Speaker Nancy Pelosi Outlines New Rules for 116th Congressional Session – Includes Schedule for Process of Trump Impeachment…

Remember when we warned [November 8th, 2018] that a convergence of left-wing groups, activists, DNC donors and specifically the Lawfare team, would align with (and meet) incoming Democrat leadership to construct a road-map for the “resistance” priorities?

Well, exactly that planned and coordinated outcome is visible as incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi presents her new rules for the 116th congress.

[IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that Speaker Pelosi has selected former insider DOJ official Douglas Letter to be the Chief Legal Counsel for the House.  That becomes important when we get to the part about new powers granted to the House Counsel.]

The Pelosi House rules clearly present the outline for an impeachment calendar as directed by changes to the oversight committees.  Additionally, there is a myriad of new processes which appear to have been developed through the Lawfare alliance.  Here’s some of the overview (full pdf below):

♦ On page #2, we see a few key points.  Pelosi sets up a new, much narrower, oversight priority for Chairman Elijah Cummings; specifically to tailor oversight to the White House and President Donald Trump. Additionally we see the outlined time-schedule for hearings.

In subsection “k” the “clarification” is the narrowing of Elijah Cummings focus.  “Oversight Over the Executive Office of the President“.  This sets up the system for Cummings to target President Trump, his family, and all members of the executive branch as they relate to specific White House functions.

The Pelosi rules tell Chairman Cummings to deliver his schedule for his investigation(s) to the House by April 15th, 2019.  Thereafter the hearing sessions will commence.  The objective of those hearings is House impeachment of the President; so now we know the general timeline the Democrats plan to follow.

♦ To help achieve that objective on Page #3 Pelosi changes the rules on depositions:

In previous oversight hearings depositions of witnesses could not be conducted by counsel unless minority members were also present.  Pelosi removes that rule allowing an expanded team of House lawyers to question anyone regardless of whether there is a republican present to defend/protect the interests of the witness or target.

♦ Speaker Pelosi also removes any term-limits on committee Chairs.  This allows greater political influence and power to the most senior members of the Democrat party.

Additionally, in the event Republicans develop immediate defensive plans to push back against the weaponization of these oversight committees, Pelosi gives her Chairs 60 days to make up the rules for their committees so they can deflect any defenses.

♦ On Page #5 Pelosi removes rules banning head-wear on the House floor.  This rule change is intended to permit new Muslim members to wear Islamic-compliant Hijab head coverings.

♦ Also on page #5, House Speaker Pelosi also removes the rule requiring a 3/5th majority vote to raise middle-class income taxes.  This paves the way for Democrats to raise income taxes by a simple majority vote.

♦ Following with the investigative plans for impeachment; and in conjunction with all new powers granted to a massively expanded group of House lawyers with new and expanded power; page #7 has specific rules to benefit HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff:

HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff can now, autonomously, demand and instruct depositions from anyone, at any time, for any reason; and the House Intelligence Committee does not need to consider any possible scheduling conflicts for any of the targets, or have any republican members present therein.  [Schiff granted far more power than Nunes.]

♦ Page #9 is the beginning of a very interesting new power being granted to an expanded office of House Legal Counsel:

This is only the first part of this Pelosi rule.  This part speaks to coordination with Lawfare and similar activist groups outside government.  The House will now defend Obamacare, and all other possible constructs, with a legal team – regardless of what the DOJ might be doing on the same legal matter.   In essence, a mini-legislative DOJ branch that will fight the U.S. Dept of Justice if needed. (more on this in another section).

♦ Two rules on Page #10 are interesting.  The first rule allows Non-Disclosure Agreements that no longer have to pass through ethics reviews.   This permits House members to force staff to sign NDA’s that may or may not be ethically approved.

The second rule on page #10 is Speaker Pelosi rebuking any demand that House members should be forced to pay for sexual harassment settlements.  By obfuscating the rule to overlay with the 1995 rules against any discrimination, essentially Pelosi removes any risk for members surrounding “harassment“.   It’s a nice head-fake to create the appearance of something that doesn’t technically exist.  Very progressive approach.

♦ Page #11 creates a new House Committee for Climate Change.  [15 members: 2 chairs, 7 democrats and 6 republicans]:

♦ Page #13 is the most interesting, and ties back to the Page #9 rule.

Here Speaker Pelosi sets up an internal House division of lawyers, paid with taxpayer funds, to defend Obamacare against any adverse action.  In essence Pelosi is setting up her own Legislative Branch division of justice, to fight against the Executive Branch U.S. Department of Justice if needed.

The primary issue surrounds defending Obamacare from possible legal removal.  However, it doesn’t take a deep political thinker to see where this approach ends up. It would be naive to think the Lawfare group (Benjamin Wittes) did not help create this new internal legal system.

Normally/traditionally House Counsel represents the interests of the entire Legislative Branch on any issue that might surface.  However, Pelosi is setting up a legal activist agency within the House Counsel that will specifically “advocate” for Democrat priorities, against the position of the U.S. Department of Justice, and use taxpayer funds to finance the scheme.

Speaker Pelosi is creating her own mini DOJ inside the legislative branch.  And, with additional investigative powers granted to House committees, we might even see a mini-FBI units, dispatched to conduct investigations and spy operations, accountable only to speaker Pelosi.  Heck, considering congress already has subpoena power, there’s no telling where this might end.

[Remember, House democrats have already promised to get rid of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as part of their legislative branch priorities.]

There’s more rules with various levels of consequence.  I would suggest you get familiar with them; contrast against what republicans would never consider doing; and bookmark them for reference later this year when everyone starts asking: how is this possible?


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429 Responses to Speaker Nancy Pelosi Outlines New Rules for 116th Congressional Session – Includes Schedule for Process of Trump Impeachment…

  1. Justin says:

    Just bury them already.
    1) Democrats aren’t going to stop talking about it.
    2) Democrats aren’t going to stop pushing for something, legally or illegally.
    3) The basic tenets of our Constitution are being violated on a daily basis by the continued existence of the illegal Mueller investigation. This is an abomination.

    Just start swinging, Mr. President. The midterms are over.

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    • Zorro says:

      The fact that the president has no way of defending himself screams that the SC is unconstitutional.

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      • Daniel says:

        Now you know why “officially” the president isn’t under investigation.

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      • Mike Genson says:

        he has no need to defend himself, he’s not under investigation AND as soon as the Dems make even bigger fools of themselves and start impeachment hearings Trump will declassify EVERYTHING Russia hoax related and OUCH is that going to crush those idiot dems

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    • visage13 says:

      Agreed, redact it all and put it out. The time is now.

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    • LarryG says:

      Given the level of non-compliance at many levels to requests from Nunes, et Al, and the general disregard for Congressional powers displayedrecently by so many deep staters, I wonder how long it will be before we see similar bird flipping with regard these new house rules and those they grant new, expanded powers to? I would personally be tempted, for example to flip Shiffhead off Everytime I saw him or heard from him. The left has deeply eroded the power of and respect for Congress; does anyone else anticipate this blowing back in their faces?

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  2. Mike in a Truck says:

    Goes to show ya what a bunch of loser wussies the Repubs are.The Dems go for the jugular while the Elephant (Asian or African?) party runs with its tail between its legs anytime someone accuses them of being racist,homophobic,anti immigrant, etc.etc. They had the House and showed exactly who they are.So these cruds are gonna subpoena and investigate? Hey White House-dont participate. Dont show up.Dont play their game. Obstruct and delay just like the Dems do.What they gonna do-send the Capital Police to arrest them?POTUS should instruct the U.S.Marshalls to arrest any police that trys that crap.Time to grow a pair Repubs.

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    • Justin Green says:

      Were it not for the ability to vote for Cruz over Beto, I would have stayed home for the midterms. My local rep wasn’t on the ballot this time, and I’ve put him on notice that if he doesn’t work to restore law and order in Congress, he will not get my vote next time.

      I will NEVER again vote a straight Republican ticket if my choice is someone along the lines of McCain, Flake, Romney, or Paul Ryan. Never again.

      If you keep voting for Democrats in Republican clothing, you will keep getting Democrat policies, period.

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      • Bill Lins says:

        I’m confused by your statement “My local rep wasn’t on the ballot this time”. ALL House members stand for re-election every 2 years. How could your rep NOT be on the ballot?


    • Prettyplease says:

      In every dysfunctional relationship, there is the passive-aggressive component. It’s pretty obvious where the Republicans are slotted into this sick scenario.

      Since the public cannot depend on their elected officials to do the job that they sword to do, it’s up to every man and woman to stand up for themselves.

      It is the nameless and the faceless, their hands and feet that get the job done.

      Some talk of going to Washington DC in a demonstration. I think that’s an absolutely fabulous idea. We could probably pull that off a couple of times a year.

      On the other hand, we could do what the French are doing without the violence. Every county has a courthouse. Every week has a Saturday. Most people can get to their county courthouse at least once a month.

      The opposition is expecting us to remain in the sheeple mode that we maintained while BHO was in office. I think we can all agree that we are now at war. The time for bench warming is over. If the enemy can sack our quarterback, we will be in a world of hurt. PTQ. Protect the quarterback.

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      • LarryG says:

        Well-stated, Prettyplease! Our President has displayed unbelievable resiliance and tenacity, but he can’t carry on alone or with very minimal visible support forever. Americans when challenged as admirably and with as much unity…and with as much success as any population in history. It is clear to any thinking person that we are under as great a threat to our soveriegnty as we have ever faced and the time has come to stand up in defense of our country and our freedom. Writing on our blogs, appealing to the little common sense remaining in our general population through social media and the comment sections following online articles is no longer sufficient.
        I have long supported individual action/change as the primary and most durable means of effecting change, but I am now
        convinced that the time has come for conservatives/patriots to rise up off our couches and the office chairs at our computer desks and take some kind of unified action. Can we agree on a direction and a means? Our collective, embracable future depends on it.

        Liked by 4 people

        • michael says:

          Get Real. We are in a cold war right now with Demos, Socialists and Communists. We all know how it ends. Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Kim, Beto.They have told us or shown us what they do in power.


    • Daniel says:

      Not loser wussies. They are liars and deceivers just like the Democrats. They speak in grand and appealing terms which are targeting mature, patriotic men and women in this country and then either refuse to take the actions they were voted to take or take opposite action. But that’s not where the problem is.

      The problem is largely with the voters who refuse to demand accountability and continually re-elect these people.

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  3. Justin Green says:

    Bullies normally don’t stop until their teeth are knocked out.
    They will NEVER stop if you negotiate to give them half your lunch money every day.

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  4. pochas94 says:

    I know I’m a wuss. But there is a time and a place to confront bullies. Most of the time they will hang themselves given enough rope. Trump has until the runup to the 2020 elections. Then, all will be revealed.

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    • lftpm says:

      It’s already been revealed. Orange County CA was long a Republican fortress. Then in 2002, Dem. Linda Sanchez won. By 2018, every Republican Congressman lost his/her seat to Dems. How did this happen?

      The demographics show that since the early 1990s there has been a HUGE influx of “Latinos”. These aren’t Mexican-American and Meso-American USA citizens who’ve moved in from other parts of the USA. They are illegal aliens and the fraudulent “birthright citizen” children of illegal aliens. They were not granted birthright citizenship by the Constitution, nor even a SCOTUS ruling, but by fraud-perpetrating D.C. Deep State bureaucrats.

      In California, the illegal invaders get to vote. If they didn’t OC would still have all GOP representatives.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Justin Green says:

        Don’t forget the fact that there is an exodus of people from both California and New York.

        People on the gravy train will not leave the gravy train. California is killing itself. Their pension problems aren’t going away, either.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Mojo says:

        Vote harvesting…it was passed as a law in California. Don’t think it won’t happen in other states just in time for 2020. Plus the Dems in OC had a huge war chest of money. Someone needs to pay attention to the Vote harvesting law!

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  5. gregc77 says:

    Time to stop hoping that political efforts and the rule of law will put an end to this. We’re in Dostoevsky Land: without God, everything is permitted.The fetid fruits of the French Revolution have finally taken hold here.

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  6. Will says:

    I am sorry for saying this, as a Christian, I know it’s not right. But, I wish Pelosi would be called home. I don’t care if it’s heaven on hell. She is just plain eveil.

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    • fuzzi says:

      As a Christian, it’s good to pray for God’s will. And praying for the removal of an unGodly leader who embraces the murder of innocents is certainly within God’s will.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Neural says:

        Absolutely, however I’ll point out that there are many scriptures that indicate God’s will in the grand scheme of things involves a one-world government, and the USA stands in the way of that.
        If we are indeed in the end times, which many believe we are, it puts us in a bad position.


  7. Dan says:

    I second what Will just stated!!

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  8. warrprin1 says:

    Every single recent photo of Nancy puts on display, for the whole world to see, her advancing disconnect with reality. The anger within is eating her alive, and dictating her increasingly irrational behavior. This is our recycled “new” SOH? Our California and Utah voters (legal and “ineligible”) have disgraced themselves and disgraced our Nation.

    This morning I acted on the advice from a fellow Treeper on another thread yesterday, to contact Tom Owen, Public Affairs Office, Church of Latter Day Saints: (801) 240 – 2205. It was 0730 hours in Salt Lake City and Mr. Owen’s message recorder answered the call. I left a spirited message regarding my opinion re: the support of the Mormon Church for Mittens the Carpetbagger turned Spotlight Seeker. No response: big surprise.

    Following that call, I subscribed to a website called GovTrack in order to keep up with my PA US Senators antics, missed sessions / votes, etc. The House tracker for PA on the GovTrack site is not yet functional since the rejuggling of voter districts, generally referred to as gerrymandering, does not kick in until sometime today. I intend to follow these people very closely as well.

    Senator Pat Toomey is not able to boast of good attendance for sessions that involve voting. I expect my elected officials to be present, accounted for, and voting yea or nay on every, single matter that is brought to the floor – unless he or she is dying. Period.

    Now it’s time to contact my PA GOP Chair, Val DiGiorgio. He sends out mail that purports to support PDJT and the MAGA Agenda. We’re about to find out how MAGA, or how Swampy, Mr. DiGiorgio waxes.

    Nancy P. – What a piece of work! Her daughter needs to be shamed for describing her own mother as a head-chopper-offer. She’s PROUD of the reference!!! ¡Diós mío!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Prettyplease says:

      Spawn of the devil. What did you expect from the daughter? More of the same.

      I agree with one of the posters upstream that there needs to be some Ananias and Saphira moments in Congress ASAP. Oath-breaking to God is a serious offense.

      As a jus sanguinis citizen of heaven, I have standing to request this redress of justice in the courts of the Lord.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Daniel says:

    This is the one and most important time to start indictments against members of congress for their crimes. While they may be setting up their oversight to be incredibly weaponized, a proper DOJ (or dare I say it, military tribunal) would be able to strike before they do.

    Not only would it bring legal hold against their attacks (attacks which are extremely unpopular with an ever-growing voting population) but it just may well bring the resistance republicans to heel as well.

    I’m still reminded by the utterly remarkable discussion about military tribunals during the public hearings with now Justice Kavanaugh. It was incredibly clear and specific and still wondering why Sundance hasn’t really commented on that discussion and what it would mean. “Conspiracy theory” me all you like, but war powers are still in effect under president Trump and when the DOJ and FBI cannot follow the law, what is the correct course of action?

    Is it to sit there and pontificate our doom? Or is it “identify the remedy and act on it?” This remedy is already established and tested law. Why is it so unimaginable? Simply because it’s not within the living memory of anyone here? (Some of us are old enough, but I’m not)

    It’s time.

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  10. For quite some time, I have been preaching people should read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

    I also believe the Cloward and Piven Strategy is well under way. Look at America—look at Europe. It is slapping us all right in the face.

    Please America—WAKE UP!

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  11. Latina says:

    The sheep is asleep.
    “Ohhhh don’t worry, we have the senate and POTUS won’t sign it.”

    Sign what?

    What does indictments have to do with signing by POTUS?

    People think all Congress does and pass things to send it over to the senate. That’s it! So don’t worry.

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  12. litlbit2 says:

    Although the actual wording and time frame might be different to many here, however, I do not believe the changes were not expected. Also, most would agree these first steps will be expanded rapidly as we move to 2020.

    What I would like to see exposed are the people writing the rules change(s).

    The DNC as well as GOPe. The representatives did not write these rules, verified by the past behavior of the members! Remembering the “stable” and coverup by the Pimps, for higher enlistment help from the MSM. Two different groups joined at the hips for greed, crime, corruption and longevity.

    Print the names….over, over, over 24/7. Someone knows.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. zucccchini says:

    I am sooooo angry at those voters who believe in Trump, who voted for the man, who then let him down in the mid-terms. They did not realize the importance of that election because they have tuned out the media all together. If they had just showed to vote..Pelosi and those other clowns would not be there to do all of the above. Most average American voter, it seems, thinks they just need to show to vote for the POTUS and everything else will be taken care of. I do not believe those same voters voted FOR these pathetic people that are now headed to DC. ARRGH!!

    Liked by 2 people

  14. nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

    I apologize if I am repeating something already presented.

    In my pre-department of re-education mind, I would think now would be a good time to send up that flare to “mark on top”. It seems that the President has until March 15th (based on the time lines of the new House rules) before the Impeachment Proceedings; or more appropriately called the ‘Beria Court’, convene. I am sure that Comrade Burr and his faithful sidekick “Thoughtless Thom Tillis” are just salivating at the chance for their Sam Ervin moments.

    So if there is in fact any truth to the thought that the President does have the names along with the “film at 11”, now would be a very good to time to release it.

    But just in case this is yet another “urban myth”, I will be studying Federalist Paper #46 a bit more carefully.


  15. The President is going to have to counter these actions: What form that will take, time will tell.


    • Lawrence says:

      Another stupid plan that will fail. They even give dates and don’t try to hide themselves. Meanwhile, they have no clue who’s truly on their side, and what Trump is going to do next, and from what angle. This should be fun to watch.


  16. Jane Smith says:

    So funny.
    Crimes and misdemeanors?
    That defines the Democratic Party.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. elloyd_tunt says:

    If these lunatic-fringe decrees/demands are not enough to vote straight-party Republican in 2020, and even if one cannot stomach the candidate with (R) after the name then nothing will motivate the base to step-up and save the nation from socialism and eventually communism! ‘Babs’ Pelosi and her cadre are still fuming from the loss in 2016, something which they still cannot comprehend and they want revenge. Nor do they have the foresight to look two years into the future and see that the ‘party of the people’, through these moves, will be decimated in 2020 elections! “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lawrence says:

      That’s why Trump is making a big deal out of Venezuela. So we can view the late stages of what OCASIO-CORTEZ looks like and how it’s not so cute, from a safe distance. To see Venezuela clearly is what prevents Venezuela.


  18. Dingleberry says:

    Now seeing parts of government not seen before. BUT, seems these committees would need to operate under common law restraints and Constitutional rights. If Schiff can pull anyone over at any time and require their deposition without benefit of minority representation makes him totalitarian-powered to do whatever the hell he wishes. Citizens should remain under the umbrella of Constitutional rights. To me, that rule is invalid. Cannot the SC rule on these?


  19. Lawrence says:

    Pelosi has done everything she possibly can to ensure the Democrats look more scary and loony to Americans than they ever thought possible. Many Americans are witnessing every conspiracy theory they ever heard coming to life. So we wonder. Who runs Pelosi? The DS or Trump?


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