Buzzfeed, Like Lawfare, Has a Role to Play in Resistance Operation….

While the media banter relentlessly about their latest resistance angle du jour; it is perhaps a more beneficial discussion to remind and outline the larger strategy at play. Honing the political skills.

The baseline here is that everything the institutional-left does, is sequential and planned. This is what they do.  This is all they do.  None of the characters within the institutions of professional leftism create anything; build anything; have a life purpose for anything, other than organizing their efforts to exploit control of others via politics.  This is all they know how to do.  When you develop your skills to see their patterns you can then see the predictability behind it.

Prior Example: Former FBI Director James Comey briefs president-elect Trump on the two-page salacious dossier aspect; Former DNI James Clapper, knowing the briefing, then discusses the dossier briefing with CNN… this opens the door for the media who are waiting. Once the narrative door is opened, Buzzfeed enters and transmits the story of the unfounded and uncorroborated Steele Dossier. The key point to understand is that everything from the briefing, to Clapper, to CNN, to Buzzfeed, was scripted and planned. This is the pattern. As we have mentioned the pattern becomes predictable.

This predictability is how CTH was able to state in December 2018 that Michael Cohen would most likely be the centerpiece of the first ‘impeachment’ block; and from knowing how the script rolls, CTH was able to predict the exact timing (Thursday after Superbowl, 2/7/19); and the exact committee (Cummings, House Oversight); for the first hearing that will exploit Michael Cohen.

The current Buzzfeed claims being widely promoted today are all part of that pre-scheduled ‘impeachment’ process.  When we approach the term “impeachment” we are not discussing it as the technical and legal approach for removal of a President; but rather the political use of the process to damage President Donald Trump.

Professional political Democrats would not be using “impeachment” in the constitutional sense of the process; but rather weaponizing the process –as a tool itself– to: •target the executive office; •diminish the presidency (“isolate”/”marginalize”, Alinsky rules); •and position themselves for 2020.

Optics and innuendo are key elements, tools per se’, in the Alinsky narrative engineering process.  That’s why Pelosi, Schumer and the democrat machine are going bananas about getting a raw Mueller report and not a version from AG Barr {explained here}.

From Pelosi’s rules, we now know Elijah Cummings will deliver the schedule for impeachment hearings before his deadline on April 15th. We also know from the outline of the process they are following, the next likely witness to be subpoenaed, and to grab the media headlines will be Donald Trump Jr.

That’s where Adam Schiff (HPSCI) and Jerry Nadler (Judiciary) come in with the technical hearings to begin the ‘impeachment’ specifics.  However, they need a predicate to get from Michael Cohen to Donald Trump Jr.

So, knowing they need a baseline predicate…. How do you get from Michael Cohen to Donald Trump Jr?  A = You use the Trump Tower Moscow narrative….  See the map?

Elijah Cummings needs a reference point to take Cohen toward DT-Jr, that’s where Buzzfeed comes in.  Is there any factual basis for the claims within the Buzzfeed report?  No, but that’s not what they need… they need “innuendo” to investigate.

“President Donald Trump directed his longtime attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, according to two federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter.” (link)

The article is fraught with flawed assumptions and flat-out nonsense; even claiming emails and documents (unseen by the authors) to support the foundation of the article.  Note that no-one else in media is validating this claim. However, that doesn’t matter…. what matters is the ‘claim that needs to be investigated’.  Did President Trump direct Michael Cohen to lie to congress; no, that’s silly.

In the aftermath of the SSCI (Mark Warner) drum-beating a false story about Trump Tower Moscow as evidence of ‘possible’ influence over Trump….. Did Cohen participate in writing a brief set of talking points for the Trump organization to clear up this false and malicious political narrative?  Probably.  Most large organizations do that to share with top executives so everyone has the same set of facts to deal with….

Is that document the electronic evidence (emails) inferred, skewed, and manipulated within the Buzzfeed report?…  I’d wager B.I.N.G.O.

All of it is a nothing-burger, but that doesn’t technically matter for the needs of the ‘resistance’; what they need is a tenuously valid innuendo trail they can exploit with Michael Cohen on February 7th, that will allow Elijah Cummings to pass that specific aspect to Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.

See how that works?


Reference Information:

Post Election – […] “If they go down the presidential harassment track, if they want go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that,” he said during a 36-minute Oval Office sitdown.

The commander-in-chief said he could declassify FISA warrant applications and other documents from Robert Mueller’s probe — and predicted the disclosure would expose the FBI, the Justice Department and the Clinton campaign as being in cahoots to set him up.

“I think that would help my campaign. If they want to play tough, I will do it. They will see how devastating those pages are.”

But Trump told The Post he wanted to save the documents until they were needed.

“It’s much more powerful if I do it then,” Trump said, “because if we had done it already, it would already be yesterday’s news.”

Trump revealed his playbook just as Democrats are set to take over House committees in January where they are poised to investigate his potential business conflicts of interests, tax returns, Russia dealings and more.

With the GOP losing power in January, its congressional investigations into alleged Department of Justice misconduct in launching the Russia probe is expected to fizzle out.

In September, a group of Trump allies in the House – led by Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York – called on Trump to declassify scores of Justice Department documents they believe undercut the start of the Russia investigation and show bias against Trump.

The documents include Justice officials’ request to surveil Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and memos on DOJ official Bruce Ohr’s interactions with Christopher Steele, the author of a controversial dossier that alleged Trump ties with Russia.

Trump initially agreed to declassify the documents, including text messages sent by former FBI officials James Comey, Andrew G. McCabe as well as Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Ohr. Trump allies believe the revelations will show favoritism toward Hillary Clinton and a plot to take down Trump.

Trump then reversed course, citing the need for further review and concern of US allies.

Trump added Wednesday that his lawyer Emmet Flood thought it would be better politically to wait.

“He didn’t want me to do it yet, because I can save it,” Trump said.  (read more)

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339 Responses to Buzzfeed, Like Lawfare, Has a Role to Play in Resistance Operation….

  1. dustycowpoke says:

    Have you ever played a game called risk. It is time to pop some more popcorn and watch our President. It will be interesting . We live in interesting times.

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    • jeff montanye says:

      considering how clinton’s impeachment helped him (picked up seats in a by election) and he was actually guilty, i’d think the dems might think twice about impeaching trump considering how little mueller, etc. has found on him and how profoundly guilty the fbi is in operations midterm exam and crossfire hurricane.


      • Louis Genevie says:

        A trial in the Senate that opens the door to the submission of real evidence and cross-examination, free of Mueller’s ability to stifle the evidence might just be exactly what the country needs. Imagine the full story coming out of how the Mueller investigation began, the role of foreign entities, the whole nine yards, complete with the leaks to the complicit media. The entire Mueller investigation can be shown to be a criminal act.

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  2. JoAnn Parrott says:

    The scripture that keeps coming to my heart for our President Trump is “there are more with you than against you.”

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  3. John-Y128 says:

    It sounds like Cohen and his attorney might be re-evaluating being used by the democrats in their ‘resistance’ efforts, I think either way Cohen was used, at least Trump ‘paid’ him for services rendered with real money, not liberal political platitudes, wake up Mr. Cohen, and just do your time.


  4. hellinahandbasket says:

    “….Trump then reversed course, citing the need for further review and concern of US allies….”
    Any declassification would expose the UK’s willingness to participate in the USofA’s WEAPONIZATION of government against its Citizens – and in-turn, push the people of Great Britain to look inward, to scrutinize THEIR government’s weaponized actions against Citizens of the UK. It’s all a very dicey & sticky situation for any participating nation’s government to be in – and I hope the people of the UK realize the revelations about to unfold with this declassification.


  5. Zippy says:

    “Trump initially agreed to declassify the documents, including text messages sent by former FBI officials James Comey, Andrew G. McCabe as well as Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Ohr. Trump allies believe the revelations will show favoritism toward Hillary Clinton and a plot to take down Trump. Trump then reversed course, citing the need for further review and concern of US allies.
    Trump added Wednesday that his lawyer Emmet Flood thought it would be better politically to wait. ‘He didn’t want me to do it yet, because I can save it,’ Trump said.”

    I hope they have secured their own copies of EVERYTHING, and the only way to have known WHAT to copy would have been to carry out a thorough investigation connecting all of the dots. Otherwise documents might disappear like the missing minutes of the Nixon tapes.


  6. flyboy46 says:

    A thought gesticulated overnight in my brain about this move by Mueller to squelch this rumor/leak. Mueller was drafted into this hoax and saddled with this crooked staff, of which he fired 2?, and left the rest be because he couldn’t fire them all, or the left would have revolted, and he reported to another crook, Rosenstine. Mueller came into this deal with a good reputation (even thou he did some crooked things like purge the upper levels of the FBI, etc). Maybe he was following orders from above to do those things, that he now sees as mistakes. He has passed off the little stuff to the regional prosecutors, knowing that they are the fruit of a “poisoned tree”, and should be thrown out on appeal. What is he to do? If he writes an honest report he gets crucified by the left, and the leaks continue, and he is forever saddled with this albatross to his reputation.
    Along comes the cavalry in the form of his friend Bill Barr, who throws him a lifeline with the statement the HE “will take Mueller’s report, and release what needs to be released”. Mueller is OFF the HOOK! Barr then takes the report and pulls the names of the culprits from the list, and adds the necessary ones that aren’t on the list, and appoints HIS own special prosecutor to do the cleaning of the FBI and the Justice Dept. Mueller’s rep is intact, and Barr does the housecleaning we all know is needed.
    Joe DiGenova and his wife the other night on FNC triggered these thoughts, and somewhere else I saw that Mr.Barr had 3 daughters who ALL became lawyers. Now you don’t have 3 daughters who become lawyers, by teaching them that the LAW is a place for crooks, so he must love the law like Joe said. Hope springs eternal. Keep praying and keep the Faith. Maybe the small lite we see ahead is the tail light on the train that is NOW speeding down upon the crooks that perpetrated this Hoax on the USA. May they all rot in Gitmo, or adorn the trees in DC for long enough to make sure the message gets out loud and clear. Nothing would make me happier that having Hildabeast’s prediction come true that “they will ALL HANG for this crime.


    • Louis Genevie says:

      Dreams, the children of idle minds…sorry, this is fantasy. If Mueller was the honest guy some think he is he would have shut down the ‘investigation’ as soon as he learned that it was all based on a fraud on the FISA Court. If Barr is as honest as some think he is, he would do the same thing as soon as he gets a briefing from Mueller. The entire Mueller investigation is based on a conspiracy to defraud the Court and the American people. The only right thing to do is to shut it down.


  7. Tom says:

    Buzzfeed conjured up this preposterous article purely to divert attention from the real bombshell stories by Mollie Hemingway, John Solomon, Sara Carter, and Jeff Carlson on Bruce Ohr’s testimony that demolishes the entire facade for the “Russia collusion investigation”. Ben Smith’s timing of this article was not accidental – it was right on the heels of these articles on the real story. Give Smith credit – he achieved his purpose, getting everyone focused on BuzzFraud instead of Ohr’s testimony. That should give the Journolisters a couple of days to develop a defensive narrative after the total destruction of the Russia,Russia,Russia pretense.

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      Remember too, that the Russia, Russia narrative began with the DNC’s claim that Russia hacked Podesta’s emails. This claim was never investigated by the FBI — they never even demanded to see the DNC server, instead they relied on “CrowdStrike’ a Clinton controlled operation who said, ‘the Russians did it’. The DNC server would have proved whether it was a hack as claimed, or an inside job as many believe. an inside job that resulted in the mysterious death of Stef Rich.

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  8. Pokey says:

    In this vein of thought, consider that Robert Mueller will be releasing his so called report in another month or so. Buzzfeed bites on this ridiculous Cohen story about Trump paying him to rig pre-election polls and prints it as if they fact checked it and everything. Then, after 24 hours of impeachment chatter on network cable news (except FOX News) and Fox News needs a good rebuttal and then Mueller issues his rebuttal of the faked Cohen claims. Fox News immediately spends 24 hours talking about how trustworthy Mueller is because he has contradicted the CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS/NBC laugh lines. Mueller gains immense credibility with the opposition crowd and now whatever is in his upcoming report will be received by all the media as an honest presentation of the facts. But you and I will watch helplessly as Mueller’s story is the bunch of lies we know it will be. In other words, the whole Buzzfeed crap was used to bolster Mueller’s reputation as an honest broker who uses only the facts as he implicates PDJT in his upcoming report. I smell bad fish all around this story. The FBI have already used Buzzfeed to bolster their shenanigans before. The FBI and DOJ are FUBAR.


  9. Berkson says:

    Since the Trump Tower/Russia meeting was choreographed by Steele, they should be afraid to dig into it, shouldn’t they?
    The Clinton investigation was brilliant law-fare. An unknown, fully indemnified White House legal counsel decides an unprecedented unrealistically high standard of guilt should apply and the rest is history.
    Imagine how clean Trump must be to have a real-life Pig (you can see up his nose to his brain) like P. Strocz, the CIA, NSA and 15 other agencies up his rectum for several years and they find NOTHING. Could you or anyone you know withstand such scrutiny? Glass houses.


  10. mugzey302 says:

    I suppose the Mueller “report” (fantasy) will be leaked and published before Barr ever gets a look at it.


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