FBI Director Chris Wray On The Bubble?…

Let’s be honest.  If the Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI) was not so comprehensively corrupt, it’s likely FBI Director Christopher Wray would have been replaced a long time ago.  Wray is an abject failure in his position. [Recent Example Here]

Yesterday, President Trump calls out FBI Director Chris Wray for his ridiculous attachment to the vast Russian conspiracy theory:


From the FBI recently ‘taking a knee‘ to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists; to the ridiculous -and manipulative- 2018 claims by the FBI director in the Cesar Sayoc case (“energetic material that may become combustible when subjected to heat or friction”); to Director Wray’s 2018 claim that no political bias exists within the FBI yet he was going to immediately require bias training; to the FBI participating in the pre-dawn raid of Roger Stone; to the 40 FBI agents assigned to Robert Mueller; everything Director Wray has claimed is a complete farce and makes a mockery of the FBI as an institution.

It is not a question of “if” Chris Wray will be replaced, the issue is really about ‘when’ that will happen. Just like President Trump had to wait to fire failed AG Jeff Sessions until the day after the mid-term election, it appears the firing of FBI Director Chris Wray will have to wait until after the 2020 election.

Half of the country, if not more, no longer have any confidence in the FBI as a functional institution. From missed alerts about Islamic extremism due to political correctness, to missed warnings and alerts surrounding mentally unstable school shooters (Parkland HS), the FBI has long-been recognized as a dysfunctional institution; however, now the severity of that dysfunction has more sunlight.

Keep in mind former FBI Director James Comey organized secret recordings, secret investigations, manipulative investigative meetings and secret transcripts of his contacts with U.S. President Trump; only to secretly release them to the media with intent to manipulate the political narrative… while at the same time the FBI is blaming Russia for election interference. Think about that dichotomy for a few minutes.


…. Simultaneously Black Lives Matter and Antifa domestic terror groups are rioting, burning, attacking law enforcement and taking armed hostile encampments inside urban areas, and the FBI is focused on the mysteriously invisible “white supremacists”:


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356 Responses to FBI Director Chris Wray On The Bubble?…

  1. Martin says:

    And let us never forget the Mandalay Bay “investigation” fiasco. The truth about which we may never know.

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  2. akaPatience says:

    BAD CALL – I see NO political advantage for POTUS in drawing up a shortlist AT THIS TIME to replace Wray, if the report’s even true. It would give the MSM and Schiff even more of an excuse to beat the Russian Collusion drum (Democrat partisans still believe it or at least WANT to believe it in spite of the lack of evidence), plus it would motivate Wray to further damage Trump in any way he can before the election.

    Ignore Wray, don’t keep him in the news for pundits to chatter about. He’s probably pissed off a lot of white folks anyway who can see with their very own eyes that white supremacists are NOT the ones who are violently wreaking havoc en masse across our nation. White BLM supporters are quite another matter though…

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  3. logboom says:

    If the president does fire Wray, he would be wise to nominate or appoint someone who’s already been through the advise and consent circus.

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  4. cheryl says:

    Rumor is that Trump is already making a short list to replace him.


  5. dd_sc says:

    Half of the country, if not more, no longer have any confidence in the FBI as a functional institution.

    As a functional law enforcement institution.

    FBI does function pretty well as a firewall and goon squad protecting corrupt swamp activities.

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    • Sharon says:

      And the fact that this has been business-as-usual for them for a long time (well prior to the 2016 election) has given them confidence about their ability to outlast housecleaning efforts.

      Exposure of the wrongdoing does not elicit any change in behavior and, from their perspective, there’s no reason it should. All they need to do is keep on keeping on….

      ….unless POTUS wins by a landslide and terminates everybody within hours. (Or days – or weeks – – – since apparently the vote-counting and ballot-acceptance is going to go on for an indeterminate length of time, until they get the results they want, I guess)

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    • dbobway says:

      The FBI’s greatest accomplishment is creating criminals to commit crimes they created.

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    • Kroesus says:

      “Keep in mind former FBI Director James Comey organized secret recordings, secret investigations, manipulative investigative meetings and secret transcripts of his contacts with U.S. President Trump; only to secretly release them to the media with intent to manipulate the political narrative… while at the same time the FBI is blaming Russia for election interference.”

      ….and keep in mind Comey replaced Mueller at the spot. Can we say rudderless ship for quite some time?


  6. sync says:

    Watch the case against Sayfullo Saipov, 29, of Paterson, who was charged in Manhattan federal court, SDNY, in the truck attack that killed eight in 2017 in NYC.

    FBI had Saipov on a Title III wiretap up until the day of the attack

    SDNY refuses to turn over the recordings to the defense

    Something very wrong.

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  7. Bubby says:

    Sidney Powell would be a great pick she’s brilliant and knows how the snakes at the FBI organized crime syndicate work!

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    • Jeff says:

      I gotta be honest and go contrarian on this one. I don’t want Sidney inside The Machine. I think she is far more effective outside The Machine, unbound by their regulations and protocols.

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      • MaineCoon says:

        I tend to agree otoh, if she pulled a Grenell and got in, fired at will, and got out in short order, that would be a great stint. Then in due time, she could do the same as AG. Just fire away and leave.

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      • Bubby says:

        Fair point!

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      • regitiger says:


        we need a dark Knight… someone who is willing to take a severe beating to wash out the filthy place inside the FBI..

        someone who goes into this with full knowledge that their time will be limited and likely result in the mother of all resistance from within and external (looking at you lawfare). we need a niche ag who fulfills a urgent, leave nothing for the swim back, fast tracking, take all comers, and do itnall in record time…trump time.

        and while sidney has all of these qualities…i beg to argue she is not disposable. remember after this Flynn persecution, she stands to represent him AGAIN for the obvious civil suits he is certainly bound to order.

        here is a thought.

        maybe in a few years, POWELL is an actual DOJ/FBI INSPECTOR GENERAL..with real powers to perform that office as is should be. maybe in the long term, thats probably one of the most valuable commodity missing in the agency… true oversight,, with real authority to prosecute misconduct and criminal violations…

        i would also be keen to see sidney stay private…because as we have all learned… there ARE TWO laws…and those on the outside… finding themselves…like ASSANGE…square in the cross hairs of a corrupt main justice…

        that kind of person NEEDS A POWELL.

        i am pretty confident she will never take any position within this existing doj fbi regime.

        why would she?

        she isn’t RESPECTED there.

        at all

        ane furthermore ive got news for sone of you rosy glass wearing positrons. powell is about as likely to accept a poaition offered by THIS administration as would LTGEN FLYNN.

        i know some of you folks here…and i deeply respect.your ideas…but sometimes reality of circumstances is absent.

        think about it.

        why would powell..or FLYNN

        ever even consider working this administration?

        but I understand the desire to have your heroes serve.

        they’ve done that.

        admirably… honorary.

        emphasis on honor.

        God Bless America


  8. citizen817 says:

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  9. PVCDroid says:

    I think Wray is an alcoholic. I’ve known way too many and am 15 years sober myself.

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  10. Wray is a joke and a national embarrassment – I would replace this POS immediately, the sooner the better.

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  11. Drogers says:

    Mr. President will choose the individual best suited to serve his administration as it is now and into the near future. I’ll respect that decision and sincerely wish him/her the absolute best the new position can afford.

    *come on Ric, come on Ric, come on Ric

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  12. Publius2016 says:

    We’ve been infiltrated by “hydra”

    All true believers in Globalist Deep State Uniparty Think Tank Black Ops!

    Globalists using Sharia Law to control the people in the West and CCP in the East…unknown to them, AMERICA FIRST everyday all day!!

    Real People like private and intellectual property.

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  13. An says:

    Read Deep Throat’s (Mark Felt) bio sometime. He was another failure of an FBI director. Almost like the position is political and untrustworthy…

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  14. Bogeyfree says:

    Technically Wray reports to AG Barr

    Based on Barr’s Hillsdale speech the other night, he actually might be the guy who wants to fire Wray.

    If Barr does it it does give PT some cover.

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  15. Perot Conservative says:

    Inspector General Michael Horowitz was investigating Leakers & Bribe Takers at the FBI – 50 – 100+ – and he gave us one example of how extensive just one Leaker can be. Wray promised more training.

    Question: has IG Horowitz finished that investigation? If so, where is the report, and why weren’t these individuals fired?

    FBI – Brandon Van Grack vortex.

    When will Van Grack be fired? Sundance or others can correct any errors I make, but he appears go be another hatchet man in multiple sleazy political cases, including General Flynn and Paul Manafort.

    Van Grack
    – strong armed Gen Flynn plea agreement
    – withheld exculpatory Brady material from Gen Flynn
    – urged a judge to reject Gen Flynn’s legal efforts to withdraw his guilty plea
    – Fox News: “What Van Grack didn’t inform the court about – and didn’t provide to Flynn – was the newly unsealed January 4, 2017 “Closing Communication” from the FBI Washington Field Office, which recommended the FBI close its investigation of Flynn, as its exhaustive search through government databases “did not yield any information on which to predicate further investigative efforts.” ”
    – Failed to provide relevant Peter Strzok information to Gen Flynn’s defense team
    – orchestrated the illegal side agreement, which was hidden from Judge Sullivan

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  16. Apfelcobbler says:

    Dir Wray, how’s that Las Vegas shooting investigation coming along?

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  17. joseywalesandtenbearsbarandgrill says:

    Mitch isn’t going to confirm anybody Donald selects. It’s either somebody already in the cabinet or the next person behind Wray. Can Donald bring back Ric at this point without having to reconfirm him again?

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  18. MACAULAY says:

    Thank you Sundance for a fine article. And thank you for not repeating the mantra that— “99.99% of the FBI are good people.”

    They have been in Obama’s Critical Race Theory and other malignant indoctrination sophistries for at least 16 years. Remember, the only Truth Obama ever told us was: “I am going to fundamentally change America.”

    If Wray had done his job, he would have changed the culture enough to let Whistleblowers come forward without it destroying their career…if there are any there honest enough to be Whistleblowers.

    Where are they?

    I am happy its Friday, admit to a small toke for medicinal purposes–and both these things make me happy and thus Hopeful….again.

    I am hopeful that so many will get indicted, including for actions occurring under Wray, that Wray will have to go immediately.

    Democrats seem scared about something. Nadler, Schiff et al suddenly want an “emergency investigation” into Durham’s Investigation.

    That can only be good news.

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  19. stripmallgrackle says:

    I’m so bored with it all. Now I just check in to see who didn’t get arrested today for trying to overthrow the US Federal Government.

    Same as it ever was.


  20. nimrodman says:

    Yeah, where are those white supremacists anyway?

    Maybe they’re hiding out with the Illinois Nazis

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    • alliwantissometruth says:

      They’re everywhere nim

      The left’s definition of a white supremacist…

      “Any law abiding, responsible, tax paying citizen, regardless of skin color, who expects a clean, responsible government and an orderly, safe and civil society”

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    • mimbler says:

      Such a ludicrous statement on his part. Billions of dollars in buildings burned, and not a single one was by a white supremacist. How these libtards (I know he pretends to be a republican, but he obviously is deep state) can say these things on national television with a straight face is beyond me,

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      • nimrodman says:

        Yeah, I just laugh out loud if any of my liberal friends start talking about “white supremacists” or “white nationalists”

        I ask ’em “What? Them white nationalists been giving you trouble this week? Crowd you off the sidewalk? Throw stuff at your dog?”

        Chances are they don’t know any white nationalists, haven’t been harassed by any white nationalists, and are just tilting at an imaginary windmill that doesn’t actually affect their actual life.

        And virtue signalling their “anti-facist” bona fides to preen for other liberals.

        As I often say about liberals:
        “wholly unearned and unwarranted sense of self-superiority”

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    • Jeff says:

      I hate Illinois Nazis.

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  21. Chilidog says:

    Trump is the absolute worst President when it comes to personnel decisions. Wray was a bad hire from day one, and it was obvious that he was a Comey acolyte. Trump could have fired Wray a long time ago. He had the perfect opportunity to do it after the IG report came out and Wray openly refused to accept responsibility or be accountable for the findings.

    Is it really asking too much for Trump to only appoint or nominate people who voted for him? No democrat President is dumb enough to hire people who didn’t vote for them. Don’t forget, Trump appointed the IG that got him impeached.


    • Free Speech says:

      I hope if he gets 4 more years, he’ll call out Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, John Thune and these other Republican obstructionists.


    • brutalus2 says:

      For the millionth time, other than Grenell and a few others, there are no “friendly MAGA” people to appoint, they dont exist….and if they did, Mitch would never confirm them….if anything the last 4 years has taught us, is Obama and previous administrations have infested D.C. with a million deep state termites…and they are on both sides…and they are eating away at Trump as warning to any good people out there of talent who want to join the administration, “Don’t you dare, or we will destroy you, too”…..yeah, it would have been nice if Trump had thousands of patriots lined up to take the place of all the Federal Agencies….and it would have been nice if Sessions and Graham and McConnell and Flake and Romney weren’t completely compromised and had Trump’s back…and it would have been nice if there were a bunch of prosecutors and FBI people who wanted to effect justice, rather than play all these 3s Company games at main justice….BUT these people dont exist….you can blame Trump for these hires, but the people you think should have come in aren’t even a species

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      • bulwarker says:

        Then don’t fill the positions. Get rid of the FBI and the dozens of other crap agencies. Funny how all of Obama’s nominations were green-lit because “the president should get to choose his administration” yet the GOP controlled Congress threatened to block Trump. Trump should’ve turned his ire on them. Instead, he tried to appease them by bringing in Preibus and Mitch’s wife.


        • brutalus2 says:

          Then don’t fill them? That’s your answer? And there’s nothing funny about Obama getting everyone he wants, and Trump not getting who he wants…it’s called the stark reality of what Sundance and others have been talking about here for years….there’s only the uni-party…and there are trillions at stake if Trump is actually successful in taking the globalist structure down in which all these swamp creatures benefit…people generally dont cut their own throats…unless the Clintons are involved

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    • Issy says:

      Chilidog: I trust you could do better with the whole of the government arrayed against you and limiting who you can appoint.

      To intimate that Trump is dumber than any democrat president for not appointing people who voted for him shows that you are unaware of how the senate with republican leadership controls the process. Civics 101 and having some insight into the makeup of the senate would be helpful in gaining a understanding.


  22. Henry says:

    Read about a month ago that Gina was on the chopping block as well.
    Wonder if she’ll be gone before the election too?

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  23. evergreen says:

    Keep in mind…what the communists consider to be interference is “public discourse”.

    Used to be that public discourse was what people engaged in when sifting through ideas and their pros and cons about everything, politics included. Discourse is the free flow of information and opinion. Since the 4th Estate is now nothing but innuendo and political advertising masquerading as news, there is really no downside to wide open communication from any quarter, because they are ALL suspect.

    Used to be one could trust the various federal agencies to high degree. After the virus information manipulation and embargo by federal and state agencies, it is no longer possible to have credulity with regard to those institutions. That’s how sad we have become.

    Election interference, properly defined, would be outright ballot theft, counterfeiting, physical removal or alteration of actual ballots…something that materially and deterministically changes an outcome of a vote. Barring that, the concept of open discourse and the hearing of all parties’ viewpoints is precisely NOT election interference. But, apparently the communists among us want us to believe that.

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  24. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    “Each is given a list of rules; a shapeless mass; a bag of tools. And each must fashion, ere life is flown, A stumbling block, or a Stepping-Stone.”

    Wray is a hindrance at many levels.

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  25. Free Speech says:

    It may lend itself to more impeachment histrionics from Schiff, but Wray has got to go before the election. He can not be counted on to deal with the Antifa/BLM insurrection that will ensue if POTUS is ahead on November 3rd. Americans’ safety is more important than political optics.

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    • Issy says:

      Free Speech: I don’t believe that will happen. There is too much going on right now to deal with all firing Wray would entail. It’s not just optics, it’s that the process takes time. We don’t have much.


  26. Heika says:

    WHAT LOAD OF BIRD CACK! The largest bucket is ‘white right-wing extremists’.
    So BLM is not racially motivated (against white people), let alone cops? This guy is so blatantly manipulating this whole situation. BLM is not racist??? WTF? BLM and ANTIFA are not domestic terrorists? GET THIS DRONGO OUT OF HERE – I can’t stand it. Please President, please… the insults to my intelligence are hurting me.

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  27. realeyecandy1 says:

    Haspel and Wray are two swamp creatures that “someone” whispered in POTUS ear about. They have been useless and Wray continually downs the POTUS. He should have been fired months ago. However, aren’t they supposed to prepare a resignation letter that the POTUS can ask for at anytime? It’s not “fired” but “resigned” … of course the media would go wild.

    If it is true at AG Barr is really his boss why can’t Barr do something???

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  28. Legion of One says:

    Time to disband the DNCFBI.

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  29. …not only you Heika ..but all real Republicans…Mr.President fire Wray ASAP,please.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. TradeBait says:

    Wray’s a placeholder until after the election. Just another in a long list of 7th floor village idiots.

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  31. Ocelot says:

    This annoyingly predictable, willfully ignorant, ill chosen FBI Director of BLM’s indoctrinated and kneeling Special Agents should definitely be fired. However, his testimony was likely a sacrificial attempt to force POTUS to fire him so his Dem pals can create a firestorm of accusations and conspiracy theories against Trump to distract from Biden’s many shortcomings and POTUS’s great successes.

    Even the doltish Wray must know he’ll be fired immediately after the election so he gave the Dems an early campaign gift to hopefully damage Trump’s campaign.

    His biased labeling of “White Supremacist” groups might be referring to all of the many armed militias and other groups in the USA that are not like antifa and don’t invade peaceful neighborhoods.

    Given the looting, the arsons and the violent chaos in Blue cities; labelling every group that arms themselves to protect their homes and families “white supremacist” is a conniving and dishonest interpretation.

    Sidney Powell’s comment below is priceless

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  32. Director Wray is the bubble!


  33. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    On a tangentially (maybe) related story…


    If true, if the Democrat House leadership really is terrified of the ‘Durham’ Investigation, then Damn the Torpedos, Full Speed Ahead.

    Nothing signals imminent victory like a full scale rout!

    Then there is this from within the belly of the beast,


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  34. warrenjay13 says:

    Fire him ASAP! Let the MSM’s head explode.


  35. bulwarker says:

    Trump is solely to blame for appointing this man. We elected an outsider and the welcomed in the swamp.


  36. bulwarker says:

    Trump is solely to blame for appointing this man. We elected an outsider and the welcomed in the swamp.


    • Free Speech says:

      It’s easy for me to judge. I know Mitch is a bigger impediment to his agenda than the Dems, truth be told. But he has taken far too long to get rid of some once it has been made apparent how toxic they are. Wray and Coats are 2 I can think of in particular.

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  37. StanH says:

    “Hey Wray! Don’t let the door bump you on the a_ss on the way out, you feckless jerk.”


  38. wvvet says:

    The Navy Seals refer to the FBI as a F ing Bunch of Idiots. Hard to argue.

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  39. coldanger says:

    Between his ridiculous advocacy of the multi-debunked Russian conspiracy and his ludicrous statement asserting domestic terrorism is the doing of “white supremacists”, he’d be best observed through the rear view mirror….


    • Joemama says:

      I visited the parents-in-law a few months back. They are not very computer saavy and still get their news from the idiot box.

      I said something about the riots and about antifa being behind a lot of them. They said that they had never heard of antifa. So I said something like, “you know, the guys that chant “no borders, no wall, no USA at all”. My father in law expressed disbelief that that had ever happened in Portland and claimed that I was making it up.

      Both proceeded to inform me about the bugaloo boys that were behind all the violence and arson in the riots.

      I didn’t even try to argue with them.

      My father is the the same way. His favourite news channel is CNN.

      It is truly frightening how brainwashed some of the public is. The programming causes them to lash out immediately, when any of the lies they have absorbed is challenged in any way. Civil conversation quickly becomes impossible.

      I’ve decided that there is no point in trying to persuade people in their 80’s that have not recognized the propaganda. I work on younger people, especially people in their 20’s & 30’s.

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  40. Eric says:

    I liked when those FBI agents shot at LaVoy Finicum and passengers in a moving vehicle, then destroyed evidence and lied about it to actual law enforcement doing the investigation.

    There should be a training for that.


  41. dilonsfo says:

    This guy sounds as if he has an IQ of around 80 or lower. He is the perfect example of the “Peter Principle” to the extreme.

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  42. joeknuckles says:

    The President has a sworn duty to fire his ass now.

    I think tar & feathering would be appropriate.


  43. bill says:

    I went to WhiteHouse.Gov yesterday and demanded that ray be fired!


  44. Jason Ross says:

    I would have fired Wray the day after Comey was canned, just like I would have fired CDC Director Redfield yesterday.

    The media already tells half the country on a nightly basis that the executive branch is a revolving door and a farce, so why keep these idiots around? They are less than worthless.

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  45. Trent Telenko says:

    Pres. Trump firing FBI Director Wray will hurt him exactly as much as Truman was for firing General Douglas MacArthur.

    That is, not at all with his supporters…

    …and to h–l with his Deep State/Democrat enemies.

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  46. Nick the Deplorable says:

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  47. Big Jake says:

    I simply cannot comprehend Trump’s abject failure to nominate/appoint/install/hire people loyal to him as THE President and under the Constitution. He is undermined constantly and yet he suffers these fools any way. SMH.

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  48. somebodysgramma says:

    I’m finally in agreement with you Sundance. Wray needs to go. Two things came to my attention in regards to Wray:
    1. Russia Russia Russia trying to hurt Biden
    2. White supremacy in this country is a huge problem.
    Neither are true. So Wray has to be a part of the #resistance.
    We aren’t stupid. We can see things with out own eyes.

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