Day #1 – Operation “Cold Anger” Begins…

Operation “Cold Anger” is in direct response to the GOPe road map created by the republican party apparatus (professional political class) to nominate Jeb Bush.

Unlike 2012 and the success of their chosen candidate Mitt Romney, in this election cycle we have quietly been watching them since October 2013, and we have been able to identify their GOPe road map.

Reince-PriebusGOP candidates 2 mashupKarl Rove

As a direct result of Donald Trump, the only stumbling block they did not anticipate and the most significant wrecking ball to their entire scheme, the power-players have necessarily adjusted their scheme.

Unfortunately, many state party officials are part of the RNC program; still more are actually influenced by the Bush family tentacles (Colorado Bush/Stapleton example).  And as a consequence we are working through a series of states identifying what changes to the road map are being constructed in secret.

For those who remain skeptical the latest evidence of the RNC/GOPe machinations is abundantly evident in North Carolina.

Last week the North Carolina legislature changed their primary date to March 15th.  Normally this would not be too big a deal, until you combine the date change with the February ’15 RNC rule change, and then note how the National Republican Committee allowed North Carolina to violate the guidance they previously put into place.

All primary races between March 1st and March 14th are -by RNC rule- “proportional delegate distributions”.  All primary races on/after March 15th are supposed to be, by the same rules, “winner take all”.

[…] In 2014, the RNC approved selection rules that govern how each state’s delegates are portioned out from the primaries. Under one of the changes, states holding their primaries between March 1 and March 14 will have their delegates doled out proportionately with election results, a change that will likely stymie a movement candidate.

States that have primaries on or after March 15 will be winner-take-all states. (link)

As a consequence, the change last week by North Carolina would make them a ‘winner-take-all’ state.   But not so fast.  In order to benefit the RNC/GOPe agenda, the RNC allowed North Carolina to use “proportional delegate distribution” even though it violates the previous rule/guidance.  (pdf’s of party rules here)

In fact, the opposite happened.  The RNC actually REWARDED North Carolina for violating their own national party rules:

[…] When state lawmakers agreed to move the presidential primary to March 15, that gave the state’s Republican Party the ability to decide which method to use.

A.J. Dauod, the Sixth District Republican chairman, said Sunday the Republican National Committee also gave the state party 72 delegates, instead of 12, because of the move. That makes North Carolina the state with the sixth highest number of delegates at the convention.  (read more)

We share this information because it evidences what we have been trying to call attention to for several months.  The RNC/GOPe are working diligently behind the scenes to change the rules – specifically because the original rule changes have been up-ended by Donald Trump and his broad-based campaign appeal.

We are showing you evidence of the RNC allowing their own national rules to be violated IF the changes benefit the scheme to elect Jeb Bush.   This is why Jeb repeatedly says in various interviews that he is confident, despite his lack of electoral support, he will be able to secure the nomination.

The proportional assignments of delegates benefits Jeb because the Road Map is designed to get him the nomination with 15 to 20% electoral support via delegate distribution.

In addition to North Carolina, we have identified similar state legislative maneuvering currently underway in Colorado, Ohio, Virginia and Florida.  In addition signs of similar activity is noted in Texas, New York, Arkansas and South Carolina.  It is not coincidental these states also represent other members of the GOPe pro-Jeb Bush “Splitter Team“.

  • Carly Fiorina (VA) [Yes, her homestead is VA not CA]
  • Jim Gilmore (VA)
  • John Kasich (OH)
  • Mike Huckabee (AR)
  • Marco Rubio (FL)
  • George Pataki (NY)
  • Lindsey Graham (SC)
  • Chris Christie (NJ)

All of these candidates are part of the GOPe state and/or national party apparatus.  All of them hold influence over their state party rules and delegate distributions.  All of them remaining loyally in the race despite electoral support with the help of Wall Street funded Super-PACs.

GOP candidates 2 mashup

What we are seeing is a three front battle for 2016:

  • The GOPe working in Washington DC via McConnell, Boehner et al. (Facilitating Wall Street via the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue and K-Street)
  • The GOPe working in state-by-state party legislatures (Example NC – for their Road Map)
  • The GOPe using Rovian Strategy in media via “Operation Hummingbird” (Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio to take down Trump on the campaign)

Everyone can watch it play out and grow increasingly frustrated, or we can proactively get involved and derail their plans.   Operation Cold Anger is the method/strategy we have developed to derail the RNC/GOPe objectives.

The essential elements to defeat the Road Map will have to confront and counter the GOPe plan at each point of advancement.  Broadly speaking:

  1. We target the DC scheme by overwhelming the current elected representatives with incoming communication from us.  We will show how to do that easily and effectively in the upcoming days and weeks.
  2. We target the GOPe Road Map by overwhelming the Republican party apparatus with a base of electoral voter they never anticipated in the primary race.  We shift party registration from Democrat, Independent and/or other, into Republican Party registration.  This is exactly counter to their need for a small base of primary voter to control and manipulate.
  3. We target the media narrative by broadcasting the size and scope of our assembly.  We have multiple ways to do this.  More will come out in the upcoming days and weeks.  The goal will be to show how many of us actually exist.  You’ll actually be blown away by the size of this coalition – we will have specifics beginning tomorrow.

One of the weaknesses, actually the Achilles Heel in the GOPe scheme is something that no-one ever talks about.  Something you should consider very carefully.

GOP primary 2

Have you ever noticed how the RNC no longer have an effective GOTV (Get Out The Vote) organization?   Has it ever crossed your mind to inquire why the Democrat party have such emphasis on GOTV and yet the Republican party has nothing?

Has that ever crossed your mind?

The root reason is something the RNC never like to talk about.  Ever since the RNC lost a 1982 court battle they have been bound by a Federal Consent Decree, forbidden, from ever being able to challenge an election result in any precinct. (GREAT OUTLINE HERE)

Every few years the RNC goes back to court and tries to get the Consent Decree lifted.  Every few years the same Federal Judges (Democrat appointees) refuse to lift the Decree. They tried again in 2013 and were again refused.

The RNC cannot challenge any election result, any precinct vote, in any federal, state, city, or municipal race.  However, ordinary citizen voter watchdog groups CAN; and folks like Catherine Englebrecht do.  The Republican party cannot challenge any Democrat party election, it is up to the electorate to take up that challenge.

In many ways this makes the RNC party apparatus weak.  Yeah, it sucks, especially when we know the scope of voter fraud and how the Democrats use it to their advantage.

However, for our intents and purposes, the RNC inability to challenge has created their lack of GOTV focus.  Their lack of GOTV structure provides a tool for us to overwhelm their plans with a boots-on-the-ground GOTV effort of our own SPECIFICALLY TARGETING THE 2016 PRIMARY.

Let that sink in.

The RNC/GOPe have no way to predict what we are capable of, if we organize into a unified effort to SWARM the primary.  We can defeat all of their schemes, if we can join together and get our friends and family to join together, and show up to the primary.

This is how we defeat Karl Rove, the RNC and the GOPe Road Map.  This is how we can unite and stop Jeb Bush and/or any republican establishment candidate.  We will have much more on this in the coming weeks and months.

♦ By most measures, generally speaking, the national party breakdown is 30% Democrat, 30% Republican and 40% Independent or other.  The GOPe team benefit from low numbers of Republicans in “closed primary” states.

Our goal will be to move/switch a significant number of people, conservative minded Dems and common sense Independents, into the Republican party registration, specifically for the purpose of eliminating the GOPe candidate.

♦ In addition, again as a general rule, only 25% of registered voters actually vote in a primary race.

Here again, small movements of voter turnout can have astronomical impacts.  If we can boost that primary turnout by 5 to 10%, in combination with the volume and scope of newly registered, or re-registered, Republicans we can easily overwhelm the 2016 primary and defeat the scheme.

tea party dc

Reference and Resources – (links to internal MSM references are contained within prior outlines): RNC Rule Changes   RNC Rule Battles

  1. Following The Money
  2. The GOPe Roadmap
  3. ♦ The Roles of The Players – “The Splitters
  4. ♦ How each candidate is aligned in the Roadmap
  5. ♦ Arrow #1 Trump Hits The Super-PACs – The GOPe Achilles Heel
  6. ♦ Arrow #2 Trump Hits Bush – Inside The Wall Street Fortress
  7. ♦ Arrow #3 Trump Cuts Off Rubio/Bush switch – The GOPe Switch
  8. ♦ The Rick Perry Tripwire Exposed – DC Super-Pac
  9. ♦ Jeb Bush Super-Pac Will immediately spend $10 Million
  10. ♦ Proving there is only one political party in Washington DC
  11. ♦ Why Support Trump – Part One (The GOPe Ruse)
  12. ♦ Why Support Trump – Part Two (Stop being played)
  13. ♦ Why Support Trump – Part Three (Intellectual Details)
  14. ♦ How To Defeat the GOPe Road Map
  15. ♦ Current Polling Exposes – the Ohio, Florida, Texas, Virginia, New York Splitters
  16. ♦ Florida Polling Exposes – Donald Trump defeating Jeb’s Florida Strategy
  17. ♦ Rush Limbaugh Discusses/AffirmsThe “splitter strategy”
  18. ♦ The Biden Paradox – Trump Winning Means Clinton Must Be Removed
  19. ♦ Salem Media Communications (GOPe Media Arm) Launches Attack
  20. ♦ Open Letter To GOPe – The Conservative Frustration
  21. ♦ Why The GOPe Will Never Stop Attacking Donald Trump


We are the Change !

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281 Responses to Day #1 – Operation “Cold Anger” Begins…

  1. tychesd says:

    New Yougov poll has Trump dropping from 33 to 25 and Rubio gaining from 7 to 16. A lot of the conservative commentariat is backing Rubio – particularly the neocon types. Lots of good info in this poll though. Hope Trump can use it.


    • RINOKiller says:

      They are starting to use small sampling to make sure Trump’s lead does not grow. The more that is surveyed, the bigger his lead.

      Be strongly aware that those polls are manipulated and slanted to reflect their objective.


      • tychesd says:

        This poll was very favorable to Trump before the debate. Their sample size is larger than normal – 2000 responses.


        • ImpeachEmAll says:

          It would seem that your point is:
          conservatives are their worst enemy.

          The conservatives backing Rubio are
          a good reminder of the old joke about
          a guy falling into a barrel of boobs and
          comes up sucking his thumb. They see
          Trump and they see Rubio and being
          themselves, their choice is Rubio. They
          are lost sheep; let them go their own way.

          Stay focused; don’t deviate; stay on track.

          Life is simple: Trump 2016. You betcha.

          Liked by 1 person

    • stringy theory says:

      Trump has 33 but 14 as second choice (total of 47); 2. Carson has 17 but 17 as second choice (total of 34); 3. Cruz (8+12=20); 4. Bush (7+8=15); 5. Rubio (7+7= 14); 6. Fiorina (6+7=13). Whether Trump has dropped or not, the non-GOPe folks are way ahead. The combined totals (1st and 2nd place) for Bush, Rubio and Fiorina are below the first choice numbers for Trump and Carson. Personally I don’t answer my phone unless I know the caller so if a pollster is looking for t his Trump voter, they’re missing him and I expect millions more like me.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Concerned says:

      Sketchy sample, weighting, and web-based interviews. This is probably why RCP doesn’t include this poll on its web site.


      Sampling method: Respondents were selected from YouGov’s opt-in Internet panel using sample matching.

      Weighting: The sample was weighted using propensity scores based on age, gender,
      race, education, news interest, voter registration, and non-placement on an
      ideology scale. The weights range from 0.1 to 4.1, with a mean of one and a
      standard deviation of 0.81

      Margin of error: ±2.8% (adjusted for weighting)

      Survey mode: Web-based interviews.


  2. Alfred E. Neuman says:

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.


  3. D. Carr says:

    Let the American people decide, F Karl Rove and his likes. I’m so tied of the Uni-party system we have now.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. RINOKiller says:

    Someone tell me,

    Why is Breitbart so troll-infested?


  5. Remington says:

    I have circulated this information far and wide. I fear that after time people become.. ” comfortably numb”… and assume the no mas position. ‘Talk about casting pearls before swines… This is a battle we can not afford to lose.

    “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”


  6. zelda says:

    Time is of the essence. What is in place to assist people registered as Democrats in changing their party affiliation? There are time requirements to do this.


  7. mjalbaine says:

    fuck the GOPe

    I’m in CT, how do I help in this damned blue state? I feel like I have no power or say as a conservative in this corrupt voting system.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. remmy says:

    Jeb is a loser. A really, really big loser. A loser like no other loser. A really wimpy loser. And dumb. A really big loser and really, really dumb.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. stringy theory says:

    I was driving today and heard jebito on Rush slamming Trump for saying he would send the Syrians home if he becomes president. jebito thought that was terrible we should treat poor “refugees” like that. I believe jebito’s comments simply dig the hole he’s standing in even deeper. Trump knows where the voters are on the invasion of our country by foreigners, including, no doubt, terrorists.

    Liked by 1 person

    • daughnworks247 says:

      And you know what’s funny, Jeb is oblivious. Trump was okay with the 10K or so and “sure, we should help— a little” but when it went to 200K and we learned 82% of them are 18-45 year old healthy males??? NO WAY.


  10. daughnworks247 says:

    We are ready for Operation Cold Anger.
    Every Chamber of Commerce in that particular state needs to be “tweeted and facebooked”. Their members need to know what is going on as well.
    Major companies will begin “educating their workers about the political process”. Wow, that sounds a lot like union activity (Can’t wait until Trump meets with the Teamsters. Heard today, the Teacher’s union is holding off on endorsing Hillary also. Hmmmmm).
    We need to enlist as many as we can to “ditch and switch” for primary voting.
    We can swing it 5/10% fairly easily and put Rove and Donahue out of business.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. tayistheoneiwantt says:

    Just my thoughts! GOP wanted Jeb for years and Rubio was introduced as the rising star of the republican party as soon as he got to the Senate. As (from what I can see) nobody is buying Bush – along comes the propping of Carly & Rubio. Carson is also defying like Trump. Some of the others are just for fluff hoping to get donors, some numbers, drop out and pass the winnings .GOP has zillions invested – if their pre-approved, next-in line, selected candidate does not get the nomination all of the promised favors will stop. Both sides work like this – they pick who they want, direct the media what to say and print, bombard until we agree that who they picked is who we want. The media attacks at the same time, is quiet at the same time, discusses sometimes the same topics at the same time.


  12. RINOKiller says:


    RINOmey has been unleashed.

    The next operation is apparently under way


  13. Remington says:

    I would have thought I’d see this article posted around the Internet. In particular,…Maybe it’s being upstaged by the event in Oregon.


  14. bobm88 says:

    Well, crud…I took a full page screen of the guys FB page before the Chris Harper Mercer name change was made, but when I tried to put it on my twitter to share here its so compressed its unreadable.


  15. justfactsplz says:

    Operation Cold Anger. We got this. WOLVERINES! Kudos, Sundance. This will work.


  16. Piper says:

    I’m IN! Let’s do the dang thing!


  17. labrat says:

    The sisters are all in.


  18. cali says:

    Enter stage left: The GOPe recruited Colin Powell; man-o-man did he trash Trump.
    Reading his litany and condemnation yesterday made me nauseous. It is obvious that the Rovian strategy is a bit in trouble; they change the rule and set-ups as they go along. They underestimate the ‘freight train’ coming their way. I have no doubt that the establishment will be beat by their own game. There is only so much they can manipulate until it blows up in their face because these schmucks and their arrogance has no bounds.

    The ‘Cold Anger’ is real! It has never reached such heights; living here in a dominant and uber-liberal city there is discontent I have not seen before.

    It will take me a little bit to digest this post thinking about doing my part.


  19. If the RNC gives Bush the nomination….for the first time ever….I WILL NOT


  20. millard fillmore says:

    It’s pretty funny,some dumb media cluck today was breathlessly touting that rich contributors were giving to candidates other than Trump,so it must be all over.Trump supporters already know he’s funding his own campaign right now,so who is the dumb cluck fooling?


  21. In NYS, Tuesday, the Primary for both Democrats and Republicans is on April 19 — after about 30 states will have already held theirs.

    For other states:

    I’m checking the last date in NYS for switching but if anyone knows, please post it.


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