U.S. and U.K. Intelligence Agencies Worry About John Durham – Scrutiny of CIA Draws Media Apoplexy…

There was once a time, not that long ago, when the mainstream left was highly critical of the CIA, and scrutiny of dubious claims by U.S. intelligence was a common occurrence. Of course all of that changed when those same intelligence agencies were weaponized to target a political enemy that was also the enemy of the left, namely Donald Trump.

Now, in the era of modern political narratives, no intelligence claim against the Trump administration is too outlandish. Regardless of dubious sourcing, it’s all pushed as fact so long as the target of the claim is President Donald Trump.

As a result it is not a surprise how targeted weaponization became the cornerstone of the Russian narrative, and sketchy intelligence claims of Russian involvement in elections became the mortar that binds the bricks.  The end product is tenuous at best; and if anyone starts to scrutinize the instability of the construct they too become a target.

Last year U.S. Attorney John Durham and U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr were reported to be spending time on a narrowed focus looking carefully at CIA activity in the 2016 presidential election.  That CIA activity is directly related to the construction of the December 2016 Joint Analysis Report (JAR), and January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA).  Both constructs are so critical to the Russia narrative that anyone who dare question the information becomes an immediate risk and target.

Using information from U.K. media, and looking closer at yesterday’s New York Times report about investigations of the CIA, in this outline we will explain where corrupt U.S. and U.K. interests merge; what specific action was taken, & why the mortar is crumbling.

2019 – “One British official with knowledge of Barr’s wish list presented to London commented that “it is like nothing we have come across before, they are basically asking, in quite robust terms, for help in doing a hatchet job on their own intelligence services””. (Link)

The U.K. Independent ran the above quote last year based on British intelligence officials who were concerned about scrutiny on their aligned activity with the U.S. CIA during the 2016 election.  More recently, yesterday the New York Times ran an article breathless with concern about DOJ inquiry and Attorney John Durham questioning the CIA directly.

2020 […]  The Justice Department has declined to talk about Mr. Durham’s work in meaningful detail, but he has been said to be interested in how the intelligence community came up with its analytical judgments — including its assessment that Russia was not merely sowing discord, but specifically sought to help Mr. Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

[…] The analysts could have been engaged in standard bureaucratic behavior like obeying the filtering process or hoarding sensitive information. Or perhaps they were trying to cover something up. The questions asked by Mr. Durham and his team suggest they are looking for any potential basis to support making the latter reading, officials said.

[…] Mr. Durham has interviewed F.B.I. officials and agents who worked on the bureau’s Russia investigation, called Crossfire Hurricane, and for the special counsel who took over the inquiry, Robert S. Mueller III. They have also interviewed C.I.A. analysts.

Mr. Durham and his team also interviewed around a half-dozen current and former officials and analysts at the National Security Agency, including its former director, the retired Adm. Michael S. Rogers, last summer and again last fall. The Intercept first reported the interviews of Admiral Rogers.

But Mr. Durham has not interviewed the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, his onetime deputy Andrew G. McCabe or Mr. Brennan. Mr. Durham has requested Mr. Brennan’s emails, call logs and other documents from the C.I.A. to learn what he told other officials, including Mr. Comey, about his and the C.I.A.’s views of a notorious dossier of assertions about Russia and Trump associates.  (NYT Link)

It is important to remember how critical the Russian interference narrative is to the activity that took place in 2016.  If you take away the mortar, the building collapses. If the concrete evidence is not there to support the intelligence claims of 2016/2017, then all justification for the downstream “investigations” is lost.

Without the Russia narrative, those who weaponized intelligence for political surveillance are naked to the world.  The Russia narrative is essential for their justification of everything.  In a world with a functioning media the high importance of a key detail would mean even more scrutiny on that detail was warranted. Alas, in the world of orange-man-bad, the concept of a functioning media is as visible as a rotary phone.

The two-year investigation that generated the Weissmann/Mueller report contains claims that Russia hacked the DNC servers as the central element to the Russia interference narrative in the 2016 U.S. election.  This claim is perhaps the sketchiest.

It is also important to remember just how extensive the operations of the CIA were in 2016; because it is within the network of foreign and domestic operations where FBI Agent Peter Strzok is noted as a bridge between the CIA and FBI operations.

By now people are familiar with the construct of CIA operations involving Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor now generally admitted/identified as some kind of a western intelligence operative who was tasked to run an operation against Trump campaign official George Papadopoulos in both Italy (Rome) and London. {Go Deep}

In a similar fashion the CIA tasked U.S. intelligence asset Stefan Halper to target another Trump campaign official, Carter Page. Under the auspices of being a Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper also targeted General Michael Flynn. Additionally, using assistance from a female FBI agent under the false name Azra Turk, Mr. Halper also targeted Papadopoulos.

The initial operations to target Flynn, Papadopoulos and Page were all based overseas. This seemingly makes CIA exploitation of assets and targets much easier. However, there is an aspect to the domestic operation also bearing fingerprints of the CIA; only this time due to the restrictive laws on targets inside the U.S. the CIA aspect is less prominent. This is where FBI Agent Peter Strzok working for both agencies starts to become important.

In their text messages Strzok has a working relationship with what he called their “sister agency”, the CIA. Additionally, CIA Director Brennan has admitted Strzok helped write the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) which outlines the Russia narrative.

Also late July “Electronic Communication” from the CIA to the FBI originating FBI operation “Crossfire Hurricane” was party authored from the CIA by Strzok.  The fast moving Strzok immediately used that EC, to initiate Crossfire Hurricane as authorized by his boss FBI Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap.  Then Strzok traveled to London to debrief intelligence officials there about the Australian Ambassador to the U.K, Alexander Downer and his contacts with George Papadopoulos.

Peter Strzok appears as a very eager, profoundly overzealous James Bond wannabe, who enjoyed a role acting as a bridge between the CIA and the FBI. The perfect type of FBI career agent for CIA Director John Brennan to utilize. [Strzok gets CIA service coin]

Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson hired CIA Open Source analyst Nellie Ohr toward the end of 2015; at appropriately the same time as “FBI Contractors” were identified exploiting the NSA database and extracting information on a specific set of U.S. persons.

It was also Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson who was domestically tasked with a Russian lobbyist named Natalia Veselnitskya. A little reported Russian Deputy Attorney General named Saak Albertovich Karapetyan was working double-agents for the CIA and Kremlin. Karapetyan was directing the foreign operations of Natalia Veselnitskaya, and Glenn Simpson was organizing her inside the U.S.

Glenn Simpson managed Veselnitskaya through the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. However, once the Fusion-GPS operation using Veselnitskaya started to unravel with public reporting… back in Russia Deputy AG Karapetyan unfortunately died in a helicopter crash.

Simultaneously timed in late 2015 through mid 2016, there was a domestic FBI operation using a young Russian named Maria Butina tasked to run up against republican presidential candidates. According to Patrick Byrne, Butina’s handler, it was FBI agent Peter Strzok who was giving Byrne the instructions on where to send her. {Go Deep}

Additionally, Christopher Steele was a British intelligence officer, hired by Fusion-GPS to assemble and launder fraudulent intelligence information within his dossier. And we cannot forget Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch who was recruited by Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe to participate in running an operation against the Trump campaign and create the impression of Russian involvement. Deripaska refused to participate.

All of this context outlines the extent to which the CIA and FBI were openly involved in constructing a political operation that settled upon anyone in candidate Donald Trump’s orbit.  Much of this overlapping operation was seemingly directed by Peter Strzok operating with a foot in both agencies. [Strzok gets CIA service coin]

Thus we see the importance of the Russian Conspiracy-Interference Narrative.  Without that baseline all of the aforementioned operations have no justification.  Again, this Russia narrative is the critical mortar that binds the investigative and political surveillance bricks.

All of this engagement was admittedly controlled by U.S. intelligence; and all of this was intended to give a specific Russia impression. This predicate is presumably what John Durham is currently reviewing.

The key background point is to see how committed the CIA/FBI were to the narrative of Russia interfering with the 2016 election. The CIA, FBI, and by extension the DOJ, put a hell of a lot of work into it. Intelligence community work that Durham is now unraveling.

John Durham is looking at the construct of the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA); and talking to CIA analysts who participated in the construct of the January 2017 report that bolstered the false appearance of Russian interference in the 2016 election. This is important because it ties in to the next part that involves Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

On April 11th, 2019, the Julian Assange indictment was unsealed in the EDVA.

From the indictment we discover it was under seal since March 6th, 2018:

(Link to pdf)

On Tuesday April 15th, 2019, more investigative material was released. Again, note the dates: Grand Jury, *December of 2017* This means FBI investigation prior to….

♦The FBI investigation took place prior to December 2017, it was coordinated through the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) where current FBI chief legal counsel Dana Boente was U.S. Attorney at the time, while also holding jobs in Main Justice.

♦The grand jury indictment was sealed from March of 2018 until after Mueller completed his investigation, April 2019.

Why did the DOJ wait?

What was the DOJ waiting for?

Here’s where it gets interesting….

The FBI submission to the Grand Jury in December of 2017 was four months after congressman Dana Rohrabacher talked to Julian Assange in August of 2017: “Assange told a U.S. congressman … he can prove the leaked Democratic Party documents … did not come from Russia.”

(August 2017, The Hill Via John Solomon) Julian Assange told a U.S. congressman on Tuesday he can prove the leaked Democratic Party documents he published during last year’s election did not come from Russia and promised additional helpful information about the leaks in the near future.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a California Republican who is friendly to Russia and chairs an important House subcommittee on Eurasia policy, became the first American congressman to meet with Assange during a three-hour private gathering at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder has been holed up for years.

Rohrabacher recounted his conversation with Assange to The Hill.

“Our three-hour meeting covered a wide array of issues, including the WikiLeaks exposure of the DNC [Democratic National Committee] emails during last year’s presidential election,” Rohrabacher said, “Julian emphatically stated that the Russians were not involved in the hacking or disclosure of those emails.”

Pressed for more detail on the source of the documents, Rohrabacher said he had information to share privately with President Trump. (read more)

Knowing how much effort the CIA and FBI put into the Russia collusion-conspiracy narrative; and knowing how absolutely critical it was to justify all the surveillance that had taken place prior to the 2016 election; it would make sense for the FBI to take keen interest after this August 2017 meeting between Rohrabacher and Assange; and why the FBI would quickly gather specific evidence (related to Wikileaks and Bradley Manning) for a grand jury by December 2017.

Within three months of the grand jury the DOJ generated an indictment and sealed it in March 2018. The EDVA sat on the indictment while the Mueller probe was ongoing.

As soon as the Mueller probe ended, on April 11th, 2019, a coordinated effort between the U.K. and U.S. was executed; Julian Assange was forcibly arrested and removed from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and the EDVA indictment was unsealed (link).

As a person who has researched this three year fiasco including: the ridiculously false 2016 Russian hacking and interference narrative; the “17 intelligence agencies”, Joint Analysis Report (JAR) needed for Obama’s anti-Russia narrative in December ’16; and then a month later the ridiculously political Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) in January ’17; the timing against Julian Assange was far too coincidental.

It doesn’t take a deep researcher to see the aligned U.S/U.K motive to control Julian Assange because the Mueller report was dependent on Russia cybercrimes, and that narrative is contingent on the Russia DNC hack story which Julian Assange disputes.

The Weissmann/Mueller report contains claims that Russia hacked the DNC servers as the central evidence to the Russia interference narrative in the U.S. election. This claim is directly disputed by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, as outlined during the Dana Rohrabacher interview, and by Julian Assange on-the-record statements.

Now Watch This Brief Interview:


The predicate for Crossfire Hurricane was Russia interfering in the 2016 election.

The predicate for the FISA warrant against U.S. Carter Page was a Russia investigation, that included the Steele Dossier as evidence, and the use therein was contingent on Russia interfering in the 2016 election.

The predicate for Robert Mueller’s investigation was specifically due to Russian interference in the 2016 election; and the possibility of Trump-Russia collusion.

All of these predicate claims are demonstrably false or wildly overstated using the most tenuous of stretched interpretations.   This is what John Durham is looking at.

The fulcrum for the media to push the Russia interference narrative is the Intelligence Community Assessment; and the primary factual evidence claimed within the ICA is that Russia hacked the DNC servers.  A claim that is only made possible by relying on forensic computer analysis from Crowdstrike, a DNC contractor.

When it comes to reviewing all of the predication aspects, the CIA holds a massive conflict of self-interest in upholding the Russian hacking claim.  Thus we see members of the CIA and intelligence apparatus within media stories outraged over being questioned.

Without the initiation by the CIA, the FBI also is exposed.  Thus the FBI holds a massive interest in maintaining the Russia hacking (Crowdstrike) claim.

Additionally, all of those foreign countries whose intelligence apparatus participated with John Brennan and Peter Strzok also have a vested self-interest in maintaining the Russia hacking and interference narrative.

Most worrisome, Julian Assange is the only person with direct knowledge of how Wikileaks gained custody of the DNC emails; and Assange has claimed he has evidence it was not from a hack – but rather from a leak by a source inside the DNC.

This Russian “hacking” claim is ultimately so important to the CIA, FBI, DOJ, ODNI and U.K intelligence apparatus; and right there is the most transparently obvious motive to shut Assange down as soon as U.S. and U.K. intelligence officials knew the Mueller report was going to be made public.

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  1. littleanniefannie says:

    Could the helicopter crash be the Russian version of Arkancide?

    Hope some of the rats get caught in the traps trying to scurry from the nest!

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  2. tominellay says:

    You’re nailing it, Sundance…

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  3. Steven R Colclasure says:

    Brennen and Comey keep popping off in the media and twitter. Has anyone heard anything from Clapper in awhile? If I was Brennen or Comey, I might be a little concerned that Clapper seems to be MIA

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  4. moonpup says:

    Pray for a lot of sunshine.

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  5. mg says:

    Sturdy oak branch and hemp rope for the traitors.
    I toast you every morning Sundance, with my first cup of coffee.

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  6. TEAFORALL says:

    What they have done to Assange, Manafort, Flynn, Stone is a disgrace to our Government, and what they can get away with. CIA, FBI DOJ NSC ARE ABOVE THE LAW, the time has come to have this come crashing down and I don;t give a rats ass what happens

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  7. Raptors2020 says:

    I don’t think Russian Interference was the predicate for Crossfire Hurricane: that’s the revisionist excuse they use now. Obama during the 2016 election was overtly dismissive that Russia could alter the election results.

    Their mission during the election was to frame Trump and his people for being traitors, and working with the Russians: Russian Collusion. The dual objective was to stage a show trial after Hillary won, or heaven forbid, impeach Trump if he somehow won.

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    • gsonFIT says:

      About 6 months into this Rush used to say that Obama/Intel agencies wanted to destroy Donald Trump completely so “no outsider will ever try this again”. It isn’t just dem v Republican. President Trump got in the political classes laundromat

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      • sticknca says:

        It must terrify the Clinton clan to know that Trump now has access to an exponential amount of information as compared to what they began with regarding “Filegate”.
        No more ex-mall cops like Craig Livingston. Now we have gender changing contractors with the data of the free world at their fingertips.

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      • scrap1ron says:

        This is the message being sent. Kinda like finding a horse’s head in your bed. Jail time is insufficient for these bastards.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      “Their mission during the election was to frame Trump and his people for being traitors, and working with the Russians: Russian Collusion.”

      This would mean they actually had reason, big reason, to believe he COULD win. To believe he could win meant they had access to polling data that said he could OR they knew something was so wrong with Hillary that she could lose. Was it her “illness” that they feared?

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      • Raptors2020 says:

        DiGenova expressed this theory, shortly after election day 2016, that Hillary intended to punish Trump for “Crooked Hillary”: that’s certainly her character.

        How else to explain the expense and trouble of generating the Steele Dossier, but not releasing it until January, 2017? Most everyone in Washington had heard the rumors about Russian Collusion, including McCain: there was a huge whispering campaign going on. The great journalist Lee Smith has written extensively on this.

        Poor old George PapaD was supposedly fingered by Downer in July, 2016, but not interviewed by the FBI until January, 2017. That one circumstantial fact blows a huge hole in the bogus Russian Collusion theory. The persecution of Donald Trump was intended to begin after Hillary’s inauguration. When he won, the Washington Establishment shrugged, and held the inquisition anyway.

        Another under-discussed aspect of this is the great legal cost to many of Trump’s people. Hope Hicks is rejoining the Trump Administration. Trump mentioned that her salary during her first iteration on his staff was entirely eaten up by lawyer bills: that is certainly no accident by or for the Deep State.


    • Orygun says:

      That is something to always keep in mind. They would have murdered him and his family for daring to upset their sweet deal. We are seeing just the tip of the corruption iceberg and it needs to be completely removed.

      The States under Democrat rule need to be fumigated next if and when the Federal government ever gets clean. We have an enormous job ahead of us and we should never stop even if it takes generations to do it.
      It took generations of corruption to get here.

      What ever judgement comes to them needs to be severe and in kind. They are murderous, hateful and evil people.

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  8. pyrthroes says:

    On this hoicked-up Fusion GPS “predicate” basis, a manifest disinformation ploy sponsored by Podesta’s DNC with the explicit object of subverting U.S. electoral processes, one would think that Barr and Durham would take steps to protect-and-preserve Julian Assange as a critical witness exposing this charade. But no… and so a Jeffrey Epstein moment seems all but inevitable as ye ole Deep State keeps on a-truckin’.

    Kudos as ever to Sundance/CTH for rendering convoluted timelines intelligible to we mere citizens. If the Liu nomination debacle is any indication, a lurking official audience is taking note of this.

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    • ILOT says:

      I don’t like the idea that my thoughts have migrated to “what if” Barr fully intended to allow Liu to take over at Treasury and turned a blind eye to any of her alleged indiscretions. What if PDJT informing him that he was about to pull the nomination led to the small house of cards (4 resignations) crumbling forced a pivot to all eyes on the Stone sentence. I don’t like the timing of any of it including the statements on Tweets. This is coming from a very pro Barr pro Durham observer. My point is that the tweets did not create the distraction, it was PDJT’s action days prior that resulted in the fallout. Secondly, when is the last time you saw Mitch on a talk show where he weighed in last night on Fox about the “rift” between PDJT and Mr. Barr. I have no doubt that appearance started with a call from Mitch to request air time on Fox….it’s odd.

      Then again, the tweets truly do complicate things, especially if DOJ is about to drop the hammer as a result of the Durham criminal investigation. I’m not into patronizing, but if Mr. Barr is on track with exacting justice, I’d lay low on the tweets. If the hammer does drop, what we are seeing from the liberal media and pelosi/schumer et al now is nothing compared to what we will see if / when there are indictments.

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    • saywhat64 says:

      IMHO Assange has a very reliable and secure dead man trigger of information that will expose the whole Crowd Strike “russia hacked the DNC server” con job. If not, Mr. Assange would have long ago been “Epsteined”.

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  9. gsonFIT says:

    If you have friends that you think would enjoy the Treehouse but are not yet members the above article would be a great starting point.

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    • gsonFIT says:

      Also interested to hear about John Brenan’s inter agency task force that got Peter Strzok’s testosterone flowing. Seems like lots of things originated with this den of thieves.

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  10. littleanniefannie says:

    1) Let’s drop the pretense—it isn’t the Mueller Report or the Mueller/Weissmann Report, it is, in reality, the Weissmann Report. I guarantee that anyone who watched the hearings last summer knows that you could have picked any Congressional page randomly and that page knew more about what was in the report than Mueller did!
    2) if the Democrats make inroads in the 2020 election, they will undoubtedly move to impeach not only Kavanaugh but Gorsuch as well. If that fails, look for massive court packing. At least 15 justices with all 6 they would appoint being the most extreme of the extremists.
    3) it is high time to haul in Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Yates, Clapper, Lynch, Strzok, Page, Archey, Pientka, Clinesmith, etc. They need to be thoroughly questioned and if any lies are detected, guarantee that those get at least the 7-9 year sentence that the 4 Coupsmen of the Apocalypse were willing to give Roger Stone.

    It is time to stop pussyfooting around. AG Barr and US Attorney Durham, if you need more evidence of the failed treasonous coup, Sundance has done thorough and outstanding research. Search this site for not only the statements of fact but the proof!!

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    • saintoil says:

      IF the Dems make inroads 2020 it’s over. I think that is understood by deplorables. Your talking details.

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    • Agreed Annie. Robert Meuller – “I’m not familiar with Fusion GPS”. Holy Cow, he was the Joe Biden of Special Prosecutors… he had NO clue.

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      • Ginne says:

        Personally, I’m inclined to think people make too much of Mueller’s response to the Fusion question. His staff surely would have prepped him on who Fusion GPS was and the ties to the DNC, etc., and HIS report. Methinks Mueller was simply caught off guard or was unable to recall what he was briefed on by his team when the question was asked.

        Worse, however, was that no Repubs asked any followup during the hearing.

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  11. Dharvey says:

    Sundance is doing real journalism a lost art in this nation. I am always in awe at the quality of his research and clarity in writing. You are a national treasure.

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  12. Kaco says:

    I think Assange has a dead man’s switch on everything and has pretty much said so.

    Why are they so intent on keeping this Russian narrative? Because they are covering up a murder is my best guess.

    But why is “our” side participating in this scheme? Just their general corruption being exposed?

    It’s too bad Dana Rohrabacher lost his re-election. He was a long time congressman, was this because of a redistricting? Or Democrat voter sprawl?

    Seeing this article gives me some hope things are being looked at and getting done in the DOJ. Just hope it happens sooner than later. I can only hope the delay means they want an air tight case, no room for squawking Dems crying about POTUS going after his “political enemies” like a tyrant.

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  13. Peoria Jones says:

    If We The People know this, so do all our gov’t masters. It is important that THEY know that WE know it. It’s out there (thank you Sundance and others) and cannot be un-exposed.

    Now, we must wait to see what they do about it. The situation for Assange is troublesome, but I can’t think of anything more we regular citizens can do…at the moment.

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  14. They needed us to believe the lie that Trump & Co. were colluding with Putin to distract us from the reality that 0bama & Co. were operating like Stalin.

    They failed, got busted and need to pay or we kiss our Fourth Amendment et. al. rights goodby.
    “He who does not punish evil, commands that it be done”

    Leonardo da Vinci

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  15. lotbusyexec says:

    Who needs coffee when I can get charged up first thing with a great Sundance bombshell of truth. Thank you, Sundance and a Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow Treeper’s. Maybe today will be the day that the Kranken is released on Brennan and his ilk will start to see their worlds collapse. Valentine’s Day Arrests 2020? It would be lovely.

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  16. Seneca the Elder says:

    More sunlight from Sundance reveals the Heart of Darkness that is the CIA and FBI.
    Just reading about these evil empires/ agencies is enough to inspire almost visceral fear.

    Our President Trump is playing a most dangerous game with these spawn of Satan, which is what I consider these Swamp creatures to be. They are unbelievably powerful and will do ANYTHING to keep that power including murder and mayhem.

    Assange needs to be protected and rescued. I understand he’s in very bad shape, almost at death’s door. We already know for sure the Russians never hacked the DNC computers. Come on man!

    Meanwhile, no matter what, the NYT and media never stop promoting the lies of Russian interference and collusion on a daily basis. The best goes on.

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    • Kaco says:

      I feel very badly for Assange. POTUS quoted Wikileaks at the debates, Wikileaks with their drops, did help open people’s eyes and elect Pres Trump. But our President has done nothing to help him as far as I can see, and Pompeo basically declares him an enemy so I suppose that is the Administration’s stance. I’ve basically had to close my eyes to his imprisonment, and say, sorry we used you! Now rot in jail.

      I just checked on Wikileaks twitter. Apparently, they are deathly afraid of him being extradited to the U.S. and think he will die if he comes here. Without POTUS support, he would, like Epstein. He knows too much.

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      • Judith says:

        DNC staffer Seth Rich “used” Assange to help his idol Bernie Sanders best crooked Hellary. That’s how Assange got himself into this.

        Neither Rich nor Assange cared about then-candidate Donald Trump. It had nothing to do with him.

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      • jello333 says:

        Trump had BETTER protect Assange. I’ll support Trump for re-election no matter what, but as a person, Donald Trump the person, I’ll like him a lot less if he chooses to ignore Julian’s suffering.


    • Bubby says:

      Seneca you mean lies by the corrupt msm like this?

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  17. lcsteel says:

    I wonder why no arrests have been made in order to squeeze people into flipping.

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    • bob at wendy's says:

      It takes a long time to set up all the dominoes, so when you flip one they all fall.


      • J says:

        Id have to imagine they are going to use seditious conspiracy and/or RICO. If thats the case they probably wouldnt want to tip their hands when casting a net as big as we think it should be. Their could be dozens, if not a hundred or more, threatened by these laws.


    • Garavaglia says:

      You are assuming that Washington wants sunlight on its’ scams? It doesn’t. That’s up to us, the citizens to deal with. We’re not gettin’ off that easy..we must do the dirty work. until then….same old same old. nothing changes if nothing changes.


  18. A2 says:

    The source cited above for this post is the UK Independent, which has been reduced to an online newspaper because of weak circulation. It was bought by the Russian businessman and former KGB officer Alexander Lebedev in 2010. It is Liberal left. And very anti-Trump.

    That’s my discount. They have also been accused of being not a news purveyor but an opinion purveyor. Like CNN.

    Caveat emptor.

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  19. RAC says:

    UK is desperate for a good trade deal, there will never be a better time to squeeze the truth out of them, and get safe hold of Asange before it’s too late.

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    • lieutenantm says:

      Yes. My bet is Trump wants to spring [and save] Assange……from his slow Brit murder
      and confinement. Brits being at the bottom of all this. THEY ARE DETERMINED TO NOT RELEASE HIM TO SAFETY……or into any freedom to tell his tale to Trump or anyone…


  20. TwoLaine says:


    Feels like a pattern, huh #JamesComeyIsAWeasel?

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  21. We the people know says:


  22. John Keogh says:

    If one looks further back into the weaponization of government – The IRS (Lois Lerner and her group) might have actually helped the Republican Party stave off a permanent fracture. By delaying and refusing to give TeaParty groups their tax exempt status in a normal timeframe – the IRS rats intentionally crushed the momentum of those groups. The coordinated attacks by the DNC media apparatus in the MSM kept the pressure on and the patriots trying to establish these groups lost support. With that said, those same supporters that were hanging in limbo or lost – coalesced in 2015/2016 to help produce nominee Donald Trump. The unintended consequences of IRS subversion delivered a big tent Republican Party that delivered an historic victory in 2016.

    What will the long term unintended consequences of CIA/FBI mafeasence? They are starting to metastasize now. Keep the popcorn ready.

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  23. Conservative_302 says:

    Barr seems to be asleep at the wheel. Why is he not cleaning up HIS DOJ? Why does he not intervene is Flynn and Stone? Watching Republican senators reply that they aren’t paying attention to what is going on with Stone made me want to puke yesterday. It made me think that Trump is really all alone in trying to change government. What a lonely place DC is for him. I think Kelly is Anonymous. The only being I have faith in is the Lord. The people inside government except Trumps friends like Ross and kind are so corrupt. I am tired of seeing democrats, the media, RINOs, Hollywood, etc. Beat up Trump on a daily basis. Barr says he can’t do his job if the president tweets about him, but we all know those tweets were the last straw to help Stone get justice since Barr was doing nothing. God please save us from all the evil out there.

    Liked by 3 people

    • BobR says:

      Precursor to a Barr resignation? Barr creating friction to give him an out? Barr probably ashamed what he has discovered but if he takes them all down what kind of a retirement will he have? His only friends will be Pres. Trump and 60 million Americans. Will he choose us or the swamp?

      Liked by 1 person

    • sticknca says:

      Since you mentioned it, I’m kind of surprised I haven’t seen many suggest Sarah Huckabee as Anonymous. My money would be split between Mnuchin and Sarah after initially tossing Kellyanne around.


    • Garavaglia says:

      The only thing keeping our “representatives” in check is our 2nd amendment. Fact.


  24. Alex Pazzo says:

    I saw a clip on twatter yesterday that Brit commie corbryn was rallying against Assange’s extradition to the USA


  25. CM-TX says:

    The case against Assange is BS! Manning was thrown back in jail because she/he “refused to answer a grand jury’s questions regarding Wikileaks.”

    TRANSLATION: Manning REFUSED to PERJURE her/himself, & tell them what they WANTED to hear!

    Assange wasn’t sitting around trying to hack into our Mil.🙄 He didn’t need to! He acted as a Publisher, who was provided documents by Whistleblowers & Inside Leakers.

    Wikileaks also has a 100% accuracy record– how many “News” Agencies can claim that?!

    If he actually had any correspondence Re. “passwords,” he likely was referring to unlocking Files he’d ALREADY been provided by Manning!


    Liked by 1 person

  26. Genie says:

    If Durham met with Assange, then one hopes there is “an insurance policy in the likely event you die before you are 50.”

    Liked by 3 people

  27. Bulldog84 says:

    Durham needs to interview Julian Assange.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. richard verney says:


    No one has put forward a case as to why it would be in Russia’s interest to have Trump rather than HRC.

    Every one of Trump’s America First policies, is not in the interests of Russia. So for example, a stronger US military does not hep Russia. Likewise getting NATO members to cough up more money, thereby strengthening/beefing up NATO, does not help Russia. Making the US economy strong and making the US an even stronger Superpower does not help Russia. Taking the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement freeing the US energy market from restrictions, avoiding the adverse economic impact of US paying Climate reparations etc does not help Russia. Being in favour of fracking, and pipeline development and making the US energy independent, doe not help Russia. Making US a major player in the gas market being able to compete with Russian Gas does not help Russia. Freeing the US from the geopolitics of the Middle East, by becoming energy independent, does not help Russia. Keeping the US out of meaningless, never ending wars does not help Russia.

    No sensible person would ever think that Russia would want to see these policies enacted, and hence no sensible person would conclude that Russia would want Trump. And indeed, since his election, Trump has been far harder on Russia than other Presidents.

    By contrast, whilst Putin does not like HRC, she is well known for play to play, and the Russians had invested Billions in her (via the Clinton Foundation), they knew she could be trusted as Uranian One establishes, and as they say “never trust a person who cannot be bought for money”. HRC was the ultimate pushover, and she was continuity Obama (ie., ‘tell Putin I can be more flexible after my reelection’).

    If Russia was meddling in the election to favour one candidate over another, it would have been favouring HRC over Trump, as any serious analysis would suggest. What Brennan, Clapper, Comey and the like need to do is to explain why would Russia prefer to have Trump, and hence want to assist his campaign and his election.

    Russia was very clever feeding misinformation to HRC since it is this that has hampered Trump’s administration, and the US alaphabet agencies, the Democrats and HRC have been played as useful idiots and/or malign players, to act on behalf of Russia and to do Russia’s bidding, ie, to hamper and curtail Trump, not promote him.

    Liked by 18 people

    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Left one out. How much does unrestricted immigration
      ELSEWHERE help Russia? The costs of all the healthcare,
      social programs, extra police, fighting off illness that hadn’t
      existed before. Those costs help Russia ( or China), because
      they could be put into strengthened military defense.

      Our enemies ,foreign and domestic champion unrestricted
      immigration, because it dispirits us, bankrupts us. While
      enriching and giving political strength to those that dispise us.

      Liked by 6 people

    • ALLAN CRAIN says:

      Thank you Richard Verney. It is time someone wrote the truth about this false narrative.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Top_10 says:

      Even more to the point,…Both countries are majority Christian and the vile atheists, agnostics, liberal progressives and communists — i.e GLOBALISTS, are doing any and everything to keep these two nations from bonding together and stamping out their Utopian dreams!


    • Chiefco says:

      Second best thing I have read this AM . Sundance has nailed the narrative and you brought it sliding home into home base. Bravo


  29. Blind no Longer says:

    I pray for Julian’s health and safety. He always promised there is a dead mans switch.]

    I always go back to those Mark Warner text messages…Waldman indicates “his” client has something so devastating to the Democrat party, it would destroy them forever.
    Let’s pray that’s true.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Garavaglia says:

      There may..or may not..be a dead man’s switch. I suspect he would have had something released by now to show his protocol was real. Nothing. He’s been incarcerated, in who knows what conditions, for nearly a year.


  30. dawg says:

    Such an excellent summary Sundance, thank you. I will be passing this along to my low-info relatives.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. CM-TX says:

    📌Remember also:

    “Judge dismisses [WITH Prejudice] DNC lawsuit against Assange and WikiLeaks”

    … | The judge labeled WikiLeaks an “international news organization” and said Assange is a “publisher,” exposing the liars in the corporate press who declare that Assange is not subject to free speech protections. Judge Koeltl continued: “In New York Times Co. v. United States, the landmark ‘Pentagon Papers’ case, the Supreme Court upheld the press’s right to publish information of public concern obtained from documents stolen by a third party.”

    As a legal matter, by granting WikiLeaks’ motion to dismiss, the court ruled that the DNC had not put forward a “factually plausible” claim. At the motion to dismiss stage, a judge is required to accept all the facts alleged by the plaintiff as true. Here, the judge ruled that even if all the facts alleged by the DNC were true, no fact-finder could “draw the reasonable inference that the defendant is liable for the misconduct alleged.”

    Going a step further, the judge called the DNC’s arguments “threadbare,” adding: “At no point does the DNC allege any facts” showing that Assange or WikiLeaks “participated in the theft of the DNC’s information.”

    Judge Koeltl said the DNC’s argument that Assange and WikiLeaks “conspired with the Russian Federation to steal and disseminate the DNC’s materials” is “entirely divorced from the facts.” The judge further ruled that the court “is not required to accept conclusory allegations asserted as facts.” … |


    Liked by 8 people

    • CM-TX says:

      And so… the D0J (US/UK) resorted to using the Manning Case to FALSELY IMPRISON Assange.

      Only problem– their “Star Witness,” [Manning] REFUSES to LIE for them. So they threw her/him back in Jail for Contempt. They’re hoping Manning will eventually cave to their UNLAWFUL demands.

      Liked by 2 people

  32. jimboct says:

    Barr said when he was interviewed about the statement of spying on the VSGPDJT campaign, that it must be properly predicated. What he is doing is proving it wasn’t. This blows up the whole narrative. Media hardest hit.

    Liked by 7 people

  33. StanH says:

    My concern is, as the clock keeps ticking and the calendar gets closer to the election it becomes less likely that anything will happen until after the election. The co-conspirators, the MSM, will throw up the canard that anything that President Trump or his administration does is political retribution and impeachable. AG Barr being a lifetime swamp dweller will willingly fall into this trap, whereby the co-conspirators the MSM will “report” glowing accounts of how Bill Barr is being reasonable. They will run 24/7 about how President Trump is “again” trying to again interfere with the election. Even though the Russia Collusion narrative has been destroyed again and again. You still hear it coming from uniparty hacks, no pun intended.

    That being said, we have an X-Factor this go round. If we see it, the President sees it, the President’s team sees it and he will not sit back at let the swamp pull a de facto cover-up. One way or another President Trump is going to pound them about the head-and-shoulders with declassification, constant tweets, massive march on the Mall etc. This is going to get interesting. We’ll see.

    Great work Sundance.

    Liked by 4 people

    • There’s really nothing that Trump can do to prevent being impeached several dozen times this summer. Unless and until he takes the case to the Supreme Court, since the Senate voted on party lines just like the House did and refused to declare the Articles to be Unconstitutional. He can’t stand around worrying about being thrown out of office.

      At this point, the only way forward is very simple: stop “looking” and start “arresting.” No one in DC is going to believe that there is actually any opposition to what they’ve done until the CNN camera trucks are parked out in front of their house at 4am. This is a monstrous crime that makes Watergate look silly. And yet the perps remain confident that, at the end of the day, no one will actually do anything about it.

      Liked by 7 people

      • guest4ever says:

        Personally, from a factual point of view, I’d rather they were OAN trucks.


      • StanH says:

        True enough. The uniparty still sees President Trump as an existential threat to the swamp. Impeachment is there only card and they will play it. The thing that they overlook at their own political peril is, I would expect 100 + million strong Deplorable Army. There is much we can do to effect things in the swamp. We’ll see.

        Liked by 1 person

      • IGiveUp says:

        “There’s really nothing that Trump can do to prevent being impeached several dozen times this summer.”

        Kav. hearings backfired. Impeachment backfired. Prob.ok on some level to let the Dems continue. If we win the war, future Congresses, Presidents and Courts can return impeachment to its rightful place of seriousness.

        The law is political. It’s meaning varies depending upon what the society and the pols want it to mean. Today impeachment is just another silly American farce without the deep meaning of the Founders.

        Also might be a good idea to let the dumbass Am. voters come to understand that if they give the House to the Dems again this is the kind of stuff they’re gonna get.

        All in all, I hope they impeach Trump 2 or 3 times before November.


    • Ginne says:

      “My concern is, as the clock keeps ticking and the calendar gets closer to the election it becomes less likely that anything will happen until after the election.” – StanH

      This should NOT be a concern, but understand why you think so. But really, every politician begins campaigning the DAY AFTER their election for their next run (unless they are a lame duck and cannot run for another term).

      So this concern over “interference” in an election is hogwash.


  34. pristach says:

    The only hope of getting Brennan will if Ona James Baker cooperates.


  35. libertydemandsmemory says:

    public self-servants who defend the Criminal Institutions of America are mercenaries for the “Thief State” and betray their sworn oaths to our Constitution.

    It is 6 degrees. I am grateful for warmth.

    I think about the families in Ukraine whose loved ones froze to death several years ago after burisma created a fake heating gas shortage then more than doubled the price for consumers.

    Froze to death.

    I think about the last, agonizing moments of the victims.

    What were their fears and unfulfilled dreams?
    How sad they lost their lives and their families lost the victims’ future gifts of love, harmony, support, laughter, and creativity.

    the bi-dones, pilferosis, kkkerrys, and romnels grifted millions of dollars for pay2play from burisma’s crimes against humanity.

    While Ukrainians were freezing to death because of illegal greed, what were the “evil-ite” bi-dines, pilferosis, kkkerrys, and romnels doing?

    Celebrating, staying safe and warm, revelling in their blood money, profiting by causing suffering, being smug, planning the overthrow of our USA. snorting cocaine, and molesting adolescents – while human beings froze to death.

    This war is not about the labels right or left.
    This war is about making the right choices between humane and inhuman behavior.

    It is time for Kennebuck Trials to deal with crimes against humanity. Not fake trials like Nuremberg, which targeted low-hanging puppets but protected and elevated the puppeteers – the same eugenics, generational crime families who have tried for more than 70 years to pillage and destroy our USA – the same eugenics, generational crime families who used mass murder on September 11, 2001, as an excuse to steal more of our rights – who assassinated John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Jr., Strom Thurmond, Paul Wellstone, Michael Hastings, Paul Walker, Gary Webb, and many journalists, actual, not fake, whistleblowers, and witness, and tried to kill Ronald Reagan.

    puppeteers are the elephants in the room.

    There IS a conspiracy – an organized crime conspiracy attempting a coup d’etat regime change – as the “Thief State” did in Ukraine and many other countries – against our duly/elected President, our Constitution, and our Liberties, our Freedoms of Speech and Religion our Right to Bear Arms, our Due Process.

    I shall report traitors to President Trump today.
    Will you?

    Many, many prayers for the families and friends of those who froze to death in Ukraine and to hundreds of millions of victims the “Thief State” all over the world, including Haiti and Africa.

    It is time to stop expecting our abusers to save us from their evil.


    Liked by 8 people

  36. Stan says:

    WAKE UP! What has Barr done since MAY! Nothing! And will do NOTHING! Durham is a Holder crony, and was named U.S. Attorney by Holder.

    “Elites”? These unemployable parasites couldn’t hack math, science nor business in college and pursued a career in government to suck off the those who work for a living.

    (And I’ll leave it at that)


    • teabag14 says:

      Stan: the fear is getting to you. I know because it gets to me too. You have an excellent sense of how deep, wide, & dangerous this all is. It’s overwhelming sometimes. Hang in there. You are not alone in your skepticism. Pray for the best. We must remember that there is much we do not and cannot know. ❤🇺🇸🙏

      Liked by 2 people

  37. Your Tour Guide says:

    An appropriate prayer is needed for Julian Assange.

    For his safety, for the continuance of his clarity of
    mind ( my crrent biggest fear). For his strength, resolution,
    general state of health. That those that plot to harm
    and slowly kill him have their plans thwarted, and
    are explosed for all to see.

    Lord, protect and shelter Julian Assange. Let the truths
    he has found come out and be heralded far and wide.
    May those who plot against his health, sanity, and life
    be exposed and thwarted at every step. May he regain
    his health, his clarity of mind, and enjoy the years that
    have been denied him by the plots of those who engineer
    evil. In your name we pray. Amen.

    Liked by 8 people

  38. dow40kby2024 says:

    Why cant the prosecutors arrest and go to trial with at least two of the known, referred criminals and then during the trial and pre-trial stuff start the process of building solid cases on the others. If one, two, or more give up the info needed to start frying others it gets the ball rolling along. Change the narrative, get some crooks indicted on smaller proven criminal acts stuff in search of the bigger. Isnt that similar to what was done with Flynn, Pap, Parnas, Manafoet, Stone? Im no expert but why not get that “Justice” started?

    Liked by 1 person

  39. deplorable says:

    Let us not forget about the Strzok/Page text messages discussing approval for “OCONUS lures”.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I don’t keep all of the acronym meanings on the tip of my brain; but I have a vague feeling, if not memory, that “OCONUS” means “outside of continental US”. In that context, I would like, rather, to see Brennan, Strzok and Clapper revealed as perpetrating their CIA crimes WITHIN the continental US — because the CIA is forbidden from acting here. I have tagged the attempted coup d’etat as a “rogue CIA in-country regime-change operation” with that understanding, both of what they did/are doing, and of just how fundamentally criminal have been and are still their actions, as Sundance’s post here once again lays bare, emphasizing the falsity of the Russia narrative to openly — and with MSM’s concentrated power — strike at Trump from the time he was elected President.

      And the “outside the US” false operations were all later than the FBI-FusionGPS-DOJ illegal collusion, pre-April 18, 2016…so obviously enacted by the Ohrs (Nellie at Fusion, Bruce at DOJ), for the benefit of the rogue CIA and their willing puppet, the FBI (both represented by Strzok, the cog*** wheel).

      ***cog wheel = a wheel with teeth (take a look at that photo of Strzok in Sundance’s post above)…the better to eat you with, my dear…

      Liked by 1 person

  40. Eastender says:

    I sure hope Assange trustworthy guards protecting him from people were so desperate to keep him quiet.


  41. namberak says:

    “This is what John Durham is looking at.” We think. Unless there’ve been some significant news items I missed, I would posit we have no idea what Durham is doing– if anything.


  42. humaweiner says:

    Comey, Brennan, McCabe, & Peter Peter the Lisa eater need to bone up on the upcoming dating rituals in federal prison.


  43. John-Y128 says:

    “Impeachment Was Cover for CrowdStrike and Democrats Got What They Wanted”

    “Republicans shouldn’t gloat over Trump’s victory over his impeachment foes. It was always just a ruse meant to “memory hole” the malicious activity of CrowdStrike in concocting the alleged “Russian hack” of the DNC servers. There’s much more going on here than meets the eye.”

    “The Democrats’ apparently self-destructive obsession allowed the media, once more, to distract from the crucial question on which the president keeps trying to focus our attention: Why did the DNC repeatedly reject FBI and Department of Homeland Security requests to examine their supposedly hacked machines?” https://amgreatness.com/2020/02/14/impeachment-was-cover-for-crowdstrike-and-democrats-got-what-they-wanted/

    Liked by 2 people

  44. saywhat64 says:

    If the art and science of real journalism was alive and well, this article by Sundance would win a Pulitzer Price.


  45. Right to reply says:

    If Russia was so bad. Why did Obama sell them Uranium? Was the deal that Russia would give it to Iran?

    Liked by 5 people

  46. The Radar Guy says:

    I’m sure many treepers must have seen Angelo Codevilla’s latest publication at Claremont’s American Mind – Abolish CIA and FISA. It is an absolutely must read. It is more manifesto than publication. It lays out in easy to understand language what CTH has discussed in great detail – the absolute and abject corruption in the upper reaches of the deep state. Because it is easily readable and yet packed with information, it is a great document to keep handy and use to influence friends and family.

    BTW, Codevilla is no slouch – he was a key staffer for the Senate Intel Committee for years. He knows and completely understands the methods and motives of the deep state.

    Further, he offers tangible solutions/suggestions to mitigate the dire influence of the deep state on American life and liberties. It is so good, it could have been written by Sundance and his team. A MUST READ.


    Liked by 3 people

    • Kristin DeBacco says:

      Bookmarked! I concur. Thank you Radar Guy.


    • There are more reasons to abolish both FISA and PATRIOT – the Act which “mysteriously appeared” in its 900+ page glory just a few days after 9/11. Today we can very plainly see how the ability to secretly gather and stockpile information make utter rubbish of the Constitution’s protection against “unreasonable search,” and how in so doing it creates vulnerabilities for our nation and its people, the likes of which could not exist without it. We might still need surveillance, but this is a dangerous and worthless way to try and get it.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks. I have copied it to read.


  47. Kristin DeBacco says:

    Whatever Durham and Barr are finding, they must be flabbergasted by the complexity of this coup. Will they reveal this to the country or will they opt to protect their institutions out of shame?
    Barr by now must realize how difficult the presidency was and is for President Trump with all that going on, never mind that he had to read righteous tweets.
    Our President cannot shy away from all this publicly like Barr can hide in his office to do his job.

    For now I will accept the “elbow room” Sundance put forth but eventually we need to see some results of our taxpayer investigations. And “ things “ need to be put right. We cannot accept less. My, and my fellow citizen’s, patience has been tested to the hilt so far Mr. Barr!!
    Cold anger.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The only way to get to the end of this massive coup is to start prosecutions. You’ve got to telegraph the message that people are actually going to go to jail for this. Pick people who might start telling you what they know in exchange for the promise of a reduced sentence. “Analysis paralysis” won’t get the job done.

      Liked by 4 people

  48. angech says:

    Hope Barr stays. A real worry if he goes. Needs to keep taking down 2 a week without Trump stirring it up to much. So far so good. Any bets on who it will be next week?
    Strzok and Page probably 3 weeks off.
    Perhaps Boente.?
    Perhaps Atkinson?
    Most likely a charge re that lawyer with the FISA problem.
    Plus he will name the senior rat in the white house.


  49. Publius2016 says:

    Why does Assange rot in British Prison?

    If he was SMART, SETH RICH DOCs would’ve dropped already??

    In researching, the disconnect is WIKILEAKS…is WIKILEAKS US INTEL???


  50. SYFer says:

    CTH: the “rotary phone” of media. Another great piece and when SD says the mortar is crumbling, I’m thinking we’re finally at the long-awaited tipping point. I have a great old circa ‘early 70s red rotary phone in my office as an object d’art and it reminds people how solid, trustworthy and dependable those old things were.

    Liked by 1 person

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