Alliances – Tokyo Electron Will Not Provide Semiconducter Equip to Trump Blacklist Chinese Clients…

There’s always a larger geopolitical dynamic when you assess the economic alliances that President Trump puts together…. Always and underlying plan…  Sometimes it just takes time to surface.

As we have noted, even going back to 2017, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe always appeared to be the fulcrum for President Trump’s Indo-Pacific strategy.  

Remember the trip to Japan as honored guests of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako at the Imperial Palace?  Remember last month’s (May 25th) unprecedented reception with the titans of Japanese business?  Remember the private reception set up by a very nervous U.S. Ambassador William F. Hagerty?  A reception with the most influential business CEO’s in Japan and Southeast Asia? 


TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s Tokyo Electron, the world’s No.3 supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, will not supply to Chinese clients blacklisted by Washington, a senior company executive told Reuters.

The decision shows how Washington’s effort to bar sales of technology to Chinese firms, including Huawei Technologies, is ensnaring non-American firms that are not obliged to follow U.S. law.

China, which is locked in a crippling trade war with the United States, is pushing to build its semiconductor industry to reduce its reliance on U.S., Japanese and European suppliers for chip-making machinery.

“We would not do businesses with Chinese clients with whom Applied Materials and Lam Research are barred from doing businesses,” the executive said, referring to the top U.S. chip equipment firms.

“It’s crucial for us that the U.S. government and industry see us as a fair company,” he said, citing Tokyo Electron’s long U.S. partnership since the 1960s, when it started off as an importer of U.S. equipment.

He did not want to be named given the sensitivity of the matter. Applied Materials and Lam Research declined to comment.

Another major Japanese chip equipment supplier is also considering halting shipments to blacklisted Chinese firms, a person familiar with the matter said.

“The issue is beyond something we can decide on our own,” said the person, who also declined to be identified.

Executives at other equipment suppliers said they were communicating closely with the Japanese industry ministry. (read more)

Now the design of President Trump’s multidimensional strategy to confront China gains clarity.  Now we see the benefits of personal investment…

President Trump is executing one of the most brilliant geopolitical economic resets in the history of global trade. It really is stunningly remarkable how President Trump has controlled the entire landscape. The consequential phase has begun.

It is fascinating how the financial pundits didn’t see this coming. Perhaps one of the best indicators of where things are comes from this quote within the South China Post:

…“The Administration’s Section 301 tariffs and China’s retaliatory tariffs will now further disrupt – or even break – many thousands of supply chains in both countries.”…

[Nelson Dong, a senior partner at Dorsey & Whitney]

The quote by Nelson Dong is stated *as if* shifting/breaking supply chains is a flaw in the approach. It’s not. Exactly the opposite is true; this is a feature of the strategic reset.  A specific and purposeful feature designed by President Trump.

What Dong is predicting is the deconstruction of “one-belt, one-road”.

As President Trump highlights, over time (and it won’t take long) there will be an exodus of multinational manufacturing away from China.  Corporations will shift their purchase agreements, manufacturing and assembly plans to ASEAN countries outside the investment ‘risk zone’ that is now China.

Notice some of the nuance (specific references) within President Trump’s tweets. Japan, Vietnam (President Trang Dai Quang), South Korea (KORUS), Philippines and India are positioned to pick-up business.

To counteract the predictable exodus the Chinese state-run enterprises (and banks) will offer incentives to retain the corporate manufacturing business. This process means China, in essence, subsidizes the tariffs:

China has no choice if they want to retain their economic model. Remember, China’s economy is deep (manufacturing) but also narrow. They are dependent on raw materials, customers and market access. {Go Deep}

Additionally, President Trump announced he has not made any decision on the next phase of 25% tariffs on the remaining $350 billion in Chinese products.  He doesn’t need to.  Merely the possibility of additional tariffs will pause any further investment; and some companies not currently impacted will make decisions to avoid the possibility of impact.

President Trump has walked Chairman Xi into a trap.  There is only downside for China in the current dynamic.  In an effort to avoid the downside, China will bleed cash to retain their economic position…. However, this can only last so long.

President Trump knows the strength of our U.S. position is that our economy is deep and wide.  The U.S. is a self-sustaining economy.  Almost 80% of our internal production and manufacturing is purchased within our own market.

In the big picture – economic strength is an outcome of the ability of a nation, any nation, to support itself first and foremost. If a nations’ economy is dependent on other nations to survive it is less strong than a nation whose economy is more independent.

The reality of China as a dependent economic model; heck, they cannot even feed themselves; puts them at greater risk from the effects of global economic contraction.  However, more importantly it puts China at risk from President Trump’s strategic use of geopolitical economic leverage to weaken their economy.  Trump is exploiting that risk.

As things go forward, China cannot sustain a long-term economic conflict with the U.S.  As each day passes the ASEAN alliance will see inbound investment grow as companies pull-out of China and invest in Japan, S-Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, India etc.

The GDP of our allies (including Mexico, think recent ‘migration deal’) grows, and the controlled GDP of China, as an adversary, shrinks.

(LA Times) GoPro Inc. will move most of its U.S.-bound camera production out of China by summer, becoming one of the first brand-name electronics makers to take such action to minimize the impact of the U.S.-China trade war.

“Today’s geopolitical business environment requires agility,” GoPro Chief Financial Officer Brian McGee said in a statement Monday. “We’re proactively addressing tariff concerns.” The company is still deciding where to put the manufacturing operation. (more)

All of this was entirely predictable.  President Trump and Ambassador Lighthizer told the world what to expect in 2017:

Da Nang, Vietnam – United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer today released the following statement in response to President Trump’s speech on trade between the United States and the Indo-Pacific region, at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit (emphasis mine):

“The President spoke loud and clear: the era of trade compromised by massive state intervention, subsidies, closed markets and mercantilism is ending. Free, fair and reciprocal trade that leads to market outcomes and greater prosperity is on the horizon.

“President Trump understands that too many nations talk about free trade abroad, only to shield their economies behind tariff and non-tariff barriers at home. The United States will no longer allow these actions to continue, and we are willing to use our economic leverage to pursue truly fair and balanced trade.

“I look forward to doing as the President instructed me and to pursue policies that will improve the lives of our workers, farmers and ranchers.” (link)

  • Kiyotaka Ise, President of Aisin Seiki
  • Peter Jennings, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Noriyuki Inoue, Chairman of Daikin Industries
  • Koji Arima, President and Chief Executive Officer of DENSO
  • Hiroyuki Ochiai, President of Fuel Total System
  • Toshiaki Higashihara, Chairman of Hitachi
  • Toshiaki Mikoshiba, Chairman and Director of Honda
  • Masatsugu Nagato, President and Chief Executive Officer of Japan Post Holdings Co.
  • Yuzaburo Mogi, Honorary Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Kikkoman
  • Akira Marumoto, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mazda
  • Ken Kobayashi, Chairman of Mitsubishi Corporation (Trading House)
  • Masaki Sakuyama, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Seiji Izumisawa, President and Chief Executive Officer for Mitsubishi Heavy Industry
  • Nobuyuki Hirano, Chairman and Corporate Executive for Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.
  • Shigenobu Nagamori, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer for Nidec Corporation
  • Hiroto Salikawa, President and Chief Executive Officer for Nissan
  • Junko Nakagawa, Executive Managing Director for Nomura Asset Management Co.
  • Hiroshi Mikitani, Chief Executive Officer for Rakuten
  • Yasuhiko Saitoh, President of Shin-Etsu Chemical
  • Masayoshi Son, Chief Executive Officer of Softbank
  • Masayoshi Fujimoto, President and Chief Executive Officer for Sojtz
  • Shiro Kambe, Executive Vice President for Sony
  • Tomomi Nakamura, President of Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries)
  • Masayuki Hyodo, Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sumitomo Corporation
  • Takeshi Niinami, President and Chief Executive Officer of Suntory
  • Christoph Weber, President and Chief Executive Officer of Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co.
  • Michiaki Hirose, Chairman of Tokyo Gas Co.
  • Satoshi Tsunakawa, President of Toshiba Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota
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86 Responses to Alliances – Tokyo Electron Will Not Provide Semiconducter Equip to Trump Blacklist Chinese Clients…

  1. CorwinAmber says:

    OK, I may not be tired of winning…but I am exhausted

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  2. God bless our magnificent President Trump.

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  3. Sentient says:

    Biden: “What’s a fulcrum?”

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  4. markjohnson2303 says:

    Tomorrow North Korea “tests” a missle with a trajectory towards Japan.


  5. TarsTarkas says:

    I don’t see Xi ending the trade war. He would lose too much face. It’s either him or Trump that must go. Exposure of Han Imperial connections to politicians in DC are key to winning.

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  6. I’m sure the MSM will be picking up on this story in 1…2…3. Nothing to see here, move along!


  7. Johnny says:

    And Now the whole world is starting to realize the United States of America has a real President for the first time since Reagan and his name is President Donald J Trump. I am very proud of everything this man has accomplished. The rest of DC can go to hell.

    It is amazing what happens when we elect Patriots, not sell outs to the rest of the world.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      Hey, bring 50% of Apple Chi a to the US, and then the other 50% to a friendly nation.


      • Remember that POTUS visit to Foxconn’s new campus in Wisconsin?

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        • MaineCoon says:



        • Henry chance says:

          Foxconn another enigma. 1 million workers and headquartered …Taiwan. They are integrated in a lot of supply chains. At one point, most of the parts in a Dell desktop came from IBM, final assembly in Texas and 600 border crossings in the computer. They are at risk having too much invested in China. Apple buys from Samsung. Assembly by Foxconn.

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        • A Belle says:

          This is to good by ½. A lot of liberal media (boy those folks are stupid) in (ON!) WISCONSIN are saying FoxConn is reneging on its deal. So Foxconn’s CEO (Gou) is running for President of Taiwan. What better way to wow the folks back home in Taiwan then to be a close pal of the President of the most powerful nation in the history of mankind?

          Gou wants to be president of Taiwan. Trump wants Wisky (Wisconsin) electoral votes again. Gou comes to WISCONSIN with Trump to announce the multi, multi million dollar contracts signed and started. Gou smiles, Trump smiles, (ON!) Wisconsin workers smile…..winning!

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    • Chip Doctor says:

      Johnny, I second your comment. I too am so proud of PDJT. As I was looking at the photos above, it struck me how proud I am of our First Lady. So classy. It makes me sick when I think about Obama running around bowing to dictators while carrying around that “dude” that he calls his wife.

      Sundance, thank you for everything you do. You have turned me into a China/Trade news junkie. I used to care, but was relatively uninformed. Now I anxiously wait for your economy related articles.

      I love your paragraph where you state that PT has drawn Xi into a lose lose trap. POTUS is doing this to Mexico, Mitch McConnell, Tom Donahue, John Brennan, Jim Comey, nervous Nancy, doofus Nadler and so many others. I believe I will puff my chest out a bit. I am so proud of my President and his lovely wife. MAGA!

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  8. SarahB says:

    In the group picture of the suits, I was wondering if the guy in the light blue suit felt out of place.
    Then I got to wondering why Whoopi Goldberg is in the right rear corner all alone by the door.
    Rodman in N Korea, Goldberg in Japan. I see a pattern.


  9. sarasotosfan says:

    I’ll go out on a branch and predict a long range rocket FAIL to be seen soon out of North Korea.


  10. Publius2016 says:

    From President Xi perspective, China put everything into Uniparty…they are waiting 45 out…their problem is Americans are America First!


  11. Perot Conservative says:

    I believe India is in a grey zone right now.

    Fantastic. Get USMCA and Japan signed, and then tariff the EU (Germany). And when will Germany raise it’s cheap 1$ NATO contribution to 2%?


    • Yes India confuses me as I don’t get enough from this site to determine their motives. I understand they are quite protectionist (who supplies their cars,buses, etc). They have been the recipient of loads of outsourcing both domestic and foreign.
      I see many comments about their poor quality engineers, but I think those may be the post-education imports rather than the ones schooled here. My brother is an EE and knows many good ones.
      Lots and of questions. Maybe Sundance can outsource those posts to a like-minded, trusted source.

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    • I did not double post. Odd


  12. Sean Supsky says:

    Everything was spoken load and clear by President Trump. He said exactly what would happen, that is now happening.

    The difference between our President Trump and the other Presidents we have had are two-fold:

    1.) President Trump works for America First

    2.) President Trump keeps his word.

    As to point # 2, some may point out that he says lots of things, thendoesn’t do the things that he says he is going to do, for example, he didn’t place tariffs on Mexico like he said he would. He didn’t pull out of NATO.

    Out of these two examples, they were conditional, that is, if something was or was not done, then they would be activated, based upon the resulting negotiations.

    Mexico promised to deliver. No tariffs now…wait and see approach. (As Sundance has pointed out innumerable times.)

    Essentially the same applies to the NATO Countries….they need to pay their way. A wait and see approach exists with this one too.

    Okay, you say, what about releasing all of the documents? Is that another wait and see approach too?

    To clarify, in a word, no. He did not say he would release them to the public, never said that.

    But, you say, that is what was intimated.

    He said that he, President Trump, would be declassifying everything when they, who they are, is William Barr and his crew, needed them. He allowed Mr. Barr to have DECLASSIFICATION AUTHORITY, that is, he, President Trump, gave him, Mr. Barr, the full powers to declassify as he needed.

    We could go on and on about what President Trump said and what was done.

    I tell you, listen to what is said, not what you THINK is meant.

    Thank you. have a great day.

    God bless.

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  13. bacillus says:

    I wonder what the additive effect has been of Americans deliberately avoiding buying Made in China since all this started.

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  14. Johnny says:

    Are the Wall Street (So Called Wolves) jumping from the rooftops yet?

    Sorry I forgot it will take a couple of days for their drug addled brains to catch on, that this is a Bull market, and the Bull in the China shop lives in the White House.


  15. Muthaucker says:

    Trump does not really want a trade deal with China. He wants to crush them.

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    • Johnny says:

      I am fine with that!

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    • Pyrthroes says:

      Trump does not oppose the Chinese people’s competitive economic well-being, quite the contrary. But as a septuagenarian realist who came of age during Khrushchev and Mao’s foot-banging UN plus Great Leap starvation phase, our forceful and withal puissant President is setting the post-Postwar World on a free-market, non-dirigiste course designed to maximize production-trading benefits for all concerned.

      From c. AD 1600 on, commercial-industrial and scientific progress in the Western world has radically transformed all aspects of global culture at accelerating rates of 125, 100, 75, 50, finally just 25 years to 1975. (That’s 1725, 1825, 1900, 1950, 1975.) From AD 2000 on, coincident with the end of Earth’s Holocene Interglacial Epoch in AD 1350 plus a 140-year rebound from the subsequent 500-year Little Ice Age that ended 1850/1890, from c. AD 2030 a 70+ year Grand Solar Minimum similar to that of 1645 – 1715 will have driven hyperlinked “symbiontic” populations via planetary “skyhooks” to gigantic intrasolar refugia drifting autonomously ever outward, to the stars.

      Anyone who doubts this technologically conservative scenario (which neglects quantum telesponding, among other things) might recall how 1800 foresaw 1899, how 1900 projected 1999… by AD 2250, today’s paltry Earth-bound sensibilities will seem as parochial, short-sighted, as Ferdinand and Isabella’s in pre-Columbian days.


  16. Marygrace Powers says:

    POTUS said it from the start/FREE,

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  17. So, therefore, we must IMMEDIATELY employ 70+ year old men and women … people who actually remember people like John Dean … to EXPEL THIS PERSON (AND HIS VEEP, JUST FOR GOOD MEASURE) FROM OFFICE(!) … (who gives a damn anymore what the “high crimes and misdemeanors” are supposed to be) … so that we can return to OUR COMFORT ZONE: JOE BIDEN.

    Yeah … can’t wait …

    (P.S.: Can’t anyone please tell these people that “average human life span” was put there for a reason?) … oops, sorry … that last bit IS a bit “too catty.” Sorry.


  18. Mike says:

    TRUMP MAGA !!!

    Still pinching myself to make sure this is all real !

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  19. ATheoK says:

    “China, which is locked in a crippling trade war with the United States, is pushing to build its semiconductor industry to reduce its reliance on U.S., Japanese and European suppliers for chip-making machinery.”

    Now China can design and build their own chip manufacturing facility building their own chip designs.
    With oddly designed and even more oddly constructed equipment that can not be maintained.
    Using metals that are not proper alloys for the task,
    Machined to loose standards and often hand finished by file,

    That should put chip technology back to single layer larger than micrometer level circuits.

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    • Raised on Reagan says:

      Spot on. You know Chinese manufacturing well!


      • JohninMK says:

        That’s a bit too sweeping a comment, whilst clearly many products, especially those built to a customer specified price, are cheaply made, I don’t see any file marks on either my i-Phone or i-Pad nor many other Chinese built products.

        The strategic problem, as well as the lost profits to US corporations and shareholders, is that these actions will force the Chinese to make their own future chip production equipment instead of happily buying it off the US, incidentally helping to reduce the balance of payments deficit. This move is unlikely to affect the current production technologies already in place. It will take them a few years to move to that next step in technology level but that will mean another US horse has bolted.

        Interestingly a large amount of US originated/funded R&D is now in or is moving to Israel. Not a country known for economic self sacrifice in its dealings with pariah states. Given the influence that country has over the US political system it will be interesting to see what happens if, more likely when given the potential payoff, this or other advanced technology is exported from there.

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    • georgehumphries9802 says:

      So they want to build their own chip-making machines. So their own chips can be used in their own products. To be sold to their own citizens. It will be fun to see how their own economy exists without US customers!


  20. LeslieKay says:

    Sake rounds for everyone!

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  21. todayistheday99 says:

    My advice is to closely watch Alphabet (parent of Google) as they would be more than happy to facilitate undermining the Trump administration and get China semi equipment through alternative means.

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  22. Query says:

    At first the Chinese surprised me, for supposed legendary long term thinkers they seemed to have a very limited event horizon. China has many vulnerabilities, relatively the US’s has few, the greatest being self loathing, kept, politicians who are starting to understand the Don isn’t one of their collective.
    Then I understood that the Chinese will out wait PDJT and whoever his inevitably policy degraded successor. An American Gothic.


  23. Grandma Covfefe says:

    So would that mean that China would start to lose their hold on countries they’re trying to conquer since they’ll have less/no money to invest in?

    I sure hope so… far as I’m concerned, Communist China can disappear into their maelstrom .

    I feel badly for the Chinese and pray the people will find a way out, and then rebel against CCP. (China Communist Party) one more time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • woodstuff says:

      Agree, Grandma. And I hope their military will be depleted also. The Communist party puts military above the citizens to keep control. I hope there is a point where this will not work and control is lost. Hunger and firearms would be necessary.


  24. sucesfuloser says:

    I wonder if China gets pinched enough, will they cut back aid to Rocket Man, and in that moment hand North Korea an excuse to turn westward; always best to align oneself with a winner. Russia will be the first canary in those mines, will they cool down their relationship with the bamboo bunch? Is it possible that today’s release of the Russian journalist, with no fanfare, a step in our direction? Russian journalists seem to be decent and fair; there’s nothing wrong with loving your own country.

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    • 68chevymike says:

      My fantasy is that PDJT and Kim Jong Un are already discussing NK’s break from China, with Kim (and PDJT) dreaming Sundance’s quote above becomes “South Korea, North Korea (KORUS), Philippines and India are positioned to pick-up business.” Only PDJT with God’s help could pull that one off.

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  25. srmikeinohio says:

    DJT should be President FOREVER!!! MAGA!!!

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  26. 335blues says:

    Keep in mind the biggest threat to world peace and economic stability is communist china.
    President Trump is not only saving America, he is saving western society.
    The very western society that has raised the standard of living of all those countries
    who have, or are in the process of embracing some form of capitalism that allows
    citizens who are willing to work hard to better themselves, their family, and their way of life.
    Freedom that is impossible in a communist country.
    Especially communist china, a country where tens of thousands of chinese
    people are murdered every year by the communist party for not wanting
    to be a communist slave.

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  27. Rick Myles says:

    The voters will give Trump a 2nd term. But the Democrat aligned vote tabulators in key battleground states are preparing MASSIVE false ballot manufacturing and crooked tabulation of illegal votes to deny Trump wins in those key states — under the protection of Democrat Governors and AGs and Secs of State. GOP must have a proactive plan` to stop this through legal intervention. As of now they do not. Some GOP leaders want the Democrats to succeed.

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  28. Athena the Warrior says:

    This is such a YUGE, YUGE deal. Japanese capacitors alone are top of the line gold standard. You lose access to their semiconductor industry and you might as well fold up shop and go home.

    Bonus round is that Joe and Hunter Biden along with Chris Heinz and their huge deals with China will also be hurt.



    • cthulhu says:

      Actually, back in the day (different company from the robot guys), we used Johanson caps for all chip caps — made in California. We ran small lots, so the SMT thermal profiles were rougher than optimal, and we’d notice that “quality” Japanese “top-of-the-line gold-standard” capacitors tended to weaken and delaminate much more often than the Johansons. Being that debugging and reworking blown caps is such a pain, we decided to go with all Johansons in the stockroom.

      The same line of reasoning also contributed to our standardizing on 1% metal-film resistors. Debugging one board with a nominal 5% actual 7% carbon resistor costs about the same as the price differential for 100,000 metal film 1% resistors.

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  29. cthulhu says:

    I’ve been in the semiconductor equipment business as a supplier. Tokyo Electron, Applied Materials, LAM and others are not just big whales — they’re surrounded by an entire ecosystem. The company I was with made wafer-handling robots for process tools. There was enough expertise within our company to supply all the bigs. If China thinks they can dodge sanctions and tariffs by replicating Applied Materials……where the hell are they going to get the wafer-handling robots? Other companies specialized in vacuum or exotic gas processes — you can bet your sweet bippy that Applied farmed that pain-in-the-a** out.

    In the US, it is assumed that you can focus on parts of the product where you can add value, and just buy components from other companies where value is also added (and captured). You compete with peers, but you may both source from the same suppliers. In China, they steal from peers and expect suppliers to blindly fall-in-line. “Just sell me a bunch of prealigners at the same cost and with the same specs as you sell to LAM…..” — as well as expecting to capture all the value themselves in the long run.

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    • JohninMK says:

      I am sure that the shareholders and employees of those companies will be delighted that their largest customer country has suddenly gone. Wonder if current orders will be allowed through, if so expect a slew of backdated same.

      This could lead to layoffs and other problems in the supply chain you mention.

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  30. faridrushdi says:

    When I was a kid growing up in the ’60s, “China” was Taiwan and today’s China was “Red China.” They were referred to as “Chicoms,” Chinese communists. Taiwan was always in the news, Chang Kai Chek, who lost to Mao in the post WWII fight against the communists, fled to an almost barren island and made it a jewel of the Orient. Presidents traveled to meet Chang; they were our friend. Red China was a nothing blot on the map.

    Both China’s were in the U.N., but in 1971 a vote recognized mainland China as the only true China. China declared Taiwan as a “renegade province” and they have been on near war footing since. Without the U.S. presence there, Taiwan would have been taken long ago.

    Today, Donald Trump gets in trouble for taking a congratulatory call from the Taiwanese leadership and China takes all of our jobs. They were one of our closest allies and we dumped them to gain trade with Li Xiannian’s China in the 1980s. My beloved Ronald Reagan visited there and had in-depth discussions with Li about Taiwan. That’s when jobs started leaving and we left Taiwan. I love Reagan, and maybe he knew something I didn’t, but I’ve always felt uncomfortable about how we stranded Taiwan.

    History lesson, I know, but I see these guys who used to all wear green army uniforms and carry Mao’s “Little Red Book” and wonder how things changed so fast.

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  31. OhNoYouDont says:

    China’ / Hong Kong issue continues

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  32. mtk says:

    Identifing the problem, leads to solutions.
    I’ve been wanting to state this for sometime.

    First, lets identify, “Why corporate America is in bed in China?”
    Is not a question of ideological betrayal of Western values( a conspiracy) to seek an answer to, “Why multinational interests do business with mainland China?”

    Stop the presses, wait just one second? WTF, there is underlining reason to why USA multinational corporations do business in mainland China in the face of getting a raw deal on intellectual property.

    Which is to say, the devil is in the details, details the MSM narrative of the CoC of having moved the goal posts from actively covering, so much so NONE even question, “How to state the question/inquiry and be self-reflective?”

    An issue that is actually highlighted in economic employment data but is NOT COVERED in a self-awariness manner, i.e. “Brute honesty” is to follow.

    it is so much easier to play political football and bury the hard inquiries, “The looking in the mirror of self examination?”

    Cutting to the chase!!!

    The reason why, “American multinationals bend over backwards is ‘OUR OWN CULTURAL FAILURE.”

    Stop and think about this for a moment, outside of political soundbites.
    What I am saying, is that in the actual endeavor to deliver a mass consumer product, it is CONSTRAINED by economic factors that identify social realities that are at the heart of the problem. Factors, multinationals have had to grapple with for sometime.
    Let me, caution this… “It is not something, the Multinational Corporations have woken up to and decided, *How do we F the American Middle Class?”
    That is the misconception.

    It is a dynamic that has been exposed by the fall of the bipolar world of two world orders… Capitalism and Communism that was supposedly marked by the fall of CCCP Russia.

    BS. Yes I say BS. Not for the reason that play into soundbites and trigger reflective responces.

    The reason it is BS, it is pure logistics.
    “The American economy is unable to generate social cohesiveness”
    Remember, I started out saying there is is reason multinational corporations are hell bent against the middle class.
    The reason is simple, “The CULTURE, the work force CAN NOT BE DELIVERED!

    Name me one, just one American community where, A multinational production concern, “”Can go, deliver 50,000 workers, willing to buckle down, and leave their personal BS at the time click. “THAT IS WHY, multinationals are so beholding to CHINA.”
    The chinese can produce those numbers.

    Once, that insight is entered into the analysis, then a circumspect can be achieved!!!

    It is NOT that American values(independancy of fair wages not withstanding) of production can be acheived, It is that socially “We can not put 50,000 American to work in a given social community to achieve a production goal.

    Stop an think about it, take APPLE phones, and say, “What community APPLE can enbed in the USA and delivery 50,000 plus people willing to dispence with their own personal BS and buckle down to produce 2/3 of the market of actual phones delivered.

    Yes, I am making this observation based on 30 years of experience in the work force!

    THEy CAnT.

    Thus, identifying the reasos why, Multinational Corporations are embed with main china. “China can deliver these workers.
    And, thus why, Corporate America is so beholden with mainland China.

    It is a failure of our culture!!!! Period.

    The failure, “Is not being open, and confronting the ideology of individual vs society. An identity that fell to the wayside with the end of the cold war.” A position that millennials can identify with these days, because they can’t. Sad, but true.

    Make no mistake, “No multinational is going address this failure, their concerns are short term, their concerns are driven by a long term outlook that is guided by practical political solutions that deliver short term results.

    That folks is the reason why, “We are in bed in China!”

    Until, we as a society arrive at a fundenental examination, we(MAGA interests) will be scoffed at as not living in the real world by the capital class.
    I am not saying there are easy answers, I am saying, start to look at the problem through this lens to be taken seriously.
    The mobile, capital class identify with our concerns( conservativism) they just see a wash of identity not aligned, with many voices actually unable understand the dynamic.
    Before, you sound off, understand, I am citing the tip of the spear of capitalism vs socialism ideology.

    Get it, the future is ripe to make major in roads on the progressive, libertrain movement if “”You’ll just understand this dynamic, and how it is being hedged”

    Basically, many Bernie’s supporters are conflicted with individualism verse nationalism, and have no reasonable guidence to the personal conflict of laying aside their individual identity towards a national goal.
    A goal they seek to fill none the less. A void that is being filled with nonsence by not identifying the problem.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. redline says:

    “In an effort to avoid the downside, China will bleed cash to retain their economic position…”

    That policy will worsen China’s already-precarious debt position more quickly than almost anything else they could do, but they have very little choice.

    When President Trump again gets around to tightening the screws on Europe, China’s economic sniffles-and-cough could turn into fiscal pneumonia. Or tuberculosis.


  34. Your Tour Guide says:


    Remember those days well. Also remember many,
    many, many jokes with the punchline “made in Japan”.
    Always sight gags, always had something falling apart
    in the comic’s hand on camera.

    Agree with the stranding of Taiwan. I thought we were
    setting them up to be destroyed, and I wasn’t even
    midway through high school. And, wasn’t it only about
    a year later that Nixon went to China? The MSM has
    always treated Nixon like a complete leper. Except
    for him going to China and selling us out. The MSM
    overlooks their usual Nixon bashing when discussing
    him going to China. Briefly he becomes statesman like.
    But, only for agreeing to sell out his country.

    There was a book that was real popular when I was
    growing up. It was called “Flying Tigers”. About Claire
    Cheanault and others who flied against Japan in WW
    2. Others involved were from what was to become
    Taiwan. When the decision was made to turn our back
    on Taiwan, there was probably a lot of other young kids
    like me. Who thought that we were completely stabbing
    our friends in the back.

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