One Media Outlet Catching On To Massive Governmental Non-Profits Housing The Unaccompanied Alien Minors – “Southwest Key” Under Review

A Texas Media outlet has just caught on to something we discovered and have shared with you.  Previously we identified the BIG THREE large non-profit corporations getting massive grants from DHS and HHS.   These were the “faith based groups” President Obama met in Dallas 7/9/14.

They are, listed smallest to largest:

      • #3  Bronze –   U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and/or, U.S. Catholic Charities $70,000,000+
      • #2  Silver – Southwest Key Programs Inc  $122,000,000+
      • #1  Gold –  Baptist Child and Family Services Emergency Management Division (BCFS-EMD) $270,000,000+

Today we focus on one.  “Southwest Key Programs Inc” – KEYE TV in Austin Texas has just discovered the ruse and the tentacles of how these “private corporations”, ie. “non profit groups”, think ACORN, actually tie to their community and hide under the cover of funding from DHS/HHS Grants.  We found this specific Private Company nets 98.76% of earnings from government grants [2012 IRS form 990 pg 14].

When KEYE TV reporters go asking questions they discover the secrecy of HHS.  To quote Bruce Willis:  ..”welcome to the party pal“..

southwest key

KEYE TV – TEXAS – More than $100 million of federal grant money this year has gone to an Austin based company that runs unaccompanied minor shelters across the country.

Its website says Southwest Key Programs is the largest provider of services to unaccompanied children in the United States. Their headquarters is in Austin, Texas.

A brief online description details the children they help, how they’re accepted and a short write up of the types of services provided.

A map provided by Southwest Key officials outlines their different locations and programs across the county. But if you have questions about the money it receives from the federal government for unaccompanied children officials with the non-profit aren’t talking.

While their corporate address is listed as right here in Austin when you try to ask about their child immigrant shelters you get directed to a federal agency — the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

But they’re not talking either.

In an email back to KEYE TV, government officials say they do not identify regular/permanent unaccompanied alien children program shelters for the safety and security of minors and staff at the facilities.

They did acknowledge more than $120 million in grant money had been awarded to the Austin based non-profit far this fiscal year.  (read more with video report)

Juan_Sanchez_2As part of our ongoing Treehouse research – We’ve been looking into this organization for over a week. 

They are led by Dr. Juan Sanchez, President and CEO – 2012 salary $338,770 

With a total company payroll around $65,000,000 on 2012 taxpayer revenue of $85,000,000 (98.76% taxpayer funded)

Dr. Sanchez is proud to have built one of the most diverse nonprofits in the country, where 93 percent of Southwest Key’s 2,000 employees, including most top managers and board members, are people of color“.

We have much more on Southwest Key.   Here are their 2014 HHS Grants for “Unaccompanied Alien Children” $122,285,100:

southwest key hhs grants

(Source HHS TAGGS Tracking System)

  • 2012 Financials:  Total Revenue: $ 85,808,470  Total Expenses: $ 81,759,658
  • 2013 Financials:  Total Revenue: $124,256,408  Total Expenses: $120,901,477

And Here is their 2012 IRS Form 990 Filings:

Southwest Key Inc. Annual Report and Financials HERE  If you dig in to the IRS 990 forms (embedded above) you’ll see a lot of, well, “generous” wage and benefit perks.   Golf, florists, cafe’s, third party mortgages, $$$ Spouses on the payroll, etc.  But, it’s for the *children* right? I digress.


Using information within the TAGGS system for Health and Human Services we are able to identify the recipients for Grants specifically designated for “Unaccompanied Alien Children”, or UAC’s.

With that data, a few more search tools, some time and a little more research, we are able to identify the locations of facilities throughout the country where the HHS grants are being directed and the UAC’s are being transferred/housed. There are essentially two broad types: Residence Care, and Transitional to Foster Care Services.

illegal alien 5

From the FY 2014 HHS Grants we can identify the communities where direct HHS UAC funds have been sent. We can identify the specific facility, or the organization supporting the foster care placement. If you live in, or close to, one of the listed cities below, the UAC’s transfers are already in your community.

It should be noted that where possible we have tried to find out the number of children within the agency unit. For some it was easy, some were listed on the grants, for others it was not possible. Some are housed in Juvenile detention camps; some are in hospitals with specifically designated beds and dorms. A large percentage are/were in transitional housing during placement to foster families, and some appear to have gone directly to foster families as the transition to their permanent family takes place.

We have also included the exact amount of the HHS grant for two reasons. Number one, so that you can see how much this is costing you, the taxpayer. However, there is a more valuable secondary reason. We have identified (through extensive research) that each UAC, each individual, is estimated/evaluated at a HHS cost level of around $40,000 per grant (give or take). So if you see a grant for $2,325,000 you can divide by $40k and find out that’s about 58 (people) UAC’s in that facility or process for the quarter (3 month period), or time they are being transitioned/processed in that facility or organization.

illegal alien shipment

2014 Meza Arizona – 1 Facility – New Leaf Inc. Dorothy Mitchell [Residence Facility for UAC] Address: 868 E. UNIVERSITY DRIVE MESA, AZ 85203 HHS Grant $387,936

2014 Irvington, New York – 1 Facility – Abbott House Residential Services [Residential facility for UAC “Unaccompanied Alien Children”] ABBOTT HOUSE 100 N BROADWAY IRVINGTON, NY 105331254 HHS Grant $ 2,983,200

2014 Windsor Mill, Maryland – 1 Facility – BOARD OF CHILD CARE OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, INC [Residential Emergency Housing and Care for UAC’s] Address: 3300 Gaither Road BALTIMORE, MD 21244 HHS Grant $2,387,200

2014 Miami, Florida – 2 (possibly 3) facilities each housing 60 children – CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF MIAMI INC Address: 9401 BISCAYNE BLVD MIAMI SHORES, FL 33138-2970 Most recent HHS Grant(s) $1,675,094 and $748,740

2014 Houston, Texas – 2 facilities – St. Michael’s Homes for Children [Residential Housing via CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF THE DIOCESE OF GALVESTON-HOUSTON] – Address: 1111 LOVETT BOULEVARD HOUSTON, TX 77006 Most recent HHS Grant(s) $2,792,549 and $1,396,274

2014 Galveston, Texas – 2 facilities – Galveston Multicultural Institute/The Children’s Center [Residential Housing CHILDREN’S CENTER, INC] Address: 2127 AVENUE M GALVESTON, TX 77550 HHS Grants $4,826,682

2014 Valhalla, New York – 1 Facility – Cardinal McCloskey School & Home for Children [Long Term Housing while awaiting Foster Care Program for UAC’s] – Address: 115 Stevens Avenue VALHALLA, NY 105951252 HHS Grants $1,477,330

2014 New York, New York – 1 Facility – Catholic Guardian Services [Looks like a placement service not a facility] Address: 1011 First Avenue NEW YORK, NY 10022 HHS Grants $2,663,492

2014 Clearwater, Florida – 1 Facility – GULF COAST JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES, INC [foster care placement service] Address: 14041 ICOT BLVD CLEARWATER, FL 33760 HHS Grant $958,424

2014 Auburn, New York – 1 Foster Facility – Cayuga Home for Children DBA Cayuga Centers [In-Home Foster Care Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children] Address: 101 Hamilton Ave AUBURN, NY 13021 HHS Grants $8,376,471

2014 Elizabeth, New Jersey – 1 Foster Facility – County of Union New Jersey Department of Human Services [Foster Placement not a facility] address: 10 Elizabethtown Plaza ELIZABETH, NJ 07207 HHS Grants $825,576

2014 La Verne, California – 1 Facility – David & Margaret Youth and Family Services – [Basic Emergency Shelter Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Program] 1350 THIRD STREET LA VERNE, CA 91750 HHS Grant $3,750,000

2014 Redmond, Washington – 1 Facility – FRIENDS OF YOUTH [Transitional Living Facility] Address: 16225 NE 87TH A-6 REDMOND, WA 98052-3536 HHS Grant $1,730,955

2014 Fullerton, California – 1 Facility – Florence Crittenton Services of Orange County [Placement Service] Address: 801 E. Chapman Ave., Ste. 230
FULLERTON, CA 92831-3847 HHS Grant $8,172,157

2014 Chicago, Illinois – 1 Facility – HEARTLAND HUMAN CARE SERVICES, INC [Staffed Shelter Facility] Address: 208 SOUTH LASALLE STREET CHICAGO, IL 606041156 HHS Grant $20,809,351

2014 Opa Locka, Florida – 1 Facility – (Miami Dade) His House Inc. [Residential and Long Term Shelter Facility] Address: 20000 NW 47th Avenue MIAMI, FL 33055 HHS Grant $6,514,232

2014 Los Fresnos, Texas – 5 or 6 Facilities – Driscoll Shelter Care Program, Hidalgo Foster Care Specialized Program, Harlingen Foster Care Program, Brownsville Foster Care Program, Emergency Shelter Care Program, INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, INC. Address: P.O. BOX 112 LOS FRESNOS, TX 78566-0112 HHS Grant $55,024,914

2014 Alexandria, Virginia – 1 facility – Juvenile Detention Commission for Northern Virginia [23 Beds -various security levels- Assigned for UAC’s] Address: 200 S. Whiting Street ALEXANDRIA, VA 22304 HHS Grant $1,992,900

2014 Schnecksville, Pennsylvania – 1 facility – KidsPeace National Centers, Inc. [Staffed Shelter Facility] Address: 4085 Independence Drive SCHNECKSVILLE, PA 18078 HHS Grant $6,909,809

2014 Baltimore, Maryland – 1 facility – LUTHERAN IMMIGRATION & REFUGEE SERVICE [Foster Care Placement] Address: 700 LIGHT ST BALTIMORE, MD 21230-3850 HHS Grant $14,957,523

2014 Austin. Texas – 2 facilities – LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES OF THE SOUTH,INC. [Emergency Shelter and Transitional foster Care] Address: POST OFFICE BOX 49589 AUSTIN, TX 78765 HHS Grant $8,389,270

2014 Mahopac, New York – 1 facility – Lincoln Hall [Temporary “Reunification” Shelter] Address: 145 Lincolndale Road LINCOLNDALE, NY 10541 $12,067,942

2014 New York, New York – 1 facility – Lutheran Family & Community Services [Residential and Foster Care] Address: 308 West 46th Street NEW YORK, NY 10036 HHS Grant $1,858,700

2014 Syosset, New York – 1 facility – Mercy First [Residential Care] Address: 525 Convent Road SYOSSET, NY 11791 HHS Grant $3,773,763

2014 Portland, Oregon – 1 facility – Morrison Child & Family Services [Residential Care] Address: 9911 SE MT SCOTT BLVD PORTLAND, OR 97266 HHS Grant $3,694,729

2014 Daytona Beach, FL – 1 facility – Neighbor to Family [Residential and Transitional Foster Care] Address: 955 Orange Avenue, Ste M DAYTONA BEACH, FL 32114 HHS Grant $2,727,525

2014 Seattle, Washington – 1 facility – Pioneer Human Services [Foster placement] Address: 7440 W. Marginal Way, So. SEATTLE, WA 98108-4141 HHS Grant $2,075,820

2014 Jupiter, Florida – 1 facility – Sandy Pines Hospital [Residential Care] Address: 11301 SE Tequesta Terrace TEQUESTA, FL 33469 HHS Grant $1,384,703

2014 San Antonio, Texas – 1 facility – Seton Home [Residential Housing for Pregnant and Parenting UAC and their Children] Address: 1115 Mission Road SAN ANTONIO, TX 78210 HHS Grant $2,717,801

2014 Staunton, Virginia – 1 facility – Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Detention Home [Residential ORR/DCS Secure and Staff Secure] Address: 300 Technology Drive STAUNTON, VA 24401 HHS Grant $3,282,893

2014 Manvel, Texas – 1 facility – Shiloh Treatment Center, Inc. [Emergency Medical Housing, Treatment and Transition Facility] Address: 3926 Bahler Avenue MANVEL, TX 77578 HHS Grant $5,103,561

2014 San Antonio, Texas – 1 facility – St. Peter St. Joseph Children`s Home [Transitional residential Housing] Address: 919 Mission Road
SAN ANTONIO, TX 78210 HHS Grant $7,086,020

2014 Dobbs Ferry, New York – 1 facility – THE CHILDREN`S VILLAGE INC. [Domicile Care Facility – Longer Term UAC’s] Address: WETMORE HALL, 3RD FLOOR
DOBBS FERRY, NY 10522 HHS Grant $12,525,435

2014 Phoenix, Arizona – 1 facility – TUMBLEWEED CENTER FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT INC [Residential Shelter and Long Term Foster UAC Care] Address: 1419 NORTH 3RD ST, SUITE 102 PHOENIX, AZ 85004-1639 HHS Grant $1,557,966

2014 Kingston, New York – 1 facility – The Children`s Home of Kingston [Residential Shelter and Long Term UAC Housing] Address: 26 Grove St
KINGSTON, NY 12401 HHS Grant $999,200

2014 Poughkeepsie, New York – 1 facility – The Children`s Home of Poughkeepsie, Inc. [Residential Shelter and Long Term UAC Housing] Address: 10 Children`s Way POUGHKEEPSIE, NY 12601 HHS Grant $775,361

2014 Woodland, California – 1 facility – YOLO COUNTY DEPT OF PROBATION [criminal detention center – Secured UAC Housing] Address: 2780 E. Gibson Road WOODLAND, CA 95776 HHS Grant $1,682,520

2014 Seattle, Washington – 1 facility – YOUTH CARE [Youth Homeless Shelter – “House of Friends Program” Long Term UAC Housing] Address: 2500 NE 54TH ST, SUITE 100 SEATTLE, WA 98105 HHS Grant $1,182,183

2014 Bristow, Virginia – 1 facility – Youth For Tomorrow [Residential Shelter UAC Program ] Address: 11835 Hazel Circle Drive BRISTOW, VA 20136 HHS Grant $8,314,702

~ The Three Corp Entities Below Are Receiving Grants and Using Sub Contractors ~

BRONZE MEMBER ♦ 2014 Washington DCnumerous facilities – Corporate office Facility for U.S. CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS [Working similar to BCFS structure throughout the U.S. No specific residence use available – “Safe Passages Program”] Corp Address: 3211 4TH ST, NE WASHINGTON, DC 20017-1106 HHS Grant $6,761,412

SILVER MEMBER ♦ 2014 Austin, Texas*Numerous Facilities* SOUTHWEST KEY PROGRAMS, INC. [This is a large entity like BCFS – Emergency Shelter(?)] Address: 3000 I-H 35, SUITE 410 AUSTIN, TX 78704 HHS Grant $26,822,183 and $95,462,917

kevin dinninGOLD MEMBER ♦ 2014 San Antonio Texasnumerous facilitiesBaptist Child & Family Services – HHS and BCFS EMD (Emergency Management Division) Corporate office Address: 909 NE Loop 410 SAN ANTONIO, TX 78209 HHS Grant $280,156,954 !!

[BCFS-EMD is the single largest facilitator of UAC transition throughout the U.S. – specific housing locales unknown] However, we do know as a result of the $190 million grant BCFS received just before the 7/9/14 Dallas meeting with President Obama they plan massive expansion. (Press Release )

BCFS now operates regional offices in San Antonio, Miami, Los Angeles-area and Houston-area. We have outlined the massive construct behind BCFS HERE and HERE including their 2012 tax documents and the detail of the Dallas visit with the Obama administration. BCFS-EMD is bigger than ACORN was.

The facilities, organizations and entities above all received HHS grants to care for UAC’s. However, some of those organizations may have further sub contracted the actual housing (example BCFS).

Because HHS is not directly paying the sub contractor (grant funds) the sub will not appear on the TAGGS system. Consequently some of the facilities actually housing the UAC’s will not have been listed – only the entities being given $$ directly from HHS.

Some of the facilities above might be included in this map which has been assembled based on “ground reports” and “media reports” of UAC transfers.

However, many of the facilities listed above will not be on this map. Many of the recipients for the HHS grants -government dependent non profits- have quietly put the UAC’s into their community facility, or foster program. Subsequently the community might not even be aware of it. So both the interactive MAP and the above list should be referenced if you are researching your community:

7-16-14 map


The methodology to update your own research is time consuming but possible with a few bits of information.

The internal HHS coding for Federal Grants related to Unaccompanied Alien Children is #93676. The types of grants (there are thousands) are numerically listed in the HHS TAGGS tracking system.

There is a search function which you can use to identify UAC Grants by Zip code, Date, Award or Recipient. The most useful tool for starters is the Award Search knowing 93676 is the code for UAC Grants (it’s 2/3rds of the way down the drop menu).

You can use a reverse Zip Code Search Engine (like this one) If you are unsure of a location of a facility. Once you have identified the facility you check their “profit status”. If they are an NPO (non profit organization) you can look up their tax records in the state of their filing. That will give you details on the type of facility they are and their business context. You can also find out their organizational structure and their other business interests etc.

You can also see their other governmental business and what additional funding they receive from the tax payers. With this information you can get almost everything you need to pick up the phone and ask specific questions.

Here is an example of a non profit using BCFS Tax Filings for 2012:

From the looks of things, this is not going to stop any time soon…

BCFS 2014

illegal alien 10

Don’t forget the timeline of the BORDER CRISIS – CLICK HERE

Border stats

Even the Washington Post is CATCHING ON !

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85 Responses to One Media Outlet Catching On To Massive Governmental Non-Profits Housing The Unaccompanied Alien Minors – “Southwest Key” Under Review

  1. doodahdaze says:

    A vast hard left conspiracy.


  2. Sibyl S. says:

    Obama throws his ‘play money’ around without limits and without a peep of objection from the House (Boehner) or Senate????

    National Security and the Economy and the health of Americans is being purposely and intentionally compromised by this administration.

    Obama and company, including a large portion of our legislature and courts are a clear and present danger.


    • Sibyl S. says:

      It’s like Obama thinks his (fraudulent) election has given him a Super-Nova Triple Platinum No Limits Credit Card to do whatever he wants – and no one is contradicting his delusion.


    • stella says:

      I could be wrong, but I think the budget (which we don’t have anyway), allocates blocks of money to the various departments of government, and the departments then dole out the goodies. Perhaps a more careful examination of the line items is in order?


      • triper57 says:

        Stella, exactly. The budgeting process would put each dollar in a line in the budget. The Continuing Resolution process just allocates a continued funding for each department plus a growth percentage, to be allocated to each Department and broken out by the Department Head.

        Welcome to the new budget process, plenty of money to be allocated as the one sees fit.


        • carnan43 says:

          No one should ever leave Paul Ryan out of this. He teamed up with Sneakers, the Washington State loon to add more fuel to the fire. Paul Ryan was the House’s budget guru. Presently the amnesty king of the house. Good riddance.


  3. doodahdaze says:

    Criminal Aliens could be turned around and sent right back to Mexico. Or Perry could place a bounty on them. The border could be mined. It looks like Obama has had this all planned out for a long time. He must have a plan for them to vote too or it would not be worth it to him. The only good they do for democrats is if they can vote.


    • Lucille says:

      doodah, as you stated, voting is a long-term goal. If Obama were serious, there are multitudes of methods he could use regarding stemming the illegal immigration problem, beginning with enforcing the laws already on our books and jettisoning his slobbering over his Dreamers. It’s pretty obvious that he has no interest in this or in protecting Americans. For the full take-down of the U.S., short-term goals are the over-runs on budgets, facilities, manpower thus paving the way for his brand of “payback” so necessary to his lefty agenda. He will continue this take-down regardless of protests by patriotic Americans or attempts to reason with him (few and far between they may be). Still, we must keep plugging away. Giving up and in is unthinkable!


    • Mark says:

      Not so sure about that one basis. Overwhelming our system financially, criminally, multi ethnically are more of the agenda points then putting more fraudulent votes on the table. It’s more cover for the corrupted electronic voing then actually counting those votes….there is no political solution when dealing with tyrannts who control so much of our society and government.


      • doodahdaze says:

        1+1=2 Yes, this is a VAST hard left conspiracy.


        • Mark says:

          There are over 500 Liberal Residential Learning Centers at university’s through out America. Here they are brainwashed, indoctrinated and established in the “vast hard left conspiracy machine”. Yes it’s true, liberal parents send there kids to these programs and are all but guaranteed a job in a NGO. Or they are encouraged to start one and are tied into the government funding systems they so expertly control. Yup, many conspire through out the land, just as these entities are doing the exact same thing on this battle front. It’s a well oiled machine, and do the numbers. 500 schools, with 3-5 hundred at each one, graduating one fourth of the kids yearly. Easily 5000 young adults, fired up and educated on the goals and the agenda, ready to do their part for the cause. Year after year. Promised great wages in time, as this organization highlights…. yup our money funding the mechanisms that are destroying this nation. Sucks don’t it?


    • arttart1983 says:

      doodahdaze ~ your link makes me feel so defeated, confirms my fears. The reality is, the illegal migrants have years to be prepped by law firms such as your link w/pro bono social workers etc. The illegals too, imo, will be prepped on exactly what to say to enable them to stay in the US when they have their immigration Court date, I guess for those that show up.

      Our only hope is for the Republicans to take the Senate to rewrite the law from 2008 & the promise of Obama’s deferred deportation. imo, the years it takes to get these illegals to their immigration hearing is DEFERMENT enough, that alone is years! I hate to sound so callous, but I am so burnt out on this scam, I SUPPORT American’s first! The homeless families/homeless vets, foster care kids, those that are hungry.

      Obama’s scam is straight up bull chit imo! At what point will American taxpayers rise up to say enough is enough?


  4. doodahdaze says:

    Hague Convention Trick.

    Now we know why they need so many lawyers.

    Citizenship is the pot-o-gold at the end of this rainbow. And voting rights.


  5. tappin52 says:

    This is huge. The program is so massive that it boggles the mind. How did this much grant money get funneled to these organizations without so much as a peep from the other side? What the hell are Conservatives in Congress doing? Are they supporting this? It is their extinction that they are participating in if they are complicit. I can not figure out why.


  6. doodahdaze says:

    Now, this is just from a few minutes of research. Imagine haw vast the conspiracy is. Strategic placement of these new voters must be a factor too. Maybe that is why the busses are spreading them all around the country. These democrats are tricky. They plan this stuff out years ahead of time.


    • tappin52 says:

      There are many placed in NY. Won’t help the demographics there. NY is a perpetual lock for the Dems.


    • doodahdaze says:

      Adding it up… one activist can take six chirren and receive $72,000.00 per year tax free. Eventually adopting them and getting them citizenship along with voting rights. The lawyers are developing an assembly line process to citizenship with all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed. A vast hard left conspiracy? Nahhh it is for the chirren’s.


  7. libby says:

    They need monumental type discrimination to exclude white workers as completely as these contracts do.
    Oops, i meant massively liberal brand of discrimination


  8. doodahdaze says:

    If anyone has the time, here is a way to argue a case about this.


  9. arttart1983 says:

    Has anybody else noticed how ethnic celebrities aren’t speaking up? Sofia Vergara is the highest paid TV star/born in Columbia & she enjoys a net worth of 70 million made in the USA, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is an illegal. Eva Longoria, a BIG Obama supporter is Hispanic but was born in Corpus Christi.

    Mila Kunis at the age of seven moved from the Soviet Union to Los Angeles,

    I still can’t understand WHY Zuckerberg, who is worth 31 billion, is hell bent on legalizing illegals claiming “the US needs the Tech savvy illegal Hispanics!” Just today I was listening to the KIM Komando Show, the computer guru w/her own talk show warning College students that “America has over produced tech savvy graduates that can’t find jobs,” she was warning College students to do their homework as a degree is expensive, especially when they may NOT be able to get a job in the Tech field as the market is flooded. I read article after article that validates Kim Komando’s comment, there is an abundance of Tech savvy American’s actively looking for work! WHY are they NOT good enough for Zuckerberg?


    • doodahdaze says:

      80,000 citizens can not possibly be well represented by 435 Congresscritters with vast influence by international sponsors. To have any sort of a voice we would need to expand congress times 8. Both House and Senate. The current Congresscritters are beholding to the two national political parties. Not their constituents. To think otherwise is foolish.


    • David says:

      Absolutely true, Big Business, Big government, and the Education system are in bed together. My son a recent engineering grade that actually does the real teaching for a couple of professors ( they can hardly speak English) is the leader of two class help sessions and gets 7.50 an hr., while the teachers he is doing their job for get the equivalent of 100 dollars an hr. In spite of great grades and portfolio his application for grad school was turned down to make room for non citizens over here on Visas. Been looking for work in his field for 3mos now without success and is living with 3 other unemployed engineers working retail and looking for a real job. He recently entered into a contest with one of his roommates to see who could get a real job first; hopefully this friendly completion will be successful.


      • David, with respect, I understand the frustration that you and your son are facing. But to label a person’s profession in retail as less than a “real” job really cranks my butt.
        Look at both sides of the coin before you throw your opinions.


        • David says:

          By real job I meant one they were trained for, sorry if you didn’t pick that up. I have nothing against retail and I’m sure they are glad they can work for someone and start paying back their student loan debts.


  10. David says:

    Obama’s philosophy is the destruction of the USA by any means possible. More Democratic voters is not the reason for this, it’s much more sinister than that. This is part of his transformation plan; this is all out war against the USA and ever decent quality that has made the America we used to know. Big Business and Big Government have written its people off and have made a conscious decision to sacrifice your children for short term gains and a desire to replace God with government. Illegals are treated far better that citizens and citizens have become nothing but slaves of the system. How many times have you heard that an illegal should be deported after they have been caught committing a serious crime, yet never once do you hear that they should be put in prison. Must be nice to be an illegal, come over here get every thing for free, rape, murder, pillage and the worse you have to fear is to be sent home. Short of the citizens rising up and doing what is necessary America is done for.


    • doodahdaze says:

      Concur but it is not a short term plan. It is embedded deep within the structure of the agencies. True that the origins were in the Bush 1 and 2 administrations. It is all in the rules, it is mostly legal within the rules. They know the rules and use them. Those who do not know the legal rules are doomed to complain and wonder how could this have happened. He can play golf while the wheels turn and no one offers the truth or opposition.


      • Hope says:

        It is not in the rules. Show me executive orders in the Constitution. Problem is they make up the rules they want to play by. While YOU must play by the rules. The don’t even bend the rules they flat break them…


        • No, they function under a totally different reality which is based on “social justice” while our reality is based on the Constitution and the Rule of Law. All things we understand should function a certain way only exist for them as a tool to forward their goals by making our beliefs irrelevant (as they have the Founding Framework embodied in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which from their reality they have rewritten.) “Make them follow their own rules” to a burgeoning point is a very Alinsky thing to do.

          Correctly, this should be called what it is: a political coup by the eliteists/shadow government. Cass Sunstein (husband of Samantha Powers) is one of the major architects of this inversion of power. He has written such things as “The Partial Constitution” and the “Second Bill of Rights” as well as “Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech.” What does that tell you?

          “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” — Ayn Rand


  11. JAS says:

    The answer to this problem is really quite simple. Use that billion dollars a year to follow the Chinese model and build “The Great Wall” .


  12. Cyber says:

    “Dr. Sanchez is proud to have built one of the most diverse nonprofits in the country, where 93 percent of Southwest Key’s 2,000 employees, including most top managers and board members, are people of color“.

    Apparently if they were 100% people of color, they would be THE MOST diverse. So diverse=non-white. Gotcha.


  13. michellc says:

    I read an article a few years ago about federal grants for refugees and immigrants, it was in the billions that was doled out every year directly and indirectly(filtered through the states) to non-profits.
    Even non-profits who receive grant money for healthcare, weatherization, legal aid, rehab, etc. receive additional grants if they serve a higher percentage of minorities and immigrants. There are even special grants you can apply for if you have spanish speaking employees to assist those in Spanish speaking communities.


  14. carterzest says:

    OBAMA: The gift that just keeps on giving.
    I heard this morning on our local talk radio, KXL FM 101.1, that King Barry is travelling to Seattle today to meet with wealthy campaign donors for his upcoming re-election . Both private residence visits(one to the owner of Costco’s home) and NO PUBLIC APPEARANCES.

    Great research SD and team. Idoodahdaze is in rare form today. Ima gonna need me some sunglasses….Thank you!


  15. OldIADGuy says:

    Hello all, a long time lurker since the Zimmerman case. I seldom post to sites, but I know the folks on this site are among the best at crowd sourcing information. We are facing a crisis in this country and it didn’t just happen. As the Treepers have outlined, there was a great deal of prior planning to stage this “unanticipated” event. While gathering the pieces of the puzzle, I found something that maybe of interest.

    Over at Ulsterman’ site, ( he as a story that may shed light how this operation was setup. He also provides a new set of players to examine.

    A couple of notes:
    Notice the age of most of the refugees. – Male teenagers and adults (military age)
    Obama – Jarrett – Munoz -???
    Notice the aims of La Raza. – “Reconquista”
    What happened to the AK47 factories that Putin gave Chavez. – With this influx of “immigrants tying up the Border Patrol, just how “open” is our border.

    I know it sounds crazy and I don’t want you to think that I’m a conspiracy nut, but I’m an old retired cop who thinks outside of the box. I suspect much of what we are seeing about this influx of immigrants changing the political makeup of the country is just a diversion.

    Sorry for how I set this up, but I’m late and I have to go to work. I will be out of pocket for the rest of the day and will be back this evening. I hope to be able to contribute more as time allows.
    Sundance and the rest of the Treepers are the best. God bless.


  16. tc says:

    Here’s another bus line involved.


  17. cairosyrup says:

    Thank you, Sundance and commenters. I feel somewhat ashamed to voice this thought, but here goes……the incredible amounts of money being funneled to non-profits and faith based charities feels like the government is laundering cartel money. Another furball that’s bothering me is that I wonder which corporate buddies are supplying the bottled water, teddy bears, and food to the chirren.


    • Coast says:

      It’s not cartel money, its our money and our debt. But laundering…yes.


      • texan59 says:

        It’s our money, that we borrowed from China………


        • Fantasia says:

          I have been saying for months that this was a money laundering scheme. I still very firmly believe that.

          I also believe, that by the states that are targetted, this is a political scheme to attack GOP states, in particular, as states that have Dem challenges with high risk of loss have zero aliens transferred.

          There is much more in this woodpile to discover. It stinks to the high heavens, and I fear we have only found the tip of the iceberg on this one.

          The mere fact that this this been in the planning stages for years should be an obvious tip off. Delve deeper, and I promise you, you will find it goes back much farther than originally thought.

          The ACA was designed with this in mind, if that helps. Remember Joe Wilson, “You lie!”. He, and Congress, are not unknowing, nor unwitting characters in this politic charade. We are just witnessing the beginning of a stream of events.

          Stay tuned, more to come, that much is guaranteed. Obama is hiding in Camp David for a reason.

          Also, note the double ruling on the ACA handed down. Check out the judges, and from whence they came. You might find a surprise.


  18. stella says:

    I posted this on one of the threads yesterday, but I’ll repeat it here:

    Issued in August of 2013, the policy is called the “Family Interest Directive,” and it essentially forbids Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from deporting, arresting or even detaining any illegal immigrant who is the caretaker of a child. That includes parents, legal guardians and even unrelated adults who merely claim they care for the child in question. The theory behind the directive is that it would be morally wrong to separate children from their “caretakers.”

    Author says adults are “renting” children to gain protection at the border, often abandoning them once they have gained admittance.


  19. “Dr. Sanchez is proud to have built one of the most diverse nonprofits in the country, where 93 percent of Southwest Key’s 2,000 employees, including most top managers and board members, are people of color“.

    Well, what do you know? My hunch the other day was right.

    Imagine that.


  20. taqiyyologist says:

    Would 93 percent “people of whiteness” be considered as “diverse”?

    Oh, no. We’re not sufficiently “vibrant”.

    I don’t think “diverse” means what Dr. Sanchez thinks it means.

    He thinks it means “mostly non-white”. It actually means “an even sprinkling of every racial group.”

    Which is why a mostly-black community is considered “diverse and vibrant” and a mostly-white community is not.

    THIS IS GENOCIDE, FOLKS. And we honkeys are the GENO.


    • taqiyyologist says:

      There was a special census taken recently. I was one of the “randomly selected” households chosen to be made to, under force of federal law, take this census.

      The first two packets of mail I received were addressed to “The resident of” my address, which I ripped in half and threw in the dumpster, after reading that I was, As A Citizen, Hereby Summoned To Go Online And Take The Census Survey, Right Damn Now, Or Else, Citizen.

      Like any sane person would, knowing what the DOI and the Census are doing in conjunction with HUD before I even got it. They want to know, I knew beforehand, whether this community is “diverse enough”. That is, “too white”.

      The third packet was the whole census questionnaire itself, and weighed about a pound and a half. I didn’t even read it, but just ripped it with the skill of a stage-gag phone-book ripper, because Screw Them. Then they sent a letter saying that they would “send out a representative” Goon.

      Then they came for me, in person, from the Chicago office. I was working my lily-white a&& off, like most of our non-vibrant community tend to be doing during the day, so my landlady said to the lady, “he’s not home, I’ll put the letter under his door”.

      I fiddled and faddled and thunk. Then I called them, because in the letter it said, “You Do NOT WANT To Ignore This Final Warning.” And my father said, “Yeah, you should probably render unto Caesar.” So I called them, and took the Survey What Determines What Towns Are Diverse And Vibrant Enough.

      So much more to come about this “questionnaire”. Oh my goodness so much.

      I’ll be back later.


      • Fantasia says:

        I got one, too. Trashed mine. I got the Do not Ignore letter. As of yet, no goons at the door. The Census is rather clear. Name, rank, serial number. Nothing more, nothing less. They going to arrest me? I already filed my response to the real Census. That’s all they are allowed to do, by law.
        I hope they do come. I have legal through work. Let them arrest me. I hope they try. They have no right to force me to answer that. I refuse. So what will they do? Lock me up? I’m waiting.


      • Sam says:

        Are they only sending them to white households? I haven’t seen one and I’m American Indian. I like my middle class small town neighborhood the way it is so I want to be counted. Although I would not answer certain questions, I have to say that.


      • Willful says:

        New here but the questionnaire subject fits nicely into the puzzle I’m constructing.

        In July of 2013, Tucked into the Transportation, HUD and Related Agencies Appropriations Act 2015 was an amendment that tucks a requirement that local cities and councils will agree to comply with Federal zoning (at the city level mind you) or they won’t get their block grants. The goal is to effectively “integrate” neighborhoods in compliance with Federal Standards, ensuring “social justice” in housing opportunities.

        Nowhere I’ve posted did anyone seem to give a rat’s butt about Obama taking over controlling interests and relegating irrelevant the wishes of the city council or constituents of a township.

        Here’s a link to the story on the zoning laws:

        Here’s a link to the backstory on what I’ve posited/found out about how the local non-profits are coming to the trough, er, I mean table, ALSO bypassing, or making irrelevant, city/town/local officials.

        And Obama will proceed in October – as that is when the law goes into effect – to reward all the new non-voter id’d voters with government assistance with grant money to live in the neighborhood of their choice.

        ps. This rezoning for local social justice will also deeply affect gerrymandering, changing local political districts. It seems to me that for the most part, these illegals are being placed in states that haven’t made nice with Obama.


        • Menagerie says:

          This is possibly the scariest of all the crap Obama is throwing at us non stop. If you take a moment to let it sink in, and reflect on the repercussions.

          I think you may not be getting responses because people are simply shell shocked and overloaded with the vastness and rapidity of the attack we are under from our own government.


  21. czarowniczy says:

    Alien minors, meet…alien miners.

    I remember how furious the Cuban-Americans were in Miami as the marielitos were off-loaded there, I can only imagine the ‘deep dissatisfaction’ they have at a few thousand Latinos are dumped in their laps. Looks like the POtuS is trying to dilute the conservative Cuban vote with a more potentially liberal Central American one. This is going to be interesting – I’ll also be watching the Dominican/Puerto Rican, Latin American interface in the NE with interest.


  22. Lady in Red says:

    You are dazzlingly brilliant, Sundance. Fast, too. Frankly, you continue, simply, to stun me — and this was not your first time doing it.

    I just dumped some jingle in your can to keep it coming, going, …..whatever. …smile….

    I only wish that you (and yours) could lighten up on the forced birthing thingie, and keep your personal beliefs personal. I was impressed by a comment by PJ O’Rourke about the recent libertarian convention: “The point of libertarianism is to limit (or, Inshallah, diminish) the size, power, and expense of government. It’s time for the social conservatives to take a hit for the team.” …smile….

    And win lots and lots of elections, and axe lots and lots of fed agencies, regulations, laws — silliness. …..Lady in Red


    • stella says:

      Why don’t you keep YOUR personal beliefs to yourself? That isn’t the subject of the thread. Try to stay on topic. I know baby killing is fascinating to you, but make an attempt. It isn’t a political statement, but a moral one, to believe that every life deserves protection under the law.


    • Irish Eyes says:

      Murder is not a “social” issue.


  23. Lady in Red says:

    When I calculate $40K into the $3+million contract, locally, I get over 80 kids. The facility has a capacity for less than 30.

    Is there a possibility the contract is, actually, for 12 months? Or, are facilities being crowded, like over-capacity jails? ….Lady in Red

    Liked by 1 person

  24. flawesttexas says:

    Great research!

    Horrifying to see how much money is going to illegal aliens

    If the GOP does not commit to 100% Deportation, they will be complicit


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  27. The grants are not limited to UAC. They have received many other grants from DOJ, AG Department..etc.


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  29. Pingback: RRW – California: Illegal alien kids living the good life on US taxpayer dime | Welcome To Help Save Maryland

  30. Rg says:

    I have seen these places. The salaries they pay to some of the employees is ridiculous. It’s alot of money…and tax payers money.


  31. Gater says:

    Once again sundance you have teed the ball up quite nicely. Southwest Keys is a HUGE inter and Intra conglomerate. They have been receiving well in excess of a quarter BILLION funding grants annually. They began in a garage in Brownsville Tx. and became one of the biggest and most aggressive illegals marketing groups. They are in 10 – 15 states operating with near capacity 24/7. The medical needs are provided on staff. Along the border the collect from both sides. Baptist mens charities is equally huge. NOW rhe IROBY in this is the housing services and quality of care is excellent. They are licensed and reviewed frequently by the Texas Department State Health services. TDSHS) Think the IRS auditing in your livingroom. What is ironic is these kids live better than ANY kid in foster care. These children are not only well cared for many are not very anxious to be reunited and sent back to the train they rode in on. To suggest the MS13 might make a great okder brother for your neighbors daughter. One facility off the radar is the Baptist facility in Corpus Christi called “Bokencamp” These “Directors” DO NOT want this gravy train to end. Billions and Billions are being spect on alien children when that money could/and should
    be spent on our citizen children. CHARITY FRAUD is the next coming crisis. The CEO of southern Key gets a salaried position nearing a half a BILLION annually. PLEASE keep peeing back this bandage. WWG1WWGA


  32. darwin says:

    The KEYE TV page is no longer accessible.

    It’s been removed.


    • farrier105 says:

      Copy this page. Right click and save the page. Take screen caps of the HHS spreadsheets about which entities are making money off UNACCOMPANIED Minor Aliens. Don’t these idiots know what “Unaccompanied” means?


  33. farrier105 says:

    I remember hearing about all of this during 2014. Obama pulled the Border Patrol back about 100 miles and just let them pour in. There were employment announcements in federal government publications for people to supervise “Unaccompanied Minor Aliens” expected to arrive in droves while the government and media made it look like something unplanned. This use of shelters and detention facilities is at least 6 years old or older, and most of the children did not have parents with them at all.


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