NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses China Trade and USMCA Purposefully Stalled by Pelosi…

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a plan, at least the collective ideology behind her has a plan.  Her recent trip to Jordan and Afghanistan are part of that plan; everything is essentially connected.    Pelosi will do whatever is needed to hamper the U.S. economy in an effort to weaken President Trump’s relection bid.  Blocking the USMCA is part of that aspect.

The visit to Jordan and Afghanistan was purposeful ground work in preparing to seed the narrative that President Trump’s withdrawal from mid-east conflict is evidence of dangerous foreign policy.  Again, just like the USMCA stall, the larger goal is to weaken the President in advance of 2020.  Everything is connected.

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appears to be realizing the Democrat’s hatred for ‘America-First’, which weakens their personal financial position, is their driving ideology.

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43 Responses to NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses China Trade and USMCA Purposefully Stalled by Pelosi…

  1. barnabusduke says:

    Democrat Traitors!

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    • Yes — and Sundance’s use of the term “driving ideology” in his last sentence, should be also understood as “driving theology”. It is their religiously-held, fundamentalist (and false) dogma. They are pretty much acting as a Muslim sect (this morning I likened them to the shi’ites in Islam). At any rate, they are an insane cult now, not a legitimate political force.


  2. parleyvous says:

    Logan act. PROSECUTE!!!

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  3. FL_GUY says:

    You know, if they would investigate these various D-Rats at the level that they investigated President Trump, which of course there was nothing to find, for the D-Rats that would find so many criminal activities, if they prosecuted, there would be no current D-Rat politician walking free to be causing problems.

    It’s time to put the D-Rat criminal crime syndicate out of business.

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    • Daniel says:

      Look, we’ve finally got to the point where the media is saying “prosecutors” as it pertains to the coup players. And those people are going to sing about those who coordinated with them in the house and senate. The house of cards is already starting to fall down. This has to be done methodically and carefully or else the media and the left will declare some sort of dictatorial state and the UN will send idiots to our shores. And if you think New York and California and pretty much all of the west coast wouldn’t latch onto that as a way of dividing this country, you sorely underestimate just how far they will go as “sanctuary cities and states.”

      This has to be gradual and unrelenting. And it is. We are now seeing signs we haven’t seen before and they are coming from the media as well as others. We’re nearing a new election cycle and you can expect a LOT of politicians decide to retire as the people they put up to this are criminally charged. (And keep in mind McCabe is on the edge of “something” happening

      There is movement. It’s not destabilizing movement. It’s not “dramatic” movement. But it’s enough that the politicians are absolutely feeling the heat and coup players are lawyering up. Keep an eye out for the more subtle signs because it’s not going to be quick and there will not be CNN covered midnight raids of homes to arrest people.

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      • I’m sorry, but you’re mostly dreaming. There are no signs of perpetrators being charged, and retiring pols is NOT a good sign, it is just absolute avoidance behavior on the elites’ part, against recognizing that the system is totally broken (so it will not be fixed, in any sense, by such retirements — it is kicking the can down the road, for another generation to face).

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  4. Someone needs to reel her in! She is dangerous to this country!! She should be hung or shot or have her tongue cut out!! Sorry but I’m mad and she is a traitor! She is supposed to be the Speaker of the House, she is not the president!! Morally corrupt bi**h!!🤬🤬🤬

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    • John Bosley says:

      I get it, she is an easy target and more than likely should be swinging from the nearest lamp post.
      Nanzi is a puppet of Globalist interests.
      She has no idea how to do anything she sets her hand to.
      She gets her marching orders and is TOLD what to do, next the cheque comes in the mail for her.
      Failure for her means a dirt nap.
      If you think Miss Lube Rack 1957 has a clue , I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
      Your anger needs to be directed at the unseen hands up her a**.

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  5. Patience says:

    HOW many times has The Nanny noted her duty because of the oath. Oh yay, and the “Constitution”.
    >That “oath” and “duty” ought to hang her.

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    • One can only hope Patience!! I have never wished death in anyone but she would be my one exception!! She’s so stupid and arrogant!! Have you ever noticed her set up when she is supposedly working from her perch with her gavel? She has like a whole vanity set up there with all these fancy smancy glasses and water pitcher!! Meanwhile the VP has a simple glass…..ugh she just makes me crazy!!😠

      Sorry! I need to stop ranting! She shouldn’t have this much power over me! I need a rally by President Trump!!!

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  6. markone1blog says:

    Rather than doing these things that everyone has to guess about, why not do something on the record? Congress has the power to declare war. If this woman is so certain that Trump has done the wrong thing, then right it. Go on the record.

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  7. Sherri Young says:

    Don’t forget that you and I as the taxpayers are sponsoring Nancy’s trips 100%.

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  8. markone1blog says:

    Where are those sharp shooters that we have in the Middle East? And what about the drone stashes? I’m not suggesting anything. Just wondering.

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  9. Dave says:

    This is exactly what Putin and China wants to happen.


  10. Perot Conservative says:

    Canada votes today?

    Kim Strassel of the WSJ, a Trump supporter, agrees with me. POTUS gets off message, focuses on the attacks and drama.

    Be proactive. Push USMCA. Visit Veteran’s hospitals. Visit our new steel mills. Sign Executive Orders. Show the American public you’re working to create jobs, and Pelosi is playing games, flying to Jordan, having PAC retreats, while DJT is working. Visit Ross Perot Jr (if he backs USMCA). Bring up the Do Nothing Democrats and no Infrastructure deal.

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    • President Trump would be “whistling past the graveyard” if he acted (cowardly) like that. Or whistling past the mad dog’s yard when he sees the gate wide open and intense nearby growling. I don’t know why everybody and their little sister seems to think they can school the President. (Only a few, like me, can safely do that…hee-hee-hee…but seriously…)


  11. pucecatt says:

    NaN is coming up on 80 , if her genes are any indication of her life span she doesn’t have much longer 😎 I was saving “ ding dong the witch is dead “ for Hillary but NaN has just joined that coveted slot ..

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  12. neal s says:

    Someone had mentioned that VSGPDJT could just make a trade agreement for 10 years or less with Mexico (and/or Canada) that would only require his signature. This could be set up to expire once the USMCA is actually agreed to by our congress-critters.

    In this way, delay on the part of the witch, would not hinder our economies. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could be more specific as to such possibilities.

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    • ristvan says:

      That was me. I just spelled it out again in a long comment on the previous Ross thread. There is already a trade law on the books that PDJT can use to create a USMCA minus Canada only stuff for Mexico, and a USMCA minus Mexico only stuff for Canada, both in force for up to ten years—if Pelosi TDS blocks trilateral USCMCA vote.

      It is 19USC§2902. The law says that if another country requests one, PDJT can sign a trade bilateral good for up to ten years. All PDJT has to do is sign them for long enough to get to the next congress in 2021 after the upcoming election. Then the new Congress puts the permanent already negotiated USMCA into force. All Pelosi has on USMCA is appearances. She has no effective substance.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        Great explanation. Even as flawed as the USMCA remains, it is better have an actually negotiated mechanism to offer would be trade partners, individually if necessary, than scrapping things all together only to end up with the USMCA all over and allot of acrimony along the way to reinvent the wheel.

        Good to now the president has a viable option. Thanks again.


  13. GB Bari says:

    Kudlow the eternal optimist.
    I’d be pleasantly surprised if USMCA is brought to a vote this year. But let’s see how sparkle socks makes out in Canada today. Hoping he loses but not betting on it.

    China seems to be playing the role of Lucy getting ready to yank the football away from Charlie Brown (they must think PDJT is that naive) once again. They Tantalize our team with positive talk but then suddenly find a point to collapse the seeming progress and walk away yet again. They know this kills our stock market for awhile every time they do it, so I think that’s their strategy for the time being.

    The ChiComms are being encouraged by Pelousy’s cronies that they only have to hold out another 13 mos at most. I don’t yet see them breaking and agreeing to our Trade Team’s preferred deal. When PDJT wins re-election next November, they will then come to the table, hat in hand, by mid 2021.

    IMO. YMMV.

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  14. petey says:

    the combination of democrats and federal reserve monkey business could have a detrimental effect on the USA, however i believe that DJT with little help from the GOP set up the economy to suck money from other economies ,the cumulative effect of those dollars rolling back into the USA increases like a snowball down a hill picking up more snow as it goes. by making that his first task as president he set the economy in the right direction. he has the power of the pen to write exec orders and can bypass congress. look what s happened to debt vs gdp in 3 years. it will be a tricky 13 months but he s more aware of that than us.

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  15. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Like I mentioned recently in another thread… We despise Nancy about as much as Hillary now. That can’t be good for democrats. I do wish every word she and her minions speak, when she goes abroad, are recorded and published, so we can evaluate ourselves just how treasonous she is. Or maybe we just have a front row seat, by choice, to how dirty our global meddling and politics have become. The tide has changed. We no longer approve of the behavior of our politicians. They best get in sync with the country’s mood methinks.


  16. NICCO says:

    Ms pelosi should take heed to what she is continually trying to do.Cummings passing on Friday,and her brother over the weekend.God s hand is on this nation and our president mightily.I believe that God may bring judgement to some of the people that continue to exalt themselves over everything and everyone in this nation.The psalms says that God is slow to anger.It doesnt mean that he never does.If we look thru out the bible God does bring justice and eventually judgement.When we pray for our nation and our president,we ask him for justice not judgement because if we do God will judge us..This I think none of us want.Let us all continue to ask our father for his grace,mercy,protection and deliverance from the evil that is in some of these people.Father bless and protect our nation,our president and all those that are on this site.Lord I cover all of them with the precious blood of Jesus Christ and I THANK YOU AND WORSHIP AND GLORIFY YOUR GREAT NAME.In Jesus name I pray,Amen.

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    • hoghead says:

      pelosi’s older brother, Tommy D’alessandro IV or XXVI just passed away at like 90. He was a one term mayor of the then-great (well, maybe still-okay) Baltimore from 1967-1971. He refused to seek reelection and returned to private life, never seeking elective office again. Oh that baby sister would have followed suite.

      pelosi is one of the most corrupt, unamerican speakers in our history, and if you’re talking Speaker of the House, you’re hitting in the Big Leagues. pelosi is the one who should be impeached. Of course, her goose-stepping demon party operatives would never allow that.


  17. casey says:

    I appreciate the informed analysis on this site and I hope someone can help me understand…. Why are US representatives in Jordan? Aren’t they responsible for representing their constituents? What part of their job description supports them going to a foreign country to engage in international dialogue?

    Thank you for any responses as I just really don’t understand.

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    • A2 says:

      It’s called codel congressional delegations —government-paid trips abroad, designed to give lawmakers first-hand knowledge of matters relevant to their legislation, “are formed for purposes of solidarity, negotiations, research, and investigation, but they are sometimes a source of controversy and criticism, when seen as junkets” .

      “Reports of certain expenditures for all official foreign travel by Members and staff of the U.S. House of Representatives are filed in accordance with the Mutual Security Act of 1954 (Title 22 U.S. Code, Chapter 24, Section 1754) and the International Security Assistance Act of 1978.”


    • WES says:

      Casey: And if they visit a war zone then they get tax free income for the month of the visit. That is why Afgan is always on the trip intinery!


  18. littleanniefannie says:

    Here it is, 10 months into the latest reign (of terror) of Fuehrer Nazi Puth-lose-er and HR3is making its way through the writing process. The Dimwits are making so much progress for the American citizens. Gosh, maybe Santa will bring us another 2 year investigation based on total BS. The Supreme Court should intervene and declare Donald Trump the winner without holding an election.
    USMCA is being held hostage by the Shaker of the House (it May be punishment for the evil she is heaping on the USA).
    Please Dimwits, get something positive done. You should every one forego your salaries until you decide to accomplish something for We the People. Get a grip and do something positive. Hopefully 2020 will usher in the biggest butt whooping the Dimwits have ever Had because of their spiteful, vindictive, evil ways since January of 19. Do something besides manufacturing crisis after crisis.

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    • bill johnston says:

      I continually ask these dems when they will start doing something FOR the country and not doing something TO the country


  19. Raptors2020 says:

    Any decline in the standard of living of America’s middle class is a feature not a bug, to the Left. Economic equality is their panacea; it would end not just poverty, but war, crime, even racism.

    The American middle class drives big cars, lives in big houses, and now, votes for Trump! It’s getting worse! Climate change policy is of course intended to punish the middle class for living too well, and now, for Trump. Notice the Left’s utter indifference to the vast energy consumption of rich climate change shills like Gore and DeCaprio. Its not about saving the climate.

    The Left wants the American middle class to live like the European middle class: live in tiny apartments and drive tiny cars, or ride the bus. The Left also has a superstitious theory of zero-sum economics; if Americans become poorer, that wealth will migrate to the poor of the world, somehow. No explanation offered of how the people who live by selling to America would be better off with fewer customers.

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  20. toocoolus says:

    Maria, Maria, LISTEN TO ME…grrrrrrrrr…QUIT INTERRUPTING, and let him finish answering the questions!!!


  21. Graham Pink says:

    Larry babe, it’s not hard to predict the future.
    It’s called the past.


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