BREAKING: President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey…

Trap closes.


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1,634 Responses to BREAKING: President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey…

  1. georgiafl says:

    Hey Comey, You’re Fired:

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  2. winky says:

    It is amazing how all these corrupt liberal media and people like Schumer and Pelosi are all coming out of the woodwork saying it is a “big mistake” to fire Comey… they are all running scared because with Comey they all had cover… they may shut up with their Russian BS so we can focus on going after the criminals. Wonder what criminal Hillary will say about this when she came out and said she lost the election because of Comey.

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    • Regina says:

      They look flat-out Scared, don’t they winky?

      Comey’s history goes back a long time – no doubt he’s close to J. Edgar Hoover when it comes to having dirt on people.

      Who wants to bet he’s working for some Soros/Clinton organization within six months?

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      • Maquis says:

        That would be a good time to begin his prosecution.

        His knowlege cannot be allowed to fall into the EVIL hands of Soros.


        • RG says:

          Well, I would not make any bets…he has probably been in contact with Soros for a very long time and on more matters than we will ever know. Never forget that Bill Clinton conducted the marriage ceremony of Huma and Anthony at one of the Soros estates. Wonder if Comey was invited?


  3. Regina says:

    “terminated and removed from office, effective immediately”

    From what I’ve seen, those are literal terms at a federal level – are we assuming that they seized his office, changed his passwords, etc? hehehe – no accident that this happened while he was out of town.

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  4. Sentient says:

    Just wait until Sessions exposes who made Obama’s LFBC.

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  5. Left_at_Dunkirk says:

    Comey was in-your-face corrupt. Remember, his lead investigator on the Clinton investigation had a wife who took $500,000 dollars from Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe. Comey KNEW about this and still kept the chief investigator on the case. If that isn’t in-your-face corruption then I don’t know what is. As usual with the Clintons, the payoff is right out there in the open and they are just daring anyone to do something about it. Well, President Trump called Comey’s corrupt Clintonian bluff.

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    May 9, 2017

    Trump upheld Obama’s honor when he bombed Syria. Trump has now defended Hillary’s honor by firing Comey. Why aren’t liberals congratulating and thanking Trump?

    And now a Democrat is running the FBI on an interim basis, McCabe. Trump sure knows how to shut down an investigation, doesn’t he?

    Democrats are so twisted with hate. Going to destroy themselves.

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    • Ron says:

      Yup. Keep in mind that Mike Flynn was a democrat, too!

      Trump keeps doing right by all these Democrats, but yet they won’t even thank him for it, geesh!


  7. tim glave says:

    Now Andrew McCabe is the acting director. Another firing is imminent.

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    • Left_at_Dunkirk says:

      Just because his wife is the one who took big $$$ from the Clinton machine while McCabe was “investigating” Hillary? Say it ain’t so!


  8. NYVoter says:


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  9. dobbsfan says:

    I can’t help but laugh at that snuffaluffagus Chuck Schumer. He doesn’t understand the firing of Comey?? Wasn’t it last November, after Comey’s (Hillary) letter went out, that he had “lost confidence” in him as Director of the FBI?
    The Hand of God on their shoulders couldn’t help these liberal idiots.

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  10. Better yet, this guy. Just for the entertainment value alone of watching DC swamprats’ heads explode.
    – from a thread off FR.

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    • mysticrose80 says:

      Okay, so I know a number of people have floated the idea of Sheriff Clarke, but Bannon would be an interesting pick (hey, a woman can dream!). I also love the idea of Bongino as well!

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  11. Twitter storm incoming

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  12. Binkser1 says:

    Good riddance you arrogant piece of excrement .

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    This afternoon, the White House announced that James Comey would be removed as Director of the FBI upon the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Deputy Attorney Rosenstein cited Mr. Comey’s public announcement of his findings in July 2016, derogatory statements he made about Secretary Clinton at the time, his letter to Congress informing them of his decision to reopen the FBI’s investigation into Mrs. Clinton after uncovering emails on personal devices belonging to former Congressman Anthony Weiner among other actions Comey had taken which the Deputy Attorney General descripted as a violation of Comey’s obligation to “preserve, protect and defend” the traditions of the FBI.

    Upon news of Comey’s removal, Julian Assange tweeted that a source within the FBI had informed him that the Bureau would begin leaking documents from the investigation. He urged the FBI to release documents in full to prevent any misrepresentations by the press. On the heels of Assange’s announcement, an additional source claimed that the Deputy Attorney General will now oversee a new Clinton probe following Comey’s dismissal, and would do so in close proximity to acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe for lack of trust.

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  14. chojun says:

    Make no mistake. This is a HUGE hit to the D.C. swamp. Comey himself may very well have been the drain plug to the swamp.

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  15. dbcaldave says:

    Like Diamond and Silk been sayin’ Comey is NOT our Homey.

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    • anthohmy says:

      This has been a surface my hypocrisy party, too. Our natures seem such that we want to find something wrong with those we have pre-judged poorly or are in the wrong party and justify the actions of those we like. I do it. I’ve even thought “Oh God please don’t let -THAT ONE over there be wrong…”

      The great irony is in a world with try spy craft, espionage, infiltration, and exfiltration it has crossed my mind that sometimes good people have taken the mantle of bad people and all the arrows that come with it.

      There are matters of grave national security at stake here, not the fodder for the daily tweet, and likely the fodder for just the opposite. There are things going on we will never know about, people who bear burdens we never see, Patriots who earn their stripes by allowing themselves to be seen as enemies.

      If lying to the public prevents the next 9/11 and it happens at a Congressional Hearing by a member of the IC, that’s cool, right?

      Sometimes we demand the truth when we shouldn’t have it.

      Today is the anniversary of a day when people were injured by the fire balloons the Japanese dropped near Klamath Falls, one of multiple incidents the country never knew about and thus the Japanese never know their program actually was successful.

      I bet there are a few people in this mix who could say “Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do…”

      God let it not be Brennan.


  16. ZC says:

    What a marvelous day this has been.

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  17. Maquis says:

    Oh, wow. WOW!

    I wish I was capable of finding a comment I made several weeks ago, in which I suggested that PDJT could remove Comey simply by citing the manner in which he handled the Clinton affair.

    It’s not often I nail something like this. 😃

    I am very pleased that the President has removed this twisted Black Hat Obfusticator in Chief.

    Now we may see just what Comey was hiding by dragging out pointless investigations that he even concealed from Congress.

    This is a good day for our Nation.


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  18. PBR Street Gang says:

    What do Treepers think about Trey Gowdy as FBI director? Is he too political? Did Benghazi damage the man? Curious about what you guys think…


    • Maquis says:

      Too weak. Too corrupt. Too self-serving. Too incompetent. Too parsel-tongued. Too much a willing sock puppet for the Uniparty; conducting “investigations” to distract the hoi-polloi that go no-where and accomplish nothing, by design. Too vain. Too compromised.

      I could go on, but I’ll leave it to others to help illustrate what a disappointing phony Trey Gowdy is. Definitely not on PDJT’s list.

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    • Maquis says:

      The man damaged Bengazi, not the other way around. But yes, that is his crown jewel of promising red meat and producing little more than a foul odor.

      This was his charter, “make it look good, but take a fall in the ninth…” He is Uniparty through and through.

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    • PBR Street Gang says:

      Trey did drag the Benghazi hearing into the summer of 2016, which kept the evil Killary in the public conscious. I’ll give him that…


  19. PBR Street Gang says:

    I appreciate the way it was done yesterday at 5:30 eastern time. Comey, the ultimate Black Hat, was known to be jetting to Florida and California. I heard a talking head say it was a failure of the Trump people to not know Comey wasn’t in the District of Corruption.

    It was the plan. Our President Trump isn’t want to do things unplanned. It was 3:30 pacific time and Comey thought it was a joke the LA office was playing when he saw people pointing to the TV and telling him, “You’re Fired!” Ha ha ha. Comey cancelled a speech and jetted off into the sunset. I hope he has to pay for that trip out of pocket.

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    • Maquis says:

      He jetted AWAY from the Sunset…into the darkness of a future filled with booby-traps of his own making.

      Can you imagine how many Rolaids he’s scarfing down right now?

      And yes, President Trump handled this brilliantly. It’s like Christmas every day!

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    • Kathy says:

      Another “timing” factor may have been Hillary’s public statement — just days ago — that SHE would be president if not for Comey’s letter. Wouldn’t this make a lot of Liberals feel anger toward James Comey, so much so that they wished he were punished in some way.

      Okay, so President Trump fires Comey (a desired punishment), but the MSM and Democrats are calling it a mistake. Liberals must be VERY confused right now!

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      • doofusdawg says:

        Comey was fired to get Sally Yates’ massacre of the republican male establishment off the front pages and hinder her political trajectory. Period.


        • Kathy says:

          I don’t believe gender, politics, or the media were factors in President Trump’s decision to fire James Comey. After demonstrating a clear pattern of failing to uphold justice — the primary responsibiility Mr. Comey swore to perform — it was simply time for him to be replaced.

          But isn’t it grand when a seriously good decision yields an amusing bonus, such as the one provided by Comey’s firing just days after Hillary’s statement? Imagine Liberals palming their temples from the conflict between their emotions and intellect … “We hate Trump. Trump did a good thing. Huh? Wait? This does not compute! This does not compute!”

          Some of these sheeple — attempting to recover from confusion — might eventually realize they’ve been victims of weaponized liberal journalism. But I can’t hold my breath long for this, because I’m too busy chuckling.


  20. Atticus says:

    Oh, to be a “fly on the wall” at the Clinton compound.
    Bet it’s just ducky there…

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  21. Howie says:

    Russia Scheme at risk in MSM!! HAHAHA! Wailing and flailing for ‘special prosecutor’ to continue coverup. That is their last hope to prevent exposure of their crimes.


    • Maquis says:

      That prosecutor will never happen. The MSM can suck it. Soon, we will be collaborating with Russia on Syria and beyond.

      The Big Three. Not your father’s Cold War.

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  22. Howie says:

    Trump opens fire!

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  23. Howie says:

    I will go with Rosenstein. He had enough Spunk to quickly fire Comey. Works for me. Looks like Sessions was playin’ possum.


  24. moe ham head says:



  25. I’ll bet Trump has already moved on to the next problem while the MSM runs narrative after narrative on Comey and the Russian boogie men for weeks to come.

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  27. anthohmy says:

    Wait a minute. It’s not the bureaus responsibility to opine about whether a matter should be prosecuted or not?

    Whose is it, then?

    Should America vote by texting #1 for yes or #2 for no?

    The very decision to bring a case or not bring a case to prosecutors for prosecution is an opinion.

    “This guy did it”

    Didn’t Comey “recommend” that HRC be prosecuted for Whitewater? Or is that malarkey?

    My head is really spinning now.

    And what are the procedures for when the AG is compromised if everybody around him or her is as well?


    The longer I look at that letter the more chaotic it gets. There are a couple of alternatives seeping into my pea brain, but they are too marvelous for my mind to take hold of.

    Maybe I’m just being a snowflake but this chapter produces a certain sadness.

    And glee at the thought of those fellas sitting around crafting scenarios. Golden Showers for a germaphobe. Behaving badly with the Australians? Threatening them?

    It’s as good as that Spicey first press Yellin’ conference on Pink Pussy day with that open mic for an hour. I imagine I am missing 90% of the spectacle.

    These guys have made life worth living again.

    So Holder was saying Comey couldn’t recommend Holder be prosecuted? Did I read that correctly, and that the Justice Department is supposed to behave differently in election years?

    “The first tot tell a story seems right.
    Until another comes along and examines him”

    I’ll be dead before this is all fleshed out, as the Great SD articulates.


  28. Credit that ta it this president does, certainly his daughters estan very good


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