BREAKING – DOJ Finally Releases Less Redacted 2nd Scope Memo (Aug 2, 2017) – Still Missing 3rd Scope Memo (Oct 20, 2017)…

The DOJ has finally released a less redacted version of the second special counsel scope memo, written August 2, 2017 by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The second scope memo (full pdf here) authorized Robert Mueller to target Carter Page, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, and an unknown entity (Richard Gates, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn Jr. likely possibilities).

The DOJ has been hiding the second scope memo behind redactions for almost three years.  A heavily redacted version was released April 2018.  They are finally releasing a less redaction version today (see below).  Don’t forget, the DOJ has never released or discussed the third (super secret) scope memo written on October 20, 2017.

The scope memos are important because when contrast against known evidence of investigative corruption the scope memos show how targets were selected by the Mueller team and approved by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.  Additionally, the scope memos show what actions Mueller’s corrupt investigative authorities were looking into.

On a personal note CTH has been like a dog with a bone on these scope memos for almost three years because it was clear the FBI investigative unit was fully aware the Russian involvement was total nonsense in early 2017.  So all of these expanded scopes were based on a false premise.  DAG Rosenstein was authorizing the special counsel to target people with clear knowledge the primary basis for the targeting was false. These were investigations in search of a crime.

When the 2nd scope was previously released (April 2nd 2018), page two was almost entirely redacted.  Everyone knew Carter Page was primary, and now we can officially see who three additional targets were, and based on what claims: (page 2)

The strongest possibility for the remaining redaction is Richard Gates (Manafort’s partner who was never charged).  However, it could be Michael Cohen, President Trump’s attorney; or it could be Michael G Flynn Jr (Mike Flynn Jr) who was also never charged.

The fifth redaction will likely be claimed as justified by the DOJ, because the person outlined was not charged with a crime. Hence the possibility of Mike G Flynn or Richard “Rick” Gates…. [It could also be Jeff Sessions]

However, with public trust in the DOJ/FBI at nil, I will not trust that traditional justification….

There is a possibility the Fifth name is redacted because it would be damaging or embarrassing to the DOJ and/or would highlight the corrupt intents of the Mueller investigation.  My gut tells me this is the reason.

Regarding Papadopoulos:  Notice how the Mueller team were claiming the possibility of “lobbying for the Israeli government”.  Another FARA violation.  It was non-existent because Papadopoulos wasn’t lobbying, however, it now makes more sense why the corrupt Mueller team tried to set-up Papadopouos with the $10,000 sting operation.

Papadopoulos was lured to Israel under the pretense of a contract for consultation on energy development.  That’s where CIA operative George Tawil gave Papadopoulos $10,000 in cash under sketchy circumstances.   The FBI was waiting for Papadopoulos at Dulles airport upon his return, and they searched for the cash without a warrant using the authority of customs, duties and a legal airport search.  [More Here]

#1) Papadopoulos was lured to Israel and paid in Israel to give the outline of a FARA premise (ie. Papadopoulos is an agent of Israel). #2) Bringing $10,000 (or more) in cash into the U.S., without reporting, is a violation of U.S. treasury laws. Add into that aspect the FARA violation and the money can be compounded into #3) laundering charges.

[A “laundering” charge applies if the money is illegally obtained. The FARA violation would be the *illegal* aspect making the treasury charges heavier. Note: the use of the airport baggage-check avoids the need for a search warrant (the agents didn’t have one).]

Andrew Weissmann and Brandon Van Grack (special counsel 951/FARA expert) were  conducting an entrapment scheme that would have ended up with three violations of law: (1) Treasury violation; (2) FARA violation; (3) Money laundering…. All they needed was Papadopoulos to carry the undeclared cash into the U.S.

The key aspect is the FARA violation.  As we have seen in the EDVA case against Flynn’s partner Bijan Rafiekian, the DOJ-NSD bizarre interpretation of FARA laws create a violation from any unregistered purposeful business contact with a foreign entity.

What Weissmann wanted for Papadopoulos was to create the same FARA scenario that previously trapped Manafort, Flynn and Rafiekian.  They intercepted Papadopoulos in Washington DC because it was the customs port of entry.  Papadopoulos was ticketed to Chicago with a transfer flight at Dulles.

However, because Papadopoulos suspected something, and left the money in Greece with his lawyers, upon arrival at the DC airport the sting operation collapsed in reverse.

No money means no treasury violation, no laundering and no evidence of the consultancy agreement; which would have been repurposed in the DOJ filing to mean lobbying for Israel via Mr. Tawil (FARA 951 violation) and Tawil would have become a confidential informant and witness (though Tawil would likely never be used to testilie because the special counsel would force a plea).

That operational collapse is why the FBI agents were “scrambling” at the airport and why they had no pre-existing criminal complaint.  The DOJ couldn’t get a warrant because they couldn’t tell a judge their suspect was traveling with $10k from Israel because the judge would ask how they knew that.

The entrapment’s success was contingent upon the cash as a pre-existing condition; and arriving at a Federal airport means they didn’t need a search warrant.

Note how even if Papadopoulos didn’t have the full $10k, the DOJ-NSD would only have lost the treasury violation…. they could still have used any substantial amount of money to charge the FARA part of the business arrangement by questioning Papadopoulos about where he gained the cash from.  [Full Backstory Here]

♦Regarding Michael Flynn – Notice the first ridiculous point: “Committed a crime or crimes by engaging in conversations with Russian government officials during the period of the Trump transition.”   That’s Rod Rosenstein authorizing the Mueller special counsel to investigate a Logan Act violation…. authorizing that IN AUGUST 2017?  Total nonsense.

The fourth bullet point on Flynn was the claim they used against Mike G Flynn Jr. to get Lt. General Flynn to plea.   This argument was later made in court against Flynn’s business partner Bijan Rafiekian (Flynn Intel Group), only to have the case totally thrown out of court by a Virginia judge; in a blistering and extremely rare judicial move.

All four points against Flynn were fabrications; but seeing them written down as to justify the fraudulent investigations is blood-boiling.

Page #3 of the August 2, 2017, scope memo:

But wait… The release of the second scope memo is not good enough…

We know there is a third scope memo dated October 20, 2017, because it was outlined in the Mueller report:

This third scope memo is perhaps the most damaging of all because it was written so long after the DOJ and FBI knew the underlying claims of the Trump-Russia investigation were totally and completely untrue.  Yet DAG Rosenstein authorized another expanded scope.

The October 20, 2017, scope memo will be guaranteed to show Robert Mueller asking Rod Rosenstein to authorize the targeting of Mike G Flynn and at least one other person.

If anyone from the DOJ, FBI or ODNI is reading this, please don’t think we will be satisfied with only one expanded scope memo….

….We also need to see the October 20th scope!

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456 Responses to BREAKING – DOJ Finally Releases Less Redacted 2nd Scope Memo (Aug 2, 2017) – Still Missing 3rd Scope Memo (Oct 20, 2017)…

  1. ezgoer says:

    Rod Rosenstein needs to be the first one to the gallows. He’ll have lots of company.

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    • samwise163 says:

      Very first one. Bobby mueller a couple steps behind. Weissmann deserves 59 years at Angola in my humble, Joe citizen, law-abiding, deplorable opinion.

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      • Y’all Know What Time It Is says:

        Mueller and Rosenstein kept the investigation going, even after they knew it was based on a false premise, well past the 2018 midterm elections to prevent facts being released to the public, because of ongoing “investigations”.
        This, along with Schiff and Brennan using their positions of authority to lie about having evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, led to Democrats taking over the House of Representatives and the impeachment scam.
        Someone needs prison time for defrauding the government and the voters to overturn a fair election.

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        • littleanniefannie says:

          Don’t let Herr Weissmann off the hook. Mueller was the face of the operation but Weissmann was the brain. Hopefully there will be surgery to remove the brain tumor from the US (I think a nice Cuban vacay is in order). I even think he needs some female companionship—like maybe Whoopi and Joy, Rachel Madcow—and some female company—Sally Yates, Mary McCord, Nellie Ohr, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch. He can also have some of the good ole boys join in the vacay—Jimbo Comey, John Boy Brennan, Jay Clapper, Andy McCabe, Rod Rosenstain, Billy Boy Priestap, Peter Strzok, Jim Ribicki, Erik Holder, John Carlin, Dana Boente, et al!


      • jaggggg says:

        Something that no one seems to have ever questioned is why ANYONE would pick a Weissmann to be involved in ANY regard with such a sensitive, political, prosecution?

        He had been caught withholding documents in the Arthur Anderson trial. He’s likely done it before. So what ethical leader would RISK the integrity of their effort, simply risk the QUESTION this choice could raise? It speaks to the overall corrupt premise. They didn’t care how Weissmann would look, they hired him BECAUSE he new how to play dirty, how to use corrupt tactics. To conclude otherwise would have to assume there were no other competent choices available. That’s nonsense.

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        • trump20162024 says:

          Exactly, and the CONgressional RINOs were silent about this disgusting “choice” by Mueller.


          • littleanniefannie says:

            Mueller was the last team member put in place. The “team” chose Mueller! This was Rod Rosenstein in consultation with Nazi Pelousy and LawUnfair


      • Limestone Cowboy says:

        Not at Angola. At Rikkers, where they wanted to send 70 year old Paul Manafort.


    • DeWalt says:

      What these three did was old hat for them. This had been done to others in the past. An enterprising investigative court reporter could go back many years and show these three in action. Mrs. Powell spells out some of them in her book.

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      • mooseescoto0217 says:

        I totally agree having worked on investigations with them, I can tell you the corruption goes much deeper. Ask any other law enf. Agency, local, state of federal, and they will say the same. They are all smoke and mirrors.

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        • DeWalt says:

          Yes. I to have much experience with them. Never to be trusted. Marshals have much more integrity as most came from local and state agencies. DEA weren’t to bad.


    • MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

      I expect ole Rod has already cut himself a deal. Mr. Vitalis is a POS.

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    • Holmes says:

      I always wondered what was said between Rosenstein and Trump that day on Air Force One that caused Trump to keep Rosenstein. At that time, Trump had to know all this.


  2. arsumbris says:

    Daily reminder, the judge dismissed the Rafiekian case (FARA violations against Flynn’s business partner) citing “complete lack of evidence for all charges”; the entirety of US media dedicated two paragraphs to the dismissal:

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  3. California Joe says:

    …and what does releasing this document do for us?

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  4. samwise163 says:

    Rod Rosenstein, Andrew Weissmann, and Robert Mueller are scum of this Earth. They are traitors and deserve…a traitors fate. They are all pure evil.

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    • Coast says:

      And at least one of them (Mueller) attends church. The question I have is why?

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        In the case that the church was full of actual.
        practicing, Christians. He would be considered
        the loyal opposition.

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        • Coast says:

          I’m not trying to be judgemental, but if you are willing to ruin innocent lives, pull a fake investigation scam against an innocent President, put your country through hell for over two years, cover up crimes of sedition, then perhaps the first place to start is some serious self-reflection and open your dusty Bible. Just the thought of these individuals makes me want to vomit.

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          • Linda K. says:

            They will not consider opening a Bible, Coast, until they are ruined, crashed and burned. Even then, you are assuming that people who conduct their business in such a ruthless, corrupt manner have a conscience. It would be good for them to be financially ruined and sent to prison .


          • sturmudgeon says:

            A large number of bibles are appearing to be just “window dressing”. Remember slick willie, along with his “tears” at funerals.?


      • X XYZ says:

        Rhetorical question?

        In the swamp, never let a public relations opportunity go to waste.

        Besides, there are plenty of other hypocrites in church every Sunday – all doing the same thing.


      • FrankieZee says:

        Just remember the Mafia went to church also. guess they felt God would forgive their sins on Sunday.

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        • Lady Sid says:

          The Mafia were Junior Varsity compared to these three and the FBI/DOJ/CIA crew! No wonder when guys like Hoffa and the mobsters appeared before House/Senate Committees they were so scornful! They knew these creeps were just getting started, with unlimited budgets paid for by us US taxpayers.

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      • CountryClassVulgarian says:

        I think the correct phrasing would be he attends “church”. Given the corruption and evil of that man I sincerely doubt he goes to a church that is part of the body of Christ..


    • Boarwild says:

      Can they be disbarred for any of these egregious violations? There should be some permanent recourse.

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  5. ann says:

    lookee lookee , a lineup of leaders, and not one fit to serve.

    Unfortunate yet reasoned response to what is. As a potent nation with nuclear power, is it responsible to continue to invest authority in critical institutions which violate their own mission?

    Is the Dept supportive of an authentic & peaceful transfer of power?


    Corruption: deloused our body politic of career grifters?


    Kept our intell secure?

    Operated within limits of authority?


    Respected our constutional right of oversight?


    Downsize, contract their “purview”. Break up this institutional monopoly.

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  6. Diabolik says:

    We’re gonna need a lot of hemp.

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    • Boarwild says:

      A more fitting end would be severed heads on pikes, left to rot & be picked on by birds outside the Debt of Injustice & the Bureau of Falsify, Bully, & Intimidate.

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    • montanamel says:

      Why not just use industrial WIRE TIE’s … ?
      Just “jerk ’em up real tight” and let ’em run around in the hen house…
      Till they fall down in the piles of chicken sh_t….
      Use a stun gun to keep them from climbing the roosts and walls…
      Film at 11 O’clock…. Hot popcorn on the stove…

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  7. hawkins6 says:

    I wonder if this DOJ/FBI drip, drip, drip strategy is a modified and sophisticated version of Chinese water torture designed to drive P Trump supporters mad.

    It isn’t going to work if it is their conniving strategy and there are too many dedicated non MSM reporters and investigators including this website that will not give up uncovering every nefarious aspect of the dirty, filthy, stinking truth about the Coup attempt.


    • Peoria Jones says:

      “I wonder if this DOJ/FBI drip, drip, drip strategy is a modified and sophisticated version of Chinese water torture designed to drive P Trump supporters mad.”

      MAGA don’t get “mad” – they get angry. And we keep our wits.

      The ones going mad, are the dumb-azz progs. And by “mad” I mean crazy.

      Did you ever wonder why it was termed “bat sh!t crazy”? Now you know!

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  8. Bert Darrell says:

    Yes, he will. And I hope Andrew Weissman is chained ankle to ankle to this miserable, corrupt acting AG for the rest of their lives behind bars.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      How about putting Weissmann and Comey back to back and then use crossover handcuffs to couple them together. Make them stand. Let’s see how long before Weissmann asks to cut a deal since he would have more pain with the “higher” connection to Commie Comey!


  9. Fred says:

    The Third Scope memo will address the OBSTRUCTION allegations. Since Mueller had exhausted the pretense of actual crimes, he wanted to move on to something he could drag on through the 2018 mid-term election.

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  10. Heika says:

    Illegitimate Mueller – coming out of Ms Lindsay herself! he is getting excited – that’s good

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    • Tl Howard says:

      I’m sure you noticed JUST HOW FAST, as if he wanted the fact to be lost in the speed of its delivery, that Graham said, “I was originally in favor of the Muellar investigation” because he knows damn well the audience hates his guts for his cowardly support of it.

      Ms. Finger in the Wind Graham.

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    • Dutchman says:

      He actually thinks we have all forgotten how he ‘sang along with Mitch’a chorus of “Muellers an HONORABLE man, which none of us,can deny!” as an argument to keep the Mueller investigation going.

      Which kept the threat to Gen Flynn, of prosecuting his son, ‘alive’, forcing him to agree to the continuances, and keeping the case in limbo.

      And after they set up PapaD, and prosecuted Manafort using illegally obtained evidence,…

      After they illegally siezed transition committee and campaign records,…

      After they illegally went after Cohen, DJT’s personal attorney,….

      And we’re just supposed to FORGET that Graham, McConnell, McCarthy, etc. ALL went on record, and on camera, saying “Muellers an honorable man”?

      We remember, Lindsey!

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    • Holmes says:

      To mix metaphors, Graham’s a good weather vane. He’ll find which way the parade is going and run to the head of it. Given his recent statements, it appears things are getting hot for the small group.


    • TPW says:

      Ms. Lindsey had to do and say ……He has no choice…..Must look like he is on the right side ….too much is coming out. So Mr. Honorable is not so honorable.


  11. mtk says:

    What We The Citizens of the United States of America know!!! It is not even question anymore.

    It all a bunch of damn lies.

    The predicates, as they existed are built on damn lies.
    And, when comported against the dirty tricks playbook ( i.e. means and methods) leave little to fathom except that the Institutions of the Federal Government acted extra judicially to subvert Constitutional Order.

    The last three years have outlined the How’s, all that remains is the Why’s.

    We the citizens of the United States of America know, the Why’s are not question anymore, even if the Federal Instuitions pretend not to ask the Why!!!

    Gutless… Prehaps. More likely Soulless!!!!!

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  12. gsonFIT says:

    Is it possible that the FBI risked exposing their institutional corruption so significantly they felt they had to cover up so that all previous FBI cases are not challenged? Have they screwed up so bad they might collapse our justice system?

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  13. The Boss says:

    The Big Ugly image appears on The Least Refuge twitter site tonight. Nice to see it again.

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  14. gsonFIT says:

    The only positive i see from this dragging on so long is that it expose Adam Schiff. I hate that guy, and I hate him more for making me hate him. Spit!

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  15. Mike says:

    Nice to see this article and Sundance’s work getting put up on Citizen Free Press… Sundance you’ve done so much work in the last few years on this stuff. You truly deserve a Pulitzer far more than any of the current recipients!!!

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  16. HeLLINaHandbasket says:

    What’s hah-larious ….

    Is that they believed their own fake-polls,
    and fake-support,
    and fake-media,
    and fake-talking points,
    and fake-narratives,
    and all that nonstop vomit,
    regurgitated 24/7
    all that pretend voter support all over the place
    telling them “EvilTwatHillary was going to win the election”.

    The BULLSEYE of their own propaganda,
    was aimed directly at THEM,
    the intended target … you and me who voted TRUMP,
    weren’t even grazed.
    …and they didn’t even realize it, because they believed their own lies.

    How could they know,
    that they didn’t know,
    if they didn’t know,
    what they didn’t know in the 1st place.

    All of THEIR propaganda twisted THEIR view, not ours.
    An illusion so great, an illusion so convincing,
    they couldn’t possibly even consider she was going to lose the election,
    they knew nothing other than their own propaganda.

    The constant lying and trickery
    and smoke-and-mirrors
    and bamboozling
    and gaslighting
    – all meant for The People, landed on THEM like a ton of bricks.

    No need to be meticulous.
    No need to disguise their shenanigans.
    No need to tie-up any loose ends.
    No need to worry, nothing would ever see the light of day,
    EvilTwatHillary was a shoe-in,
    their mocking birds told them so.

    It’s like the hypnotist act that ends up putting a trance on the guy in the audience,
    instead of the intended subject on stage.

    They fell for their own bullsh!t and dropped balls all over the place, and with their unbreakable false sense of security of Trump losing (100,000,000 to zero), they colored outside the lines, everything they did, left an incompetent sloppy mess of a trail they never thought they’d have to sweep-up.

    They KNEW they had chosen the next president.
    It’s stunning to see how confident they were.
    – gee, seems like they’ve done this before …no?

    What’s not so hah-larious, are the chances that any of these degenerate heathens and traitors will see the inside of a jail cell, nevermind ever coming to know the uncomfortableness of a defendant’s chair in a courtroom, or a congressional hearing. Because when’s the last time any “oversight committee” gave The People real oversight into anything? I can’t think of a single time.

    Barr and Durham seem to be sort of, kind of, maybe, taking a swing at this.
    …time will tell.

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    • WSB says:

      “They KNEW they had chosen the next president.
      It’s stunning to see how confident they were.
      – gee, seems like they’ve done this before …no?”

      I’ll leave that quip right here.

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      • Dutchman says:

        They HAVE done it before;
        Goldwaters campaign is almost an exact copy of DJT’s campaign, except that time, it worked.

        And Watergate? In many ways muh Russia was,Watergate 2.0.

        And, they got away with running guns to mexican drug cartels, suppying weopons to al quada and ISIS, and using IRS to target their political enemies,…
        So yes, it was HUBRIS, but not unreasonable for them to believe they could get away with it.

        And after all, they ALMOST did!
        If PapaD had brought the,$10,000 back, he would STILL be in jail, as Manafort is.

        And if the man who has trademarked “Your Fired!” Had just followed the script, and done what many here wanted him to do (fired Mueller team, Rosie and Sessions) he WOULD have been impeached,….

        So close,…..but no cigar!

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        • CountryClassVulgarian says:

          To me their biggest problem is their unmitigated underestimation of Donald Trump. They created a caricature of on orange idiot and they preceded to destroy it. They continue to do so today. They have always succeeded in destroying anyone they chose to destroy and orange man would be no match for them. They own DC and foolish Americans who actually think they are in control of their government have got another think coming.

          It was the perfect plan – concocted in the very depths of hell. And just like the father of evil who they serve, they convinced themselves they had us good. There is no God. THEY are god. They call the shots. We were going to get the President THEY choose.
          And as for orange man? When they were done with him he’d wish he had never dared to seek entry into their domain.

          I do believe that the end game was to prosecute candidate Trump and as many people who worked on his campaign. They would charge and convict them of treason and throw them in jail. Oh, they would not hang them. President hildabeest would be gracious and given them life in prison and confiscate everything they owned. That way anyone else who dare to even think to run for President as an outsider would be reminded of the Trump campaign…

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          • Dutchman says:

            Ultimately yes, this is Satan vs God, and imagine how p.o.’d Satan is at seeing his all his work of the last 200 years or so, falling apart because of one righteous man, that I am sure Satan never saw coming.

            It is THEY who will lose it all, in the end. They are/will be exposed, discredited, disempowered and reviled.
            And then they will face their eternal judgement.

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          • Kim Hudson says:

            They failed in taking down Trump, so the evil f*cks gave the world a PLANDEMIC. They’ve achieved in a very short time, much of what would have been accomplished with the Hildebeast. I pray we have the balls to fight & take back what they have ripped from the American Bill of Rights. Harmeet Dhillon has filed many lawsuits in CA. I hope every casee she filed wins big!

            Liked by 1 person

        • Bubby says:

          Dutchman Amen! President Trump’s patience in not firing Mueller and holding off on declassifying documents supporting him being framed is Biblical rivals that of Job! Godspeed President Trump!


        • willthesuevi says:

          They tried it with President Reagan as well, and failed. That is why President Trump took his message directly to the people. He knew how President Reagan did it, and emulated him but used social media.

          Take the message directly to the people so the globalists don’t have a chance to edit, modify, and censor your message. Worked for Reagan and continues to work for Trump!


          • Dutchman says:

            Yes, I think of POLITICALLY, Goldwater as being DJT’S “Grandfather” and Reagan as being his “Father”,…or think of it as John the Baptist, paving the way for Jesus.
            Its a continuum of Patriots,…

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        • WSB says:

          The President just said this morning that he studied Nixon, and he learned not to fire people. The outcome is much better.



  17. Brant says:

    I think it was the luck of the margins and font that that last itty bitty redaction went to the next line for a probable 2 letter redaction, “JR”. If on same line, would have been one solid redaction. Hmm, maybe someone helped us out by making it print that way. Maybe a secret white hat somewhere.

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  18. Erik Heter says:

    I’m so glad they are unraveling the utter, complete, and indefensible corruption of Rosenstein, Mueller, and the whole SCO. It was one of those things you just knew was going on at that “investigation” was in progress, but we never had sufficient documentation to prove it. Now it’s coming out, and it’s proving that everyone, Mueller included (and no, he doesn’t get a pass for being a doddering old man) was in on the corrupt enterprise. It’s also gratifying to see the Flynn prosecution coming apart, because I felt all along that unraveling that would unravel the whole thing.

    Going to be interesting to see how the “Rosenstein is a white hat” crowd defends this.

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    • Ned Zeppelin says:

      I’ve said for years of this nonsense, far from a dottering old man, in the unseen ranks of the Deep State, Mueller is an important capo. He is IN on it all. Do not be fooled. He came out of the shadows when his bosses realized the juniors had screwed this up, and that “The Problem” needed fixing. May those who thought his job was to “rescue the institutions” realize their error in thinking that some sort of noble calling motivated him as they thank him for his service. Hardly. His henchman Weissman is a reflection of Mueller’s own character, Darth Vader to Mueller’s Emperor Palpatine, if you will.


      • Erik Heter says:

        Oh, believe me, I think it’s an act. He was doing his best Vincent “the Chin” Gigante a time. He should meet the same fate too, as they eventually got him imprisoned.


  19. lots of dandy treatment mentioned in the interviews of victims in this story.
    Perhaps Ms Powell can add some of them to the sound ass-kicking they deserve and will get in civil court. These people are disgusting.
    “Fed up with the abuse, his then-girlfriend, Simona Mangiante (now his wife), went on ABC News to defend him. Prosecutors were livid. Shortly after the interview aired, Rhee threatened: “We will pull your plea agreement if she or you goes on TV again.”
    Mueller’s agents went after Mangiante, even threatening her with a subpoena. She agreed to cooperate. But 10 days after her interview with FBI investigators, an agent intercepted her at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport as she flew back from a London business trip. She thought she was going to be arrested, but the agent was there to send a stern message: Make sure you call us if you remember anything about Russia or collusion.Fed up with the abuse, his then-girlfriend, Simona Mangiante (now his wife), went on ABC News to defend him. Prosecutors were livid. Shortly after the interview aired, Rhee threatened: “We will pull your plea agreement if she or you goes on TV again.”
    Mueller’s agents went after Mangiante, even threatening her with a subpoena. She agreed to cooperate. But 10 days after her interview with FBI investigators, an agent intercepted her at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport as she flew back from a London business trip. She thought she was going to be arrested, but the agent was there to send a stern message: Make sure you call us if you remember anything about Russia or collusion.”


  20. Mueller does a good impersonation of Vincent “the Chin” Gigante.

    “I was confused! I’m an old man!”

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  21. 4sure says:

    Did that pos Sessions know what was in the scope memos?


    • jbowen82 says:

      He was recused, so they wouldn’t have told him.

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    • testpointwp says:

      The only reason Sessions would not know what was in the scope memos, is if he decided that it was in his personal best interest not to know and not to look.

      If he did know, he would still have plausible deniability by claiming he was recused.

      Either way, the release of these memos proves Sessions is just another swamp dweller.


  22. tominellay says:

    This will go to the top of the previous presidential administration.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Maddow lies like a dog about Russia Mueller for 4 years non stop… she was a cog.
    Tonight she leads with covid tainted meat packers.
    There is a joke somewhere there. Maybe even a couple.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “This third scope memo is perhaps the most damaging of all”

    I can wait for Friday night….

    Liked by 1 person

  25. GTOGUY says:

    I thought Rick Gates was charged and pled guilty and was given a deal to rat on Manafort….Am I wrong?

    Liked by 1 person

  26. GTOGUY says:

    Jim Jordan: “Mr Mueller, do you know who Fusion GPS is?”
    Mueller: “Not in my purview.”
    Jim Jordan: “You were appointed to investigate all things Russia right ?”
    Mueller: “Can you repeat the question”?

    Liked by 2 people

  27. Richie says:

    The sad part about all this is that nothing is going to happen to the weasels
    I tried to warn Epoch Times that they had Rod Rosenstein all wrong 1 year ago.

    Rod Rosenstein: Hero

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Petri Volk says:

    There will be documents in the background from Mueller’s team to request the extended scope memo. Rosenstein wouldn’t have written it on his own without someone providing him with material for justification.


  29. MikeN says:

    The redacted name is clearly shorter than Michael Flynn. Mike Flynn Jr is not the name.
    The only thing that makes sense is Roger Stone, or perhaps Jerome Corsi.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    I gotta hand it to Rod Rosenstien and the boys and girls at the DOJ…..

    If after 200+ plus years you’re FINALLY gonna go after someone for a Logan Act violation….

    Might as well go ALL-IN with a SPECIAL COUNSEL to investigate it.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. tommyd22 says:

    Papadopoulos leaving the 10k behind in Greece kinda tells you that Pop knew something smelled..
    I would loved to have seen the FBI’s face when they realized their cash wasn’t in Georges bag..

    Liked by 6 people

  32. Guessing that the fifth still-redacted target is Michael Jr. The prosecution went to some lengths to hide their side-deal with Flynn and the redactions would be consistent with that.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Conservative_302 says:

    Toobad they didnt film the search of Papa D. At the airport. I would have paid money to watch agents searching for the 10k and come up with nothing. Man, i bet they were out of their minds mad. Ha ha ha. Papa D. Outsmarted them. Cudos to Papa D.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Linda K. says:

      Personally, I find it particularly outrageous that they attempted to entrap Papa D. He was not a major player, as far as I can see, and they were going to ruin him. He is a young man just starting out. I think his wife was helpful to him regarding the money being left behind.

      Liked by 3 people

    • willthesuevi says:

      I am surprised there is not a story where they tore the plane, he flew in on, apart looking for the money.

      Keystone cops. No wonder the history of our “Intelligence” Services, post OSS, is littered with “Bay of Pigs” type fiascos.


  34. Paprika says:

    So, Shiffty, ready to release those 53 interview transcripts yet?

    And how about your “proof” that President Trump was colluding with the Russians and obstructing the investigation that was all based on lies–including your lies? How about your statements that the “Nunes memo” was wrong?

    Hey, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, How’s that conclusion of yours about the Russian interference in the 2016 election holding up?

    Director Wray and former director Comey, hope you’re having a great morning!

    Liked by 2 people

  35. MLK says:

    Am I the only one who considers it a distinct possibility that the redacted fourth name is this second scope memo is DEVIN NUNES.

    The following is from a LAWFARE article/timeline targeting him in February 2018:

    “April 6, 2017: The House Ethics Committee opens an investigation into whether Nunes made unauthorized disclosures of classified information while overseeing the Russian investigation, focusing on WHETHER NUNES BROKE FEDERAL LAW or House ethics rules.” (Emphasis mine)

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Pelayo says:

    At this point I don’t recall but with regards to the original EC by Brennan to the FBI asking they investigate Russia/Trump collusion: has that ever been made public? Was that thought to be based solely on Ambassador Downer coaxing information out of Papadopolous?

    I hope Papadopolous is also lawyering up to sue and have his plea and conviction stricken from the record. Certainly he can now prove there was Brady material withheld in his case.

    I also hope Flynn and Papadopolous go after some of the more shrill voices in the media that called them traitors.


  37. Holdfast says:

    They redacted the Classification Header. That is very very odd.

    The header not only says the Classification Level- Confidential, Secret, TS-SCI, NOFORN….
    It also provides the Code Name for the Operations.

    This implies a whole lot of administrative information could be located with that information.

    For example- if it said “YANKEE WHITE” it might imply something coming out of the Office of the Previous President.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Julia Adams says:

    This is NOT who we are. How is this America?


    • TPW says:

      This is not America…..Exactly what my Step Mother said when 2 videos I sent her were taken down by Youtube. Something has to be done about the censoring….it is going to be especially bad closer to the election.


  39. TwoLaine says:

    Could the other redacted person be Roger Stone? Since his status is still somewhat pending?

    I mean they did spend $1.1 M1LL10N just to take him and his deaf wife down in their beds.


  40. TJ says:

    You have to “go deep”, to pull the plug from the drain.

    I was on a site that was pointing out your work, they commented/linked:
    “see the full analyst report here”

    I said to myself, they mean “go deep”. Thanks Sundance!

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Bogeyfree says:

    So after spending the past 12 hours digging through the 18 US Criminal Codes and based on the 4 bullet points below, these are the 4 crime codes that IMO match up best to what possibly Barr and Durham may indict on.

    1) The known fraudulent Dossier and it’s use on the FISA Court for warrants to spy on individuals.
    2) The cleaner version, #2 Scope Memo and what we know transpired while these 4 people were being investigated.
    3) The new Flynn exculpatory evidence where many have suggested he was setup
    4) The soon to be released 2018 – 6,000 pages of transcripts done by the House Committee where NO ONE produced any evidence of Trump Russia Collusion.

    Again, from the info above and of course more that I’m sure Durham has gathered to date, IMO it should be enough to prove the original Investigation most likely was not lawful from the start and everything from the beginning appears to be based on a fraud/hoax and many, many people knew it, thus making it a conspiracy.

    18 U.S. Code § 241. Conspiracy against right
    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States

    18 U.S. Code § 1623. False declarations before grand jury or court
    (a) Whoever under oath (or in any declaration, certificate, verification, or statement under penalty of perjury as permitted under section 1746 of title 28, United States Code) in any proceeding before or ancillary to any court or grand jury of the United States knowingly makes any false material declaration or makes or uses any other information, including any book, paper, document, record, recording, or other material, knowing the same to contain any false material declaration, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

    18 U.S. Code § 1038. False information and hoaxes
    (a) Criminal Violation.—

    (1) In general.—Whoever engages in any conduct with intent to convey false or misleading information under circumstances where such information may reasonably be believed and where such information indicates that an activity has taken, is taking, or will take place that would constitute a violation

    Please note within the 1038 code it states:
    (d) Activities of Law Enforcement.—
    This section does not prohibit any LAWFULLY authorized investigative, protective, or intelligence activity of a law enforcement agency of the United States, a State, or political subdivision of a State, or of an intelligence agency of the United States.

    IMO this means that Durham MUST prove/show the original investigation was not properly predicated within the law. Looking back now, this is what Barr went after day one, was the investigation properly predicated?

    He knew it would be a key hurdle in any future/potential indictments and without this in his pocket, Durham’s Investigation goes no where.

    18 U.S. Code § 2384. Seditious conspiracy
    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States.

    IMO Seditious Conspiracy will only come into play IF on the second or third SCOPE Memo they actually list President Trump.

    So bottom line based on the recent droppings and digging into actual criminal codes, I do not see how Durham and thus Barr do not indict at least a handful of people.

    The facts are becoming too obvious to ignore or sweep IMO.

    My hope is they go full bore and the arrest net they cast via a RICO Enterprise or a massive Conspiracy Ring, goes all the way to the Top Dogs because based on everything I have read, it can and should.


  42. iwasthere says:

    Funny how the Russian collusion turns a blind eye to the DNC server “hack” – as in we believe the stupid and redacted crowdstrike report on the matter. Which is total BS #1. And what exactly is the crime of “colluding to interfere with the US elections, in violation of US law.” Err what exactly would that law be? Got a code cite Mr Rosenstein? – or just pure license to fish and twist the heck out of the US criminal code? There is “conspiracy” AKA the prosecutors darling, but no “collusion” in the US code. And conspiring to do what exactly? to create and FEC violation? Is that even criminal? Judge Ellis should have ripped this to shreds because the “authorization memo” is not even in compliance with the special counsel regulations – because there is no specific crime alleged . The special counsel regulations themselves being on very very thin ice as to the legal authority to even create the regulations in the first instance. Judge Ellis should have read them super narrow and then tossed the special counsel as the ultra virus usurping monster it was.


  43. steviedawn says:

    Heads up. Joe Digenova will be on WMAL at 5:00 pm.


  44. jnr2d2 says:

    Sundance: For your consideration. Last bullet of 2nd scope memo.
    Either: Allegations that the President or Allegations that Donald Trump

    First sub-bullet (one line)(Obstruction of Justice charge): Committed a crime or crimes by firing FBI Director James B. Comey;

    Second sub-bullet (two lines)(the collustion charge):
    Committed a crime or crimes by colluding with the Russian government to influence
    the United States 2016 Presidential election

    They all fit the appropriate space in that font.


  45. catladykate says:

    Could the fourth, unnamed, target be President Trump himself? We know POTUS was the ultimate target, why fool around with another small fish? They only listed the three to give a gloss of credibility and in hopes one would turn and sing their made up song.


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