Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Will Exit DOJ After Mueller Submits Report, Likely Mid-to-late February…

Reports from inside the DOJ to allied resistance media announce that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will leave the DOJ once special counsel Robert Mueller (the team, not the person) submits their investigative report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Generally speaking, media reporting can be taken with a grain of proverbial salt; however, with these events it’s likely allied resistance media have embeds within the special counsel and DOJ coordinating leaks on their behalf.  Additionally, this latest report aligns almost identically with the CTH prediction for legislative action.  In short, it just makes sense.

WASHINGTON — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who had been overseeing the special counsel investigation, plans to step down after Robert Mueller submits his report, according to administration officials familiar with his thinking.

A source close to Rosenstein said he intends to stay on until Mueller submits a report to the Justice Department on the Russian meddling investigation. The source said that would mean Rosenstein would remain until early March.

Several legal sources have said they expect the Mueller team to submit its report by mid-to-late February, although they said that timeline could change based on unforeseen investigative developments. (read more)

This report aligns with the predictable sequencing of events we previously outlined from reviewing Democrat plans and Pelosi’s legislative rules requests and schedules.

A mid-to-late February report drop would put the Mueller team activity right in the bulls-eye for predictable hearings and legislative usefulness by Chairman of the Oversight Committee, Elijah Cummings.

Remember, Speaker Pelosi has modified Cummings committee responsibility to only look at White House targeted oversight.

Notice Speaker Pelosi requested the schedule for oversight hearings to be announced by April 15th, 2019.  Additionally, by prior DOJ agreement, Michael Cohen was deferred from prison until March 6th, 2019.   So it looks like the timeline is solidifying:

February/March: (event 1) Michael Cohen deposition (then straight to prison); Feb/March (event 2) the Mueller report; then in April Cummings announces oversight hearings using 1 & 2.  [The sequencing for event 1 and 2 remains malleable]  One aspect is very certain: all of this has been worked out well in advance.

As noted in December:  The baseline is that Democrat leadership are cunning political strategists; and have likely already drawn out the big picture road-map with details to be filled in as they proceed.

  • The first event is the congressional use of Michael Cohen for a series of public committee hearings. [Oversight (Elijah Cummings) and possibly -though less likely- Judiciary (Nadler) and HPSCI (Schiff)] This likely has to happen before March 6th, 2019, when Cohen is scheduled to enter federal prison. It’s almost certain Cohen’s incarceration deferment contains the unwritten agreement to appear. [Democrat leadership almost certainly coordinated this plan with team Mueller and the SDNY some time ago.]
  • The second event is the release of the Team Mueller political report which, despite its inability to find criminal wrongdoing, will most certainly be written with highly charged innuendo as damaging to President Trump as possible. The release of this report will absolutely fuel several public committee hearings [Oversight/Reform (Cummings), HPSCI (Schiff) and Judiciary (Nadler)] without any doubt.
  • The third event is the release of the OIG Horowitz report on possible FISA abuse. Due to the nature of Mueller’s proprietary investigative blackout (Horowitz not allowed to  see investigative material or witnesses with Mueller probe ongoing), the Horowitz report will  likely come out *after* Mueller.

That’s the three key events the Democrats and media will be most likely to exploit for maximum political benefit in the first quarter of 2019.   The sequence between Mueller and Horowitz might reverse (though unlikely). Other investigative resistance paths will spur from these three primary Q1 events.

Again, there is very little doubt the approach has already been mapped out in post-election meetings between: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Democrat committee heads, allies in the lawfare community, political allies inside the executive branch (IC, DOJ, FBI etc.), along with feedback from political networks, DNC (Perez) and major resistance donors.

The real trick to discovering the plan (as early as possible) is to spot the signals that will tell us where they are going before they shift in their planned direction. Example: We already know Michael Cohen is a key starting point (aforementioned reasons).  We then add the Pelosi rules and instructions, and now begin overlaying the reports of Rosenstein and Mueller.

So if we take the first quarter resistance events/narratives (¹Cohen appearance, ²Mueller Report and ³Horowitz report); and we overlay what has already surfaced; we can then begin to get a picture of how things will reasonably be expected to play out.

SC Robert Mueller (the team, not the person) and DAG Rod Rosenstein have already explained to POTUS Trump that if he attempts any declassification of documents currently part of Mueller’s investigative purview (that’s literally everything and or anything they lay claim to), the Special Counsel investigative unit will consider that interference with their investigation of him (President Trump); and subsequent “obstruction” claims will immediately follow.  That threat, and the advice of White House lawyers (prior counsel no longer present), led to Trump backing down in September, 2018:

[Obviously “speed” is a relative term, it’ has been 4 months]

So it stands to reason if they (Rosenstein, Mueller, etc.) are telling the president he can’t take any action,…. common sense says the same general ‘hands-off‘ principle has applied to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz; who is ultimately under much more of the institutional DOJ control system than President Trump.

The suspicion of how the corrupt system was going to control any damaging information was verified when FBI Deputy Director David Bowditch told congress recently they were not allowed to release any of the transcripts from all of the 2018 witness testimony.

FBI Deputy Director David Bowditch (example above), the ODNI (Coats), AG (Whitaker/Barr), DAG (Rosenstein), FBI Director (Wray) and Deputy FBI Director (Bowditch), along with Robert Mueller and/or any leadership member of his team (Weissmann), can block or deny any declassification request -or visibility of any evidence-  that would be adverse to their interests.  As we can see above, that is exactly what they are doing.

This ongoing process of control permits the House Democrats to begin framing the investigative narrative that will allow them to eliminate the DC threat created by President Donald Trump.

Again, overlay the CTH December prediction with today’s announcement from inside the DOJ about Rosenstein’s likely timing for departure:

…If we extend the sequencing with all the above in mind it looks like the House Oversight Committee (Cummings) and House Judiciary Committee (Nadler) will likely kick the resistance operation into action (after Superbowl) with Michael Cohen’s scheduled appearances broadcast on television for the better part of two weeks use.

That first phase event will likely be followed by a late Feb/early March dropping of the Mueller report. There will be a grand lead-in, roll-out and press spectacle designed for maximum exposure. The tail end of that phase will lead to more hearings throughout March perhaps into early April with subpoenas based on the report framework. (more)

Today the allied resistance media report:

(VIA NBC) […] A source close to Rosenstein said he intends to stay on until Mueller submits a report to the Justice Department on the Russian meddling investigation. The source said that would mean Rosenstein would remain until early March.

Several legal sources have said they expect the Mueller team to submit its report by mid-to-late February, although they said that timeline could change based on unforeseen investigative developments. (more)

If we simply accept things as they are; and we accept the level of corruption, if exposed,  within the institutions represents a real threat to current and former officials and politicians; and we accept that Washington DC (writ large), the DOJ/FBI and the Mueller team is currently in alignment with the urgent needs of those corrupt officials; well, then the sequence of events -and the behavior of the officials- becomes entirely predictable.

Reference Information:

*NOTE* Each of these prediction outlines can also be located in the “Tripwire” category drop-down box (right margin of page) for later reference.

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305 Responses to Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Will Exit DOJ After Mueller Submits Report, Likely Mid-to-late February…

  1. CNN_sucks says:

    Hmm. Why wait? Get out now POS.

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    • Right to reply says:

      Because Mueller will sing his praises, and he’ll leave with a halo over his head! This whole thing is disgusting, but more disgusting, is the Americans still refuse act!

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      • Snowball says:

        Besides voting for Trump , what is it that you want Americans to do? You first.

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        • PoCoNoMo says:

          I want Americans to act by searching out new news sources instead of watching the same old MSN and never questioning it. I want Americans to contact the White House. I want Americans to donate to Judicial Watch. I want…I want…I want…


    • I don’t get why this even matters as Supposedly Mueller reports to Whitaker…
      Is RR waiting around just so he can be privy to what is contained in the report?
      IF waiting for report is RR just playing a role?
      IS RR going to then leave and use the information for personal profit?

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      • RLTW says:

        No. If you try to kill the King then you MUST kill the King. They thought they could prevent Trump’s inauguration. Then they thought they could destroy him within 6 months of becoming President.

        They failed. Trump is still King and they realize he is here to stay. They realize they are focked. That is why Rosenstein is leaving and Mueller is submitting his report. Trump has patiently and systematically unmasked them as un-indicted treasonous felons.

        Trump will let this government shutdown continue for the next two years if need be. It forces the conversation to be focused on the heinous crimes being committed by illegal aliens on an everyday basis.

        Every time an American teenage girl gets gang-raped and dismembered by MS-13 Trump will tweet about it. This type of crime happens multiple times per day in OUR Country at the hands of illegal aliens. This narrative will overpower the planned drama of the Mueller/DNC/Rhino efforts to overthrow Trump.

        President Trump will de-classify everything at the optimal time. Probably during the 2020 election cycle. This information will force Bushy, Swampy Barr to do his job. Recall how Trump has worked McConnell and Graham over the last two years. Brought them right into line. Trump has a knack for forcing people to do their job.

        All paving the way for Donald Trump Jr. to become President in 6 years. Is there any statute preventing Donald Trump Sr. from running as Donald Trump Jr.’s Vice President in 6 years? Oh and I’m sure Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump will also have 8 year terms as President. 32 years of Trump Presidency. Hell, by then Baron Trump will be eligible to be President.

        Hehe…hear that sound? It’s the sound of millions of liberal heads exploding right now.

        All kidding aside, considering the psychology of this family everything they do is 110% all out. I believe the Trump’s intend to be the next American political dynasty. God Bless the Trumps!

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        • billygoat65 says:

          Once Mueller’s report is done, President Trump will start to declassify.

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        • PoCoNoMo says:

          Hey bartender, I’ll have what he’s havin’ – an make it a double!


        • Kid Jupiter says:

          Keep dreaming. Trump should’ve taken it to them right from the start.

          Comey fired at 12:01 PM on Day One.
          Sessions fired the minute he recused.
          Rosenstein fired the minute he appointed Mueller, after writing letter throwing Comey under the bus and recommending his firing.
          Mueller fired, period.

          Then go on TV and DARE the then GOP-controlled Congress to impeach him after he just won 306 electoral votes, beat Hillary (which none of the other 16 schmucks would’ve been able to pull off), and delivered the presidency back to the GOP. I DARE YOU TO IMPEACH ME FOR EXERCISING MY CONSTITUTIONALLY-MANDATED POWER AS PRESIDENT!

          Then he should’ve declassified the damn documents. IMPEACH ME! I DARE YOU!



        • Michael Todaro says:

          I really like your comment RLTW. Talk about a great America. The scum MSM et Al bad mouth bright and beautiful Ivanka then praise hideous diot Cortez. They bad mouth handsome, brilliant Don Jr. then praise that worthless POS B—-ole O’Rourke. MAGA/KAG!


      • Linda K. says:

        RR wouldn’t leave except that the new AG, Barr is a swamp creature and best buds with Mueller. Next up, Muchelle O. is thinking of running for President. No one held to account because there is no honest lawyer in Washington or the government.


    • Invisigoth says:

      Gotta wait for the Democrats to take control of the House and bring impeachment charges.


    • Arrest Soros says:

      He will get out after the report is handed down, at which time RR will be free to do all the CNN, MSNBC etc rounds bashing POTUS and waxing lyrical about honesty and integrity yada yada.
      Then he’ll start writing a book about it all (and be guaranteed a 7 figure sum) detailing how they knew for sure that Trump colluded with Russia but couldn’t quite get hold of enough evidence for charges but they know, just know there was collusion.
      The MSM will lap it up and harp on about it until the 2020 elections.

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    • Linda K. says:

      Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.


  2. Anon says:

    Trump should fire whoever suggested/approved Bob Barr (after firing whoever did the same for Rosenstein).

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  3. Doug Amos says:

    Maybe President Trump thinks Washington is a cannot win and is putting all his eggs in the Sun Dance Main Street basket. Gain a standoff with your enemies and broaden your base with an end around on the economy. How can people not vote for him when their paychecks are bigger while personal debt shrinks? None of the Rinos are ever going to be of any value and he needs his base to send him better representatives, the right people in the Congress.

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  4. Look waaaaay down the road. PDJT and his family will face their greatest peril AFTER he is out of office – regardless of when he leaves and regardless of the circumstances. The SDNY and every Democrat AG throughout the country will be gunning for him, his family and his businesses. Remember that little Democrat puke that said PDJT must be destroyed. The President may see Mueller, Weismann and the other members of the SC as a civilian in a court. It may not be pretty.

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  5. Snowball says:

    So I guess Rosenstein is a white hat… Again. 2 years of going around in circles. Nuke D.C. And get them all, let God sort them out.


  6. Justin Green says:

    I’m at a loss as to figuring out why any of this matters. In law school, we learned about the “fruit from the poisonous tree” which is a way of saying that if you violate the law, any evidence you have against someone is inadmissible, as is any evidence you gain as a result of that chain of evidence.

    The simple fact that Mueller has been able to get ONE indictment or plea deal is enough for me to say, “screw this, the traitors need to hang”.

    Trump is one man, and he’s doing all that he can, surrounded by liars, cheats, backstabbers, traitors, and criminals. And that’s just describing the Republican Party actors, much less the Communist Party (formerly the DNC).

    Rosenstein should be eight months into his prison sentence by now, making love to Ronnie “Footlong” Jackson.

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    • Jackson be da pitcha and Rosey be da catcha…….game on!


    • Matt Hay says:

      Am I impatient for not understanding why a globo-thermonuclear bomb hasn’t been dropped on these folks (not literally of course) fiat justitia caelum ruat style.


      • smartyjones1 says:

        The Deep Swamp Rats took their shots. President Trump has been hamstrung but not harmed in what they sought.

        When Mueller and his scam investigation is sidelined, President Trump holds not only the ace but all the aces.

        We’re going to learn what a nuclear Ace of Spades looks like IMHO. There will be no mercy and no quarter given to any seditionist traitor.


    • Leaving says:

      It only matters if the people in charge say it matters.

      The Constitution is only a piece of paper with ink on it a provides no more protection from our government than a restraining order stops a man from killing another.

      Only when a government and society agrees to live by the concepts communicated on that paper with ink and uphold those agreements does the constitution offer any protection.

      Most of those in government with the power have chosen to no longer uphold their part of the agreement.

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  7. Deplorable Canuck says:

    So I assume he still has oversight and is still running interference with anyone of thing that threatens the Muller inquisition. Whitacker should just seal this guy off now. Sit him in a corner and tell him to do nothing more till he leaves in a few weeks!

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  8. John says:

    People plan and god laughs… Ruth Bader will probably die or some other geopolitical event will disrupt the timing overshadowing the whole show.

    More likely they want ammunition going into the Democratic debates before the primaries. They need to give them something to talk about.


    • Logger says:

      If they can get indictments secured, or like Sundance said, enough innuendo going (easy with the presstitutes), then the uniparty will counter that he can’t have a Supreme Court pick (which is nonsense, of course).


  9. Dutchman says:

    Great thread, just putting RR’s pending alleged departure in context.
    My first thoughts;
    This ‘lays out’ the plans of PDJT’s enemies, but no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.

    AND, this battle plan was concieved and will be executed by the same geniuses that came up with;

    The shitehole comment Debacle

    The Kavanaugh Debacle

    The Caravan Debacle.
    And is currently mired in the Wall shutdown Debacle, one from which they see no way out.

    I wonder on the release of the Mueller report; It doesn’t HAVE to be ‘made public’, and so suspect Dems would prefer to keep it under wraps, and selectively leak, out of context, the parts most damaging to PDJT.

    WHAT is to keep PDJT from releasing “the documents”, once Mueller releases his report?

    Once Mueller and Rosie are no longer ‘riding herd’ on, and effectively blocking I.G.Horowitz, whats to keep him from honestly disclosing the FISA and unmasking, in his report, and releasing a report that he has,reviewed the information, and sees no legitimate reason NOT to release?

    I DON’T see any of the Dems plan that leads to them winning. Whats described as the Dem plan doesn’t justify impeachment.

    As for politically ‘damaging’ POTUS, I think like their previous ‘plans’, this all has the potential to backfire on the Uniparty, hugely.

    So, I am not concerned, and I think we all just need to continue to support PDJT in his current battle over the Wall shutdown, and in any future battles he engages them with.

    All PDJT needs to do, is tweet; if he,WANTS a visible support from us, with rallys he knows we’re their!

    And, after his performance during the midterms, his enemies know it, too.
    All he has asked us to do, is put the heat on Congress, to fund the WALL.

    So, thats what we do. I just don’t see Dems as having a winning strategy here.

    Lets face it, in a battle of wits, between DJT vs. Pelosi and Scumer, the Dems ammunition is woefully inadequate!

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    • Leaving says:

      It doesn’t justify impeachment to the readers here but if congress ignores the will of the people when making laws, what’s to stop them from ignoring the will of the people and impeaching?

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      • G. Combs says:

        “….what’s to stop them from ignoring the will of the people and impeaching?…”

        The 2nd Amendment.

        And I am not the only one who is seeing the ‘cold anger’ starting to turn hot. I can not find the article, but a writer also noticed the ‘sleeping giant’ is starting to awaken. You can also see the ‘mood’ turn ‘dark’ here at the Tree House.

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        • Leaving says:

          I don’t see that path as being productive.


        • Sugarhillhardrock says:

          That is a determination that must be made in the future.

          President Trump has earned the right to use his executive power to address our constitutional grievances regarding the prior administrations systematic abuse of FISA and false swearing in a federal court.
          I’m going to wait him out, and watch.
          If he fails to take out the enemy, then patriots will have to act.

          It will be much cleaner if the law is enforced and the Plotters are indicted, arrested, and convicted. If the situation is not corrected, then a different calculation will come into play, one where citizens intent upon preserving our Constitution act to restore it’s meaning.

          I pray that is not necessary, but if it comes down to that requirement, many will stand up to defend the republic.

          We are wise to keep tabs and see if the rule of law is reinvigorated.

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        • Michael Todaro says:

          Yes G. Combs


    • Jake says:

      I agree. It is frustrating, but Trump has this. shoomer and pelousy are idiots.


  10. Matt Hay says:

    When do we actually fight back and stop just counting coup?


  11. California Joe says:

    Rosenstein is only leaving now because he knows that the jig is up with Whitaker and the new AG not being reclused! His rein of crime and corruption are over! Frankly, he should have been canned two years ago along with Sessions the day after Sessions reclused himself. President Trump could have appointed and acting replacement recommended by Rudy Guiliani.


    • Rhoda R says:

      The new AG is friends with Mueller. The jig is NOT up.


    • anniefannie says:

      For a Federal payment to the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, $10,000,000, to remain avail- able until expended, to continue implementation of the Combined Sewer Overflow Long-Term Plan: Provided, That the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority provides a 100 percent match for this payment.

      The Appropriations bill funding the SC?


  12. Uncle Max says:

    So Rod resigns… and then is free to be called in front of Cummings committee hearings, as the former AAG, but free to tell what he wants to. It’s Watergate 2.0. The only fly in the ointment is the current Government shutdown fight. This fight and resolution or lack thereof will REALLY upset the Donks scheme. They have their plans, but they didn’t plan on a multi-week or month shutdown. Nope.


  13. Iamcat says:

    Trump is a very intelligent man, and I’m
    Not going to fret anymore. He knows the truth and he knows that Barr is swamp, he knows it and yet he goes along with it. I’m no one to tell him what to do. Obviously there is a huge amount we are totally ignorant of. That is all that makes sense. I feel abused and used by my government and the crimes , even treasonous crimes, are swept under the rug. They have put us through hell . Can you imagine watching imbecile Cummings grill witnesses like slimy Cohen for months? I will pull all of my hair out. I cannot express how cheated I feel and how much I hate the DOJ in this country. If they wanted to preserve their false face of integrity, they have grossly failed. I mean my gosh, Ohr and RR are still there!

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  14. mildtosevere says:

    I remember the day after special counsel was announced how pleased SD was about it.
    Weird how things turn out


  15. swimeasy says:

    Thank you Sundance!

    A couple of questions:
    1. Since Mueller team also has boot on throat of Horowitz, is he (Horowitz) also considered complicit or could his report be damaging to the swampsters particularly as related to FISA abuse?
    2. POTUS’ legal team is still planning to respond to Mueller report when it drops, correct? So is that also another opportunity to derail the Dems strategy against this President?

    All perspectives would be appreciated! Thanks!


    • Leaving says:

      The only decent move I can think of is to declassify and present the evidence as defense to the senate after impeachment. This gives him plausible deniability to say “I didn’t want to release the info but have to present all the facts to defend myself”

      However, from what has been suggested, the corruption is so deep, the release will bring about the apocalypse (that’s hyperbole)

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    • Rhoda R says:

      What would stop the President from unclassifying everything one hour after the Mueller report is given to Congress?


      • Leaving says:

        That’s what I can’t figure out: how would it play out if he were to declassify after the report was turned in but before impeachment reached the senate?

        It seems like a good time to me. I must be missing a possible counter move by the black hats.


      • bonkti says:

        It is a preliminary report. Mueller’s Grand Jury was just extended another six months.
        Mueller gets to eat his cake and have it,too.


  16. franz dorn says:

    What about the Grand jury being extended six months?


  17. franz dorn says:

    What about the Grand jury being extended six months?


  18. Bogeyfree says:

    How would PT be guilty of obstruction if he exposes by declassifying key documents that prove actual crimes and a conspiracy by others?


  19. Anon says:

    Tucker should be Attorney General.


  20. emeraldcoaster says:

    IIRC, the Special Counsel was authorized annd assigned by then-AAG (DAG) Rosenstein. Has not AAG Whitaker supplanted Rosenstein as SC overseer? If so, I would think the SC report goes to Whitaker for review before any distribution…and not publicly released directly. (Although I think tactical “leakage” is likely.) While a longshot, what’s to keep Whitaker from holding the SC report until after Barr’s confirmation?

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  21. snarkybeach says:

    maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I’m hoping temporary AAG Whittaker will fire Mueller the week before Barr is seated. What are they going to do, fire him?

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  22. Rosey resigning so he can go compose before a Demo house committee. Remember, Cohen’s credibility is shot, he won’t do. But Saint Rosey, he’ll go up there and compose obstruction fairy tales and the media will go ape-sh!t and demand he be believed, Nancy will chew her dentures to shreds calling for impeachment, Burr Rubio Willard Lamar (not up for re-election) Lisa Susan Portmon Tillis Sasse Gardner Toomy et al will fall all over themselves to get in front of the cameras to demand that POTUS resign.


  23. anniefannie says:

    Wonder if his hand was in this part of the House appropriations bill?

    SEC. 627. No funds provided in this Act shall be used to deny an Inspector General funded under this Act timely access to any records, documents, or other materials available to the department or agency over which that Inspector General has responsibilities under the Inspector General Act of 1978, or to prevent or impede that Inspector General’s access to such records, documents, or other materials, under any provision of law, except a provision of law that expressly refers to the Inspector General and ex-pressly limits the Inspector General’s right of access. A department or agency covered by this section shall provide its Inspector General with access to all such records, documents, and other materials in a timely manner. Each Inspector General shall ensure compliance with statutory limitations on disclosure relevant to the information provided by the establishment over which that Inspector General has responsibilities under the Inspector General Act of 1978. Each Inspector General covered by this section shall report to the Committees on Appropriations of the House of Representatives and the Senate within 5 calendar days any failures to comply with this requirement.

    How does this square with the Horowitz report?


    • Wow. That is pretty strong. Looks like IG should trump Mueller in access to any documents…… unless specifically called out ‘under provision of law’…. bet Rosey and the Demo’s will call Rosey’s instructions to Mueller a ‘law’ in order to justify withholding the info from the IG.

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  24. Tiffthis says:

    Cancel Barr and nominate someone else. Anyone else who’s not worked in DC before 👍🏼🇺🇸

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  25. Brant says:

    I hope RR loses all security clearances 2 seconds after he leaves.

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  26. taxpayer here says:

    There’s no intention on wrapping mueller witchhunt any time soon! They’ll keep asking for extensions and they’ll be granted by an oblablabla appointee. This could ALL end if an honest AG were to admit how witchhunt came to be, but barr seems to be buddy buddy with mueller…come on! …their wives are in same Bible group!…one attended the others daughters wedding!!!! Dear Lord, let this end for the sake of our Country and duly elected President.


  27. Billy says:

    Mark my words. The report will be released in 6 years. Just like Lawrence Walsh – 7 years till Slick Willie was elected. The investigation of the man will continue to search for a crime.


  28. Retired IG says:

    Yes, my circadian rhythms are more attuned to the West versus East coast, but damn, Rosenstein! I hope the DOOR BANGS HARD ON YOUR ASS when you FINALLY decide to EXIT.
    Sorry for my anger but it is ANGER. Sundance, just so you know I read all of this post, including the proposed legislation(not all of the comments). But Jiminy Cricket, if I were in your shoes, I’d want to take a flamethrower to SOMETHING! You are so good with reporting FACTS, and keeping the volume down on your emotions. Don’t know how you manage to hold it and be cogent and rational. God/dess bless you.
    Anyways, this scene from the “Scent of A Woman” (I’d Take a Flame Thrower to This Place) has been my “go to” for many years now. It is emotional food for me. This scene lifts me up

    Scent of A Woman -I’d Take a Flamethrower to This Place”

    It’s been playing in the background while I type.

    Peace be to us ALL.


  29. Retired IG says:

    Ack. I reviewed this post and it did not connect to the YouTube I wished you all could watch. Rats. But I hope you catch my drift. You could also watch “Burn Down The Mission” by Elton John. But I love Al Pacino and the “Scent of a Woman” clip so much better.


  30. ~Folks, The DIRTY Robert Swan Mueller III…ANAL-PROBE…has been GUARANTEED to last till at the very soonest [Late June, 2019] because of the 6 Month extension by U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell.~
    *CORRUPT DOJ Deputy AG ‘Sir-Roddy’ Rosenstein breathed a…Sigh-Of-Relief…when Pres.Trump appointed William Barr (BFF to DIRTY Mueller) as the next CORRUPT–>DOJ as Atty. General.*


  31. TMonroe says:

    “SC Robert Mueller (the team, not the person) and DAG Rod Rosenstein have already explained to POTUS Trump that if he attempts any declassification of documents currently part of Mueller’s investigative purview (that’s literally everything and or anything they lay claim to), the Special Counsel investigative unit will consider that interference with their investigation of him (President Trump); and subsequent “obstruction” claims will immediately follow. That threat, and the advice of White House lawyers (prior counsel no longer present), led to Trump backing down in September, 2018”

    Thus, leverage in this situation from not declassifying and taking other lawful actions for the good of the nation doesn’t appear to be bearing out. He added that he can always declassify if it proves necessary. The construct shows his ability to legitimately govern is compromised without exposing the illegality — as well as the fact that the only way to counter the illicit power ursupation is to expose it with primary documents that serve as hard proof of the witch hunt.

    Expose that, and thee base explodes, as it is given hard facts around which to mobilize and with which they can counter detractors and sway fence sitters, including the youth who don’t know better. Obstruction charges in such an environment lose any traction or leverage. But there’s a time limit to the effectiveness, so he needs to move now.


  32. John-Y128 says:

    Supposedly, Rosenstein is stepping down as a courtesy to the incoming AG Barr, so he can have his own #2 man; too bad Comey didn’t step down Jan 20, 2017 so President Trump could assign his ‘own’ man too.


  33. f.fernandez says:

    When Mueller done by February? Yeah, of what year? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    If this is true, Whitaker must have actually shut him down.


  34. Zorro says:

    I suppose one positive is that Cummings, as a committee head, is a one trick pony racial victim and somewhat dim.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. Fools Gold says:

    The government shutdown over crisis at our southern border has yet to play out. Will Dims fund it before middle of the year? Will Amlo produce a surprise after USMCA is done (one way or the other)? Is China gonna hold out for a better deal? Will RBG croak before March? At some point POTUS or Horowitz will reveal facts! Demoncraps or GOPe have no affect on what’s right or wrong in my mind and armed body & soul.


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