Alan Dershowitz Responds to the Roger Stone Indictment…

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz responds to the Roger Stone indictment.  This is worth watching.

The key point to remember is nothing is happening in a vacuum. This is a political case utilizing the structure of the legal system. If you have followed CTH through the years (Zimmerman, Ferguson, Baltimore et al), you will notice the familiar process of weaponizing the judicial system for political benefit. This is the essence of Lawfare and is highly coordinated, planned and strategized [more later].


People new to reviewing the process of political “lawfare”, have a tough time reconciling what is happening because the traditional perspectives of law, order and justice do not apply.

Professional political Democrats would not be using “impeachment” in the constitutional sense of the process; but rather weaponizing the process –as a tool itself– to: •target the executive office; •diminish the presidency (“isolate”/”marginalize”, Alinsky rules); •and position themselves for 2020.

Optics and innuendo are key elements, tools per se’, in the Alinsky narrative engineering process.  That’s why Pelosi, Schumer and the democrat machine are going bananas about getting a raw Mueller report and not a version from AG Barr {explained here}.

From Pelosi’s rules, we now know Elijah Cummings will deliver the schedule for impeachment hearings before his deadline on April 15th. We also know from the outline of the process they are following, the next likely witness to be subpoenaed, and to grab the media headlines will be Donald Trump Jr.

That’s where Adam Schiff (HPSCI) and Jerry Nadler (Judiciary) come in with the technical hearings to begin the ‘impeachment’ specifics.  The ‘wild card’ per se’ is AG nominee William Barr.  For the process to proceed according to plan, the internal elements within the corrupt systems of the DOJ and FBI need to control William Barr until they have reached a point where Barr can be controlled through the narrative of interference.

Again, there is very little doubt the approach has already been mapped out in post-election meetings between: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Democrat committee heads, allies in the lawfare community, political allies inside the executive branch (IC, DOJ, FBI etc.), along with feedback from political networks, DNC (Perez) and major resistance donors.

The real trick to discovering the plan (as early as possible) will be to spot the signals that will tell us where they are going before they shift in their planned direction.

SC Robert Mueller (the team, not the person) and DAG Rod Rosenstein have already explained to POTUS Trump that if he attempts any declassification of documents currently part of Mueller’s investigative purview (that’s literally everything and or anything they lay claim to), the Special Counsel investigative unit will consider that interference with their investigation of him (President Trump).   That threat, and the advice of White House lawyers (prior counsel no longer present), led to Trump backing down in September:

[Obviously “speed” is a relative term, it’s soon to be 4 months]

So it stands to reason if they (Rosenstein, Mueller, etc.) are telling the president he can’t take any action,…. common sense says the same general ‘hands-off‘ principle would apply to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz; who is ultimately under much more of the institutional DOJ control system than President Trump.

See the issue?  As time progresses, and with hindsight as a corruption guide, it becomes more clear how Robert Mueller has been playing his cards.  Horowitz is frozen in place by an inability to see evidence until Mueller says he’s finished with his investigation.

[While it is absolutely blood-boiling to witness, that professional DOJ hoodwinking -the inherent ‘catch 22‘- is the administrative state doing some of its finest work. See the scale of it? There’s no-one to technically hold accountable, it’s the system self-actuated.  This is an example of why you can never be cynical enough when it comes to DC.]

Mueller (the team, not the individual) will be handing the Resistance baton to their allies in congress; and the team will then set off for a well indulged, stunningly compensated, media tour which will likely include numerous advanced offers from Hollywood types for movie rights. Most of them will enjoy job offers from major networks and political allies.

Reference Information:

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256 Responses to Alan Dershowitz Responds to the Roger Stone Indictment…

  1. Kelly says:

    Been done many yesterdays ago!
    Did anyone really think that they will somehow not be going for the PDJT!
    Losing the house was part of their plan,
    Meaning the dems, the rinos, an the DOJ/fbi. You would have thought if the republicans had concern of keeping control of the house they would have worked their a**es off after 40 an change resign or retire… I didn’t see any hard work..did anybody?

    Anyway RR went to PDJT to bs with whatever details not to declassify . I said then that they just wanted time
    To give them more leverage to benifit them!

    So as PDJT said at one time WHAT the
    Hell have you got to lose !!! They will not stop until they bring down our PDJT along with his family an trump org. An anyone within or around that circle.

    PDJT i hope this new AG will go after the crimes that got our country to this
    Low point in history! I hope he is a fighter for the right side of the law!!
    If not pull that damn curtain back!!!
    What the hell do you have to loose!!
    You will expose all the corruption !!

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    • Greg says:

      You do not have to hope; Justice will happen.

      Since PDJT “acknowledges” to the America People for over 2-years based upon “overwhelming evidence” that both the PDJT and the American People clearly see; PDJT has a “Sworn Duty” to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution and make sure Justice is implemented by the next A/G William Bar.

      PDJT has planned for almost 2 years to go nuclear with the criminal codes; allowing the criminals to further destroy themselves; there are no other options. The stage is now set for indictments/prosecution.

      President Trump knows all the alleged criminal acts of Hillary’s Emails and the Clinton Foundation, Fisa, etc. must face Justice or the Rule of Law, the Constitution, our way of life and his will be eliminated.

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      • Ray Runge says:

        God is responsible for the sun and the stars. POTUS Trump will never attain such status.

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      • inspectorudy says:

        I think you may have an unrealistic view of DJT. He is a wheeler-dealer and a TV man not a knight on a white horse. He may talk about doing such things but as we have seen since he lost the House, saying and doing are two different things. The Dims are going after him in a relentless way so that he is marginalized until 2020 with so many probes and leaks that he will be totally on the defensive. He has been successful in his past because all those he dealt with wanted the same thing, in the end, profit. The Dims do not have that motive and in fact, do not want him to succeed in any way even if it hurts our country. Unless he forgets about his future as POTUS and goes all in now he is doomed. He just saw what acting in good faith got him from the Dims, NOTHING! He needs to declare a national emergency on the wall and reveal every single classified document on the FISA mess or he will die from a thousand little cuts. This is known as “Calling their bluff”!


    • WSB says:

      When PT announced that Foreign ‘Allies’ called because they were concerned about declassification, that was an important exposure.

      If PT had declassified before, he would never have had that leverage. And PT still has that leverage.

      Dershowitz was very telling in the Mueller tactics…creating a story within the indictment, which has nothing to do with the indictment.

      Also, Dershowitz and the FNC crew keep referring to a Special Prosecutor. I thought that designation had been terminated and replaced with Special Counsel. Each has different authorities, no? I was inder the impression that a Special. Ounsel does NOT have the authority to indict, am I wrong?

      Lastly, I believe no prosecutor should ever be able to prosecute a ‘crime’ committed in the midst of her particular investigation. If there is a question of wrongdoing on either side during that investigation, that charge should be done independently by another entity. This entrapment has no place in the USA, IMHO.

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      • Ray Runge says:

        The ability to govern is being stripped away from POTUS Trump. Essential at this juncture in time is for POTUS to display any real power that forces the resistance to not smirk in knowing power.

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      • Greg says:

        Great Points WSB…

        Historically, I have had problems listening to Dershowitz; he believes there should be no prosecutions regarding Hillary Emails, Clinton Foundation, Uranium one or any crimes to frame the President Elect and the President of the United States…because Dershowitz knows he would destroy his Democratic Party. Dershowitz is saying this is all political. Therefore, any political party doesn’t have to comply to the rule of law, even if they are intentionally planning on destroying the Constitution, not prosecuting criminal acts to protect their political person and reverse the will of the people in electing PDJT?

        Dershowitz did good today in explaining Mueller tactics in just creating a story….

        I believe you are correct…Special Prosecutor was replaced by Special Counsel since year 1999.

        Maybe Dershowitz uses Special Prosecutor interchangeably with Special Counsel since many media outlets are using “special prosecutor” to describe the special counsel even though it really doesn’t apply anymore.

        A special Counsel has the same authority as any federal prosecutor…

        Interesting point WSB when you state; I believe no prosecutor should ever be able to prosecute a ‘crime’ committed in the midst of her particular investigation.

        Enjoy the Moment WSB!

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        • WSB says:

          Nice to read your post, Greg. Thank you.

          You are so correct about Dershowitz. I also believe he is panicking, hoping to tamp down any corroboration of illegalities he may have been involved with.

          I guess we will see!


      • skifflegirl says:

        ‘The stories’ in Mueller’s indictment is what’s most important. The narratives composed -that have no legal bearing- is what CNN et al use to promote impeachment. This is what the Soros funded lawsuits have done to Alex Jones. The legal theories are thin but the ‘story telling’ to promote a negative narrative are included specifically to defame. And it’s perfectly legal to defame someone in a lawsuit against them with no proof whatsoever.

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        • WSB says:

          So, flip the tables…with REAL STORIES about illicit behavior and crimes. Andrew Breitbart style. The slow drip of declassification. One Indian per Week.

          I will never forget Andrew’s presser on the Polar Bear. This is about the time the left wing had to shapeshift their message from Global Warming to Climate Change. The Polar Bear population was INCREASING.

          We need to Alinsky the heck out of these frauds.

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          • skifflegirl says:

            I agree but it seems to me that there is only one group who has the guts to do it and can afford to keep pumping out lawsuits and that’s Judicial Watch. And they usually only sue for FOIA. We need more. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of timidity out there. I know that Infowars is attempting to sue many people/news outlets for defamation and damages relating to the hit pieces the msm runs on them but every time AJ gets a lawsuit against him thrown out, some DNC or Soros puppet files two more. His lawyers regularly talk about it on his show. Lawfare is very effective at bleeding resources dry.

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            • WSB says:

              Maybe we need to speak to Judicial Watch about branching out into state franchises.

              I just had this thought earlier tonight.

              I am not an attorney but would avidly work for that group if they would be open to new branches constantly attacking local and state issues.

              I live in NYS above NYC, and am thoroughly disgusted at what Cuomo is doing to us. Feeling helpless without any opposition leadership. The Republican Party here is a joke.


  2. Greg says:

    Mueller and Rosenstein “Explaining” to PDJT he can’t DECLASSIFY DOCUMENTS



    PDJT could have released the documents on October 7, 2017 and all the criminal acts would have been revealed. Mueller would not have been able to criminally charge PDJT with Obstruction; only an argument for impeachment. By the time Mueller would be drafting an alleged report based upon no facts and no legal basis; Mueller might have been implicated in an alleged pre-arranged fraud with the FBI 7th floor upper management directly/indirectly conspired with Hillary Clinton to allegedly pre-arranged the framing of the President Elect and the President of the United States of criminal acts.

    The releasing of the documents showing the alleged corruption of the FBI/DOJ top management far out-weights the alleged fake Mueller investigation. How can you compare the allegedly fraudulent and fake Mueller investigation with the alleged criminal acts within the FBI/DOJ top management that are knowingly destroying the rule of law and the Constitution? Forget the “Political Cost” (None) of releasing the documents; the rule of law is vital to the on-going concern of the Constitution. The United States is in the middle of a Civil War.

    1. No president or any average intelligent citizen would listen to such misleading advice when there are mountains of paper/digital and testimonies of evidence in the possession of PDJT; showing beyond any reasonable doubt there are criminals acts to reverse the will of the people of a Presidential Election etc.
    A. Mark Levin; every defendant, suspect, witness, etc., in this matter should challenge the Mueller appointment as a violation of the Appointments Clause.
    B. Mark Levin; every subpoena, indictment, and plea agreement involving the Mueller investigation is null and void.
    C. The list of the Special Counsel being illegally formed is extremely long.
    D. Mark Levin implied repeatedly; PDJT will destroy Mueller in the Supreme Court.
    3. For anyone to be misled by such nonsense is committing intentional suicide.
    4. PDJT is not concerned about Mueller at all…
    5. Mueller allegedly may be part of a cover-up of criminal acts.

    Criminals can’t hide behind an alleged illegal Special Counsel to stop criminal prosecutions of the alleged largest criminal organization in United States History.

    Just like;

    Criminals can’t give each other immunity (Clinton Emails); immunity deals can be Reversed.

    PDJT is in the middle of a Legal Civil War which will determine the destiny of PDJT and family, Trump Enterprises, the on-going concern of the Constitution and our freedom.

    No reasonable average intelligent person would ever comply to such misleading advice of not releasing documents.

    PDJT has out-played Mueller. PDJT isn’t concerned about Mueller…

    IMO; No one knows PDJT exact plan. PDJT will release the documents when PDJT is ready. PDJT has waited 2-years to go nuclear with the Criminal Codes in order to set the perfect stage for indictments and prosecutions.

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Your post is the avalanche of evidence that obstruction is not a charge for the rational person. As the bastion of Deep State Executive Branch coup plotters continue to erode POTUS Trumps ability to exercise power, at some near future time, the release of documents that verifies this plot will result in a big yawn——As James Comey, Strzok and Page sail away in their Chesapeake Bay yacht.

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      • Greg says:

        I respect your opinion which is obvious can’t be changed. It’s just hard to understand how you have accepted that Hillary, Globalist/Elitist and all criminals have won this Legal Civil War already and the United States will be taken over by a Globalist Constitution.

        At this moment I’m very grateful for all those people who fought for our Constitution for over 200 years, never gave up and protected our Constitution and our way of life. Remembering the brave people who risked or gave their life for the Constitution which is protected by the Rule of Law.

        PDJT doesn’t need to launch a nuclear bomb or send millions of Americans to war. PDJT just needs to (will) do his sworn duty, power given to the President by the Constitution to manage and direct equal Justice to save this republic by choosing one of many paths (implement the Criminal Codes already written).


    • bliss3609 says:

      Meantime …. people like flynn, stone mannifort, etc are ruined!


    • aumechanic says:

      If u lay any faith in mark Levine your in for a big suprise.


      • Greg says:

        Faith is in the Criminal Code as Written, by the paper/digital trails of evidence in which everyone sees. Many legal experts; Mark Levine, Greg Jarrett, Tom Fitton, Sidney Powell, Ed Rollins, Larry Kllayman, Chris Farrell, (Judicial Watch) and many others including Constitutional Experts.

        READ the Criminal Codes and the Policies and Procedures of the FBI/DOJ and match them to the evidence in which is clearly displayed for everyone to see.

        You should get my point; no reason to continue this list which is voluminous.


  3. namberak says:

    “… have already explained to POTUS Trump that if he attempts any declassification of documents currently part of Mueller’s investigative purview (that’s literally everything and or anything they lay claim to), the Special Counsel investigative unit will consider that interference with their investigation of him…” I’m sure I’m not the only person sick and bleepin’ tired of leaks but, is there some reason our team shouldn’t be leaking to our advantage?

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  4. Oldyeller says:

    None of this would be possible without total and complete cooperation and coordination with the media! NONE of it. That’s where the real power lies. The media is a seditious, criminal element. They are the true danger to society and the enemy of the USA! We cannot have our yellow vest movement in a country of this size, because the Capital is too far from our homes. But we can protest the local news stations all over the country, every weekend until the message is heard! We must start doing something!

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  5. JT says:

    It’s getting closer and closer to do or die for Trump, he either responds and destroys Mueller right now or he will die by a thousand cuts.

    There’s no middle ground. He should convene a military tribunal, arrest ALL of them, seize the evidence we all know is there and charge them, let the chips fall where they may.

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  6. Comrade Mope says:

    The impeachment has to happen fairly soon. The Democrats want to be able to say “A sitting president under impeachment should not be allowed to appoint a Supreme Court Justice.” Remember the Senate refused to seat Roland Burris (for a time) while Blagojevich was under impeachment. So it is not just the Dems, but the Repubs will pretend to acquiesce.

    RBG better have a pulse or this thing takes “Banana republic” to a whole new level..

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  7. David R. Graham says:

    Our analysis is getting pulled in by the weeds’ flutterings.

    CIA, FBI, DOJ, and Obama White House had their own wires on DJT from at least the time he announced, but then they were mousetrapped by Russian — or maybe ChiCom — disinformation ops, and everything we see now is cover for that unintelligent self-betrayal. Even Sid Vicious took the bait.


  8. Chewbarkah says:

    The House and Senate Select Committees on Intel staged Stone’s testimony to create what Mueller wanted — contradictions he could use for indictments. Mueller got to play the role of producer and director. Probably gave the Dems the questions to ask. Now Stone is indicted, but they will not let him see transcripts of what they allege he lied about. Who knows if the transcripts even reflect the real statements? But reading the indictments, it is obvious that if the allegations are 100% true they amount to nothing. What Roger Stone said about who he spoke to about DNC emails did not “obstruct” any investigation.

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    • Greg says:

      Points Understood…
      You state; What Roger Stone said about who he spoke to about DNC emails did not “obstruct” any investigation.


      In a 3rd world country there is no rule of law (at this moment the U.S.); illegal voting and inventing fake laws are normal to achieve their political goals…

      PDJT most important Presidential Act will be known throughout history will be implementing Justice. Without the Rule of Law nothing else matters…everything (MAGA) can and will be reversed.

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  9. I live in a banana republic and it seems that the US could be well on its way to becoming one, unless the GOP and its supporters grow a pair and seriously start fighting back to stop that from happening. However, I fear it might be too late as it appears to me that the GOP politicians are too self serving (and probably corrupt) to care


  10. Crapweasel says:

    PDJT is buying time, he knows RDG is not long for this world. His National Emergency Order to build the wall will be upheld in Scotus 5-3.


  11. Jerry Miller says:

    People keep saying the work being done by Herr Mueller is coming to an end. Are you kidding? He stays until Trump is gone; that’s his whole purpose for being.


  12. cali says:

    We are giving the Mueller gang and their little helpers at the gang of eight too much credit and here is why:
    Mueller, Rosenstein, Weissman et al are relying too much on their SES membership believing they can not be fired. That is not so and when it involves treason against these United States of America and colluding with a foreign power to not only frame but also trying to remove via coup a duly elected president we are in uncharted waters:

    You must remember that our side has applied and received numerous FISA authorization that keeps track of and monitors everything they do. We also have our patriot Adm. (ret) Mike Rogers and LTG (ret) Michael Flynn who are holding some powerful cards documenting ALL the activities going back years but mostly 2015 – present.

    You must also keep in mind that our side has HRC’s 2 servers, Awan servers, DNC servers, Google servers remotely installed in NK and much more. These hard drives are in tact and provides answers to many questions Mueller and his gang has NO access to.

    Most importantly our side also has taken control of ‘Snow White and its Seven Dwarfs” meaning the Maxine Waters blabbered ‘the Hammer’. With the main quantum computer and its seven assisting computers are in our sides hand. I’m sure many of you have head about whistleblower Montgomery – NSA – that has/had in his possession thousands of disc documenting the treasonous activities of the deep state – CIA, Mossad and their UK partners abroad.

    There is a reason that the phrase “We have it all” has been coined and mentioned left and right. I know Maxine Waters are hardest hit.

    Taken together – there a substantial number of moving pieces are being placed to lay out the case of the many traitors in our government working in tandem with their partners abroad. This started long time ago.
    It would be ludicrous to expect and demand of president Trump to wrap it up and arrest all of them yesterday. It doesn’t work that way. We are dealing with ruthless, vile, evil characters without any conscience what-so-ever.
    To literally drain the swamp must also include the part to prevent such a thing from ever re-occurring.
    Mueller and gang are being ‘allowed’ to play their little scrupulous ‘invent crimes’ for a bit longer.
    As an insert have any of you heard about 158,000 ineligible and invaders voting in TX, 1.5 million registered by ineligible voters in CA and so many more across this country? Of course not because the mockingbird media won’t tell on their candidates having won via fraud ergo taking the house.

    If all would have gone according to the law our side would have won by a landslide once again!

    Since other countries part of the 5EYES interfered in our election and plus assisted in framing our president while their silent coup continues upstream intelligence collected is another component.

    Also on a side note we were left to believe that Alan Dershowitz travelled on the Lolita Express to Epstein vile island. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact he hitched a flight to countries due to business. However as he recently stated he has a long list of the wealthy and politicians that travelled to Epstein’s island doing some vile and evil things with children. He was clear when he said those on his list are guilty and would sent them to prison.

    Access to our spy satellites and other intelligence has been halted to prevent further calamities and illegal spying on citizens outside of their countries.

    To make a long story short as soon as the last component has been fitted and placed it remains outside of the American citizens in the know. Our side has a great number of patriots outside of the country who like president Trump felt the need to safe all of us from what they had planned for us all.

    Lastly Venezuela and Madura were part of the worldwide drug and money laundering by Hezbollah that Hussein sabotaged as a means to get their nuclear deal although president Trump saw to it that Iranian and our own deep state agents will no longer develop nuclear weapons in Syria ergo our soldiers will return home.

    Be patient just a little bit longer – president Trump, his team and our military intelligence together with trusted partners abroad are making progress.


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