FBI Director Chris Wray Press Conference – 5:30pm Livestream

FBI Director Christopher Wray will be holding a 5:30pn press conference to discuss the issues and fallout from the DOJ Inspector General report released earlier today.

UPDATE: Video Added


Those reading the report will note the executive summary and conclusions were not written by the same IG officials who wrote the body of the investigative findings.  The investigation doesn’t match the summary.  The media is using the summary for their narrative; however the content within the IG report is entirely devastating.

CNBC Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream LinkAlternate #2 Livestream Link

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1,477 Responses to FBI Director Chris Wray Press Conference – 5:30pm Livestream

  1. Chris says:

    This is what I think from a general picture is going on.

    Swamp creature Wray is waiting for the outcome of the midterms. If the Democrats take the House, all the black hats and bad actors get off scott free. No more IG reports and it’s back to the usual partisan pro-Dem motus operandi at the Bureau. Trump gets impeached and “everyone” is pleased with Wray. He gets to stay as FBI director. If the Republicans hold the House, then Mueller goes away and Wray makes major changes, or attempts to, unless Trump gets rid of him. Trump is vindicated.

    This election is incredibly consequential. The Democrat base, their party, the media and the swamp do not believe in any rule of law. Ask your liberal friends about the IG findings: they will tell you Strozk did nothing wrong and is a hero. Trump is a demon, so any means used to bring him down are justified. Trump is not entitled to any due process or anything granted by the bill of rights in their minds.

    Sorry, this may be a cynical view but I firmly believe it.

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    • vladdy says:

      Want some proof that you’re right in your assessment of how they think? Limbaugh was saying today how Shep Smith said that maybe the FBI agents did nothing wrong, that maybe they knew that Trump was colluding with the Russians, so they had a reason for acting as they did.

      What due process??

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  2. brenrod says:

    Wray is just one more liar and political fraud… the bias reeks.

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  3. All American Snowflake says:

    DAMN. Is this the best the USA has to offer as cops?
    AA Snowflake pukes and pukes and pukes and pukes.


  4. waicool says:

    we the people deserve NONE of this, there should be NO question about the actions of Trump’s head of the FBI. This is Trump’s mess and I trust him to straighten things out, with or without an obvious political department head like Wray painting the official disappointing narrative.


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