President Trump Points Out Alternate Favorable Trade Partners – The 2017 “Golden Ticket” Summit….

CTH was wondering how long it would take for President Trump to point out the brutally obvious…. Thanks to some advanced planning that everyone ignored, there are multiple trade alternatives to China:

Perhaps now people will reference President Trump’s long-game strategy which has been evident since his marathon Asia trip in November 2017.

Long before media pundits starting noticing/considering how serious President Trump was about structurally resetting the entire landscape of a U.S-China trade relationship,  President Trump quietly and methodically laid the groundwork with personal visits to: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Japan); President Moon Jae-in (S-Korea); President Tran Dai Quang (Vietnam); and President Rodrigo Duerte (Philippines).

Oh, how quickly the media forgot.

These were not visits as part of multi-national/multilateral G20 or G7 discussions.  The November 2017 tour of Asia was President Trump traveling to meet directly, face-to-face, one-on-one with the manufacturing heavyweights of Southeast Asia.

At every single stop he broadcast the intent of the visit: “We’re talking TRADE”!

These were unilateral meetings; and, in hindsight, clearly designed to structure the foundation of the current U.S-China trade conflict.  You might remember CTH calling this the “golden ticket tour“.   The tour culminated in the November 12-13, 2017, ASEAN summit; but the 10-day tour of Asia was entirely separate from the summit.

After the collapse of the U.S-China negotiations, there’s a reason why President Trump says: “we’re in no rush” to make a deal.

The reality is, though President Trump will continue to provide enticements for U.S. product manufacturing to return, there is an abundant ASEAN base to replace China.

This Art-of-The-Deal strategy is an aspect that almost no-one is paying attention to.

Of course, to consider this strategy the media would have to admit that President Trump has just executed one of the biggest global and geopolitical trade strategies of all time….

Nah, can’t be.  Wait, wha?

It’s clear from the responses of nations who were visited in November 2017 and 2018, that some anticipation toward this trade outcome was likely.

Now ask yourself, how much did those golden tickets just appreciate in value?

Additionally, remember that innocuous Ivanka Trump visit to India. Again, November 2017:


….. And the important new Trump terminology: “Indo-pacific”?

Da Nang, Vietnam – United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer today released the following statement in response to President Trump’s speech on trade between the United States and the Indo-Pacific region, at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit (emphasis mine):

“The President spoke loud and clear: the era of trade compromised by massive state intervention, subsidies, closed markets and mercantilism is ending. Free, fair and reciprocal trade that leads to market outcomes and greater prosperity is on the horizon.

“President Trump understands that too many nations talk about free trade abroad, only to shield their economies behind tariff and non-tariff barriers at home. The United States will no longer allow these actions to continue, and we are willing to use our economic leverage to pursue truly fair and balanced trade.

“I look forward to doing as the President instructed me and to pursue policies that will improve the lives of our workers, farmers and ranchers.” (link)

…. Which led to a very unusual November 2018 “Trilateral” meeting….

An important trilateral meeting between President Trump, Prime Minister Abe and Prime Minister Modi which forms an important economic alliance for President Trump’s Indo-Pacific economic strategy.  As we noted when it happened: “this larger geopolitical strategy is the counterweight to China’s One-Belt/One-Road (red dragon) maneuver.”

[Transcript] Buenos Aires – PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. It’s a great honor to be with Prime Minister Modi of India, and, as you know, Prime Minister Abe of Japan. And we just had a great meeting, and we’re having now what we call a “trilat.”

The relationships between our three countries is extremely — extremely good, extremely strong. I think, with India, maybe stronger than ever. And with Japan, I think, stronger than ever. We’re doing very well together. We’re doing a lot of trade together. We’re doing a lot of defense together, a lot of military purchases.

And we’re going to now have a little discussion between the three of us. So thank you very much.

Mr. Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER MODI: (As interpreted.) I feel this is a very good occasion for our three countries — countries which have shared values, democratic values — Japan, America, and India together. We will be playing a big role together for world peace, prosperity, and stability.

I’m also happy that both the countries are our strategic partners. Both of them are very good friends. And the three countries together — it is a matter of good fortune that we will work together.

When you look at the acronym of our three countries — Japan, America, and India — it is “JAI,” which, in Hindi or in India, in general, is for “success.” In a way, this “JAI” — “success,” this message — is a good message that goes out. It’s a good beginning.

And together, as I said earlier, we’ll be playing a very big role to work together for world peace, prosperity, and stability.

PRIME MINISTER ABE: (As interpreted.) I am very delighted to hold the first-ever Japan-U.S.-India trilateral summit meeting today. Japan, the U.S., and India share fundamental values and strategic interests. And I certainly hope to further reinforce our trilateral partnership and to continuing our close cooperation toward realizing a free and open Indo-Pacific.

By having three of us working together, we’ll bring more prosperity and more stability in the region, as well as globally.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much.

Thank you very much everybody. END – 2:43 P.M. AST

Wait…. so you’re saying this was the plan all along?

The talks with China began with Trump anticipating a pre-determined outcome?

You mean…  for almost two years, this was the design… and, like, everything was going in a totally different direction than was visible on the surface?


The whole time?..


No-one could see it?



“Rucky Day, Rucky Day”

…”Complicated business folks,… Complicated business.”…





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204 Responses to President Trump Points Out Alternate Favorable Trade Partners – The 2017 “Golden Ticket” Summit….

  1. The Boss says:

    In about an hour, we’ll see the Big Club’s predictable over-reaction to tariffs when the stock markets open. Let the institutions’ programmed trading algorithms put stocks on sale. (I see Apple pre-market already at $190 / share). This is 100% contrived BS response from a bunch of butt-hurt losers on Wall Street.

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  2. Our President Trump’s brilliance never ceases to amaze me. Our country is blessed to have him as our leader.

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  3. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • omyword says:

      Couple that with their vast need for our soybean. Their stash will only last so long. And there is this problem with pork. Asians love their pork. China just lost 200 MILLION hogs to a new swine flu. Shame that. 😎

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      • FrankieZee says:

        I said the other day, the US and Brazil should hold off selling any soybeans to China for about 6 months. There would be mass riots in China if that happened. We could break them so easily and Trump knows it.

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        • Steve Herman says:

          I’ve posted this on several threads, God willing it will reach PDJT’s eyes.
          PDJT uses leverage and I love his use of leverage
          Consider this:
          Creation of SOYPEC
          Soybean Producing Exporting Cartel
          US and Brazil produce 70% of the world’s soybeans
          This is leverage
          Include Argentina and India and that’s 84% of the world’s soy production.
          This is leverage of EPIC proportion.


      • Bill says:

        I think POTUS should put an export tariff on food products (soybeans, corn, pork etc.) to china of 25%

        But leave a loophole that you can get the stuff from Mexico, it is only a 10% tariff.
        Hopefully the Mexicans would charge a 10% handling fee to make Mexico great again!

        I see this as a win-win for us. Reduce some congestion at our ports, and provide some high paying jobs for Mexico.

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      • omyword, I sure wish some of the feral hogs on my land could go to China.

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    • omyword says:

      Couple that with their vast need for our soybean. Their stash will only last so long. And there is this problem with pork. Asians love their pork. China just lost 200 MILLION hogs to a new swine flu. Shame that. 😎


  4. thedoc00 says:

    It’s going to be a long 18 months to November 2020. The “headline” algorithms have been switched into play and Wall Street will do their part for the Democrat Party and Chinese. Hope the retirement fund owners keep the faith because they are a group of educated and vocal voters, whom Wall Street is also seeking to flip.

    If it were not borderline unethical, it would be interesting to see the President’s team test the sensitivity of the algorithms with a few positive headlines as they did this past Friday.


  5. Troublemaker10 says:

    Trump had put us in a win-win situation. We win either way.

    However, it seems to me that China’s best deal….is to make a deal with us.

    Yes, it would have teeth and force them into good behavior. However, the tariffs route (with businesses moving production out of China, would be a devastating set back with permanent repercussions.

    So, why wouldn’t the odds be that China makes a deal with us at the end of the day (four week deadline) rather than go tariffs route?


    • Rob says:

      China can’t make a deal because they would need to give up too much. They are figuring that they are better off taking a chance that Trump won’t last in office long, or that they can cause tariffs to be removed by other means besides a trade deal.


  6. omyword says:

    You put the ASEAN nations together as one block trading partner and it will by far exceed chin-ah. And you wont have all the drama you have with the thefts of everything under the sun. Then want to threaten all their neighbors. China was never a good choice for an ally. Not until the communist are run out on a rail.

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  7. Harlan says:

    This entire tariff scenario is going to lead to the end of the world.

    I know because Chris Wallace, on FOX no less, told me so. What a lilly-livered little twerp.

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  8. Rynn69 says:

    Thank You to God for giving America Donald J. Trump as our President. WATCH. He will be one of the Greatest Presidents in U.S. History and, God Willing, William Barr will be one of the Greatest Attorney Generals in U.S. History. We must pray for these Mighty Men of Valor to be victorious.

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    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

      WOW. JUST WOW.

      To be alive in these times.

      In the years to come, many volumes will be dedicated to detailing the miraculous events, extensive list of players, and world changing outcomes of the Trump Presidency and it will be reviewed extensively as a model of democracy done right.

      Good Times, folks. Good Times. And we get a front row seat.

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  9. The President going public again with the claim that we are taking in tariffs from China. He knows that’s not true, but he keeps saying it.. He knows who pays custom duties. The tax is levied at the time of import and is paid by the American importer of record, and then passed on to consumers.


    • Orygun says:

      If the consumer so chooses to buy a cheap disposable product made by a country hostile to us. The importer of record has been making a huge profit while destroying American manufacturing and the workers.

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      • agproof says:

        And without a large manufacturing base, we’d be in dire straits in war time. Donald Trump understands this. WWII was only a few decades ago. Leftists have a short memory and a total lack of understanding of human nature.

        That’s the essence of their utopian dreams: mankind is basically good or can be coerced into acting according the Left’s own unrealistic ideals. Of course, millions would have to be eliminated (again) for them to achieve their goal of them in charge and everyone that was left, after the purges, to be their servants. It would be back to kings and serfs, thus we need to refer to these as Regressives, and not the futuristic-sounding name they ascribe to themselves.

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        • Orygun says:

          Exactly! Economic security is part of national security. We were the manufacturing powerhouse and the first thing our enemies did was destroy our manufacturing base and hamper our ability to feed our nation through regulation.
          They are organized and truly evil.

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      • Rob says:

        No, the importer has nothing to do with passing costs onto consumers. The importer is paid import duties and tariffs by the exporter. The exporter may need to raise prices to the distributors, based on expected tariffs, who in turn may raise prices to customers.


    • MILupper says:

      Hypothetical example. Before the tariffs Target stores buy a broom from China for $10. They sell that broom in store for $12.50. If Target prices the broom higher they don’t sell because of competition with other stores.

      After tariffs are in place, Target would be forced to mark the price above $12.50 ($10+ $2.50 tariff cost to Target).

      Target has 2 choices.
      1. Get a lower price from China- offsetting the tariff and making the cost total about $10.00.
      2. Find a new supplier that doesn’t have the tariff. Another country of origin. Again paying about $10.

      To date China has cut the prices to US companies offsetting 80-90% of the tariffs so they are actually paying most of the tariffs. That’s why we are seeing so little inflation.

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    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

      Hey VDMA….you shoulda made that left turn at Albuqureque…..

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  10. Troublemaker10 says:

    China also needs to be careful about Americans turning in them at the grassroots level.

    They have a past of exporting toxic toys, poisonous dog food, etc. They also aren’t environmentally friendly nor do they respect human rights. If they push the “screw America” stuff on us thinking it could hurt Trump they may be in for a rude awakening and big backlash.

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  11. askandgettruth says:

    trump is 100% right. why should we feed the beast who wants to crush this country. there are plenty of country’s out there who would like to do business with the USA.China would starve without our trade and i say tough cookies. this is no game it is winner will survive. billy boy clinton has most of this blame and corruption.

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  12. From the above Panda picture, Panda is in time-out…..

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  13. You could almost write this article yourself just from the pics.😆


  14. Sparty says:

    Beautiful article. Thanks SD.
    When Trump visited Vietnam, I knew in my heart and mind the meeting was about forging a direct alliance, which then plugs into a larger alliance comprised of India Taiwan S Korea etc., an economic iron curtain that boxes in that tyrant that is China, with DJT as the keystone.

    And he has backed it up. No coincidence the recent Kim summit in Hanoi was a shot across the bow at Xi and company. Trump was treated like a rock star by the Vietnamese people ( whose well founded hatred of China is one heck of a motivator.).

    A long time ago Trumped mentioned something to the effect that those buy in early with full commitment deserve the best reward, and they’ll get. Awesome.


  15. Oh Goodness!!! The end of the article is a masterpiece!!!

    Such a heavy and significant topic, illustrating the genius of President Trump…but wait, there is more; The summation and photos in this article, illustrating the genius and sophisticated humor of Sundance.

    Treepers are blessed by both of these geniuses, as well as the intelligent and articulate caliber of comments found here.

    Thanks so much Sundance for the Belly Laugh!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Rob says:

    If Trump succeeds at resetting global trade, imagine all the “selling out the USA” that will happen again in the future after Trump. They will slowly try to get things back to the way it was before, receiving many kickbacks from China along the way. Not sure why our intel agencies would not know about it, but they apparently don’t know much about all the bribes that have taken place so far.


  17. Nope. The only time the exporter pays the tariff is if there’s a Deliver Duty Paid agreement in place, which seldom happens. Importers pay import tariffs. Period.


    • Maquis says:

      Exporters may choose to lower their prices to absorb the tariffs themselves, as China is largely doing, lest folks cease buying their products altogether. In which case, “who” is paying the tariff is little more than semantics.

      That one single point writ repetitively does not accurately represent the reality of a masterful trade shift in order to tame a totalitarian regime bent on literal global domination. China is either subdued, or all free nations subsumed under it’s brutal machinations.

      Should we pay higher costs for poisonous Chinese crap then we buy less, or none, and are better off for it, especially as we and our allies rush to fill the void.

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  18. Fools Gold says:

    Obviously Panda is sitting in its own poop and likely Red Dragon stand up reveals its colors and be very aggressive in the same region. Of course China can still make money off equipment to facilitate new factories in JAI but there’s a good chance they’ll hear that faint sucking sound right afterwards like Americans did when China began massively sucking up most of our our manufacting industries. Tough business, Tough business indeed. Hell, The genius Trump also got everyone on board for massively upgrading our military also as part of the same plan. I think The question for Xi is how does China come up more money for its military to offset that sucking sound the people there will here from loosing their livelihoods. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together! It’s especially delicious being how we’re practically the only misfits that’s been up to speed of the MAGA plan prior to the public at large! I’d say 90% or more US citizens have no clue what’s happening or what’s possible in the future. A special Thanks Sundance for his keen insight and his willingness to share his extreme knowledge with us!


  19. Papoose says:

    A W E S O M E Post!!

    MAGA KAG 2020

    Liked by 1 person

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