Fiorina herself can herself partake of the event.

    Walk this through: the Fiorina campaign gives public notice of her appearance at a hotel. Now, does she book a ballroom? If so, how can “Carly for America” book the same room? And if not, does Fiorina and her staff just decide after walking into the hotel that they won’t use her ballroom, but they’ll just decide to walk into “Carly for America’s” ballroom? Just walk in, right up to the podium?

    It’s nonsense — clearly there’s coordination between the campaign and the SuperPAC.

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    • Dean Z. Douthat says:

      I think it’s simple enough, profnickd. Carly books air travel, rental cars, rooms, ballroom, etc. Super PAC pays the bill.

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      • profnickd1967 says:

        Oh, no doubt it is indeed that simple. And all of which would constitute campaign finance violations.

        I guess they’re not even pretending to adhere to the law.

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    • When the Citizen’s United ruling was issued, it opened a floodgate for dirty Wall Street money that was ready to inundate all future elections. And, as with all other eUniparty legislation and manipulated court rulings, there were “trapdoors” and “secret passageways” already hidden within intentionally constructed “loopholes” for this very purpose.

      Short of reversing the “Citizen’s United” ruling (something which will NOT be accomplished with the current SCOTUS) there will be no legal repercussions for any of the Super PAC shenanigans we are currently witnessing. This is their (eUniparty) master gambit that places Wall Street/CoC interests firmly in control of every national election, and eliminates the need for them to even “cheat” at the ballot boxes.

      Why risk getting caught “rigging” an election, when you can legally buy them all?

      This is just another reason why it is imperative that a non-Uniparty, non-Establishment POTUS must be elected NOW. SCOTUS justices are appointed for life and the political leanings of the current SCOTUS (and any future SCOTUS if an eUniparty candidate is elected) will seal the fate of our Republic.

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  9. stringy theory says:

    If candidates had to depend on contributions from their electorate, like pre-Citizens United, we would only have a handful of presidential candidates who were serious about their run (not just splitters or other placeholders) and most would be gone before the first primary. Just look at all the idiots the GOPe has now and all supported by super PACs–that’s all. If they have no grassroots support, they can’t win but continue anyway. It’s maddening but at least we know what their doing now and that helps to defeat it.

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    • What’s equally maddening (or maybe even more so) is that there are so many voters who can be brainwashed into casting their votes one way, or the other, by those media propaganda campaigns.

      American voters are the victims of the “Information Age”—with so MUCH of it out there, many of them have stopped thinking for themselves and (instead) rely on others to sort it all out, and make their decisions for them. And to think that many parents were unwittingly conditioning their children for this very process when they allowed them to sit in front of the boob-tube watching “Sesame Street” and whatever other kind of tripe passed for “Educational TV”. It wasn’t the messages that were the most damaging, it was the “conditioning” that programmed generation after generation of Americans to “Suspend their Disbelief” and just soak up whatever was put in front of them.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      The problem was the unions WERE able to use vast resources, usually for D’s. Perhaps legislation should have reduced $$ contributions to those who can VOTE: individual Citizens


  10. Garrison Hall says:

    “Mrs. Fiorina and other candidates who have depended the most on the unlimited money raised by allied super PACs have taken it a step further: making travel schedules available, then letting the outside groups arrange and finance the events.”

    And it all would have worked so well this time around. The GOPe/uniparty consultants had it all figured out. With the coordination and financial backing of the SuperPac progessionals, the typical movement conservatives like Ted Cruz would be swamped by a well orchestrated media blitz—exactly what they’re attempting with Fiorina. But . . . they didn’t anticipate the appearance of a candidate like Trump who can so easily run circles around their carefully managed media plays. What I find so funny is that these guys—who are supposed to be the campaign professionals who know everything about winning elections—were so firmly ensconced in their own echo-chamber, so accustomed to talking only to their own kind, that they were completely blindsided by the sudden appearance of Trump.

    This all reminds me of the 1961 Indy race when Brit John Cooper and Aussie Jack Brabham showed up with a small, mid-engined race car which promptly rendered all of the traditional front-engined Offy-powered Indy “roadsters” obsolete. Like the GOPe, the traditional roadster builders thought they knew all that was needed know about building a successful racing car. John Cooper’s little British designed car proved them wrong. Trump’s a lot like that. (Please note: I love those old front-engine Indy racers, but history is history. By 1961 they were obsolete.)

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  11. Garrison Hall says:

    Ummm, attention moderators? It looks like another of my posts just disappeared into great, gaping maw of your spam filter. Last I checked, I wasn’t spam. At least I don’t think I am.

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    • Lulu says:

      This is happening to me, too – on another thread.

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    • JeremyR says:

      Choose your words carefully. Some ideas trigger an automatic review. It keeps the haters at bay, and it also keeps this site from becoming blog fodder for groups like daily kooks.


    • stella says:

      I’m going to say this one last time. DO NOT complain about moderation! As soon as someone is able to get to the moderation queues, they will be dealt with. We all have lives, and don’t watch 24-7. If there is a legitimate comment in spam or moderation, we will find it. It happens all of the time.

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      • Southern Son says:

        Thanks Stella. I too thought it was personal. Ya’ll do a great job. That’s why I love the refuge. That’s why it is a refuge. Wish ya’ll would correct spellcheck for me though. Duh.


        • stella says:

          I confess: occasionally I do correct spelling, or words used incorrectly, such as “site” instead of “cite” (for example).


  12. Alfred E. Neuman says:

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.


  13. jjnpspdmr says:

    Carly Fiorina’s GOPe Super PAC – How Wall Street Funds A Campaign Without Supporters…. | The Last Refuge


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