Suspicious Packages With Appearance of Pipe Bombs Sent To Various Left-Wing Political Figures…

Packages containing the appearance of Acme pipe bombs have grabbed the attention of the nation and the media. The packages were sent via U.S. mail to various left-wing political figures. None of the devices detonated or activated upon delivery. U.S. law enforcement suspect all of the packages were sent by the same group or individual.

Secret Service revealed they intercepted two of the packages en route to former President Obama’s Washington D.C. home and Hillary Clinton’s property in Chappaqua, New York. A few hours later a police bomb squad was sent to CNN’s offices in New York City as one of the packages was addressed to former CIA director John Brennan.

Additionally, the mailed devices were also reported addressed to former Attorney General Eric Holder, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and California congresswoman Maxine Waters. The three packages addressed to Obama, the Clintons and CNN were similar to package found at liberal billionaire donor George Soros’ New York home on Monday.

The media are quick to frame a narrative of blame toward President Trump, and within minutes of breaking the news attached the hashtag #Magabomber to the motive. The White House condemned the attacks as ‘despicable’ and administration officials described the events as a coordinated ‘effort to terrorize’ just days before polarizing US elections.

Due to the nature of the overall package content, the likelihood of a staged political effort is high. The motive is undetermined; however, there is a strong history of left-wing manufactured ‘fake-hate’ to advance political objectives.

CNN broadcast pictures of the package sent to their New York office.

President Donald Trump delivered remarks about the suspicious packages during a pre-scheduled White House event on Opioid abuse:

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1,235 Responses to Suspicious Packages With Appearance of Pipe Bombs Sent To Various Left-Wing Political Figures…

  1. Now they are apparently searching for a bomb addressed to Joe Biden.
    He apparently didn’t receive his fake bomb.

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  2. bakocarl says:

    Have we yet had an official determination and announcement that these devices are actually capable of exploding, or not?

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  3. wheatietoo says:

    Oh no…it’s a kitteh bomb!

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  4. BSR says:

    Pocahontas went nuts last week. Would love to see comms behind the scenes about whether to leave her in or take her off. The bickering amongst the ass symbol org must have been a beaut

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  5. Funny Jim Carey had plenty of time to paint a picture with a bomb in Trumps mouth. Unless he had advanced notice

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  6. boooom…okay……….good nite


  7. moe grimm says:

    1. Does anyone doubt this incident could easily be a FALSE FLAG executed by the marxists perfectly timed just 12 Days before the midterms? By 10:55 EST today CNN and MSLSD were already at it which will reach hysterical levels by tonight’s prime time slots… more “dangerous alt-right™”, “Rayciss™”, “Nazi=X”, “Trump’s dog whistle rhetoric to his nativist followers” and “white nationalists”. Ad infinitum Buzz Word Bingo. Their historically documented in living color Sodom-Satanic go-to survival mechanism/s.

    2. These mailings of ALLEGEDLY component functional devices could prove sufficient to push a seemingly razor thin MIDTERM MARGINS TO THE MARXISTS. Driving home from work this a.m. me first (First) thought from the report of TWC device, post Soros on Monday, addressed incorrectly to a still unindicted and now CNN “national security” commentator John Brennan at Time Warner on 8th Av. in Manhattan. More, I’ve yet to see definitive PROOF any of them were in fact functionally detonatable either with timer, motion, or remote wireless. But again, never a shortage of MSLSDCNNFOX talking expert heads limousine in for their emergency “expertise”. The sending Moron apparently didn’t even know that Brennan is contracted to, and mostly predominantly broadcasts from MSLSD/NBC at 30 Rock between 5th & 6th over (11) blocks from Time Warner who employs Clapper – Not Brennan. Which cabal does this sound like? Who’s good for this type of stupidity?

    3. This a.m. against a full-effect audio/video spectacle of screaming sirens, flashing LED’s, a procession of NYPD, ATF, FBI marked/unmarked vehicles traveling in every direction, Bolshevik Bill De Blasio, Andrew “die-in with David Hogg” Cuomo (known to despise each other), joined by NYPD Comish Bolshevik Bill Fanboy James O’Neil for a “presser”. Cuomo in addition to his robotic platitudes mirroring his reaction to the W. Side Hwy. terror attack (31 Oct. 2017) committed by anther Bush “43” “Immigration Lottery” contestant revealed again he’s a Confirmed Idiot also concerning NYC history re his “1993” comment. Unless you’re into self-flagellation skip to 19:12: HERE ARE THE FACTS ABOUT WHAT “GOES BACK TO 1993” – ALL LEFTIST PERPETRATED:

    4 MAY 1914: Bombing by Anarchist Black Cross. Rockefeller property in Tarrytown, NY and others in Manhattan. 4 killed, 20 injured.

    16 SEPT 1920: Bombing by Galleanist terrorists Wall St. area. 38 killed, 143 critically wounded in addition to 162 less severely.

    27 JULY-NOV 1969: Bombings. Perpetrator Sam Melville affiliation Communist Weather Underground. Melville committed (8) separate bombings in New York City during 1969. One of them detonated in the Marine Midland Bank (20 Aug. 1969) injuring 20 people.

    6 MARCH 1970: Weather Underground bomb being assembled in opposition to the U.S. Military and opposition to Viet Nam War explodes in downtown Greenwich Village killing three members and injuring two others. The Weather Underground/SDS was a self-described “COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONARY GROUP” by its FOUNDER BILL AYERS AND HIS WIFE BERNARDINE DOHRN IN WHOSE CHICAGO HOME BARACK OBAMA LAUNCHED HIS FIRST POLITICAL CAMPAIGN (IL State Senate during 1995).

    27 JAN 1972: “Black Liberation Army” murder NYPD Rocco Laurie and Gregory Foster as they walked their patrol beat on Avenue B and E. 11th St. (9th) Precinct on the lower E. Side of Manhattan. 3-4 BLA cadre walked past them, spun around and opened fire shooting them in their backs. As Foster and Laurie lay bleeding out on the sidewalk the BLA killers grabbed their service revolvers and shot them several more times. One of the killers was later shot and killed in a gun fight with police in St. Louis, Missouri. The other suspect arrested at the scene had NYPD Laurie’s service revolver in his possession. He was returned to New York, charged with (2) COUNTS OF MURDER OF WHICH HE WAS AQUITTED (1973) the subsequently returned to Missouri and sentenced to 25 years for the St. Louis crimes. Officers Laurie and Foster served in the U.S. Marine Corps, together, as Vietnam combat veterans. When they joined the New York City Police Department they requested to be assigned to the same Precinct which they were where they died together. A third BLA murderer was captured in N. Orleans (1973) and sentenced to life in prison for the 21 MAY 1971 BLA murders of NYPD Waverly Jones and Joseph A. Piagentiai.

    24 JAN 1975: The Puerto Rican FALN led by one Oscar Lopez Rivera bombs Fraunces Tavern in the Financial District as hundreds of mostly stock exchange clerks, runners, secretaries, and receptionists, i.e.; working class New Yorkers, infrequently treat themselves and each other to lunch. For this – 4 Killed. 57 injured most of them seriously with loss of limbs, sight, etc. The “Puerto Rican Freedom Fighters” aka “Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña” aka “Armed Forces of Puerto Rican National Liberation’ aka “FALN”, who had carried out additional NYC bombings in the 1970s, claimed responsibility. No one had been prosecuted for the bombing as of April 17, 2013. Oscar Lopez Rivera, was serving a 70-year sentence (1 escape/recapture) UNTIL PARDONED BY B.H. OBAMA. Before this, Clinton while running for U.S. Sen/NY offered to do the same PANDERING THE NYC PUERTO RICAN VOTING BLOC – which worked. Two years ago, Bolshevik Bill DeBlasio planned to walk with Rivera in the annual NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade, but was forced to stand down over protests from many NYC residents.

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  8. rumpole2 says:

    And exploding “probe” sent to CNN?

    Likely meant for Anderson…. but could have any one of a number of girly men.

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  9. ATheoK says:

    All bombs sent to high profile Dems, but not anyone in serious contention for near elections.

    Except for one bomb sent to CNN.

    Why send a bomb to CNN?
    Such a trustworthy reliable news source, uh, that does not describe CNN at all!

    In fact, if any news organization s known for fake news stunts, CNN is high on the list.
    Untrustworthy as *ell, liars, fakirs, charlatans, egotists, etc.

    That Soros junior immediately speaks out implies a collusive effort to fake this atrocity.

    It’s a shame we have compromised and corrupted FBI and DOJ. As the situation stands, an FBI, CIA and CNN collusion to send fake bombs is likely. Or almost real bombs that are so well constructed that none of them exploded.
    Bombs loaded into simple paper envelopes without protection.

    Also, please note that the stamps are not cancelled!!
    These packages did not go by the mail!
    They were hand delivered by couriers. I emphasize couriers as it is unlikely one person delivered all of these bombs.

    Just what were the dems supposed to do with a bomb made to not explode? Hook up their own battery and flip the switch?
    Of course, everyone would expect maxine to do exactly this.

    Nor is black powder available in corner grocery stores.
    Most places that sell black powder are capable of supplying receipts with credit information and likely names and addresses.
    Even the big box hardware stores can supply receipts for who purchased iron pipe.

    The other main black powder source would be someone dismantled fireworks for the black powder. Risky practice that suggests rank amateurs or devious experts. Everything else suggests the devious experts.

    Quick dismissal by experts of the bombs supplying forensics suggest deep state involvement and corruption.
    * Surveillance cameras near delivery points,
    * Store receipts for black powder, iron pipe or other materials,
    * Interview all potential witnesses

    All suggest an excellent potential for identifying leads, yet experts dismiss immediately. Fire those experts and hore real experts!!

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  10. gman-reloaded says:

    The FBI won’t be able to determine who was behind this until AFTER the midterms. I’m taking bets on that one. Anyone?

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  11. LibertyONE says:

    I pray when they collar this individual, in ALL likely hood individuals, they ARE connected to the LEFT-WING include in that a DemonRAT(S), Deep State, the DNC et al. I truly believe at this point knowing how low they’ll go to swing elections, they ARE part of this act.

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  12. Jedi9 says:

    The connections that fit within a time frame speaks to a larger narrative that it is almost plausible to see a much bigger plan at work here.

    1st) Canada, with its EU Globalist construct cries UNCLE during the NAFTA negotiations. Right after they were caught trying to meddle into Saudi Arabian Political affairs and their ties are severed. Right after that, Canada goes to the EU pleading for help!

    2nd) More tariffs are announced to be imposed on China

    3rd) The appointment of Kavanough sparks outrage to the likes we have never seen before! Feinstein is behind the Ford accusation scandal and here CHICOM connection can hardly be called a coincidence for creating such false outrages. (His appointment is one step closer to ultimately rebuking the Globalist agenda of subverting American Sovereignty! (immigration, Voter ID, Gun Rights etc., etc.!)

    4th) “Icky Niki Haley announces she is stepping down as Ambassador to the UN. Shorty after makes Trump has made an appearance denouncing “globalism”, Socialism, along with other subtle hints.

    5th) Now Kashoogi! The Washington Post so called journalist (I say so called because I am not really sure he was a journalist) is killed in Turkey of all places under mysterious circumstances and now every politician is outraged, and all of a sudden his death dominates all media narratives. (Turkey and Erdogan wants to be a EU member, so not hard to connect the dots here because they despise the Saudi’s)

    6th) Mid-term races are closing ever nearer to its final conclusion, and suddenly a Migrant caravan is announced from Honduras and Guatemala that they are making their way to the US border. Mexican Leadership announces that they will seek help from the UN. The size of the of the caravan approaches that to which the EU had experienced when the Syrian crisis broke out albeit in smaller numbers, but they grow from the first time around.

    7th) Pence comes out and says that Venezuela is funding the migrant exodus, in which SD puts forth the idea that the CHICOMS and The Russians are behind the funding of it. (The latter needs verification, but plausible that this could be a possibility and a likely one at that!)

    8th) Now we have some unknown figure making their rounds planting fake bombs to the very same people who conservatives who represent the populist movement despise! Right in time before the November Mid-term elections. (seems almost comical to the point they couldn’t come up with a better plan? Oh I know, “they” as in the unsavory actors who work in the shadows to appease the ones who are desperately trying to hold on to power. Hollywood, Bloomberg, Soros, Muslim Brotherhood, Koch Brothers, The Chinese, The RUSSIANS, Laraza, BLM ANTIFA, LaCockarocha and everybody else in between who represents the big moneyed interest of the elite! Yes its all coming together to form a perfect storm, and we don’t even have to purchase tickets for admission.

    Lastly lest sprinkle in the latest protest in requesting a new referendum on BREXIT. (Perhaps have as many referendums until you get the results you want.

    Coincidence? Maybe! Then again I am writing this when viewing aggregate of recent events to which I am outlining here is the first thought that came to my meditations this morning in very lucid fashion with clarity of mind! Usually when that happens my instincts are usually correct, but you decide! The timeline and the events within the this construct I outline seems a bit too coincidental for the events that are unfolding right now.

    Am I a conspiracy theorist for suggesting everything is connected? Hmm maybe, but then again, I do consider myself awoken to truth, and on that path I walk, it leads me to here! Again, I reiterate you decide!

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  13. James F says:

    They finally admitted the devices were harmless.

    Pipe Bomb and Powder Delivered to CNN Were Harmless

    The pipe bomb and white powder that forced an evacuation at CNN headquarters in New York City Wednesday morning were harmless, a law enforcement source told the Associated Press.

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  14. JOSEPH ANGEL says:

    Christ, (((Soros))) looks like Jabba the Hut or should I say (((Jabba the Hut))).

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  15. Mary Ann says:

    How did they know Joe Biden had a package to search for??
    Call me confused.. maybe if I watched the news they would explain the narrative 🙂

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  16. leftnomore says:

    So the bomb gives a weblink with instructions on how to detonate? Then discover it’s a lighter.
    Didn’t Trump’s daughter in law get corn starch in the mail but fell sick before finding out what it was? The US mail is the terrorist organization. Blame them!


  17. mashall says:

    Our 4″ rubber dog poop is extremely realistic, perhaps too much so—don’t let the dog get in too much trouble.

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  18. warhorse says:

    anyone else notice the ISIS flag on the middle section of that “bomb”?


  19. Troublemaker10 says:

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  20. O.F. says:

    How thoughtful of CNN to include a can of Chlorox wipes next to the “live explosive device” for size comparison.


  21. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    I suppose it would be in extremely poor taste to send all the “fake bomb” recipients each a nice, fresh sweet potato in padded mailers with a nice, friendly note attached.

    “Sweet potatos are a delicious, nutrient rich food that make a wonderful addition to a healthy diet, and are gluten free as well. Here’s a sample to help you get started on a path to healthier eating!


  22. Isman says:

    I just posted this on the other “bomb” thread.
    I don’t know if this has been mentioned previously, but the timing on this seems to be intended to divert attention from the “caravan” of Central Americans making their way to our border. The caravan story was cutting to the advantage of Trump/Republicans, and threatened to dominate the lead up to the election. Watch how the MSM try to change this with non-stop “bomb” coverage and the heroic intended victims.

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  23. ivanthenuc says:

    The uniparty left still can’t understand how we can say so quickly that it wasn’t a conservative who sent these. They can’ understand that we know that this is simply not how conservatives do things. We instantly knew that there were two options – either this was fake or done by a mental defective – probably with a history of attachments to left wing causes if history is any guide.
    When they hear of left wing violence they can’t immediately rule it out because it is so likely – that is who they are. In their haste to follow their hero Alinsky they can’t grasp how differently we act and react.


  24. Mark says:

    My gut tells me it’s all fake.

    1. Who in their right mind takes the bomb out of the package, places it down on a clean desk, puts the envelope next to it, and then takes a picture of it? Seriously. Unless you knew it was not going to go off.

    2. Stamps are not stamped and no postmark. Did not go through the mail system. If it was couriered, then why put stamps on it?

    3. Major spelling mistakes throughout. Either a lone wacko … or liberals trying to make it look like it.

    4. News reports state there was a white powder with the bomb. Yet, someone was able to setup a nice photo of the bomb next to the package but clearly wasn’t worried about it going off or the white powder.

    6. There are at least 2 pictures of the bomb circulating. The bomb has been moved in both pictures. (one has the “handle” up and one has the “handle” on the desk.) Supposedly, both pics are of the one sent to CNN.
    October 24th 1:44 PM. Pic was taken prior to then.

    Unknown timeframe of pic.
    They were reporting on it when the fire alarm went off.

    So, somehow, sometime during the day that the bombs were found, two different pictures were taken with the bomb being moved around. Uh, riiiight… Seems staged to me.

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    • 6x47 says:

      There is a poster, found in post offices and mailrooms, describing what a “suspicious package” looks like. Whoever made these followed the A-B-C’s of a suspicious package to a T: Misspelled words (indicating a non-English speaker); excessive postage; restrictive addressing. They probably made sure there are some oil stains on the envelope and wires protruding as well.

      Clearly, these were designed to be intercepted and opened. Nobody intended these to explode or reach the addressee.

      Click to access pos84.pdf


  25. DMWT says:

    Label them a public victim for sympathy before they are arrested for treason, sedition, espionage by Gitmo military tribunals. False Flag.

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  26. Fake Bombs sent to Fake Americans !

    What a joke!!!


  27. 6x47 says:

    Everything screams fraud:

    The packages are obviously made to look “suspicious”
    These are clearly “hoax devices”
    The targets appear to be in on the scam
    Editorials and talking points were ready to roll immediately

    I bet the people who did this think they were clever for sending “not bombs” but not via the US mail. Probably, they imagine doing it that way skirts federal criminal statutes but they’re sadly mistaken. What’s more – I’m pretty sure the culprits will be caught in short order.

    I got a dollar says the so-called MAGABomber will turn out to be a Leftist, possibly a Bernie bro like the guy who tried to assassinate the entire GOP house baseball team and almost killed Steve Scalise.

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  28. CaptainNonno says:

    So on the one to Brennan. sawgrass shld be one word, Florida misspelled, Shultz missing the c in Schultz and Brennan is mis-spelled. Too many errors to be accidental. Trial run? Find chinks for next time? What explosive could be effective at this size? Just questions not a conspiracy hawk.


  29. 6x47 says:

    There are so many ways to make a package look NOT suspicious. The best way would probably be to use a standard FedEx, UPS, or USPS mailing box.

    We played a prank on the Gunny who was our Admin Chief when I was in the Marines: We found an interoffice mail envelope that had been sent TO “Admin Chief” at our unit where the previous addressee was a general delivery address not a specific person. We stuck a humorous fake recruiting ad inside. Under the slogan “Teamwork: Achieving Greatness Through a Common Vision” that originally featured a motivating image of a combined arms team storming a beach we substituted an image of one man giving another a BJ.

    When he opened it up, one of my guys was lurking nearby. “Gunny, WTF is THAT?!” The Gunny was perplexed, “I dunno, someone at MEF sent it.”

    Too much time on our hands, no doubt about it.


  30. superfly007 says:

    Hillary Clinton‏Verified account @HillaryClinton
    Whatever you choose to do, do something. With only two weeks before the election, we don’t have a moment to lose. 1:55 PM – 22 Oct 2018 It is all a Dummycrat party hoaxes!


  31. Anonymous says:

    Dear Democrat perpetrator, this guy is more mature and skilled than you:


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