George Will: “Trump Supporters Need To Come Into The Republican Party On Our Terms, Not Theirs”…

The Pontificating Arrogance of The GOPe

In a very clear and deliberate delivery of how the GOPe establishment view those who do not want to accept Jeb Bush in the White House, the republican party elitist and BFF of Charles Krauthammer, George Will, outlines the acceptable parameters for Donald Trump supporters -those unwashed, unintelligent masses- to be good little Republicans.

Money quote (ie. Sunlight upon how the GOPe feel about you) at 04:33:

[…]  These are voters the Republicans want, the Republicans want all voters, and particularly these voters, but to say that he’s tapped into something;… {shaking head} … Henry Wallace tapped into something, with the far left of American Politics in the late 40’s; the John Birch society tapped into something, George Wallace tapped into something, and it was up to the grown-ups in the labor movement in the late 1940’s, and the grown-ups in the conservative movement in the 1960’s to read those elements the riot act, and say: come back in, but come back in on our terms because we are not going down the road you want to go”…

Notice – As George Will begins to opine with the visible display of his superiority, and fully present his disgust toward the base of the party, he glances toward Laura Ingraham – because Will is judging how far he can go displaying his inherent disdain of the insufferable “crazies”, “hobbits” and “whacko birds”. 

George Will

Will is checking for Ingraham’s eye roll.  (screen grab)

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422 Responses to George Will: “Trump Supporters Need To Come Into The Republican Party On Our Terms, Not Theirs”…

  1. Harold J Cagle says:

    George Will exemplifies exactly why nobody cares about the GOP establishment. The good old boy network is getting their ass handed to them and they can’t handle having no control. Go Away George, and take Reince and the rest of the GOP corruptocrats with you!

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    • yaki534 says:

      The last two or three people they put up were not acceptable. McCain is a RINO and the other was an elitist. They do not chose conservative people.


    • Denny Owens says:

      Thanks To Trump & Millions Of Great Americans, People Like Will, Limbaugh, & Many
      Other Pathetic “Know It Alls “, Can Crawl Back Under The Rock Where They Came From


      • pjsolarz says:

        Apparently you are not a Limbaugh listener. elRushBo spells out exactly why people like George Will, John McCain, Jeb Bush, and Mitch McConnell are sending the GOPe down in flames.


      • pjsolarz says:

        Apparently you are not a Limbaugh listener. elRushBo spells out exactly why people like George Will, John McCain, Jeb Bush, and Mitch McConnell are sending the GOPe down in flames.


    • DrSique says:

      BINGO!!!!!! Will has merely exposed himself as the free trade at all costs corporatist that he has always been. Our Founders, for the most part, wanted that which could be made in this country to be made here. They understood that a sovereign nation needed an independent economy as free from foreign entanglements as was possible. As long as Americans continue to swallow the lie that using foreign labor is trade, we will continue to bleed jobs and have massive trade deficits. H. Ross Perot warned, way back during the NAFTA debates, that if passed the bill would cause a great sucking sound of jobs from the U.S. He may have been a funny sounding little man but, he was dead bang right.


  2. Mary Farone says:

    The GOP (Great of Power) is fearing for their jobs and their paychecks! Its about time the establishment understands how to be TRUMPED!


  3. Dave says:

    George will we are the Republican Party who the hell annointed you ….. We are not illegal immigrants we are Americans it’s the Republican Party that needs to wake up PS you can keep sleeping


  4. Old Patriot says:

    He is one of the biggest establishment looneys out there. Cares nothing about our country or it’s citizens as long as he has his place at the table.


  5. Chuck says:

    The GOP hasn’t lived up to the promises made to their constituents. If they cost us this election, we will all play STOMP THE ELEPHANT and vote against the GOP in every subsequent election. State, county and local elections as well. Once we have weakened or obliterated them, a new party representing the middle class can form up and survive. We need to rid ourselves of these self serving politicians who favor the GOP’s WANTS over the NEEDS of the American people.


  6. George, to the victor go the spoils…a historian such as yourself should understand this basic premise. The losers don’t get to set the agenda.


  7. Joe Williams says:

    George Will, how dare you say I need to come back to the Republican Party but come back on your terms. You dim-wit idiot, I am the Republican Party. I have never left the Republican Party and I’ve got news for you. Donald Trump is going to be the Republican Party’s nominee and you better get used to it.


  8. I see why the Republican Party is sooooo sick. With folks like you acting in control Gorgeous Georgie you are destroying the party which in the last 70 years of my life I have been sooooo proud to be a Republican but today you are destroying the party. OOOHHHH wait a minute. YOU HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT DESTROY US GEORGIE… NEVER. GET A LIFE GEORGIE.


  9. Shannon says:

    Dear George … exactly why we are DONE with the Republican party


  10. says:

    What a stuck-up asshole


  11. BD Spivey says:

    If they shaft Trump, I hope he runs as an independent. I will vote for him or Kasich as a
    a write n. Tired of the establishment democrat and republican, goodbye.


  12. Jack Serafin says:

    Your an embarrassment to America, and this goes to all the current elected officials, its principals and values, political, corrupt, whores……..


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