Peter Navarro Discusses U.S-China Trade Discussions, EU Tariffs and USMCA Importance…

Office for Trade and Manufacturing Policy’s Peter Navarro discusses the China trade negotiations, the UAW General Motors strike, U.S. tariffs in European goods, and USMCA.

On the U.S-China ‘Phase-1’ construct the key issue is going to be the enforcement mechanism to ensure any agreement has strength.  On U.S. placing tariffs on the EU due to the Airbus ruling Navarro reminds everyone the WTO ruling does not permit the EU to place tariffs on U.S. productions.  On USMCA everyone avoids telling the truth; that is  Nancy Pelosi is waiting to see what happens in the Canadian election in three days.  If Trudeau wins re-election, the USMCA will likely be scrapped (tabled) by Pelosi.


{*Note* We are holding-back on BREXIT-EU deal outlines until we complete reading the majority of the 2,000+ pages of UK-EU legal agreement construct.}


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43 Responses to Peter Navarro Discusses U.S-China Trade Discussions, EU Tariffs and USMCA Importance…

  1. ann says:

    All the hubbub over at CONgress, w petty partisan peachers:
    These guys focus stays right on the ball,

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    • Pedro Morales says:

      People in this administration need to learn how to shut the hell up, follow orders, and let POTUS45 handle the public speaking. Navarro, Lighthizer, Mnuchin, Kudlow, Pence, and Pompeo are exceptions to that rule. Cripes! Mulvaney is a boob! They all have a bad case of the Scarramuccis and love the sound of their own voices!!!
      Let POTUS handle the press.
      Why the F— couldn’t Mulvaney take questions on the G7 and then get the hell off the stage???

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      • ann says:

        you feel strongly that extemporaneous comments with a nest of vipers is unwise. ✅.

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      • rondonmonson says:

        Mulvaney said nothing wrong. Don’t allow the media to spin you into a breakdown man. Obama had Italians, Aussies and Brits spy on Trump, Trump wants to find out why those countries did this, it seems to have all started in Ukraine with a faked black ledger. There is nothing wrong with not giving money to a corrupt Gov. So until that corrupt Gov. tells us why they sought to get Hillary elected via the Politico 2017 article, in the 2016 election.

        This happens all the time, corrupt Gov. have to reform, lying about US Presidential candidates means that Gov. was indeed corrupt, and thus they have to come clean. You not seeing that is on you. Investigating the 2016 Election Wrong doing is exactly what the Dems did for 2 years, now that is seems to be aimed at them in a boomerang effect, it doesn’t change the facts, Trump wants the facts out now after the lies the Dems peddled.

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      • Larry says:

        Pedro, if you listened to the news conference, you would know the context of the question related to his earlier position as Director of Budget & Office Management.

        If you watched the news conference, you noted the quality of the questions. The journalists did a poor job and they need to monetize the news for their fake news companies. Conflict sells. When in doubt, sow seeds of conflict.

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  2. L4grasshopper says:

    If Trudeau wins re-election, the USMCA will likely be scrapped (tabled) by Pelosi.
    If Pelosi kills USMCA, does/will Trump start the clock to formally exit NAFTA?

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    • Pedro Morales says:

      Then POTUS puts on the auto tariffs and Trudeau is toast. He buys into impeachment/ removal or election defeat of POTUS45 and then Dems gives him a sweetheart deal on USMCA revisions. That is the deal he made. That is the stall. He would have got a better deal had he dealt from POTUS from Day 1. But Obama, the Dems, and MSM in both Canada and USA had him convinced Trump was a goner. 3 years later Justin is still waiting. He now has to play out his bad hand.

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      • Rachel Guess says:

        justin twinkle socks is DOA. Many people might brush the ‘black face’ issue under the rug, but there is no escaping the fact that he was formally censured in Canada for unlawful interference regarding the Canadian AG’s investigation into a corrupt company that he supported due to being a large donor, ie that IS obstruction.

        While he may never be charged for it I have no doubt that his constituents will have a lasting memory on that issue come Monday, although he has done everything he could to whitewash it.


    • Arrest Soros says:

      If The Boy Trudeau wins and Pelosi ends USMCA, your VSGPDJT then makes a bilateral deal with Mehiko without the need for Congressional approval.
      He then proceeds to destroy Canada’s economy.

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      • tonyE says:

        Since the Dems love wars so much, what if we were to invade Canada, and give Quebec to the EU?

        I’m sure most English Speaking Canadians would love to see Quebec go away. I don’t think we’d have to fire a single shot and then we can build oil pipelines from the Canadian Western States down to Texas. Heck, we might even grow to 58 States. Do they have Costco’s in Canada yet?

        And we’d secure our Northern Border since it’s hard to swim from the Artic. All we’d need to do is put tolls on the bridges and roads from Quebec.

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    • ristvan says:

      I provided a long comment on USMCA on yesterday’s Pelosi/Trudeau thread. Will only repeat my conclusion here. It is a situation where Pelosi cannot win and PDJT cannot lose, because he has backup workaround options she cannot prevent, while she has only a go/nogo choice to replace NAFTA. The next chess move depends on the result of next Monday’s Canada election.
      I don’t think PDJT will spend any political capital on USMCA until after, and maybe not until Canada ratifies. Then McConnell gets the Senate to quickly approve. Only then invoke NAFTA§22.5 termination and really turn up the heat on Pelosi, using AMLO and Scheer and rallies.

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  3. mike says:

    Nancy scraps the USCMA by tabling it, so then Canada does without our trade. They have oil and gas, so they won’t freeze, but they might be a lot less comfortable and a lot more poor.

    Maybe angry Canadians will lynch Justin after a month or two,
    and do Nancy too …

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      • WES says:

        Pedro: While it would be nice to see Trudope gone, getting rid of him will not happen unless Canadian voters give the Conservatives an absolute majority. That is very unlikely. Conservatives have remained stuck at about 31% in polls from the start. Liberals have also remained steady between 29% to 33%.

        What may happen is disaffected liberal voters may instead switch their votes to the NDP to try and force Trudope to do more global warming chit via a minority government coalition.

        None of the other opposition parties NDP/Greens are prepared to form a coalition with the Conservatives. They will only form a coalition with the Liberals. So even if Trudope has less seats than the Conservatives, he will easily remain Prime Minister. As for the Block, nobody will form a coalition with them. To do so would be the kiss of death!

        I doubt Nancy is loosing any sleep over the outcome of the Canadian election.


    • rondonmonson says:

      Its a possibility she might be saving it so that she can say SEE, we are getting something done and at the same time impeaching this President. I think not voting on it would be political suicide for the Dems, and they are evil, but not stupid.

      They can give Trump a “Victory”” if they take the spotlight off that victory via Impeaching him !! Its all politics.


      • Dutchman says:

        I Used to think and say “the Democrats are evil, but not stupid.

        I don’t say that, anymore. Every evil scheme they have attempted, for the last 2-3 years, has PREDICTABLY blown up in their faces.

        They are the coyote, lawfare is the acme co., and PDJT is the roadrunner.

        Beep, beep!


  4. Tiffthis says:

    SD- I’m so grateful that u are currently reading the Brexit-eu deal, can’t wait for your insights. I’ve also been emailing and calling Nancy weekly in English and Spanish about the USMCA, got my retired mother to do the same 🤣.

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    Pelosi delays USMCA until after Canada re-elects PM Trudeau
    • Trudeau continues to withhold it from ratification in Canada
    • Pelosi fails to bring it to a vote in Congress

    President Trump does the UNCONVENTIONAL with Canada
    • Cancels NAFTA.
    • Severs Canada from the Deal for Canada’s “Failure to Ratify”
    • Tariffs Canada at a level of RECIPROCITY
    … plus RECOVERY for its China back-door to USA.

    POTUS then CONVERTS the remaining deal with Mexico
    … to a USMA Executive Agreement (paralleling actions with China
    … because Mexico’s PARTNERING on Border Security.

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    • ristvan says:

      Actually a requested bilateral is not technically an executive agreement (although those do exist in three areas implied by A2; the Paris Accord Obama signed being one). It is an up to ten year legally binding (so binding on subsequent presidents) trade agreement he just signs under his pre-existing legislative authority in 19USC§2902.

      If Congress tries to repeal that unilateral authority, he just vetoes and they don’t have the override votes. No different than PDJT just vetoing Congress second attempt to overturn his southern border national emergency declaration.

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      • Perfect.
        Kudos, ristvan!

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      • That 10-year Requested Bilateral would nicely cover the next TWO Administrations.😆

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        • ristvan says:

          When (not if) PDJT and we Deplorables take back the House in 2020, then in 2021 the USMCA Pact gets finally done to replace the Mexico bilat and cancelled NAFTA (which happens if Pelosi plays the kill USMCA game), a China Pact gets done to replace that §2902 bilat, and a UK Pact gets done to replace that §2902 bilat. And thats just trade currently on the table. With Congress in Deplorable hands, PDJT can go after EU trade reform—by far the most politically fraught. Then he is done by 2024.

          We take back the House and increase the Senate, permanent complete immigration reform gets done in 2021. Then we can turn to deficits and infrastructure and healthcare reform in 2022-2024. All in all, not a bad 8 year rebuild America MAGA job.

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    • Charles Dodgson says:

      I’m confused about why USMCA is in the House at all. Wouldn’t it either be a treaty and be in the Senate, or an executive agreement? How does the House have jurisdiction?


      • ristvan says:

        Oh dear, have explained this many times here before.
        An A2§2.2 Treaty per Constitution (not international law, a whole different subject very complicated further when applied to US consequences) was originally defined by Thomas Jefferson as George Washington’s first SOS as: ‘immutable save by mutual consent’. Meaning permanent. “immutable”.
        So, trade PACTs avoid that by having unilateral opt outs. An example is NAFTA§22.5.


  6. toocoolus says:

    Somebody needs to tell Maria to refrain from asking the next question until Peter finishes his answer. Not only is it rude, but it’s totally distracting. Perhaps it’s the producer talking in her ear and telling her to change the subject cuz he doesn’t like Peter’s responses. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

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    POTUS dangled the Phase-1 bait for USA Banking & Financial access to the China market.
    … Triggering M$M to parrot YUGE financial upside and stock run-ups

    China sees its opening for Leverage-vs-POTUS
    … Demanding REMOVAL of current Tariffs before signing Phase 1
    … After contriving a M$M-wide assault on the President if he fails to comply
    … By FAILING to SIGN Phase 1 to trigger the M$M assault

    POTUS immediately DE-LISTS ALL Chinese Companies from our Stock Exchanges
    … Denying them access to our Capital Markets
    … In China’s desperate moment of need to cover their shortfall of USA Dollars for Trade
    … Triggering a PLUMMET in value for companies like TenCent
    … As RECIPROCITY for China’s denial of OUR companies’ access to THEIR markets.

    POTUS will resume Trade discussions with China when
    • China has IMPLEMENTED USA Audits & Standards of Accounting for ALL companies
    • China has IMPLEMENTED IP Enforcement Mechanisms
    … to EARN a seat at the table based on RECIPROCITY.

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  8. ristvan says:

    Navarro makes the excellent point that under WTO rules, EU cannot retaliate for the Airbus penalties. BUT that assumes EU plays by the rules when they haven’t on NATO or WTO (Airbus).

    Think about the longer trade chess game. Next move get China phase one papered and signed under 19USC§2902 in Chile in November. Following move depends on Brexit. Assuming done on 10/31/19, get a UK deal done in December/January, also under 19USC§2902. Pelosi has no say on either under that law. By then, PDJT trade team has about a quarter years worth of data on how EU is behaving on the Airbus thing. If good, start deal talks. If bad, bring the hammer down.

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  9. A2 says:

    From the Spectator. If the deal is passed today, free trade deals can begin negotiations and be implemented by 1 January 2021 after the transition period ends.

    “Boris Johnson managed to defy his critics today and reach a Brexit deal with the European Union. The new agreement updates the Northern Ireland protocol of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration, which deals with the future relationship. But while the rest of the deal appears to be unchanged, Boris has succeeded in winning some key concessions from the EU.

    Here are five reasons why Boris’s deal is better than May’s:

    1. The backstop is gone

    Firstly, the backstop that Theresa May negotiated with the EU has been replaced by a new Northern Ireland Protocol and the UK-wide Customs Union in the backstop has been removed completely. Northern Ireland will remain in the UK’s customs territory, which means its people will be able to benefit from any trade deals brokered by the UK after the transition period ends. The territorial sovereignty of the UK is kept intact and the country will have one common external tariff with the rest of the world (although goods coming into NI destined for the EU will pay the EU’s external tariff).

    The downside for Northern Ireland is that the region will have to remain, as before, inside the EU’s regulatory orbit for goods, to allow its border with the Republic of Ireland to remain open. Northern Ireland will remain aligned with the EU, and some checks may take place for goods travelling between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.


    2. Northern Ireland can leave if it wants

    In Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, the UK and Northern Ireland could only break away from the backstop as long as the EU agreed on alternative arrangements. As the EU would have no incentive to do this, May’s agreement essentially meant that the UK and NI would either have to remain inside the Single Market and Customs Union, or risk being trapped in the backstop forever.

    In Boris Johnson’s deal, if Northern Ireland wants to leave the arrangement set out above, it can do so with a vote in the Stormont Assembly. The future of Northern Ireland will now be decided in Belfast, not Brussels. The DUP would not have a veto over this process, which explains its disappointment at the deal.

    3. Free trade deals can start on New Year’s Day 2021

    Under Boris Johnson’s agreement, the UK will be able to formally begin negotiating trade deals with the rest of the world as soon as the agreement is ratified by parliament. Until now, the uncertainty of the UK’s exit date from the EU has made genuine negotiations with most countries impossible.

    But once Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement is passed, the UK will formally be able to conclude trade talks with the rest of the world. If the UK begins negotiating with the United States in earnest, a Free Trade Deal could be completed as soon as 1 January 2021, when the transition period of the deal ends.

    4. Goodbye to the level-playing field commitments

    Due to certain clauses in Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, the UK would have been legally bound to the EU’s ‘level playing field’ rules – such as minimum standards on environmental policy and employment law. This meant the UK would not be able to seek certain competitive advantages when trading with countries around the world. In Boris Johnson’s deal, the UK’s commitment to a level playing field has been moved from the Withdrawal Agreement (which is legally binding) to the Political Declaration (which is not). This is the next phase of the Brexit talks. But whether the UK has to follow these rules or not will instead be decided in the negotiations on the future relationship, giving the UK greater leverage in the next stage of the talks.

    5. The UK still takes control of its money, borders and laws

    The UK will have left the EU by 31 October 2019. And as soon as the transition period ends, the country will take control of its money, borders and laws. Yes, there’s £33 billion of divorce payments – but we will take back control of the £13 billion a year that we send to the EU, saving at least £70 billion net over the next decade. The UK will have the ability to control its own borders, and if it wishes, end the free movement of people with the European Union, and replace it with its own immigration policy that prioritises and encourages high-skilled people to come and live and work in the UK. This would happen in January 2021.

    Now that the backstop has been removed, it also appears that ECJ’s jurisdiction has been massively reduced. The ECJ will still have jurisdiction over EU citizen’s rights for a time-limited period, and over disputes that relate to an interpretation of EU law in the WA. Northern Ireland will also be subject to some ECJ jurisdiction as long as it remains aligned to the EU. But once we leave, the UK will be free to set its own laws, in its own parliament, with its own elected representatives voting on legislation.”

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  10. SD, funny note there: {*Note* We are holding-back on BREXIT-EU deal outlines until we complete reading the majority of the 2,000+ pages of UK-EU legal agreement construct.}

    Yeah right. They should pass the USMCA before they are allowed to read it.


  11. Mike in a Truck says:

    The amount of trade via trucks crossing from Detroit into Windsor is unbelievable. And inbound to the U.S.A. also. If PDJT applies punitive tariffs the Canadian economy will crash. The fools ( Pelosi/ Trudeau) know not what they do.


  12. A2 says:

    Ron Vara 😆 made an important point today that should not be overlooked. The USMCA is a much bigger and important trade deal economically than anything contemplated with China.

    In fact, a trade deal with the PRC could just fall off the perch and it would not matter much. Just buy another Budgie or two from a different supplier.

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