Tripwire – Michael Cohen Gains DOJ Approved Sixty Day Extension Before Reporting to Prison….

There is a unified plan amid the resistance movement to use the impeachment process for political gain. Part of that plan includes the exploitation of testimony from Michael Cohen to facilitate their designed sequencing of events.  Robert Mueller is scheduled to deliver his final report on the Trump-Russia probe sometime in the next week.  And now:

NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen was granted a few more weeks of freedom Wednesday after his lawyers said he’s still recovering from surgery and hasn’t had time to get his affairs in order because he’s preparing to testify before Congress.

U.S. District Judge William H. Pauley III approved delaying the start of Cohen’s three-year sentence until May 6. Cohen’s lawyer said he was undergoing intensive post-surgery physical therapy and spending substantial time getting ready for testimony his attorneys say he will deliver to three congressional committees this month.

Prosecutors did not object to a “one-time” 60-day delay from Cohen’s original March 6 surrender date, Cohen’s lawyers said. A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office said Wednesday that prosecutors declined to comment. (read more)

Don’t overlook that current DOJ officials had to agree to this postponement. These are current officials inside the machinery of the DOJ who are aligned with the purposes and intents of the resistance movement.  Current, Trump-era, DOJ officials.

Again, there is very little doubt the approach has already been mapped out in post-election meetings between: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Democrat committee heads, allies in the lawfare community, political allies inside the executive branch (IC, DOJ, FBI etc.), along with feedback from political networks, DNC (Perez) and major resistance donors.

The baseline here is that everything the institutional-left does, is sequential and planned. This is what they do. This is all they do. None of the characters within the institutions of professional leftism create anything; build anything; have a life purpose for anything, other than organizing their efforts to exploit control of others via politics. This is all they know how to do. When you develop your skills to see their patterns you can then see the predictability behind it.

When we approach the term “impeachment” we are not discussing it as the technical and legal approach for removal of a President; but rather the political use of the process to damage President Donald Trump.  The House Democrats and their allies writ large will use this process to try and stop President Trump’s reelection.

Professional political Democrats would not be using “impeachment” in the constitutional sense of the process; but rather weaponizing the process –as a tool itself– to: •target the executive office; •diminish the presidency (“isolate”/”marginalize”, Alinsky rules); •and position themselves for 2020.

Optics and innuendo are key elements, tools per se’, in the Alinsky narrative engineering process.  That’s why Pelosi, Schumer and the democrat machine are going bananas about getting a raw Mueller report and not a version from AG Barr {explained here}.

The Mueller report, written in full alignment with the resistance movement, will be structured to be as damaging to the president as possible. There is no actual Trump-Russia collusion; but the report will indicate a ‘willingness’ of the targets to participate in a collusionesque process.  Don’t discount Mueller’s ability to fabricate appearances and have half the country believe it.

Speaker Pelosi, Adam Schiff (HPSCI), Elijah Cummings (House Oversight), and Jerry Nadler (House Judiciary) are working with Robert Mueller (team) and current DOJ officials on a very carefully constructed plan toward the goal of an impeachment vote against the sitting President.

The first phase events includes testimony by Michael Cohen and the public release of the Mueller report. There will be a press spectacle designed for maximum exposure. The tail end of that phase will lead to more hearings throughout March perhaps into early April with subpoenas based on the report framework.  Check the Dates:


Timed to diminish President Trump summit with Kim Jong-un

Mueller, the political team not the individual, are providing their political allies with the ammunition toward their goal.  Mueller is both the shield and sword in the arsenal.  Team Mueller are hiding, controlling and then shaping released aspects of their investigative probe that provide maximum political value. Don’t discount the damaging effect they will deliver with a toxic narrative written within their summary findings.

While these events are happening the HPSCI will be demanding discovery from the White House and intelligence apparatus that will be spurred by Cohen and Mueller.  The DOJ and FBI will find a new interest in congressional compliance especially given the House General Counsel, Douglas Letter, is one of their allied Resistance members.

Mueller (the team, not the individual) will be handing the Resistance baton to their allies in congress; and the team will then set off for a well indulged, stunningly compensated, media tour which will likely include numerous advanced offers from Hollywood types for movie rights. Most of them will enjoy job offers from major networks and political allies.

There is no-one, except President Trump and his supporters, opposing the Witchhunt crowd…. But don’t be alarmed, that’s ok.  It is this level of severe resistance that could finally empower calls for President Trump to demand the release of the declassified documents everyone wants to see.

As former Trump lawyer John Dowd pointed out last week, Team Mueller was never authorized, instructed or empowered to look at any DOJ and FBI wrongdoing.  There is no-one looking at the “spygate” gross malfeasance and corruption within the DOJ and FBI.  There is no countervailing prosecutorial authority investigating the FBI with an intent to deliver accountability.  No-one except President Trump.

U.S. Attorney John Huber may be investigating the Clinton foundation; but there’s no indication he’s doing anything else. DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is reviewing possible DOJ and FBI abuse of the FISA process, but that’s internal.  The biggest falsehood pushed by TTP crowd is that some unknown entity exists, somewhere, who is investigating corrupt officials within the DOJ and FBI ‘spygate crew’, with the intent to hold them accountable.  If true, CTH has yet to see any evidence.

Hopefully the conclusion of the Mueller report will afford President Trump the opportunity to have his declassification request fulfilled.  For that declassification to become reality, Attorney General William Barr will have to agree to the release.

Fingers crossed.


Reference Information:

Post Election – […] “If they go down the presidential harassment track, if they want go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that,” he said during a 36-minute Oval Office sitdown.

The commander-in-chief said he could declassify FISA warrant applications and other documents from Robert Mueller’s probe — and predicted the disclosure would expose the FBI, the Justice Department and the Clinton campaign as being in cahoots to set him up.

“I think that would help my campaign. If they want to play tough, I will do it. They will see how devastating those pages are.”

But Trump told The Post he wanted to save the documents until they were needed.

“It’s much more powerful if I do it then,” Trump said, “because if we had done it already, it would already be yesterday’s news.”

Trump revealed his playbook just as Democrats are set to take over House committees in January where they are poised to investigate his potential business conflicts of interests, tax returns, Russia dealings and more.

With the GOP losing power in January, its congressional investigations into alleged Department of Justice misconduct in launching the Russia probe is expected to fizzle out.

In September, a group of Trump allies in the House – led by Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York – called on Trump to declassify scores of Justice Department documents they believe undercut the start of the Russia investigation and show bias against Trump.

The documents include Justice officials’ request to surveil Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and memos on DOJ official Bruce Ohr’s interactions with Christopher Steele, the author of a controversial dossier that alleged Trump ties with Russia.

Trump initially agreed to declassify the documents, including text messages sent by former FBI officials James Comey, Andrew G. McCabe as well as Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Ohr. Trump allies believe the revelations will show favoritism toward Hillary Clinton and a plot to take down Trump.

Trump then reversed course, citing the need for further review and concern of US allies.

Trump added Wednesday that his lawyer Emmet Flood thought it would be better politically to wait.

“He didn’t want me to do it yet, because I can save it,” Trump said.  (read more)


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277 Responses to Tripwire – Michael Cohen Gains DOJ Approved Sixty Day Extension Before Reporting to Prison….

  1. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Could Cohen & company somehow be desperately holding out from going to jail awaiting something truly damning to emerge about Mueller that would in some way lighten the load on Cohen?

    For example, say Mueller lays an egg, and found nothing. Maybe the Trumpet would then rip the lid off and expose all the scum and treachery. Mueller, and all his poison fruit, would be de-nutted.

    Would Cohen benefit from that dream scenario?

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Cohen’s problem is he’s trashing Trump. Not sure there’s a way to come back from that.

      I think it’ll just keep getting worse for him.

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Cohen’s other problem is that he is guilty–of things having nothing with President Trump or “collusion.” He just wants to save his–ah–tush.

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        • Robert Smith says:

          Yeah, which is why Manafort is having his life analyzed. Not that I care that much about Manafort, but where are the other DC super lobbyists? I know after Manafort or Flynn everyone started to register under FARA for starters. I know Manafort is reputed to be a “dirty” character but much more so than other big lobbyists?

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          • CM-TX says:

            If the Left are the ones claiming it… he’s not remotely as bad as the other Lobbyists. Any of those still free to bribe/ blackmail/ & extort Congress for favorable Legislation.

            + Any accusation coming from the Left– always an admission of guilt for whatever they’re alleging. A far worse case of usually.

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      • farmhand1927 says:

        If they impeach, especially if the greasy-faced, lip smacking, teeth gnashing Pelosi tries to tie it to any of Cohen’s BS claims, let the games begin.

        Bill Clinton committed impeachable offenses and yet was martyred for his crimes by his base. Watch what happens when the political idiots in both parties try to impeach and remove this President based on fake news, lies and treasonist testimonies from convicted felons.

        “Crossing our fingers” on Barr? The DOJ’s complicity in granting Cohen this extension clearly shows those deep roots Barr has grown, tended and fertilized into Swamp Muck are well established.

        Trust God and Trump. All others pay cash on the barrel head and even then, we’re still damned suspicious of y’all. Buy a GoPro to mount on your MAGA hat, move about in groups, always follow law but be fearless in exercising your rights of free speech and the right to peacefully assemble. Young Mr. Sandmann has charted the course.

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        • thedoc00 says:

          You grossly underestimated the support Clinton received in response the political witch hunt conducted by the Republicans and reasons for the demise of the Gingrich lead congress. White Water nor any other real crimes were in the impeachment charges, just his zipper issue answers with respect to Monica. One does not get to pile on charges that did not exist at the time based on hind-sight. That is the reason Clinton won re-election and the Republicans had their clocks cleaned. Gingrich and his idiot cronies were punished for selling out the Contract with America by wasting their efforts on a political impeachment, which was actually showing progress to stop Clinton’s re-election.

          Clinton was supported by 100% of the media. way over 51%+ of the population saw the impeachment as a witch hunt and even significant elements of the Republican Party did not agree with the impeachment effort. That is a base of support that far exceeds the President Trumps current level of about 45-50% popular support, only.

          That being said, the Uni-Party enjoys the same support as Bill Clinton had, so their level of punishment, at the ballot box, is greatly in question.


          • jeff montanye says:

            clinton’s crimes went further: he used his office and direct coercion to molest many women other than monica lewinsky, indeed lied about it under oath. paula jones collected damages and he was disbarred. further monica could have been a mossad agent and may have been an asset whether or not she knew. it could be that the republicans did the republic a great service by revealing this and defanging any blackmail the mossad had. p.s. i voted for him twice.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Nah, likely part of his supposed punishment for being a “friend of Trump” is to go to the House and make a fool of himself. There the crooked press will choose particular sound bites which they will then amplify around the country. The FakeNews media is the enemy of the people!

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    • OmegaManBlue says:

      Who is going to save him if Mueller goes down? Not Trump or Cohen’s lawyers.

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    • Ironclaw says:

      Most of Cohen’s convictions are not with the SC, they’re with the SDNY.

      Liked by 1 person

      • EXACTLY!. All this pearl clutching without seeing the BIG picture. If the Dems want to go down with the SS Cohen, so be it, the flailing should be spectacular. Cohen is a known and CONVICTED liar. He has as much credibility now as a fox in a hen house full of dead chickens blaming the rooster…IE NONE.

        No one has seen the significance apparently, that TWO DAYS after Barr was confirmed, Mueller is wrapping up? WHY? Didn’t he just indict Roger Stone? So, that was it? NO, Barr has “pulled” Mueller’s plug. This farce is about to END and end BADLY for the Cabal. Once Mueller is kaput next week, I HOPE the Dems leak some some and innuendo. So DOES TRUMP!. That way, it will be MUCH easier to round up the cabal for prosecution for TREASON.

        Gasp! you say, BUT they will leak info and use that to START NEW committee investigations which will lead to articles of impeachment. Right? WRONG! I am sure that is their plan, along with using PinocCohen. But, ONE very large 800 ton gorilla is sitting in the room that Sundance conveniently forgot.

        Once Mueller is a wrap, IT IS CLASSIFIED. ONLY Barr can decide IF and WHAT to release, IF ANYTHING. The MSM and Dems can hem and haw, the MORE they do or leak the BETTER. WHY? Well has everyone forgotten that Bar is now there? NOT RR, Not an interim, NOT Comey?

        IF the Dems try ANYTHING further (Trump is hoping against hope they do, as there will be NO need for a campaign in 2020 Trump may win all 50 states) Trump will simply RELEASE the KRAKEN. You know ALL the “classified” docs, the FISA app, the 302’s, the IG report un-redacted, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to do with all this farce. That will be akin to dropping a 10 trillion megaton nuclear bomb into the swamp. DEVASTATION.

        ALL the Cabal, foreign agents, spies, foreign Govt’s, Uniparty Congress and Senate, MSM facilitators and enablers, and ESPECIALLY OBAMA will look like the corrupt fools and seditious treacherous TRAITORS they are. It will make the forthcoming arrests easier for the masses to pallet.

        ANY further attempts to “prolong”, tangent, or reopen this coup based upon the previous lie will to be considered TREASON. So, by ALL means Nadler, Pelosi, Cohen, Schiff, Schumer, Watters, and whoever else, jump into the boiling cauldron, the water is FINE.

        Face it, some don’t want to admit it, but I will. This is OVER. The Dems and Cabal with their MSM sycophants tried, and they FAILED. Their time is UP. ANY further attempts will not only be seen by us (Trup supporters) as treason, but also as the politically motivated hit job it was and is by REGULAR non MAGA people.

        The 25% or so of the hard left will NEVER see anything but Trump is bad, but the 50% of us will be vindicated, and the other 25% who were on the fence or against Trump will come over to OUR side, realizing that they had been played. ANY further attempts will mean not only Trump’s re election (that is almost a given now) BUT also the END of the Democratic party, possibly FOREVER. So if they feel “froggy” by all means jump!. Watch out for that first step though, its a loo loo!

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        • mark says:

          P REX, all that you posted assumes Barr is a white hat good guy. I pray you are right but I’ve been taken before

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        • The Demon Slick says:

          I hope you’re right but cornered rats and all. I think it’s crucial that the Obama legacy is exposed and the cult crushed, or we’re going to get Michelle in 2024.

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          • People forget, Trump has been a “cornered animal” for three years. Why is everyone “scared” of the “cornered rats”? Why does everyone ASSUME that they are going to fight (like they haven’t already) dirty, but Trump HASN’T. ISN’T, and WON’T? Michael will NEVER happen, not once this is exposed. “She” will be lucky to avoid prison with “her” “husband”. The Cabal WILL be exposed. People act like NOW the Cabal is schemeing and has NEW plans to get Trump, like that is NEW. They had plans in 2016 too, and have had them since. NOT working out too well for them then OR NOW. Won’t work in ANY future attempts either.

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          • TPW says:

            nope ….probably Jared Kushner


  2. simicharmed says:

    Put him in prison for what he plead guilty for! Punishment is what incarceration is solely designed for.. I have no idea what this postponing and the other nonsense is supposed to accomplish other than revealing to the public that Punishment for criminal activity is not really “Punishment” but something else entirely…. Think about that prospect.

    This play-time with Cohen is purely ridiculous… much like sending 29 heavily armed agents to arrest an unarmed senior citizen in the dark of night….

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  3. So, SD is saying the Dem playbook is predictable in terms of timing, approach, scripted questions and desired outcome. All that makes sense.

    So, our VSG President Trump is exceptionally agile in responding to events in the moment. I am thinking that his best play is to do something totally unpredictable to counter this Chapter 110 of the unending Russia/Spygate/Collusion blah blah blah story.

    Think I”ll pray for God to gift POTUS with the absolute best approach to squelch this garbage. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if these libtards were turned around like Jussie Smollett is now?

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  4. Gary Lacey says:

    When you present a liar on parade, what can you expect….more lies. perhaps they are hoping those lies will stick.

    I don’t care to hear Cohens testimony, he’s a convicted liar.

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  5. Mark McQueen says:

    There is not going to be an impeachment.

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    • beach lover says:

      I agree… they just want to dirty Trump up as much as possible with innuendo and false associations. It serves their purpose.

      Just as Jussie thought claiming MAGA hat wearing thugs would get him the attention and victimhood status he so desired, backfired.. so will all this “get Trump” nonsense.

      The American people know a schemer when they see him.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Jederman says:

      Then the Dems don’t have any other move going into 2020. Crazy uncle Joe and Mooch don’t count as a move.

      As wrong as it is, and despite the damage to them from a PT doc dump, I think they will go for it. It is why they exist at this point.

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      • Mark McQueen says:

        I think IF the Mueller report is a dud, they will lose support within their own ranks . These new hearings will be seen as exactly what they are by the general public and won’t be very popular. Rather than gain from them more people will turn away. While they all might be crazy, some are less crazy. I don’t think they’ll commit political suicide.

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  6. Kris says:

    They want the Cohen testimony to grab the headlines from the Mueller report letdown.

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  7. mark says:

    Why does Barr have to agree with the doc drop? He works for President Trump.

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    • tucker7518 says:

      The commander-in-chief said he could declassify FISA warrant applications and other documents from Robert Mueller’s probe — and predicted the disclosure would expose the FBI, the Justice Department and the Clinton campaign as being in cahoots to set him up.

      Remember when Rosenstein went to see Trump to ask him not to do this? Then, they went on a plane ride to Florida. They have a deal.

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Since all intelligence products are in reality collected and prepared for the President (not some nameless, nebulous governmental bureaucracy), it would seem to me that they are his to disclose, should he deem it proper. He might act with the advice of others, but he need not act in the way they advise.

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        • ss006 says:

          I think he’s playing the game to some extent. The timing is about 2020 so there never was a need to rush. By letting Mueller finish first, he disarms all the talk of obstruction by dropping the bombs and going after the misconduct afterward. And there probably is some deal in place to allow the FBI to save some face by giving up some sacrificial lambs and insuring that a big internal clean-up occurs. That may not sit well with many who want a full blow-up, but a total public tear-down of the FBI might hurt the US in many ways and Trump may be taking that into account.

          I think it’s about the war for Trump and not the battle.


      • Amy2 says:

        Weren’t those two things pretty far apart? PDT also said he had two allies call and ask him not to de-classify (UK and Australia assumed). The plane ride was when the news first came out about RR willing to wear a wire. Would have loved to have been a fly on Air Force One for that!

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  8. ~I can only add 1 thing to this article concerning OUR frustration as to how the Democrats seem to always (Get Away with Murder) and “We the People” would already be UNDER-THE-PRISON if You & I committed these CRIMES.~
    1) Contact DOJ AG William Barr with your Thoughts.

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  9. Anny says:

    Is seems that most of these “trip wires” seem to blow up prematurely on those setting the bombs.

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  10. ss006 says:

    In Whitaker’s recent testimony he said Huber was looking into DOJ/FBI misconduct.

    Starting at 02:07:47, question from Rep. Tom McClintock.

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    • Big Al says:

      Thank you!!!






  11. bill says:

    The assumption that the political use of impeachment damages the President is premature IMO. Again we ask, what has our President done wrong?? Nothing.

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    • ss006 says:

      Fewer people will fall for the theater aspect of impeachment proceedings if there’s no real substance. And if the corruption that fueled the Mueller investigation is also being addressed at the same time. Since the Senate won’t actually remove Trump unless there truly is meat to start with (if the Mueller report actually surprises us) many will also see it for the pointless exercise that it is.


    • Joshua2415 says:

      I think it would just energize both party bases but likely piss off the moderates who by then will know that the House Intelligence committee cleared Trump, the Senate Intelligence Committee cleared Trump, and the Mueller SC cleared Trump.


    • mark says:

      Last sentence of article. Sundance ” For that declassification to become reality Attorney General William Barr will have to agree to the release “. Fingers crossed. WTF President Trump is his BOSS. Sundance please explain? Anybody?


      • antiqueiron says:

        POTUS has the ultimate authority on classification. However, there is a process that is the usual vehicle for this to happen. The President can, if he wishes, gain physical custody of the docs in question and release them at will. Sundance outlined in detail a scenario in which this might happen. There are other scenarios as well. But, yes, the President is the decider on what is or is not classified, and what can be released. If Trump orders Barr to release it all, Barr has no choice but to do so or resign.


    • antiqueiron says:

      The political use of impeachment by the House will have consequences far in excess of what the left can imagine. They are playing with fire with this. They had better tread lightly.


    • Don Lond says:

      Well there was that un-American, two scoops of ice cream incident.


  12. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    Something else to think about: Barr may not release any classified sunlight-cleaning-solution if any “investigations” are to be initiated or are currently ongoing with regard to swamp creatures. Kind of like a “Mueller/anti-Mueller” investigation. We need Horowitz to cough up the rest of his stuff before Barr gets himself a brand new tarp from Harbor Freight.


    • mark says:

      Good point LTR, get as much information in sunlight before Barr becomes the ” shield, can’t answer the question because of ongoing investigations ” and the sword.


  13. beach lover says:

    Mueller may release his report to Barr next week but I would think Barr will need a few days at least to go over it. First off he hasn’t been involved or overseen the investigation like Rosenstein has, so I would think that would take some time.

    Second, I bet he will limit the amount of information that Mueller tries to put in there that justifies what all he tried to do to Trump, but can’t prove.

    Mueller has hamstrung so many from starting any opposition. That is over. The insurance policy worked, so now they need Schiffless and his cohorts to pick up the baton.

    It was reported last night that there are several members of congress that are prepared to call all of these “small group” in to answer for their actions. McCabe has spilled the beans.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jederman says:

      I agree, and that makes mueller merely a chapter in this ongoing BS story. They ONLY way to restore order, which I thought was the PURPOSE of justice, is for Barr to do the right thing. Review the report, if there is nothing implicating PT legally then end it.

      End the mueller phase and begin the counter investigation. Let the light in, expose the truth, whatever that may be. Somebody has to step up and correct this direction. No deals, no political calculations, just the truth for once and let the cards fall where they may.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. spinoneone says:

    Am I missing something here? Is this or is this not war “by other means?’ Declassify and let the IC/DoJ/Brits be damned.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Zorro says:

    In the coming presidential harassment, “No Nads” Nadler, Little Adam Schitt, and ShortCummings are all Smollett.


  16. eric says:

    muellers fantasy writing…aka-the report…like almost everything from this fake crap-show…will amount….to………….NOTHING.


    Liked by 1 person

  17. Zorro says:

    The fact that the conversation moved to the 25th Amendment indicates, by itself, that the coup plotters didn’t have anything regarding Russia.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. lotbusyexec says:

    Sundance, how is this not collusion between the SC and congress? It’s all too orchestrated!

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  19. IF Mueller releases his report this week or next, I believe it will be because of AG Barr’s “influence” to do so. I’ll eat crow because I thought Muller would still be going until 2020. The true test of AG Barr’s honesty is if and how much of any obviously politically damaging info in the report is released and how many of the classified documents the DOJ allows PDJT to release.

    Me thinks AG Barr just might be the right person for the job because of the virtual SILENCE from the Republican Senators (the Rinos, Never-Trumpers and the real ones). They want to be on the right side of history…….I think. MAGA


  20. Doug Amos says:

    Still think President Trump wants Obama and has from the very beginning. Why bother with the small fries? Guarantee, the last guy that wants declassification, is the one who gave his blessing to the seditionists.

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  21. rustybritches says:

    I think the whole release of this Mueller paper was set up again to make sure they give PT something to worry about while he has to be out of the country and he needs all of his strength to focus on this meeting with NK and he should just tell Mr Barr, that Mueller can release it to him but he does not want any of it released until he returns and has a chance to go over the whole thing with him.. dam people They do this every time he has to go out of Country and I would get Obama before this was all finished and if that report is true about Clinton and the other traitor I would throw the book at all of them there would be no place for those people to hide that I wouldnt find them..

    Liked by 1 person

  22. roadagent says:

    Why would anyone fear anything Cohen says? He has as much credibility as Jussie Smollett.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Linda Jean Burkett says:

    Some where, some how, some time, hopefully very soon, some one will stand up for the country and the constitution and lay down some law on these lying, smirking, former or not govt officials. We deserve and expect better than we are getting and paying for as citizens.


  24. todayistheday99 says:

    “None of the characters within the institutions of professional leftism create anything; build anything; have a life purpose for anything, other than organizing their efforts to exploit control of others via politics”

    In other words they are grifters, con artists and professional liars. They try to paint President Trump as a grifter, but it’s their MSM reality distortion they use to bend the truth in an attempt to attach all of their bad traits on to President Trump. They are the “Pathological Liars, Racist, Sexist, Homophobes”.


  25. dwpender says:

    Folks, the most important “prosecutor” who did not object to this delay was not Mueller (or his team), but Robert Khuzami in the SDNY. Remember, Mueller recommended only a light sentence for Cohen for his crime of lying to Congress, saying that Cohen had cooperated extensively with the SC investigation. Mr. Khuzami’s office, on the other hand, made clear their total independence of Mueller and advocated that Cohen get a lengthy prison sentence for his tax and other financial crimes (including the supposed “campaign finance” felony) . Khuzami claimed that Cohen had NOT sufficiently cooperated with the SDNY operation. The Judge chose a middle ground and sentenced Cohen to three years.

    Khuzami and his team of Preet Bharara prosecutors in the SDNY are to be watched, carefully. Khuzami (an apparent Republican a la Mueller, but also an uber swamp creature — check his Wikipedia bio for starters) warrants far closer attention than he has received. Note in particular that he left lucrative private practice to return — for the third time — to “public” service circa January, 2018.

    I suspect the SDNY, rather than the SC, is already the investigative and legal center of the Resistance. Barr needs to call Khuzami to DC ASAP, get a complete understanding of everything the SDNY is doing, and put a stop to all shenanigans (which I fear may be considerable).

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