President Trump Responds to Leaked FBI Claims in Recent NYT Article….

President Donald Trump tweets a response to a recent New York Times article citing the internal FBI debate about opening an investigation on him personally:

The New York Times article was based on leaks from sources who were responding to the leaks from other sources that were given to the Epoch Times.   Each side in the DOJ/FBI corruption story is currently leaking to advance their interests.

Three congressional committees have requested the release of witness transcripts.  HPSCI via Devin Nunes (September 2018); and the joint House Judiciary/Oversight committee (December 2018).  Congressional allies of President Trump (Nunes, Jordan, Meadows and Collins) are being blocked by corrupt cabinet members within the current administration.

The current DOJ (Matt Whitaker/Rod Rosenstein) and FBI (Christopher Wray/David Bowdich) are refusing to allow the release of those prior witness transcripts.  Their excuse for refusing to release is centered around protecting the Mueller investigation.

It appears the current DOJ and FBI prefer to position the new Democrat majority to conduct hearings without the public having the information from prior testimony.  That process allows a much easier political narrative to be deployed; thereby hiding the former corruption under a new wave of media attention.   The motives really are that simple.

This has been the ‘kick-the-can‘ strategy to protect the institutions all along….

DAG Rod Rosenstein was hired by President Trump at the direction of, and request of, AG Jeff Sessions. Rosenstein then recommended that President Trump hire FBI Director Chris Wray (a transparently useful idiot)….. Director Wray then hired David Bowdich as his deputy AND re-hired Dana Boente as FBI chief-legal-counsel.

The picture we get here is how the 2015/2016 officials within the corrupt DOJ and FBI enterprise, were put into higher office in the Trump administration 2017/2018; and those same officials are currently occupying positions that allow them to keep their prior corrupt activity hidden.

Seemingly frustrated by the depth of the DC corruption and influence over the DOJ and FBI, President Trump fired AG Jeff Sessions who was doing nothing to stop this insanity.  Matt Whitaker took over as acting AG but continued the AG Sessions approach.

All of those with authority within the DOJ and FBI, with specific design and willful intent of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, have abdicated their positions and are empowering Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann to control the focus of the U.S. Justice Department.

It would appear that President Trump sought the counsel of former President George W. Bush during the December funeral proceedings of his father, George H.W. Bush.  President Trump and George “Dubya” Bush met at the Blair House and again in the Oval Office while the official DC state honors were paid to the elder Bush.

The day following visits by the former president Bush, and the former first family, current President Donald Trump announced the latest AG nominee William Barr.

Mr. Barr was the AG during the Bush administration; it is not a significant leap-of-faith to see where that advice to hire Barr came from.

Donald Trump the business executive was known for his tactical ability to use negotiation judo during deals with specific adversaries; the old axiom: be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” pertains here.  We’ve seen him do this numerous times.  This approach is most often deployed when you know you are negotiating with liars; and you intentionally give the liar the path toward their goal – knowing that approach cuts off their ability to take a direction you otherwise may not be able to identify.

In essence, perhaps President Trump knows all of these elements are aligned against him and seek his removal…. So he intentionally accepts their false words as true as a strategy to hold them accountable to the honorable intent (the lie) they falsely present; while knowing all of their effort will be to seek his removal.

How this will all eventually work out is still undetermined.

The funny thing is… Donald Trump has this uncanny, some will say divinely protected, capability to walk into an absolute shitstorm and come out completely unharmed.  [His dad noted it when Trump was younger]  So when we see Supreme Court Justice Ruther Bader Ginsburg in a very tenuous physical state, we must consider how that conflicts with the Decepticon desire to eliminate Trump; and their Decepticon need for President Trump to provide the replacement.  The timing becomes a predicament for the Decepticons that Trump can use to his advantage.

Funny how that works.

I digress.

From Pelosi’s rules, we know Elijah Cummings will deliver the schedule for impeachment hearings before his deadline on April 15th.  The next likely witness to be subpoenaed (I would predict subpoenaed by Adam Schiff), to grab the media headlines will be Donald Trump Jr.

Unfortunately, too many people, on all sides, still refuse to believe the institutions of the DOJ and FBI are comprehensively corrupted.  Too many people cling to a belief that Rosenstein and Mueller are working honorably toward the cause of justice.

Until people awaken to the reality that all elements within both institutions, past and current, are infected with the metastasized cancer of politics little will change.

William Barr is not a change agent.

The Dragon FISA was likely on Trump.

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285 Responses to President Trump Responds to Leaked FBI Claims in Recent NYT Article….

  1. JohnCarlson says:

    “Unfortunately, too many people, on all sides, still refuse to believe the institutions of the DOJ and FBI are comprehensively corrupted. Until people awaken to the reality that all elements within both institutions, past and current, are infected with the metastasized cancer of politics little will change.”

    Not just institutions and elements, but all the actual people at the DOJ and FBI are corrupt – all of them. He who lies with dogs, gets up with fleas.

    I now wish the illiterate Taliban, on the other side of the planet, less ill will than I wish FBI agents, who should all be considered moral pariahs.

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    • Sharon says:

      “,,,all the actual people at the DOJ and FBI are corrupt…”


      As long as career bureaucrats and staffers are passed from one administration to the next, nothing should be expected to change.

      There was no reason for anyone to believe that just because Donald J. Trump became president, that would not be the case.

      During the 2016 campaign I kept waiting for some candidate – any candidate – to talk about a scorched-earth policy that would get rid of the deadwood in the bureaucracies and administrative bodies. Never heard anyone mention it.

      The worker ants are in place, protecting their pensions and their resumes. They’re not going anywhere.

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    • RLTW says:

      Not ALL FBI Agents are moral pariahs. 60% are good American patriots who joined the Agency in good faith expecting to serve their Country and put bad people behind bars.

      The other 40% are Peter Strok and Lisa Page. ALL of FBIHQ is populated by the Strok/Page types. Recruitment of this type of Agent started under Mueller and continued under Comey. Mueller drove out all of the old school “Brick Agents” shortly after he became Director.

      Mueller implemented an “up or out” policy where all SSAs were required to move to DC and do Headquarters time or lose their GS 14 pay grade. This policy change by Mueller purposely targeted the most senior Agents in the FBI who had finally earned the right to move their family to a medium sized office in fly over country, had teenage kids and were living a comfortable life.

      Mueller knew these Agents would not uproot their families and move to DC. Hundreds of these senior Agents immediately retired. Literally thousands of years of investigative experience left the FBI overnight.

      This is exactly what Mueller wanted. These were the men and women who would have called Mueller out when he started transforming the FBI from a criminal investigative organization into a domestic intelligence organization (it is illegal to collect intelligence on American citizens).

      Mueller immediately began filling the ranks with Strok/Page types. The FBI does extensive psychological screening of applicants. Stroke and Page are self interested, well-educated cowards whose only motivation is their own promotion and paycheck. In other words they are people who will be blindly loyal to the Agency and will obey any order no matter how un-Constitutional or unlawful. This is the psychological profile that Mueller and Comey actively recruited and hired.

      On the flip-side, combat veterans, patriots, have been denied employment by the FBI at all costs (they all mysteriously fail the polygraph and background check).

      The moral of the good Agents is at rock bottom. Everyone is retiring as soon as they are eligible. Younger Agents are leaving as soon as they can find another line of work. They are ashamed of the badge.

      It is time to abolish the FBI. Make the 56 FBI field offices the Investigative Branch of DHS. Fire everyone in the FBI and make them re-apply for their job under new standards. President Trump can remodel FBIHQ into a hotel. Or better yet, burn it to the ground and salt the earth. Hang everyone on the 7th floor for treason.

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    • frankie says:

      The author of the website posted about Barr’s corruption and attempt to overthrow Ronald Reagan in a post titled “We could use a little good news today.” It is funny, sad, infuriating, and enlightening ….. and it has a lot less decorum in doing so than virtually any post you will read. The author compares Barr to Al Franken.

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    • vladdy says:

      Help me out here. Why isn’t at least one of these people holding up congress’s efforts to investigate….fired??


  2. Gary Hill says:

    The assault on Trump and his presidency did not arise out of legitimate national security concerns. It was born out of personal vendetta and career advancement on the part of the ruling Democrat establishment.

    No one in that establishment could conceive of a trump victory. Obama Clinton and their sycophants initiated and manufactured a counter intelligence investigation to humble and ruin Trump after his certain defeat. His failure to attain the presidency was insufficient. They laid the groundwork for him to subsequently be personally and financially destroyed.

    The instigators of these efforts were no doubt Obama, Clinton and their closest advisers in government and the campaign. The universally shared expectation of Clinton’s victory and her subsequent control of the government would ensure their success. Anticipating victory in the election the players boldly fabricated Russia – Russia – Russia. Obama/Clinton to destroy Trump was and their sycophants to advance their careers after the Clinton investiture.

    FISA warrants, NSA unmasking, Carter Page and Papadakolis ensnarements, Fusion GPS, Nellie and Bruce Ohr, the fictional Dossier, Brennan, Clapper, Mueller and 17 angry Democrat prosecutors with neither limit nor scruples. That Trump has survived and continues to advance against this continuing onslaught and the tepid support or outright hostility of his own party is a monumental achievement of mythic proportions.

    The Republic is in play.

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    • JohnCarlson says:

      “The assault on Trump and his presidency did not arise out of legitimate national security concerns. It was born out of personal vendetta and career advancement on the part of the ruling Democrat establishment. “

      Absolutely. The lowest of the low (which is what they are), do not have the highest of the high motives. There has never been a case of the lowest of the low having the highest of the high motives and there never will be.

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    • Gunner says:

      While I agree with your well-stated opinion, you may want to change any reference to the ‘ruling Democrat establishment’ and call it what it really is — the ‘ruling political/uniparty establishment’. And Donald J. Trump is waging a pretty damn impressive battle against the cretins — and he’s doing it with very little help.

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    • Concernedcitizen says:

      The conspirators involved in the biggest political scandal in the history of the Republic can’t go unpunished, can they?

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      • Phil Free says:

        They’ll get what’s coming to them … it’s just going to be a slow burn.


      • Sharon says:

        Of course they can. This is how nations crumble from within.

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      • Deacon Bob says:

        They have so far some even building their net worth with appearance contracts to mslsd and cnn which they also use as a venue to sell books. Have you seen the comments this sanctimonious punk Co-Me twats out on Twatter? Brennan, Clapper? Hell, all of them. Do they seem worried? Not one (1) indictment yet let alone grand juries to investigate them. Horowitz and Huber are full of schidt. See anything from them? Or the vaunted “rank and file” of the fbi? Yeah, sure.


    • Stonewall says:

      Would you please show documentation of your statement? Links to factual evidence which corroborates these statements?


  3. CTH Fan says:

    Be aware! According to Fox and Friends, buried deep down towards the bottom of the article in the NY Times, it says there was no evidence found to confirm that POTUS was secretly working for Russia. Sundance,or others, you need to find that statement in the article and blast it on every platform on the web. Just an FYI.

    I am not web savvy so I can be of little assistance. STAY STRONG.

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  4. emet says:

    POTUS is focussed on 2020, the economy and the border/immigration. These will influence the outcome. He does not want to be stuck in the deep state morass, the cleanup of which must start with the way FBI/DOJ/CIA etc.operate; and hire, train and promote. Or to put it another way, you peel off Comey, you get Wray. You peel off Wray you will get a replica of McCabe. Its like those Russian dolls, one inside the other. In this sense, it is like our educational system in that it first must be recast, then new students make their way thru and emerge as good citizens instead of indoctrinated sheep. It cannot de fixed by getting rid of people. So, as much as I detest the deep staters, I believe a lot of what we see is an effort to drag POTUS into single-handedly trying to fight a small army of corrupt bureaucrats. At this point, it is to his disadvantage, and best to wait until he has backup.

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  5. stats guy says:

    We’re in a pickle as a country. Darren Beattie is a guy that was hounded out of the Trump administration by the Left:

    At this point it is more than safe to say that corrupt officials embedded into our own Security Bureaucracies have done far more damage, and maliciously so, to our democracy than any foreign adversary—A very dangerous reality.

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  6. whoseyore says:

    Our great president is getting everyone ready for the BIG declassification reveal party!

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  7. Flight93Gal says:

    I assume one side is leaking that the FBI/NSC/DOJ suspected that Candidate Trump was collaborating with foreign enemies as a Russian Agent and this justifies the counter intelligence investigation that was initiated. This side claims their facts support their actions.

    The other side is leaking that the Clinton campaign/Fusion GPS/DOJ/FBI/DNC fabricated these stories out of whole cloth as an “insurance policy” to derail a candidate, President-Elect and a President. This side claims their facts support their actions.

    So even as both sides leak, the difference is one side is releasing more volume, with more frequency and is attempting to influence more of the general population with their media flood.

    Therefore, even as VSGPDJT tweets and Rudy threatens to release a counter report–post Mueller; Mueller blocks access to the critical documents and witnesses that the other side could reveal.

    Am I one of the few deplorables that believes that VSGPDJT knows this? He also knows he is NOT guilty of any charges and remains patient to primarily tweet–without demanding that everything be released–because he does not believe the other side is influencing and corrupting enough people in the middle…

    If that assumption is accurate, I don’t understand WHY he believes this.

    It’s true that at each extreme end of the curve, 10% adamantly believe one side; 10% adamantly believe the other side and the 80% in the middle comprise those that need to be influenced to move to one end or the other.

    Unfortunately, the longer the saga prolongs, the 80% of R, D and most importantly I (independent) voting population may fall away or even move to the wrong end.

    Look at how many regular posters have fallen away as CTH commenters–both in the last 6 months and even in the last 2 months! Look at how many were sickened when Rudy, DiGenova, Sundance and others said the Big Ugly is coming and it never did.

    I don’t believe a Truth bombshell will be revealed and justice will prevail under AG Barr. In fact, while we all continue to pray, AG Barr’s appointment and a more concerted effort to reveal the truth at DOJ/FBI may never occur–even if Barr’s appointment helps VSGPDJT have a clearer picture of who the real enemies are.

    Beyond losing the 2018 House elections, we may yet lose more election battles but… we should never give up and always support VSGPDJT! MAGA.


    • Phil Free says:

      You mentioned the Big Ugly .. yeah .. now that we’re in the New Year, and board pieces have moved .. I can better see what/how things may be happening, by watching President Trump.
      And I can see now. This is going to be a slow burn,
      The more we learn of all the Injustice, the more we wish Justice to be served. “Patience” was never one of my strong suits, and .. “waiting” for this prevailing of the Justice has been challenging, Part of me had been hoping for some fireworks when the New Year hit, and .. I can see now, my expectations are going to have to be relaxed. There are a lot of moving parts to this thing, and for this to be done right, it’s going to take a “minute”.

      In addition to being Apex Predator and Change Agent, Trump is also a Builder. He has SUCCESSFULLY built in the most challenging, hostile builder environment on the planet — New York City. And as President, he is in position to re-build the compromised foundations of our country. To “Drain the Swamp.”

      Now that I’ve taken a step back, I can see this is no “hose it down with a garden hose, it’ll be right-as-rain in a couple weeks” kind of thing.

      President Trump has vision. President Trump doesn’t want to just win, He wants to WIN. For all of us. Even with all we know, it is Bigger than you think it is. It is Bigger than I think it is. -Trillions- are at stake.

      Big pieces are at play, glimpsed from a newer zoomed-out high-altitude view. But — now, from this view, I can see more board development needs to occur before these pieces are moved. Some things I might have been hoping might happen next week, may not happen for months. Some might need a year.

      Oh, we’ll see the capital-letter Justice that needs to happen, but .. it’s not going to be instant-gratification. Many moving parts, there’s a lot going on. We will need to be patient — it’s going to be a slow burn.

      “Sorry to keep you waiting folks, complicated business..”

      I will end my post with several Sun Tzu [Art of War] quotes – (noting that Trump is no stranger to Sun Tzu):

      ◆ “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

      ◆ “Let your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

      and lastly, these two gems:

      ◆ “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

      ◆ “Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.”

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  8. smurfette says:

    William Barr is Sessions 2.0.

    BUT, there is a chance he will keep Session’s strong stance against drugs and crime while not being recused from Clinton crimes. Deep state crimes, I’m not so sure. We finally get rid of GHWB and now his AG is back.

    From Vox which is a highly liberal rag, regarding their fear of Barr:

    https://www.vox (dot) com/policy-and-politics/2018/12/7/18129487/william-barr-trump-attorney-general-criminal-justice-reform

    As deputy attorney general from 1990 to 1991 and attorney general from 1991 to 1993, Barr pushed for and helped implement more punitive criminal justice policies, including a 1990 crime law that, among other things, escalated the war on drugs.

    In 1992, Barr signed off on a book by the Department of Justice titled The Case for More Incarceration. In a letter of support, Barr argued that “there is no better way to reduce crime than to identify, target, and incapacitate those hardened criminals who commit staggering numbers of violent crimes whenever they are on the streets.” He also called on the country to build more jails and prisons. (Although he specified violent criminals, the federal system, unlike the much larger state systems, locks up mostly drug offenders.)

    In 1992, asked about racial disparities in prisons by Los Angeles Times reporter Ronald Ostrow, Barr argued that “our system is fair and does not treat people differently.” He went on to defend laws that made prison sentences for crack cocaine much harsher than prison sentences for powder cocaine. The disparity between the two was reduced by the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, in part because there’s little justification for it based on the drugs’ effects, but the higher sentence for crack has a disproportionate racial impact since crack was more commonly used in black communities and powder cocaine was more commonly used in white communities.

    In 1994, Barr co-chaired a commission for Virginia’s governor that released a plan to abolish parole (which allows certain inmates to go free before the completion of their sentences) in the state, increase prison sentences, and build more prisons.

    Barr also once said that it was “simply a myth” that there were “sympathetic people” and “hapless victims of the criminal justice system” in prisons, according to David Krajicek at Salon.
    It’s possible that Barr’s views have evolved since then, just as many people’s views have toward the drug war and mass incarceration, particularly as crime has plummeted in the past two decades.


    • smurfette says:

      Sorry, I meant Barr is not recused from affecting the Mueller investigation as he has written an op-ed memo in the past denouncing the Special Counsel. I’m not certain that he is going to go after Deep State though which would necessarily included Hillary. JMO, he will protect Hillary but stop Mueller from causing POTUS impeachment.


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Ironically, the original reason promulgated for the harsher sentencing for crack cocaine was its disproportionately destructive effect on the black community and the fact that there really is a difference in the effects of crack compared with powder cocaine.


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      The fact is that “mass incarceration” and “plummeting crime rates” may have a cause and effect relationship. Alas, no one seems able even suggest this hypothesis.


    • vladdy says:

      I just am not at all concerned about the “war on drugs,” but am riveted and absolutely concerned about the “war on Trump” which means the “war on the voters” and ultimately, “the war on America.” I don’t CARE (that sounds heartless — sorry) about the drug war. There’s so much that matters more to me than who’s smoking crack…sorry, it’s just frustrating to see this guy in this position…to see Sessions and Barr and Rosenstein…to see Comey and Wray”…to see one damn person after another treating patriots like the Freedom Caucus as if they were bugs to brush out of the way as they go about their business. I wish, wish, wish someone other than Barr was In that powerful position, even if he did do a lot about urban crime during the W years. Frustrating. We can’t even have one person other than VSGGEOTUSwith some power on our side?


  9. Ausonius says:

    Earlier today I wrote elsewhere that people who want President Trump to order the FBI/DOJ/CIA/NSA bureaucrats or higher officials to release Documents X, Y, or Z or to publish classified subpoenas or whatever do not realize the contradiction involved! Does anyone believe that such people will willingly turn over documents – if they exist – exposing an attempt at a coup d’etat,..before they can either destroy them or alter them?

    Such people may be arrogant and therefore get sloppy, but they will not be quite that dumb about their own interests.

    The most we can hope for is for someone inside these agencies to grow or find their conscience and dare to expose evidence of the coup d’etat attempt. We can talk about the traitors in our midst and say that Document X or Bureaucrat Y’s testimony proves whatever, but this will not be comprehensible to the electorate, 40% or more of whom will not believe it under any circumstances, and another large percentage who will not be able to understand it.

    The president himself could reveal the evidence, and that hardcore left-wing percentage will scream LIAR, and the MSM will join them, and we will demand the status quo change and the bureaucracy will shrug. The president could fire thousands in the bureaucracy, order a mass termination of contracts, and a leftist judge somewhere would block such orders, the Left would scream “Dictatorship!” “End of Democracy!” and I fear a majority would believe it, instead of viewing it in fact as a Restoration of their basic rights and freedom!

    So I am not particularly hopeful, but will nevertheless hope that somehow President Trump succeeds in surviving and reining in the government eventually.

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    • Monadnock says:


      I recall the correspondents dinner, where O@sshole was making fun of PDJT from the podium….. at the time, PDJT had spent decades among those same people, attending their events, their parties, their weddings, their funerals, doing deals all along the way. He was, in effect, one of them……… except that he wasn’t.

      He saw what was going on – probably, given his wealth, he was no doubt confided in by many of these people when they had too much to drink, or needed a few dollars to start who knows what.

      He watched O@sshole hand a trillion a year to these people as a part of those useless continuing resolutions for the entirety of O’s time in office.

      But PDJT was different – he wasn’t one of them. He was among them, but he was separate. He saw what was going on, and saw where it was leading. He wanted a future for his family, just as we do, except he was in a position to do something about it.

      The time came, and there was the moment on the escalator. And now we are here.

      It seems hopeless at times, as we become more and more aware of just how pervasive the swamp has infected DC. Imagine how it must be for him, knowing more than probably all of us as he made his decision to run.

      The Swamp, though deep, MUST maintain access to those trillions to remain in power. This is where Main Street vs Wall Street comes into play. It is here that the telling battles will be fought… and we have the numbers… we are millions.

      Main Street is climbing off the deck, dusting itself off, and taking the fight to Wall Street. The more we remain in the game, and the more PDJT returns power to us, the weaker these minions of the Swamp will get.

      I believe that President Trump will prevail, because he actually fights, unlike so many of our so-called champions of the past. I believe that President Trump will prevail, because Main Street sees what he is doing, and supports him. I believe that President Trump will prevail, because we millions are on our knees before God, confessing our sin and praying for deliverance from the evil that has infected our ruling class.

      But suppose I am wrong, and the Deep State “gets” PDJT. What then? Well, I hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does, it will result in millions of us becoming ungovernable. This will be a shock to The Left, because historically we have always behaved.

      We have the numbers, we have the means (2A), and we love neighbors, friends, family, and this Land too much to roll over and become cattle to be milked and butchered by an elite few who would use us without remorse if they could.

      It will make this present state of affairs look pleasant by comparison. It will be UGLY. But in the end, either way, we will prevail.

      Be ready.

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      • Ausonius says:

        Many thanks for your excellent response! Some fear a Leftist assassination attempt, especially if the president wins 2020 again via electoral college vs a majority of the votes. The result of THAT would be “ugly,” as you say, if it is more than just an attempt!

        It is also possible that the behemoth of the FedGov will collapse under its own incompetence and its chronic hypertrophy. The next ten years or so will tell us whether the U.S.A. will remain the shining city on the hill.

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        • Monadnock says:

          Ausonius, I am proud to call you my brother – we stand together with PDJT

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          • Ausonius says:

            Amen! “With the power of conviction, there is no sacrifice!” * Meaning: we willingly give up everything in our support of the president, and feel it not to be a sacrifice, but an honor!

            * From the ’80’s song “We Will Be Invincible” by Pat Benatar. 🙂


  10. Iamcat says:

    Then why did the FBI not open an investigation on RR who suggested Comey be fired? I’m so tired of being treated like a stupid rube by these idiots.

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  11. Blind no longer says:

    Some kind of deal was definitely worked out at Big George Bush’s funeral. W and Laura go to the White House, cozy up to PDJT, and whatya know, Barr is named as next AG. After the treatment W got from the media and Dems…you’d think he could relate to what is happening to President Trump and want to deliver retribution himself, but that could never be because he IS part of the Swamp now. It’s so disgusting to actually know how few honest people we have running our government.
    God help us all.

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  12. mike says:

    Gas is $1.78 a gallon today. Unemployment is at lows not seen in 50 years. Wages are rising. The cost of food is stable. Rent is too high but higher wages will offset that. The average American is better off, has more buying power and companies are begging him to work for them not vice versa. Black and Hispanic employment is in record territory.

    I bring this up to remind the readers what is really important to the regular American. He’s not interested in the stuff we read on CTH every day. Trump knows this and his priorities reflect his actions. He knows he can’t “get” the corrupt deep state criminals so he plays along. Meanwhile he’s negotiating better trade deals with China, India, Japan, Mexico, Canada and the EU. That is what is truly important in the long run. That will Make America Great Again, along with securing the border.

    I conclude that the battle with the corrupt deep state cronies may end up being a tie but the war he’s waging and winning is the economy…stupid!

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  13. AbeLincoln says:

    Sessions is listed as a member of ‘The Fellowship’. Enough said.
    Just more of As The World Turns. There will come an Apex. The whole world waits for it. In the meantime Trump will push through in usual Trump manner which is classic American for all to see.


  14. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Warning to the DeepState demons from firebrand Trump supporter AlexJones.

    “We are never going to surrender. We are never going to back down and give up. In fact we are going to get stronger and we are stronger than ever. We have forced you out into open censorship and open threats against us;and the American People that you misjudged and thought were a bunch of glad handing and back slapping cowards like you … are not. We have a massive contingent; at least 20% of the country that’s hardcore ready. So, just because you demoralized a lot of the public, those people don’t count. They put themselves on the sidelines because of your poison.
    Understand the only way for you to come out of this without destroying yourselves politically, culturally, and financially is to face the facts and realize that even your top captains like Brennan & Clapper and others have shut their mouths. They’re trying to back off now. Most of the elites are leaving the US and digging in because they know what they have done and they know that there is no way to ever reverse the peoples’ awakening. So, our nation is under siege from without and from within; but all over the world nation states are coming back from the dead and that’s good news.
    The fact that the DeepState coup has been caught running illegal operations, lying to Congress, and trying to stage a coup against the President shows that two years and several months into the Trump Presidency he’s embattled, he’s bloodied, but he has never been stronger.”

    Short half hour or so recorded earlier today.
    Watch quickly before Goggle-Skynet bans it from Utube.

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      • farrier105 says:

        This is the history Alex Jones does not want anyone to remember. All through 2017, and part of 2018, Jones repeated the claims by Pieczenik that there was a counter-coup that put the “Cabal” under control. Trump-Russia-Wikileaks did not disturb Mr. Jones through 2017 as, according to Pieczenik, “The Cabal” had been defeated. There are more videos about this that tell the entire story. Over one year of work against Russiagate was lost because of this.


        • farrier105 says:

          And, in July 2018, Owen Shroyer has Pieczenik on board to say “The Storm”–“The Storm”–yes, THAT “Storm”–“is upon us.” We lost a lot of opportunities because of this disinformation.


  15. Bill Hollinger says:

    “DAG Rod Rosenstein was hired by President Trump at the direction of, and request of, AG Jeff Sessions. Rosenstein then recommended that President Trump hire FBI Director Chris Wray (a transparently useful idiot)….. Director Wray then hired David Bowdich as his deputy AND re-hired Dana Boente as FBI chief-legal-counsel.”

    This is just unbelievable. Trump can’t be this gullible. This kind of insanity is aiding his own demise.

    Liked by 2 people

    • mr.piddles says:

      President Trump trusted Jeff Sessions. And maybe he shouldn’t have… OR… maybe Sessions just dropped the ball or wasn’t up to the task. Who will ever know. Actually, Donald J. Trump will eventually come out on top, and will give us all the juicy details 140 characters at a time.

      In the end, President Trump caught on, and saw Sessions as a.) a disappointment, and b.) a liability. The Trump/Sessions arrangement was strained to say the least… well for the bulk of the approximately two years Sessions was in place.

      President Trump is a smart man. He’s fighting an uphill battle, for sure, but Sundance is spot on with this sentiment:

      “Donald Trump has this uncanny, some will say divinely protected, capability to walk into an absolute shitstorm and come out completely unharmed.”

      And I would add: he has (IMO) undeniable political instincts… which is pretty damn impressive for a professed non-politician. Donald J. Trump does politics better than the Professional Politicians. Seriously. So that should be cause for hope.

      Liked by 4 people

    • vladdy says:

      Thank you, Friend. I love and trust our president, but you just expressed my own feelings, which are —- well, what you already said so well.


      • vladdy says:

        This was meant to go under the “aiding in his own demise” comment, but fits equally well after the other remarks, as I, too, have the feeling that there is an almost divine will involved…which also makes it so hard to understand why one villain after another keeps getting away with it.


  16. J.G. says:

    We are the people we have been waiting for. We need to crowdfund the resources to individually sue, in a class action lawsuit, Mueller, his team, Comey, Rosenstein, Strozk, Page, the Ohrs, Steele, and any other player trying to take down (soft coup) the duly elected president. We sue for voter disenfranchisement and we sue each for hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s the same type of lawfare the Dems are using against Trump and anyone close to him.

    Heck, we may even be able redirect the money crowdfunded for the wall If all donors sign off.

    We hire Judicial Watch to represent us. It must be a huge group effort, one massive push. It’s the least we can do for Trump and all that he and his family have endured to help the American people.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Perot Conservative says:

      1. I believe you need a plaintiff/ group harmed.
      2. Would President Trump tweet out a prominent warrior going to battle like Judicial Watch?
      3. Why didn’t PT ever link to a legal support page for General Flynn? McCabe gets Millions in support, and patriot Flynn loses his house! How many Whistleblowers did that shut down?
      4. Is there a way to legally and financially back the reported 40 Gov’t Whistleblowers that never came forward?


  17. Defense: Veto every bill arriving on his desk in 2019, unless it is to the benefit of “We the people”. If House and Senate want legislation passed, even budgets, get them veto proofed or you get nothing.

    Offense: Ignore, slow walk, obfuscate every subpoena, every request filed. Declassify, expose and leak using friendlies in the House and Senate. It’s my DOJ now! mother bleeps!


  18. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    So when we see Supreme Court Justice Ruther Bader Ginsburg in a very tenuous physical state, we must consider how that conflicts with the Decepticon desire to eliminate Trump; and their Decepticon need for President Trump to provide the replacement. The timing becomes a predicament for the Decepticons that Trump can use to his advantage.

    I’m confused with this one

    Are you saying a Justice pick provides Trump some leverage here and so they won’t remove him?

    Not following.
    Eliminate Trump and they’re left with Pence who is definitely WAY more malleable to sway a SCOTUS pick

    Also notice that in Trump’s tweet string he makes NO THREAT OF DECLASSIFICATION. The revelations in the NYT articles—which Trump is disputing in this tweetstorm-would be the logical opportunity for him to at the very least suggest he should resurrect this. He had said in Sept he wanted this done quickly.

    The fact that he didn’t confirms that the DECLAS avenue has been shut off.


    • NC Patriot says:

      Nope——wait until they try to impeach him using Mueller—–he can blow up that farce by exposing it——if he chooses, implicating lots of people!


      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        You’re correct.
        I was unclear…..that avenue is shut off before a Mueller report
        (Kendall was allowed to cross examine Starr when he presented his report to House and POTUS can present defense in Senate Trial)

        However the NYT article may indicate the DOJ/Mueller plan to deal with that..
        It’s reveals a different investigation (May 2017) than Crossfire Hurricane (July 2016)
        Mueller could end up presenting report on one and claiming the other is ongoing.

        MUELLER has the documents that Trump would want to declassify and there’s where the Obstruction of Justice that prevented declas in SEP persists.


  19. Kris says:

    I’ve been saying for a while now – there is only one reason and one reason alone why Russia witch hunt continues and a fake change agent like Bill Barr is now going to be AG:
    It’s the Republicans – Mcconnel, Lindsey Graham, Richard Burr, Paul Ryan etc etc etc.
    A little bird told me the real insurance policy i.e continue using DOJ/FBI/Mueller against Trump is actually for the Republicans not the Dems.
    If these so called Republicans really were united against Trump there would be no Mueller 2 years in.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. citizen817 says:

    the negative stories about President Trump have been nonstop. And yet he keeps moving forward unscathed. How does he do it?

    Notice that I didn’t include the Mueller investigation in this cartoon because it’s not over yet. But I sincerely doubt that it will succeed in trapping the president. He just just keeps moving forward. 

    Liked by 5 people

  21. MVW says:

    I am glad that any of this makes sense to you. Frankly, to me, none of it makes sense. Zip. Nada. Zero.

    Perhaps, Trump imagines that as long as the One World Socialism Crooks think they will remove him by impeachment, that they won’t kill him or his family? That their ‘Insurance’ is his insurance for his and his family’s safety? Maybe by waiting in the White House for the Dem’s to return from a well deserved vacation after their full 2019 schedule of legislative work, maybe Trump is avoiding another assassination attempt? Maybe letting the Dems win the house, keeping the Senate buys him the role of the embattled hero on the run up to the 2020 elections? More dark before dawn hero drama?

    Pure imagination on my part, pure fiction spinning of near absurdity on my part, to make sense of the 666-D chess. Other than that, none of it makes sense.

    I think I will bury my head in the sand. Which pill is it that does that, red… or blue… I forget.


  22. SR says:

    PTrump interview tonight is making me feel good and it seems everything is under control. He knows this whole FISA and DOJ/FBI corruption.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. mr.piddles says:

    “In essence, perhaps President Trump knows all of these elements are aligned against him and seek his removal”

    I firmly believe President Trump knows just about everything there is to know… or at least knows enough to arrive at appropriate and reasonable conclusions. The actions of DOJ/FBI leadership in 2017 alone is entirely transparent. And all along POTUS has had the inside scoop from his handful of allies… Nunes, Meadows, et al. Plus access to the classified information.

    But the biggest asset he has is the guy sitting next to him: Rudy Giuliani. I believe Rudy is a faithful ally, not only driven by his personal relationship with the President, but his underlying disgust of the corruption so transparently obvious with the DOJ and FBI. Rudy took down the New York Mafia. His successors seek to unseat a President. One of these things is not like the other.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rex70 says:

      That is totally valid—Rudy is one guy you want PDJT to be back-to-back with in that foxhole in the Swamp. Taking on the New York Mafia and living to tell about it THEN be elected and re-elected NYC Mayor is equivalent to being politically immortal. Definitely, Rudy is a Trump loyalist…and a very welcome one.

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Pale rider says:

    I’m not sure what you wrote Sundance? I respect your opinion and love your sight! You have pulled me through nightmares about this president. Seems like a pretzel of ideas for the appointment of Barr? Could it be Trump is saving his ass by appointing Barr to fight another day? And just maybe Sessions was always the plan as well as rosenstein to stay useful? I can’t make heads or tails of it anymore, all the power and destruction are pooled up in the DOJ and appears will stay safely locked away from further use.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zorro says:

      President Trumo can’t appoint a strong, independent AG from outside the Swamp because the Uniparty wouldn’t confirm such a person. Barr is somewhat a known quantity from the Bush admin which is better than an unknown which Sessions ended up to be. It’s bad tasting medicine that has to be swallowed.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Rex70 says:

        Zorro—I desperately want Rep. John Ratcliffe from Texas as the next AG. Maybe he/Ratcliffe doesn’t want to fight that fight? His family is too young, he doesn’t want them dragged through the mud? But, as you’re saying, perhaps he is a too well-known quantity and, as a member of the Freedom Caucus, would not be confirmed by the RINOs in the Senate…??? Whatever the reason for this Bill Barr/former-Bushie appointment, I do NOT like it—BUT I totally trust the President, so…I hope not, but here we go again!

        I just keep imagining how much more this president would accomplish if he had a Pompeo-like AG overseeing the DOJ, and I despise that that is so unattainable for Trump.

        Liked by 1 person

  25. Perot Conservative says:

    I’m not one to be an “eyeore”, or whatever, but when does this losing streak end?

    – Page-Strzok texts to be released – we got maybe 5%? (Few even noticed the bait and switch!)
    – McCabe – not squeezed, in legal limbo.
    – OIG Michael Horowitz – hamstrung.
    – The Big Ugly – c–kblocked. Many, many hoodwinked.
    – The Woolfe Indictment – watered down; still room for more charges?
    – Fraudulent FISA – another logjam.
    – Over 100 FBI agents taking bribes; will that be buried, too?
    – Huber the Invisible.
    – Whitaker, change agent; to MIA.
    – Goodlate, others – interviews in the 9th inning? Really?!
    – Bill Barr – Joe DiGenova said a great pick, and his pedigree looks great; but 20-year chums with Mueller?
    – Trump Declassification – blocked forever; or, conversely, he’s the Jedi Master who purposefully surrounded himself with Legal Community traitors?
    – And where is Gina Haspel and supposedly Mike Pompeo’s input?

    Who will Watch the Watchers? There is so much large-scale corruption – Russia tailing Hillary Clinton; spending Millions bribing people; the DOJ aware of it all for 4 years; and we approve the sale and nothing is done. Nothing is done??!! Is this defacto proof of incompetence or bribery?

    Liked by 1 person

    • nimrodman says:

      – Trump Declassification – blocked forever; or, conversely, he’s the Jedi Master who purposefully surrounded himself with Legal Community traitors?

      PresTrump better have obtained and “surrounded himself” with copies of those classified documents or when he finally does decide to declassify, he may find nothing there. Or documents purposefully altered and trails gone cold, not longer traceable.

      Who will Watch the Watchers? … Hillary Clinton; spending Millions bribing people; the DOJ aware of it all for 4 years; and we approve the sale and nothing is done. Nothing is done??!!

      Regarding the “sale” (uranium?), I’m holding out hope that PresTrump will declare those Uranium One holdings to be “strategic resources” and nationalize them.

      Then the Russky buyers will have no bag to hold for the billions they paid Clinton or ‘donated’ to the Clinton Foundation. They might just want that money back, gnomesayin’?

      Liked by 3 people

    • Bill Hollinger says:

      “– Bill Barr – Joe DiGenova said a great pick, and his pedigree looks great; but 20-year chums with Mueller?” I’d forgotten diGenova’s enthusiastic endorsement. How well does diGenova actually know Barr? If he knows him well, maybe he will be OK. Then again, I haven’t heard any of the dems raising hell about Barr lately…


      • NJ Transplant says:

        Bill – I have also been holding on to the fact that DiGenova heartily endorses Barr. If Barr is one of them, we are finished.


  26. NC Patriot says:

    Does POTUS seem worried? Or in control?

    Liked by 2 people

  27. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    Probably not relevant, but;
    Who started the “He’s a Russian Agent” so let’s investigate him?
    What’s the exact timeline of the whole investigation? Is it still going on?
    Who authorized who to do what? Investigate what or who by who?
    What would the chain of command/protocol be for this type of investigation?
    Any warrants, subpoenas, interrogations, wiretaps? If so, of who by who?


  28. beachbum31 says:

    that Mitch refused to protect Mueller legislatively is telling


    • NJ Transplant says:

      If the Senate tried to protect Mueller, it would be thrown out by the Supreme Court. Mueller is executive branch. The Senate has no say over firings in the executive branch. That would be a constitutional crisis.


  29. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    If you listened to the interview by Judge Jeanine, then you know President Trump just launched a heat-seeking missle that is heading straight for the “Hell’s Kitchen” Deep State Ground Zero. You just can’t uncouple those comments from the twitter-bombs he threw out there today.

    Oh, boy, here it comes…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:



    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      interview of who?
      what was the missile?
      where is this deep state ground zero?
      what comments?

      what “it” is coming?

      little clarity please.


      • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

        The context of this thread is about Trump’s reaction to the NYT piece, hence her interview of him addressing the content of it.

        He named some of them: McCabe, Page, Strzok, and went on to say how we wouln’t believe who some others in FBI/DOJ/FISA court who would be identified (missle/Hell’s Kitchen).

        IT is the scheme they hatched and continue to implement.

        Does your Mama still cut the crusts off your bread for ya???


        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          Your comment makes reference to an interview not referenced before you brought it up.
          No link
          No quotes.
          No info.
          But I’ll give you credit for the evil laugh.

          Mama don’t cut my bread crust…..

          but she does have antecedents when making a point.


        • NJ Transplant says:

          Then Judge Jeanine and Dan Bongino threw in Rosenstein. Now we know why Rosenstein signed that FISA renewal. He was part of the investigation into PDJT.


  30. recoverydotgod says:

    Excellent narrative response to NY Times article. Backing the President’s strategy and efforts. Nunes is also good at this. Jordan has always been good this way. Really excellent tonight. Jeannine Pirro works well in this medium as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. OpenMind says:

    Brennan pushed RR and McCabe using the unwittingly moniker and even invoked treason in May of 2017 (Vox). Priestap then was asked about unwitting involvement by Trump team during BP congressional testimony in June of ’17. Surely there were others pushing the narrative.
    VIA pushes FBI/DOJ and gchq to use assets to push fake collusion discussions with Trump team and then Brennan passed off those nothingburger discussions as unwitting treason.


  32. Margraret Berger says:

    The cia is in this up to their stinking eyeballs. There is no way that they every bit as dirty and corrupt as the fbi, and doj. I am sure there are a lot deep state people at nsa too.


  33. mdt123 says:

    These tweets about Comey, Mueller are some of the most direct I have seen. PDJT is not mincing words. I am sure these will be used in the report as “obstruction by tweets”.


  34. Bubby says:

    FTA “Leaking this report to The New York Times rather than submitting it to the Congress is just one more example of the willingness of Justice Department officials to violate the rules and undermine the rule of law in favor of the rule of power. It also lays bare their alliance with the liberal media to undermine and, if possible, destroy the duly elected president of the United States.” Amen Newt!!!! Newt gets it!

    These exact same “group of bureaucrats – elected by no one” had absolutely no problem with obama when he said to Medvedev tell Valdmir “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it´s important for him to give me space…This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” That´s because obama was a Democrat and loved by the msm. The FBI is so corrupt it really needs to be eliminated as a Federal agency except for the criminal database and forensic lab. Our Founders in their wisdom knew a Federal police force always becomes corrupted eventually. The DOJ/FBI/IC have become part of the Democrat Party/msm cabal. God help us get rid of this endemic corruption in Washington DC and Godspeed President Trump!

    Liked by 2 people

  35. recoverydotgod says:

    So the argument is that it was always the Russia investigation, not the Trump-Russia investigation and that president trump interfered with that national security investigation by firing Comey. All I can say is good luck with convincing people this isn’t a witch-hunt, because it sure looks, feels, and smells like it.

    What if the Obstruction Was the Collusion? On the New York Times’s Latest Bombshell
    By Benjamin Wittes
    Friday, January 11, 2019


    The reporting Schmidt shared with me about Baker’s testimony suggests rather strongly that the FBI did not think of the Comey firing simply as a possible obstruction of justice. Officials thought of it, rather, in the context of the underlying counterintelligence purpose of the Russia investigation. At one point, Baker was asked whether firing Director Comey added to the threat to national security the FBI was confronting.

    “Yes,” Baker responds.



    • recoverydotgod says:

      BTW, Wittes asked the question way back in the primaries if Trump was a national security threat. Not surprised he was accessed by NYT Michael Schmidt in reporting the recent NYT piece. It seems like this kind of thinking soaked into the FBI’s leadership.

      Trump as National Security Threat
      By Benjamin Wittes
      Wednesday, March 2, 2016


      But with Donald Trump now the unambiguous front-runner in the Republican field, there’s a question I think readers of this site need to consider seriously—a question John Bellinger raised on this site back in December: Is the putative GOP standard bearer a national security threat?



      • vladdy says:

        I’ve seen so many BS “Lawfare” pieces….they’re as NT as Nat’l Review…they’ve been DS and Never Trump, parroting whatever mule-er says from the start. Are we supposed to believe this? CTH readers? are supposed to believe this is a Russia counterintelligence operation based on the fact that (for some odd reason, scratches head) this guy they’ve all socialized with for decades is actually a *gasp* Russian spy? Don’t. Think. So. In fact, this is the stupidest narrative they’ve come up with yet.

        So although we knew months ago, they were wiretapping Trump tower DURING the campaign, all of a sudden it’s no — it was Russia all the time? BS. I HAVE to be misunderstanding this twist, ‘cos only a complete lo-info anti-fa type would believe it.


  36. Joe S says:


  37. recoverydotgod says:

    The “insurance policy” word group opened up an investigation on POTUS.

    How the Times Reported the F.B.I. Counterintelligence Investigation Into President Trump: An Interview with the Journalist Adam Goldman
    By Isaac Chotiner
    January 12, 2019


    And you talk to people who are familiar with this: once he got on Lester Holt and he said this, the F.B.I. is, like, “He is telling us why he did this? The President of the United States got up on television and said, ‘I did this because of Russia.’ ” They are, like, “What the ***?,” right? Once again it is the President and these self-inflicted wounds. The President said that, and forgive the F.B.I. for taking him at his word. And that led to the opening of the investigation on Trump himself, before the appointment of the special counsel.



  38. Nathan Hale says:

    I’m a person of faith. And, even though there have been times in my life when I’ve chosen to walk away from God I never stopped believing in Him.

    Throughout history God has chosen leaders, who have done His will and overcame “impossible odds”. David comes to mind, Winston Churchill as well. Neither perfect in their lives but chosen nonetheless.

    I believe Donald J. Trump has been called by God and has answered His call.

    Romans 8:30-31 “ And those Whom He predestined He also called; and those whom He called he also justified, and those whom He justified He also glorified. What then shall we say to this? If God is for us, who is against us?

    Take heart, be comforted, and stay strong.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. recoverydotgod says:

    Mccabe’s May 11, 2017 testimony is going to be gone over with a fine tooth comb after the NYT article.

    MAY 11, 2017
    In his first public comments since the firing of James Comey, Acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe contradicts the White House on how agency…


    • NJ Transplant says:

      McCabe told the Senate after the Comey firing that firing Comey had no effect on the investigation. So he started an investigation for obstruction after telling that to the Senate?


  40. recoverydotgod says:

    Opening a counterintelligence investigation after Comey’s firing on POTUS, I wonder if McCabe informed the Senate Intelligence Committee as he promised.

    MAY 11, 2017
    FBI chief promises to disclose any attempt to stall Russia probe


    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The FBI’s acting director promised on Thursday to tell the Senate Intelligence Committee of any effort to interfere with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe into links between Russia and the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

    “I absolutely do,” acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who leads the agency following President Donald Trump’s abrupt firing of former director James Comey on Tuesday, told the committee, which is also investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.



  41. Summer says:

    Lots of self-inflicted wounds. Let me remind y’all once again that a lot of it could be prevented if

    1. Comey was fired on day one
    2. Session was not appointed AG
    3. Session did not recuse himself from the most important investigation in American history
    4. President Trump was more careful with his words when talking to presstitutes
    5. President Trump did not try to appease poor Mrs. Clinton and her crying and rioting minions and instead launched multiple offensives preemptively by appointing a Special Counsel or three to drain the Swamp. Shock and awe while the enemy was still reeling.

    Instead, his Presidency is severely undermined by the efforts of that same poor Mrs. Clinton. Trump mockingly said that we we can’t afford a President who would be under FBI investigation for years. She retaliated by making him a President under FBI investigation for years.
    He reminded people of Bill Clinton’s indiscretions. She retaliated by launching an army of “accusers.” Trump called her Crooked, and now they are trying to raid his business and find anything that can be made into a crime so he can be also labeled Crooked. He was talking about her ties to Russia (Uranium1). She retaliated by making him a “Russian agent” colluding with Vlad. She told her she would be in jail. She is doing her damnedest to put him in jail.
    And so on.
    It will last until poor Mrs. Clinton is arrested, charged, prosecuted and sent to prison.


  42. queensmary says:

    Many times in the last two – three years I have thought of what Sundance says here: “The funny thing is… Donald Trump has this uncanny, some will say divinely protected, capability to walk into an absolute shitstorm and come out completely unharmed. [His dad noted it when Trump was younger] ” This is what I am reminded of in this scene many of you will no doubt remember from the movie Tombstone – anyone else amused that the word “crossfire” is part of the script?


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