Rod Rosenstein Scheduled to Testify to Senate Judiciary Committee – June 3rd, 10:00am…

CTH wants details.  Details on the process of this testimony from Rod Rosenstein; how it will be structured, how much time the committee will allow; who is questioning, Skype or in-person? Why are details important? Because CTH has enough questions to take more than a full day just from our independent research.

Additionally, Rosenstein is at the epicenter of the ‘insurance policy’ phase of the coup against President Trump.  If the intent of Graham is to provide both transparency or a cover-up, former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is who you’d start with on both fronts.

According to numerous media reports Rod Rosenstein is scheduled to be the first witness to testify before Senator Lindsey Graham’s Judiciary Committee.

We have over two dozen documented contacts between Rosenstein and Robert Mueller before the special counsel was launched.  The first contact was a phone call the morning after former FBI Director James Comey was fired.  Literally hours after Comey was fired, based -in part- on a letter written by the former DAG recommending the firing, Rosenstein was coordinating the appointment of the special counsel to investigate President Trump.

You could spend several hours of inquiry into just that part of the decision-making process alone; without even touching the ramifications of his role in the Carter Page FISA applications and what came next.   Rosenstein was also the principle influence agent in 2018 who told President Trump not to declassify any documents requested by congress or POTUS would be facilitating an ‘obstruction’ charge against the office of the President.

Yeah, Rosenstein has a lot to answer for.

Rosenstein also was in charge of the July 2018 response from the DOJ to the FISA court where both the DOJ and FBI lied to the court about the predicate of the FISA warrant’s validity a full fifteen months after the DOJ and FBI were aware the underlying predicate was built upon fraudulent representations.  There’s another several hours.

Additionally, and adverse to the interests of Lindsey Graham, Rosenstein -together with DC Attorney Jessie Liu- was the architect of the agreement not to prosecute SSCI Security Director James Wolfe for leaking classified ‘top-secret’ documents (the FISA warrant) to reporter Ali Watkins.  Within that story the corruption within the Senate intelligence committee surfaces.  Chairman Graham wouldn’t want to touch that issue, but there’s more than a few hours of inquiry justified.

What was the purpose of the expanded scope memos; including the still hidden third scope memo written October 20, 2017, that allowed Mueller to target Michael Flynn Jr. in the effort to coerce General Flynn into a plea agreement.  Under what principle was Rosenstein acting when he expanded the scope of Mueller on August 2nd and October 20th?

Then you get into the ridiculous indictment of Russian actors (Concord LLC Inc.) that was a completely fabricated pretense, created seemingly only to give some sketchy justification for the Mueller probe’s origin.  How was the special counsel team communicating that activity and under what pretext was Rosenstein convinced to even pursue indictments the DOJ was later forced to drop because of their false pretense.

Rosenstein was also the primary person who blocked the production of documents to congress during their investigation of the Russia collusion-conspiracy nonsense.  What justification does Rosenstein carry for blocking the production of those documents?

You see, Rosenstein is found at the heart of corrupt activity within the DOJ, and by extension the Mueller investigation.   His testimony will either begin the reveal of the story, or his testimony will be purposefully shaped to avoid sunlight and shape public knowledge of the truth behind the events.

WASHINGTON DC – […] The hearing, scheduled for June 3, marks the first public hearing Graham will hold as part of his deep dive into “Crossfire Hurricane,” the name for the investigation into Russia’s 2016 election interference and the Trump campaign.

Graham said that Rosenstein will speak about “new revelations” included in Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz’s report on surveillance warrant applications tied to former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Rosenstein, who was interviewed as part of Horowitz’s investigation, signed off on the third Page warrant renewal application. (more)

And don’t forget Rosenstein’s sister, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, was the launch vehicle for the COVID-19 shut down back in February; and effort that looks increasingly political in hindsight.  Perhaps a more nuanced extension of the removal effort itself.

So yeah, color me suspicious….

♦Tuesday May 16th – Per the IG report: “On the morning of May 16, Comey took digital photographs of both pages of Memo 4 with his personal cell phone. Comey then sent both photographs, via text message, to his friend Daniel Richman to send to the New York Times.

Back in Main Justice at 12:30pm Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Jim Crowell and Tashina Guahar all appear to be part of this meeting.  I should note that alternate documentary evidence, gathered over the past two years, supports the content of this McCabe memo.  Including texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok:

[NOTE: pay attention to the *current* redactions; they appear to be placed by existing DOJ officials in an effort to protect Rod Rosenstein for his duplicity in: (A) running the Mueller sting operation at the white house on the same day; (B) the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel, which was pre-determined before the Oval Office meeting.]

While McCabe was writing this afternoon memo, still May 16th, Rod Rosenstein took Robert Mueller to the White House for a meeting in the oval office with President Trump and VP Mike Pence.

After six days of phone calls, emails and in person meetings, this visit to the White House was clearly Rod Rosenstein introducing Robert Mueller to the target of the investigation.  Rosenstein already knew he was going to appoint Mueller; and Mueller, along with the small group in the FBI, already knew Mueller was going to be appointed. {Go Deep}

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273 Responses to Rod Rosenstein Scheduled to Testify to Senate Judiciary Committee – June 3rd, 10:00am…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    Why, why, why wont Barr or Durham look at this HARD EVIDENCE of illegal spying on Americans turned into the FIB in 2015?

    There are far too many layers in the Russian Collusion Hoax IMO while there is just 2 layers to investigate in the Hammer Program. Much easier to get to the top.

    And here is actual testimony that it (The Hammer Program and the Evidence) exists.

    Why does AG Barr ignore the Hammer and this evidence??


  2. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse= AzzHats. JMO but If The Donald doesn’t like the direction of Lindsey and his hearings then Ratcliffe will drop bombs when needed to shake the trees. Next week leaves on 5 months to get this deal at fever pitch.

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Ratcliffe is the ONLY person that could provide a different shape to the hearings.

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    • Jederman says:

      Was thinking the same but with an adjusted timeline. Prep the battlefield with the impossible to ignore release of un-redacted, declassified documents a day or two prior to the scheduled testimony (s).

      Put it out there and force their hand. Or force them to look the other way live on national TV.

      I have zero confidence in the senate. Their corruption is so institutionalized, so structured and so rotten they have very little choice but to try (in vain) to obfuscate.

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  3. dwpender says:

    Hopefully Durham acts DECISIVELY before 10:00 AM on June 3. Senate hearings are theater. Almost half the questions/speeches will come from Democrats.

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    • MAGA truth seeker says:

      If Durham acts before the testimony, RR should be in handcuffs not testify to Congress.

      This doesn’t make any sense.


    • Mike Dennis says:

      Well, I for one can’t wait to find out what RR found enchanting in his role as Director not to mention boxers or briefs.


  4. Tl Howard says:

    Surely RR comes with his attorney, no?

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      If so, I would tell his attorney to leave and not to come back. Rosenstein has no need of an attorney, he is not on trial YET.


  5. Revelation says:

    The only question that really mater is “where was the evidence” to support the SC investigation.

    And rather than answer “there was none” Rosenstein will hide behind a classification evasion.

    These sessions will be a waste of time.

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  6. Julian says:

    “I’m sorry Senator, I don’t recall.”

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  7. kleen says:

    I think RR’s wife was involved in blackmailing Patrick Byrnes from Overstock… I think so…


    • kleen says:

      Never mind, I went back and looked it was actually Peter Strzok’s wife who did the dirty work. So many terrorists ….it gets hard to memorize who did what.

      SUNDANCE: “Lastly, it’s worth noting in the Fox Business interview, Patrick Byrne describing in hindsight being offered a $1 billion bribe of sorts to stay quiet. This has peaked many curious questions; however, it is worth noting a bribe as described could come in a multitude of forms for a businessman who operates a massive corporation.

      In 2018 Mr. Byrne’s company, Overstock, was under an SEC investigation.”
      I’m sure it is just a coincidence, but FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, happens to be the Assoc. Director of the SEC Enforcement Division, who happened to be leading the SEC investigation of Patrick Byrne’s company. [LINK]

      So the wife of the FBI agent who was directing Patrick Byrne in the sketchy FBI operation targeting Donald Trump… just happens to open an investigation of Byrne shortly after the corrupt FBI operation containing her husband first hit the headlines in early 2018.

      I wonder if the elimination of that SEC investigation was worth, oh, say $1 billion.

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      • ann says:

        How nice. Tip top, bets in the world, right?

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      • J Gottfred says:

        Strozok’s wife cemented into my thought process that you always have to look at spouses when examining the integrity (or lack thereof) of a deep stater. Unlike most of us here, they do not marry for love and fidelity; they marry for money and power. Money and power always explains why their is no marital integrity with these yahoos. All one has to do is look at the registered sex offender Anthony Weiner and Hillary enabler Huma Mahmood Abedin to see how they work together. So disgusting!

        I’m sure their kids have all the same lack of integrity. Which is what is so refreshing about Trump’s kids. –They all have the same integrity in their approach to life as their father.

        Thank God Trump is exposing the DC Sewer, husband and wife at a time.

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    • Doppler says:

      Kleen, my take was that Byrne’s publicly traded but struggling web retail business was on the ropes when Byrne began buying up cryptocurrency Tech companies. There is an enormous globalist crypto currency deal percolating along among the big techs and big banks (see Banking Elites Goal of a Cashless Society) and my guess is the big club offered to build their platform using some of Byrne’s technology. That makes the most sense as the “billion dollar bribe of sorts,” I.e., the “carrot,” in the context of his crappy company, not otherwise worth anything near that.

      Mrs. Strzok’s SEC investigation became the stick to push him harder, because his stock price soared on rumors of the crypto deal. Then tanked when he talked to his rabbi instead.


  8. MAGA truth seeker says:

    How in the world does Rosenstein get approval to testify about the Russia Investigation if Barr/Durham are “actively” investigating said investigation?

    This reeks to high heaven. Rosenstein is at the epicenter of this whole Faux Russian Conspiracy. That means he should be under current investigation by Durham. It would seem that Rosenstein’s testimony would conflict with an ongoing investigation. I mean, the guy knew the whole investigation was a fraud, and yet, he authorized the SC and renewal of the FISA Warrants. He’s knee deep in all of this.

    The more and more light that continues to get shed on the origins of the Soft Coup plot, the more and more I believe McCabe when he said Rosenstein offered to wear a wire.

    Something doesn’t seem right here.

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    • lawton says:

      It wouldn’t violate anything I think. They just wanted their treachery hidden by using that excuse with the illegal Mueller investigation. A real investigator would like to see people talk about the subject.


    • G. Alistar says:

      Is it remotely possible that RR is a Trump plant? Either from the very beginning or very early on flipped in order to trap corrupt Obama Administration officials, Deep state corrupt DoJ actors and dirty cops at FBI? Sent into the fray early on to document the corruption? Yeah, I know it’s a wild conspiracy theory but I could not agree more … something with RR does not seem right. We have only bits and pieces of information. Hope and pray that Barr and is investing team has put all the info together and that we will finally see some “accountability” for all this corruption.

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  9. Captain Alatriste says:

    Is that an old file photo from the Third Reich?

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  10. PMadison says:

    Does RR have any reason to believe giving false testimony will be prosecuted? After all, his name isn’t Roger Stone. So I suspect his testimony will be “less than candid.”


    • Sharon says:

      “Does RR have any reason to believe giving false testimony will be prosecuted?”

      I doubt it.

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      • All the important players were bought off with Uranium One proceeds to the Clinton Crime Foundation that then distributed or “bag manned” to them their share of “the take” from Uranium One a long time ago. Uranium One is *way bigger* than Teapot Dome and is the main precursor *crime* for the Soft Coup against Trump, although there are many other similar crimes of graft and corruption. The Obama administration was a crime conglomerate having a cartel of treasonous players who operated a RICO under color of law and laughingly called that racketeering influenced criminal organization “government”.


        • TrumpPatriot says:

          Here is the last dangling chad of Uranium One. Rod Rosenstein oversaw this case. Pretty astonishing resolution.

          }Mark Lambert was found guilty on November 22, 2019 on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act #FCPA bribery, conspiracy & fraud charges.
          Former President of Transportation Company Found Guilty of Violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Other Crimes
          The former president of Transportation Logistics Inc. (TLI), a Maryland-based transportation company that provides services for the transportation of nuclear materials to customers in the United Stat…

          Lambert was to be sentenced on March 11, 2020 but instead, by agreeing to pay $2M penalty, charges will be dismissed. “


          • Federal Trade Commission can absolutely NULLIFY and REVOKE any trade transactions later found to have been fraudulent or illegal so why wasn’t this done for the scandalous Clinton Foundation “facilitated” ILLEGAL SALE of strategic FUEL assets belonging to the American people? The corruption involved is the same as for Teapot Dome but the amount of money involved in the graft and corruption is a thousand times more. No Big Deal ????

            Says who exactly ?????


    • dallasdan says:

      There are no demonstrable judicial consequences for lying to Congress.


  11. bessie2003 says:

    Hoping that Mr. Radcliff releases lots of formerly redacted documents, especially all the scope memos, between now and June 3rd.

    If he does that gives a fighting chance that Graham would have to actually hold a real hearing with real questions (even if it is in order to save his own skin) and put point onto RR and his co-coup folks and bring justice to this episode of our nation’s life.

    Waiting on Radcliff. It’s time to make your move sir.

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  12. Peoria Jones says:

    Am I the only person who gets absolutely furious when I think about all the tax dollars these charades are costing us? FOR NOTHING! It never should have happened!

    All this time wasted, which could have been spent DOING SOMETHING to help our country and our people – and the money. The good things that could have been done.

    So many people in gov’t (at all levels) are selfish, amoral thieves. I wish I could sue them personally, or at least get a refund. There must be a way to hold them accountable in the future, or there’s no coming back.

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  13. Jennifer Verner says:

    So if Rod Rosenstein is under criminal investigation, would Lindsey be interviewing him?


  14. franker01 says:

    I wonder if Varmint Traps will be placed around the Exits.
    Just in case he tries to escape.


    • HecklerDon says:

      Hey ya’ll, ya’ll need to remember that Rowdy Rod would NEVER have deep sixed all his cronies, cut bait, and decided to play ball and support AG Barr ending the Mueller probe, the entire time with a greenish pale look on his face and with his balls in a vice, had he not secured immunity or some other type of promise that he would be left alone if he would simply come along and help fix this hot garbage dumpster fire.

      Immediately some wise guy is going to now respond and say “Don. Explain yourself. Provide us with links. You are a liar Don. Ya’ll don’t pay attention to Don. He’s simply making stuff up and ranting.”

      Well before you do, I wanna make clear that no, I have no proof. Nor am I some insider. It’s like Rush say, “don’t doubt me on this. I know these people. My knowledge comes from raw intelligence guided by experience…” (or something to that effect). But if you step back and look at it conceptually, and if you observe everyone’s mannerisms and conduct even following that presser, even all the way down to the subsequent retirement party for Rowdy Roddy and all the smiles and backpatting, it’s really the only conceivable thing that could have happened in my humble opinion. I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Hot Rod was right up in the center of this coup attempt, even at one point raising the idea if he himself wearing a wire to take down POTUS…

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  15. jc says:

    This is Graham’s last shot…there are thousands of southern conservatives massed to work in South Carolina if he sells us out.


    • Tl Howard says:

      Did you see Tucker Carlson tonight? He put the pics and names of the gop senators who wrote POTUS a letter urging him to renew H-1 visas. Tucker said he personally liked some of those senators BUT he urged voters to vote them out in their primaries because they are siding with foreign workers over American workers. It was brutal. Lindsey Graham AND Lisa Murkowski were among them.

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  16. namberak says:

    If anyone were going to swing for this, he should be the first guy through the trap. Sorry for the cynicism, but I’m weary and I just don’t think anyone will ever be held to account.


  17. Margaret Berger says:

    Look at the picture of rosey . His life is flashing before his face. He is swallowing bile. He probably had some kind of deal in place but he was still frightened. I predict that there will be no hard questions on June 3. I predict that because he isn’t quick he will even know what questions are going to be asked.


  18. ChampagneReady says:

    John Ratcliffe better release those transcripts Ric declassified and left for him to decide on releasing them.

    There will be a boatload of information in those transcripts that will be able to be used to impeach Rosenstein—especially statements in his previous testimony–and make him squirm like a little infant that has to go to the bathroom.

    If Ratcliffe does not do that, we will know immediately our worst fears have been realized and we have another person placed in a top position who doesn’t have to do anything but pick up where Elliott Ness Grenell left off and continue ripping the deep state apart. But instead we will have another one in the mold of Wray.

    God I hope my concerns prove a thousand percent wrong and that we have Pit Bull #2.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. kleen says:


  20. Reginald says:

    Forget who said this today, but it applies to graham, Rubio and whomever else is in this show. “All bark, with no intent to bite”.


  21. frank field says:




  22. lansdalechip says:

    My fear reading this is Graham and Rosie together will somehow either inadvertently or intentionally damage the work being done by Durham’s investigation. Nothing in the Swamp happens accidentally.


    • California Joe says:

      There is NO WAY that Barr and Durham would let Rosenstein testify on June 3rd if he’s going to be a prosecution witness againstthe coup plotters. None!


  23. Raised on Reagan says:

    Rosey in the top photo shares a striking resemblance to Heinrich Himmler.


  24. Chilidog says:

    The republicans focus of these hearings should be to set perjury traps. We’re not going to learn anything new from anyone’s testimony. All we can hope for is that someone asks a question that wasn’t expected and he lies.


  25. kleen says:


  26. TMonroe says:

    As has been noted, Graham has a primary June 9th. Looks like we’ll have a couple weeks of sound and fury.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. dallasdan says:

    “CTH wants details.”

    Agree. Unfortunately, we have little to no reason to be optimistic about either the format or the outcome. Leopards don’t change their spots.


  28. Beau Geste says:

    SD, a suggestion:
    print up your questions here, as specific questions RR needs to answer. We can then send your question list to our senators, and newspapers.

    I note that roserstein is the only witness excused from being subpoenaed.
    peculiar…he has some sort of special deal going


  29. PVCDroid says:

    I sense all these clowns are going to go on about Russia being such an immense threat at the time that they were just trying to be thorough. Cue Russia, Russia scares all the way through 2020 election and even a rehash of Trump Putin narratives. They are starting already. Now is the time to find the WikiLeaks true source which will probably never happen.

    This is a national security threat going on four years openly lying about, harassing and sanctioning Russia. Mueller barely found a handful of questionable ads to go after Concord. That tells me the SC looked hard for more Russian political ads or discussion around the 2016 election and didn’t find much at all.


  30. Liberty ONE says:

    Herr RATenstein aka Himmler will say” Senator, I cannot confirm nor deny your statement to me as it is an on-going investigation. Next question. The same answer”


  31. Padric says:

    Short of a few bombshells being dropped beforehand, here’s what you’ll likely get:

    Grassley – will ask the toughest questions because he knows the most but Rosenstein will likely provide filibuster answers that end up not saying much in the end.

    Cruz- In his ongoing bid to curry favor with Trump supporters for a future presidential run, he will provide the most sound bite friendly questions and will aggressively cut Rosenstein off and tell him to answer the question should RR try to filibuster answer

    Hawley- Honestly, this dude is the one wild card in all this to me. I don’t know if he knows enough to ask the right questions, but he does seem to have a “I don’t give a $%#! about your ‘Senate Traditions'” sort of demeanor, so who knows. Maybe he rattles Rosenstein’s cage enough to get him to actually slip up and say something important.

    Other than that? Graham will bloviate about “time honored traditions” and “rank and file FBI/DOJ” being honest, hard working, etc, the other Republicans will ask questions that help shape a narrative that tries to bolster the recent SCSI “Pinky swear, Russia really did it!” report while attempting to cover up McCain’s involvement with the Dossier and congressional wrongdoings in general and Democrats will both aid in that while alternately asking about how horrible it is that Donald Trump is “weaponizing our justice system”.

    I the up side, should Rosenstein actually slip up and say something he shouldn’t, I fully expect Graham will let out a cry that sounds like something remarkably similar to a goat scream.


  32. Rick says:

    We’ll know how the Durham probe is going when we see how he answers. Will he be taking the 5th? I have my fingers crossed.


  33. Santiago 1314 says:

    Never Gonna Show Up.!!!… None of these Coup D’SWAMP members are going to show Up…. If they due, it will be with “Total Immunity” or they will “Take the 5th”… This is all a Kabuki Dance, until Durham Indictments (Or NO Indictments)


  34. humaweiner says:

    You would think that someone with the Rat’s experience in the DOJ that he would be familiar with the dating rituals in federal prison, could it be that he has a”little sugar in his tank”?


  35. John f. Sullivan says:

    Currently we have no idea how effective this investigation is going till we see a demonstration of the preliminary body count. Homicides or self inflicted or accidental deaths to ascertain the true death of concern of the involved parties.


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