Rod Rosenstein Testifies Tomorrow at 10:00am – What Questions Would You Ask?

Rod Rosenstein is scheduled to publicly testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow morning at 10:00am EDT.  This testimony is important because it will either begin a larger reveal, or we should be able to identify whether Chairman Lindsey Graham is positioning to bury all the background events.

With that in mind, what questions would you like to see asked by the committee?

Rosenstein was at the epicenter of the ‘insurance policy’ phase of the coup against President Trump after his inauguration.

Rosenstein authorized the 2017 special counsel under very sketchy circumstances.  There are some indications Rosenstein is going to take the “mistakes were made” approach, and attempt to position himself as a victim of circumstances that were generally beyond his control.

We have over two dozen documented contacts between Rosenstein and Robert Mueller before the special counsel was launched.  The first contact was a phone call the morning after former FBI Director James Comey was fired.  Literally hours after Comey was fired, based -in part- on a letter written by the former DAG recommending the firing, Rosenstein was coordinating the appointment of the special counsel to investigate President Trump.

You could spend several hours of inquiry into just that part of the decision-making process alone; without even touching the ramifications of his role in the Carter Page FISA applications and what came next.   Rosenstein was also the principle influence agent in 2018 who told President Trump not to declassify any documents requested by congress or POTUS would be facilitating an ‘obstruction’ charge against the office of the President.

Yeah, Rosenstein has a lot to answer for.

The Mueller investigation was used by corrupt interests within the special counsel’s office to threaten any/all executive branch and congressional officials with “obstruction of justice” charges if they revealed any exculpatory or counter-narrative information during the Mueller probe.  Former AAG Matt Whitaker calls this the “obstruction of justice trap”, and outlined how even he was threatened by Mueller and Rosenstein.

As outlined by Whitaker, the special counsel was used in 2017, 2018 and into the beginning of 2019, as a shield (hide information); and secondly a weapon (threats) against any entity who would reveal the background intelligence that undercut the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

AG Barr has recently said the DOJ/FBI conduct during the first two years of the administration “was abhorrent” and “a grave injustice.”  How does that statement reconcile with Barr’s prior comments toward Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein when they were the principle decision-makers behind those abuses?

Rosenstein also was in charge of the July 2018 response from the DOJ to the FISA court where both the DOJ and FBI lied to the court about the predicate of the FISA warrant’s validity a full fifteen months after the DOJ and FBI were aware the underlying predicate was built upon fraudulent representations.  There’s another several hours.

Additionally, and adverse to the interests of Lindsey Graham, Rosenstein -together with DC Attorney Jessie Liu- was the architect of the agreement not to prosecute SSCI Security Director James Wolfe for leaking classified ‘top-secret’ documents (the FISA warrant) to reporter Ali Watkins.

Within the Wolfe story the corruption within the Senate intelligence committee surfaces.  Chairman Graham likely will not want to touch that issue, but there’s more than a few hours of inquiry justified.

What was the purpose of the expanded scope memos; including the still hidden third scope memo written October 20, 2017, that allowed Mueller to target Michael Flynn Jr. in the effort to coerce General Flynn into a plea agreement?

Under what principle was Rosenstein acting when he expanded the scope of Mueller on August 2nd and October 20th?

Then you get into the ridiculous indictment of Russian actors (Concord LLC Inc.) that was a completely fabricated pretense, created seemingly only to give some sketchy justification for the Mueller probe’s origin.  How was the special counsel team communicating that activity and under what pretext was Rosenstein convinced to even pursue indictments the DOJ was later forced to drop because of their false pretense?

Rosenstein was also the primary person who blocked the production of documents to congress during their investigation of the Russia collusion-conspiracy nonsense.  What justification does Rosenstein carry for blocking the production of those documents?

You see, Rosenstein is found at the heart of corrupt activity within the DOJ, and by extension the Mueller investigation.   His testimony will either begin the reveal of the story, or his testimony will be purposefully shaped to avoid sunlight and shape public knowledge of the truth behind the events.

What questions do you want to see asked?

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329 Responses to Rod Rosenstein Testifies Tomorrow at 10:00am – What Questions Would You Ask?

  1. timothy says:

    What’s on the menu fir your last meal?

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    • Bill Durham says:

      He is an expert at dodging and deflection. Graham will run interference. So no perry mason moment. I would suggest a strategy—
      Give him loaded questions to point fingers at McCabe. Try to get him to break ranks. Focus on how procedures were violated. There was bias. Was he mislead about predicated. Were the fisas evidence misrepresented to him.

      1 did robert mueller or rod bring a recording device into the white house.
      2 did they record conversations
      3 did they forget and have to retrieve the device
      4 do a deep dive on the 25th amendment and removing POTUS.

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  2. JBS says:

    What I’m hoping is that Sidney Powell will pass along some questions she wants answered to the Republicans who will be asking questions.

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  3. Bob says:

    How many orange jump suits do you want….and for who?


  4. dottygal says:

    What size jumpsuit do you wear?
    Have you sold your house? If so, all proceeds must go to General Flynn.

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    • Kirsty I says:

      With whom would you like to be a cell mate?
      John Brennan or Paul Ryan?

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    • Dutchman says:

      Yeah, I see I’m not the only one.
      Sundance asks a straightforward question (What would YOU ask Rosie?) and then proceeds to ‘answer’listing legitimate questions he would like to see asked.

      But for me (and again, I see I’m not the only one) any attempt to think of a legitimate question, is totally overwhelmed with thoughts like “Were you ALWAYS a douchebag, even as a,child?”
      And,…”Knife,…or gunshot,…how do you wanna go?”

      Because, as Sundance has pointed out, Rosie played such a crucial, pivotal role in both the coup and the coverup, he needs to answer to the hangman.

      I would say Rosie and Ryan, between the two probably were the most obvious, key players although they had LOTS of co-conspirators.

      Yeah, taking a moment to TRY to come up with a legitimate question, and just the thought of Rosie, seeing his picture I am not able to keep my anger cold,….I don’t want to ask him anything, just want to strangle the weasel with my bare hands!

      Not very Christian of me, perhaps but going Old Testament righteous anger on his *ss is really all I can think of….

      I guess for me, the time for questions for Rosie is long past,…as is ANY doubt about Graham.
      Lindsey has no doubt been in close consultation with Trey,…and so remember the pattern of Fast/Furious, IRS/Tea Party and Benghazi.

      Lindseys hearings WILL reveal much, as a concession, in order to AVOID revealing key truths,…such as (I suspect) that Congressional Republicon Leadership were active participants in the coup, from day one.

      Just like with the Benghazi hearings, thats a key truth they MUST protect.

      I doubt seriously that Graham will act to discredit the myth that “Russians interfered in the 2016 election” as they have fought and pushed hard, to maintain that.

      I guess we can take SOME small comfort that Graham and McConnell are feeling the heat badly enough to FORCE them to put on this charade.

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  5. margarite1 says:

    Will this testimony be under oath?

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    • Carrie says:

      If they don’t put him under oath I’m going to be extremely upset. That would be outrageous.

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      • republicanvet91 says:

        If he is not put under oath, then that is directly Grahams fault and he will be loudly called out for that. Graham’s credibility is about shot as it is, and not putting Rosey under oath would be the death of it completely.

        I don’t think Graham will take that chance.

        That does not mean any lies told by Rosey under oath will result in any penalties.

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  6. Kirsty I says:

    WHY was it necessary to impeach a duly elected POTUS?
    What were you hiding?

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      I’m not a lawyer, but I do understand that no lawyer would ask the questions I’d throw at Rosenstein. “Would you drop the charade, and just tell us who decided to spy on Trump and others for political purposes? When? Who all was involved? Who is knowingly concealing the conspiracy? Did you participate willingly, or were you coerced? Please start from the beginning. We have plenty of time.

      Sadly, the easy answer is, I don’t know, and really, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

      That’s probably why I’d be a lousy lawyer.


      • Dutchman says:

        Watch the procedures Graham will put in place, SOP is like,…5 minutes per Senator, so that IF any Senator truly wanted to GRILL him, just about the time they began to drill down,…oops, times up!

        Its campaigning, and they will ASK questions, to earn votes, just like Grahams little Kavanaugh speach, that cost him NOTHING, and gained him thousands of reelection votes.

        Its a “Show-Trial”, carefully managed to LOOK like doing something, while doing nothing of consequence.

        Investigate to Exhonerate

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        • Bubby says:

          “Investigate to Exhonerate” just like Benghazi!

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        • stripmallgrackle says:

          Truth is, nobody will answer the questions the people deserve the answers to. The hearing is a public record of posing, posturing, and questions that sound important. Some of the right questions will probably be asked, in between distractions about protests and fantasies about dwindling support for Trump. In the end, it’s still just for show.

          Anyone with the real answers has probably calculated the odds of a pending indictment, accurately or not, maybe even with the help of an attorney, or will be called as a witness before the year is over. Some may have already been deposed by Durham or others. None of them will be obligated to incriminate themselves ahead of any potential court dates.

          With the legacy media running interference, the hearings will have minimal impact. If CNN suddenly found their ratings shrink to single digits, and copies of WaPo rotted in their boxes, then things might be different. Of course, pigs could fly, and antifa might turn their frown upside down, too.


          • Dutchman says:

            Yup, it will be used as an opportunity for Senators on the committee to campaign, each to their bases, at least on the surface.
            Beyond that, to reveal that which is already revealed, while obscuring and obsfuscating as much as possible.

            Take heart, the Chairmen of the Committee is a particularly blithering idiot,…he may accidentally let something slip out! 🙂


    • Zoe says:

      That is the most important question I the entire country at this very moment. Everything they have done doesn’t make sense as just jealous of President Trump and wanting power back. Also I understand the trillions at steak, but there must be some very bad criminality for this level of abuse of the executive.

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  7. Eric C. says:

    Why do you hate this country?

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  8. Cortlan Andrew Ye says:

    My question: Whoever told you that such round Himmler-glasses on such a round gopher-face was a good look?

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  9. T2020 says:

    Do you like orange or stripes?


  10. clulessgrandpa says:

    Nothing will happen. It won’t even be covered by the media. Half the Committee, Dems, will ask softball questions, thanking him for his service. The other half? Unless Jim Jordan can question him, it will all go under the rug. ( I can’t answer that question in this setting.BS) Who is on the Judiciary that can drill down on one point and hand it off to another?


    • Tl Howard says:

      They have their excuse for not covering it: the PROTESTS!!!!!!

      Indeed, there might be something big occur today or tonight by the left to MAKE sure no one covers it. After all, Schumer asked the Senate committees to cancel hearings–no reason for them.


    • dd_sc says:

      Senator Josh Hawley is probably the one to watch. Maybe Senators John Kennedy and Marsha Blackburn. If each of them focused on one of the topics Sundance listed, they may make life miserable for Rosenstein.

      Don’t really see Senators Cruz and Lee stepping up.


  11. Patriot1783 says:

    How much did you sell out your country for?

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  12. 813.52Ran says:

    Lethal injection or electric chair?

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  13. Seneca the Elder says:

    1. Do you still believe that General Flynn committed a crime by having a conversation with Ambassador Kislyak?
    2. Do you still believe that Gen. Flynn was a secret agent of Turkey?

    3. Do you still believe that President Trump and/ or his campaign colluded with the Russians?

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    • Rhoda R says:

      When did you know that the entire dossier was a fake? Why did you then let the Mueller frame initiative begin?

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    • Rhoda R says:

      When did you know the Russia dossier was a fake from beginning to end and why did you then initiate the Mueller frame-up activities?


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Is collusion a crime?
      If so, please state the statute.

      If not, why do all your scope authorizations begin with
      “committed a crime or crimes BY colluding with Russians”
      instead of
      “committed a crime or crimes WHILE colluding with Russians”?

      Why did you UNSEAL the indictments of the Russians who “attacked our democracy”
      SEALED the indictment of Julian Assange until after the Mueller report came out?

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  14. What did Barry know and when did he know it?
    What Republicans are traitors?
    How do you want to be executed for treason?

    Note: very few traitors have a choice of how they will be executed.

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  15. dow40kby2024 says:

    I want to know what the FBI and / or DOJ did with the Weiner laptop? Seriously if there are Hillary or State Department emails on it those belong to us right?

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    • dd_sc says:

      That would be interesting just to bring that up and remind people about that piece of evidence.

      I lost my bookmark, but I was reading an article back when Congress was asking about the laptop, and one Congress critter kept using the plural “laptops”. Nobody else said anything or followed up. Always wondered if that person let slip a critical piece of information, or just got it wrong.

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  16. Tramo says:

    I doubt he will answer any questions.

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  17. terry says:

    Please explain why you offered to wear a wire.
    FBI people in the room say you were not joking but serious.

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  18. Local Treeper says:

    Questions for Rod: “It is clear your actions were designed and intended to undermine the president and his team;
    at what point did you decide to take these actions?
    Were you working under the orders of someone else? Who?
    Have you received any compensation, reward or benefit for your actions?
    What kind and how much? From whom?
    Finally, do you prefer hanging, injection or a bullet to the head for your execution?”

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  19. Cheese says:

    Can’t wait to see if he is still so arrogant


  20. John55 says:

    “At long last, sir, have you no decency?”

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  21. Trygve says:

    What’s your sister’s name and where does she work and why did she strike that match back in February?

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    • dawg says:

      THIS or something along these lines. It will rattle him.

      Ask him something about his sister, her role at the CDC, their relationship, how often they talk, did they ever discuss the threat of the Wuflu to the US before she said “its not a matter of if but when”? Not with the intention of getting any truthful info out of him, but for the purposes of letting him know that you know.

      Ask him that FIRST, and THEN ask him about everything else; Mueller, wire, Comey, etc, etc….

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  22. CMDCMRET says:

    What is your neck size and how much do you weigh? All I need to know, I’ll do the calculations myself.

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  23. Amy2 says:

    Who the hell do you think you are?

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  24. Merkin Muffley says:

    Watch for a major escalation in violence on the streets just before the hearing begins. Great way to get the media to avoid covering this.

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  25. bullnuke says:

    Ask about the EC that describes Crossfire Hurricane. It was written by and approved by Peter Strozk. Also cc’d it to himself.

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  26. TradeBait says:

    When did you decide you wanted to be a traitor to your country?

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  27. terry says:

    We’re you involved in the attempted set up of George Papadopoulos and the $10000?

    What was the purpose of trying to set Papadopoulos up? What was your involvement?

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  28. “Do you SWEAR to tell the TRUTH?”
    You know man, that Bible thing.

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  29. Trygve says:

    You say “mistakes were clearly made”. Do you know the definition of treason and sedition? Do you know what the penalty is? Aren’t you under investigation? What makes you think you’re allowed to testify here?

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  30. Tl Howard says:

    Are you really a clone of Frank Burns?

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  31. Carrie says:

    1)Can you please recount for us about your offer of wearing a wire in the presence of President Trump? who was in the room with you at that time? why was that meeting called. Why did you offer?

    2)What is in your 3rd scope memo

    3)At what point in Muller investigation did you realize that there was no connection between the Russians and PDJT?

    4)How exactly was Mueller chosen to do the investigation? Who was consulted exactly?

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  32. Rob Crrgin says:

    Did Bob Mueller believe his meeting with Trump was a job interview? Did Mueller leave a listening device after the meeting?

    Why did you authorize in the August 2017 scope memo for Mueller to investigate the claims of the Steele dossier when it was known by then the claims were not true?

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  33. Green Bucket says:

    What would happen to Donald Trump if he was caught spying on Barack Obama’s campaign and why isn’t Barack subject to the same punishment?

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  34. Chip Bennett says:

    Where’s the original Form 302?

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  35. Jimmy R says:

    When did you first become aware that the case for Russian collusion was entirely baseless?

    Why didn’t you speak up about that as soon as you became aware of it?

    Which statutes are violated by intelligence and law-enforcement officers who conspire to frame a president of the United States as a traitor in order to get him removed from office? Can you list them, please?

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    • Dutchman says:

      WHO first suggested the “insurance policy”, and WHEN?

      Problem with all this is the Chairman controls the hearings, McConnell controls the Senate Repubs, and asking ?’s McConnell doesn’t want asked, is buying a ticket on the oblivion express.


  36. Dave Hunter says:

    He’ll blame everything on the FBI, mark my words. McCabe is going to love this.

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  37. John55 says:

    >>”We have over two dozen documented contacts between Rosenstein and Robert Mueller before the special counsel was launched.”

    What would REALLY be interesting would be to see a record of the contacts and conversations between Rosenstein and the Gang of Eight prior to Muellers appointment. I don’t buy for one second that he unilaterally decided to launch a war on his boss the president all on his own initiative. At the very least he talked this over with Congressional leaders from “both parties’ first. It’s entirely possible that the Congressional leaders urged him to commit the criminal acts which he engaged in.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Couldn’t agree more. These (Rosie, Comey, etc.) Are all experienced Swamp creatures, very used to the backstabbing, bus throwing under nature of the Swamp.

      Even though they controlled the DOJ, they would want assurances they would be protected from Congressional investigations “if it all went South”.

      Best way to be assured of such protection, is if Congress is complicit.

      I personally think it was Senate Republicons who first came up with the idea.
      Even the dossier started out as a,Republican research project. After DJT got the nomination, they “handed it off” to Hillary and DNC, the same way Ryan handed off the Speakers gavel.

      Its like tag team wrestling,…


  38. bruzedorange says:

    These “team cross-examinations” get so scripted (and not inappropriately) that no one recognizes and exploits an unanticipated mistake or opening.

    If Lindey is examining from a defensive position (keeping hid what he needs hidden), that’s what I expect we’ll be talking about–the missed question… the “why didn’t you go there?” moment. And Lindsey’s counter would be a sagely offered “That’s a question better asked by the _____ Committee, which will hold their hearing next week.”
    Senate shell game 101.

    But maybe Lindsey will surprise even God…


  39. Carrie says:

    1)Was a part of the CIA involved in Crossfire Hurricane and were agents used to try and collect information from Papadopoulus without a predicate? At what time were you made aware of it?

    2)Based on all of the open depositions today- was there a predicate for the FISA warrants?

    3)How many Presidential briefings meetings did you attend? Were you on that mailing list and did you ever provide information directly for those meetings or for anyone else attending those meetings?

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  40. terry says:

    Was it your decision to charge James Wolfe with a process crime of lying to the FBI instead of the serious crime of leaking classified information? Why was he not charged with the more serious crime?

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    • Carrie says:

      Did James Wolfe leak the entire or any part of the Carter Page FISA warrant to his NYT lover? Was this openly revealed? Was he charged for this crime? What crime would you normally be charged with for doing that? Was that FISA warrant ever collected from the residence of his girlfriend? Was the FISA warrant leaked to any other news sources? If so, which and by whom?


  41. Gibson30 says:

    Why did he sign the FISA on Carter Page when CIA had confirmed he was an asset? Did he know about Clinesmith altering the email from CIA?

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  42. Oldretiredguy says:

    Who was pulling your stings? You’re obviously not smart enough to have attempted to create as much damage to the nation as you tried, who told you what to do? Was it Odumbo, George Soros or some other anti-American?

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  43. Carrie says:

    1)With all of the information available today- is the FISA court being presented all of the necessary evidence to legally acquire a 2 hop FISA warrant on US citizens?

    2)Is the FISA warrant system supposed to primarily be used on foreign nationals who are deemed a threat or US citizens?


  44. Dee Paul Deje says:

    I already know a lot of the answers:

    “I don’t recall.”
    “That wasn’t in my purview.”

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  45. terry says:

    Lastly, are you related to Heinrich himmler?

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  46. humaweiner says:

    Have you been “boning up” on the dating rituals in federal prison ?

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  47. iwasthere says:

    When did you decide to join the sedition?


  48. jumpinjarhead says:

    Given Grahamnesty’s ludicrous statement yesterday to the effect he did not see that Antifa is that big a deal. Incredibly, he referred to previous riots and looting in the late 60’s before Antifa as “proof” of his bald assertion.

    I suppose he was unable to remember, or extrapolate from, the involvement of various very similar (demographics—significant percentage of white, middle to upper middle class college educated, action—fomenting violence, sophisticated planning and deployment, weaponry—bombs etc.) groups such as the SDS, Weather Underground, Black Panthers etc.

    That he could and in fact went out of his way to say this tells me he is in denial and deflection mode.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Responding to your last, short paragraph,…or, he is a complete and utter blithering idiot!

      Oh, I guess it doesn’t have to be an either/or, I suppose he is in deflection mode, AND a blithering idiot,….

      Which is actually gives me hope, that he won’t be very GOOD at it, BECAUSE he is such an idiot.

      Remember, HE’s the one that advanced, then withdrew legislation to prohibit PDJT from firing Mueller, after it was pointed out to him such legislation was,…Unconstitutional!

      Which, inadvertantly (and no, NOT his intent) made it clear to any paying attention that it was Constitutional for PDJT to fire mueller, if he wanted.

      A MAJOR tactical blunder on his part, and also shows he’s a piss poor lawyer, that he didn’t realise it was unconstitutional before advancing the legislation.

      So, its possible he will majorly screw up, and actually reveal his complicity.

      One can hope. “Whoever came up with the term “foolproof”, greatly underestimates the creativity and ingenuity of fools!”

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      • jumpinjarhead says:

        Excellent analysis of Grahamnesty—he is McCain 2.0 in waiting.


        • Dutchman says:

          He ain’t waiting,…and he ain’t “trying to preserve the legacy of his friend mcstain” as some suggest, either.

          He is trying to cya, because he and mcstain played a key role in instigating the coup, were up to their eyeballs in selling arms to ISIS, up to their scalps in Ukraine.

          Just as Ukraine was about selling foreign aid, and every country pays a ‘fee’ in order to get it, their is a process for paying the bribe, to recieve “military assistance”, and he and mcstain were the bagmen

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          • jumpinjarhead says:

            Great insight. Will the swamp ever be tamed?

            Did you watch Tucker Carlson’s excoriation of repub politicians for their cowardice in the wake of the riots? I don’t regularly watch him or FN generally but he is on fire and makes some good, though chilling, points about where we are in this mess.



            • Dutchman says:

              No, but have read about it. He gets over the target for awhile, and can be devastating when he is, but he can then can wander off target, and bomb his own troops.

              Aspires to be another Andrew Breitbart, a speaker of truth to power….

              I have been watching what I believe is a concerted effort to BEGIN to expose the deepest darkest evil part of the Swamp, which is Congressional Republicons, and Carlson, Dobbs and Baritomo, along with the Nunes Jordan group, have started the assault.

              The inaction of the Turtle can no longer be explained away as anything less that the treason it is.

              “You have one shot at the King” applies to the Turtle, as he is known as the one person in the Swamp you don’t want to cross.

              I will watch to see what Carlson has to say, thanks for the link.


              • jumpinjarhead says:

                We can but hope. I agree about the Turtle. He exudes swamp behavior.


                • Dutchman says:

                  HE appoints Little Marco, after his previous appt (Burr) gets busted for using inside info on the virus to profit.
                  And little marco comes out, promulgating the rediculous notion that the white guys we see, rioting and looting alongside the black looters,…are,WHITE SUPREMACISTS?!!!
                  And THIS is who McConnell thinks should head INTELLIGENCE committee?
                  Puts Lindsey, who actually introduced legislation that was patently UN-Constitutional.

                  What next, a convicted embezzler as Chairman of Finance committee??

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                • jumpinjarhead says:

                  I know. Rubio is a typical repub-hardly a principled conservative.


            • Dutchman says:

              Watched the full clip. Only problem I had was his tirade on Jared Kushner, where he makes a bunch of criticism statements, as FACT, but gives absolutely NO, as in -0- evidence in support.

              Not one quote, not one example of where Kushner has unduly influenced the President.

              He brings up the Criminal Justice reform, as its known, where the President HAS pardoned people who were imprisoned for rediculously long charges, for relatively minor offences.

              By that I mean a murder conviction gets you 7 years, a crack cocain conviction gets you 20.

              Its a result of Clintons initiative where she called them predators. Its good politics, and I don’t have a problem with it.

              So, as I said Tucker can be over the target, and devastating. However, Nevertrumpers started this whole “Trump is a NYC liberal” he’s not a,”true Conservative”. This by people like George,Will and Bill Chrystal? PUHLEASE!!
              Then, that morphed into the javanka narrative. Nepotism, and undue influence, can’t say no to Ivanka, its all crap.
              If more of these so called Conservatives would have loyally supported DJT from day one, he wouldn’t have been forced to rely so heavily on those whose loyalty he has no question of; his family.

              Anyway, other than that he makes good points,..he grazes on the Rinos, with Haley. Need to see more calling out of Republicons, as exposure destroys their credibility, which undermines their power to effect policy.
              Its happened to nevertrumpers, NEEDS to happen to McConnell and Graham,..and I think it is.

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  49. The only reason Graham is holding this hearing is explained by SD’s statement: “AG Barr has recently said the DOJ/FBI conduct during the first two years of the administration “was abhorrent” and “a grave injustice.”

    Graham “thinks” he knows what AG Barr (and Attorney Durham) has found out and will influence questioning to cover Graham’s own butt.

    If Rosenstein is smart, he’ll dodge – can’t remember, don’t recall, etc. If he thinks AG Barr is on to him – he’ll plead the fifth all the way. Here hoping he’s still is arrogant self and steps on his crank.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. sarasotosfan says:

    Rod, when did you realize you joined a losing team?

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