FOIA Discovery Reveals AG Jeff Sessions Initiation Letter To U.S. Attorney John Huber…

We discovered last year that Jeff Sessions had authorized U.S. Attorney John Huber to work with the Inspector General’s office, but we did not know exact dates and scope of the original Huber investigation.  Thanks to a FOIA request, some details now fill in.

A left-leaning watchdog group, American Oversight, filed a FOIA request in 2017 looking for any communication that might show former AG Jeff Sessions giving instructions to DOJ officials to target Hillary Clinton for investigations.

Ironically, and perhaps serendipitously, the American Oversight FOIA request was submitted on November 22nd, 2017, the exact date Sessions’ chief-of-staff Matt Whitaker was sending a letter to Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber.  Had they waited a day, what AO  were looking for would have surfaced. However, with the Sessions-Huber communication falling outside the FOIA request window, the DOJ response was delayed until yesterday.

The Sessions letter was an attachment to a email sent by Whitaker to Huber at 5:21pm on November 22nd, 2017.  The AG letter to Huber requests Huber to review issues raised by the House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, and return with advice. Here’s the letter:

CONTEXT – in 2017 House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte was conducting oversight and receiving testimony from witnesses concerning a possibility the DOJ and FBI had intentionally manipulated their investigations to protect Hillary Clinton.  Goodlatte wrote to AG Sessions about his concerns.

At the request of AG Jeff Sessions, Asst. AG Stephen Boyd sent a responsive letter back to belay Goodlatte’s concerns explaining what ongoing review processes were in place:

The November 13th, 2017, response letter to Goodlatte was also copied to John Huber as an outline to specify the review parameters of what AG Jeff Sessions was requesting from Utah’s U.S. Attorney.

Within the November 22nd, 2017, letter to Huber, Attorney General Jeff Sessions requested: a review Chairman Goodlatte’s concerns; take note of the Boyd response letter; initiate the requested review; and recommend further appropriate action, if any, Huber might deem necessary.

Interestingly the letter states:

“Your review need not include matters that you determine are within the scope of the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”

So we can reasonably infer that John Huber saw the unredacted Rosenstein ‘scope memo‘ defining the parameters of what Mueller was supposed to investigate.

In broad terms Jeff Sessions was asking John Huber if the U.S. Attorney saw any reason to initiate a new or deeper investigation, and/or if any “matters would merit the appointment of a Special Counsel.”

It has been sixteen months since that letter, so we can assume Huber did not identify a need for another ‘special counsel’; and/or it would have been just an absolute mess to have two special counsels investigating both ends of the same corrupt enterprise.

Four months after this November 2017 instruction to John Huber, in March 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions faced even stronger congressional demands from Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy and again House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte.  Now people were getting frustrated.

By March 2018 most of the “spygate” corruption was visible; Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages were in the public domain; numerous Senior FBI and DOJ officials were fired, quit, demoted and outed within a bigger conspiracy afoot.  The existence of DOJ-IG Michael Horowitz’s internal investigations was now widely known; congress was demanding a special counsel, and the public was looking for answers from the Attorney General…. The basic theme: what the f**k are you doing?

On March 29th, 2018, Jeff Sessions wrote to Senator Grassley, Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte telling them of the November 2017 review he initiated, and publicly informing them for the first time of U.S. Attorney John Huber working with IG Horowitz.

Within that letter from Sessions, a very defensive Attorney General notes the prior November 2017 response to congress and his request for Huber to review all issues. Read the full letter below.  (Note: this is the letter TTP is dependent upon):


Summary: We know when John Huber was assigned to the corruption review (November 22, 2017); and we know the first scope of that review was Clinton issues (working with Horowitz); and we know the outcome the Horowitz/Huber review (on Clinton issues and FBI misconduct) resulted in a disappointing IG report, no criminal referrals [McCabe referral only related to media leaks and lying], and no special counsel.

We also know the IG/Huber review later expanded (March 2018) to cover FISA abuse.

However, we do not know what aspects of the FISA abuse the IG has investigated, if anything, or what accountability outcomes there may be, if any.

It still appears the Mueller probe is the impediment to the public releases of declassified documents and evidence; and we do not know what Huber and Horowitz have been doing for a year on the FISA abuse issues.

However, if Rod Rosenstein is actually leaving the DOJ in the middle of this month; and if he actually does leave; perhaps that indicates Mueller’s investigative roadblock is about to end… timed with the ides of March.

You decide.


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336 Responses to FOIA Discovery Reveals AG Jeff Sessions Initiation Letter To U.S. Attorney John Huber…

  1. spoogels says:

    35 Key People Involved In The Russia Hoax Who Need To Be Investigated
    As their desperate search for collusion continues, Democrats want to interview 81 people. Try this list instead.

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  2. Kleen says:

    In my opinion, there are a lot of things that don’t make sense.

    One thing that does, is one of Bongino’s explanations as to why Trump can’t declassify and expose the whole thing.

    Bongino mentioned the possibility that exposing methods/ sources would open up flood gates.

    As in, several cases where the FBI busted real criminals, terrorists etc in the past, would now be questioned and these criminals would also claim they were illegally set up by the same spies or similar methods and targeted by illegal FISA therefore creating the possibility of the US and allies having to basically free dangerous terrorists and criminals.

    That makes sense to me. That could be the real reason POTUS had to back down from pushing for declassifing.

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    • MelH says:

      Is that gobblydegook to anyone besides me?

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      • TestName7 says:

        Yes and no Mel.

        It’s a long winded way of saying one is afraid that other “cases” persued under similar auspices might be overturned.

        But what is justice ? Where does your time and heart lye in between the future; that is the penultimate question of the post (not of the issue at hand – it’s actually a silly question imo).

        We have known good laws and bad ones.
        Time and waves crash again upon us.
        If we are to forsake the good for the ends the we are ALL the same.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        Mel, the OP’s comment makes sense to me, whether or not I agree with the premise. But what the he!! do I know at this point. What do any of us “know” beyond reasonable doubt? And when will it ever matter, if that’s even going to be possible? This stuff is mind-bending by design.

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      • Kleen says:

        It may be, but remember Trump met with Rosenstein. Do you trust the guy?
        Maybe he did tell Trump that declassifing would do just that. ( true or not)

        It was odd the way Trump backed down.

        Anyway, we are all just guessing here.

        Bongino has sources I consider him credible and his guesses educated.

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      • Jack Schiraldi says:

        Our President is a genius. I am from Brooklyn NY and grew up in the era of Trump. I’m a Vietnam era veteran and we love the Prez. You have no idea the effect his leadership and commitment to the vets have had. Go to your browser and search “Forbes 2015 Trump Wollman skating rink”. Mayor Koch of NYC found out the hard way and now he’s fighting for the country. Oh Boy it’s almost ass wuppin time.

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        • cali says:

          @Jack Schiraldi: ^^^^^^^^^This!

          Thank you patriot for your service!

          The declassification is on its way and Huber, Horowitz, Barr and others met this past week at the white house.
          The letter from Jeff Sessions in 2017 has been known to us for 1.5 years. Just because there were no leaks did not meant that AG Sessions did not fulfill his duty.

          While many remain unconvinced to date the service of Jeff Sessions will come into focus and contrary what’s out there. He had a job and role to play – he did – and will come back into focus as his duty was that of a loyal servant to God, Country and the constitution. He stepped into his new role after vacating the AG position as a means to slip into the prosecuting position due as justice finally is applied beginning with the declassification and the OIG report together with the many completed indictments by Huber.

          As Huber stated this past week and since he hired more prosecutors: Every one his prosecutors are handling about 20 cases. He listed a host of crimes that also includes crimes against children, child sex trafficking and those involved in financial gain while harming children and much worse.

          President Trump signed the declassification on 17 September 2018 which AG Barr retrieved from the OIG.

          The sealed indictment number is now at about 85,000 and counting.

          What must be understood is that the justice phase has shifted to be carried out by our military as the complete agenda of the treason and sedition of politicians, the Hussein white house and HRC, DNC, CIA, FBI, DOJ, Schiff, Jarrett, Kerry, Comey, McCabe and the rest of fired FBI HQ on the 7th floor has been fired. There are more individuals that will face justice that also includes many located overseas.

          The waiting for justice is over! Everything is in place!

          You may now also hear from the media that the Clinton’s health is declining ergo they will not make many public appearances in the near future if any.
          That is one way the media will spin for that treacherous family.

          A big can of whoop a%% is about to be dispensed!


    • John-Y128 says:

      The threat to declassify should of ended Mueller’s witch hunt, he and Weissmann ran this same game on Enron and their accountants, many prosecutors use this same trick all across the USA.

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      • Kleen says:

        Exposing them would end their corruption.
        That makes all the sense in the world

        So they go around classifying everyhing to protect themselves not our national security.


    • Jederman says:

      While Bongino is good, my response to his theory is, not our problem. Tell the truth and let the cards fall where they may.

      If these “real criminals, terrorists etc in the past” want to try and re-litigate their cases so be it, get in line and wait. I don’t believe it’s an ethical excuse to protect the coup perps.

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  3. Tazio Nuvolari says:

    It’s nice how Sessions just STFU and went away.


  4. CMDCMRET says:

    Some of us knew this a long, long time ago. I still believe Sessions did good work for us….time will tell.

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  5. GSparrow says:

    Time is ticking on as it always does but how many ticktocks during Bill Barr’s tenure will it take before “the people” realize that nothing has really changed in the DOJ.

    I discovered where DoJ prosecutor/investigators were sent when they were assigned in the pre-Barr era to an investigation that was NOT related to indicting or harassing Trump, his family or his associates. For example, if you were assigned to examine a Hillary issue or a Coup attempt issue you were sent here until you lost interest.

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    • Ray Runge says:

      So agree. Simply affording McCabe the Manafort Investigation treatment would add some credibility to a continuation of the Do Nothing DoJ.


  6. I won't back down says:

    TTP = “trust the plan” (just trying to be helpful). There is a date certain floating around out there in the ether of March 19th. I am wondering to myself what the Mueller non-action on the Friday before the Ides of March does to any “plan” and/or timing. Maybe he submitted the report to Barr and we will never hear of it (I can only hope).


    • BitterC says:

      Barr almost HAS to have the Mueller report already. Amazon has the Mueller Rpt w/ a forward by Dershowitz on pre-order for 3/29.

      I would imagine Barr would need at least a week (more like 2) to produce his public report & not only did Dersh say he is writing the fwd to Mueller Rpt, he says he is also writing fwd to White House rebuttal which I THINK he said would release at same time.

      White House would need at least a week to rebut and Dersh a week to write forwards

      But, who knows?

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      • farmhand1927 says:

        We, the people, sure as heck don’t know and that’s by design.

        We have nothing to go on but past experience. Past experience reveals HRC will skate thru the rest of her miserable days unscathed. She is so engrained in her neuroses she actually believes she has never done anything wrong. Benghazi wasn’t her fault. The Steele Dossier wasn’t her fault. Nothing is ever her fault.

        The fault rests with the Republican Party. From gutless wonders sitting on Congressional committees, to Swampers embedded in every govt agency that have taken a silent vow to fight to the death to protect Mrs. Clinton, to the Bush family slobbering all over her at every state funeral, she will never be held to account in this life. Take that to the bank. Ahhh, but there is an After Life….

        Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was put over a barrel and hog tied in place. Rosenstein was part of The Coup. Whitaker walked away before he got wrongfully framed into a cell next to Manafort. Barr eventually will say in essence, too much time has passed, too many of our allies could face uncomfortable exposure, there was no intent, blah, blah, blah.

        Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. We may as well take that to heart, let go and let God, because there isn’t a single person, including tne 500 lawyers noted above that will swim to the bottom lf the Swamp and pull tne plug. The saddest tale is what might have been. Justice will never be the same in America. We give it away in part and parcel more each day.

        Tick tock, indeed.

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        • We have President Trump; And the President told us what he thinks of AG Sessions. He wanted to dump him over a year ago.

          If you are a Trump supporter, Don’t “Trust The Plan”

          “Trust President Trump”…………….


    • xeroxero says:

      So, if March 19 comes and goes and still no arrests of the obviously guilty Deep State conspirators who sought to put Hillary in the White House and have been trashing Trump since before he took the oath …

      Will the Q-tards FINALLY admit they have been had and that Q is *NOT* a reliable source for anything, that the 70,000 “sealed indictments” are probably for local drug cases, and that no one is going to Gitmo, no one is getting arrested by the Marines, no one is going to be facing a military tribunal.

      And, then, that we all need to put our energy into the CONVENTIONAL world, and stop waiting for the Magic Q Ball to save us, and fix the problems in our Republic.

      The Q phenomena is the most effective and destructive PsyOp ever run against the conservative movement.

      If all the energy put into “decodes” and 2 hour long videos obsessing over Q’s latest free-form poetry had been put into almost *ANYTHING ELSE* we would have something to show for it.


  7. jx says:

    The Alabama Rat strikes again.


  8. Tall Texan says:

    Sessions was the insurance policy and Huber was the rider.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Justice was given away on a silver platter and we were expected to like it. The farm was sold out from under us, we were essentially sold down the river.

      All that is known and there isn’t a hope left of changing it, but…..wouldn’t we love to know who the puppetmaster was that picked out little ol’ Jeff Sessions from the herd, called him in, sat him down and said,

      “Son, we got us a helluva big job for you. Are ya up for it? You’re gonna have to make your RINO buddies scratch their heads wondering why you’ve lost your mind and decided to support this despicable man that wants to Drain our Swamp. You’re gonna have to walk away from your Senate seat, you’re gonna have to ignore things, obstruct, stall, drag your little feet, but we think you’re the man. Are ya up for the task, Son?”

      Who was it that chose Jeff Sessions? What was offered that convinced him to destroy his good name and life’s work? Did he do it for a price or did he do it because they had something on him? Why did Jeff Sessions go rogue like our Chief Justice of the SCOTUS?

      We’ll never know. All the answers are buried as deep as Hillary’s 30,000 emails.

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    • John-Y128 says:

      Indeed, Huber was a huge head-fake against MAGA constituents.

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      • Dman says:

        Didn’t Session say something to the effect that Trump was hurting the morale of the DOJ, when Trump was questioning the lack of fairness in the DOJ of investigating Clinton, FISA, etc? What about he morale of the American people and equal treatment under the law? Senator Barney Fife was such a loser. He has so damaged Trumps first term and the country, its unbelievable actually.

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  9. USA First! says:

    If what Obama and company did was “legal” and billed as a “counterintelligence operation “ then it seems to me that President Trump can do the exact same thing.

    We have proof that Hillary is compromised be her Uranium One pay for play, and that’s not even getting started on Bill Clinton getting paid hundreds of thousands for a simple speech.

    What crimes can then be prosecuted stemming from a “ counterintelligence operation”?

    There should be no reason to complain if President Trump only does the exact same thing the cabal did. It would definitely clean up Washington and it’s a good place to start.

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    • TestName7 says:

      Hmm yes we have heard this before.

      No one wants that.

      That outcome is precluded because those who can effect it (deliver the goods you proclaim) do not wish to; and they all cannot be fired.

      Simple as that. And we all know.

      I’ll say something else we all know:
      — Re : security clearances —

      Why, if so, did the president compell donning of clearances to some close to him who we are told [” raised ears ” ? Idk what bs (oh look , I used profanity) they are telling us ].

      Obviously because he wanted some people he knew he could trust to hear the same things he did and weigh in.


      Is that criminal? If that’s criminal then the underlying system is more criminal.

      A candid world is watching

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  10. Miklos says:

    So-Huber was not authorized to convene a grand jury, or seek indictments.

    This is chaff and countermeasures.


    • John-Y128 says:

      Right, Huber was to report his finding back to AG Sessions, he didn’t even testify [refused, given a pass] to the republican congressional committee(s) in 2018.


  11. Piggy says:

    I’m glad this nonsense is getting exposed.

    I’m afraid it won’t be fixed until we have a super majority in House and Senate along with the POTUS. Congress has created the DoJ/FBI mess and they are responsible. The unelected bureaucrats that have been doing nothing and obfuscating are just following their orders so the system is blamed and not individuals, especially the ones in Congress.

    The AG’s will not do much. They will protect the system unless an actual outsider with courage and fortitude takes the helm.

    Doesn’t mean let the Uniparty administrators off the hook though. Have to pressure them to do their jobs and vote them out when they don’t.


  12. Mr.G says:

    All this is corroboration of what we already know. It makes for intriguing stories, mega clicks and increased ad revenue. It’s the drip-drip-drip of info characteristic of a “soft-landing”

    Hollar back when they are in cuffs. But that’s not going to happen. if one still think it will, one has learned nothing about the Swamp.


    • jx says:

      That is what’s happening. A “soft landing” to mitigate outrage, no prosecutions, and new laws “to ensure that something like this never happens again”.

      Ensure that something like this never happens again by hanging the perps high and in public. They framed a candidate and tried to overthrow a president. Unacceptable!

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  13. Troublemaker10 says:

    As of early January 2019 Huber had not interviewed any of the witnesses congressional republicans expected him to talk to:

    Republicans Have Questions For John Huber, The US Attorney Overseeing Investigation Of FBI

    It’s really difficult to understand what has been going on. It’s possible the IG’s office has questioned them and just passed info on to Huber. But I don’t think anyone at all has talked to the witness Victoria Toensing represents. And didn’t Radcliffe recently say they haven’t been able to get any status reports from Huber?

    If they sweep this stuff under the rug it will only make distrust of DOJ/FBI worse.


    • farrier105 says:

      Victoria Toensing’s witness has been interviewed many times and appeared before Congress. He isn’t likely to change his story now. Not interviewing him is no block to ascertaining if a criminal investigation is needed. Most of any “review” would be going over existing evidence, both documentary and “bulky” evidence, to see if it reaches the level of probable cause. When it does, a grand jury should be impaneled, and you get the True Bill of Indictment that ratifies the existence of probable cause. That shouldn’t take forever, and NO investigation of Clinton about U1 or the foundation has anything to do with Mueller’s mandate. None of them are about “collusion” with Russia to interfere in the results of the 2016 election. Only the TRUMP CAMPAIGN is in Mueller’s mandate.

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    • Jederman says:

      There isn’t a rug on this planet big enough to sweep this under. And I’m at the point where I don’t think the FBI/DoJ cares a whit whether we trust them or not. How can we?

      Everything I read above suggests a DC bureaucratic paper shuffle. I mean, we keep thinking our gvt even considers doing “the right thing.” We hang on to hope that the situation will begin to be corrected with every eye opening post.

      DC is not motivated by the same things we are.


    • Elmo says:

      As far as Campbell I believe he has given testimony to Huber and remember they already had most of the evidence he was testifying to that they got from other sources. The best way to build a case as complicated and intricate is to gather the physical evidence first (documents and correspondence) and then get the witness testimony to tie it all together and confirm what was collected.


  14. Donna in Oregon says:

    More on the Clinton/DOJ/FBI snafu.

    DOJ Prevented FBI From Pursuing Gross Negligence Charges Against Clinton
    February 25, 2019 by Jeff Carlson, CFA


  15. Merkin Muffy says:

    How the hell can you expect the Department of Justice to investigate itself???

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  16. Fasterpill says:

    Which means if it is a real investigation which will now have sealed indictments unsealed in the next two weeks or so, and people getting arrested and really tried… how could Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions keep this so quiet for so long if they were swamp creatures?
    Yet they did keep this under a really tight lid. The daily beast article is hilarious:


  17. maga2004 says:

    Iwbd, I discovered a long time ago “The Plan” is not appreciated in these parts. Better to keep those comments in arenas where they are appreciated and understood.

    One fine day we Plan Believers will be vindicated.

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  18. Aprés all of these idiots, le déluge. Surely this is obvious, to the few amongst us who are sane (and wise enough to be informed about it all).


  19. John-Y128 says:

    All revealed so far is probably the reason Trey Gowdy is back in the private sector and not at the DOJ, save for the occasional opining on FNC.


  20. Leane Kamari says:

    According to Bruce Ohr August 2018 transcripts, Huber has not questioned him at that time but he was questioned by OIG Horrowitz.
    No one asked whether a prosecutor for Huber has questioned him.


  21. teeheeman says:

    Good grief, now Q+(or is it QQ++??) is President Trump??? Your Tin Foil Hat is in the mail.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Peoria Jones says:

      I gave up trying to read comments last night. Just too weird, and misinformed. Many new usernames, and they all refer to POTUS as simply “Trump” – no effort to show respect at all.

      Additionally, there were a lot of comments showing that these newcomers haven’t made an effort to read Sundance’s previous work, nor do they agree with his findings and analyses. Lots of disrespect to regular Treepers, too.

      The Q stuff never really bothered me before, but when they invade the Treehouse en masse and act like they own the place, with no respect for assimilation or rules…that’s when I can’t help but see them as aliens. CTH needs a wall, LOL!

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  22. Evelyn Montalvo says:

    I just want to see some REAL people charged—like Susan Rice, Hillary, the guy who bleached her hard drive, the Podestas, Comey, McCabe, and others involved in the coup. Enough talk—ACTION!! Alas—I doubt I will ever see it. I quit listening to Q—nothing ever happens.


  23. TomA says:

    At it’s root, the ongoing coverup of the ongoing coup against a duly elected president is simply the result of the enormous magnitude of the criminality that evolved within the federal government during the Obama Administration, and continues to this day. Dozens (perhaps hundreds) of senior officials committed numerous Class I felonies with impunity and serious intent. These men and women were not (and are not) casual criminals of the amateur variety. They are hardened sociopaths and will stop at nothing to achieve to goal of removing Trump from office. If the full story of this treachery were ever to be made public, a second Civil War would become inevitable. That is Barr’s essential dilemma as he sees it. Continue the coverup and the rot festers. Conversely, if he attacks the corruption and prosecutes the coup conspirators, the revolt against government will likely snowball into the unpredictable.


  24. I said, she said, we said, they should have, they ought to, what we need, what’s coming, what’s not, who’s good, who’s bad, they could, they might, they will…………BULL FECES! I don’t care what has happened in the past. In the FBI/DOJ corruption “matter” I want to know if, when and who WILL BE ARRESTED and for what crime. I’m old, frustrated, tired, disillusioned, and impatient but still MAGA.

    Besides, I think my Depends are getting leaky………..and THAT really gets me angry.

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  25. Meremortal says:

    Q has given itself a deadline, said directly that BIG BIG BIG things will happen before the end of March. If nothing BIG happens, that’s the end of Q, except for the cultists, who will slowly just disappear or come up with a cover story and comment to each other in their enclaves.

    I can wait.


  26. Mark McQueen says:

    I know a lot of you all don’t want to hear it but if Barr is indeed going to take the bull by the horns and clean this mess up, it’s going to take more time than you’re giving him. Patience is still required.


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