Decepticons At The Trough – Multinational Corporate BIG AG Questions Robert Lighthizer…

There’s a lot of news this week reflecting a great deal of oppositional alignment against the presidency of Donald Trump.  CTH can get down in the weeds of each specific issue to discuss the motives and intents (we will, and do), but the big picture MUST remain at the forefront of understanding. If we lose track of the big picture, the weeds are overwhelming.

…“It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones.”

~ Niccolò Machiavelli

♦POTUS Trump is disrupting the global order of things in order to protect and preserve the shrinking interests of the U.S.  He is fighting, almost single-handed, at the threshold of the abyss.  Our interests, our position, is zero-sum. Our opposition seeks to repel and retain the status-quo. They were on the cusp of full economic victory over the U.S.

In these economic endeavors President Trump is disrupting decades of financial interests who use the U.S. as a host for their ideological endeavors.  President Trump is confronting multinational corporations and the global constructs of economic systems that were put in place to the detriment of the host (USA) ie. YOU.  There are trillions at stake; it is all about the economics; everything else is chaff and countermeasures.

Familiar faces, perhaps faces you previously thought were decent, are now revealing their alignment with larger entities that are our abusers.  In an effort to awaken the victim to the cycle of self-destructive codependent behavior, allow me to cue an audio visual example from U.S. Senator John Thune.  WATCH:


What South Dakota Senator John Thune is showcasing here is his full alignment with big multinational corporate agriculture (BIG AG). Big AG is not supporting local farmers. Big AG does not support “free and fair markets.” Big AG supports the interests of multinational corporations and multinational financial interests.

For those interests the U.S. is the host; from our perspective they are the parasite.

It is critical to think of BIG AG in the same way we already are familiar with multinational manufacturing of durable goods.

We are already familiar how China, Mexico and ASEAN nations export our raw materials (ore, coking coal, rare earth minerals etc.).  The raw material to manufacture goods are then trans-shipped back into the U.S. for purchase.

It is within this decades-long process where we lost the manufacturing base, and the multinational economic planners (World Trade Organization) put us on a path to being a “service driven” economy.

The road to a “service-driven economy” is paved with a great disparity between financial classes. The wealth gap is directly related to the inability of the middle-class to thrive.

Elite financial interests, including those within Washington DC, gain wealth and power, the U.S. workforce is reduced to servitude, “service”, of their affluent needs.

The destruction of the U.S. industrial and manufacturing base is EXACTLY WHY the wealth gap has exploded in the past 30 years.

With that familiarity, did you think the multinationals would stop with only “DURABLE GOODS”?

They don’t.

They didn’t.

The exact same exfiltration and exploitation has been happening, with increased speed, over the past 15 years with “CONSUMABLE GOODS“, ie food.

Raw material foodstuff is exported to China, ASEAN nations and Mexico, processed and shipped back into the U.S. as a finished product. This is the same design-flow with food as previously exploited by other economic sectors, including auto manufacturing.

Multinational corporations, BIG AG, are now invested in controlling the outputs of U.S. agricultural industry and farmers. This process is why food prices have risen exponentially in the past decade.

The free market is not determining price; there is no “supply and demand” influence within this modern agricultural dynamic. Food commodities are now a controlled market just like durable goods.  The raw material (harvests writ large) are exploited by the financial interests of massive multinational corporations.

Again, if we were to pull out of NAFTA our food bill would drop 25% (or more) within the first year. Further, if U.S. supply and demand were part of the domestic market price for food, we would see the prices of aggregate food products drop by half almost immediately. Some perishable food products would predictably drop so dramatically in price it is unfathomable how far the prices would fall.

Behind this dynamic we find the international corporate and financial interests who are inherently at risk from President Trump’s “America-First” economic and trade platform. Believe it or not, President Trump is up against an entire world economic establishment.

When we understand how trade works in the modern era we understand why the agents within the system are so adamantly opposed to U.S. President Trump.

♦The biggest lie in modern economics, willingly spread and maintained by corporate media, is that a system of global markets still exists.

It doesn’t.

Every element of global economic trade is controlled and exploited by massive institutions, multinational banks and multinational corporations. Institutions like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and World Bank control trillions of dollars in economic activity. Underneath that economic activity there are people who hold the reigns of power over the outcomes. These individuals and groups are the stakeholders in direct opposition to principles of America-First national economics.

The modern financial constructs of these entities have been established over the course of the past three decades. When you understand how they manipulate the economic system of individual nations you begin to understand understand why they are so fundamentally opposed to President Trump.

In the Western World, separate from communist control perspectives (ie. China), “Global markets” are a modern myth; nothing more than a talking point meant to keep people satiated with sound bites they might find familiar. Global markets have been destroyed over the past three decades by multinational corporations who control the products formerly contained within global markets.

The same is true for “Commodities Markets”. The multinational trade and economic system, run by corporations and multinational banks, now controls the product outputs of independent nations. The free market economic system has been usurped by entities who create what is best described as ‘controlled markets’.

U.S. President Trump smartly understands what has taken place. Additionally he uses economic leverage as part of a broader national security policy; and to understand who opposes President Trump specifically because of the economic leverage he creates, it becomes important to understand the objectives of the global and financial elite who run and operate the institutions. The Big Club.

Understanding how trillions of trade dollars influence geopolitical policy we begin to understand the three-decade global financial construct they seek to protect.

That is, global financial exploitation of national markets.


♦Multinational corporations purchase controlling interests in various national outputs (harvests an raw materials), and ancillary industries, of developed industrial western nations.  {example}

♦The Multinational Corporations making the purchases are underwritten by massive global financial institutions, multinational banks.  (*note* in China it is the communist government underwriting the purchase)

♦The Multinational Banks and the Multinational Corporations then utilize lobbying interests to manipulate the internal political policy of the targeted nation state(s).

♦With control over the targeted national industry or interest, the multinationals then leverage export of the national asset (exfiltration) through trade agreements structured to the benefit of lesser developed nation states – where they have previously established a proactive financial footprint.

Against the backdrop of President Trump confronting China; and against the backdrop of NAFTA being renegotiated, likely to exit; and against the necessary need to support the key U.S. steel industry; revisiting the economic influences within the modern import/export dynamic will help conceptualize the issues at the heart of the matter.

There are a myriad of interests within each trade sector that make specific explanation very challenging; however, here’s the basic outline.

For three decades economic “globalism” has advanced, quickly. Everyone accepts this statement, yet few actually stop to ask who and what are behind this – and why?

Influential people with vested financial interests in the process have sold a narrative that global manufacturing, global sourcing, and global production was the inherent way of the future. The same voices claimed the American economy was consigned to become a “service-driven economy.”

What was always missed in these discussions is that advocates selling this global-economy message have a vested financial and ideological interest in convincing the information consumer it is all just a natural outcome of economic progress.

It’s not.

It’s not natural at all. It is a process that is entirely controlled, promoted and utilized by large conglomerates, lobbyists, purchased politicians and massive financial corporations.

Again, I’ll try to retain the larger altitude perspective without falling into the traps of the esoteric weeds. I freely admit this is tough to explain and I may not be successful.

Bulletpoint #1: ♦ Multinational corporations purchase controlling interests in various national elements of developed industrial western nations.

This is perhaps the most challenging to understand. In essence, thanks specifically to the way the World Trade Organization (WTO) was established in 1995, national companies expanded their influence into multiple nations, across a myriad of industries and economic sectors (energy, agriculture, raw earth minerals, etc.). This is the basic underpinning of national companies becoming multinational corporations.

Think of these multinational corporations as global entities now powerful enough to reach into multiple nations -simultaneously- and purchase controlling interests in a single economic commodity.

A historic reference point might be the original multinational enterprise, energy via oil production. (Exxon, Mobil, BP, etc.)

However, in the modern global world, it’s not just oil; the resource and product procurement extends to virtually every possible commodity and industry. From the very visible (wheat/corn) to the obscure (small minerals, and even flowers).

Bulletpoint #2 ♦ The Multinational Corporations making the purchases are underwritten by massive global financial institutions, multinational banks.

During the past several decades national companies merged. The largest lemon producer company in Brazil, merges with the largest lemon company in Mexico, merges with the largest lemon company in Argentina, merges with the largest lemon company in the U.S., etc. etc. National companies, formerly of one nation, become “continental” companies with control over an entire continent of nations.

…. or it could be over several continents or even the entire world market of Lemon/Widget production. These are now multinational corporations. They hold interests in specific segments (this example lemons) across a broad variety of individual nations.

National laws on Monopoly building are not the same in all nations. Most are not as structured as the U.S.A or other more developed nations (with more laws). During the acquisition phase, when encountering a highly developed nation with monopoly laws, the process of an umbrella corporation might be needed to purchase the targeted interests within a specific nation. The example of Monsanto applies here.

Bulletpoint #3 ♦The Multinational Banks and the Multinational Corporations then utilize lobbying interests to manipulate the internal political policy of the targeted nation state(s).

With control of the majority of actual lemons the multinational corporation now holds a different set of financial values than a local farmer or national market. This is why commodities exchanges are essentially dead. In the aggregate the mercantile exchange is no longer a free or supply-based market; it is now a controlled market exploited by mega-sized multinational corporations.

Instead of the traditional ‘supply/demand’ equation determining prices, the corporations look to see what nations can afford what prices. The supply of the controlled product is then distributed to the country according to their ability to afford the price. This is essentially the bastardized and politicized function of the World Trade Organization (WTO). This is also how the corporations controlling WTO policy maximize profits.

Back to the lemons. A corporation might hold the rights to the majority of the lemon production in Brazil, Argentina and California/Florida. The price the U.S. consumer pays for the lemons is directed by the amount of inventory (distribution) the controlling corporation allows in the U.S.

If the U.S. lemon harvest is abundant, the controlling interests will export the product to keep the U.S. consumer spending at peak or optimal price. A U.S. customer might pay $2 for a lemon, a Mexican customer might pay .50¢, and a Canadian $1.25.

The bottom line issue is the national supply (in this example ‘harvest/yield’) is not driving the national price because the supply is now controlled by massive multinational corporations.

The mistake people often make is calling this a “global commodity” process. In the modern era this “global commodity” phrase is particularly nonsense.

A true global commodity is a process of individual nations harvesting/creating a similar product and bringing that product to a global market. Individual nations each independently engaged in creating a similar product.

Under modern globalism this process no longer takes place. It’s a complete fraud. Massive multinational corporations control the majority of production inside each nation and therefore control the global product market and price. It is a controlled system.

EXAMPLE: Part of the lobbying in the food industry is to advocate for the expansion of U.S. taxpayer benefits to underwrite the costs of the domestic food products they control. By lobbying DC these multinational corporations get congress and policy-makers to expand the basis of who can use EBT and SNAP benefits (state reimbursement rates).

Expanding the federal subsidy for food purchases is part of the corporate profit dynamic.

With increased taxpayer subsidies, the food price controllers can charge more domestically and export more of the product internationally. Taxes, via subsidies, go into their profit margins. The corporations then use a portion of those enhanced profits in contributions to the politicians. It’s a circle of money.

In highly developed nations this multinational corporate process requires the corporation to purchase the domestic political process (as above) with individual nations allowing the exploitation in varying degrees. As such, the corporate lobbyists pay hundreds of millions to politicians for changes in policies and regulations; one sector, one product, or one industry at a time. These are specialized lobbyists.

EXAMPLE: The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)

CFIUS is an inter-agency committee authorized to review transactions that could result in control of a U.S. business by a foreign person (“covered transactions”), in order to determine the effect of such transactions on the national security of the United States.

CFIUS operates pursuant to section 721 of the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended by the Foreign Investment and National Security Act of 2007 (FINSA) (section 721) and as implemented by Executive Order 11858, as amended, and regulations at 31 C.F.R. Part 800.

The CFIUS process has been the subject of significant reforms over the past several years. These include numerous improvements in internal CFIUS procedures, enactment of FINSA in July 2007, amendment of Executive Order 11858 in January 2008, revision of the CFIUS regulations in November 2008, and publication of guidance on CFIUS’s national security considerations in December 2008 (more)

Bulletpoint #4With control over the targeted national industry or interest, the multinationals then leverage export of the national asset (exfiltration) through trade agreements structured to the benefit of lesser developed nation states – where they have previously established a proactive financial footprint.

The process of charging the U.S. consumer more for a product, that under normal national market conditions would cost less, is a process called exfiltration of wealth. This is the basic premise, the cornerstone, behind the catch-phrase ‘globalism’.

It is never discussed.

To control the market price some contracted product may even be secured and shipped with the intent to allow it to sit idle (or rot). It’s all about controlling the price and maximizing the profit equation. To gain the same $1 profit a widget multinational might have to sell 20 widgets in El-Salvador (.25¢ each), or two widgets in the U.S. ($2.50/each).

Think of the process like the historic reference of OPEC (Oil Producing Economic Countries). Only in the modern era massive corporations are playing the role of OPEC and it’s not oil being controlled, thanks to the WTO it’s almost everything.

Again, this is highlighted in the example of taxpayers subsidizing the food sector (EBT, SNAP etc.), the corporations can charge U.S. consumers more. Ex. more beef is exported, red meat prices remain high at the grocery store, but subsidized U.S. consumers can better afford the high prices.

Of course, if you are not receiving food payment assistance (middle-class) you can’t eat the steaks because you can’t afford them. (Not accidentally, it’s the same scheme in the ObamaCare healthcare system)

Agriculturally, multinational corporate Monsanto says: ‘all your harvests are belong to us‘. Contract with us, or you lose because we can control the market price of your end product. Downside is that once you sign that contract, you agree to terms that are entirely created by the financial interests of the larger corporation; not your farm.

The multinational agriculture lobby is massive. We willingly feed the world as part of the system; but you as a grocery customer pay more per unit at the grocery store because domestic supply no longer determines domestic price.

Within the agriculture community the (feed-the-world) production export factor also drives the need for labor. Labor is a cost. The multinational corps have a vested interest in low labor costs. Ergo, open border policies. (ie. willingly purchased republicans not supporting border wall etc.).

This corrupt economic manipulation/exploitation applies over multiple sectors, and even in the sub-sector of an industry like steel. China/India purchases the raw material, coking coal, then sells the finished good (rolled steel) back to the global market at a discount. Or it could be rubber, or concrete, or plastic, or frozen chicken parts etc.

The ‘America First’ Trump-Trade Doctrine upsets the entire construct of this multinational export/control dynamic. Team Trump focus exclusively on bilateral trade deals, with specific trade agreements targeted toward individual nations (not national corporations).

‘America-First’ is also specific policy at a granular product level looking out for the national interests of the United States, U.S. workers, U.S. companies and U.S. consumers.

Under President Trump’s Trade positions, balanced and fair trade with strong regulatory control over national assets, exfiltration of U.S. national wealth is essentially stopped.

This puts many current multinational corporations, globalists who previously took a stake-hold in the U.S. economy with intention to export the wealth, in a position of holding contracted interest of an asset they can no longer exploit.

Perhaps now we understand better how massive multi-billion multinational corporations and institutions are aligned against President Trump.


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251 Responses to Decepticons At The Trough – Multinational Corporate BIG AG Questions Robert Lighthizer…

  1. Pam says:


  2. wheatietoo says:

    Excellent post, Sundance…and very much timely & needed right now.
    Thank you so much.

    “Our opposition seeks to repel and retain the status-quo.”

    So true. And they are pulling out all the stops, desperately trying to sabotage our President.

    Today’s Tariff Tantrum in the Stock Market is a demonstration of how the globalists are desperate to protect the status-quo.
    We cannot let them win.

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    • WSB says:

      Amen, wheatietoo, and thank you SD formthis post!

      One quesrion…how do our domestic AG/ food suppliers make out with the price decreases?

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      • WSB says:

        Ackk! Tablet tar…’for this post and …one question’!!!!


      • wheatietoo says:

        It’s the multinational corporations (globalists) who are making out like bandits, with these high prices on food.
        They are controlling the prices.

        The actual Farmers aren’t the ones who are benefitting from these high prices.

        Once we transition to Main Street policies…with more and more Farmers becoming independent producers…the food prices will reset to their natural levels.
        Which will likely be lower prices for consumers.

        Secretary Sonny Perdue has spent the past year travelling around the country, talking with our Farmers and with our future farmers.
        He’s been asking them…”What do you need?”

        The T-administration is pro-farmer, and not supportive of maintaining the status quo of globalist control of our food production.
        This will be good for family farmers…and good for consumers.

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        • WSB says:

          Thanks for the info!

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        • JETS says:

          I am a Mid West farmer. This morning I sat at the local diner (after Bible study) having breakfast with other farmers and began asking them how they felt about the trade tariffs.
          The consensus is support, even though there is concern for farm prices being lower in the short term. The farmers believe family farms must continue and not be sold out to Monsanto and other big Ag companies. They know that China still has to feed its people and there is a need for our produce and livestock.
          Some say that Mexico can get soy cheaper from Argentina than from the USA. Argentina is what….15000 miles from Mexico? And Argentina is in a drought right now. In the Mid West, we bring our soy to the local storage facility (grain elevator) , it is put on trains that go directly to Mexico, maybe 1,000 miles. So how much cheaper is Argentina soy and how much can they deliver? Its just propaganda.
          We believe that the media and senators who are bought out by big Ag, are trying to scare us farmers into thinking that the President is hurting us. Therefore we will turn against him and his policies.
          What we really believe is that President Trump is helping this country and all the people of the USA, including the farmers. While there may be short term hits to our income, we know that he is helping our families for the long run.
          The support for the President continues here and is getting stronger, despite what everyone is telling you how us farmers are, or should be, thinking.
          God bless America and President Trump. MAGA

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          • wheatietoo says:

            Thank you so much for this reply, JETS.

            I think that our President and his team have given this a lot of thought…and have a plan to wrench control away from the big multinational agribusinesses.


  3. I just read through this entire post and for the first time, it is really sinking in as to what is going on. Thanks Sundance, your explanation is really good. I will go back and reread it later for a second time because I am not sure I could explain this to someone on my own, yet. But, I get it.

    I also understand why Obama was allowed to do whatever he wanted, no contest. He approaches this from income re-distribution, the corporations approach it as control and money. Actually, same thing…It really is the coming together of government and business (plus at this point the media) and that is the definition of fascism, is it not? I stand to be corrected on that last statement, but I think that’s what happens in a fascist state. Someone want to help out on that?

    This site is such a great thing…I’m really advancing in my knowledge…thanks again!

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  4. Really astute analysis. Fascinating and persuasive. Wish more Americans knew all this!!!!!

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  5. Truthfilter says:

    Wow Sundance. How do you have so much knowledge? Thank you for the lemon analogy. You’re right. It’s a complicated web.

    One coincidence that dawned on me as I was reading: The year that Bill Clinton brought us into the WTO was also the year of the 1995 Farm Bill. That farm bill ended federal subsidies for farmers. We all received a VHS tape in the mail from Department of Agriculture that year. It described how the subsidies would be phased out over 10 years. It was full of propaganda about how we would gradually be able to compete in the world market, that our subsidies had given us an unfair advantage over farmers in other countries, that subsidies had kept our prices from going up, etc. (All of the above is true in a truly free market economy.) Since then, the prices for our crops eventually stabilized but they’ve never gone above the highest prices of the 1970s. That’s hardly the profit margin that we hoped the world market might bring.

    I looked up the companies who have bought our crops through the years. All 5-6 of them. You are right. Nearly every one is attached to a larger, multi-national entity. We’ve never contracted to grow crops specifically for any of them but I do think there has been a controlling force among them in terms of prices.

    Also, it’s no wonder so many huge commercial farming operations have emerged in the past 2 decades while small farmers have gone nearly extinct. The commercial operations do contract out with corporate buyers and some are owned by them.

    Using your example of lemons, I only have one question: If Americans pay more money for lemons because they can afford more, do American lemon producers get lower prices because they can absorb more risk/loss? I can only assume that the answer is yes.

    Thanks again. I’m sending your article to everyone in my family.

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  6. stats_guy says:

    This reminds me of the Reagan era. For the left, everything he did was war-like, bellicose, etc. When he wanted nukes in Europe to pressure the Soviets, the Left freaked (including Obama). The left were ‘terrified’ that Reagan would provoke a war. Of course, they also supported the Soviets.

    Here we have the RINO party and the Left ‘terrified’ that the Chi.coms are going to retaliate, and cause great damage to the US. The chi.coms are strong enough to destroy the US.

    Of course it is way more complicated than that. But there is no nuance among people like Orin Hatch, there is no standing with Trump on IP issues. No…they are terrified of the Chi.coms…and no doubt losing money. Money is everything to these people.

    Oh, and btw, yes I have skin in the game. Not easy to lose paper profits.

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  7. alliwantissometruth says:

    Fat, lazy & apathetic. That’s what we became. Free people born of Western civilization, free because of our ancestors, forgot freedom isn’t free

    We became more “intelligent”, as our stupidity grew by leaps & bounds. We became more “enlightened”, as our common sense fell to the wayside

    We wanted the American dream without ever really understanding what that dream truly was. We wanted cheap prices & everything in one place, so we shopped at the big box stores while the small local stores, owned by our neighbors, went out of business

    Our big screen TV’s, game systems & computers kept us busy, too busy to engage in our local & national governance. Hey, we voted, we did our part, & we left it up to those we elected

    Everything is local, & if we all took care of our little corners, things work out. Yet we fell for the global nonsense. We did nothing as the left took over our schools, our media & our government

    I remember twenty years ago, when I was involved in the illegal alien invasion fight. We protested at least twice a month. I remember telling myself at the next protest, surely more Americans will stand with us

    It was always the same, about thirty of us, protesting in the rain, sleet & snow. Being attacked by the lefts paid thugs, putting our safety on the line

    Where were all the Americans? Oh sure, they beeped their horns & gave us the thumbs up, but why didn’t they join us? We’re trying to save them & their children’s futures

    They never came. It was heartbreaking

    Now our own children, due to leftist indoctrination, hate us & hate their own country

    Yep, fat, lazy & apathetic. Oh, & a few more, stupid, cowardly & dishonorable

    Being American used to be the gold standard

    When people discard their honor & integrity for shiny, easily obtained trinkets, they deserve what they get. The thing is, their children don’t deserve it, & that’s the real tragedy

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    • zorrorides says:

      TY, alliwantis… Truthfilter ,
      My heart aches for America, it has since GHWBush. The downhill slide seemed inexorable, inevitable.
      O dear God, cause our hearts to be of good courage. Give your victory to your champion, our Lion.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “When people discard their honor & integrity for shiny, easily obtained trinkets, they deserve what they get.”

      That is a beautiful summary. The “rat race” has taken it’s toll, taxes and cost of living skyrocketing, both parents having to work outside the home and hardly enough time to catch a breather. A Ford retiree told me 10 years ago about the fantastic great deal he got at Walmart from some whatever. Trying to explain to him that by buying that stuff you were consigning American workers to the dustbin of history was futile.

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    • scott467 says:

      Trump has to let us in the $%@$ ball game!

      WE DON’T HAVE A VOICE inside the D.C. bubble unless Trump blows the LID off of it.

      All Trump has to do is pull back the curtain, so the WHOLE COUNTRY knows what WE here at CTH know, and it’s GAME OVER for the pathetic ‘deep state’.

      Trump can USE US, all 300 MILLION of us, but “we” have to SEE the truth.

      The media is never going to tell us.

      The corrupt government is never going to tell us.

      But Trump CAN.

      And if he only WOULD, there would be NO OPPOSITION to anything he is trying to do on behalf of US, because all of US (well over 100 million people!!!) would be as pissed off as WE are!

      But Trump has to blow it open, he has to expose it all to the American People, or it’s never going to be more than a rag-tag minority (Conservative news junkies and Patriots) who KNOW enough to be angry enough to DO SOMETHING about it!

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      • WSB says:

        PT will but we need to shore everything up! At the ready.

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      • @scott467, I am not sure that if PDJT pulls back the curtains at this time, people will believe him. I was just talking to my brother today about the stock market dive. We are Canadians – he watches CNN, and others, and truly believes He blames Trump for the stock market fall. He thinks Trump is corrupt and believes PDJT will be impeached and will go to jail. How many Americans think likewise, – I’m not sure they would be convinced just now.

        It will be interesting to see what PDJT’s surprise is later this month.


  8. zorrorides says:

    Isn’t it terrible that these people are against President Trump? Trump’s way of operating the USA and world economy will actually produce many times more goods and wealth for everyone, everywhere, than the globalists’ system could ever accomplish.

    Of course, the USA style relates back to Liberty, to Creator’s rights, the consent of the self-governed, and to an invisible Providential hand in humanity that is open to God’s good presence.

    The globalists want to be the controlling hand, they want to be the rich, and they want us to be the poor, in their service, with no eternal hope.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Isn’t it terrible that these people are against President Trump?”

      The brainwashed masses, marching to the drone of the lies spread by MSM. The context of the Corinthians verse relates to spiritual deception regarding their salvation, but they are deceived either way because Satan is influencing the Globalists that want to be our masters.(weakening the nations)

      2Corinthians 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

      Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

      Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

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    • G. Combs says:

      The globalists want POWER,

      They have more than enough money to meet there every whim so they use the excess to buy POWER.

      POWER is very very addictive — The neurochemistry of power has implications for political change

      The one saving grace is that addiction may lead to poor judgement.
      “Power, especially absolute and unchecked power, is intoxicating. Its effects occur at the cellular and neurochemical level. They are manifested behaviourally in a variety of ways, ranging from heightened cognitive functions to lack of inhibition, poor judgement, extreme narcissism, perverted behaviour, and gruesome cruelty.[…]”

      perverted behaviour, and gruesome cruelty…. Now think of President Trump’s Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

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  9. uptothere says:

    I live in rural eastern Oregon where wheat and cattle are the biggies. The Union Pacific and Burlington Northern tracks run through our area. On any given day there are 2 or 3 grain trains each over a mile long traveling to and from Portland’s big grain loading docks. Huge amounts leaving the country. Oh, and one Canadian Pacific grain train rolls through as well. An example of big AG at work. It would be nice if some of that could be used to get a loaf of bread below $2.99.

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  10. uptothere says:

    I live in rural eastern Oregon where wheat and cattle are the biggies. The Union Pacific and Burlington Northern tracks run through our area. On any given day there are 2 or 3 grain trains each over a mile long traveling to and from Portland’s big grain loading docks. Huge amounts leaving the country. Oh, and one Canadian Pacific grain train rolls through as well. An example of big AG at work. It would be nice if some of that could be used to get a loaf of bread below $2.99.


  11. trapper says:

    We are watching a worldview in its death throes, and those who have been secretly imposing it upon us are frantic, desperate to save it. Globalism, the 19th Century one-world-government pipe dream whose modern adherents see both borders and nation states as obsolete, is finally dying, withering in the sunlight.

    We were never consulted. We were not part of the discussion. We were never informed of the time and place of the public debate as to whether globalism would be the policy of the United States, because there was never any such public debate. Similarly, the real effects of the off-shoring of our jobs and wealth and the planned and deliberate destruction of our livelihoods, our families, our communities, and our national sovereignty were never considered important enough to communicate to us. Or, more accurately, we were never considered important enough to be honestly informed.

    Once we got wise to the game, we sent Trump to be our champion to take our country back. The globalists should consider themselves lucky. Lucky the American people didn’t go straight to guillotines at the corner of Broad and Wall. They are being allowed to walk away. Historically, it hasn’t ended this well for those who have governed against the interests of their citizens. Just ask Louis XVI, or the Romanovs, or il Duce. The globalists would serve themselves best by just silently withdrawing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Y/O, says:

      For sure Trapper, the globalists would serve themselves best by just silently withdrawing. (Hopefully a bunch of them will see the light). Those who remain, those true narcissistic psychopaths I say: Ha! The bigger they are, the harder they fall.,

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    • G. Combs says:

      It was FDR, under the influence of the international Banksters, that made that decision for the USA. That was really what the “New Deal” was all about.

      Pascal Lamy former World Trade Organization Director-General indicates that an European Union like super state has been the goal since the 1930s.

      The world is headed toward greater degrees of globalization — deeper integration, wider cooperation and greater sharing of responsibilities. To govern this globalized world, writes World Trade Organization Director-General Pascal Lamy, existing institutions will need to be reformed to ensure they work together optimally.

      Pascal Lamy: Whither Globalization?

      In the same way, climate change negotiations are not just about the global environment but global economics as well — the way that technology, costs and growth are to be distributed and shared…
      Can we balance the need for a sustainable planet with the need to provide billions with decent living standards? Can we do that without questioning radically the Western way of life? …

      Countries claim the right to use national resources as they see fit. But the byproduct can be greenhouse gases or disappearing fish stocks or raw material shortages — which impact the interconnected world we share….

      This raises a final challenge: How to provide global leadership? Mobilizing collective purpose is more difficult when we no longer face one common enemy, but thousands of complex problems
      The reality is that, so far, we have largely failed to articulate a clear and compelling vision of why a new global order matters — and where the world should be headed….

      All had lived through the chaos of the 1930s …including the defeated powers, agreed that the road to peace lay with building a new international order — and an approach to international relations that questioned the Westphalian, sacrosanct principle of sovereignty — rooted in freedom, openness, prosperity and interdependence.

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  12. Let's roll says:

    We must pray without ceasing for our country. The “globalization” of this country belongs to Republicans and Democrats, all stuffing their pockets with other people’s money. This horrible bubble of a budget makes me heart sick. Trump and his economic team are the only ones standing firm or the US is on the road to an EU. With no control of our own destiny.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. YvonneMarie says:

    Well….the primaries are almost here… 😐

    Liked by 1 person

  14. slowcobra says:

    I’m glad you could share that, sparrow. You needed to.

    Liked by 2 people

  15. AH_C says:

    Excellent work. If only more people understood this.


  16. “President Trump is confronting multinational corporations and the global constructs of economic systems that were put in place to the detriment of the host (USA) ie. YOU.”

    Isn’t this the definition of a Virus

    I keep thinking of the movie, The Body Snatchers. Where you turn around one day and people you thought you knew are completed infected.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Texian says:

    Better wake up Gen-x/Millenials.. They live in mansions with armed guards, walls and fences and feast on the finest dining.. Using printed laundered money and leaving the bill for you to pay.. You have been snowed. They have convinced you that these things are not for you – the “little people” – and bizarrely you comply and vote for them and pay for their luxury.. All of you out there who grew up after 1984.. You have been cheated.. Royally..

    My advice.. Growacet..

    I can’t believe there hasn’t been a 2nd Revolution yet.. better wake up fast Gen-X/millenials.. Before ‘..It’s too late..’..

    Liked by 3 people

  18. G. Combs says:

    To add some background to what Sundance has written.

    Financial institutions aka International Banksters are behind this as they have been since the founding of the USA and the rise of the middle class.

    Here is The Network of Global Corporate Control
    To hear more about how the study was conducted:

    Here is the listing of the Top Officers based on that study. The Financial Core of the Transnational Capitalist Class

    When Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, saddled the USA with the Federal Reserve Act, he quoted Daniel Webster in a New York City dinner speech on October 15, 1913 (IV Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science #1, at 38 (Columbia University, New York (1914)).

    “Of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring classes of mankind, none is so effectual as that which deludes them with paper money. It is the most perfect expedient ever invented for fertilizing the rich man’s fields by the sweat of the poor man’s brow. Ordinary tyranny, oppression, excessive taxation, these bear lightly on the happiness of the community compared with fraudulent currencies and the robberies committed by depreciated paper. Our own history has recorded enough, and more than enough, of the demoralizing tendency, the injustice and intolerable oppression on the virtuous and well disposed, of a degraded paper currency, authorized by law, or in any way countenanced by Government.”

    I very much doubt Senator Aldrich was warning AGAINST the fiat currency created by his Federal Reserve Act, rather he was celebrating the means of robbing American citizens.

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  19. sterling1776 says:

    An excellent read, thank you. I always point out the example of big pharma: we pay a high price in the U.S. where the R&D occurred, and then we subsidize the rest of the world who gets to pay “what they can.” I didn’t realize how this applied to practically every “global” market. My eyes are open!


  20. tazz2293 says:

    I’m not smart enough to understand all this.

    What I am smart enough to know is that food prices are out of control. Now I understand why.
    I was reading a post not too far back here at CTH of folks in Florida who had lime trees int heir backyards and the State government moved in and made them cut those trees down.

    I understand how Corn was confiscated to make ethanol thereby reducing the supply of corn that could be used for feed or food because the growers were now required to grow corn to produce ethynol.

    After reading this article my head is spinning. So many tentacles, so many traps.

    Not sure if most of y’all remember when Pat Buchanan used to run for President as what is now called a Nationalist. I liked his ideas back then but little did I realize how right he was.

    Pray hard for our country and the world. Pray for Donald J Trump and his family. Pray for America and MAGA. Pray for all Americans. The Good Lord knows we need His hand right now to combat and triumph over this evil.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. tazz2293 says:

    In the immortal words of my friend Dekester. “God Bless PDJT”

    Liked by 1 person

  22. got243kids says:

    I am horrified and angered by this analysis because I was provided an example of this in 2001 and knew nothing of it’s significance. Cement. My contractor informed me that American cement manufacturers were forced to send their product offshore where it was processed and sold back to the US. I recall thinking “why?”. My memory of the conversation was that Diane Feinstein was behind the entire facade. I poured 63 yards of concrete that day at $84/yard, now its $169/yard. CEMEX owns the entire market. Let that sink in. I live 16 miles form a massive mining operation of cement served by the Union Pacific railroad.
    NAFTA – Never Ask For Truth America. (Nearly All Free Trade Annihilated).

    “We were that close to going out forever. But there was one man who taught us to fight, to storm the wire of the camps, to smash those metal mf-ers into junk. He turned it around.” – Kyle Reese Quoting Donald Trump? MAGA!


  23. bkrg2 says:

    Sundance – thank you for posting this every few weeks. Its a great reminder – i learn something new every time. And a great article for anyone who has not read it.Very important for understanding the struggle/war going on in trade/economy.
    I’d be surprised if 1% of the population understands this. Treepers, please share wide and far.


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