Senator Ted Cruz Joins Glenn Beck Passing Out Freebies To Illegal Border Crossers…

The headline reflects the moment my previous support for Ted Cruz (2011/2012), which evolved to concern about Senator Ted Cruz (2013/2014), turned to admitting Ted Cruz was a phony. He had been in office for 18 months – I had sent him campaign contributions.

The date was Saturday, July 19th, 2014 – I remember it vividly because I noted in my journal “last straw in providing Cruz any benefit of doubt – done“.

beck 6

The week leading up to that weekend DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson appeared before an emergency congressional committee and stated he needed $4,000,000,000 (billion) in emergency appropriations to deal with the enormous “humanitarian crisis at the border“.

We knew that claim was fake because we had been tracking border apprehension reports and comparing them to the expressed narrative from the White House.

There wasn’t a mass influx of unaccompanied alien children (UAC’s), there was a predictable and intentionally constructed swarm of illegal alien “families“.

Border stats

beck 2

beck 1

Secretary Johnson never got the $4 billion; and the “humanitarian crisis” mysteriously disappeared from the headlines. The reason, simply because it was all manufactured. They spent hundreds of millions for nothing.

We knew that. Heck, (40,000 children just mysteriously disappeared) and certainly the intelligent Senator Ted Cruz, with far more exhaustive resources at his disposal, certainly knew that. Yet he participated in the ruse anyway.

We knew why Glenn Beck was doing it – like Jeh Johnson, it was all about the Benjamins; and the religious entities who make millions annually from taxpayer funding of illegal immigrants were in full support for the same reason.

Beck and Cruz were passing out Teddy Bears and Soccer Balls, while Catholic Charities and Baptist Child and Family Services were getting millions. The inner-city American kids? Well, nothing for them…. not even a word from Jeh. But, oh yeah, Black Lives Matter, right? I digress.

All of this is well documented in the links above. It’s all there for those who have eyes to see and a capability of being intellectually honest.

This was the proverbial last straw on the Cruz support wagon, amid a myriad of other straws placed in the prior year:

cruz rubio Lee immigration

One awakening story here – Another awakening story here.

Senator Ted Cruz took office in January of 2013. January through September of 2013 Cruz campaigned against Obamacare even forcing a government shutdown over the funding for it. It appeared he was doing the right thing – for the right reasons. However, he was getting massive intense backlash for a junior senator with only a few months on the job – soon the pressure became too much, he was islolated, ridiculed and marginalized into defeat. He collapsed – retreated and made a decision.

In October of 2013 Cruz made a strategic decision to get his political life kick-started and try to regain credibility and influence. To achieve this he partnered with the very political machine he previously opposed, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Ted cruz and rand paulMcConnell directed Cruz to join the NRSC.

Through 2014 Cruz participated as Vice-Chair inside the NRSC as part of that alignment with the DC machine.

However, the DC machine was working on a very specific set of objectives which, while noted at the time, were not fully understood. They only became most visible as time provided a historical analysis.

Two great outlines of what was going on are available HERE PART 1 -and- HERE PART 2. If you haven’t read those outlines, you will be lost moving forward.

While those corrupt machinations were going on, Senator Ted Cruz remained part of their overall program – working earnestly to assist the NRSC and simultaneously refusing to assist any political entity who was not in alignment with the overall objectives. In short, he sold his soul to McConnell Inc. around Christmas 2013.

AFTER, the scheme became toxicly visible -thanks to the Mississippi primary election of Thad Cochran/Chris McDaniel- Senator Cruz was at risk of losing all of his conservative bona-fides.

In June/July of 2014 he made another strategic decision to ‘optically separate’ himself from the McConnell led crew and the fiasco that was exploding inside the Mississippi election and the relationship to the NRSC and GOPe apparatus. It was a political decision, not based on principle but rather based entirely on saving his own political life.

beck 6Cruz needed, found and executed a political stunt to provide him cover as he retreated – He also enamored himself with radio host Mark Levin.

At the same time, in order to control his exposure, Cruz joined forces with Glenn Beck around the summers’ “Humanitarian Crisis” and Unaccompanied Alien Children; all in June/July/August 2014. Distractions.

ted cruz soccer balls

However, even though he publicly separated himself from McConnell Inc., Cruz carried the same objectives of the overall 2013 plan forward. He did so behind the scenes, quietly invisible to all those not paying specific attention, so it would not draw as much notice.

You’ll note Senator Ted Cruz never once campaigned for a conservative challenger to an incumbent in the 2014 mid-term campaign races – nor did he ever discuss the absence of a federal budget now the republicans were in control of both the House and the Senate.

While publicly railing against what he called the DC Cartel, a group he was bound to assist from his prior pledge to them, he worked to deliver their goals nonetheless.

This was ultimately evident in: ♦ Comprehensive Immigration reform and amnesty ♦ The Iran Deal (Corker-Cardin Amendment) he supported, and later in ♦ The TPA construct, which became votes, to insure TPP passage on behalf of the original team he pledged support to in 2013.

In each case candidate Cruz now attempts to distance his own culpability and ownership within it. However, he is only able to distract people (“GASLIGHTING”) to the extent that voters were not engaged in following the day-by-day scheme(s) as they unfolded.

In essence, Cruz is able to fool people in 2015 using the same approach he used in 2012 to get elected. To insure that deception he adds an element of cult-like affiliation via religion and now various psychological targeting.

To give you an idea how that manipulative intent reveals itself – here’s a video of senate candidate Cruz prior to becoming elected. Pay attention to the explanation(s); because since 2012 you’ve heard this same set of explanations used again on various points:

  • 2012 Heidi Cruz joined Council on Foreign Relations to change it.
  • 2013 Cruz joined National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee to change it.
  • 2012 Cruz: I am the only candidate to stand up to….
  • 2015 Cruz: I am the only candidate who has stood up to…..

Always avoiding the natural follow-up, “but what have you accomplished”?

Accomplishments including:

“The Most Consistent Conservative”? Merely a ridiculous talking point.

All recent examples.

♦ Ted Cruz was for South American Refugees (2014 – link) “Soccer Ball and Teddy Bear Delivery” before he was against SA/Mexican refugees and promoting a border wall (2015) – He cannot square that factual circle ~ Research Outline

Ted Cruz was for Trade Promotion Authority (2015 – link), before he was against Trade Promotion Authority (2015) – He cannot square that factual circle. ~ Research Outline

Ted Cruz was for Taking More Syrian Refugees (2014 – link), specifically dismissing the threat of terror embeds, before he was against taking Syrian Refugees (2015 – link) – He cannot square that factual circle. ~ Research Outline

Ted Cruz was against Ethanol Subsidies (2013 – link), before he was for Ethanol Subsidies (2016 – link) – He cannot square that factual circle. ~ Research Outline

Ted Cruz was for Anchor Baby Birthright Citizenship (2011 – link), before he was against “birthright citizenship” (2015 – link) – He cannot square that factual circle. ~ Research Outline

Ted Cruz was for the Iran Deal “Corker Cardin Amendment” (2015 – link), before he was against the Iran Deal (2015 – link) – He cannot square that factual circle. ~ Research Outline

Ted Cruz was for Mitch McConnell (2014 – link), before he was against Mitch McConnell (2014 link) – He cannot square that factual circle. ~ Research outline

Ted Cruz was against Chris McDaniel (2014 – link), before he was for Chris McDaniel (2015) – He cannot square that factual circle – Research outline

Ted Cruz campaign head admits the need to use psychological operations, religion and manipulation to convince voters to support Ted Cruz. – READ HERE

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143 Responses to Senator Ted Cruz Joins Glenn Beck Passing Out Freebies To Illegal Border Crossers…

  1. Trump nailed it. Lyin’ Ted Cruz. The man is a complete hypocrite. It is time the voters completely decimate the GOP with a vote for the only viable candidate: Donald Trump. He will make America great again. Or we can all opt to eke out a living netting crayfish down in some Louisiana Bayou.


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