What We Can Expect With a Democrat-Marxist Controlled House of Representatives….

CTH has received multiple requests for a review of predictable consequences as a result of the midterm election.  Thankfully, and perhaps unfortunately, we have solid references to base these predictions on – because there’s a solid frame of reference from the 2006 midterm and the subsequent consequences we saw in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

If we take the empirical 2006 example as the starting point and overlay the 2018 landscape to modernize the predictive model, what results is a most likely scenario.

First, any intellectually honest review must overlay the current political environment.  In 2018 the scale of unchecked lawless behavior is a significant influence toward the differences we can expect from the last time Democrat/Marxists held congressional power. The term “Democrat-socialism”, in essence a Marxist approach, is now the dominant fuel within the professional DNC  political operations.

When the Democrats last held power in 2006, their actionable objective was toward a far-left, Saul Alinsky-type aggressive tone and influence; however, there was a need to couch that intention as they positioned Senator Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential election.

In 2006 the radicals, needed to downplay their radicalism.  In 2018 the severity and aggression of the left, as assisted by the dropping of all media pretense, no longer needs to hide the intention.  When Democrat-Marxists take control in January of 2019 they no longer need to couch the extremism, the American electorate have been prepped.

Secondly, it cannot be overstated how violent and confrontational the House of Representatives will be as soon as they are sworn in.  They will work with an immediate purposeful intention. All political violence will be approved to attain their objectives.  The recent behavior of Jim Acosta (CNN media), and ANTIFA toward Tucker Carlson, is now, and will be going forward, the new normal.

There will be extreme political violence.

In 2006 it was the SEIU and AFSCME union foot-soldiers who smashed windows, advanced upon polling places and engaged in the most severe examples of voter fraud and intimidation.  In 2018, with the help of uber-Alinsky DNC Chairman Tom Perez, that corrupt sentiment is now institutionalized within democrat-socialist political apparatus.  ANTIFA is now the DNC grassroots activist approach.

Failing to accept the severity of this shift in the past decade is intellectually dishonest.  As Nancy Pelosi said of the Occupy Wall Street violent anarchists: “God bless these people.”  Indeed the OWS precursor to ANTIFA were laying the groundwork for the new severity of power in Democrat leadership.  Nothing is out-of-bounds; no level of corrupt behavior will be avoided; everything will happen openly and without any backlash from a compliant media apparatus; the social fabric will be shredded.

The Democrat mantra: “never let a crisis go to waste” is the modern version of the Fabian-Socialist: “remould it closer to the heart’s desire“.  Both approaches rely upon the destruction of acceptable norms in order to advance the political objective.

Specifics: When Democrats last took power in January 2007, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer took control in the final two years of George Bush second term.  Immediately they set about a process laying the groundwork for the 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama.  This was a priority objective.

One of the techniques was the removal of the budget process. By eliminating the federal budget process in 2007 (fiscal year ’08) the Democrats paved the way for the next democrat president to demand massive open-ended spending.

By the time the year of the general election came around (2008), the lengthy budget process was replaced with Omnibus spending bills (fiscal year 2009).  Obviously when Obama was successfully installed in November of 2008, the useful crisis was financial. The subsequent TARP bailout, auto bailout, ARRA ($1 trillion stimulus) and QE1 were all accomplished with massive omnibus spending packages.

[NOTE: These are important references because from that moment forward, despite the GOP taking back control in January 2011, the constraining budgetary process was forever destroyed. There was never regular-order budgetary spending again.]

It is also critical to emphasize the difference between Democrats taking control in the last two years of Bush’s second term, and Democrats taking control in the last two years of Trump’s first term.  Within this difference you will predictably see a shift in strategic operations from the Marxists.

George W Bush was exiting, and unlimited spending was used to empower the entry of Obama; however, now the Marxists need to knee-cap President Trump by weaponizing the power of the purse – the biggest weapon of the House of Representatives.

After a ten year UniParty hiatus the Marxists will now go back to using budgets in the structural defunding and dismantling of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), the Southern Border Wall, and any program, initiative, policy or institution the Marxists want to see removed.   This is a strategy of the Democrat crisis-makers; and they are exceptionally better at achieving their desired results than Republicans.

When it comes to political weaponization and political power constructs the Marxists have exceptional work ethics; they will outwork anyone on the other side who opposes them.  They are far, far, better at political strategy and scheme than conservative politicians.  Part of the reason for their success is that crooks, cons and swindlers are far more cunning than honorable, virtuous and moral people.  It is unfortunate, but true; and the same truth applies beyond politics.

♦ Two other thoughts on this issue.  First, you might remember when this massive spending, and the government takeover of healthcare, led to the Marxists losing the 2010 midterm election in a massive defeat.   But do you remember what the democrats did in the lame-duck congress between November 2010 and January 2011?

Does the term “Porkulous” ring a bell?

While 63 democrat seats were lost in the November 2010 election (and six democrat senate seats), those exiting Marxists, despite just having suffered the worst defeat in almost 100 years, audaciously –and apologetically– voted in the December 2010 lame-duck session, to fully fund President Obama’s next two years in office.  This was done by Speaker Nancy Pelosi specifically to block the incoming GOP wave from upending the priorities of the Obama administration in 2011.  That was called the “Porkulous” spending bill; and the democrat-marxists didn’t give a snit about how it looked.

Now, do you think Speaker Paul Ryan will do anything as bold to fund and secure the budgetary priorities of President Donald Trump in this lame-duck?

Secondly, about the overall unilateral commitment and cunning historically displayed by the Marxists.  They are so committed to the long-term view they are willing to sacrifice anything for the biggest, most consequential, advances toward their objectives.  In 2010 the democrats killed their own “blue-dog” coalition to advance their ideological goals.

Within the 63 House seats the Marxists lost in that 2010 midterm election; they killed off the entire 40 member Bart Stupak coalition; the blue-dog caucus.  Totally willing to sacrifice 40 seats to attain a generational ideological objective (ObamaCare); and they are about to step back into power a mere eight years later.  Stunning when you think about it.

In my opinion few reading this have any idea just how bad these next two years are going to be. It’s not your fault.  We are the normal people who don’t spend every moment of our day scheming, conniving, and developing plans to dismantle the lives of your freedom loving community and rebuild it as a collective society.  For these Marxists who are about to take power that’s all they do.   Every moment of their existence they spend thinking about how to gain power and dominate, 24/7/365  that’s all they do.

Lastly, future predictions: Michael Bloomberg will be the Democrat/Marxist nominee for 2020.  There will be a field of candidates; but the professional Democrat machine will run the splitter strategy, and the back-room crowd who really control the elements of power have already pre-selected their nominee, Michael Bloomberg.  Marxists always have the plan mapped out well in advance. (A woman will be the VP nominee)

If you start now looking at what actions the Marxists are taking, through the prism of their goal being President Michael Bloomberg, lots of things will make a lot more sense.

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1,105 Responses to What We Can Expect With a Democrat-Marxist Controlled House of Representatives….

  1. JimmyJack says:

    Unable to sleep I came to CTH after reading about the Handel loss in GA hoping to see I am needlessly concerned but clearly my concerns are well placed.

    Trump warned we would see violence a few weeks back, Now Sundance does. I have suspected this was coming too but hoped I was wrong.

    I will review this and come back to it with fresh eyes and more rest. Right now I do not see how we move forward. Using the splitter strategy and thinking of current trends I see my 2020 hopes evaporating.

    I lived in NYC. Bloomberg is very well liked by people on both sides and he can spend his own money to campaign. He got the city to overturn term limits for him to serve a third term bc NYers were PANICKED by the 2008 financial crash. Perhaps the rumors of his weekends in Bermuda will hinder him but today I think they will help him given the number of LGBT winning candidates.

    As I said before I will say again – arm yourself if you can. Practice situational awareness at all times. Be prepared for violence. Most importantly pray.

    God help us patriots.

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  2. Ospreyzone says:

    I’ll offer a couple of thoughts on this post. First, SD is on the money with respect to the level of treachery the Marxist-controlled House will display over the next two-years. There will be no hiding it. In fact, the time for caring if it is hidden has long since passed for these people. There is only one effective way to respond to a siege such as this and it is all out political warfare.

    I say “political warfare,” because it’s the last step we have before the real bullets start flying. It means, convene a grand jury. Start indicting every single player that’s been a part of the political coup. From the songs they sing, go up the chain and include even congressional-level politicians. Start now …and don’t stop until they “tap out.” In areas where elections are being openly stolen, use the same tactic.

    Second, with regard to 2020, I do not believe Michael Bloomberg will be “The Chosen.” He may well be a sacrificial anode for the real candidate to draw critics away from the real prize, but I don’t believe the Marxist party (democrat) will ever again place a white male on their top ticket, nor advertise their choice before it becomes absolutely necessary.

    Look closely. There has been a player lurking around the edges …staying out of the fray. Someone with experience, and mass appeal. I believe that person will be Deval Patrick. …And, in my opinion, he’s being personally groomed by none other than our 44th president.

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  3. Caius Lowell says:

    SD, your use of the term “Democrat-Marxists” is 100% correct. When I went off to elite political science school, which is a while ago now, I was surprised at how infested it was with Marxists. Back in those days it was all camouflaged and people were cagey about it, but if you knew what to look for it didn’t take much scratching to reveal it. What was surprising was their energy, defensiveness, and hatred for America. When I was identified as a conservative, multiple professors worked together for months to get me thrown out despite having multiple, non-communist, old-school professors supporting me. They were just too polite and cooperative and didn’t have the energy of the Marxists. I was going to go away without complaining, but then one of my classmates got thrown out too, so I complained. The resulting fireworks were astonishing. I then went to a non-elite, flyover state school where the faculty apologized to me for the communism of my previous school, which did make me feel a little better. The point of this story however is that the danger posed by Democrat-Marxists is very real and most Americans have *NO IDEA* that it even exists.

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    • sat0422 says:

      “NO IDEA” is correct! I have come to the conclusion that Americans who willfully support Democrat/Socialists/Communists have been suckered into thinking that life will be better under those rulers.

      Many have been drawn into a mindset of anti-Trump and believe that Trump is a bad guy. Why they tell you that each and every night and day on TV. They don’t understand that the war isn’t with Trump. It is a war with us either having a Constitutional government or us having a Dictatorship, which we good to experience under Obama.

      How do we get the message out and how can we educate those whose heads are buried in the sand?

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      • LivLovely101 says:

        We need T-SPAN; we need our own news channel.

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        • Caius Lowell says:

          Great idea! I’m going to try and crowd-fund that. How much do you think I’ll need?


        • mutantbeast says:

          actuall, we need a patriot version of Soros and Steyer, communist pig billionaires willing to throw away there fortunes for a communist America. We need a billionaire willing to risk there fortune for a free America. Right now we dont even come close to one.


          • Bobby Ar says:

            “We need a billionaire willing to risk their fortune….” well, we did get billionaire Trump, right? Don’t give up hope that another one will show up at some point.

            Related, I’m not quite sure what the right model is in terms of having a good media presence. For example, I donated to Right Side Broadcasting Network as many did, but they don’t seem to have a viable model because they are always asking for donations. Don’t get me wrong, I really like them but they need some big pockets like you mention – they say that they have turned down external funding because they want to remain independent, but I just don’t see the “donations” model working.

            Right now, the main successful media presence is Rush. Some may not like him but he has managed to combine an entertaining style with a love of conservatism, even if he’s not perfect (none of us are, right?). We can only hope that someone who is entertaining and true to the cause shines in the internet era with the internet tools. (By the way, there are some other good radio people out there, but not as big as Rush, e.g. Chris Plante, and others.)


          • Sarthurk says:

            Uhh…. TRUMP?


    • Jracksa says:

      Ironically, the only solace I have after reading this commentary is that Sundance was ultimately wrong on how the Kavanaugh thing was going to go down.

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  4. Richard says:

    To twist Lenin a bit; Socialism plus violence equals communism.
    You are here.

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  5. dbobway says:

    I started using the my own made word Comu-socialists. I despise the way Marxists twist the meanings of words, only to learn that is a Marxist tactic. the word Socialism has a completely skewed meaning today than when I studied in High school 45 years ago. Now it is described as Communism.
    Communism is serfdom, plain and simple. A small elite group, controlling everything and everybody else.
    Ask yourself, “How did we get here?”
    I drive by the new Department of Social Services of my county every day. The employee parking lot is as large as a Wal mart and is full. 3 to 400 employees to service a county of 200,000 people.
    Add that to all our information gathering institutions, fabricating every thing they teach or support?
    After reading SD’s somber predictions of a run-a-muk House of Marxists.

    How did we get here.

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  6. Mike M says:

    You sound defeated. Is there any hope? Can the juggernaut be stopped? It does not look like it.


    • mutantbeast says:

      Rag Tag Americans, of hich mabe only a third of them who supported them, defeated the British empire 250 rs ago. Communism has huge holes in it as well, frankl commuists need capitalists because they cant survive without them(Red China today) . Fastest way to stop communism is to quit feeding the bastards.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      This attack is so multifaceted and well organized I don’t see how. Conservatives can not compete. Sundance nailed it when he explained why they have the advantage over conservative politicians. They simply don’t have the guts or instincts for it.


      • Mike M says:

        I fear the worst. Our only hope may be The Youths. I’ve been waiting for a Renaissance among them for a long time now. Have seen few signs. But…it’s happened before. I just can’t get over the fact that the demographic of single suburban women did us in. When they get what they want, they are not going to like what it turns out to be. None of us are.


        • clairebee says:

          I have heard that about suburban women. I don’t think it’s true. It’s the things the left puts in a magazine that women like to read. The current issue of Vogue- asking women why they continue to vote Republican when it is against the best interests of themselves and their sisters. And Teen Vogue, “our readers consider themselves activist.” Holy cow- these are 12-17 year olds!


        • clairebee says:

          Fund YAF- a youth conservative group. Fund Prager Institute. Send your kids to non-leftists colleges. Start NOW.


      • clairebee says:

        The problem is, it is well planned and has been going on for such a long time, right under our noses! You can see what money can buy when you see all the stupid pre-protesting now whenever a “crisis” hits. All may not participate, but all take notice of the Left and their message. Destroy Republicans for the good of our Nation. Republicans are evil!


    • dbobway says:

      I was surprised and disappointed by the midterms.
      I felt so great after President Trump and the Congress was a Republican majority, 2 years ago.
      Only to discover, all I won with my vote for true leaders of ‘We the People’, was the President.
      We have one man who is carrying the water for all of us, who fear for the future of our Republic.
      Then Sundance lays this article at my feet, telling me all the shit I fear by the ‘liars at the gate’ controlling our country’s checkbook. Democrats will show the Republicans how to attack our country with the purse under their control.

      But 5 days later, If the GOP would have won the House.
      McCarthy would have been speaker. At least we know what Pelosi supports.
      Democrats will tell me if the House is as powerless as the Republicans made it appear.
      At least one Senator is going to back our President in the Senate. Then we’ll have two against the world.
      The reason we lost was because of the media’s lack of virtue and the Republicans lack of loyalty to their voters.
      It would take book as thick as War and Peace to provide all of the examples where the
      2 reasons I stated, were implemented to convince half of our country, Democrats aren’t evil lying criminals with zero moral clarity.

      Let’s get this circus rolling.
      Sessions is gone and Acosta got bitch slapped.
      A gang of violent criminals were aloud to terrorize the family of Tucker Carlson, while trespassing on his property.
      A young man destroyed his mother’s house including firing a weapon into the wall and he didn’t go to jail or a sanitarium. Instead murdered innocent people that pissed him off. And where’s Dad?
      Thousands of working age men are marching towards our boarder, illegally seeking their own American dream, funded by the same party that won the house.
      The deep state is still working on our dime, and committing crimes of sedition as we speak.

      Our country is sitting on a giant powder keg with a hair trigger, for a fuse.
      Oh well, time for my yoga lessen, got to go get my pre ordered $4 dollar latte.


  7. cali says:

    @Sundance: Great description of a mob aka power obsessed gang of opponents in all things “Americans pursuit of freedom and happiness”!

    Its mostly apt to focus on their absolute cunning ability to scheme long term. They have no seconds thoughts about their targets: Who can forget the obtuse Pelosi describing in the C-Span video “The Wrap Smears”. When you listened to her it was obvious how little she cared when explaining how easily it is for her party to destroy anyone standing in their way calling on their propaganda arm. The Kavanaugh episode demonstrated how far they will go to achieve their objective.

    The mockingbird media will be even more in-our-faces than ever before.

    I do however also believe that the landscape is still a bit different than it was the first-go-around for them. The population is more woke than ever as well and if it weren’t for the shadow banning and deletion of 130,000+ accounts by Twitter, FB and Google – their opposition is there.

    Overreach is on the menu when you have such a mob that cheats, steals, lies, deceives, intimidation and threats while prone to violence in a split of second. As we’ve seen the shock troops going to Tucker Carlson home scaring his wife who was home by knocking and damaging the front door in the middle of the night – that can open a big can of whoop-a$$ really quick. Although the police have an open criminal case against those who were involved they will be
    charged with a hate crime.
    The rest of America will not sit idly by and shut up per demand – the powder keg is nearly full.

    I still retain the faith that their success they so carefully planned will be a very short lived one. This president is not a Bush, McCain or Romney. President Trump is not to be cowed and easily beat. Remember – they want him on a platter because they do know deep down in their heads they know that more than half of the people support him and his MAGA agenda.

    President Trump has not forgotten what they attempted to do during 2015, 2016 til today to his family and to his presidency. That debt is still due to be settled and need to be paid in full!


  8. Jimmy Jack says:

    Thank you Sundance for this and for all you do.

    I’ve been thinking about this since I read it sleeplessly last night. I plan to read it again when more focused later abs go through the comments. I’m thinking this should be the beginning of a new response from Treepers, some kind of grassroots planning hub – I realize it’s already that in a way but maybe something more cohesive and mission oriented. Idk, just thinking.

    In the meantime I am going to share this with every person I know and ask them to read this is nothing else. I don’t want people I love to be caught unaware.

    Prayers to you and yours.


  9. _They have an air of invincibility which is their Achilles Heel_
    They will eventually learn a majority of citizens loathe Marxists! If you’ve never read “The Coming Battle” It’s time… http://www.mega.nu:8080/ampp/comingbattle/cbtabcon.htm


  10. Bummer_Man says:

    Sundance, you are one smart Dude (or Dudette, I assume you’re a guy). I think you nailed it here: “In my opinion few reading this have any idea just how bad these next two years are going to be.” In fact, I do not think people are able to link what is happening here with the Chavistas, the Khmer Rouge type movements, cultural revolutions, etc….what we are seeing is radicalism taking a serious bid at power and generally winning. Honestly, I think it might in a decade be safer to live in another country than here and my wife and I are going to be discussing this with our kids. But not giving up yet.

    The evil and corruption are so palpable…but our whole society is proving vulnerable and there will surely be a reckoning of some sort if we do not get our own houses in order and also at the same time push back against these sick freaks.

    I was a lawyer in Florida for many years and saw first hand the abject corruption (the GOP is going to have a hard time by the way with these ballot recounts, etc.). And I also as a Ph.D. in social science taught in colleges and was exposed first hand to the insanity – the drivel – the lust for power – that thrives in these places where our kids are indoctrinated.

    Pray for this nation…it is going to need it. Especially once economic hard times come because, as much as I appreciate Trump, even he cannot stop the business cycle. And brother, it is coming.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    More of the same:

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  12. jello333 says:

    This is to Sundance:

    You referring to Democrats as “Marxists” made we want to say something. You know when I arrived here (spring of 2012), I was still a Dem/Liberal. Yes, I had long since dumped Obama, but I still thought that the Dem party was salvageable and most libs were decent people. And I remember several times joking around when you or others called Dems “Marxists” and such. I figured it was mostly hyperbole, but no harm done… that’s what I thought at the time. But little by little, the more you laid out things, the more I studied the issues (here in the Treehouse and elsewhere), I started to wake up. And when things started happening in my personal life, including me and my family being threatened, simply because I WAS starting to question things — threatened by people I used to like and trust — well, something clicked.

    A little later, the 2015/16 primaries and general were the final stage of my awakening, and had I not been HERE, and had I not already by that point trusted and respected you 100%, I don’t know if I would have given Trump a really close look. I don’t even want to think about it. Anyway, the biggest reason I’ve changed so much over the past several years is thanks to the Treehouse in general, and you in particular. Oh, I still have a few views that are probably to the left of most here, but everyone knows that, and don’t have a problem with it. You’re younger than me, and I most definitely was NOT ignorant to the political process before coming here… but for some reason, YOU managed to push me in the right direction just at the right moment in my life. THANKS.

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  13. grool says:

    Just a guess…there are many patriots out there with the guts snd instincts to serve and fight very well, but they have the nominal sins most of us have in our ancient pasts and so can’t or won’t risk its absolutely certain exposure by the Left. Let’s be honest, we all know exactly what we’re up against and most who could fight can’t afford to. Such as the way of things now.


  14. Pingback: It’s complicated – Cold Fury

  15. Laramie Evan says:

    Anyone interested in the causes of the increasing violence, and whether it will continue, may be interested in this piece by BJ Campbell in Handwaving Freakoutery. https://medium.com/handwaving-freakoutery/the-violence-will-increase-no-matter-who-wins-eab41414b6d6

    Cutting to the chase: The media needs clicks; culture war stories generate clicks; divisive culture war stories generate even more clicks; as a consequence, we’re being driven further and further apart by a mainstream media that is heavily incentivised to do so, and there’s no going back.


  16. apfelcobbler says:

    Bloomberg Kamala ticks off the regional /balance/ generational / intersectionality /intra-party power struggle compromise boxes.


  17. c says:

    I was one of them for a long time,,,,that being said, the end result for those of us who have flipped from them, or just regular Christian folks is to be rounded up per saul alinksy, and sent to re-education camps, and Alinsky understood some of us wouldn’t re-educate, so that people will have to be eliminated…..even ammo’ing up, we know people in the gov’t who have quietly stated that the deep state has squads in place of 4 people each to go door to door to search and confiscate any and all weapons we may have and will shoot to kill us…and they will take any and all food stuffs that are hidden,,,so be careful, get right with Jesus, and be as prepared as you can be, it will be short and bloody


  18. tonyE says:

    I just had an idea.

    What if this is all a ruse to hide the state of Ruth Bader Gingsburg?

    After all, the SCOTUS always shows up to the SOTU. It wouldn’t look good if RBG looked like Weekend at Bernie’s, huh?


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