Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Full Press Briefing – A Six Month Status Update “Walk Around The World”…

Today Secretary of State Rex Tillerson highlighted events over the past six months.  T-Rex takes another stroll around the globe discussing regional policy, specific state policy, and ongoing challenges.  Secretary Tillerson then takes questions from the media at the conclusion of his remarks.

Very informative. Very well worth watching (T-Rex Begins at 03:40):


[*Note* We’ll capture and share transcript as soon as possible.]

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27 Responses to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Full Press Briefing – A Six Month Status Update “Walk Around The World”…

  1. M33 says:

    Tillerson is really great.

    Looking forward to Trump’s administration being packed with guys and gals like him!

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  2. buckeyejames says:

    Wait…he’s quitting, right? Fed up with the “chaos”?

    Oh, right…that’s FAKE NEWS.

    This guy is a huge asset and there’s no doubt in my mind that he already has contributed and will continue to contribute greatly to MAGA.

    God bless America! God bless President Trump and his team of winners!

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  3. fedback says:

    Most impressive.
    Tillerson is a remarkable man

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    • lokiscout says:

      You don’t get to the top of the world’s largest corporation without a lot of grey matter between the ears. I probably have as much as he does but never learned how to use it! 😉 Auh what the H! Retirement isn’t so bad.
      Agreed, great man working for a great man working for a Great Country!


  4. buckweaver27 says:

    Still listening, but I loved Sec. Tillerson’s response to the question about whether President Trump’s tweeting is problematic to his job. ‘We adapt to it like we do with everything else in our job’. (Paraphrasing. He said it much better than that.)

    Encouraging words from Tillerson about Trump’s choice of Kelly for COS.

    Another observation. I couldn’t tell which press members were asking the questions, but my impression that the State Dept press appears to be much more professional than the White House press.

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    • trumpsbamagirl says:

      There was one “snarky” question asked by Andrea Mitchell (couldn’t see her but sounded like her) however, the level of snark was lower than typical for her!


  5. joani23 says:

    Solid as a rock! Love these Alpha males in this Trump Administration

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  6. H.R. says:

    buckweaver27: ” I couldn’t tell which press members were asking the questions, but my impression that the State Dept press appears to be much more professional than the White House press.”

    Yeah, that’s been noticed before. I think the hierarchy in ascending order is:

    Whitehouse Press Corpse
    -> Pond Scum
    -> Broadcast YSM
    -> Lice-eating lying Crap Weasels
    -> Other Department Coverage Press Corps
    -> Lying Crap Weasels
    -> Tranquilized 3-toed sloths
    -> Proto-hominids, tree-dwelling optional

    The Congress and Senate are somewhere between the Press Corpse and Pond cum, but it is really more of a distinction rather than a difference.

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  7. freepetta says:

    We love ❤️ you T-Rex!! What a man!!


  8. That was an impressive presentation. I am glad T-Rex is on our team. He and I both got a good chuckle when he said the President calls him at all hours with ideas, especially late on the weekends. He is doing a great job.

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    • fedback says:

      At the speech in Long Island, Rep. King said the President calls him Sunday mornings to discuss MS 13

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      • lokiscout says:

        Must be some sort of misunderstanding here. All I read about is how my President is a hip shooter and doesn’t listen to anyone! Hummm! Makes one ponder where the truth lies! Not really! Think I figured that out about a year and a half ago!
        Oh, sorry I forgot I have to share “my President” with the rest of y’all! Be nice!


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  10. Tillerson is impressive; I really learned a lot listening to this, not just about our foreign policy, but how Tillerson views things. Very objective, very professional, very realistic and not interjecting his beliefs/emotions into his job performance. It would be awesome to work for him. A mature adult.

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  11. jeans2nd says:

    Is no mystery that your comment definitely shows your tunnel vision. Pro-tip – check your peripherals. One never knows who might be approaching you from the rear…or even from right next to you…


    • lokiscout says:

      Your comment is rife with ungrounded assertions Re Secretary Terrison, Secretary Mathus and Director McMasters. I am not privy to your “predictions”. If you would care to support your assertions and provide an executive summary of your predictions I am all ears. Oracles have a place. Otherwise bug out of my Tree House.


  12. bessie2003 says:

    This was excellent!

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  13. Mark Ryyan says:

    Had to watch/listen while multi-tasking. Did T-Rex replace acoustical liaison James Taylor with Chuck Norris?


  14. bverwey says:

    Thank you Sundance for all your intereseting finds. This truly was a great insight as to where SofS Tillerson and POTUS DJT expects US policy is heading. I think Trex is absolutely brilliant in the way he articulates the multitude of world events that cross his path. Wonder full video and in some way comforting to think DJT has surrounded himself with such an array of gifted people


  15. mauiis says:

    Never, not once, can I recall a presentation by anyone in the administration of the Gangster On The Golf Course, addressing America with substantive, hopeful geo-political information. By “hopeful” I mean, the realities of an increasingly dangerous world are no longer being laughed at or dismissed as the construct of fly-over, ill-educated conservative rubes.

    It’s kind of weird to witness a Trump Admin aggressively and proactively lead with America’s interests front and foremost. After eight-years of banishment and replaced with dreary, statist rhetoric, American Exceptional-ism is rising again.

    Had Trump not steam-rolled into the Oval Office, well, we dodged a howitzer.

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  16. Tommie Keaton says:

    What a remarkable communication. I am so glad I heard this. This man is a breath of fresh air and
    the most professional person to have articulated said a word that I have heard in many months. He gave me hope!


  17. nuthinmuffin says:

    a refreshing, well spoken presentation about the current state of affairs for our country around the world. once again there is hope as the words “radical islamic terrorism” have finally been uttered once again in our government…no more subversive censorship by omission policies


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