Professional Pandering – Desperate Cruz, Dependent on Iowa, Flip-Flops on Ethanol Subsidies…

dan sullivan w ted cruzIn what can only be noted as “typically Cruzian” the Senator who sponsored the “Renewable Fuel Standard Repeal Act”, which would have immediately repealed the ethanol mandate, has now reversed course and claims to support continued Iowa Corn Subsidies.

The pandering flip-flop becomes “brutally Cruzian” when the campaign for Ted Cruz denies the current change in position by pointing to a prior change in position;  saying, in effect: when Senator Ted Cruz decided to run for President he changed his position, and in 2014 supported a five year phase out of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

So candidate Cruz was against Iowa corn subsidy, 2013; then became for Iowa corn subsidy (with phase out), 2014, and now advocates on behalf of corn subsidy in 2016.

Just like Senator Cruz’s advocacy for the Corker/Cardin amendment (Iran Deal); and just like Senator Cruz’s advocacy for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) within the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal; Ted Cruz is for them, until he becomes against them – only when the consideration of “them” is determined by the general approval of the electorate.

Got it.

ted cruz largeHillary - orange is the new black

“Cruzian” and “Clintonian” are now virtually synonymous.

[…]  Farmers and rural communities across Iowa are going to be encouraged by Sen. Cruz’s remarks. He is clearly listening to the people of Iowa and understands the importance of the Renewable Fuel Standard to America’s economy and energy independence, as he started the caucus process calling for immediate repeal.

While not perfect, this is a big step forward by Sen. Cruz.  (Iowa Corn Lobby)

It all makes sense now !

ted and heidi kiss

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147 Responses to Professional Pandering – Desperate Cruz, Dependent on Iowa, Flip-Flops on Ethanol Subsidies…

  1. azgary says:

    “Cruzian” and “Clintonian” are now virtually synonymous.

    LOVE THIS and am going to spread it around!

    Trademark it, LOL

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    • tempo150101 says:

      They look like brother and sister.

      I had a rental car in Iowa and I filled it up with E-85 at $1.35 a gallon. It plenty of pep and it ran just fine.

      I could go either way on Ethanol, but if forced to decide I would stay with it just to keep our energy supply diversified and to keep farmland in use.

      But, yeah. Cruz is a phony on this issue.


      • don welch says:

        bad for small engines. forces price of food up.

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        • tempo150101 says:

          It’s not always only about dollars and cents. People overpay for survival food, gold, a generator that they never use and a whole host of other things as an insurance policy. Ethanol is an insurance policy.

          I’m neither for nor against it, by the way, but when you say “bad for small engines” don’t you really mean “bad for older small engines?”


          • Mr Rational says:

            This forum is not a very good review of engineering of ethanol engines. As all things there are tradeoffs in design for gas, alcohol, or diesel fuels. Ethanol has some tricky negative properties – such as low vapor pressure at low temps, and the water issues. The short of it is – in a cheap small engine of traditional duty cycle (ie home use) – the ethanol negatives are a biggie.
            Could fuel systems be designed with different materials? Sure. I can build a jet turbine car as well. Just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should.
            In North America even E-85 fuel is really produced as E-70 during the winter due to low temp issues. etc.
            The original engineering concept for ethanol is correct – small amounts – I forget the number – like a few % – help in flame propagation and low temp starting for gas. This was where it started. The rest is just politics, not engineering or science.
            As a general rule, if one finds himself burning food to drive a car, he might want to consider his choices.

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        • If I may;

          American farmers could flood the market with corn, or whatever else they choose.
          Crop Reduction Program.

          Big oil doesn’t want ethanol.

          Ethanol doesn’t need subsidies, but the industry does need government help to fight big oil. Nobody beats big oil.

          If a country doesn’t go along with big oil, the CIA will come in and topple its government. ( Iran, Libya)

          Ethanol octane rating 106 Gasoline octane rating 91
          Octane = 100 which is how the industry measures resistance to detonation, or knocking.

          Engine compression = efficiency

          Diesel engines = 17 to 1 compression ratio. this can also be higher with the turbo charger
          gas engines = 9 to 1 compression ratio any higher, and you’ll need higher octane gas

          Gasoline has a higher energy content than alcohol, which means less gas will do the same work as alcohol.

          Alcohol engines can operate at 15 to 1 compression ratios, try that with a gas engine and you’ll need racing gas. Which is very expensive. Remember compression is efficiency. The auto industry builds cars to run on gas, that’s why running a gas engine on alcohol gets lower fuel economy. Up the compression, and an alcohol engine will do the same as gas in efficiency. Except it will be performing like a race car.

          The system we have now is set around oil, and they’ll fight tooth and nail to defend it.

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          • Millwright says:

            One thing you forgot to mention, sbk, is the feedstock for ethanol isn’t just any ole’ corn. Its GMO developed especially to work more efficiently in the digestion process needed to ferment the feedstock. As such its largely unsuitable as a food for either people or animals. But there are efforts to bio-engineer alternative feedstocks to increase the reliability of source material supplies.

            OTOH, considering all of ethanol’s associate costs and (possible) biosphere risks, why not use that money to engineer a cleaner-burning, more energetic and combustion-stable fuel blend suitable for use in current inventory engines ? The past two decades have seen major leaps in IC engine efficiency and durability. There are also goodly number of new designs in prototype stage promising even better efficiency – not to mention a lot of equally revolutionary driveline accessories.

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            • I hear what your saying. Finding something better is most always better.

              One argument I always enjoy using is;
              Every day for a week drink one cup of 95% ethyl alcohol, mix with whatever you want to make it more palatable.

              Now, do the same thing with gasoline 🙂


        • Brian White says:

          Few people are aware of the huge impact that adding ethanol to gasoline causes. Oil corporations pay more for corn for gasoline refining process than what the farmer gets for selling corn as food or animal feed. In North America, we have watched food prices rise inexorably over the past decade. However in the developing world, when a farmer sells to an oil corporation, there is that much food left as the staple in many poorer countries. People actually starve because of higher corn prices, and it seems a huge price to pay for ‘going(a little bit) green”.


      • steve says:

        Cruz did not change his position on ethanol subsidies. The mandate is set to expire in 5 years. Cruz says he supports phasing the subs out in 5 years. Just like he’s always said.

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      • AdukeLAXobserver says:

        That gas works fine in engines designed for it. There is also less of a problem with in when used closer to the time of purchase. The problem is, it doesn’t do so well for small engines, older engines and engines just not designed for it. An example of this is I have a weedeater that I replaced a fuel line on. I had to replace the fuel line again within a month or so. I use ethanol free gas now. My fuel lines don’t degrade. I pay more for it. But it’s worth it since my lawn equipment’s fuel lines don’t degrade so fast and my carburetors won’t need to be rebuilt for a longer time. In the case of my weedeater if I wanted to rebuild the carb, I couldn’t since they don’t sell a kit for it.


        • Due to ethanol, I have to mix Sta-bil with the gas used in my small engines which are used seasonally such as snowblower, tractor (Deere not Komatsu). Ethanol attracts water as stated below. Since fracking and oil at $40. a barrel, subsidizing ethanol as a gasoline supplement makes no sense, Similarly, the Canadian oil pipeline.

          This is why we need Trump. He thinks on his feet and changes with the times. We should work to end the subsidy and transition these mid-western farmers to exportable, non-GMO corn for feeding livestock globally as part of fair trade.


          “Currently almost HALF of the gasoline sold in the United States has some percentage of ethanol blended into it, and that percentage is expected to grow significantly over the next five years as additional supplies of ethanol become available to blend into gasoline. Ethanol is blended together with gasoline at the local fuel terminals, and then the tankers deliver the fuel to the local retail locations. Ethanol is stored separately from gasoline prior to blending it together at the fuel terminals, since ETHANOL ATTRACTS WATER, and also requires special corrosion-resistant pipes and tanks to store it.”

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    • CHERYL55 says:

      How ANYONE cannot see the stark difference between CRUZ and TRUMP is insane! Cruz VOTED to reduce spending to the military, Cruz wanted amnesty and (voted to give illegals citizenship and voting privileges after twenty years) he professed on the floor of congress “this was NOT a POISON PILL) but a serious attempt to give those a chance at citizenship??? When was he lying? THEN OR NOW? Now, he claims he wants to build a wall? NEVER before has he EVER considered anything of the sort. and FINALLY CRUZ is as big of a PUPPET to his DONORS as the rest!! So, WHERE in ANY of that does anyone see a Donald Trump in a Ted Cruz??? NO where NEAR. I personally believe that the Constitution and its INTENT WAS very clear… it stated that to limit it to naturalized citizens would KEEP: foreigners from coming here and trying to control our country (not in those exact words)…it was LATER interpreted that if the PARENTS were born here that would allow the child to be a naturalized citizen…. meaning BOTH parents are steadfast Americans and happen to be out of the country when the child is born they would allow for this.. BUT when ONE parent is foreign what is to keep the child from having the same allegiance to that foreign country as the parent FROM that foreign country? Nothing, and that is why the Framers put it in the terms they did! It is sickening the way that politicians will twist and restate the Constitution to adhere to whatever it is they want to get away with… I DO NOT believe Cruz or Rubio SHOULD be allowed to run… McCain was different BOTH his parents were Americans and he was born while parents were serving the US outside the Country… that is NOT THE CASE WITH Rubio and Cruz…. NEITHER CRUZ OR RUBIO should be in our govt with the ability to shape OUR pubic policy.

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    • CHERYL55 says:

      Where is my reply???


    • Reality Wins says:

      Along with the term: “bought and paid for”.

      Now what will Cruzbots say to defend him?
      “It took him longer than the other establishment candidates to sell out.”

      I guess they will rest easy knowing their candidate is the highest price whore in the room!


  2. snaggletooths says:

    Excellent synopsis !! Thank You

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  3. stringy theory says:

    Reminds me of another politicians run for POTUS: The term flip-flop was used extensively in the 2004 U.S. presidential election campaign as a catch-phrase attack on John Kerry (did you know he served in Vietnam?). Famously, on March 16, 2004, during an appearance at Marshall University Kerry tried to explain his vote for an $87 billion supplemental appropriation for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan by telling the crowd, “I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it.” I think Rafael Cruz is going down the same path as Kerry and with the same outcome. He did better when he was keeping quiet and trying to draft Trump. But Trump slammed on the brakes and Teddy rear-ended him. Say goodbye Rafael.

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  4. tz says:

    Trump may nuance, but he tells it like it is, he hasn’t flip-flopped since starting the campaign.
    This is Huge for Cruz.
    The reason people like Trump is he pulls no punches and isn’t a weathervane.
    The problem with being a weathervane is no one believes you – is your real position your original or the one now 180 degrees opposed.

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  5. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    Ted Cruz is such a Sally-boy

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  6. varangia says:

    I pretty much loathe Cruz.

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  7. Pops says:

    Ah, yes, but… he did say ah, yes, but before doing the flip-flop.

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  8. tz says:

    It explains him in Iowa wearing blue jeans and his shirt which was his favorite color – plaid.

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    • H Hutto says:

      Cruz just needs a piece of hay sticking out his mouth to complete the “look”.

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    • TheFenian says:

      The plaid shirt and blue jeans thing goes on every 4 years and it’s just so disingenuous. Personally, I don’t want a president that wears plaid shirts and rolled up sleeves. Among the multitude of Trump’s traits I appreciate is that he wears dark suits and a tie, usually red.
      A suit makes a statement; I’m here for business.

      The plaid shirt, rolled up sleeves costume is the ultimate pandering in my estimation. Even more than ethanol subsidy pandering. What I don’t understand is that, while changing on ethanol may snag him some more votes, does dressing like a guy on a weekend fishing trip really make voters say “hey that’s my kind of leader” ?

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Carly did the same thing in Iowa with trying to dress country bumpkin. Give me a break, they are fooling no one.

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  9. vincentjappi says:

    Once his ineligibility has been mentioned, Cruz is toast.
    But the ethanol subsidies are indeed an indefensible boondoggle,
    a pure waste of precious resources targeting the poor.

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  10. stringy theory says:

    Man, that pic of Rafael’s wife in the “whatever you can” video reminds me of some of the charcters in Night of the Living Dead–the original B&W version. Cruz is definitely on every side of every issue, depending on which way the wind is blowing and so forth and so on. At least, the Cruzbots know exactly where he stands on nothing.

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  11. flawesttexas says:

    The real troubling part is that the CruzBots have lower IQ than even the Bernie Sanders supporters….heck at least the Bernie folks know what he supports…CruzBots have zero clue what Cruzian supports

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    • stringy theory says:

      So, where does that place the Cruzbots on the bell curve? Don’t answer, I think I know.


      • Tampa2 says:

        Think of it as the Laffer’s Curve of politics, not economics. The Cruz middle is on the downside of the curve… 🙂

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        • stringy theory says:

          Tampa2, I like that picture very much. Good description.


          • Mr Rational says:

            You folks sound like typical post-modern Leftists discussing conservatives.
            I’m not sure if I qualify as a “Cruzbot” – but I know where I am on that curve, and you guys really don’t want to bet me. You should stick to thinking and reason and leave the personal attacks and name calling to the post-moderns. Just because they do it doesn’t make it normal or reasonable.


    • Sentient says:

      You guys lay off Cruz. He’s awakening the Body of Christ. /sarc

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  12. hocuspocus13 says:


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  13. stringy theory says:

    I think Cruzian is taking on real meaning as a quick search of the web reveals. A few examples:

    Ted Cruz Flip Flops On Marijuana | Liberty Conservatives

    Ted Cruz Flip Flop on Support of Chief Justice John Roberts–From calling John Roberts his role model in 2005, today Cruz bashes his former “friend.”

    Second Amendment Softie Ted Cruz Flip-Flops on–Gawker

    Nine months ago, Ted Cruz was railing in support of the Second Amendment as the “the ultimate check against governmental tyranny—Did Ted Cruz flip-flop on guns?

    Senate Democrats Accuse Ted Cruz Of Flip-Flopping On Background Checks For Gun Purchases.

    Good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. Even Jane Austen knew that. The more exposure Ted gets, the more of his once “good opinion” is lost.

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  14. yohio says:

    Cruz with his plaid shirt and blue jeans, has went full Mr. Haney meets Hee Haw.

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    • El Torito says:

      Someone put crack in Mr Haney’s corn cob pipe ya reckon?

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    • AMD_Afficionado says:

      If I recall correctly, the folks of the “hick town” were not fooled by Mr. Haney, only the rich idealist city-slicker was (and even he started to get wise). Hopefully Iowans will mirror that…I hope that the Iowans have seen the light after giving us Joni “Breadbags” Ernst, RINO Extraordinaire.


    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      I envision Ted Cruz in blue jeans is what Hillary in blue jeans looks like.


  15. BobW462 says:

    Cruz and his team can see the writing on the wall now. We will likely see a lot more kicking, screaming, and squirming – right up until the lights go out.

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  16. Tampa2 says:

    Like 1000x Hocus!


  17. snaggletooths says:

    We need Bluto he has the HE’S FINISHED book.
    we need the Cruzian he is for them, until he becomes against them positions.

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  18. Justice_099 says:

    And the most delicious part of all is that the Cruzbots have been attacking Trump for supporting ethanol subsidies. lol

    I keep telling them that they should be careful, because their candidate will eventually assume EVERY position that Trump has once he sees that it is successful.

    I can’t wait to see the Cruzbots now stating that they think ethanol subsidies are “the most consistently conservative” thing. Haha

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  19. Solo Tester says:

    It still goes back to the hollow supposition that Mr. Cruz is a “real” conservative, while Donald Trump is not.

    Mr. Trump, as stated, is more of a conservative than the standard roll out politician. Just ask yourself, “Am I more of a conservative than these tin horns running for president?

    “Do I spend more than I make to keep my household in order? Do I lie to others about intending to keep my expenses in line and then spend it all like a drunken sailor?

    “Do I beg others for money so that I can get an empty “job” politicking and pretending to serve the needs of others?

    “Do I then use the money I’ve grifted from others for my own personal gain instead of living a modest life within my means?

    “Do I look at myself in the mirror and proclaim that ‘I’m going to get it while the gettin’s good.”

    Mr. Trump, unlike the un-conservatives doesn’t owe anybody anything, has a good life with all of his bills paid several lifetimes over, yet wants to serve others.

    We know that it’s real, and that he’s a real conservative — just like us.

    Next time somebody tries to steamroll you with Mr. Trump being a phony conservative, run that up their flag pole.

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    • stringy theory says:

      Well stated and I totally agree. The ideal “Mr. Conservative” is a figment of the imagination of Cruzbots. There is no such thing. Trump is more of a conservative by most people’s standards than any of the hack politicians that populate our system from top to bottom today. He’s more like Washington and other patriots who served national interests only reluctantly and then returned to their former occupations.

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    • vdorta says:

      Do I like to see my country overrun by illegals, drug dealers and terrorists?

      Do I like to see the American people left behind while big business take advantage of cheap foreign labor at the low end and H1B visas at the high end?

      Etc., etc.


  20. El Torito says:

    Iowa: Are ya fer us or agin us?
    Cruz: Yes

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  21. georgiafl says:

    I found some interesting items about Cruz’ eligibility today and do not remember it being posted at CTH, so here goes….

    First is a transcript of an interview with Cruz, in which the source has been intentionally redacted (perhaps Trump’s Trump Card where Cruz is concerned)
    In a campaign interview during his freshman senate race, a GOP Texas State Committee member sat down with the young candidate to ask a few poignant vetting questions, and here are the questions and answers from that interview… (Redacted information is to protect the witness at this moment, but the witness is willing to offer sworn testimony)
    Interviewer: “Hello Mr. Cruz, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is (redacted). I am a (redacted) County GOP Precinct Chair and you have my support and vote. I have one question for you if I may?”
    Cruz: “Sure, go ahead.”
    Interviewer: “What is your understanding of how one becomes a natural born Citizen?”
    Cruz: “Two citizen parents and born on the soil.”
    Interviewer: “Not exactly, but as I don’t have enough time to fully explain how one does become an natural born Citizen, based on your understanding, would you agree that Barack Obama is ineligible to be POTUS?”
    Cruz: “I would agree.”
    Interviewer: “So when we get you elected, will you expose him for the usurping fraud he is?”
    Cruz: “No, my main focus will be on repealing Obamacare.”
    Interviewer: “But Mr. Cruz, if he is exposed as the usurping fraud he is, everything he has done will become null and void. Everything!”
    Interviewer: “At that point, Cruz reiterated his main concern, so it was obvious the conversation was over as far as Cruz was concerned. I thanked him for his time and wished him success in the runoff.” LINK –

    If the above has any credence, Cruz will not be the nominee and may lose his Senate seat.

    As Cruz said, a legal ‘Natural-born Citizen’ is “Two Citizen Parents and born on the soil.”

    Born to 2 citizen parents (owing allegiance to no other country) on US soil (the only exceptions being military, diplomats and possibly missionaries.)

    Cruz, Obama and Rubio all fail this test.

    Next is a letter in which Cruz was given a chance to take the high (and correct) road and remove himself from consideration in the Presidential race, and thus confirm the Consititutional requirements, affirm the definition of a natural born citizen, and do what he knows is right and true. The letter is a heartbreaking, pleading letter from the North American Law Center – I won’t quote it, but the letter is beautiful and inspirational – worth reading in full.

    Cruz ignored the letter and entered the race. Evidently, he put aside his conscience and succumbed to the temptations put before him by big money donors and politicians and (perhaps) to his own and his wife’s egos and ambitions.

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    • georgiafl says:

      As far as pandering goes… It would seem the apple did not fall far from the tree. There are unanswered questions and some squirrelly stuff in Ted’s father Rafael Cruz’s biography and church dealings.

      Pandering and panhandling both describe Rafael Cruz’s livelihood – the non-existent church that Rafael Cruz claims to be the pastor, the institution of which he claims to be a theologian, and the ministry connected to Benny and Susanne Hinn.

      Cruz, Sr. has taken down his ministry’s website since his son entered the race and now makes his living from love offerings and fees gained by making speeches promoting his son’s candidacy for President.

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  22. citizen817 says:

    With the new “open carry” of guns in Texas, I guess we will see Cruz with a rifle slung on his back, a cowboy hat, and of course his boots, at his next TX rally…in a gym.

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  23. R-C says:

    The one word I use to describe Rafael E. “Ted” Cruz is: “Inauthentic”.

    Cruz is 100% plastic; a ‘front’ for…who knows what, lurking underneath. He memorizes ‘sound bite’ answers to every question and recites them in a contrived ‘folksy’ manner, and he is most definitely trying to be on every side of every issue. NO core principles evident–a trait I used to ascribe to another grasping “seek-office-at-every-cost”, slimy politician: Bill Clinton.

    I have yet to see Rafael E. “Ted” Cruz simply be himself. I do not trust him, nor should I.

    And his ‘begging’ videos and emails make me nauseous.

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  24. Murse says:

    This is a post by Mark Levin of FB today to an article linked from the Cato Institute titled “Yes, Ted Cruz Can be President: Yes, Cruz is eligible to be president; there are no constitutional or legal problems. This is both stupid & boring.”

    I posted: Okay, then why won’t Cruz unseal his records and produce a document proving that his mother was born in Delaware and put this issue to rest. Another poster responded that “he has.” I responded with “please provide a link to that document and I will gladly post it to several conservative blogs. Crickets!

    Then, Levin, or someone acting on his behalf, deleted my post within 15 minutes. I am now convinced that Levin is full of it.

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    • R-C says:

      Levin is ‘in the tank’ for Cruz. Probably was promised a plum appointee position in a Cruz administration.

      Another poster elsewhere said that it is likely that Levin is the one who convinced Rafael to run for the presidency. I suspect that is correct.

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      • High Information Voter says:

        Guys like Cruz are years in the making. The CFR moves slowly, deliberately. He didn’t run on a whim or because there is a surge of popular demand.

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    • Martin says:

      Levin is such a phony.

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    • georgiafl says:

      It doesn’t matter if his mother was born in Delaware if she had become a Canadian citizen along with her husband.

      Canada did not allow dual citizens at that time, so she would have had to give up her US citizenship.

      Cruz Sr. did not become a US citizen until 2005.

      None of this matters, because a Natural Born Citizen is one born to TWO US citizens on US soil (exceptions are military, diplomats and possibly missionaries).

      Neither Cruz nor Rubio nor Obama are US Natural Born Citizens.

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    • truthandjustice says:

      Yes – I’ve posted that letter to him also – good one. Keep reposting all of this everywhere. Levin is now worried to death this is so “big” it might bring pastor Ted down. He is another fake – Globalist/Establishment operative, and………

      Both Levin and Cruz are involved with Heritage .. tied to the CNP, the right arm of the CFR. – which is one of his donors

      Heritage (CFR connected)

      Mark is a long time member of the CNP ( Council for National Policy….the right arm of the Council on Foreign Relations). ..also speaker at the Council for National Policy for Becky Norton Dunlop, for Heritage Foundation, (CFR) …
      contributing editor of CFR, CIA, and Skull and Bonesman, William F. Buckley’s National Review, …

      Mark Levin – Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity – funded by Koch Bros. (Neocon NWO Globalists)

      Convention of States (promoted by Levin and dangerous)

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    • The problem is not if his mother was born in US, as I understand it the problem is that his mother renounced her USA citizenship in 1968 and was sworn in as Canadian in Edmonton AB in 1969. So she was not a US citizen at the time of Ted’s birth.
      Cruz in not eligible by law.

      Some countries note the citizen has naturalized on their birth certificates (somewhere on the original certificate kept in the county they’re born in). Italy does this but I am not sure if USA does this.

      In any case Cruz has a problem. And it’s a big problem.


      Fortunately, Trump’s going to win and it won’t be an issue. Trump is not being driven by ambition but by a calling. He has for 20 years said he wouldn’t run unless things got so bad he’d have to step in and do it.

      Today on Twitter I expressed concern on an Ann Coulter thread that it doesn’t matter if GOP will not make an issue of this, but THAT THE CLINTON MACHINE WILL. The way the delusional Cruz bots explained it to me today on twitter was: “Hillary’s going to be indicted SO WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”

      Oh how naive people can be. Do they not forget the Clintons and their machine? Do they think her devious actions started with BENGHAZI? She’s got a murderous trail dating back to ARKANSAS. They will stop at nothing, even murder. Their machine may be rusty but would bulldoze Cruz in a hot minute. What utter foolishness of Cruz team to think otherwise.

      Trump’s right, he knows the Clintons well, and knows they would drag this thing on and on into the courts for 2 years. What a mess.

      It would be interesting to get HUCKABEE’S opinion on that because he knows the Clinton Machine better than anybody else, and lived to tell. So far Huckabee has said in an interview as who is the best to beat the Clinton machine and Huck said “MY MONEY’S ON TRUMP,” then doubled down and clarified it YES, TRUMP WOULD BE THE ONE TO TAKE ON HILLARY.

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      • NOTE: “AMBITION” this relates to what is driving Cruz.

        It came to me while praying today. Cruz is not a wicked man, then why is he doing this?


        Interesting, I had always pegged only Rubio for being young and ambitious. But in today’s age 45 IS YOUNG. Cruz is green. He’s being driven by ambition. It’s not his time.

        Trump is mature, seasoned, and equipped for the job. And most important CALLED.

        I would not worry about Cruz, like Carson he’s going to be torn to shreds. Trump makes it look easy, most professionals do.

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      • georgiafl says:

        DO YOU HAVE A LINK FOR Eleanor Cruz becoming a Canadian citizen in 1969 right before Ted Cruz was born? I have been told Canada did not allow Dual Citizenship at that time (don’t know if they do now).

        If so, is Ted not a birthright citizen either?

        Birthright citizen = child of one citizen born in US or another country.

        Natural born citizen = child of two citizens born on US soil.

        Several presidents have been children of immigrant naturalized citizens.

        Here is a Timeline of Known Facts about Ted Cruz’ citizenship:


  25. John Galt says:

    The best thing that can be said about Cruz is that he might just be pretending to be a flip flopping snake handling whore.

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  26. KitKat says:

    White toga conservatives despise flip-floppers ….. except when they don’t.


  27. I’ve read many comments by Cruz supporters (elsewhere) saying they disliked Trump because he supported Ethanol. What say they now?

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    • KitKat says:

      Trump said outright several weeks ago, the he couldn’t see how anyone could win IA without supporting ethanol. If Cruz has just realized that reality now, he’s rather slow on the uptake.

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      • R-C says:

        …for a Harvard graduate.

        Wonder what “Weathervane Ted” will believe next week?

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      • From what I understand, the people of IOWA are not that stupid. The big ethanol folks will know it’s a flip flop and he is not really in their corner on this even if he suddenly has seen the light. They won’t count on it. They’ve been lied to before.


      • SharonKinDC says:

        He added to his ethanol remarks he saw first hand how many good JOBS depended on the ethanol industry. With more layoffs happening around the country (Ohio steel plant announced 200 today) and Barky flooding the nation with refugees who get training and job placement assistance, the last thing we need is to up end the ethanol biz, which would cause immediate pain to workers and in the total scheme of things isn’t a top priority.

        The way Trump phrased it, I do NOT believe he’s wedded to ethanol, per se, but the economic costs to kill it are greater than keeping it. I like that sort of economic pragmatism.


  28. dizzymissl says:

    Liked by 1 person

  29. WackoBird McCrazyPants says:

    What did Cruz say exactly?
    The Post maintains he’s now supporting ethanol subsidies but there’s no confirming quote, link or reference.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. kinthenorthwest says:

    Cruz is just mimicking what he feels the people what to hear, if it means changing his previous position he will..
    On many issues he has changed due to Trump position. What is is maddening is that Cruz has been and is using Trump. After Trump survives the media, then Cruz jumps on the band wagon. In the beginning that is what I liked about Cruz not realizing how Cruz was using Trump as a way to escalate his need to rise in power. Cruz is another LIAR IN CHIEF, and will be no different than our current LIAR in CHIEF. Cruz is after personal power, not for America, but for himself.

    Liked by 3 people

    • And we remember that Cruz’ rally against THE IRAN DEAL would’ve had ZERO coverage had Cruz not called Trump for help. Cruz called Trump for HELP because he could not do it on his own.

      We know who the leader is, Trump. And Cruz knows it too. How arrogant for him to say he’d “have Trump build the wall,” as if Trump is his personal contractor or something.

      The vision and all the ideas and issues driving the 2016 presidential race were driven and brought forth by Trump. They think that because Trump paved the way to find the pulse of what America that it was done for them? Like Trump is one of their “employees?” And endless source of direction and vision for them to tap into when dry?

      How naive!

      Trump is nobody’s boy!

      Liked by 6 people

  31. WackoBird McCrazyPants says:

    Sorry, didn’t read the Post properly 😦


  32. Timeout says:

    Oh good grief! This is a hit piece and the slant here is totally misleading. Cruz haters. Tell you what, Trump is not making hay with his stupid comments…are feeding him talking points. Sorry guys,


    • Martin says:

      Hey Cruzbot.

      Liked by 6 people

    • georgiafl says:

      Disagreement is not ‘hate’ it’s just disagreement.

      Liked by 6 people

    • No one here hates anybody. We want America SAVED.

      Trump doesn’t “make comments.” He was asked a question and he answered and what he said is a very valid reason for concern. Not Trump’s concern but for Cruz.

      Perhaps you are young and don’t know about the CLINTON MACHINE. A candidate going into a race against a Clinton with ANY skeletons in their closet or any grey areas is going to lose and get mightily mangled in the process. Even if Hillary challenged his eligibility it could tie him up in court for a year or two. And if you don’t think that would happen just because Cruz is a great orator? YOU’RE NAIVE and don’t know how politics works and don’t know how the Clinton Machine Hillbilly-mafia-without-the-honor works.

      I would think any Cruz supporter would be concerned about this.

      Personally, I know Cruz will not be the nominee, but if I were a Cruz supporter I’d be plenty concerned because I know Hillary’s abilities and how far she will go. TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. Cruz is like candy to the Clintons.


      Liked by 8 people

    • JRD says:

      In full panic mode!


      Liked by 2 people

  33. Mo says:

    Where’s Levin? He threatened DJT when he pointed out that Eduardo was against Ethanol subs before he was for them. Levin’s a fraud, SD is right and I’ve seen the light.

    Liked by 8 people

  34. Paul Killinger says:

    Yeah, continuing to turn food into fuel despite our subsequent discovery that our nation has the largest oil reserves in the world sure makes sense. What was a laudable idea at the time when farmers were going broke has now been reduced to a political punching bag for a few thousand votes.


  35. Ted Cruz, proves himself to be, ‘Just another politician’ like all the rest.

    But the amazing, disturbing thing is, his supporters refuse to the see it.

    As I have repeatable said: Ted Cruz is a stage act, put on to fire up a particular base – Yet that base is too small to win a general presidential election.

    Liked by 6 people

  36. myrightpenguin says:

    Cruz’s ‘purist’ stance was used to attack Trump, but I knew from Trump’s language as usual he was leaving open the option to phase out subsidies. I see spin in various places, but Cruz has not been consistent in terms of immediate curtailing of subsidies and a phase-out. These people are only lying to themselves.

    Liked by 2 people

    • myrightpenguin says:

      …to add, I’m against an economy where government picks winners and losers, but I’m not the person that introduced the subsidies. Therefore a phase-out really is the only practical approach to wind down ‘artificial industries’, allowing for a transition period, and indeed iirc Trump has made this point himself.

      Liked by 1 person

    • TheTorch says:

      Remember back to that recording of some donor meeting ? and how he revealed the true Cruz. Did he not say something about hugging Trump supporters, because Trump won’t be nominee, because Trump will fade…

      That was his strategy, based on wishful thinking. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

      Liked by 4 people

  37. Nope2GOPe says:

    I mentioned this before, and I still think that Donald Trump is far too smart to ever even consider Cruz as a potential running mate.

    Liked by 3 people

  38. TheTorch says:

    If I remember correctly we had a number of Cruz supporters attacking Trump and posting on here a while back when Trump said he supported Ethanol in an IOWA speech.

    and the words “True Conservative” were mentioned a few times as well!

    This is actually too funny for words 🙂

    It is also yet another confirmation of what people on here have been saying for ages, Cruz is GOPe, he is fooling a lot of Conservatives with his act, but that is exactly what it is, an ACT. Probably explains why he always looks as if he is about to perform some Shakespeare play.

    Liked by 4 people

  39. Jeff says:

    “When in Rome …oops When in Iowa ….


  40. Mr Rational says:

    Sundance –
    Long time lurker here. I appreciate your site and its in depth approach to many topics, as well as (usually) a strictish adherence to reason and common sense.
    In this case you are off base, on a story that has already been corrected.
    In my opinion you should leave off the Cruz attacks. There is no reason for Cruz and Trump fans not to be on the same side.
    In this case – imagine if I went “hair on fire” because Sundance got fooled on this one story – where would I be? I give Cruz, Trump, and Sundance (or Levin) the same space – they generally mean well, represent what I believe in, and sometimes get one wrong or are misquoted.
    Those on the side of reason and Freedom should be happy with either Cruz or Trump, and save our ammo for those with whom we truly disagree.
    Thanks very much for your excellent news site. I steer people here for correct, factual reporting.


    • Bobbi D says:

      I don’t want Cruz anywhere around Trump…thank you very much….

      Cruz is a ‘politician’ and that is exactly what WE DON’T WANT…we want Trump, he’s not owned by lobbyists; superpacs; donors or anyone else except the American People and he tells us that in his rallies, he is WORKING for US!!!

      You like Cruz fine, but I don’t and I don’t want to hear anything about him…Trump is the person that gets my ‘precious’ vote, my only vote!!!

      That’s the whole reason why I’m on Conservative Tree House, is we talk about Trump positive and don’t have to worry about getting ‘cruz botted’ every time we open our mouths!!!

      Thank You Sundance for keeping this site up for Trump….


      • Mr Rational says:

        Yes Bobbi D – I understand your feelings.
        But Sundance is losing a lot of credibility that he took quite a lot of effort to build up.
        In this case – note that you ignored the fact that the article was presenting incorrect information about Cruz. Simultaneously reading an article about Cruz, while claiming that “I don’t want to hear anything about him…”.
        To me there is a wide gap between feeling positive about your candidate and spreading lies about others.
        And Bobbi – there is nothing in my post to indicate whether or not I am pro-Cruz, or prefer Cruz to Trump. I am pro-truth, as Sundance used to be, and I am trying to get him some feedback. People are noticing.
        It is great that you are excited about Trump. I am too. But I won’t be sacrificing my culture of honesty and rational debate to satisfy anyone. We are culturally different from those opposed to us; let’s be careful we don’t absorb their culture in our attempt to defeat it.


      • Martin says:



  41. CDA says:

    Egads, that looks eerily similar to the Al & Tipper death kiss.


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