DOJ Stall Succeeds – Comey Memo/Archey Declaration Update – Expect Nothing Until After October 11th…

Federal Judge James Boasberg has ruled the U.S. Dept of Justice has until October 11th, 2019, to produce the DOJ FOIA documents subject his August 12th court order; or file an appeal by that same deadline.  Hat Tip Techno-Fog:


The court has ordered the US DOJ “need not release the subject material until it makes a determination on appeal.”  Meaning the DOJ has until 10/11/19 (60 days from 8/12 order) to: A) Produce the documents; or B) Appeal his earlier ruling.


There is a possibility the content of the Comey Memos and/or Archey Declarations may be part of the upcoming IG report on James Comey, and/or the documents may be part of the pending IG report on DOJ/FBI FISA abuse.  Key words: “may be“.

If you subscribe to the optimistic perspective the DOJ delay could be related to an intention to release the documents with the IG report(s).  However, if you are more cynical, then the DOJ and FBI could be attempting to hide the institutional corruption visible inside the documents.  Two possibilities.

On May 23rd, 2019, President Donald Trump gave U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr full authority to review and release all of the classified material hidden by the DOJ, FBI, State Department, CIA, FISA Court, and aggregate intelligence apparatus.

This Friday, August 30th, will mark 100 days since President Trump granted Bill Barr with the authority to declassify these documents.  Nothing has been declassified by the Department of Justice.

Unrelated to any known ongoing investigation, President Trump empowered AG Bill Barr to release the original authorizing scope of the Mueller investigation which began on May 17, 2017.  A Mueller investigation that concluded five months ago, and yet we are not allowed to know what the authorizing scope was?…. Nor the 2nd DOJ scope memo of August 2nd, 2017?… Nor the 3rd DOJ scope memo of October 20th, 2017?….  This specific non production is very annoying as it does not relate to any current investigation.

Here’s the original material requested by Congress and approved by President Trump:

  • All versions of the Carter Page FISA applications (DOJ) (FBI) (ODNI).
  • All of the Bruce Ohr 302’s filled out by the FBI. (FBI) (ODNI)
  • All of Bruce Ohr’s emails (FBI) (DOJ) (CIA) (ODNI). All supportive documents and material provided by Bruce Ohr to the FBI. (FBI)
  • All relevant documents pertaining to the supportive material within the FISA application. (FBI) (DOJ-NSD ) (DoS) (CIA) (DNI) (NSA) (ODNI);
  • All intelligence documents that were presented to the Gang of Eight in 2016 that pertain to the FISA application used against U.S. person Carter Page; including all intelligence documents that may not have been presented to the FISA Court. (CIA) (FBI) (DOJ) (ODNI) (DoS) (NSA)  Presumably this would include the recently revealed State Dept Kavalac email; and the FBI transcripts from wiretaps of George Papadopoulos (also listed in Carter Page FISA). [AKA ‘Bucket Five’]
  • All unredacted text messages and email content between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok on all devices. (FBI) (DOJ) (DOJ-NSD) (ODNI)
  • The originating CIA “EC” or two-page electronic communication from former CIA Director John Brennan to FBI Director James Comey that started Operation Crossfire Hurricane in July 2016. (CIA) (FBI) (ODNI)

Additionally, since the 2018 list was developed, more information has surfaced about underlying material.  This added to the possibility of documents for declassification:

♦ Release the August 2nd, 2017, two-page scope memo provided by DAG Rod Rosenstein to special counsel Robert Mueller to expand the fraudulent Trump investigation, and initiate the more purposeful obstruction of justice investigation. Also Release the October 20th, 2017, third scope memo that expanded the investigation again, and targeted additional people including Michael Flynn’s family. The Scope Memos are keys to unlocking the underlying spy/surveillance cover-up. [SEE HERE and SEE HERE]

♦ President Trump can prove the July 31st, 2016, Crossfire Hurricane counterintelligence operation originated from a scheme within the intelligence apparatus by exposing the preceding CIA operation that created the originating “Electronic Communication” memo. Declassify that two-page “EC” document that Brennan gave to Comey.  [The trail is found within the Weissmann report and the use of Alexander Downer – SEE HERE]

♦ Release and declassify all of the Comey memos that document the investigative steps taken by the FBI as an outcome of the operation coordinated by CIA Director John Brennan in early 2016.  [The trail was memorialized by James Comey – SEE HERE]  Release and declassify the declarations of FBI Agent David Archey that describe the purpose of the Comey memos:

♦ Reveal the November 2015 through April 2016 FISA-702 search query abuse by declassifying the April 2017 court opinion written by FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer. Show the FBI contractors behind the 85% fraudulent search queries. [Crowdstrike? Fusion-GPS? Nellie Ohr? Daniel Richman?]  This was a weaponized surveillance and domestic political spying operation. [The trail was laid down in specific detail by Judge Collyer – SEE HERE]

♦ Subpoena former DOJ-NSD (National Security Division) head John Carlin, or haul him in front of a grand jury, and get his testimony about why he hid the abuse from the FISA court in October 2016; why the DOJ-NSD rushed the Carter Page application to beat NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers to the FISA court; and why Carlin quit immediately thereafter.

♦ Prove the Carter Page FISA application (October 2016) was fraudulent and based on deceptions to the FISA Court. Declassify the entire document, and release the transcripts of those who signed the application(s); and/or depose those who have not yet testified. The creation of the Steele Dossier was the cover-up operation. [SEE HERE]

♦ Release all of the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages without redactions. Let sunlight pour in on the actual conversation(s) that were taking place when Crossfire Hurricane (July ’16) and the FISA Application (Oct ’16) were taking place.  The current redactions were made by the people who weaponized the intelligence system for political surveillance and spy operation.  This is why Page and Strzok texts are redacted!

Release all of Bruce Ohr 302’s, FBI notes from interviews and debriefing sessions, and other relevant documents associated with the interviews of Bruce Ohr and his internal communications. Including exculpatory evidence that Bruce Ohr may have shared with FBI Agent Joseph Pientka. [And get a deposition from this Pientka fella] Bruce Ohr is the courier, carrying information from those outside to those on the inside.

UPDATE August 9th:  Never-mind the Bruce Ohr 302’s, Judicial Watch sued to clear the chamber of this request….  Thanks.



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170 Responses to DOJ Stall Succeeds – Comey Memo/Archey Declaration Update – Expect Nothing Until After October 11th…

  1. AnotherView says:

    Let’s face it, Barr is a corrupt shitbag.


  2. islandpalmtrees says:

    I know, I keep beating the drums on this. But, the FBI and DOJ could have put an end to this three years ago. By releasing the Hillary Clinton emails from the NSA Database, By disproving the DNC hacking by revealing the emails in the DNC Database, by releasing the text messages and email content between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok in the DNC Database.

    So don’t be disappointed if Barr is just another corrupt politician. We will know, soon.

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  3. redhotrugmama says:

    The question that keeps on rolling around in my brain is why did Wray and Barr who were likely high paid attorneys working in a upscale private law firm quit their jobs to work for PDT at what is likely 2 to 3 times less annual salary? They aren’t doing it for the money. Lately I am beginning to think they are doing it to protect the deep state.

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    • Super Elite says:

      Money from the Deep State?

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    • Barr was retired and a former Attorney General; I would not put him in the same category as Wray.

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      • Baby El says:

        Have to agree with LittleFlower. One might assert Barr’s hands are unclean. But certainly not to the level where he could be pushed to return to the DOJ as a clean-up man.
        Mueller, on the other hand, was so dirty that he had no choice – even though he’s almost as senile as Biden.
        Until all the cards are on the table, we can only speculate and make inferences.

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    • Robert Justice says:

      I prefer to think Barr (not sure about Wray) took these jobs for the same reason Trump did, to try to take the U.S. back from the globalist deep state and get the country back from the deep corruption that has taken over for most of the past century. The Federal Reserve creation in 1913 started it, and things have been getting worse ever since.

      If it turns out Barr is just covering up for the deep state I fear there is no hope and the country will be lost for a thousand years.

      Unless, Trump has strong support from the military, declares Martial Law, arrests all the coup plotters and tries them in military tribunals. See, hope springs eternal.


    • GP says:

      If Barr and Wray turn out to be anything other than protectors of the DS-my shock will be nearly at the level it was on 9/11. Perhaps even more shocked if people like Clapper, Comey et al are held to any kind of account.


  4. Remington says:

    Right you are, Sundance. I expect….nothing….FUBAR

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  5. rayvandune says:

    If that is Mr. Bean, why is he facing into traffic on the right side of the road?


  6. cheryl says:

    If anybody has already made this comment, sorry. I’m on the road and was listening to Glenn Beck this morning talking to John Solomon. Solomon told Beck that Trump gave Barr discretion to get the unredacted documents he needed from the FBI and DOJ for his investigation only. He said Trump was going to create an office where all these memos and documents we have been waiting for will be released and explained to the public so that people can understand how the Russia investigation was started and why.

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  7. Mr bandwagon says:

    So .. who in here trusts their Government .


  8. Kent says:

    President Trump can declassify all of this today. He can order it made public today. He can make the judges order worth nothing. Trump has the power to give. the information to the American citizens.

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    • John55 says:

      He does not have that power. He can give those orders, but he can’t make the FBI or DOJ obey them. Not without some support from Congress, and Congress is openly backing the coup.


      • Raptors2020 says:

        What if they gave a war, and nobody came? Bureaucrats have defied Trump many times. And Senators like McConnell and Grassley have made it clear they won’t back Trump.


      • JL says:

        He most certainly does have that power.

        The question is does he have the political power to do it, and is he willing to spend the political capital to make it happen.


        • GP says:

          Hi JL-If I read and understood SD, there’s a process to declass even on orders from POTUS-several agency heads have to sign off on the declass.

          I don’t think it’s as easy as POTUS saying “give me all you got”, (channeling Pacino in the movie ‘Heat”) the docs are delivered, unredacted and are posted on a website.


  9. cantcforest says:

    Fantasyland: Rudy G. orchestrates the release of unredacted documents, to be followed by indictments as the public/Devin Nunes/Jim Jordan demand. Sheriff David Clarke, together with adviser emeritus Joe Arapaio takes charge of immigration enforcement, and Sundance and Judicial Watch prosecute the Clintons and Obamas. President Trump enjoins the court system to weigh in on journalism and libel.
    (For those of you who see 1984 writ large, I’d like to suggest that you search out a prescient Asimov Foundation novel from the 1950’s in which the protagonist (Seldon?) had reduced media misdirection to a science.)


  10. GB Bari says:

    The stills of Rowan Atkinson (Rat Race?) are illustrative of how some of us feel.

    Not much we can do other than continue to write our Senators and/ or Representatives to inform them of our disgust with their lack of leadership in not putting public pressure on a corrupt DOJ.

    The Big Ugly is truly ugly….but for whom?

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  11. John55 says:

    If there was anything damaging to the DOJ/FBI or helpful to Trump in these Comey memo’s, CNN – which is openly an arm of the Resistance and working with the coup plotters in the DOJ and FBI – would not be fighting for their release.


    • Raptors2020 says:

      Or..CNN still genuinely believes the Russian Collusion fairy tale. They pray Mueller missed something big, and they intend to keep digging. Isn’t that Nadler’s rationale?


    • Baby El says:

      Or… CNN (CIA Mouthpiece) wants the memos to hang the whole mess on Comey, leaving everyone else and the Zero admin untouched.
      McCabe changed sides to save his own arse.


  12. Willyeye57 says:

    Sundance says, “On May 23rd, 2019, President Donald Trump gave U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr full authority to review and release all of the classified material hidden by the DOJ, FBI, State Department, CIA, FISA Court, and aggregate intelligence apparatus.

    This Friday, August 30th, will mark 100 days since President Trump granted Bill Barr with the authority to declassify these documents. Nothing has been declassified by the Department of Justice.”

    I’m no expert with any of this and I was wondering if anyone knows about this: If Barr has declassified a bunch of documents for the Durham and Horowitz investigations, how would anyone know about this? Do we actually know that nothing has been declassified? How would we know unless there have been leaks? Also, if a bunch of documents have been declassified for the investigations, wouldn’t that preclude them from being declassified for anyone else?


  13. DJ says:

    Quite obviously, there will be nothing coming on October 11. They will wait until the last minute on that day and then file their appeal. That will lock the docs up for a year or more. Most likely until after the election where the hope is a new administration will bury them forever.


  14. Ned Zeppelin says:

    I’ll go out on a limb on some things I’ve been thinking about. I think if Barr, Huber (perhaps) and Durham to plan to unveil broad and sweeping indictments of the RICO variety it makes perfect sense to say nothing, leak nothing, release nothing, and remain hidden in plain sight. When you are strong, let the enemy think you weak. Unfortunately, this is also consistent with doing nothing at all. Indicting Andy McCabe for lying to the FBI seems to offer the same amount of gratification one might derive by arresting Ted Bundy for jaywalking. If Barr, Huber and Durham are going whale hunting, spearing guppies is likely not in the playbook. I think Barr has no choice but to go to war, but I think sometimes we underestimate the power, might and sheer arrogance of the assembled opponents. They are vicious and will not go quietly. We as a group have a mindset that right is right and let’s get on with this. Our opponents simply do not agree, and think us fools for what they must view as our quaint beliefs and values. Mere political motivations do not explain the focused intensity of purpose and planning displayed by the dark forces at work behind all of this. Barr & Co. know they must tread carefully. Think through what would really happen if Tuesday after Labor Day an announcement is made that what we think serves Justice is actually finally happening. It would trigger a landslide of consequences, many unpredictable, some violent.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      If Barr indicts multiple senior Obama officials for lying, and nothing else? It would look like naked payback. The MSM would go nuts, the Dems would go nuts. Barr would quickly be impeached.


      • neal s says:

        So are you suggesting that if Barr indicts multiple senior Obama officials for something more serious than lying, that the MSM would not go nuts? That Dems would not go nuts?

        It seems that no matter what anyone in the current administration does, if it helps to either MAGA or KAG, that demonrats and MSM go nuts.


        • raptors2020 says:

          Lying in Washington? Why not breathing? We need a malum in se crime. Were Strzok and Page plotting the President’s assassination? That is much speculated, and explains Wray’s refusal to release their text messages.

          McCabe said two Trump Cabinet members would vote to invoke the 25th Amendment. How did he know that? Was he lobbying Cabinet members to overthrow our President? That sounds like Sedition to me.

          McCabe and Rosenstein discussed Rosenstein wearing a wire, to incriminate the President. They both admit this. Now Rosenstein is a plotter. Strzok and Page were present. Add them.

          And who were these Cabinet members, who discussed removing the President? Now you have a bi-partisan Sedition plot. That destroys claims Barr is a partisan hit man.

          Add your petty lying charges, after you have something meaty like Sedition.

          While the Left will condone Sedition, the great middle among Americans will not.


    • Baby El says:

      Ned – thanks for posting a clear and plausible perspective. For all the doubts we have have, this also is a sensible explanation for what we’ve been seeing.

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  15. Bogeyfree says:

    So I ask again, what if there are no criminal referrals in the IG Report?

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  16. See cartoon Case Law ……
    Lucy. vs. Charlie Brown …

    ” I promise NOT TO move the football ” !


  17. neal s says:

    I understand it is very easy to get discouraged based on lack of visible progress. But I do have some advice that I hope will be useful. Consider this my recipe for happiness.

    Hope for much, expect little, be content with even less.

    Hope is essential. Without hope, how can you go on? Expecting too much often leads to disappointment. But if even your low expectations are not met, if you can manage to still be content, then you are not as despondent as you could be or as some already are.

    In addition to this, I also suggest prayer without ceasing. I often pray that the enemies be ever more and even more ridiculous than they already are, so that eyes of others may be opened and their hearts turned away from evil.

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  18. Arrest Soros says:

    I have a suggestion.
    Those of us with social media accounts start a campaign where every day and all day we tweet to POTUS asking him to declassify and that we are losing (lost?) confidence in HIS DOJ and FBI.
    Keep doing it and he will eventually see the tweets etc. If enough are seen by him, he may start asking some questions of Barr.

    POTUS is an extremely busy man. He may not be aware of the shenaningans being played by the DOJ.


  19. fangdog says:

    IMO. Trump is being practical. Trump knows what he can achieve without a Congress majority and what is difficult or even impossible with the present Congress and Rino’s. Trump is making MAGA with the tools he has presently.

    Trump knows he is going to be elected and the favorable Congress he will have to get done what he can not get done today. Trump’s emphasis is the American economy and economic wealth for the American people. This is something Trump can and is doing something about now.

    As far as the justice/crime part, this Country has had crime infested crooked politicians running this Country many times during its past. Trump does not need this overwhelming distraction right now with unfavorable odds. However, there will come a time and place the reward will be the needed solution.


  20. Sundance, Barr is never going to do what you ask: “release these materials to the public.” At least, not until the trials are concluded and the defendants have lost their appeals before the Supreme Court – which is where every one of them will inevitably go.

    These materials are criminal evidence. There are strict rules concerning Evidence, and concerning what Prosecutors may say before a trial. These people have not yet been indicted by a Grand Jury and remain “cloaked in a glowing robe of Innocence.” The Grand Juries who must hand down the indictments always are convened in secret, and nothing is made public except the indictments themselves, if there be any.

    James Comey wrote his own version of the events – certainly, a mixture of truth and lies – and hoped to “poison the jury well” by having them be published far and wide. He used Mr. Archey’s summarizations as a means to do this. He has been successfully blocked, and this is probably an indication of the amount of time that will elapse before he is arrested.

    Of course “the Court of Public Opinion” wants to read the juicy details right away, but that won’t get the perpetrators convicted. In fact, it would make it extremely difficult to convict them. So, secrecy is what we must expect and must wish for … frustrating though it may be. We are aware of some of the materials that will be presented at Trial, but there’s probably a great deal more that we have not an inkling of.

    “The judicial procedures are what they are,” and they must be scrupulously followed in order to avoid creating a legal loophole that would allow the perps to escape justice. They will be represented by the most expensive defense lawyers obtainable, who will appeal their convictions all the way to the Supreme Court.

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  21. I won't back down says:

    Now we have the memos?


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