AG William Barr Meets AG Advisory Committee, Chairman Richard Moore and Vice-Chair John Huber…

The U.S. Attorney General’s Advisory Committee (AGAC) was created in 1973 and reports to the Attorney General through the Deputy Attorney General. The AGAC represents the U.S. Attorneys and provides advice and counsel to the Attorney General on matters of policy, procedure, and management impacting the Offices of the U.S. Attorneys.

The purpose of the AGAC is to ensure consistent interpretation and application of the Attorney General’s priority throughout the broad U.S. justice system. [28 CFR § 0.10]

As much as possible pay attention to the dates and names (highlighted) as they each play an important role in understanding what has taken place in the past two years.

  • On February 8th, 2017, the Senate confirmed Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General.
  • On November 13th, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed the first nine U.S. Attorney’s to serve on his Attorney General’s Advisory Committee (AGAC).
  • NOTE:  Why AG Sessions waited nine months to appoint his Advisory Committee members is unknown.

Those November 2017 appointments included: U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama Richard Moore; U.S. Attorney for the District of Utah John W. Huber; U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Jessie K. Liu; U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Justin E. Herdman; U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina Robert Higdon; U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma Trent Shores; U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana Joshua Minkler; U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Jeff Jensen; and Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Alaska Bryan Schroder.

AG Jeff Sessions appointed Richard Moore (Alabama) as Chairman of the AGAC, and John W Huber (Utah) as Vice-Chairman.

“I am pleased to announce the first members of the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee under this administration. These U.S. Attorneys will play an important role in carrying out the Department of Justice’s mission to reduce violent crime, combat transnational criminal organizations, secure our southern border, end the devastating opioid crisis, and return to the rule of law,” said Attorney General Sessions

Four months later, on March 12th, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the appointment of six additional U.S. Attorneys to serve two-year terms on the AGAC, joining the nine members previously selected on November 13, 2017.

The six additional members were:

U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Erin Nealy Cox; U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Richard P. Donoghue; U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama Louis V. Franklin, Sr.; U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois John R. Lausch, Jr.; U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Andrew E. Lelling; and U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware David C. Weiss. (link)

[Many of you may remember John Lausch was also the AGAC member who Jeff Sessions instructed in April 2018 to act as the facilitator for congressional document demands.]

Sidenote: Three of these AG Advisory Committee members would later play a role in the DOJ issues surrounding potential misconduct, and FISA-gate/Spygate:

♦John Huber was instructed by Jeff Sessions (November 22nd, 2017) to review congressional concerns about DOJ and FBI bias surrounding Hillary Clinton -vs- Donald Trump (election 2016), coordinate with IG Michael Horowitz, and respond with recommendations (if any). [Full stop]

♦John Lausch was instructed by Sessions (April 8th, 2018) to facilitate document delivery to congressional oversight. [That didn’t work out; likely due to Mueller probe control and a combination of departmental embarrassment.]

♦Jessie K. Liu, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, was assigned the criminal referral of fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (April 19, 2018); and was in charge of the impaneled grand jury (Approx. July 2018); [8 months ago]

Likely selected by Attorney General Barr, Ms. Liu is soon going to be promoted, if confirmed, to be the Associate Attorney General; the Justice Department’s No. 3 top official [replacing Rachael Brand].

Hopefully now you can see additional context for why Jeff Sessions requested administrative assistance specifically from John Huber & John Lausch as it pertained to growing congressional demands of the AG.  Both are on the AG Advisory Committee.

Given the distance from the original McCabe grand jury investigation (8 months); and accepting the current high-profile book tour by Andrew McCabe; and considering Ms. Liu is soon to exit as U.S. Attorney for DC; it would appear legal issues around McCabe are no longer looming.  However, McCabe’s lawsuit against the DOJ is still ongoing.

Though I would be remiss in not pointing out the leak of a grand jury looking into the criminal McCabe referral (based on lies to the OIG) might make a great cover story for an ongoing review of McCabe’s involvement in constructing the FISA fraud. {fingers-crossed}

♦ Early in the morning on March 7th, 2019, the U.S. DOJ announced a sweeping operation against multiple entities surrounding “elder abuse”.  More than 260 indictments (link). A few hours later AG William Barr held a press conference (link).  Shortly after the press conference Barr met with victims (link); and mid-afternoon, after meeting with victims, AG Barr met with key tech industry leadership to discuss what they could do to help the DOJ combat “elder abuse” (link).

All of that is the basic background and context for THIS event which took place late in the afternoon on the same day, March 7th, 2019:

Pictured: On March 7th, 2019, newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr meets with the aforementioned Attorney General’s Advisory Committee (AGAC).  Note AGAC Chairman Richard Moore standing to the left (two hands on chair), as Mr. Barr meets his AGAC Vice-Chairman John Huber.

Late in the afternoon AG William Barr held the first meeting with the AG Advisory Committee. Much speculation is being made around this meeting.  Some have projected a great deal more meaning into this picture than actually exists.

The March 7th meeting was simply the introductory session of the fifteen AGAC members to Attorney General William Barr.  U.S. Attorney John Huber was present for the meeting as Vice-Chairman of the AGAC, nothing more.  Anything beyond that is wild speculation.

Within this meeting, AG Barr is able to meet the Advisory Committee members, assess their skills and competence and lay out his vision for the U.S DOJ under his tenure.  Nothing more purposeful than an assembly of the AGAC should be read into this meeting.

Despite CTH being the first to discover the existence of a U.S. Attorney back in February 2018 working with/advising Horowitz; and confirming that discovery in March 2018 before it was publicly admitted; CTH can find absolutely no evidence that John Huber remained attached to any of the investigative outcomes from the OIG reports.

The absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence, but Paul Sperry also did a lot of interviews looking for evidence that Huber was active and supporting the OIG effort. Sperry came away with the same conclusions [read here]. Exactly the opposite is visible, and current witnesses within the IG FISA review have not been interviewed by any U.S. Attorney.

It would appear that after the IG narrowed his investigative field to only the remaining FISA-investigation, there was no longer a direct need for U.S. Attorney Huber and he departed along with U.S. Attorney John Lausch.

Now, keeping the above dates in mind; and sticking to facts without supposition; here’s a factual timeline that tells a story and might help make sense of what’s going on:

♦On January 12th, 2017, the DOJ Office of Inspector General began investigating issues surrounding FBI policy breeches, media leaks, improper conduct by FBI officials and politicization by the FBI and DOJ (link) This initial investigation would result in two OIG reports (April ’18 – McCabe) and (June ’18 – Overall DOJ/FBI conduct)

♦On July 27th and September 26th, 2017, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte was demanding Jeff Sessions revisit issues about potential DOJ and FBI corruption during the Obama administration.

♦On November 13th, 2017, AG Sessions responded to congress that the OIG was already looking into it; and he was going to appoint a ‘senior U.S. Attorney‘ to assist. (link)  This AG response is the same day that AG Sessions announced his first nine AG Advisory Committee members, which included John Huber as Vice-Chair (link).

♦On November 22, 2017, Sessions’ chief-of-staff, Matt Whitaker, sends a formal request for administrative review to U.S. Attorney John Huber (link).  Included in the request is the prior AG response to congress so that Huber can see what needs to be reviewed. (link)

♦On March 28th, 2018, IG Michael Horowitz expanded his oversight (link) and opened up a third investigation; this time into possible FISA abuse.

♦On March 29, 2018, again shortly after appointing more AGAC members (which included John Lausch), AG Sessions responds to more congressional inquiry (link) by citing the previous IG Horowitz review, now consisting of three investigations, and a John Huber assist (if needed). (link)

♦On April 13, 2018, the first Horowitz report was published (link).  This report covered mostly the behavior of Andrew McCabe and was followed six days later with a criminal referral to the U.S. Attorney in Washington DC, Jessie Liu (link)

♦On June 14, 2018, the second Horowitz report was published (link).  This report was much more involved and covered the totality of FBI and DOJ conduct and potential political bias throughout 2016.  The report cited “poor judgement” by numerous officials, and poor internal behavior with FBI officials contacting media, but the OIG did not find “direct evidence” of political bias.  There were no criminal referrals. (link)

That only leaves one OIG report remaining.  The one covering potential FISA abuse:

QUESTION: If the DOJ Office of Inspector General found no intentional DOJ and FBI malfeasance in the June ’18 report covering the totality of the 2016 election; and no direct evidence of political bias within the decision-making of the officials being reviewed; what’s the likelihood of the same OIG finding malfeasance as it relates to DOJ/FBI *FISA activity* and the exact same people?

The extensive OIG election-period report found no DOJ/FBI misconduct (only some bad judgement). There were no criminal referrals. There were recommendations for internal improvement, which FBI Director Wray said the FBI would implement (link).

It’s important to note the Office of Inspector General FISA review/investigation of potential FISA abuses (opened March 28th, 2018) was launched three months prior to the “Election Activity” final report in June 14th 2018.  There was obvious investigative overlap; however, the June report said “no evidence of intentional misconduct.”

The time frame covered by the “Election Activity” review (OIG report 2) and the “FISA Activity” review (OIG report 3) are the same. The topics are different (FISA being more specific), but the people under review and time-frame therein are identical.

If the OIG found no intentional corrupt activity in the June ’18 report (only bad judgement); no referrals were made; and time period and people are exactly the same; how can the OIG produce a post-facto FISA review report with substantively different conclusions?  It seems unlikely.

However, that said, there is a narrow window of potential optimism for those seeking some measure of accountability inside report #3.

DOJ Official Bruce Ohr is likely still employed for the same reason the dispatch of Peter Strzok and James Baker was delayed prior to the finalization of IG report #2. The OIG and INSD (inspection division) can only reach those still inside the system.

On the narrow issue of how the DOJ and FBI assembled, handled and used the FISA application (and subsequent Title-1 surveillance warrant), against the Trump campaign and officials therein, Bruce Ohr is a key and central witness for the OIG (link).

Mr. Ohr has testified (transcript here) that he was interviewed by IG Horowitz about his role in assembling the information that was later used in gaining a FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant without following the Woods Procedure.  [Note: Mr. Ohr was never interviewed by John Huber]

Unlike the previous OIG report #2 (Election-era Issues) if the OIG can find direct and intentional “gross misconduct” (by referencing traditional and historic FISA application assembly therein), toward those officials who participated in the FISA assembly, then it becomes possible the OIG report could potentially outline that the FISA application resulted in serious fourth amendment civil rights violations. And that perspective could be a narrow opening toward legal issues for DOJ and FBI officials who participated in assembling an *intentional* and fraudulently-based application to the FISA court.

Unfortunately, that approach is a very high bar for the OIG to reach. Again, the OIG would have to find “direct evidence” of “gross misconduct” resulting in civil rights violations. The defensive arguments by the corrupt group would be filled with legal justification(s) and internal process discussion.  Lots of room for reasonable doubt.

Also unfortunate, any finding of “fourth amendment” FISA-abuse would be adverse to the interests of the larger U.S. intelligence apparatus and institutional participants who rely on the current use of the FISA process.  Current officials would want to protect it.

I suspect the team of DOJ/FBI officials who abused the FISA court, and are now watching things unfold, are also relying upon the institutional necessity of the FISA process to protect themselves from too much scrutiny and sunlight.

An example of that unfortunate reality is found with HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes advocating for FISA reauthorization on January 11th, 2018 (link); right in the middle of the explosive revelations and discoveries of potential abuse.

As HPSCI Chairman, Devin Nunes knew back in 2017 the FISA process was abused for corrupt political intent.  However, he also knows it is a critical component and tool for the U.S. intelligence system and national security. Currently Mr. Nunes is advocating for a much larger conversation about it before any further re-authorization.

Lastly, assuming Robert Mueller is not impeding the IG’s ability to interview witnesses and gather documents; I would anticipate hearing about the end of Horowitz’s FISA report sometime in April, likely with a media leak surrounding the first draft report being submitted to principles and stakeholders for feedback.

There’s a slight chance leaks about the content therein; or at least the timing thereof;  might be part of Speaker Pelosi’s recent decision to drop the impeachment narrative.

One can only imagine the downstream political chaos if IG Horowitz started cracking open the doors to possible civil rights violations from Obama-era FISA abuse.

There may not be a great deal of legal accountability forthcoming, but there could be a considerable amount of political damage.  Hopefully a looming documentary declassification will deliver a thunderous amount of sunlight in all directions.

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435 Responses to AG William Barr Meets AG Advisory Committee, Chairman Richard Moore and Vice-Chair John Huber…

  1. Deacon Bob says:

    I don’t know the level of awareness regarding BARR and his history besides his obvious/prior amicable relationships with both “Rod” and Bob”, was employed by DoJust-Us early 90’s as U.S. Atty. Gen. Shortly after, BARR defended (PRO BONO) FBI/ATF “agents” LON HORIUCHI and DALE MONROE against manslaughter charges in the deaths at Ruby Ridge, ID. of Vicki Weaver who Horiuchi shot in the face as she stood holding her (10) month old daughter Elisheba in her arms and also Kevin Harris who survived his wounds. Re: pg. 29 of Barr’s discovery questionnaire for his confirmation hearing. Re: Pro Bono Work. 3rd paragraph pg.29: Do your own verifying, but additional references below. Huber? MIA almost a year. Horowitz? Good luck. Graham now Chr. Judicary Committee is a fraud. Clinton0bama.fbi/Just-Us all likely to walk.

    Horiuchi’s .308 rd. passed through Vicki’s head killing her instantly hitting Kevin Harris in the chest who the Weaver Family had taken in. Sammy Weaver (14) yrs. old was shot in the back and also killed having taken HRT “agents” under fire along with Harris not knowing who they were after they also shot and killed his dog “Striker” had alerted on them hiding in brush on Weaver’s property. Randy Weaver (ex U.S. Army S. F. Eng/Green Beret) and Harris survived their wounds. U.S. Marshall Wm. Deegan was also shot and killed and it remains unclear to this day if it was Sammy’s fire, Harris’, or a member of Deegan’s HRT itself. Weaver was also defended pro bono by Gerry Spence. Kevin Harris by David Niven. Randy and Kevin were acquitted of all charges save 18 mos. Randy served for a “failure to appear” charge pursuant a bench warrant likely issued with an intentionally wrong date for the sale of 2 sawed off shotguns (read how). Weaver and Harris sued the FBI and ATF for the Wrongful Death/s and Violation of Civil Rights for the deaths of his wife Vicki and son Sammy. Randy was awarded $3.1M. Kevin Harris for just $380K.

    Both Horiuchi and Monroe later and actively participated in the siege in Waco, TX. against the Branch Davidians. BOTH stated they had no remorse for their actions on Ruby Ridge 21-22 Aug. 1992. Horiuchi was also investigated for his actions at Waco and likely would have been charged there too but for a barrel change on the rifle he used rendering bullet/shell to barrel/chamber impossible as the barrel of his rifle had been changed and scrapped shortly subsequent Waco siege.

    On about 24 August 1992 then FBI Dep. Assistant Dir. Dan Coulson, at the time unaware Vicki Weaver and Sammy had been killed, stated the following in a memo:
    “Something to Consider
    1. Charge against Weaver is Bull S___.
    2. No one saw Weaver do any shooting.
    3. Vicki has no charges against her.
    4. Weaver’s defense. He ran down the hill to see what dog was barking at. Some guys in camys [camouflage] shot his dog. Started shooting at him. Killed his son. Harris did the shooting. He is in pretty strong legal position.”
    Ref: (part 1 of 4 part series)

    1. Randy Weaver was NEVER “a member of the Aryan Nation” though he was unknowingly introduced to them at a meeting he was tricked into attending by ATF informer Kenneth Fadeley.
    2. Randy Weaver was NOT a “White Supremacist” though he didn’t believe in miscegenation. not believe in racial mixing.
    I KNOW this. I am proud to call Randy Weaver my friend. He lives today at peace in Montana.

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    • davidb says:

      I have property at the base of Ruby Ridge near Naples. I deer hunt there. Odd thing is that I live a dozen miles from another Ruby Ridge northeast of Naples, north of Moyie.


    • Betty says:

      Thank you.


    • boogywstew says:

      Randy Weaver doesn’t believe in “racial mixing”? Maybe Mr. Weaver has qualities that override that, but people that profess that belief would never be welcome in my home. I have biracial family and friends who are 100% MAGA. Good for you.

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      • jx says:

        Therefore he should be killed?

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        • boogywstew says:

          No, not killed, just not welcome at my house. Some people not welcome at my house are still alive.

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        • Alligator Gar says:

          The PC orthodoxy of the Kalergi Plan–miscegenate and immigrate until the West is gone. Because Western folk are too much trouble to control, according to Kalergi (who himself was mixed–half white half Japanese).

          How dare a Western man want to stop the genocide!!!! Randy should be forced to miscegenate with the nearest woman of color!!!! FORCED!!! Or be outcast forever!! ANATHEMA!!!! REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


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          • Lindenlee says:

            Well, I have been noticing recently that almost ALL commercials on TV now are between opposite-race couples, ALL. Many show mixed-race chikdren. It is creepy, like subliminal something. Mixed race marriages (and I have several friends who are in such marriages) have problems, more to overcome. One couple survived and are prospering , the other didn’t. The children of both are fine.

            I just don’t like all that subliminal stuff.


      • oldumb says:

        He can believe what ever he wants, but he can only act with his own member. Other people can mix or not depending on their preference. That is Freedom of Choice.

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        • farrier105 says:

          It is how people think that is important. Don’t think Japanese-Americans didn’t know their due process rights were violated when their property was taken and they were put into internment camps during WWII. Anyone of any race can understand the philosophical underpinnings of the US Constitution.


      • AtomicHillbilly says:

        Randy Weaver took his family to live as far away from everyone else as he could get.
        He wasn’t bothering anybody.

        Unfortunately, innocence was no protection for he and his family.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Thanks, Deacon Bob, your post is very illuminating, a nice quick overview.

      How did it become known that Horiuchi had changed out the barrel of his rifle, do you know?

      Was he questioned and disclosed it in some official interview or in one of the trials discovery process?

      Is it explained in one of the articles on the topic?


    • Elle says:

      Wow! That’s really disappointing and telling. ” BARR defended (PRO BONO) FBI/ATF “agents” LON HORIUCHI and DALE MONROE against deaths at Ruby Ridge, ID. of Vicki Weaver who Horiuchi shot in the face as she stood holding her (10) month old daughter Elisheba in her arms and also Kevin Harris who survived his wounds.

      Everyone thinks Ruby Ridge is about a crazy white KKK guy – until you actually read the official record and discover it is a tragic tale of shocking government abuse and horrific cold blooded murder. Such a sad tale.. Very troubling Barr defended the murdering agents pro bono.

      Barr also advocated very restrictive gun control proposals in the past. During the hearings for U.S. Attorney General under President George H.W. Bush from 1991-1993 that William Barr endorsed both the Brady Check portion of the Brady Bill and the semi-auto ban, although he did express a preference for magazine bans: “I would prefer a limitation on the clip [sic] size.”

      During his Trump confirmation hearing, “William Barr tells Dianne Feinstein Red Flag Gun Control Laws (ERPO laws authorizing the seizure of firearms) are the “single most important thing we can do in the gun control area”

      It will take a true miracle to get us out of the mess we are in. I think I’ll take up bicycling and enjoy what may be left of our freedom.

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    • RLTW says:

      Literally everything stated above is a complete fallacy.

      After undercover ATF Agents attempted to entrap Randy Weaver for months on end to cut the barrel of a shotgun below legal length, Weaver finally relented and cut the barrel to get them the hell out of his hair. ATF Agents moved in, shot the kid and the dog, immediately got their asses kicked by the Weavers, caused the standoff and ran away. Then FBI Management decided to hand this unwinnable sh** sandwich to HRT. HRT were ordered by FBI Management to take those illegal shots because the Weavers were shooting at FBI helicopters. Those HRT Operators should have known better but they followed orders. Barr wasn’t protecting Lon and Dale he was protecting FBI Executive Management (predictably the US Attorney’s Office as well).

      After being warned by an inside source that the Branch Davidians knew ATF was about to commence a raid, the ATF went anyway. ATF Agents moved in, immediately got their asses shot to pieces by the Branch Davidians and caused a standoff and ran away. Then FBI Management decided to hand this unwinnable sh**sandwich to HRT. Janet Reno and the Clintons ordered an assault. Over 80 men women and children were burned alive. Hate HRT if you must but also know history. HRT has been DOJ’s fall-guy for the last three decades.

      Hey!! know what!!? Let’s play a fun little game called “what did we do to make them hate us so much?” We play this game every time a muslim kills dozens or hundreds or thousands of innocent Americans.

      So what did we do to make Timothy McVeigh hate us so much? Oh, that’s right. He told us why! The Federal Government targeted and slaughtered innocent, white, Cristian Conservative people at Ruby Ridge and Waco who were minding their own damn business.

      Oops. But that game doesn’t apply to white Christian Americans who are being oppressed by their own government does it? That’s why Timothy McVeigh was tried and executed within 6 years. And Khalid Sheik Mohammad is still alive today.


    • snellvillebob says:

      I cannot testify to the validity of this site but here goes”
      The purpose of the meeting was to determine who was responsible for stealing over $100 million in drug money on the three routes from Panama to Colorado, Ohio, and Arkansas. This theft was draining the operation known as the “Enterprise”…The first call was made by [CIA agent Joseph] Fernandez to Oliver North, informing North that the theft was occurring on the Panama to Arkansas route, and “that means either [CIA pilot Barry] Seal, Clinton, or [Panamanian General Manuel] Noriega”…Fifteen minutes later, the portable phone rang, and Vice President George Bush was on the line, talking to William Barr. Barr said at one point, referring to the missing funds, “I would propose that no one source would be bold enough to siphon out that much money, but it is more plausible that each are siphoning a portion, causing a drastic loss.”..Barr told Bush that he and Fernandez were staying in Costa Rica until the following day after first visiting [CIA operative] John Hull’s ranch. Barr then handed the phone to Tatum, who was instructed by Bush to be sure that Noriega and [Mossad operative Michael] Harari boarded Seal’s plane and departed, and for Tatum to get the tail number of Seal’s plane….Tatum said that Barr dialed another number, immediately reaching then-governor Bill Clinton. Barr explained the missing money problem to Clinton…Barr suggested that Clinton investigate at the Arkansas end of the Panama to Arkansas route, and that he and North would continue investigating the Panama end of the connection, warning that the matter must be resolved or it could lead to “big problems”…(This description of missing drug money provided support to a subsequent meeting in Little Rock, described by Terry Reed, during which William Barr accused Clinton of siphoning drug money and that this had to stop.)


      • Mr. G says:

        I had not read that article prior to posting everywhere I could that Barr’s career has been a model of DS…perhaps he’s had a “come to Jesus” moment?-I think not.

        The only bright spot I could find on Barr is that he is a reportedly a staunch supporter of Executive Branch (POTUS) authority.


      • Lindenlee says:

        That website is not one I consider to be consistently reliable. It is prone to publishing excessively inflammatory articles, with lots of speculation and partial i formation. So it is always suspect to me, and I search for corroboration from additional credible sources. But this is certainly food for thought.


    • askandgettruth says:

      thank god there are people like you who do research work to find the truth and not watch the MSM traitors on the mind control tv. the rule in the fbi, cia, marshall service etc is kill to show your loyality to the corrupt gov. we have. in gov. these days you destroy, kill, frame and poison the well of the accused and get promoted to a higher job. most idiots in this country today have been so dumbed down people like cnn abc nbc etc. and tell them anything and they believe it. Randy Weaver paid a heavy price and the money that he sued for will never erase the loss of his family. he is one of my HERO’S


  2. jbowen82 says:

    The FISA judges knew exactly what was going on and they were willing participants, not dupes. Everyone knew that although Carter Page’s name was on the surveillance application, the real target was Candidate, then President-elect, then President Donald Trump. There had to have been hundreds of people involved: agents, analysts, translators, technicians, supervisors, clerical and support staff. Every single one of them knew what they were doing.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      FISA judges are rubber stamps.

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      • Firefly says:

        So were AG Lynch and DAG ( really effectively AG) Rosenstein. And it looks like nothing will, be done about it.

        Hillary just reinstated her law license- reportedly want to be AG if the Dems win in 2020.

        Looks like William Barr is the new swamp fox guarding the swamp henhouse.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “What, you mean FISA? That’s just a big-a$$ rubber stamp, dude”
        – NSA guy to CIA analyst Edward Snowden in fhe film “Snowden”

        Sometimes even lefty movie-makers leave in a couple nuggets of useful truth.

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    • Betty says:

      A good spot for my well worn rant:

      “The FBI has shown itself to be a clear and present danger to our republic. When an organization with that much power is corrupted, it must be disbanded. Maybe a new organization can come from its ashes, but we cannot trust this one ever again. They hold a knife at the throat of every American citizen…” -Author Unknown

      And further –

      The FISA Court has shown itself to be a clear and present danger to our republic. When a Federal Court with that much power is irresponsible with the mission entrusted to it by We The People, and passively allows corruption or is itself corrupted, it must be disbanded.
      Maybe a new court can come from its ashes, but we cannot trust this one ever again. It holds a knife at the throat of every American citizen…

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    • Jederman says:

      I think you’re correct, and it’s probably not the only time both the DoJ/FBI and the judges have abused to system.

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    • Mr.G says:

      FISA “court” is an Article 2 court held on the 6th floor of the DOJ (according to Bill Binney, ex-head of NSA cyber unit). Only testimony from the government is allowed or needed to obtain a warrant.

      Bill Binney provides excellent, down-to-earth commentary on NSA spying, FISA and Russia Gate. Only 45 minutes and well worth my time.


    • Not just FISA judges. It goes all the way to the Supremes. FISA Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer wrote her April ’17 report on “institutional lack of candor” where 85% of FISA applications were out of compliance (illegal).

      What is never noted is that Collyer’s report was submitted to her supervisor, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who has final direct responsibility over the FISA Court. Roberts has intentionally allowed this FISA malfeasance to continue, which is in itself a felony or three.


  3. Trump Train says:

    Unless each and everyone one of these filthy scumbags is hung but the neck the country is lost. It appears to be unreasonable to expect equal justice under the law and that we could actualy employee people at the justice dept/fbi that support the american people and the rule of law.

    This will either be handled wiht a bullet or not at all i am afraid.


    • Betty says:

      You are exactly right. Think of the circumstances that made you think: “God, I am never going to do that again” or something you witnessed that made you think: “I never want that to happen to me”
      If they are not punished severely they will just shrug it off and look for their next opportunity.

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  4. JG3 says:

    After reading all this, some thoughts:

    Then, it’s up to us. If we are a government of, for, and by the people, we people (like the commenters here on the Treehouse) need to, using our skills/talents and what we’ve learned to brainstorm and devise a tier system of government justice to protect from this kind of thing ever again! For we all know that this is just the beginning. It will only get worse from here. If we’re blessed to survive all this, plus the present radical left, and the invasion, we all have a responsibility, renewed chance to join/start thinking/acting like our Founding Fathers.

    First: Sheriffs are the “people’s” elected law enforcement, they should be the foundation. Building on this foundation, add State elected officials, then federal elected officials; no longer allowing politically appointed people to have the power. Second: “Government is too BIG!” (We are witnessing the consequence of this.) Devise a plan for DOWNSIZING! Third: Put God’s Ten Commandments back in schools and the public square! It was/is the glue that holds it all together. Just think how life could be, if we all lived by them…belief or not!

    America’s success/survival hinges on our ability to build on the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. Use their example in applying the Creators rules and system to govern the new world we find ourselves in. If we are successful at this, then there’s hope for us, the people of the world, and future generations.

    We’ve gone along, too long, leaving it for others to take care of. And, where has that gotten us? Well, we find ourselves with others taking us down the path to destruction. We’ve all heard the saying “you can’t un-ring a bell”. We can’t go back. Therefore going forward, if we are to hold onto our way of life (or parts of it), our HOPE will be found in returning to the wisdom of our elders, the faith of our fathers, and each of us becoming the person/ADULT we were created to be.

    And, it begins with “me”…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Tom! says:

      Your posts makes very good points. The one problem is in assuming that we have the same love of liberty that the founders had. Our descent into the madness that is now our country has been years in the making with no serious attempt to put on the brakes. We are no longer, collectively, a strong people.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Mr.G says:

        @TOM! you correct and before I post some of my usual negative comments, let me say I hope I am wrong (as I often am)…but I spent a long time in the DC swamp and I normally have a pretty good read on people.

        The average, everyday citizen like a Lowe’s CSA, bus driver, plumber, landscaper, nurse, etc., have no clue as to what has been and is still happening. They are peddling as fast as they can to just survive…and they either don’t know and/or don’t care.

        For them it’s:
        Are the bills paid?
        Do we have food?
        Is there enough gas in the car to get me to work?
        Rinse and repeat

        I understand, I used to do the same thing. So, until there is an extreme, existential threat to their very survival, you can count them out in joining any kind of real, “March on DC” type of resistance

        Liked by 1 person

  5. sturmudgeon says:

    Laws are applicable ONLY for the ‘peasants’… although most of us were aware of this, some had hoped the Swamp could be drained… not so, unfortunately for the Republic.


    • As a man thinkth says:

      “…hoped the swamp to be drained”…The Senate republicans (Mike Lee, Utah) has introduced bill to limit the authority of the president to declare a National Emergency…because he is concerned the Democrats will ABUSE this power once they are back in the Whitehouse…Someone plz tell this a$$hole if we don’t stop the mass invasion at the border the Dems are guaranteed the Whitehouse…Next will be mass importing of millions of political refugees from Venezuela…This wave is coming soon…


  6. For Eyes says:

    So, suspected many months ago, in the end it is a stalemate. No clean victory for either side. No justice served up. “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

    Liked by 3 people

    • Another complete victory for the Deep State, and a loss for the rule of law. What’s left of the shrinking middle class pays the price. The rich buy their way into the best schools and the poor struggle for Pelosi’s crumbs, as Mr G states above.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. HB says:

    We haven’t, and most likely won’t, get the convictions we had hoped for. However, we have gotten a good glimpse of how deep the swamp is.

    With a win in 2020, and if the President can get the right appointments, I think there’s a good chance of cleaning house.

    Liked by 1 person

    • For Eyes says:

      He “could” start NOW, with impeachment risk off the table.


      • Rock Knutne says:

        Don’t ever believe what these people ‘say’.

        Impeachment is not likely off the table.

        They find it necessary to ‘say’ it’s off the table but time will tell.

        Believe their actions, not their words.

        Liked by 4 people

        • henry says:

          Impeachment is not off the table. There is a growing backlash to Nancy’s statement. She does not have her children in their seats yet.


    • Mr. G says:

      @HB If indeed it ends up being that we battled the DS to a draw, I see that as a victory of sorts. Now both sides retreat and retrench. Unlike before, when the battle restarts, I think POTUS will be on the offensive-with a sustained, clock killing drive that will end in a 2020 victory for our VSGPDJT


  8. Mark McQueen says:

    “QUESTION: If the DOJ Office of Inspector General found no intentional DOJ and FBI malfeasance in the June ’18 report covering the totality of the 2016 election; and no direct evidence of political bias within the decision-making of the officials being reviewed; what’s the likelihood of the same OIG finding malfeasance as it relates to DOJ/FBI *FISA activity* and the exact same people?”

    T don’t think you can infer that much from one to the other. Totally different matter. Totally different conduct under different rules some of which have clear LEGAL requirements with CRIMINAL consequences. The FISA case isn’t about looking for political bias in daily Dept. operations.


    • It may be different conduct but it’s controlled by the same guy, the IG, whose job is to protect the institution by isolating and minimizing the offenders/whistleblower, then shifting away from the core issue. That’s SD’s basis for inference.

      I cannot recall a single instance where a federal whistleblower walked away whole, or the core problem highlighted by the whistleblower was surfaced and repaired. Instead it’s always quietly patched over and “fixed.”

      We can expect more Friday afternoon press releases that close with the words, “The DOJ declined prosecution.”


      • Mark McQueen says:

        I know what the basis for SD’s inference is. It infers that the IG would ignore criminal conduct or potential criminal conduct. This is a different investigation with a specific objective as was the look into McCabe’s conduct. McCabe was referred.


  9. pigletrios says:

    As soon as that report is public, Mueller needs to be fired by the President on National TV for gross misuse of government funds in this Witch hunt………and the rest of the top dogs in the FBI and CIA cleaned out as well.


    • whoseyore says:

      …and Mueller should be sued by “WE THE PEOPLE” for the gross misuse of government funds. He knew immediately that this was all a staged witch hunt and the fact that he not only went along with it, but dragged it out for nearly three years is grounds for a lawsuit. We need a good lawyer to file on behalf of WE THE PEOPLE. Many people land here in the branches of the Tree House. I would like to know some opinions from lawyers regarding this.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. trapper says:

    Mutual Assured Destruction. For the past three years we have been watching the buildup of the opposing political arsenals.

    “There’s a slight chance leaks about the content therein [IG’s FISA report]; or at least the timing thereof; might be part of Speaker Pelosi’s recent decision to drop the impeachment narrative.”

    I expect so. The impeachment narrative was a defense gambit, showing it to Trump as the response that would follow prosecution of any top Obama player for shredding the Fourth Amendment. Some lower level nobodies (Wolfe) may have problems, but anyone with higher connections (McCabe, Strzok, the Ohr’s through Nellie’s Company connections) know too much and will be protected, which makes the next sentence unlikely:

    “Hopefully a looming documentary declassification will deliver a thunderous amount of sunlight in all directions.”

    Declassification would be a nuclear first strike by Trump. I can’t see it happening. Too many countervailing forces that are now in place would be kicked over. Besides, why give up the leverage that continued secrecy creates?

    Mutual Assured Destruction. It has worked quite nicely for seventy years in a context with much higher stakes. It will continue to wok here. It provides PDJT with the working space he needs to completely re-structure the global economy, which is his focus, his destiny. He has bigger fish to fry than Bruce and Nellie, and he’s been quite successful so far. That is where history is being made and it is breathtaking to watch.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Elle says:

      It does seem that deals are being made behind the scenes right now. MAD is certainly better than some of the other alternatives.


    • Jederman says:

      “…Besides, why give up the leverage that continued secrecy creates?” Because it’s the right thing to do. We have laws. This is an attempted coup via a weaponized fed bureaucracy condoned by the former president of the U.S. who was trying to suppress political his opposition.

      And leverage to what end? What’s the point in continuing the game? I say this in all respect.

      We have not witnessed such an in your face abuse in our lifetimes, perhaps in the history of the country. If they skate why should any of us try to obey the rules?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Terri says:

      I keep hearing statements like “Besides, why give up the leverage that continued secrecy creates?” and can’t for the life of me understand how that “leverage” has proven to be of any benefit in deflecting the constant attacks on President Trump and his Administration?


    • I’m with Trapper the Treeper. It’s Trump’s fight and if he wants to use MAD to gain MAGA, that’s his choice and I will back him. Now I’m resigned and my morbid curiosity wonders where they will draw the ‘two tiers of justice’ line, above or below McCabe (FBI) and Ohr (DOJ)?

      Anyone notice how Trump’s language has shifted from “Lock her up” to “Exposing the Corruption may be my finest accomplishment.” This shift from action to exposing happened last fall, soon after his declassification threat was shut down by Rosenstein as obstruction. I guess we may find out after Mueller’s report is released.


  11. Bugsdaddy says:

    …..and so it goes…..

    Look at the timeline closely. No intention of DO-ing anything. This is just a bunch of monkey-motion dressed up to LOOK like people are doing things. Nothing of the sort. Lots of activity without purpose.


    • Jederman says:

      I read the article and had the same conclusion. The famous bureaucratic paper shuffle. Ya gotta wonder what is up with Sessions. What is his game?

      Barr, according to the consensus, is a swamp creature. As such he’s probably more adroit in the paper shuffling business.

      The two tier “justice” system continues without pause.


    • Mr.G says:

      Bugsdaddy-your post describes most civil servant jobs…or at any rate, the ones I was exposed to for 40 years at three different agencies.


  12. CNY3 says:

    Someone commented on another post, referencing this post and said that officials would not seek criminal prosecution of McCabe. Is that true?


    • lawton says:

      BS imo – that guy writes a lot of nonsense and basically promised Jr. was getting indicted this past Friday.


    • trapper says:

      Someone just showing PDJT another opposition missile site. There is no one in DC who matters who does not understand what will happen if anyone touches his family.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Doug Amos says:

    So far, Barr has done absolutely 0. The laughter is deafening!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mark McQueen says:

      Were you expecting something like D-Day at Normandy? Do you think Barr just walked into a DOJ that was all set and ready to go, where all he had to do was say the word?


      • Rob Allison says:

        Unfortunately it seems that many people here did think as your question suggests. There seems to be a total lack of understanding of how running a large operation is done and the scale of things that must be done to achieve things. I was a turn around specialist in Fortune 500 corporations for years. I was hired to go in and turn them around and get them out of the red and back into the black. It always amazed me how people thought that within a couple weeks everything would be fixed, even though I’d tell them before they’d hire me that it is a long, slow process. And that was only large companies, not the U.S. government, which is the largest “organization” in the country.

        But in addition to the lack of understanding how these things are done, there is also the idea that someone can turn this mess around in just a matter of a few years. I have no doubt that short of a miracle of God, even if the swamp could be drained it would take decades… and that’s if it was done non-stop working constantly to get us there. The chances of it ever being done are very small. Even though I fully believe that Trump is the right man to handle this, with what he is up against, the best he can do is get us started down that path. And with no one in the wings to take his place, chances are very big that once he is done with his term in office, the swamp will push us right back to where we were only worse. It will be a repeat of what happened after Reagan, but this time it will be on steroids.

        We need to understand that our founders warned us that this was a lifelong commitment to hold politicians accountable every day and then pass that on to our children and then their children and on and on. In doing that we can keep them at bay, but we will never be able to rest of stop working. Freedom can be lost in just one generation, and we’re lucky we haven’t lost it already, although we’re very close. We need to rethink our goals to become more realistic and learn that our goals should be to learn to hold our government accountable and pass that along to the next generation. In that way we will assure long term freedom. That is what the founders of America said and we should learn from them. They were far smarter than any of us.

        Liked by 5 people

    • Snowball says:

      That’s not so , he had a lot of meetings and they took pictures.


  14. Texasdude says:

    The fubdamental take away …

    The adminstration in power should use the full force of the US federal and lije minded state governments to oppress political opponets.

    Hey, it’s all just politics, the Constitution be damned!

    Real legacy of Obama.


  15. HickTick says:

    Barr has only began his job . Wouldn’t it be wise to have the Courts in order before you Indict .
    Notice Mueller had a favorable Grand Jury that did what he said do . Could you trust a jury in DC ??
    More damming evidence is coming out daily so let it flow , Soon Mueller will be over and the show will begin . Amazing how some know what the AG will do after 30 days on the job .
    We could use an ignore button .

    Liked by 1 person

    • jx says:

      “wait until the courts are in order” was the same excuse for the Alabama Rat.

      Liked by 1 person

      • oldumb says:

        It is the same excuse because the huge problem still exist. “Bewitched” was a TV show, no one can wiggle their nose and fix everything. There are layers upon layers upon layers and multiple stakeholders/gatekeepers at every layer. Never ever give an order that won’t be executed. You lose all power going forward.


      • farrier105 says:

        “wait until the courts are in order”

        What does this mean, anyway? I’ve heard all kinds of excuses. One of the most interesting was being opposed to declassification prior to the Mid-Term elections would cause an “asset sell-off,” only to see the markets temporarily crater prior to the 2018 election WITHOUT any declassification of FISA.

        The media is another excuse. Democrats in Congress prior to the Mid-Terms, when they were in the minority then. Perhaps not exposing the FISA abuses set us up for a MAJORITY of Democrats in the House that gets to vote on IMPEACHMENT.

        The only “tick-tock” going on is the clock being run out in favor of the Democrats all the time, and I mean ALL THE TIME.

        Funny how that works.


  16. chojun says:

    I just noticed this phrase, that I must’ve skipped over when reading the article:

    “The March 7th meeting was simply the introductory session of the fifteen AGAC members to Attorney General William Barr. U.S. Attorney John Huber was present for the meeting as Vice-Chairman of the AGAC, nothing more. Anything beyond that is wild speculation.”

    Sundance, I love ya and your work, but this is not accurate. More happened at this meeting than is assumed on its face. I’m not going to say anything more until I get more information.


  17. DesertRain says:

    As to the Advisory board ramp up in Nov…. just a reminder that Sessions hired COS Matthew Whitaker towards the end of Sept 2017.


  18. I do not believe PDJT made any sort of “deal” in regards to not pursuing justice in return for favorable legislative support in the future. I think when Mueller’s report is finished, the President will extract revenge like we have never seen before……all legally. He’s a NYC brawler.

    Liked by 3 people

  19. behind enema lines says:

    I can’t seem to read the tea leaves on this correctly. Forgive my blurry vision (it is rage). There are other characters at play here I am hoping that this will not just be political calculus by the President or those who would try to control him. Frankly, I don’t think that Barr will write anything like the excuse-ridden executive summary that got DOJ out of trouble from the last IG report and made Wray quip about the training we are all supposed to get on how to not be as corrupt as the public thinks we now all are. I am furious. This was a coup and heads must roll.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elle says:

      Given that he was willing to defend * pro bono!! * the agents who committed the cold blooded murders at Ruby Ridge (see Deacon Bob’s post at top of page) I”m no longer sure trust in Barr is well placed.

      If you haven’t read a detailed account of what happened at Ruby Ridge, it’s absolutely chilling. It was a meant to be a Charlottsville type event, a manufactured attention grabber that was to whip up headlines and passions preceding gun control legislation. That the same murderous agents whom Barr defended went on to WACO gives you some concept of what we are looking at.

      Barr is clearly in place to help with gun confiscation. He said so himself and the record is very clear. At this point, for me, political calculus by the President is looking about as good as it gets.


  20. David R. Graham says:

    Perhaps “the OIG found no intentional corrupt activity” because they/he considers any activity to protect DOJ/FBI/IC generally and “national security” specifically, however IC wishes to define that, acceptable, ethical, and legal. If they do it, it is definitionally legal and not corrupt. If they say what they do is to protect “national security,” such as extirpating a duly elected POTUS, then who’s to argue? If they say it’s fine, it has to be fine, no?

    Liked by 1 person

  21. nimrodman says:

    So is this us finding out what a large chunk of those hundreds (thousands?) of super-secret mysto “sealed indictments” were?

    Elder abuse in nursing homes and college admissions fraud by wealthy Hollywooders?

    Just sayin’

    Liked by 1 person

    • jx says:

      Next up is the either j-walking conspiracy or the mattress tag bandits.

      Liked by 2 people

      • nimrodman says:

        exactly, jx, you read my intent

        our house is burning down from treasonous presidential coups and outright governmental corruption at the highest levels …

        … and our mighty DOJ is policing rich people for putting ringers in for their kids’ SAT exams

        smack my own damn head


  22. GSparrow says:

    After 2 years of Hannity’s dangled carrots:
    “There may not be a great deal of legal accountability forthcoming…but a looming documentary declassification will deliver a thunderous amount of sunlight in all directions.”

    Unfortunately, most Americans get their fake news in the dark, corrupt shade of the MSM and not in the sunlight. Since the election, Dem supporters have invested their souls in the Trump is “rotten and racist so take him down” narrative and they will openly or tacitly support any action that was intended to depose the President whether it was legal or illegal, ethical or unethical, righteous or evil.

    However, while a few “documentary declassifications” will not sway any TDS deviants or the majority of Dems to see even a ray of sunlight, it might politically influence just enough to make a slight difference. Odds 80-20 against. The absurd and dangerous policies of OAC, Ilhan, Tilab and most of the Dem Presidential candidates and others have a much greater chance of depleting Dem support.

    Liked by 1 person

    • David R. Graham says:

      The electorate is not the audience for a declassification dump, if that indeed is what happens. The audience for that would be the DC crowd. Think Chappaquiddick. Kept that lout out of the White House. There are ways to distro convincing information to the electorate …. and there are ways.


    • Blaze says:

      I just happened to turn Hannity on tonight. Usually I stay clear of him but yes he sure was dangling carrots. I guess the longer and more “sensationalized” his reporting is just keeps the $$ flowing. He is such a fraud along with his Fake News reporter and side-kick “my sources say” Sara Carter. Tick-Tock.


  23. GSparrow says:

    Other than the lone picture of Jessie K. Liu, all of the other pictures look like a classic example of a good old boys network. It’s strange the lefties haven’t been triggered by these pictures of all older white men. They seem to be the favorite target recently.

    Huber’s tweet: “US Attorneys thoroughly enjoyed our time with AG Barr this week. He is a solid, proven leader with a clear vision for the @DOJ,” is revealing. it might be an indication of how he rose so far in the ranks or that he’s just an appreciative, respectful subordinate that enjoys praising his latest superior.


  24. namberak says:

    Not to be too much of a downer but the moment that Barr, a card carrying member of the Bush RINO family, was nominated and without histrionics confirmed, my hope for justice being done evaporated.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. THOMAS A OREILLY says:

    If the operational plan is working, the invasion fleet has departed Pusan and is making its way up the west coast of Korea for Inchon. The CIC stands ready to launch a devastating attack on the rear of the DS from which they will not and can not recover. Perhaps the enemy suspects something [maybe we don’t impeach]. But it is too late. Their rear is unprotected. The good guys win. Or, do they? [Bill Barr?]


  26. I won't back down says:

    I will be among the first to call BS after next Tuesday. Until then I remain cautiously optimistic. No hard feelings.


  27. I won't back down says:

    More faith and hope in the justice system is warranted than anything being discussed here — come on everyone snap out of it. I want to believe that there are a few good men and women at our Justice Department who are willing to take the hard medicine that will be required to heal this country.

    I merely ask that you pray fervently and specifically for them (and their loved ones) to have the courage to do what needs to be done no matter how hard it is or the personal risks. Please, I beg you all to just do it for one week.

    Try to stay positive and lets put this in Gods hands. We did what we had to in terms of research and exposure of what happened. Now have some faith in our miracle that started all the way back in Nov 2016.

    Kudos to you Sundance. No matter what happens you will always be one of my heroes for showing this stuff to all of us in such methodical and granular detail and without the pursuit of filthy lucre or praise for it. You deserve the Nobel prize for blogging (they need to invent it then award it to you).

    Liked by 1 person

  28. zucccchini says:

    I bet my next paycheck to a friend that there would be NO Mueller report, last week. I am willing to bet there will be no Mueller report until something comes along that dwarfs it taking ALL the oxygen from the room, on a Friday, in the dead of night. Something that will be ongoing for at least two weeks and everyone’s focus is so intense, there is no way Mueller can be held up for ridicule. You simply cannot spend 25 million (or more) and step into the spotlight and say..”Sorry, nothing here. Couldn’t even manufacture something. But the Congress is still trying. There is still hope.” They will time all this out just like they have timed out the discovered corruption in the FBI and DOJ. We are headed for some really bad stuff as this beat goes on in our government.


    • Elle says:

      That seems like a safe bet. I wandered into the dim-wit underground right after the no impeach notice was issued and despite a few mournful wails, the optimists were already cheering the news, saying the SDNY was a much better way to .crush and destroy Trump and his family..


  29. Richard Orberson says:

    OK so whatever became of Jeff sessions secret investigation? What was going on must have been more lies


  30. Hmmm... says:

    There is one giant monkey wrench in the traditional DC plan of no accountability. President Trump is not playing along. From a historical perspective there is no way that the intelligence agencies can open an investigation on the President and the President can accuse those agencies of a coup attempt and the issue goes unresolved. They can paper over a lot but this is just too big IMO. Their theory of President Trump being a short term aberration and things returning to normal in short order is rapidly being destroyed.


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