Understanding Karl Rove’s “Operation Hummingbird”…

Operation Hummingbird” an identifier given (by me) to describe a very strategic approach of Karl Rove in getting Jeb Bush the republican nomination.  “Hummingbird” describes a very a specific strategy to overcome a hurdle currently blocking Rove’s path, Donald Trump.  Often it is easier to use a descriptive term, rather than spend 300 words having to re-explain a strategy as it expands and becomes increasingly visible over time.

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch wants the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal approved.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is constructing the trade deal.  TPTA controls 40% of global manufacturing. Murdoch is Mr. Wall Street.  Murdoch is supporting Bush to get his deal.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Lobbying Efforts 2015:

Both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush support these legislative priorities.  They, along with Mitch McConnell et al, have been lobbied (campaigns paid) to support them.  Failure is not an option.  The game has been rigged.  Wall Street will not be denied. Period.

The ultimate RNC/GOPe goal is to get Jeb Bush on one side of the primary equation, and then see the DNC get Hillary Clinton on the other side.  Together they represent a Win/Win for Wall Street regardless of general election outcome.

clinton bush

This is the goal; this is the only goal; this goal will never be abandoned.  They will never stop working to deliver this goal. Trillions are at stake.  Jeb Bush is the only acceptable RNC/GOPe candidate; that’s why Jeb doesn’t even have to work hard – the outcome is pre-ordained, decided, done.  Jeb Bush will never be abandoned. Period.

There are professional GOPe participants in this race to help deliver the Jeb outcome.

The GOPe participants are:  Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki and Jim Gilmore.  8 Party insiders; 8 party loyalists; 8 party members working to support Jeb Bush.

The problem Karl Rove, the RNC/GOPe, Wall Street and the U.S. Chamber of commerce are having to deal with is Donald Trump.  They have thrown everything at him in trying to take him down.  So far, Trump has withstood all their attacks.

That’s why a few weeks before the CNN debate (Reagan) Library Karl Rove developed an alternate political strategy which can work simultaneously with, and parallel to, direct attacks.  The alternate strategy was/is “operation hummingbird“.

Op-Hummingbird was executed exactly as it was predicted in the days leading up to the CNN debate.  The Rovian GOPe strategy was quite successful as executed. In the next phase, Fox News becomes a big part of Op-Hummingbird because the target audience is Republican Primary Voters.

The ‘Op-Hummingbird’ goal is to promote Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio, and get them on either side of Donald Trump.   Once that positioning is achieved they will use their very specific political skill-sets to take Trump down with the full assistance from a U.S media which thrives on the tearing down part.   Isolate – Ridicule – Marginalize.

Op-Hummingbird began successfully on the night of the CNN debate.  The successful results were immediately broadcast.  For the past week all RNC/GOPe energy has been expended to push the Fiorina/Rubio narrative and support the ‘Hummingbird’ objective.

This FOX segment with John Roberts aired twice on Friday night, 3 times on Saturday, and 5 times during Sunday broadcast – including on Fox News Sunday (3 broadcasts).  The segment re-aired 4 times on Monday, and at least twice today.

Please Watch:

After replaying the Fiorina segment yet again, the next segment to promote is Marco Rubio.  Again, Watch:

Rove’s strategy is continuing….

When you know the goal, the outline becomes transparent.

Tom donohue 5Karl Rove

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206 Responses to Understanding Karl Rove’s “Operation Hummingbird”…

  1. RVAguy says:

    Why isn’t Rand Paul on the list of GOPe decepts?


    This cost a huge chunk of money, and the only benefit seems to be that Paul would draw a few points of support from Trump. Paul supporters aren’t Bush supports and are more likely to support Trump’s position.


  2. ann says:


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  3. Danny Miller says:

    I bet the CoC wanted the Iran deal approved as well, thus the half- hearted GOP opposition.

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  4. Michael Kirk says:

    Lets face it folks we’ve been duped … When an American billionaire whose never been a part of the political scene but can resonate with a large portion of the electorate … Then can be shut-down by what could only be called a “Conspiracy” too Trash Donald Trump .. Karl Rove and his elitist band of the “Trilateral Commission” want “Trump” out of this race & this is what were watching now

    Our election process is a joke … America has lost control of its own Government.

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    • Sandra says:

      We have to work hard to regain control. Some of us should consider running for political office, or try to be a delegate, or get involved in some other way.

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    • Polaris Indiana says:

      America needs to use the freedom and power in the 5th amendment and convene citizen grand juries to present indictments against the government traitors. It will take time to change the corrupt grand jury process that only allows prosecutors (the government) to indict. But is IS in our bill of rights!


      • Daniel Marks says:

        Polaris Indiana’s concept is correct. Conceptually, a Grand Jury can investigate and bring charges against ANY wrongdoing in its jurisdiction. Bringing these charges is called a “presentment.” The challenges of using the concept are enormous and i’ll name only three: first, jurisdiction; the grand jury has to be in the same jurisdiction that the wrongdoing occurred. An Arizona grand jury cannot present an action against a party in Washington, D.C. Second, The court that empanelled the Grand Jury has to make hay with the charges. Usually, if the prosecutor did not request the action, the court will seal the presentment’s records and it goes no where. Third, prosecutorial descretion; if the prosecuting attorney does not want to use the presentment to go forward with the charges, he does not have to do so, and the courts will not hold him to it. The court has held that the Constitution’s Art II, Section 3 clause that the President “shall see that the Laws be faithfully executed . . .” does not mean that the executive has a duty – but rather that the courts are powerless to force the executive to do its duty. The court puts the oversight back into the voters’ hands and we’re back where we started. The concept is an uphill battle, but it is a valid battle worth fighting.


  5. Spar Harmon says:

    trout fishing in America —
    so far Trump is working the fish nicely
    the hook seems firmly set, but the fish is far from exhausted…


  6. Grace Bress says:

    This is terrifying and very plausible.


  7. Ed Hill says:

    I sensed something was up with the first debate. So this is what it is all about. Well, I will not be watching Fox News any longer.


  8. George W. Demos says:

    tired of professional pols who are in it for (lack of) something better to do!!


  9. Want real change? Want people who will truly represent WE THE PEOPLE and uphold the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION? Check out the NEWEST THIRD PARTY POLITICAL GROUP. Vetetans Party of America @ http://www.veteranspartyofamerica.org. They have already picked their Presidential Candidate and running mate. They aren’t playing any political games. They are not bought by big businesses, lobbyist or special interest groups. They have no big money supporters Nd no big business supporters and do not want any. The only people they are interested in is WE THE PEOPLE, along with fully supporting and defending the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Their goal is to run people in elected offices from the local school board up to and including United States President. They want to run people agInst every incumbent that is running unaposed. Being a Veteran is not required. They are currently vetting over 400 candidates. They just announced a candidate for the Illinois Senate. Please check out the following sites for more information.


  10. Sounds similar to movies of old. Yesterdays fictions are today’s realities. Guess we have all failed world history as no lessons learned nor otherwise retained.


  11. Kathi says:

    Really? The pundits said Bush but look how he is doing in the polls. Trump is not the only one standing in his way. Carson is doing well & more importantly has strong net positives as well as showing he could win against Hillary. & he is a true conservative, unlike Trump who is an opportunist w out a conservative record. He supported single payer health care among other things. Can you say RINO?

    Trump could lose us the election. He does not treat women very well & would play right into the Dem’s phony GOP war on women. While it is still early in the campaign, Dr Ben Carson is coming on strong. He also has strong grass roots support–not big $–rather a lot of small donations & individual support, including attracting those who have not been GOP voters.

    As far as news media. Fox isn’t perfect but do you like CNN or any of the other mainstream liberal media any better? Its best to get your news from various sources since I have noticed some really biased reporting & what looks like attempts to sabotage Dr Carson’s campaign, both by CNN & mainstream media & conservative media.

    So I don’t buy all this conspiracy stuff! Sounds like its more about puffing Trump than anything else!

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  12. why are you all gving up on trump this is awful weall knew they were pushing Bush we knew that 17was crazy but Trump withstood it all. I am not throwin in the towel. I smell a rat with the vetparty that will take from Trump Sarah is not one of them I am seeing paranoia here.. Trump is not stupid that is why hejumped in He can do it we just needto stand with him he s leading In all the nine early states all he needs is to in 60% of that vote so just do what we can to knock off the others wow don’t let them lie and say they are gaining he is way up there the media is lies lies and trump knows it he knows what to do.


  13. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    I’m posting this again so my follower will not forget the Rove strategy. With knowledge comes understanding And the winner must out think his/her opponent. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.


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