The Obama Use of FISA-702 as a Domestic Political Surveillance Program….

Now that we have significant research files on the 2015 and 2016 political surveillance program; which includes the trail evident within the Weissmann/Mueller report; in combination with the Obama-era DOJ “secret research project” (their words, not mine); we are able to overlay the entire objective and gain a full understanding of how political surveillance was conducted over a period of approximately four to six years.

Working with a timeline, but also referencing origination material in 2015/2016 – CTH hopes to show how the program operated.  This explains an evolution from The IRS Files in 2010 to the FISA Files in 2016.

The FISA-702 database extraction process, and utilization of the protections within the smaller intelligence community, was the primary process.  We start by reviewing the established record from the 99-page FISC opinion rendered by Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer on April 26th, 2017; and explain the details within the FISC opinion.

I would strongly urge everyone to read the FISC report (full pdf below) because Judge Collyer outlines how the DOJ, which includes the FBI, had an “institutional lack of candor” in responses to the FISA court.  In essence, they were continually lying to the court about their activity, and the rate of fourth amendment violations for illegal searches and seizures of U.S. persons’ private information for multiple years.

Unfortunately, due to intelligence terminology Judge Collyer’s brief and ruling is not an easy read for anyone unfamiliar with the FISA processes outlined. The complexity also helps the media avoid discussing, and as a result most Americans have no idea the scale and scope of the issues.  So we’ll try to break down the language.


For the sake of brevity and common understanding CTH will highlight the most pertinent segments showing just how systemic and troublesome the unlawful electronic surveillance was.

Early in 2016 NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers was alerted of a significant uptick in FISA-702(17) “About” queries using the FBI/NSA database that holds all metadata records on every form of electronic communication.

The NSA compliance officer alerted Admiral Mike Rogers who then initiated a full compliance audit on/around March 9th, 2016, for the period of November 1st, 2015, through May 1st, 2016.

While the audit was ongoing, due to the severity of the results that were identified, Admiral Mike Rogers stopped anyone from using the 702(17) “about query” option, and went to the extraordinary step of blocking all FBI contractor access to the database on April 18, 2016 (keep these dates in mind).

Here are some significant segments:

The key takeaway from these first paragraphs is how the search query results were exported from the NSA database to users who were not authorized to see the material.  The FBI contractors were conducting searches and then removing, or ‘exporting’, the results.  Later on, the FBI said all of the exported material was deleted.

Searching the highly classified NSA database is essentially a function of filling out search boxes to identify the user-initiated search parameter and get a return on the search result.

FISA-702(16) is a search of the system returning a U.S. person (“702”); and the “16” is a check box to initiate a search based on “To and From“.   Example, if you put in a date and a phone number and check “16” as the search parameter the user will get the returns on everything “To and From” that identified phone number for the specific date.  Calls, texts, contacts etc.  Including results for the inbound and outbound contacts.

FISA-702(17) is a search of the system returning a U.S. person (702); and the “17” is a check box to initiate a search based on everything “About” the search qualifier.  Example, if you put a date and a phone number and check “17” as the search parameter the user will get the returns of everything about that phone.  Calls, texts, contacts, geolocation (or gps results), account information, user, service provider etc.  As a result, 702(17) can actually be used to locate where the phone (and user) was located on a specific date or sequentially over a specific period of time which is simply a matter of changing the date parameters.

And that’s just from a phone number.

Search an ip address “about” and read all data into that server; put in an email address and gain everything about that account. Or use the electronic address of a GPS enabled vehicle (about) and you can withdraw more electronic data and monitor in real time.  Search a credit card number and get everything about the account including what was purchased, where, when, etc.  Search a bank account number, get everything about transactions and electronic records etc.  Just about anything and everything can be electronically searched; everything has an electronic ‘identifier’.

The search parameter is only limited by the originating field filled out.  Names, places, numbers, addresses, etc. By using the “About” parameter there may be thousands or millions of returns.  Imagine if you put “@realdonaldtrump” into the search parameter? You could extract all following accounts who interacted on Twitter, or Facebook etc.  You are only limited by your imagination and the scale of the electronic connectivity.

As you can see below, on March 9th, 2016, internal auditors noted the FBI was sharing “raw FISA information, including but not limited to Section 702-acquired information”.

In plain English the raw search returns were being shared with unknown entities without any attempt to “minimize” or redact the results.  The person(s) attached to the results were named and obvious.  There was no effort to hide their identity or protect their 4th amendment rights of privacy:

But what’s the scale here?  This is where the story really lies.

Read this next excerpt carefully.

The operators were searching “U.S Persons”.  The review of November 1, 2015,  to May 1, 2016, showed “eighty-five percent of those queries” were unlawful or “non compliant”.

85% !!  “representing [redacted number]”.

We can tell from the space of the redaction the number of searches were between 1,000 and 9,999 [five digits].  If we take the middle number of 5,000 – that means 4,250 unlawful searches out of 5,000.

The [five digit] amount (more than 1,000, less than 10,000), and 85% error rate, was captured in a six month period.

Also notice this very important quote: “many of these non-compliant queries involved the use of the same identifiers over different date ranges.”   So they were searching the same phone number, email address, electronic “identifier”, or people, repeatedly over different dates.  Specific people were being tracked/monitored.

Additionally, notice the last quote: “while the government reports it is unable to provide a reliable estimate of” these non lawful searches “since 2012, there is no apparent reason to believe the November 2015 [to] April 2016 coincided with an unusually high error rate”.

That means the 85% unlawful FISA-702(16)(17) database abuse has likely been happening since 2012.  (Again, remember that date, 2012) Who was FBI Director? Who was his chief-of-staff? Who was CIA Director? ODNI? etc.  Remember, the NSA is inside the Pentagon (Defense Dept) command structure.  Who was Defense Secretary? And finally, who wrote and signed-off-on the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment?

Tens of thousands of searches over four years (since 2012), and 85% of them are illegal.  The results were extracted for?…. (I believe this is all political opposition use; and I’ll explain why momentarily.)

OK, that’s the stunning scale; but who was involved?

Private contractors with access to “raw FISA information that went well beyond what was necessary to respond to FBI’s requests“:

And as noted, the contractor access was finally halted on April 18th, 2016.

[Coincidentally (or not), the wife of Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson, Mary Jacoby, goes to the White House the next day on April 19th, 2016.]

None of this is conspiracy theory.

All of this is laid out inside this 99-page opinion from FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer who also noted that none of this FISA abuse was accidental in a footnote on page 87:  “deliberate decisionmaking“:

Summary of this aspect: The FISA court identified and quantified tens-of-thousands of search queries of the NSA/FBI database using the FISA-702(16)(17) system.  The database was repeatedly used by persons with contractor access who unlawfully searched and extracted the raw results without redacting the information and shared it with an unknown number of entities.

The outlined process certainly points toward a political spying and surveillance operation; and we are not the only one to think that’s what this system is being used for.

Back in 2017 when House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes was working to reauthorize the FISA legislation, Nunes wrote a letter to ODNI Dan Coats about this specific issue:

SIDEBAR: To solve the issue, well, actually attempt to ensure it never happened again, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers eventually took away the “About” query option permanently in 2017. NSA Director Rogers said the abuse was so inherent there was no way to stop it except to remove the process completely. [SEE HERE]  Additionally, the NSA database operates as a function of the Pentagon, so the Trump administration went one step further.  On his last day as NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers -together with ODNI Dan Coats- put U.S. cyber-command, the database steward, fully into the U.S. military as a full combatant command. [SEE HERE]

There is little doubt the FISA-702(16)(17) database system was used by Obama-era officials, from 2012 through April 2016, as a way to spy on their political opposition.  Quite simply there is no other intellectually honest explanation for the scale and volume of database abuse that was taking place.

When we reconcile what was taking place and who was involved, then the actions of the exact same principle participants take on a jaw-dropping amount of clarity.

All of the action taken by CIA Director Brennan, FBI Director Comey, ODNI Clapper and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter make sense.  Including their effort to get NSA Director Mike Rogers fired.

Everything after March 9th, 2016, was done to cover up the weaponization of the FISA database. [Explained Here]  Spygate, Russia-Gate, the Steele Dossier, and even the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (drawn from the dossier and signed by the above) were needed to create a cover-story and protect themselves from discovery of this four year weaponization, political surveillance and unlawful spying.  Even the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel makes sense; he was FBI Director when this began.

The beginning decision to use FISA(702) as a domestic surveillance and political spy mechanism appears to have started in/around 2012. Perhaps sometime shortly before the 2012 presidential election and before John Brennan left the White House and moved to CIA.  However, there was an earlier version of data assembly that preceded this effort.

Political spying 1.0 was actually the weaponization of the IRS.  This is where the term “Secret Research Project” originated as a description from the Obama team.  It involved the U.S. Department of Justice under Eric Holder and the FBI under Robert Mueller.  It never made sense why Eric Holder requested over 1 million tax records via CD ROM, until overlaying the timeline of the FISA abuse:

The IRS sent the FBI “21 disks constituting a 1.1 million page database of information from 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” The transaction occurred in October 2010 (link)

Why disks?  Why send a stack of DISKS to the DOJ and FBI when there’s a pre-existing financial crimes unit within the IRS.  All of the evidence within this sketchy operation came directly to the surface in early spring 2012.

The IRS scandal was never really about the IRS, it was always about the DOJ asking the IRS for the database of information.  That is why it was transparently a conflict when the same DOJ was tasked with investigating the DOJ/IRS scandal.  Additionally, Obama sent his chief-of-staff Jack Lew to become Treasury Secretary; effectively placing an ally to oversee/cover-up any issues.  As Treasury Secretary Lew did just that.

Lesson Learned – It would appear the Obama administration learned a lesson from attempting to gather a large opposition research database operation inside a functioning organization large enough to have some good people that might blow the whistle.

The timeline reflects a few months after realizing the “Secret Research Project” was now worthless (June 2012), they focused more deliberately on a smaller network within the intelligence apparatus and began weaponizing the FBI/NSA database.

How this all comes together in 2019

Fusion GPS was not hired in April 2016 to research Donald Trump.  As shown in the evidence provided by the FISC, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. The Obama administration already knew everything about the Trump campaign, and were monitoring everything by exploiting the FISA database.

However, after the NSA alerts in/around March 9th, 2016, and particularly after the April 18th shutdown of contractor access, the Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to create a legal albeit ex post facto justification for the pre-existing surveillance and spy operations.  Fusion GPS gave them that justification in the Steele Dossier.

That’s why the FBI small group, which later transitioned into the Mueller team, are so strongly committed to and defending the formation of the Steele Dossier and its dubious content.  The Steele Dossier contains the cover-story and justification for the surveillance operation.

During a rather innocuous podcast discussion panel April 12th, 2019, one of President Trump’s personal lawyers Jay Sekulow mentioned the FBI had three FISA applications denied by the FISA court in 2016. [Podcast Here – Note comment at 25:05]   The denials were always suspected; however, until now no-one in/around the administration has ever confirmed.

If Sekulow is accurate, this adds additional context to the actions of the FBI in the aftermath of Admiral Mike Rogers and an increased urgency in gaining legal justification for surveillance and spy operation unlawfully taking place.  A valid FISA warrant would help the FBI cover-up the surveillance.   The likely targets were Manafort, Flynn and Papadopoulos…. but it appears the DOJ/FBI were rebuked.

These FISC denials would then initiate institutional panic dependent on the election outcome.  An insurance policy would be needed.   The Steele Dossier becomes the investigative virus the FBI wanted inside the system. To get the virus into official status, they used the FISA application as the delivery method and injected it into Carter Page. The FBI already knew Carter Page; essentially Carter Page was irrelevant, what they needed was the FISA warrant and the Dossier in the system {Go Deep}.

Fusion GPS was not hired to research Trump, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. The intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a plausible justification for already existing surveillance and spy operations.

Fusion-GPS gave them the justification they needed for a FISA warrant with the Steele Dossier.  Ultimately that’s why the Steele Dossier is so important; without it, the DOJ and FBI are naked with their FISA-702 abuse as outlined by John Ratcliffe.


♦ Prove the July 31st, 2016, Crossfire Hurricane operation originated from fraud by exposing the CIA operation that created the originating “Electronic Communication” memo. Declassify that two-page “EC” document that Brennan gave to Comey.

♦ Release and declassify all of the Comey memos that document the investigative steps taken  by the FBI as an outcome of the operation coordinated by CIA Director John Brennan in early 2016.

♦ Reveal the November 2015 through April 2016 FISA-702 search query abuse by declassifying the April 2017 court opinion written by FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer. Show the FBI contractors behind the 85% fraudulent search queries. [Crowdstrike? Fusion-GPS? Nellie Ohr?]

♦ Subpoena former DOJ-NSD (National Security Division) head John Carlin, or haul him in front of a grand jury, and get his testimony about why he hid the abuse from the FISA court in October 2016; why the DOJ-NSD rushed the Carter Page application to beat NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers to the FISA court; and why Carlin quit immediately thereafter. Squeeze this bastard’s nuts in the proverbial legal vice.

♦ Prove the Carter Page FISA application (October 2016) was fraudulent and based on deceptions to the FISA Court. Declassify the entire document, and release the transcripts of those who signed the application(s); and/or depose those who have not yet testified.

♦ Release all of the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages without redactions. Let sunlight pour in on the actual conversation(s) that were taking place when Crossfire Hurricane (July ’16) and the FISA Application (Oct ’16) were taking place.

♦ Release all of Bruce Ohr 302’s, FBI notes from interviews and debriefing sessions, and other relevant documents associated with the interviews of Bruce Ohr and his internal communications. Including exculpatory evidence that Bruce Ohr may have shared with FBI Agent Joseph Pientka. [And get a deposition from this Pientka fella]

♦ Release the August 2nd, 2017, two-page scope memo provided by DAG Rod Rosenstein to special counsel Robert Mueller to advance the fraudulent Trump investigation, and initiate the more purposeful obstruction of justice investigation. Also Release the October 20th, 2017, second scope memo recently discovered.

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776 Responses to The Obama Use of FISA-702 as a Domestic Political Surveillance Program….

  1. This criminal conduct committed by the most powerful men and women in the Obama Administration HAS TO COME OUT! We will never move on and restore our “One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice For All” until the whole truth is revealed and those responsible are sent to federal prison. And We The People need to clean our Federal Government Bureaucracies houses. Everyone who participated or covered up this crap must be fired!

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  2. Blue Wildflower says:

    Well, Sundance you did it. I, a retired first grade teacher, understand the core of the entire criminal organization. I knew they were criminals but bits a pieces were floating around in my head, I could not put it all together. The American people will understand spying on us and blackmail. What they did to Donald Trump and President Trump is criminal, what they did to the American people is unbelievable and criminal.

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    • But going back much further, the apparatus of BHO’s determination to ensure a perpetual democrat POTUS was the real, behind the scenes agenda…

      This began in the BHO presidency long before Donald Trump was a thought in his and their minds. Many conservatives, even some of the best, are missing this.

      It is not simply what they did to Donald Trump, but going back further, what BHO and cabal began to build against the American people before DJT even walked on the political stage to run for the Presidency.

      You have to go back to the very first root ball of BHO’s intention to fundamentally transform America.

      This was established long before DT was a serious contender for the Presidency.

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      • Blue Moon says:

        Always remember what Maxine Waters said about Obama having a database like no others.

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      • KnowSERENoFear says:

        Try 1913.

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        • Well yeah, I certainly know that, but to the particulars of this present cabal, I reference the time periods I did.

          As far as generalities, you can go back further than 1913.


          • KnowSERENOFear says:

            Assuming you’ve read: The Law, by Frederic Bastiat.

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            • It’s been awhile, but I am so glad you brought that great work into the discussion. Some works are so quintessential, that they transcend the time of history in which they are written and keep on being valid for ensuing times. So thanks to you, I am including a link here for those unfamiliar with his work to read. I will also include that link in a commentary I will be posting in the Presidential thread after SD open it up in a couple of hours. And I will give you the hat tip for mentioning it. TY!

              France 1848….

              That saying, those who fail to learn from history repeat its mistakes.

              This quote from his work is just as critically true and applicable today in our political war and weaponized government as it was back then.

              “The law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it! The law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose! The law become the weapon of every kind of greed! Instead of checking crime, the law itself guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!

              If this is true, it is a serious fact, and moral duty requires me to call the attention of my fellow-citizens to it.” Frederic Bastiat – 1850

              Do not these words aptly describe the evil cabal of our day? Rhetorical question of course.

              It’s too bad he died rather young. He was a statesman of great mental pedigree.

              Again, thanks for the reminder and getting this back into my thinking today.




    • sturmudgeon says:

      Blue: Yes.. Sundance and crew are a true treasure. Our biggest problem, as I see it, is to have information such as this, in front of the millions of people who watch or listen to the members of the MSM. Last year, I printed out an AT article regarding how the Democratic Party had been so involved in the KKK, and other examples.. deposited it in a friend’s (Black) mailbox, and recently had a visit from that friend, who told me “I had no idea that that was the case”… (and we are still friends)! So, how many more, in this day and age, are “unaware” of the evils of the Dems?

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    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      Overconfidence in a Hillary victory was their Alpha !
      They thought they were so smart.
      “These people are stupid’.
      Here’s just two examples :
      1.Susan Rices email to herself, which exposed Obama as the ‘director ‘ of the operation
      all along. What operation, you might ask? To ensure that 16yr project of Transformation of the United States ‘ to a one party state proceeded “by the book”.
      2. Farkus ‘ expose on MSDNC,where by she explained their panic and signaled how they protected their operations (at least hoped they had).
      Thank God for;
      Admiral Rogers ,the military intel , a few good patriots, whistle blowers ,and of course VSGPDJT s victory.
      Whether “we keep it” is up to us.


  3. Bendix says:

    There was a segment on the news, back when Barack Obama was newly elected, I think it was.
    It may have been from a 60 Minutes interview, I’m not sure.

    The interview was with a man, an older black man, who knew Obama way back when.
    He stated to the interviewer that people were going to be surprised by what the new president was going to do, in the area of national security.

    I’ve often had reason to recall that. One thing it tells me, there were people who were in on it, who were aware of the agenda, from the beginning.
    When Hillary was double-crossed by her own party, and they switched an unknown, inexperienced man for what would have been even more of a historic first, the first woman president, I thought it was mainly due to misogyny, wanting to take advantage of the race card, etc.
    I had no idea of the extent of the malevolent agenda behind it, that he was going to continue the Uniparty attack on our civil liberties, Constitution, and way of life, neither did most voters, but some in the MSM/Democrats must have known.

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  4. KnowSERENoFear says:

    Astute and plausible summation. Thank you very much Sundance!

    Things make a hellava lot more sense. I could never quite understand the “why” of FISA abuse and collection. What were they collecting that was so damaging to President Trump? He knew early on, so subsequent FISA applications would have yielded little value.

    But now it makes sense. President Trump, the dossier, Russia, the SC, “open investigations,” and the like, are merely “legal” impedances to a central government addicted to collection, leverage, and control of the electorate.

    It all must go. The behavior of our Federal government has proven our Founders correct: a strong central government can simply NOT contain itself.

    (A humble reminder to hit the “donate” button) 😉

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  5. kiswa15 says:

    Vault 7 is involved in this too. Everything was used.

    The CIA engineer accused of leaking Vault 7 spent over 2 years complaining of “contractor access to hacking tools”. He filed complaints about the lack of security first through the chain of command, then the IG, and finally the SSCI.
    Contractors are convenient, no?

    All roads lead back to Obama and Brennan.
    To kill the snake you have to strike the head, anything less will get you bit.

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    • Actually, you should cut it clean off and smash it. It can still bite even after being severed. One did last summer and killed a man here in the US.

      I cut off the head of a cottonmouth last summer and when I went to toss it in the dumpster, its jaws were still gaping. So I smashed it. I didn’t know that before that experience.

      Apply politically and you’re good to go.

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  6. Deplore Able says:

    If Sundance is right, then shortly after Admiral Rogers starts the full compliance audit on the FISA searches, we would see the beginning of Brennan’s operation to set up George Papadopoulos. How does that fit the timeline?

    March 9, 2016: Full compliance audit of FISA searches begins.
    March 6-16, 2016: Papadopoulos joins Trump campaign. Sources differ on exact date.
    March 21, 2016: Washington Post interview of Pres. Trump. Papadopoulos identified as adviser.
    March 24, 2016: Papadopoulos meets Misfud in Rome and is introduced to Putin’s niece “Olga”.
    April 18, 2016: Admiral Rogers shuts down contractor access to NSA database.
    April 26, 2016: Misfud advises Papadopoulos about Russians having Hillary emails.

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    • We the people know says:

      I wonder how many “Olga’s” there were brushing up against Trump’s campaign circle and Trump’s family? Since they were so keen to get Michael Flynn, I bet they had a real looker all ready to go. With people like Sydney Blumenthal involved, you can bet he suggested hookers. They seem rather fixated on it…there always seems to be a perverted sex angle in their attacks.


  7. I have a request for CTH:
    Maybe now would be a good time to review the Nunes memo in view of now known info. Also a review of the minority answer to Nunes memo/


  8. Perot Conservative says:

    Does General Mike Rogers have 24/7 protection?

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  9. Beau Geste says:

    If the DOJ/FBI have destroyed evidence of who was actually carrying out the illegal political searches (in violation of the 4th Amendment and criminal law), and the searches themselves, that is “Obstruction of Justice”, just like the destruction of Hillary’s email which was under subpoena.

    There is no reason for PDJT to withhold the Collyer Report. There is no reason for the FISC to carryout disciplinary proceedings against the lawyers who the Court says “lacked candor” by lying to the Court again and again. The FISC Court has a Constitutional responsibility to protect citizens WHO ARE NOT EVEN REPRESENTED BEFORE THEM, from liars. The FISC Court and Chief Justice John Roberts, to whom the FISC Court reports, are all completely derelict in their duty and responsibilities.

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    • Dutchman says:

      I am surprised the system was set up to enable searches to be erased. The whole reason for smashing phones, and bleachbitting servers is cause the info remains in the hard drive, right?

      Since they could hardly destoy the servers, or bleach bit them, forensic I.T. SHOULD, according to my admittedly very basic understanding, be able to recover the searches.

      And wouldn’t it be VERY useful to discover WHO and WHAT they were searching?

      Are reporters among those being searched? Is THIS why they march in lockstep with Media Matters talking points?

      Were Republican Legislators, or their staffs? Is THIS why ‘conservative’ candidates go all “D.C.”, once they achieve office?

      Was this abuse used to continue Tea Party targeting, including DONORS?

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      • Dutchman says:

        Continueing from above;
        Were the FISC Judges searched? SCOTUS Judges? Were NOMINEES to Courts or administration searched?


        • Ketchikan says:

          A google search should lead you to a recording where Sheriff Joe and someone else is discussing the illegal gathering of info on EVERYONE. (Sorry I don’t know how to link). This is connected to the discs with millions of pages of illegal searches that whistle blower Montgomery and Judicial Watch took to Comey. (Not knowing he was a bad cop).

          Go to You Tube to see Maxine Waters discuss Obama’s database: “That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before.”


        • Beau Geste says:

          Dutchman, “yes” answers all your questions.

          Political Blackmail info is the history, legacy and follow-on current practice from J Edgar (party-girl in dresses at mafia parties) Hoover and his “friend” clyde tolson.

          PDJT should release it all.


        • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:



      • OlderAndWiser says:

        Dutchman, the key here is
        1) Whether the software that was built for the NSA fully interacted with the audit trail software – it appears that it did not.
        2) Secondly, the underlying systems software (database systems) should have been set up with an audit trail of ALL system accesses. I’m guessing they were either never set up, or removed at the beginning of the Obama administration – if they were removed, that fact would actually be in the audit trail – but then could have been deleted manually. After years of usage, that data would actually be unrecoverable.


  10. concerned3 says:

    This is not about the common US Citizen, this is about controlling the people who control are government through the use of blackmail material! Look at the numbers, 10,000 of thousands.

    FLASHBACK: Maxine Waters Brags About Obama’s Database With Info On ‘Every Individual’

    In yet another soundbite she probably wishes she could get back, during President Obama’s second term, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) once touted Obama’s massive database, which she described as having “information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before.”

    Her comment came during an interview on Roland Martin’s “Washington Watch” in which Martin brought up the fact that the Obama-era would end in 2016, so minorities “better get what you can while he’s there.” Here was Waters’ reply:

    “Well, you know, I don’t know. And I think some people are missing something here. The president has put in place an organization that contains the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before.”

    Say Hello Maxine!

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    • jmclever says:

      Not about common citizens? We have illegals being found by querying license plate numbers. Project Veritas showed low level gov’t employees working for Democrat Socialists of America using license plate numbers to find out where certain targeted people are having dinner so they can be harassed while they eat at a restaurant. We have people in NM exercising their constitutional right to form a militia deplatformed by paypal and gofundme because they merely detained illegals while border patrol could get there.

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      • concerned3 says:

        Harassment is not the type of control I am talking about. Example: you vote this way, or I will reveal the dirt on you or a member of your family. Pictures included.


      • concerned3 says:

        So what did they have on Sessions or a member of his family?


        • jmclever says:

          They don’t have to *have* anything. They can just make stuff up. They don’t *have* anything on POTUS Trump either.

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        • formerdem says:

          The flight number of a family member. Remember during his presidential run, when Romney’s enthusiasm vanished suddenly? As I recall, that was just after his wife’s plane had engine trouble. If you think the Feds are following your family around and you know what the Feds can do, and you love your family, then the Feds have something on you.


    • Blue Moon says:

      Thus, the accusations that the Obama administration was spying on Germany, England etc through their cell phones.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Mad Max is hardly someone I would defend. BUT, listen to the quote in context. My interpretation of her statement, IN CONTEXT, is that she is NOT talking about NSA database abuse.

      She is talking about how Obama campaign developed a database of DEMOCRAT voters, leveraging data for a “new way of campigning”, which many credited at the time with his elecyoral success.

      If I were going to conspire to violate the law, Mad Max is at the top of the list of people I would NOT have involved in my conspiracy, lets face it.

      We need to stop referring to this quote, OUT OF CONTEXT, to imply it affirms Sundances excellent research.

      It DOESN’T, it isn’t neccesary, and anyone who LISTENS to the question she is answering van clearly see she was NOT talking about the NSA database. Go listen to the intrrview, with the question, and allow for the fact that Mad Max speaks eubonics, and its pretty clear.

      Lets try to keep it real, folks!


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      • Blue Wildflower says:

        It’s hard to tell because she is repeating information she has gotten from somewhere. In her mind Obama can do anything he wants to do. Smartest man on earth.


      • Ketchikan says:

        1. See other You Tube videos of Waters discussing this. It is not only about dem voters.

        2. Combine her comments with a recording between Sheriff Joe and someone else re the illegal searches on everyone.

        3.Research Montgomery. He was a private contractor for the intel community. When he found out that the intel community was gathering info on everyone illegally he took 40 discs with millions of pages of info to Comey (Judicial Watch helped him).

        Apologize for not giving links.

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  11. Perot Conservative says:

    It still makes no sense, really.

    It’s like building a beautiful house with a giant hole in the side we can drive a truck through! (Not the best analogy.)

    We’ll still have …

    Corrupt NSA / other access back to 2012.
    Database records – ditto.
    Query records – ditto.
    History logs – ditto.
    Access logs – ditto.
    Hard drives.

    Who flips first to take down the cabal? Lisa Page, and Glenn Simpson? Or do we not need them with a MOUNTAIN of evidence?

    One horrible outcome would be if they let dozens of people off the hook. Deep State Coverup, which would give license to do it again.


    Not to be conspiratorial… but does this tie to Uranium One? Same cabal in on that. Could Uranium One have provided offshore funds $$$ to fund any future endeavors they might desire?

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    • UO is a central issue no doubt.

      But the rootball of this cabal predates UO.

      You have to go back to BHO’s earlier presidency…2008-2012….yes, even in his first couple of years.

      He had his agenda fixed in his mind even before he got elected and then hit the ground running hard and fast.

      This is before Brennen, Comey, Clapper

      They came on the stage of the grand plan after.

      I keep repeating here….go back to the first of the first root of it all.

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        I agree that is a good idea.
        I hope to see all of this unravel.

        I believe that the Progs saw the conservatives set up this no-accountability secret government stuff with the CIA. Going back to when CIA had a role in Shah of Iran getting installed, and the way CIA had a role in United Fruit Company being able to act at will in Central America companies.

        Then, CIA bringing drugs into United States, as explored by Gary Webb. And, CIA making money off of Afghanistan poppy production.

        So, the CIA is allowed secrecy, obviously, and can act through intermediaries. Including banks – this has been a Bush specialty. Including Jeb, who got the position of heading a bank in Venezuala.

        The Progs realized: if we set up government apparatus that, like CIA, has a legitimate function, and can have a secret, parallel life, and has a huge money source that is not accountable to government overview, FOI etc., we can play in the same leagues.

        I believe the Clintons built this up from their Arkansas operations, got a lot of people in a lot of places during B Clanton presidency, began the global stuff after Clanton was back out of office, and went turbocharge when Hiraly became secretary of state. There, she could set up business deals favoring buddies, and so achieve the international, out-of-view, behind-government-action network of money, intelligence, and influence that Conservatives have had for a long time.

        And, somewhere along the lines, (R) and (D) winked at each other to carry on, and began working in the “same space,” and cutting each other in on deals. Gang of Eight was bipartisan, McCain was an (R) who maybe took a fall, etc.

        U1 is just one of many pet projects under this model, I believe.

        Enough has been exposed that the whole thing can be unraveled, eventually.

        But only if the American people want this type of action. If you tell them Bundy deal was simply to favor China in some business deal, and people say “meh,” then it goes nowhere.

        If Trump can bring down the Spygate team, then the cork is out of the bottle: the government apparatus needed to sustain this will be removed enough to get at the contents. Trump, or others with ability, can then go dig deep and reveal:

        more than has been acknowledged about weaponization of IRS;
        Fast and Furious;
        rumor that Mexican drug cartels have been funding SW US politicians to allow drug trade to continue;
        Kerry love of Iran / Obama Iran nuke deal;
        Benghazi / arms-to-Syrian rebels;
        overthrows of Arab Spring;
        and more we may not even have an inkling about.

        So, I see Trillions at stake. Certainly. But I see more than the international business cartels, more than the proverbial cornering-the-international-lemon-market type setups.

        What if this succeeds?

        We can end Perpetual War, a la “1984.” Middle East peace. decent immigration policy. Strong economy. Devote fed budget where it will actually help someone.

        Maybe – hey, a guy can dream – we fulfill this idea of sponsoring other countries to be successful, as well – versus us luring them into IMF debt so we or Russia or China can have them over a barrel and exploit their labor and natural resources, all the while claiming to be spreading Democracy. And, maybe us dropping Population Control of dark-skinned people in Africa and Asia as our leading major international relations goal.

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        • O! the sins of the CIA…

          I put some stuff out back in 2008 about the CIA and its history that shocked many of my readers who weren’t aware of some of its more hideous activities. I had actually friends who were concerned for my welfare and safety back then and couldn’t believe I did that. One of them got a visit from the FBI in early 2009 for saying much less than I did. Somehow, I managed to avoid that. Their sins run the gamut of every kind of evil under the Sun. And I am not talking stupid conspiratorial stuff.

          I liken what you describe in your comment above as the Amazon River and its whole tributary system. Massive!

          I understand the money element of it all (the trillions), but it’s not just the money. These people want absolute-sovereign control of and over everything and all the mass of people. They could have all the trillions of dollars but would never be satisfied to have that without absolute control of people and nations.



      • Bogeyfree says:

        Brennen, Clapper, Mueller and Comey all were involved/connected with the Obama Administration as far back as 2008/2009.

        In 2008 Brennen worked on his campaign as a foreign policy advisor while he was still CEO of The Analysis Corp until Oct 2008.

        In Jan 2009 he joins Obama’s WH as Asst. to the President for Homeland Security until Mar 2013.

        Then becomes CIA Director from Mar 2013 – Jan 2017

        Clapper Clapper serves as Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence from 2007-2010 Where he oversees the DIA, NSA, NSO and NGIA.

        From 2010-2017 – Clapper serves as Director of National Intelligence.

        Mueller serves as FBI Director from 2001-2013

        Comey comes in from an investment firm and becomes Obama’s FBI Director from 2013 – 2017

        The piece most people miss is what did Comey do from 2005-2010 and why is that interesting?


        • While I agree with you that B-C-C-RM were connected to the BHO admin as far back as 2008-2009 (you are correct), perhaps some more than others, I have to believe that a desired structure was at least in the stage of discussion even before he got elected. And who were the voices involved. Guarantee you that Val-Jar was a most prominent voice and was well connected enough to play a part in getting certain parties together. I don’t know for sure, but gut instinct says very possible.

          Intriguing and interesting info to know would be who he talked to and secretly connected with during his campaign and who he aligned with immediately after being elected.

          I have little doubt that the powers that were, knew he would win. Once in, it’s get a structure in place to maintain the dem-oligarchy-socialist dynasty so that the Reps and Conservatives could never regain the Presidency.

          Now, I have no way to know for a fact unless I had been an advanced mosquito drone in the WH, who approached who first. But I bet somebody approached B-C-C-RM instead of the other way around. I could be wrong.

          But still, it is good that we are now talking more about what went on before 2015, 2016, 2017-2018….because the power structure of spying and agency weaponizing (as far as the episode of BHO vs. Trump) didn’t just start in 2015. Agencies have been weaponized before, but for now, I’m concentrating on the current war between the BHO/HRC machine vs the Trump Presidency.

          Thanks for you input. Appreciated.



        • “The piece most people miss is what did Comey do from 2005-2010 and why is that interesting?”

          There has been some discussion about that but it seems to have gone off the radar.

          I bet there’s some serious dirt about Comey:

          *Lockheed Martin (2005-2010)
          *Bridgewater Associates
          *HSBC Holdings


  12. At the time the FISA-702 (16) & (17) data collections began …. nobody knew who the GOP nominee would be. I doubt seriously that Donald Trump was even under surveillance when this began… in 2012, 2013, 2014… who could’ve predicted that?

    The thing is… they were doing the queries… so who was surveilled? Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, John McCain, Mitt Romney…. who else? All of their staff, donors, family members, friends… who else?

    The list is limitless. And they still have this data, folks. There’s a chilling thought. They still have it all. Where is it, who has it?

    These vermin must be removed from society and sent to prison for the rest of their lives.

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    • jmclever says:

      Yes, but also the databases need to be seriously culled and certain identifiers made to be no longer part of it. Let’s be realistic. There is no way anyone who is a part of modern America is not able to be targeted by this system.


      • concerned3 says:

        To quote myself once again. The NSA database is a computer based system but it is also a process. No process is better than the people who run it. Obama was part of the process that ran/controlled the NSA database.

        Given enough reason and the opportunity their can never be a safe process. One without error. The stakes are to high, this process should be shutdown today, right along with the FISA process.


        • Z says:

          I pray to Jesus that President Trump has turned that spying apparatus on our enemies. Please, God, let there be fair play. President Trump must be a very forgiving person, because I would be nuking these traitors by now.

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    • Invisigoth says:

      Trump was under surveillance as soon as he demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate.

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      • Look at how effective it was. President Trump won the election anyway. The Obama Administration saw all that power in his hands and couldn’t resist using and abusing it. Yet, he was such a poor President, so badly served the country and We The People, that we wouldn’t have elected any Democrat after his tyrannical reign.

        Hillary was a terrible candidate, that’s a fact. But I don’t think any other Democrat candidate would have won the Presidency either. We were sick of the repression and corruption.

        Thank God President Trump decided to run. I don’t think any of the other GOP candidates could have done what he has done.

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  13. jmclever says:

    As a child of the Cold War era, I was taught that only the Soviet govenrment did this sort of thing. The tactics described by Sundance are not foreign to any child of the Cold War. They were explained to us quite well as part of the reasons that Soviet Union was so very, very bad: nuclear weapons not withstanding. In fact, the thought of always being watched and the sword of Damocles always hanging over me and to (unjustly) punish me at a whim was more fearsome to me than any sudden death from a distance.

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  14. Since Judge Colyer issued her report, it does not appear that anyone in any government body or agency has followed up.

    There is an entire sub rosa effort by members of the Media, Administrative State and both political parties to keep the American people from really understanding what is going on in FISAWorld and the FISC.

    Congress and the Courts created a secret, completely unaccountable surveillance system on Americans and just about everyone in DC seems to want to keep it that way.

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    • FPCHmom says:

      Yes. And remember how fast they renewed it without any serious discussion about the abuse that had occurred? They all want their star chamber.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Or, they who voted for its renewal, had already been compromised BY it.

        Actually, the Senate and House are run with such iron hand control that really only need to control/compromise 4 people to control Congress.

        The membership of both caucuses simply vote the way they are told, by the leadership.

        The idea that controlling Congress is like herding cats is a falsehood, perpetuated to maintain the illusion.

        Look what Ryan did to Nunes. Cross the leadership of your caucus, and watch what happens.


  15. Dell Mar says:

    The video with Mike Rogers and his testimony needs to be explained in connection with 702 85% failure rate.

    It sounds like he is describing an error in the capture collection of data. I could be wrong but think of it this way:

    There is way to much data in the world to capture it all, instead, the NSA captures meta type data. A phone number and other phone numbers its connected with. It does not capture what was said on the call. However, if that phone number is queried by an operator, then another level of data collection is trigured. That level will capture actual phone conversations. In addition it was probably capturing conversations for any number the original number called in the past. This goes for anything, not just phone numbers, and explains the 85% number and why Rogers says he had the data purged but kept the meta. The algorithm on collection was inefficient in collecting more data than lawfully allowed. Later they reworked it to better comply.

    Now, how could this flaw be used mellicously. Well, easy answer would be for someone with access to the database to query many different numbers, names, etc. that they are interested in. Immediately this would trigger a higher level of data collection. Ie. actual transcripts of phone conversation, actual emails (body text), etc. btw, this explaines Cohen and Prague. Somebody queried Michel Cohen and the database started collecting information on all Michael Cohens.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but either way, what Mike Rogers is saying in that video needs to be hashed out in how that relates to 702s


    • OlderAndWiser says:

      Dell, I may be mistaken, but it does require a court order for anyone (NSA, phone company etc.) to record US citizens’ conversations. NSA probably records all conversations of suspect foreign persons.
      I think was Admiral Rogers was referring to was that the actual search software itself was wrong, and that it accidenally (bug? feature?) returned more than what was asked for. This can happen for many reasons – too many and too arcane to detail here. (Though as a hint, think of the identity – or de-duping – problem: how do you know the actual identity of a person who owns an email address?)


      • Hmmm... says:

        This is the basic problem with the construct of the program. They record it all. The theory they used to justify it was that recording it is not a violation of the 4th amendment only accessing it would be. It’s a bad theory and has led exactly to where we are now. This is what Snowden revealed and what the giant NSA facilities in Utah do. Scoop up everything and store it with NSA tools available to search. It was set up with this failure as a inevitable flaw and many people warned about it once it was revealed that this was the theory they were operating on.


  16. ms Idaho says:

    This reminds me – isn’t there an old law enforcement quip – something like ‘it wasn’t the crime that got ’em, it was the cover up’?
    I Sent this to a friend:
    Guess what Sundance concludes? Emphasis mine
    “Everything after March 9th, 2016, was done to cover up the weaponization of the FISA database. [Explained Here] Spygate, Russia-Gate, the Steele Dossier, and even the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (drawn from the dossier and signed by the above) were needed to create a cover-story and protect themselves from discovery of this four year weaponization, political surveillance and unlawful spying. Even the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel makes sense; he was FBI Director when this began.”

    Re: Mueller – who would know better what was going on?

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  17. Pokey says:

    As has been said before, nothing of any consequence has happened in nearly three years that has had any affect on the constant illegal abuse of the Patriot Act FISA Court. I don’t believe anything will be done because a strict interpretation of the Patriot Act will result in a striking down of the whole unconstitutional mess. Since political heads roll every time there has been a successful new terrorist attack, all of the politicians know that the Patriot Act was written to protect their impotent backsides from blame every time they fail to anticipate and prevent a terrorist attack. President Bush knew the Patriot Act was unconstitutional when it was passed, but protection of the political class from blame was most important to the most vulnerable of the political class.

    I say we just abolish the entire Patriot Act and return our right to privacy to our citizens. There is no end to the growing abuses this aberration will cause in our future. Look how much damage the, also unconstitutional, Affirmative Action law has caused especially for our government schools and private workplaces. The most egregious recent unconstitutional acts have been Hate Crime laws, which are nothing more than thought police legislation. If we don’t pass these stupid unconstitutional laws, we don’t have to fight so hard to keep our basic liberties.

    Of course, if frogs had wings, they wouldn’t have scabs on their arses.


  18. Dell Mar says:

    Btw, what Rogers shut down was just the automatic database trigger to collect. He did not shut down all collection. That is, if someone had a fisa warrent on them, then all data would be collected with 2 hops.


  19. Its being slowly revealed… my biggest concern is WHY TRUMP let Assange be arrested? The vortex of evil is strong and I hope the good light isn’t being sucked into the vortex…


  20. Rose says:

    I wonder how many Rinos are being black mailed by the deep state dirty cops and lawyers? What did they do with all the dirt they dug up, wonder if Obama keeps a flash drive on a chain on his neck just in case he needs sway a Republican politician?

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  21. Blue Moon says:

    I always think back to GWB back after 9/11 when he authorized the spying on “foreigns” only. Lots of worry that it would be turned against the USA’s own people. GWB promised this would never happen……Never. The joke is on us.


    • FPCHmom says:

      What a terrible legacy for GWB.

      The erosion of the privacy rights of American citizens, but not even trying to close the border to illegals.

      And the increase in islamic immigration to this country when it should have been shut off or severely decreased.

      Not to mention 18 years of war in the middle east.

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  22. The Akh says:

    Something just dawned on me regarding the new Dem strategy invloving subpoena of all Trumps financial records.

    I think most of is realize that the Dems are real snakes and nothing in their world is an organic process. Everything is cold, calculating, and underhanded. If we assume that the IRS scandal is/was essentially a symptom of a larger political spying operation, did that part of the operation continue up to 2016? Was the Obama administration already poking around in Trump’s financials? Is it just that the Dems backs are against the wall and they have nothing left, or is there more to it?

    As someone else pointed out here, the Dems almost never ask questions for which they don’t already have the answer. Which makes me think that Cummings and co. already know what they are looking for in Trump’s financial history. They can’t just come out with it, because then people would rightful ask, “how in the heck did you get that information”? So much like the dossier cover for the NSA spying, is this new subpoena effort just legal cover for information they already have?


    • Dell Mar says:

      Of course. Trump is not a saint, and no business person alive is clean on taxes. He has given them every opportunity to let it go and he would let it go. They ruffused to let it go.


      • The Akh says:

        I’m not necessarily suggesting that Trump is dirty at all in his financials. In fact, I would think I guy like Trump would be extremely careful on that end if for no other reason than he has always been high profile. But it doesn’t mean the Dems don’t already have a tact to exploit.


      • Kaco says:

        Perhaps, but I think Trump has been historically careful on all his business dealings. That article from the 80’s (that’s somewhere in my bookmarks), basically said how he can be cutthroat in getting a good deal but he made sure every i was dotted and t was crossed and everything was on the up and up.

        They just want to do with him like they did to Romney but much worse and ongoing. The financials is a battle for the hearts and minds for the American people because I don’t think they will find any criminal wrongdoing but they will claim ethical.


  23. Ron Van says:

    It is CRITICAL that ALL the data collected within the Obama Administration, since 2008 be uncovered and revealed. I am willing to bet big money, that it will all be one-sided political research against Republicans. Somewhere within DOJ, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, at Obama’s bidding, collected and stored all kinds of op research on the daily conversations of Romney, Trump, all 17 Republican primary contestants, etc. NSA stores everything, so even though, Hillary burned her barn down with all the data in it, and Obama tried to destroy everything, it still has to be on file somewhere. Obama/Holder used the DOJ to perpetrate America’s biggest criminals against established democracy. This is massive and goes back to Day #1 of Obama. The depth of this may never be fully known; but we must try! This data must be uncovered; to realize the incredible depth of their spying, and to be used at their treason trial!


    • Pokey says:

      It took several years just to convict Alger Hiss of being a Communist working as a high up in the State Department during the Roosevelt Administration. What makes us think trying to convict Obama of running similar espionage on all of his political opponents would be even that easy.

      Obama needs to be exposed for what he really is, but I don’t see it ever happening. He has several apparatchiks planning and protecting his every move. I wish it were not true, because either the moron John McCain or the useless political hack Mitt Romney would have been a far better deal as a President of our country. Lousy of course, but at least not completely controlled Communist clown acts. I am still trying to figure out why this country ever voted Obama to any job “above his pay grade.”


  24. Kaco says:

    “the Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to create a legal albeit ex post facto justification for the pre-existing surveillance and spy operations. Fusion GPS gave them that justification in the Steele Dossier.”

    Great investigative research on the ongoing spying but I still think their motive is and still is to destroy Donald Trump and had the “insurance policy” in case he did win the presidency. The whole purpose of the spying was as a tool to destroy their enemies, not just to spy for spying’s sake. I think they were sloppy, hence, the 11th hour (or rather 15 minute) memo Susan Rice wrote about “by the book”. Since they failed at the coup via the Executive Branch, now it’s Congress. They also exacted their revenge on those who have been prosecuted, Manafort, Flynn, Stone (they hate Alex Jones). The whole Western World was involved in getting rid of Pres Trump, as we now know.

    I just saw Levin give an accounting of such by JFK, Johnson, etc. on how they used the FBI/spying on their political enemies. And of course, the only one that gets punished per se is Nixon. They’ve been doing this for decades. They’ve pretty much admitted it, Waters talked about it, and then there’s the IRS, which went unpunished. And now they have Big Tech getting in on the action. We are in a totalitarian state, in spite of the Administration, and no trade policy, tax cut, or deregulation is going to get us out of this if it continues to get ignored and people aren’t held accountable..

    Barr is friends with Mueller, Mueller is in deep with Uranium One as is Rosenstein, Mueller transformed the FBI, Mueller has Weinstein as his right hand man in the Special Counsel? What happened to the Uranium One whistle blower? Still sitting around waiting? Then the news that Ukraine was working for the Clinton campaign. I remember that McCain and Graham going early on into Ukraine after POTUS came into office doing their own foreign policy. What was that meeting with Ukraine really about? They’re all afraid of getting caught now but they still have the goal of destroying POTUS. The silence from our Republican leaders is deafening.

    This crimes against our Constitutional Republic cannot be shoved under the rug nor leveraged. “Exposure” is not enough, action speaks louder than any words spoken or tweeted. Either we have a Republic of laws or we don’t. How do we get that message across to the Administration and its DOJ?

    I do agree that in order to nab these crooks is to find the origin of all of it, including each step taken. Because they will use every “lawful” excuse or “intent” for why they did this or that like “because of the sensitivity of the matter”.

    But their intent is to continue to destroy and gain power, and now Congress is picking up where the FBI/DOJ/Special Council left off, starting with trying to get POTUS tax returns and going through the Trump Organization with a fine tooth comb, if not for finding a hair out of place, but to use their media for more false narratives and outrages, and flat out lies. Which is the same reason why they wanted the Mueller report released and Barr allowed it to be. Glad to see POTUS lawsuit against their subpoena.

    But enough with the defense, the clock ran out on this a long time ago, and more damage has been done since. If this would have been stopped a long time ago, there wouldn’t have been so much more treachery involved and now the players in this game like Mueller and Rosenstein have a lot to lose because of their actions in the past couple of years in continuing the witch hunt and targeting and destroying people in the process. Now it’s not just what happened before the election, but since and their part of the coup and the whole conjuring up the “obstruction” charge. And I don’t think they want to answer to it. Which is why I won’t be surprised they won’t be allowed to be caught, otherwise they won’t have an out. The longer this is allowed to continue the more players caught in the web, like Wray (IG report brush off) and Barr if he doesn’t serve true justice.

    All of this needs to be answered for. Like Sundance says, start with the origin and work to present day in which they are all still working knowingly under false pretenses.

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    • Brenrod says:

      Continuing attacks on Trump distract the public and stall the Trump administration pursuit of their prior crimes. They need to continue this stall until they get back in power.


  25. BigTalkers says:

    This means Obama and his IC actively investigated Presidential candidate Mitt Romney throughout the 2012 election. How perfect!


  26. Josh Taylor says:

    The whole 702 system is flawed. The whole system needs to come crashing down. Enough said! No excuses even if it’s used against terrorists abroad. NO MORE!

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  27. Brenrod says:

    Langford said the system worked and yet the system is still covering up the seditious and traitorous coup against the president.

    Furthermore, why wasn’t it stated That Carter Page was an FBI UCE in 2012 and testified on behalf of the FBI in May 2016, and then was suddenly represented to the FISC by the FBI as a Russian spy merely a couple of months later. How is it that newell says nothing about this either?

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  28. Gail says:

    If you haven’t read this study of Mueller and his history of dirty tricks by Louie Gohmert, read it. He outlines his unscrupulous behavior in multiple cases and his cozying up to the Islamic co-conspirators in CAIR while under BHO.

    All of the things he did and more are in this. It is important to know. He is despicable.

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  29. archie says:

    To save the country:
    1) Federal budget to 12% of GDP
    2) End-to-end encryption on all internet traffic
    3) Maximum federal, state, local taxes added together 10%.


  30. MightyMustardSeed says:

    The Conservative Treehouse has a 25,000 piece jig saw puzzle of the BO administration.
    Keeping track of the sectional pictures, Sundance is able to plug the thousands of pieces into the right spot.

    This picture gets UGLIER every day!

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    • We the people know says:

      And not one piece has a straight edge and of course the box it came in did not have a picture on its cover.


  31. Nagothm says:

    The real question is where does this “exported” information reside now? Who has access and control of this illegal database that Obama was building? It sure isn’t within the control of the official US government at this point. And it wasn’t all to target Trump, he wasn’t specifically on their radar that early. This was Blackmail/Leverage/October Surprise material on tens (hundreds?) of thousands of Americans to benefit the left and it wasn’t just deleted when everything went belly up for them.

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  32. mr. deacon says:

    Good job clearing away the fog Sundance. I am still convinced that Obama was spying on Trump associates Papadopolous, Manafort, Carter Page, and Flynn as well as others before their connection to Trump because of their connections with Israel, Ukraine, Russia, and Iran. Obama was, and still is, demonically obsessed with his Iran Deal. These people were “energy” related politically. Energy includes oil, gas, and atomic. Trump just whacked the head off Iran by restarting the sanctions on oil exports. What did, or is, Iran sponsored associates doing to goose Trump and make “Trump Jump”? It’s in the news.

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  33. concerned3 says:

    Would someone find Obama’s database and pulled the plug? I know you guys, at the FBI are busy – but how about it?


  34. pocaMAGAjunta says:

    You just can’t make this stuff up. So the Steele Dossier, with all it’s unverifiable fraudulent claims, was used to obtain a FISA warrant to make all the past illegal spying seem legitimate.

    Despite the fact that all news agencies initially refuse to report the contents, the fraudulent Steele Dossier has to appear legit , and in fact the dossier was included as a basis for the Russia Collusion investigation.

    The Mueller Weissmann Report then concludes the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia. Such conclusion further discredits the Steele Dossier, but the deep state continues to insist on the validity of the Steele Dossier, because without it the illegal actions of the prior administration become exposed. Ah, the irony of it all.

    Pelosi’s new warning to Democrats not to rush to impeachment proceedings based on the Mueller Weissmann report, represents the sudden realization that the Collusion investigation is the rope by which they have hung themselves.

    We’ll played Mr. President. We look forward to the declassification of all pertinent documents at the time you think is best.

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    • concerned3 says:

      You mean Pelosi knew about it from the start. A 2016 and 2018 member of the Gang-Of-Eight and now speaker of the house. You, need to add Paul Ryan to your list. What was Paul Ryan and Pelosi willing to do, in order to keep a lid on this?


    • Mark McQueen says:

      “Pelosi’s new warning to Democrats not to rush to impeachment proceedings based on the Mueller Weissmann report, represents the sudden realization that the Collusion investigation is the rope by which they have hung themselves.”

      Exactly why, after they bluster and blow for awhile longer, impeachment dreams will fade away.


  35. Gene Graff says:

    Great work, as always, Sundance. I find myself having to fight the sinking feeling that nothing will done about this, IG Report, FISA declass, and John Huber notwithstanding. But I hope and I pray that I am wrong and that sunlight will eventually shine on these misdeeds and provide the necessary disinfectant in a way that provides meaningful change and saves the Republic.


  36. Sharon says:

    While “knowing what is so” doesn’t change what is so, having as much clarity as possible helps (a lot) with regard to maintaining some semblance of.sanity.

    The material you are producing is far more than a primer to current players/events. It constitutes deep dive diagnostics of foundations, tools, and goals. As a result, it also identify useful targets going forward.

    You are tank man.


  37. emeraldcoaster says:

    I’m sure BHO ensured Donald Trump was targeted at least since the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Now let’s see who has the last laugh.


  38. Darklich123 says:

    If you’re not writing your legislators your local paper and posting this all over Twitter you’re not helping the cause. This needs to get across Trumps desk and any white hats that even exist.


  39. Barnestormer says:

    In the event that AG Barr becomes serious about penetrating the Obama-era spying network, the participants in that enterprise, for planning puposes, might do well to recall the judicial outcomes of certain key officials and advisors in the Watergate aftermath–in terms of scale, a third-rate bug-planting burglary vs. a multi-year, multi-agency, multi-national spying operation.

    Here’s a sample:
    John N. Mitchell, Attorney General of the United States, convicted of perjury. Served 19 months of a one- to four-year sentence.
    Richard Kleindienst, Attorney General, convicted of “refusing to answer questions” given one month in jail.
    Jeb Stuart Magruder, Head of Committee to Re-elect the President, pleaded guilty to 1 count of conspiracy, August 1973
    Frederick C. LaRue, Advisor to John Mitchell, convicted of obstruction of justice.
    H. R. Haldeman, Chief of Staff for Nixon, convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury.
    John Ehrlichman, Counsel to Nixon, convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury.
    Egil Krogh, aide to John Ehrlichman, sentenced to six months.
    John W. Dean III, counsel to Nixon, convicted of obstruction of justice.
    Dwight L. Chapin, deputy assistant to Nixon, convicted of perjury.
    Herbert W. Kalmbach, personal attorney to Nixon, convicted of illegal campaigning.
    Charles W. Colson, special counsel to Nixon, convicted of obstruction of justice.
    Herbert L. Porter, aide to the Committee to Re-elect the President. Convicted of perjury.
    G. Gordon Liddy, Special Investigations Group, convicted of burglary.

    Of course there’s always the modified limited hang-out option.



    We were warned. Some of us heeded, others were complicit.


  41. lawton says:

    Solomon said this morning on TV that he thinks there will be a Comey leaks IG report in a few weeks before the FISA IG report is released. Not sure if its on all leaks or just the Comey leaking of all that stuff when he was fired.


  42. ezpz2 says:

    One bottom line question: when does justice happen?

    Maybe I should rephrase: WILL there be justice for these clear violations of our civil liberties guaranteed to us by the Constitution?

    When will the perpetrators of so many obvious crimes and abuses of power – when will they be held accountable in accordance with the law?

    Looking at you, AG Barr.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Do Stop Thinking About Tomorrow says:

    Well this certainly explains Chief Justice john roberts.


  44. Doppler says:

    Where is Congressional interest in exposing and correcting this mass invasion of our privacy?


  45. thedoc00 says:

    Given all these facts of abuse are coming to the surface, it would be interesting to see a Republican step up to file ethics, if not removal, complaints against Schumer (“it’s not safe to go against the INTEL community because they will get even”) and Mad Max Waters (“Obama has something on everybody”) to explain themselves under oath.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. ezpz2 says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for your meticulous and intense research, your awesome clarity, analysis, and presentation!

    I hope the Powers That Be are heating and heeding this treasure trove of most valuable information.


  47. ms Idaho` says:

    As I recall, D Trump Jr said his Father LOVES (cannot resist?) a challenge. Yes, this is a massive problem – to many of us it is overwhelming.

    Questions for you…
    -In your circle of friends, acquaintances or any public figure you have knowledge of – could ANY of them solve this mess – even if they had the best support team in the world?
    -in your opinion does POTUS have the unique background experience to view, understand and cope with the magnitude of the problem outlined by Sundance (besides, a lot of us believe that Divine powers are at work, too)

    IMO this will take awhile to resolve. The results may not be what many hope for or expect. Solutions may most effectively return us to the Constitution and Rule Of Law. My guess is that there will be legal solutions for journalistic criminality, for example. Elected congress critters may find they are unexpectedly un-elected. One of our VSG PDJTs stated goals is to demolish HRC. Another is to reorganize, downsize and streamline the gummit. Action has begun on Immigration and control of the border.

    Before this election many of us thought the USofA was lost. For sure it was on the brink. Now hope is surging. Prayers are definitely carpet bombing the bad actors. The Cavalry will be here soon.


  48. John Rawls says:

    Okay, you have part of the background on Dossier Origin,

    but we are waiting for the important part:

    How was the Obama admin directly involved in orchestrating the Dossier’s construction, dissimination, and use to obtain warrant to surveil/spy on political opposition?

    It’s time to tell the complete story.


  49. Some old guy says:

    Fantastic insight Sundance, particularly in re the IRS connection to the political intelligence-gathering operation. The clearer things become for me, the worse Jeff Sessions appears. His lack of action rises, in my view, to compliance with Deep State by omission. He may have recused himself from the Russia related investigation but not the IRS misdeeds, yet he essentially “punted” on any serious accounting.


  50. Uncle Al says:

    I’m late to the party – I’ve been reading Judge Collyer’s FISC Report as recommended by the esteemed sundance.

    On page 21, I found this eye-opener (emphasis mine):

    It also appeared that NSA had not fully assessed the scope of the problem: the IG and OCO reviews “did not include systems through which queries are conducted of upstream data but that do not interface with NSA’s query audit system.”

    I would very much like to know when that audit system was designed, who reviewed and OKed it, who was responsible for implementing it, and who oversaw its ongoing system integration as query workload grew and became more varied.

    Because…what good is an audit system that doesn’t capture all the activity it’s supposed to audit?

    Liked by 3 people

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