Bigger Issues – Suspect Cesar Sayoc Writes Letter to Judge Denying Packages “could have worked”…

Not A Tick Tock

Everything about last year’s headline story just two-weeks before the mid-term election was weird; including the refusal of the FBI to state what ‘specifically’ was the material suspect Cesar Sayoc was accused of using to create his Acme-looking pipe bombs. [Full Indictment Here]

You might remember: FBI Director Christopher Wray outlined during his remarks that the devices consisted of PVC pipe, clocks, batteries, wiring and “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction”.

The FBI director went out of his way to state: “these were not hoax devices.”  The DOJ case, which has taken places in New York’s Southern District (SDNY) then moved to seal all court filings and the case against the nut continued behind the curtain of ‘national security’.  Suspect Cesar Sayoc was scheduled to go on trial this summer on charges relating to the pipe bombs.  However, on March 21st, he entered a guilty plea before a federal judge in New York.

In a new development Cesar Sayoc has written a letter to the judge (full pdf below) trying to walk-back the statements put before him by lawyers in his guilty plea.  Obviously Mr. Sayoc is a person of unstable disposition, but his written statements speak to the nature of issues which have always seemed rather odd.

Here is his letter:


Also, according to this article there are two letters.  I can only find one:

[…] In letters filed on the court docket by U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff, Sayoc indicated that he wanted to change his answers to questions about the bombs he sent, whether they were lethal, and whether he intended harm or knew his devices could kill people.

During his guilty plea, Sayoc said he was “aware of the risk that it would explode” even though he only intended to intimidate people, but in one letter he told Rakoff, “The devices would never explode or worked. The fireworks were sparkler type.” (more)

Many CTH readers are familiar with legal/political cases we have followed and how evidence within those cases are described by officials and law enforcement.

Sometimes we find carefully selected word assemblies that indicate suspicious motives within the authorship.   With that in mind, I would strongly suggest re-reading the original statement by FBI Special Agent David Brown, as he describes the packages and process:

(pdf link to indictment doc – page #2)

Something about this entire event stinks to high heaven.

I’m not prone to wild conspiracy theory; and readers here well know our objective: The Truth Has No Agenda”.   That said, with an understanding that 40 FBI agents knowingly participated in a two-plus year operation into a Russian election conspiracy-collusion theory that never existed…. there’s something seriously sketchy here.

My suspicion is this entire DOJ/FBI operation against President Trump is much larger, and ended up encompassing many more tentacles, than we are currently aware of.

We know current FBI Director Christopher Wray is in his position specifically because Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein lobbied for him and recommended him to President Trump in 2017.  We also know that Wray hired Dana Boente in early 2018 as FBI chief-legal-counsel.  It has always looked like Wray hired Boente specifically because he knew Boente was part of the original team. In essence, Dana Boente could protect the small group interests.

Dana Boente was Acting AG after Sally Yates was fired, and both Rosenstein and Boente signed the July 2017 FISA Title-one surveillance renewal on U.S. person Carter Page.  That FISA was for the exploits of Robert Mueller; and the revised ‘scope memo’ followed a few days later (August 2nd).

Now…. stay with me….. Some people have pointed out that Rosenstein and Boente were retained by Trump, during the new administration changeover, as a way to position Rosenstein and Boente in a favorable light.  Those same voices have framed the same favorable position toward Robert Mueller.  Hopefully, by now, with all the information about Mueller and his corrupt team, that outlook has been abandoned.

We know from interviews given by President Trump that he retained Rosenstein and Boente at the behest of nominated but not confirmed Jeff Sessions.  President Trump, following a typical executive business structure, was deferring decisions on deputy positions to his primary cabinet officers.  Trump was/is also an outsider and didn’t know all of these people and/or their skill-sets; he relied on advice from those closest to the systems.

If you look with hindsight we can clearly see an established network objective that never stopped.  The post-inaugural goal of removing President Trump was extensive, massively so, and it continues today.  Now, I’m going to embed links to back up this next series of statements – please follow them to absorb the larger context.

All research indicates Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller were working together immediately after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey {GO DEEP}. The May 16th oval office meeting was most assuredly a part of this {GO DEEP}. A review of the activity also shows part of the Mueller/Rosenstein and ‘small group’ plan was to drag out the collusion-conspiracy narrative into the 2018 mid-term election {GO DEEP}. Taking the House was part of the motive for dragging out the case. That’s also why Rosenstein told President Trump NOT TO declassify the documents and used the ‘obstruction’ threat to accomplish that goal in September 2018 {GO DEEP}  We also know the 19 DOJ lawyers and 40 FBI agents who worked with Mueller were from the original 2016 crew {Go DEEP}.

Now,… is it a ‘conspiracy‘ to see a strong possibility those same DOJ/FBI institutions, who are comprehensively opposed to President Trump; and who also hold a self-interest to avoid their own risk and behavior; would not work in October 2018 to frame a narrative that would help ensure the mid-term election against President Trump?

If you were part of the corrupt FBI apparatus as described (keep in mind the scale of at least 40 corrupt known agents – likely many more); and you were part of an underlying corrupt DOJ apparatus; it would not be challenging to frame a disturbed and unintelligent Cesar Sayoc toward the election goal that was critical to the long-term impeachment plan; and then bury all the details through the use of the anti-Trump DOJ offices in the SDNY.

Who also works in the New York Southern District?

James Comey’s daughter.

Friends, this thing is much bigger than it appears.


If you ever have time, just grab a cup of coffee and read through those links above to recent articles CTH has written on the subject.  As always all internal citations are embedded for you to make up your own mind.  It might take a while, but if you can come up with alternate explanations for the thousands of data-points outlined… let me know.

From our reference point, this conspiracy is very large and very real.

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  1. The whole caravan thing seems to be a smoke screen for what the Democrats know is getting ready to happen. Mexico is not helping these caravans nearly as much as their number one criminal backer, George Soros. Having thousands of illegal invaders climb into our southern border, knowing that President Trump’s attention would be drawn to the border. Ole NOncy is pretty smart on that count. She says no to impeachment because she fears they would have to prove a case. Just like her little chihuahua (Schiffty Schitt) and her neutered bull dog (Nadless Nadler), she claims knowledge but the knowledge she has can only show collusion among the Democrats to bring down President Trump. NOncy has been hoping that they can intimidate Don Jr., and Ivanka and that PDJT will resign rather than have them subjected to what he has endured. He knows it is a sham. He knows who the instigators and dirty players are. I can only hope that I live to see justice meted out to ALL of them. Yes, there will have to be a lot of replacements—in the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSD, and Congress. It is officially time for the replacements to begin. And for those being replaced to find a new home. At Mar-a-Gitmo. Courtesy of PDJT!!

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  2. H. Hawke says:

    Check this excerpt from Byron York’s interview with former POTUS Attorney John Dowd re: Sessions.

    Jeff Sessions and the Mueller appointment

    Although Dowd consistently described an atmosphere of professionalism and cooperation between the Trump team and the Mueller investigation, he nonetheless remained unhappy that there was a Mueller investigation in the first place. And he said he has many unanswered questions about the role of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

    “How the hell did that happen?” Dowd asked, referring to the May 17, 2017, appointment of Mueller. “On that day, that’s the day after the president interviewed Mueller for FBI director and didn’t want him, and they discussed the conflict they had with the Trump golf club. The next day, Sessions and Jody Hunt, who was Sessions’ chief of staff, were in the Oval Office talking, when I think Don McGahn or someone walked in and said Rosenstein has just appointed Bob Mueller special counsel.”

    Sessions, of course, had recused himself from the Russia investigation, an action that made Trump angry to this day. Now, in the Oval Office, the attorney general was blindsided by the Mueller news. “Sessions was just horrified,” Dowd said. “He was so embarrassed. And the president said [to Sessions] how could you not know? And Jody Hunt, who was the chief of staff for the attorney general, did not know, and he was horrified. And poor Sessions resigned right then and there. They started drafting a resignation letter. He was so embarrassed and humiliated.”

    “And then afterwards Hunt went back to the Department,” Dowd continued. “He walked in Rosenstein’s office and said [Rosenstein] was hunkered down behind his desk and asked Hunt, are they going to fire me? Think about that for a minute. I mean, no one knows how Rosenstein and Mueller ever got together, why Mueller was picked. No one has ever answered any questions about that. And then the order he issued doesn’t have a crime in it … It’s a counterintelligence investigation … And Jody Hunt wrote in his notes that he told Rosenstein that what he had done was despicable and unprofessional. And that’s all I know about it. I don’t know any more.”

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  3. HB says:

    None of us believed this Sayoc crap from the get go. The one time bombs get mailed to the people that deserve to get blown away, they are fake.

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  4. If Trump fires Wray, is that obstruction??? I’m sure the Dems could find a way to define it that way. Sessions looks more and more like a deep state plant. I cannot believe how I fell for his deceit.

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    • swissik says:

      It bothers me a lot too, I kind of liked the munchkin. Maybe it was the southern thing that helped fake his trustworthiness.


    • USA First! says:

      You and many others. At one point anyone mentioning Sessions was a rat was in danger of being banned.


      • GB Bari says:

        Sessions made a 180 degree turn in allegiance that was most unusual and remains an enigma to this day. You cannot blame people who knew of Sessions’ history and watched his enthusiastic support for PDJT all through the campaign, for not immediatey abondoning their support for him after he recused. We knew we did not have all of the facts. To this day we still do not have all of the facts .

        The recusal was unexpected and so illogical at the time that most of us wanted to try to reason that he was going to conduct some covert treacherous investigations of Deep State evil away from the bright light of everyday media. That speculation held for awhile until last year when facts emerged that could only support the story that Sessions had truly abandoned the President in the Deep State’s attmpeted coup and character assassination.

        I was one of those perople who refused to denigrate Sessions for the longest time. I then stopped commenting either way for awhile because I saw zero facts to support conclusions about Sessions either way. I make no apologies for believing the best about the man for as long as I could, despite his taking an unexplicable path away from honor and fidelity..

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        • Jeff Sessions … not unlike Benedict Arnold.

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        • What purged the last of my benefit of doubt for Sessions was when Sessions made the Awan Spy Ring disappear. That was an unforgivable act against the Rule of Law for the benefit of Dem’s in the Swamp.

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          • cali says:

            @bearlodgeblog: The Awan espionage case is a national security case that involves 43 democrats like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – a dual citizen who is also a Mossad agent like Sheriff Israel, removed after the election of Ron DeSantis. Israel just lost the law suit challenging his firings ending in the court siding with governor DeSantis.

            The Awan espionage case is/will be adjudicated by military tribunal dues to its wide ranging implications. We also know for sure that president Trump and his white hats/military team have the Awan Server, the DNC server, Hillary’s server, the Benghazi server from Amb Stevens and issued by HRC, the Google server that Eric Schmidt set up in NK. the NK leader turned that Google server over to our military men who visited NK although not reported by the media and intentionally so. This Google server was the way all these traitors from Hussein on down to Strzok, Comey, HRC, Valerie Jarrett, John Kerry, CrowdStrike and whole host of other traitors used to communicate among each other thinking the NSA could not monitor/intercept the comms.

            In other words Awan – Uranium one etc are connected.

            @Sundance: I agree with your analysis that includes this case with Sayoc – who now attempts to walk back what he was told to read or say by his defense attorney. We know that the mailing of these pipe bombs was another false flag as so many were before. Strangely enough these bombs originated and were mailed from Florida.
            One of the anons made a list of 19 incidents of domestic terror/shootings that took place during and after the election: all of them had source connection with Florida – Israel and Wassermann. That’s not a coincidence!

            The next question then would be: Is Sayoc and just like the innocent shooter of Parkland on psychotropic drugs and therapy? If so who is his therapist?
            We also learned that whenever one of these false flags occurs it precedes after coded tweets appear either from Comey, Brennan, Podesta among these colluders in SpyGate and ALWAYS right at the time when bad news are on the horizon to make its way to the American citizens.

            Not one false flag was ever meant to benefit president Trump or us – the deplorable. In this case it was meant to influence the midterm election.

            @Sundance: There are thousands of text messages that we have not been given between these colluders in SpyGate ergo we have holes to complete the complete threat/strategy of the case against president Trump by them. I totally agree it worse – far worse than we know so far.
            I ran across some texts yesterday on various accounts I follow on twitter. One of them posted texts between Lisa Page, Strzok and McCabe. IN these texts it was apparent that Rosenstein met with a few in the intelligence committee soliciting them in how to proceed. Obviously they discussed appointing Mueller. Page texted to Strzok and McCabe about it.

            We also recently learned that Grassley and Graham alerted Barr to the compromised Weissman and his Pakistani born sidekick attorney – both of them planning long before their appointment to Mueller how to entrap some affiliated with president Trump. They used the info gained from the AP and other reporters or politicians involved from both parties (NeverTrumpers) and charged them with process crimes despite knowing and withholding exculpatory evidence from the courts – like Flynn, Manafort and PapaD plus Page. All of Mueller’s team were large donors and supporters of Hussein and Hillary. Some of them attended Hillary’s party on the night of the election.

            I have often thought about that the ‘hunters became the hunted’: I feel it in my gut that despite the roadblocks by Mueller and Rosenstein to prevent the truth from SpyGate to be known and as instructed by their masters in the UK – 5Eyes – they too are under investigation.
            We also learned that Mueller already finished his collusion investigation and coming up empty in late 2017 and yet kept going. Yes he dragged it out into the midterm. Assisted by the traitors in the republican party and of course democrats the intentionally lost the house. Mueller even hoped to drag it into the 2020 election although he was told to close shop.

            The reason for me to think is that president Trump and his team knew they would lose the house long in advance. To strengthen my belief is the fact that we learned long in advance that the senate was the target to keep and that we would via 53-47. I learned 5 months before the midterm election about the senate win and exact number of 53-47 ergo the current FISA that began in 2017 ’til president and military intelligence active were once again 10 steps ahead and correct.

            @Sundance, have you thought about that maybe – just maybe Mueller, Rosenstein and his angry team of democratic donors were and are under investigation themselves ergo throwing the left a last hail mary like leaving the obstruction charge hanging so as to appear president is NOT in the clear? Like Weissman and the rest – Mueller is also on his way leaving government employment. Hmmm……the more you know!

            I know its frustrating because it takes such a long time to be able to put it all together but I remain hopeful. I go back to your post about Rice and her email to herself: I wonder if it was thereafter that Hussein pardoned all the colluders in his inner circle and HRC et al in SpyGate?

            We know that president Trump had little choice but to use our military intelligence since the FBI and DOJ were so beyond corrupt. Since then the 7th floor is no more – all of them have been fired. Until the DOJ and FBI could be cleaned our military had to step in. We also since learned that the CIA will be disbanded because it can not be cleaned up. In their place will be the NSA only.
            Snowden – the traitor who attempted to destroy the NSA in lieu of his masters at the CIA but has a blue check mark twitter account.
            Assange – the patriot who exposed HRC and gang, VAULT 7 and 8 to show that Russia was framed during 2016 and beyond by the deep state at the CIA and their partners in the UK/5Eyes alliance. Yet – they wanted and still want to get their hands on this man who poses a danger to all these SpyGate plotters here and abroad. He has much more to tell including that Seth Rich provided Podesta’s email to WikiLeaks and not Russia. CrowdStrike just so happen to be part of the same alliance Halper, Hannon, Downer, Wood and the rest of plotters abroad and attempted to frame and destroy our president.

            Yes there is more – much more as the slow roll-out by the president, his team and other white hats continues. It is also much worse as we’ve been told – as it is beyond worse.

            Also consider this: Suddenly Prince Charles and Camilla, China’s Xi visiting Cuba!!!? Chinese Xi also giving tons of money to El Salvador, Honduras and Ecuador working in tandem with the caravan organizers and millions of Chinese invaders among others make it into our country. What co-operation does Prince Carles/Crown/UK and China/XI are looking for in Cuba and so close to GITMO? Why did our propaganda media blacked out the election interference by China during 2016 and millions making it into the bank accounts of the SpyGate plotter politicians like Jeb, HRC and others?

            In the meantime they all screamed hysterically about muh Russia 24/7 directing everyone’s eyes to Russia while China and the treacherous politicians and social media giants made their moves to destroy America and destroy/remove our president.

            Strange how that happens and yet, president Putin remained a statesman no matter how often they framed and fingered him while provoking war via NATO, Ukraine and Syria. Then there is the Russian tool Skripal and his UK collusion to frame Putin of poisoning when that too was a false flag. Strange how that all happens!

            In the end “everything that is in the dark will come into the light”! >>>>>>>DARK TO LIGHT<<<<<<<<!

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            • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

              Beautiful synopsis, Cali.
              On every SINGLE front.
              My prayers this lent are concentrated on requests for Divine intervention, to trip up future FFs and wrap our President in a cloak of protection.

              PS: GRASSLEY is/ has been eternally underated.. see my nic.


            • Xena Laminak says:

              Have you seen any of George Webb’s YouTube videos? He lays out so much dirt it gets hard to follow. ALL of this information needs to be spelled out in books – encyclopedic at this point.


          • Don’t forget Sessions’ deflection of the investigation into corruption with the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton to AAG John Huber in Utah. After 18 months, NOTHING!


        • USA First! says:

          Good words!

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        • Y’all Know What Time It is says:

          Supposedly Sessions had to recuse from the investigation bc he had been associated with the Trump campaign.


        • Bruce says:

          The deep state has something on him, and he’s too cowardly to fight back.


    • It won’t be long before the Dem’s seek to recuse Barr from any decisions on obstruction, or claim that Barr is obstructing the obstruction charge, due to Barr’s June 2017 opinion letter giving reasons why obstruction is all BS.


    • Mark Adams says:

      He can fire anyone in the Executive Branch, at any time, for any reason.


  5. mtk says:

    NOT TO declassify the documents and used the ‘obstruction’ threat to accomplish that goal.
    I am not so sure, we can say it was used as an obstruction threat. It highly likely the President going above and beyond to avoid even the appearnce of obstruction was well understood by the conspirators as his counter play.

    Just saying they are corrupt, not blind.

    If that is the case, “How long would it take to game out, ‘How to play that to their advantage?'”

    Enter, Mr. Rosenstein.

    Maybe it is time to revisit, “His Mister nice guy sit down with the Nation from around the time of the appointment of the special consul.”

    In away Mr. Rosenstein goal of that sit down was to argue, “This was the kind of situation that required, no called for the discretion of an asute small closed door fact finding barring that, the alternative has to be to appoint a special consul.” He was putting lipstick on a pig of the smoke filled room but wrapping it in the language that is how power works. What was his opinion of this type of arrangement. Oh that is right, “Works, best.”

    I could never quite, reconcile that argument with a man of his legal standing.

    And, he did it in away that made him an appearnt neutral party.

    With that in place, he does not need threats to steer damning questions and/or evidence into the Special Consul little old ‘black hole’, he just needs to identify how Mr. Mueller’s team would see it.

    What would have happened if somehow what Mr. Rosenstein seemed to be suggesting, “A backroom hammering out of just, ‘What the heck was going on here?’ actually came to be.”

    The answer to that question is of coarse purely hypothetical. However, it raises an unequivocal interesting question, “If Mr. Rosenstein was genuine, ‘Just what did the holdovers from the previous adminstration have in place to take to Congress, at that moment in time?'”

    To game that out, requires taking the possible evidence and stating some hypothesis based answer outcomes.

    A. It was damnig.
    B. There was nothing there.
    C. It was both A and B.

    Wait just one moment, both A and B. How, can that be???

    Everyone must remember, I am not making a statement of judgment here. As in physics, there are anti-particle to every particle. In essence, I am leaving out the the flip sides to the hypothesis…
    A. Whom would it be damning to? You can not assume it would be PDJT, just surely as it is now fair to state it could have been HRC(political) and the conspiring insituitions.

    Same goes to for B. There is nothing there. If that is true, then what are talking about, could it be that, ‘What was actually there, “Was the finger prints of the setup.’?”

    You see now how C is a valid observation.

    Maybe Mr. Rosenstein was right, a smoke filed room to sort this out, since the either/or nature of the above would have come out with the likes of Nunes and Grassley and others in that back room.

    So in my opinion, Mr Rosenstein’s preface argument of Congressional fact finding, was a dead on delivery argument with one purpose, “Validate the need of the Special Consul appointment.”

    Simply put, “What does that make Mr. Rosenstein?”

    Now, of coarse, it be would mightly interesting, at this date of post Mueller, to take exactly only “What was the evidence back in the Spring 2017, and run it through the floating ballon counter argument of Mr Rosenstein.
    But this time ask additional questions… Was it manufactured and just who manufactured it.

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  6. All you have to know is that Comey’s freakin’ daughter works for the SDNY. I rest my case, or rather, Sundance’s case.

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  7. mtk says:

    The fireworks were sparkler type.

    So if they did work, they would have created alot of smoke.

    Appearntly, they did work.
    So much smoke was generated within the MSM.

    Remember this was at tail end of a time that MSM was running, creating and refining the alt-right narrative.

    Funny how that dead panned.

    Why did the alt-right narrative die on the vine, could it be the risk of media collusion with the Antfa and alt-right groups would have been exposed as more Federal Resources where devoted to observing and policing the media driven antics.

    The risk was too great.
    So these groups where giving their marching order to tone it down.


    • GB Bari says:

      What is “sparkler-type”? It’s either sparklers or it’s not.

      Did Sayoc scrape the molded sparkler powder off from the sparkler wire sticks? That seems rather tedious considering how delicately thin those wires are. It would take A LOT of sparklers and a LOT of scraping to produce sufficient material to make pipe bombs full of that material, unless he just filled each pipe with a wad of sparklers.

      Or he got a formula for sparklers that lists the individual components of the compound that is molded onto the wires for those cheap commercial sparklers.



      • farrier105 says:

        It’s a pyrotechnic device. It makes a flash, noise, and smoke, like the Boston bombing devices which used BLACK POWDER, allegedly, which is not a high-velocity explosive, but a low velocity agent that ignites, but does not detonate at greater than the speed of sound.

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  8. Mike L DelMarcelle says:

    Anyone ever notice how anytime something negative is coming out about the democrats or they need to make someone (Trump) or something (gun rights for example) look bad something like this Sayoc happens. How many mass shootings, terror attacks, violence or even this Smollette guy getting let off the hook right after the Mueller report do we need to see a pattern. I think they look for people who have some problems and when needed have people convincing them doing these acts will benefit them.

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  9. Beigun says:

    Sedition is the other side of the coin of treason. History has smelt the stench of the “Banquet of Sedition” before. Sedition’s foul odors spread far and wide, corrupting all who inhale the dream of power usurped. The cure is painful but necessary.

    Cicero describes it best.

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  10. Bogeyfree says:

    PT how about tweeting……..

    Why didn’t the FBI look at the DNC Server?

    Where is the Weiner Laptop and those 650,000 emails?

    Where are the 47 hard drives that Montgomery gave the FBI over 2 years ago?

    Why hasn’t anyone spoken to the U1 whistleblower?

    Why didn’t Mueller investigate anyone from the other side if the original premise was Russia interfering in our election? Doesn’t our elections have two sides? Why did they look at only one side, hmmm…..

    Simple questions that Americans want answers to Mr. President!

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  11. andyocoregon says:

    I wonder how many tangible telephone death threats are received in the offices of Republican politicians and even The White House on a daily basis that we never hear about? Yet all MSM news sources are playing up this phone threat to Ilhan Omar as if it’s the most earth shaking event of the century.

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  12. tommy651 says:

    does anybody still think that an fbi that conducted an investigation to see if the chairperson of the senate intelligence committee in 2013 to see if Dianne fienstein had a communist Chinese spy working for her is on the up and up. the fbi conclude that the chair of the SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE had a spy working in her office for TWENTY YEARS and never told the American people. the fbi is corrupt from top to bottom.

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  13. namberak says:

    ‘… wiring and “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction”’ I loved that one. When that line showed up I told someone over lunch that “that could describe me on the stair stepper!”

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  14. simicharmed says:

    I see a LOT of – “Wanted – Dead or Alive” posters in the future of this Nation! Treachery and Greed (and a whole lot of other misdeeds), happened here in the USA!

    This part of “history” NEEDS to be reported and CORRECTED!


  15. USA First! says:

    “We know from interviews given by President Trump that he retained Rosenstein and Boente at the behest of nominated but not confirmed Jeff Sessions.”

    Everywhere you turn the dirty little possum has his fingerprints in this attempt coupe.


  16. boomerbeth says:

    President George W. Bush called FBI Director Robert Mueller to Camp David.
    His message: never again. And so Mueller committed to turn the FBI into a counterintelligence organization rivaling Britain’s MI5 in its capacity for surveillance and clandestine activity. Federal law enforcement went from a focus on fighting crime to preventing crime; instead of accountants and lawyers cracking crime syndicates, the bureau would focus on Jack Bauer-style operators disrupting terror groups.

    I. Government agents may not originate a criminal design, implant in an innocent person’s mind the disposition to commit a criminal act, and then induce commission of the crime so that the Government may prosecute.’ Jacobson v. United States, 503 U.S. 540, 548 (1992)

    Meaning, a policeman can’t cajole you into robbing a bank and then arrest you for doing it.

    II. There is an exception for defendants who are “predisposed” to commit a certain crime; then entrapment doesn’t apply. And how do you know if someone is predisposed? Usually by ascertaining that he has done such a thing before.

    A New legal doctrine was required, which holds that a target is predisposed to commit a crime if he readily responds to an invitation to commit it.
    The government can coax, wheedle and even bribe you into doing something you ought not to do, sometimes without your even being aware of what’s going on, and you cannot cry “no fair.”
    And of course “ready” can be defined as broadly as you like. What it amounts to is, if you take the bait, you must have been predisposed; therefore, you were NOT entrapped.
    This ‘ready response’ theory has been upheld by the courts, and so in all practical respects the entrapment defense no longer exists.”

    IV. FBI doesn’t tape interviews for accuracy.
    Q: Why in many of these terrorism stings are meetings not recorded?
    A: Because it’s convenient for the FBI not to record.
    It’s a pattern that has been repeated hundreds of times over the past decade: the FBI “foils” a terror plot, except the would-be terrorist’s only conspiracy is with government informants.

    Trevor Aaronson’s book, “The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War On Terrorism,”

    describes how the FBI has “built a network of more than 15,000 informants” who are used to “create and facilitate phony terrorist plots…” The book documents how deceptive sting operations are being used as a way to create a theater of terrorism that benefits the national security/military industrial complex.

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    • Thx Boomer for sharing that book and esp. the “predisposed” loophole on entrapment. I’ve read a couple articles about the FBI entrapping would-be terrorists, including the Pam Geller Draw Mohammed shooters and maybe Pulse Nightclub. I always saw that the Mifsud/Halper push/pull of “dirt on Hillary” with Papadopolous was exactly the same tactic FBI uses all the time.

      The entire institutional culture is hopelessly rotten. Shut down the FBI and part out its responsibilities. The alternative is to create more bad agents due to a bad system.

      Liked by 2 people

    • farrier105 says:

      “Keep fear alive,” was the quote from James Comey to Congress about why they used these mentally challenged Muslims in these set-ups. The FBI launched phony terror attacks to keep the public in fear of Muslims. After years of using Muslims in this fashion, now the Establishment cries crocodile tears about “Islamophobia” which they helped to create.

      Liked by 1 person

      • boomerbeth says:

        Former FBI assistant director Thomas Fuentes:
        “If you’re submitting budget proposals for a law enforcement agency, for an intelligence agency, you’re not going to submit the proposal that ‘We won the war on terror and everything’s great,’ cuz the first thing that’s gonna happen is your budget’s gonna be cut in half. You know, it’s my opposite of Jesse Jackson’s ‘Keep Hope Alive’—it’s ‘Keep Fear Alive.’ Keep it alive.”


    • Orygun says:

      Or they can take you to a remote area and shoot you dead while they make up a scenario to warrant their illegal execution.


  17. Ray says:

    Yep Sessions was a dolt, POTUS trusted Rosenstein. Both Manafort ,Stone even more so were arrested like a band of terrorists, 40 FBI agents participated in a hoax they knew very well was a hoax.Both arrests were to send a message to POTUS what could happen to his family.
    However POTUS proobably should have accepted his resignation and hired someone uninvolved.
    Then the next hoax Obstruction would never have gotten started.
    It’s very frustrating.


    • Mr.G says:

      Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is currently sipping mint juleps on his well-appointed veranda. I was terribly disappointed in lil’ Jeffy.

      All the facts are not in-but, as of now, JS stands as a coward and a traitor in my book.


    • George 1 says:

      The FBI has had a good PR program from the start but many historians will tell you they have been a corrupt institution since the days of J. Edgar Hoover. They have been pulling stunts in the political arena for the powers that be for a long time just as the DOJ and CIA have been doing.

      It is quite shocking when they deploy their tricks against a sitting President. That is how far down the road to a third world justice system we have traveled. It remains to be seen how these events will damage society. One thing is sure, it won’t be the same anymore. Too many people have looked into the abyss.

      When these sorts of things happen there is a historical symmetry and it appears to me we have passed the inflection point. By 2030 to 2035 the USA will not be politically configured as it is today. I pray for all of you younger people.


  18. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    It’s far more reaching and we are much more deeply and permanently divided. Even if the entire uniparty was eliminated and the corrupt agencies/bureaucracies cleansed, civil war is inevitable.


  19. Curt says:

    Isn’t it interesting how all this underhanded conspiracy activity leads directly back to Jeff Sessions tenure and his complete lack of cognizance. Just think of the different outcome if say, Bill Barr, had been the original nominee for AG! I believe our country could have avoided this entire Russia conspiracy scenario. Sessions has been variously described as a feckless idiot, etc. who was in way over his head. But is that true? I believe Sessions was a swamp rat sleeper in the Trump campaign of the highest order. How could anyone with his experience be that incompetent? Did this guy accomplish ANYTHING during his tenure? Of course not! He did, however, make things worse for this president as far as helping to advance the false Russia narrative? I truly believe Sessions was an integral part of this criminal conspiracy. A nasty little piece or work for sure.


  20. CM-TX says:

    Curious– Has anyone ever reached any conclusion as to why the F!B raided the CDC in ATL, on Jan 23, 2017 @ 3am?
    It was hinted that PDJT made the order, & having something to do with vaccinations… I somehow doubt that.
    IIRC– Sally Yates (D0J) signed off on, or had some other type involvement in that raid.

    Knowing what we do now, re. said agencies🤨, should we not be concerned it might’ve been for a nefarious purpose?

    Also, there was something re. a CDC employee (Cunningham) that went missing, found dead 2mo later – ruled a drowning {c.Apr 2018}. I didn’t follow the story closely at the time, but believe it had something to do with whistleblowing. Anyhow, I always wondered if the 2 incidents were somehow connected?


    • Xena Laminak says:

      I did follow Cunningham’s disappearance and the finding of his body as closely as is possible with just the Internet. They found him with crystals in his pocket. The news reported he collected them and that MAYBE he was out along the river (IN THE WINTER) searching for some. As a crystal collector, I wanted to know which ones he had. If he was suffering from depression, the ones he had would give a clue. NOTHING. The fact that the crystals did not fall out of his pocket when he fell (Or was pushed) also made no sense – he just had on a track suit and those pocket usually don’t have zippers – no details on that either. Body was badly decomposed. Searchers had already combed the area but voila there the body was in plain sight. Dogs could have found that the day he went missing. Family clammed up. CDC sent out conflicting reports on what he was working on at the CDC. When a story stinks, it really stinks. Look at your local paper about a drug bust or a domestic violence homicide. Story is straight forward and everyone in town was worried about the people in the story long before the crime hit the paper. These stories, on the other hand, raise more questions than anyone can answer and then they VANISH.


  21. brenrod says:

    “We know current FBI Director Christopher Wray is in his position specifically because Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein lobbied for him and recommended him to President Trump in 2017. We also know that Wray hired Dana Boente in early 2018 as FBI chief-legal-counsel. It has always looked like Wray hired Boente specifically because he knew Boente was part of the original team. In essence, Dana Boente could protect the small group interests.”

    The most rational approach would be to assume that anyone who has been in the system for a long time is dirty and on the swamps team. That is what we have seen so far in this coup sedition and we should expect the same of wray and barr until they prove themselves “clean”.
    In a system as corrupt as the doj, fbi and cia you cannot expect that anyone who rises is rising due to their ethical behavior…. team players promote other team players who will cover their backs and play along


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