Glenn Beck Asks Why Is The Media Not Covering His Mercury One Charity Campaign With Ted Cruz This Weekend…

Allow me to take a stab at that question. But before doing so here’s the underlying premise.

glenn-beck-rally-pic_550x310If you visit the Blaze today you’ll see the following story:

Why Glenn Beck Says ‘Nobody’ Is Covering Ted Cruz’s Decision to Join Mercury One’s Border Relief Effort” – Glenn Beck said Friday that “nobody” in the media is covering Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) decision to join Mercury One’s border relief effort because the media is already starting to play “presidential games.”

Mercury One, the charity Glenn Beck founded, will be in McAllen, Texas, on Saturday, passing out roughly $2 million in food, water, clothing and toys to illegal immigrant children. Beck and a number of volunteers will be there to help.

But as Beck said, while many news outlets, including MSNBC, have reported on the relief effort, few have said anything about Cruz’s involvement.

“Why is nobody covering this?” Beck asked on his radio program Friday. “This came out yesterday. This is a big deal. Why is no one covering that Ted Cruz is going down to the border for a relief program?” (link)

glenn beck tv

If you visit you’ll also find the following lead story:

Ted Cruz to join Glenn and Mercury One at the border this Saturday” – The Mercury One Children and Family Border Relief Fund has raised over $2 million over the last several weeks, and Glenn is going to the border town of McAllen, Texas on Saturday to begin distributing aid to local churches and charities. On radio this morning, Glenn announced Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) will be joining him and several other politicians and faith leaders in McAllen. Glenn also expressed his frustration with the media coverage of the immigration crisis. (link)

Both The Blaze and Glenn Beck have internal links to the donation site “MercuryOne.Org” which also espouses the program he is referring to.

But you can scour them all and find ZERO information about what is ACTUALLY TAKING PLACE. There is some obscure generalization about McAllen Texas as noted in the referenced articles. But where? Where in McAllen Texas?

In both sites you’ll note a Beck story (in the video) about “a church” needing a new kitchen and Mercury One’s decision to build them a new kitchen. However if you want to know, what church, where, and any details thereof – NO LUCK.

Now I’m not knocking Glenn Beck, or his motivation, or his expressed efforts per se’. But what we are directly challenging is this notion of desperate churches in need of assistance, and more specifically the claim that no media are paying attention against the backdrop that it’s impossible to find out information.

If this is indeed a “cause” to champion -one that needs the full efforts and support of a caring broader community as shared- then why can you not find a single mention of where this event is actually taking place, who are the benefactors, what “churches” are being assisted, and what are their specific needs right now?

Beck says they have raised $2,000,000+ from supporters.  GREAT.  But for who?

Why is none of this possible to determine from a visit to Mercury One, The Blaze, or even Glenn Beck himself ?

Would not the basic starting point for such a worthy endeavor be sharing such details with the intent of drawing attention to this “overwhelming plight” ? Yet I challenge you to find out where, who, why, when or how ? Good luck.

So does it not strike as a little more than disingenuous to proclaim some grand scheme of collusion between the liberal left and the far right. According to Beck the liberal media do not want to give Ted Cruz uplifting PR for his assistance and are ignoring the partnership because Cruz cannot be heighted as a man of compassion.

Conversely, according to Beck, the right wing haters will not share the decision of Ted Cruz to join Beck because those right-wingers want to keep Cruz a potential possibility for 2016 conservative Presidential hope; and any association with “compassion” and/or “mercy” toward the plight of the immigrant is antithetical to any hope Cruz might have in a presidential run.

Yes, I already know what many are thinking and I have no idea how, somehow, in the mind of Glenn Beck he thinks such pontifications are even remotely helpful.    Alas, yes, these are his own espousals. Go watch the video(s) to hear for yourself.

Then reconcile this frustrated Beck-ism with the fact it is impossible to find out who, what, where, when and/or why, such charitable “mercy” is being requested and/or delivered.

Or, ….is something else really the motivation ?


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72 Responses to Glenn Beck Asks Why Is The Media Not Covering His Mercury One Charity Campaign With Ted Cruz This Weekend…

  1. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Look at me! Come on, look at me! I am even standing on my head. What’s wrong with you people?


  2. labrat says:

    Speaking of the BCFS – guess who was also at that meeting in Dallas that Perry was invited to?


  3. labrat says:

    My interesting link went to moderation.


    • Sharon says:

      I don’t know where it went – but there’s nothing in moderation. Our apologies. We are having too-frequent episodes like this and there is nothing we can do about it. I’m sorry and hope you might try again.


  4. Glenn, Ted Cruz may want to help and support you, but he is a humble man and probably would prefer to remain anonymous. Some people don’t need or want a “spotlight”.


  5. SAFVet says:

    Just subscribed to the MercuryOne news letter – they say they talk about how they use the donated money. We’ll see….


  6. doodahdaze says:

    He is a kook.

    Liked by 1 person

    • arttart1983 says:

      doodahdaze ~ I’ve never been a Beck fan, he seems a little over the top imo, a blow hard/loud mouth. WHY is Beck promoting himself & whining about not getting media coverage when the money was donated by others to make the trip/purchases possible? I can’t believe people would donate to Beck for the Border crisis. I wish Beck had taken up the cause for homeless vets, homeless children in the US. That money could have been donated to “homeless vets” that were born in America & served our country, they didn’t enter illegally.

      Though I like Ted Cruz, he doesn’t need Beck for anything. Beck may want the publicity Cruz would bring to him, but Cruz may not want the publicity Beck brings.

      Most that make donations don’t toot their own horn. imo,

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      • justfactsplz says:

        Arttarte1983, I agree with everything you said. Many in America could benefit from charity. Ted Cruz should stay far away from Beck and he needs to know about these so called “charities”. Tooting your own horn about making donations reminds me of the Pharisees and their flowery public prayers and what Jesus said about them.


      • doodahdaze says:

        Me too. Especially for homeless people. Not people who have left their homes to mass migrate to the USA. Before we can help any other country we must have our own country in good shape. it is not.


      • DemonGP says:

        If you look at Mercury One, there is a place you can donate to the other causes you have mentioned.


  7. rosalindj says:

    Well, you are asking just the facts questions. The answers really shouldn’t be that difficult to find.

    That aside, as much as I liked Beck’s earlier efforts, this situation is one where he should not be interjecting himself. He didn’t cause it, he sure as hell can’t fix it, and the net effect will be drawing attention to himself. I am embarrassed that he managed to chisel out 2Mil in donations AND somehow involve Cruz. Seems like every harangue for bucks is always to prevent the next Armageddon.

    He’s done a lot of good, but don’t ever forget he’s a businessman and entertainer first. That he’s managed to find a positive channel for the money handling is really secondary to the megalomaniacal aspect anymore.


  8. Sharon says:

    Sundance, thank you for taking this head on. It is annoying when churches/Christians/people of faith are abused and ignored by the powers that be, mocked and called on for covering only at useful times.

    It is also frustrating and disgusting to the nth degree when the same people seem to be clueless regarding the big picture and rush in to get credit for putting out a minor fire along the fire lines of a 2000 acre conflagration, and then they get huffy when the firemen BEG them to get out of the way because of how their off-focus efforts are interfering with actually solving the problem.

    That’s a pretty goof ball over-complicated effort of analogy but I’ve just about had it with Christians who are incapable of connecting dots. This kind of off base nonsense is PRECISELY what has created the Somali invasion of Minnesota for the last 15-20 years and once the 501(c)3s, supported by taxes and government, found out that it worked there – they were off to the races.

    To the injury of our Republic.

    If I knew how to do the little head-on-desk guy I would do that right here…..


    • woohoowee says:

      “*This kind of off base nonsense is PRECISELY what has created the Somali invasion of Minnesota for the last 15-20 years and once the 501(c)3s, supported by taxes and government, found out that it worked there – they were off to the races.

      To the injury of our Republic.” (Sharon)

      My mom is one of the many Southern Baptists who isn’t happy with the TRUTH I’ve been sharing around these parts for the past few weeks regarding what some Baptists/Southern Baptists are up to. There are none so blind…


      • WSB says:

        No one ever covers the Somali invasion of Lewiston, Maine, either. Cheryl Atkisson did this summer but no one in the LSM of course.


    • rashomon says:

      Well said, Sharon. It’s a huge problem when a bunch of do-gooders stir the pot, then leave the mayhem to others. If one goes by the maxim that one teaches by example, the best way to teach the basics of our constitution is to adhere to its laws.


    • hoosiergranny says:

      For many years, my husband has said that there should be no nonprofits in the US. They all have their own agendas and the churches are more political than religious these days. Not sure I’m in 100% agreement but think about it.

      I’m Catholic and work for a Catholic nonprofit healthcare system. We play all the same games as the not-for-profit systems. The monies don’t go to shareholders, however, this doesn’t cut prices or change the care that people receive. We do some charity work but it likely doesn’t offset the tax savings.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-religion. Historically, Churches provided a very needed service in their communities. They provided all kinds of help to those in need, healthcare to those who could not afford it, assistance with food & housing for their parishioners who could not afford to provide for themselves. How much true charity do these organizations provide in this day and age. They send people to the various government agencies for assistance. They are some of the most wealthy organizations in our country. If they are not going to provide for their own flock, tax them and let them help pay for the government freebies for their flocks.


      • doodahdaze says:

        The Tax code and CFR code are the main tools for our system of legalized graft and corruption. He is correct. It is too complicated and too ripe for abuse.


  9. stella says:

    The comments at The Blaze seem to be almost unanimously negative.


  10. nyetneetot says:

    To be fair, Glenn designed the logo to the MercuryOne site and that is about all his involvement was. Like everything else other people manage and maintain it. GBTV was supposed to have a lot of interactive features that have yet to appear. So the lack of information or locating a single source for information can be very difficult.


    • sundance says:

      Forget “single source”, can you find “any” source ?


      • labrat says:

        Looking for it now.


        • labrat says:

          You are right. I came up with nothing. Best I could do was find a picture of a trailer and a tent saying Operation BBQ Relief was “on the ground” in Texas. This is an extremely opaque event. I couldn’t even find anything in the local papers. Who is going to this event? Glenn and Ted and the teddy bears?


          • stella says:

            Blaze said Louie Gohmert would be there too.


          • sundance says:

            That’s what I found too. If you were a person living near the area you might want to show up and give your support. But good luck finding out the venue, there’s nothing there. So yeah, what exactly is intended? What will Beck, Cruz and company be doing? And where would this be taking place ?

            It’s all just bizarre and odd. It makes no sense.


      • nyetneetot says:

        I’m not disagreeing with you at all. I clicked over there to look at it and was surprised. I was on the original design conference call. It looks like just a place holder web page now. Even off the “donate” page the videos/photos seems like a broken link.


    • DemonGP says:

      How about money. It takes some to build a network.


      • nyetneetot says:

        I don’t believe that the money donated gets diverted and spent on anything other than what the stated purpose is. The purpose in this particular case is what people are objecting to. I think the whole debacle is silly from the aspect that if people don’t agree with the cause, than don’t donate. Even back in the 1930’s it was recognized the American society was being indoctrinated in socialism to the point that even the most strident defenders of capitalism thought from a socialistic viewpoint.


  11. justfactsplz says:

    There is not much info out there other than they are meeting at a border patrol office.


  12. I don’t understand Becks thinking on this idea. The parasites are destroying the host and he is feeding the parasites which encourages more to come. What’s his real agenda, please explain ?


  13. Aslan's Girl says:

    I still don’t know why a church needs to help anyway — that what FEMA is for AND what tax $ collected by FEMA are for. Beck is a goody-two-shoes and is abusing “faith-based” charities with this. Wish he’d just go away. And I hope Cruz is not really involved because this whole thing makes me sick.


  14. labrat says:

    Glenn Beck should watch this video.


  15. tommy boy says:

    I can’t take Glen Beck seriously ever since he accused me of being a CIA agent.


    • doodahdaze says:

      I always like Rush, But lately he does not have enough jokes and funny songs. I always cracked up when he played the Frogman.


  16. P.Spinach says:

    “Current law permits children from non-contiguous countries to remain in the country until their request for asylum or immigration relief is considered by an immigration judge” said Eusebio Elizondo, auxiliary bishop of Seattle and chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration. “This is a very vulnerable population which has been targeted by organized crime networks in Central America. To return them to these criminal elements without a proper adjudication of their cases is unconscionable.”

    (From an earlier link by Labrat).

    It’s a fantastic idea to import the criminal element into the U.S. so that American children can now be refugees from organized crime in America itself. Brilliant, Mr. Elizondo. Check out his last name, nothing biased nor hispanic about it. And since when did the Catholic churches and for that matter, any religious institution, have the rights to impose their desires on the rights of all Americans by allowing reckless invasion of the country by false representation? Because it is false representation, money laundering not much different from the slum landlord queen, ValJar, and lies which God does not condone.

    Let’s not kid ourselves. The water-carriers keep espousing that these children are refugees. First, they are not children. Second, they ARE the criminal elements. Glenn Beck is irrelevant now.


  17. P.Spinach says:

    For Cruz, it’s optics. He is against DACA but he at least will present himself as a person of objectivity to check out Beck’s cause for the wee ones which I doubt made it to the border or even half way. Most of these have been deported back to Mexico which shows how little the Carcass-In-Chief really cares. One has to pause and note however, Cruz’s last name.


  18. twolaine says:

    GB became a lost cause to me, not that I was a big fan already, when he slandered Mr. Bundy.
    Taking others on the trip with him.
    FOX too, and a whole slew of followers.
    Told ’em all they blew it.
    I’ll get my “news” elsewhere. 🙂


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