Durham’s Trail Leading to SSCI – Ali Watkins Never Slept With James Wolfe – It Was a Cover Story….

With media reporting that U.S. Attorney John Durham has expanded the timeline and scope of his investigation into U.S. government and intelligence community activity during the 2016 election, there’s an interesting quote from NBC:

…”Justice Department officials have said that Durham has found something significant, and that critics should be careful.”…

The expanded investigative timeline is now into May 2017 when Mueller was appointed special counsel, and would mean all of the preceding (and surrounding) activity leading up to Mueller would be reviewed.   With that carefully in mind….

During the 2016 effort to weaponize the institutions of government against the outside candidacy of Donald Trump, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) was headed by Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein.  After the 2016 election Senator Feinstein abdicated her vice-chair position to Senator Mark Warner in January 2017.

While the SSCI was engaged in their part of the 2016 effort Vice-Chair Feinstein’s lead staffer was a man named Daniel Jones. Dan Jones was the contact point between the SSCI and Fusion-GPS.

After the election, and after Feinstein abdicated, Dan Jones left the committee to continue paying Fusion-GPS (Glenn Simpson) for ongoing efforts toward the impeachment insurance policy angle.

Feinstein appears to have left because she didn’t want to deal with the consequences of a President Trump, IF he discovered the SSCI involvement. Dan Jones left because with a Trump presidency the SSCI, now co-chaired by Senator Mark Warner, needed arms-length plausible deniability amid their 2017 operations to continue the removal effort (soft coup).

The trail for this plausible deniability process and ongoing soft-coup effort first surfaces with Dan Jones appearing in the early 2017 text messages between Senator Warner and the liaison for Christopher Steele, lawyer and lobbyist Adam Waldman:

In those March 2017 text message you can see Senator Warner attempting to set up covert “no paper trail” communication with dossier author Christopher Steele. Adam Waldman represented Chris Steele and Steele’s employer, Oleg Deripaska.

Less than a month later you can see within the text messages that Christopher Steele is in direct contact with Dan Jones. “[Chris] said Dan Jones is coming to see you” etc.

(Text Messages Between Feinstein’s replacement, Mark Warner, and Chris Steele’s lawyer/lobbyist, Adam Waldman, noting the importance of Dan Jones)

Former Feinstein staffer Dan Jones talking to Christopher Steele in April 2017 is critical to understanding what was going on after Trump won the election.

Jones raised $50 million from those who were behind the 2016 stop Trump effort, and the purpose was now the 2017 impeachment effort [SEE LINK]. Jones having left the SSCI (now outside govt.) then paid Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS to keep up their efforts. As you can see from the texts, Jones was now talking in person (“coming to see you”) to SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner in April 2017.

[Side-Bar: The role of Fusion-GPS in 2017 shifted, and was now weighted toward feeding a specific media narrative that would aid impeachment (through the FBI, Weissmann and Mueller obstruction angle). Fusion-GPS was now the conduit for arms-length media leaks from the usurping small group still inside the DOJ and FBI. Dan Jones was paying Fusion on behalf of those with larger interests. Fusion was feeding the media.]

So you can clearly see the SSCI was heavily involved in the impeachment effort after the election.

Secondary documentation of the connection between the DOJ, FBI, Fusion, and Dan Jones shows up in the FBI investigative 302 notes of Bruce Ohr, released by Judicial Watch. [Pay attention to the May 8th, 2017, interview – pg 18, 19 of pdf]

The highlighted bottom portion of page 18 (May 8, 2017, interview) shows a heavily redacted text, but holds enough material to overlay with other research.

This is where Bruce Ohr is talking about Dan Jones efforts as they were currently aligned with Fusion GPS: “and had been on the staff of the [Senate Intelligence Committee]”…. “At the time of the interview [Jones] was working with the [Vice Chairman of the Committee Mark Warner]”… etc.

This part is heavily redacted because the corrupt agents within the current DOJ and FBI once again don’t want people to piece together what was happening.

This is not sources and methods being redacted. This is not national security being redacted. This is the trail of the connective tissue in/around the small group plotting that is being hidden.

At the top of page 19, the investigative notes of Ohr’s discussion continues.

Bruce Ohr is telling the FBI investigator, likely Agent Joe Pientka, about Glenn Simpson and Dan Jones visiting Christopher Steele sometime after May 8, 2017, and they were in the process of “lawyering up”.

Now before going deeper in the SSCI weeds, let me pause and explain the important specifics behind why the FBI was interviewing Bruce Ohr about Chris Steele; by overlaying what was going on in/around early 2017.

Chris Steele wasn’t alone in creating the “dossier”.  Heck, the purpose of Fusion-GPS contracting Steele; and the purpose of the FBI engaging with Steele; was the laundry value of having a known intelligence officer validate political opposition research which the FBI could use against Donald Trump.  The reality is: most of the raw material and research inside the dossier was from Glenn Simpson and Nellie Ohr at Fusion GPS.

The ‘small group’ inside the DOJ and FBI always knew the provenance of the material; the plan and intent was to utilize Fusion-GPS for their political purposes.

Everyone carrying out this operation, all of the corrupt entities within it, knew the material from Chris Steele was essentially political opposition research. Many of those same people later weaponized the research into the FISA application to give it higher import and value.

That set’s up early 2017 – where the FBI was evaluating the extent to which Chris Steele was willing to remain on public record to support a false framework about the dossier itself.  This is the same time-frame where Fusion is being paid by Dan Jones to facilitate the calls for a special counsel.  Fusion drives that narrative with structured leaks to media.

Steele’s support was a key issue because the corrupt DOJ and FBI officials were about to hand-off the dossier to Special Counsel Robert Mueller (figurehead only) as the basis for the ‘small group’ and him to launch the special counsel aspect of an ongoing operation.

If Chris Steele suddenly walked away from the dossier, and/or admitted publicly the dossier was political opposition research primarily from Glenn Simpson and Nellie Ohr, the FBI would have a shit-storm on its hands…. and they needed to evaluate the position of Steele.  Steele could be a risk if he was not supporting the team playbook. That’s the driving purpose behind all of this 2017 “re-engagement” with Steele through Bruce Ohr.

The small group in the DOJ and FBI planned to continue, pass-off and modify the Trump investigation by shifting it to a special counsel. The centerpiece of that investigation would be using the dossier as justification for a need to investigate Trump as a Russian risk. The DOJ/FBI small group needed Glenn Simpson and Chris Steele to stand by the false narrative all of the players had assembled over the prior year.

The wildcard to retain the false story was Chris Steele… Steele was an outside participant, albeit aligned with the ideology and the purpose. Evaluating Steele’s willful participation in keeping the narrative as assembled was the reason for their urgent talks; however, the “small group” couldn’t run the risk of direct talks in the same way that Mark Warner couldn’t risk of a paper trail.

Additionally, in support of the 2017 use of Chris Steele to frame the Russia narrative, the CIA, FBI, ODNI and aggregate intelligence community simultaneously pushed the December 2016 Joint Analysis Report (JAR) and the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), as evidence to support their Russia narrative.

Now, where’s John Durham been spending his time looking, and what part of the period is he looking at?  Yes, the JAR and ICA construct.

The prosecutor conducting the review, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, has expressed his intent to interview a number of current and former intelligence officials involved in examining Russia’s effort to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including former CIA Director John Brennan and former director of national intelligence James Clapper, Brennan told NBC News.

Durham has also requested to talk to CIA analysts involved in the intelligence assessment of Russia’s activities, prompting some of them to hire lawyers, according to three former CIA officials familiar with the matter. And there is tension between the CIA and the Justice Department over what classified documents Durham can examine, two people familiar with the matter said.  (Link)

If the ICA is a false political document, then guess what?  Yep, the entire narrative from the JAR and ICA is part of a big fraud (it is).  Then the construct of the special counsel probe (remember the “originating” construct), was false (it was).

In early 2017 Adam Waldman and Dan Jones were facilitating a plausibly deniable information pipeline from Chris Steele to the SSCI and Senator Mark Warner.  At the same time, and for the same purposes, DOJ official Bruce Ohr was facilitating a plausibly deniable information pipeline from Chris Steele to the FBI/DOJ small group. The purposes were the same, everyone needed assurances Steele wasn’t going to back-out.

That corrupt planning activity is what the some unknown DOJ and FBI officials are hiding behind the Bruce Ohr 302 redactions.

Now remember, U.S. Attorney John Durham has interviewed Christopher Steele; so too has DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

It was AFTER those interviews with Christopher Steele when the IG report was delayed and reports started surfacing that Durham was adding additional resources, expanding his probe and retaining former FBI officials to assist.  It was after those interviews when Durham and Barr started taking the background material of Italy (Mifsud), Australia (Downer) and the U.K. (Halper) more seriously.

Now, where does the current DOJ and FBI small group start to place their defensive positions?  This is where it all starts coming back together:

[…] The Senate intelligence committee examined the allegations about Downer, Mifsud and Halper, as part of its bipartisan investigation into the intelligence community’s assessment that Russia was responsible for attacking the 2016 election, and found nothing to substantiate any wrongdoing, a committee aide said. (read full article)

Again, notice how yesterday the small group is utilizing the SSCI, and it is a committee aide within the SSCI that is leaking to NBC.  The small group are to pulling the Senate Intelligence Committee back into the picture.  That brings Dianne Feinstein, Mark Warner, Richard Burr, Daniel Jones, Adam Waldman and James Wolfe back in.

Why go there?….

Why is the small group pulling the SSCI back into the picture now?…

Because they have to.

In 2018 the DOJ and FBI covered-up the corruption evident during the 2017 pre-Mueller effort.  The current position of the small group is to force the 2019 DOJ and FBI to do it again.

Throughout the 2016 and 2017 effort, a part of one branch of the United States government, the U.S. Senate through the SSCI, was assisting the efforts of the DOJ and FBI against a candidate, president-elect and later United States President, Donald Trump.

The 2017 time period covers Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, Jeff Sessions as AG, Rod Rosenstein as Deputy, Chris Wray replacing James Comey as FBI Director, and eventually David Bowditch replacing Andrew McCabe as Deputy.   For all of the important decision-making Jeff Sessions was cut-out by design.  For example, the person who made the decisions about SSCI Director James Wolfe’s prosecution was Rod Rosenstein.

Bear with me….

As a result of a FOIA release in Mid December 2018, Judicial Watch revealed how the State Department was feeding “classified information” to multiple U.S. Senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee by the Obama administration immediately prior to President Donald Trump’s inauguration:

The documents reveal that among those receiving the classified documents were Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), and Sen. Robert Corker (R-TN).

Judicial Watch obtained the documents through a June 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department after it failed to respond to a February 2018 request seeking records of the Obama State Department’s last-minute efforts to share classified information about Russia election interference issues with Democratic Senator Ben Cardin (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:18-cv-01381)).

The documents reveal the Obama State Department urgently gathering classified Russia investigation information and disseminating it to members of Congress within hours of Donald Trump taking office.  (read more)

The impeachment program was a plan, an insurance policy of sorts; a coordinated effort between corrupt politicians in the Senate and hold-over allies in the executive; however, because she didn’t want to participate in this – Senator Dianne Feinstein abdicated her vice-chair position to Senator Mark Warner.  [Background Here]

This is the pre-cursor to utilizing Robert Mueller.  A plan that was developed soon after the 2016 election.  The appointment of a special counsel was always the way they were going to hand-off and continue the investigation into Trump; but they needed a reason for it.

The continued exploitation of the Steele Dossier was critical; thus they needed Chris Steele to be solid.  And the continued manipulation of the media was also critical; thus they needed Fusion-GPS to continue.  [Dan Jones paid both]

While Mark Warner was communicating with Adam Waldman and Dan Jones as a conduit to Chris Steele, the FBI/DOJ team was communicating through Bruce Ohr to Chris Steele (and by extension to Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS).

Part of Warner’s role was to weaponize the Legislative branch to advance the ‘Muh Russia conspiracy’, a fundamental necessity if a special counsel was going to have justification.

The SSCI, and the security protocols within it, were structurally part of the plan; hence the rapid information from Obama’s State Dept. to the SSCI and Senate participants in the last moments prior to departing.

♦ On March 17th, 2017, the Senate Intelligence Committee took custody of the FISA application used against Carter Page.   We know the FISA court delivered the read and return Top-Secret Classified application due to the clerk stamp of March 17, 2017.

(Page FISA Application, Link)

The FISA application (original and first renewal) was delivered to Senate Security Director James Wolfe.  Senator Mark Warner entered the basement SCIF shortly after 4:00pm on March 17, 2017, the day it was delivered (texts between Warner and Waldman):

Now, when SSCI Security Officer James Wolfe was indicted (unsealed June ’18), we could see the importance of the March 17th date again:

(Wolfe Indictment Link)

We can tell from the description within the indictment the FBI investigators are describing the FISA application.  Additionally Wolfe exchanged 82 text messages with reporter Ali Watkins.  The FISA application is 83 pages with one blank page.

The logical conclusion was that Wolfe text Ali Watkins 82 pictures of the application.

FBI Investigators applied for, and received a search warrant for the phone records of journalist Ali Watkins.  Ms. Watkins was notified in February 2018, three months after Wolfe was questioned by FBI investigators in December 2017.

However, despite the overwhelming (public) circumstantial evidence that Wolfe leaked the FISA application, he was never charged with leaking classified information.  Wolfe was only charged with lying three times to federal authorities, and he pled down to one count of lying to the FBI.

CTH made the case in mid 2018 that someone at the DOJ had influenced a decision not to charge Wolfe with the leaking of the FISA application; despite the FBI and DOJ having direct evidence of Wolfe leaking classified information.

The logical reason for the Rosenstein DOJ not to charge Wolfe with the FISA leak was because that charge would ensnare powerful Senators on the powerful committee.  Worse still, in hindsight we now see how that committee was working to aide the purposes and intents of the corrupt DOJ and FBI officials as they built their impeachment agenda.

Remember, the SSCI has intelligence oversight of the DOJ, DOJ-NSD, FBI and all associated counterintelligence operations. Additionally, when the FBI was investigating Wolfe for leaking classified documents, according to their court filings they had to inform the committee of the risk Wolfe represented.  Who did they have to inform?.. Chairman Richard Burr and Vice-Chair Mark Warner.

Think about it.  Both gang-of-eight members (Warner/Burr), who happened -as a consequence of the jaw dropping implications- to be two SSCI members who were warned by the FBI that Wolfe was compromised…. and they, along with Feinstein in 2016, were the co-conspirators who used James Wolfe.  The ramifications cannot be overstated.

Any criminal charges for leaking classified intelligence information against James Wolfe would likely result in a major scandal where the SSCI itself was outlined as participants in the weaponization of government for political intents.  Thus, the perfect alignment of interests for a dropped charge and DC cover-up.  REMEMBER:


If it already wasn’t transparently sketchy as hell, in an act of serendipity and self-preservation, the accused Security Director James Wolfe evidenced the schemes when he threatened to subpoena members of the SSCI as part of his defense. [See Here]

[…] Attorneys for James A. Wolfe sent letters to all 15 senators on the committee, notifying them that their testimony may be sought as part of Mr. Wolfe’s defense, according to two people familiar with the matter.

[…] Mr. Wolfe’s defense lawyers are considering calling the senators as part of the proceedings for a variety of reasons, including as potential character witnesses and to rebut some of the allegations made by the government in the criminal complaint, these people say.  (link)

Immediately after threatening to subpoena the SSCI (July 27, 2018), the DOJ (Rosenstein authorizing) cut a deal with Wolfe and dropped the charges down to a single charge of lying to investigators.  However, someone in the FBI who was doing the investigative legwork wasn’t happy with that decision.

The overwhelming circumstantial evidence that Wolfe leaked the FISA application went from a strong suspicion, to damn certain (after the plea deal) when the DOJ included a sentencing motion in mid-December 2018.

On December 15th, 2018 the DOJ filed a response to the Wolfe defense teams’ own sentencing memo (full pdf), and within the DOJ response they included an exhibit (#13) written by the FBI [redacted] special agent in charge, which specifically says: “because of the known disclosure of classified information, the FISA application”… Thereby admitting, albeit post-plea agreement, that Wolfe did indeed leak the damn FISA:

(link to document)

Right there, in that FBI Special Agent description is the bombshell admission that James Wolfe leaked the Carter Page FISA application to journalist Ali Watkins at Buzzfeed.

We know the special agent who wrote exhibit #13 in the December filing was Special Agent Brian Dugan, Asst. Special Agent in Charge, Washington Field Office.  The same investigator who originally signed the affidavit in the original indictment against Wolfe.

So with hindsight there was absolutely no doubt that James Wolfe leaked the 83-page Carter Page FISA application on March 17, 2017.  Period.  It’s all documented with circumstantial and direct evidence; including the admissions from the FBI agent in charge.

So, why was SSCI Security Director James Wolfe allowed to plea to a single count of lying to investigators?

Back to where this started….

During the 2016 and 2017 effort to weaponize the institutions of government against the outside candidacy of Donald Trump, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) was a participating entity.  Dianne Feinstein, Richard Burr, Mark Warner, Daniel Jones, and James Wolfe were all participants of varying degrees.

The small group within the DOJ and FBI, now being investigated by Bill Barr, John Durham and Michael Horowitz, are pushing the SSCI back into the spotlight in an effort to utilize all of the legislative branch participants as a shield.   It’s the James Wolfe defense.

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  1. CopperTop says:

    Many questioned if Strozk/Page were lovers. But very few questioned if Al and Wolf were not.

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  2. Mr. T. says:

    Just when you thought it was safe for your head to stop spinning, Sundance provides more solid due diligence proof about what’s been going on to take out our President. Great Job, Sundance.

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  3. Caius Lowell says:

    This explains why 0bama’s corrupt and socialist Democrats are as calm, confident, and composed as rats trapped in coffee cans…

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      The next Bureau of Labor Statistics report will likely note an extreme shortage of lawyers. The DoJ/FBI/CIA/DNI, etc small group is large enough and corrupt enough to suck the quota of lawyers at least out of DC/Va/Md and other neighboring states!

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  4. fedup says:

    Our government is too big.

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    • margarite1 says:

      Absolutely – they have too much money to throw around on their schemes. I believe if the graft were cut out and our government only did what it’s supposed to we could get rid of the national debt and cut our taxes. It would put the rats out of business plus a lot of the GOP if “get rich in DC” were put to an end.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        You are very wise.

        Allowing congress to pass anything that results in
        a slush fund being established is a license to steal.

        Social security, HUD, Title 1 education, ESOL,
        The Eisenhower highway trust…….

        A short list of programs we’ve been bullshitted into
        accepting as beneficial to us. When the main purpose
        was creating a means to skim and scam everything
        that wasn’t glued down for the last seven decades.

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    • Curt says:

      Something like 3 million employees not including the military……………………….


  5. Garavaglia says:

    These people weren’t lovers..Strokz or whatever and Page weren’t lovers..it was all BS designed to look like pillow talk..in other words, not planned or PREMEDITATED.

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  6. Paul Gerst says:

    I think there is going to be a lot of killing in our future.

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  7. 1riot1ranger says:

    Still difficult to figure out. There are gaps that need to be filled it for sure. But I think we have the idea-the SSCI is going to be dumped on by the conspirators because they are Senators that either can’t or won’t be prosecuted.


  8. littleanniefannie says:

    Richard Burr needs to stand up to the people of North Carolina, Mark Warner to the people of Virginia and DiFi to the people of California and explain to them why as their representatives they perpetrated a fraud on them. Then they need to explain to the American people why as members of the Gang of 8 they betrayed the people by lying to them about James Wolfe. Along with these 3, Cardin and Corker need to explain themselves.
    This kind of behavior is enough to expunge their service In the Senate and all benefits associated with their betrayal of the American people.

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  9. Elric says:

    If Attorney General Barr has to arrest and indict a number of Senators and Members of the House of Representatives, so be it. That is a feature, not a bug, of our system of justice. Bring them all to account. And no matter what other charges may be instituted against them, I believe conspiracy is pretty much always a felony.

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  10. Zy says:

    So can any of this be exposed by means other than a POTUS tweet? I want sedition charges against Burr and Warner and a nice bipartisan participation trophy to club one another with in prison.

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    • theresanne says:

      Maybe a Republican Congressman/woman should read this article aloud on the floor of Congress.
      If Adam Schiff can read a lie into the Congressional Record, why can’t one of our guys read the truth?

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  11. KJinCton says:

    I’ve got three(four) questions at this time.

    First, did I miss where in this it confirms no relationship between Watkins and Wolfe…(I may have missed that…it was a lot to absorb). And what is the significance of that?

    Second, how were the text messages from Warner and Walden obtained? Did these come from Walden? I know these have been around for quite a while, but I don’t remember hearing if Walden had provided these and I can’t imagine them coming from Warner.

    Finally, I haven’t seen Bag-piping Barr for a bit. Are we thinking that Durham is getting to the bottom of everything and Barr is pushing it?

    Appreciate all of the fine investigative work you do. I’m trying to educate as many as I can in my circle of influence here in Georgia.

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    • Zy says:

      “Durham has found something significant”. Sundance is saying that is no sexual relationship between Wolfe and Watkins. If that was lie then it was done as a diversion. A diversion to aid a coverup. Durham says hmmmm, something fishy.

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    • Bucknutguy says:

      What SD is saying is that Wolfe didn’t disclose to his paramour because hubbada hubbada. He disclosed to her on direction from someone(s) on the SCCI.

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      • All Too Much says:

        The why question.
        Your explanation answer the diversion as the the why, the motive.
        Who, what, when, where, and not we see the why, and the reason for the diversion.
        A bulb went on in my head.

        Thank you for answering the diversion question.


        • Bucknutguy says:

          Because Gang of Eight, including Burr and Warner were fully aware, on board and perhaps, even, behind the coup attempt.

          They are principals in this drama, not merely observers.

          The Senate is, these days, equivalent to the House of Lords in England circa 1700. They are effectively elected for life and use their positions for self service. If you think one minute a Senator would ever give up their lifetime of graft for a 4 year, or 8 year president, then you are naive at best and ignorant at worse.

          No Republican Senator will ever forfeit their divine seat to protect our President Trump

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    • All Too Much says:

      “First, did I miss where in this it confirms no relationship between Watkins and Wolfe…(I may have missed that…it was a lot to absorb). And what is the significance of that?”

      The significance of the relationship, real or not, and why it was used, is something I cannot get my head around. Maybe it will dawn on us, or someone else.



      • dwpender says:

        If there was no relationship, only two people KNOW for sure. Durham had to find out from one of those two. If Wolfe, is Wolfe now cooperating? What/whom is he offering up for a reduced sentence? (I really doubt Watkins would be cooperating.)

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      • Searkreb says:

        It means he wasn’t giving her info for sex. He was giving her info because his senator bosses told him to.

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    • Amy2 says:

      I would like to see (if there are any) text messages between Wolfe and Watkins. Was this so quiet that she didn’t need to be out denying there was an affair? She would be concerned about her credibility, yes?

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  12. You mean she is a Virgin ? :}

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  13. albertus magnus says:

    Great job, Sundance! Your hard work allows the rest of us to understand the nonsense we are witnesses to!

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  14. tominellay says:

    Holy cow…

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  15. Troublemaker10 says:

    If the Wolf plea was a corrupt move by DOJ to cover up crimes from within wouldn’t that be obstruction, conspiracy, witness tampering?

    Would there be grounds to null the plea deal with Wolf based on that and for Durham to flip him as a witness against the SSCI members?

    Or flip Rosenstein with a plea deal or immunity deal? Rosenstein knows everything . Get Rosenstein to sing and you’d have everything. Everything!

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      See my post below. $50 FREAKING MILLION ain’t investigation money … sounds like payoff money to me. No new facts. A schlub like Steele, now discredited, can probably be had, part time, for $200 an hour or even $20,000 a month retainer.

      Was Steele paid off? Maybe he diesn’t fall under our legal system, but say he got $2 Million quid, did he report it on his British taxes? Leverage!

      Was Wolff paid off for taking a dive? Who paid his likely substantial legal bills? (Flynn got taken to the cleaners for $13 Million … to plead guilty!! That firm should be shamed into returning 80% of the money.) Not his wife!

      What’s the old adage, follow the money.

      Treepers – if Durham now had a criminal investigation going, and has subpoenaed bank records, would the banks tell the client? Or could that be kept secret?

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        Why can’t WE follow the money????

        Start with the lower level (print, online) MSM types.
        Who from Buzzfeed, Yahoo News, Mother Jones, Esquire,
        Rolling Stone has been bad mouthing Trump the worst, the
        most consistent? I’m sure others can add to this list. This is
        off the top of YTG’s head.

        Tie it into the timeline. After Dan Jones got his 50 million to spread
        around, WHO umped the ante on the viciousness, length, frequency
        of their articles?

        We’re talking 50 million dollars. The big boys at CNN, NBC, MSNBC,
        ABC, CBS are already receiving fat paychecks. The print persons?
        Not so much. NPR would also be a great place to look, as would
        Pacifica Radio, PBS.

        Who, since Dan Jones got his 50 million worth of seed money has been
        living large? New home, bitchin apartment in a much better zip code,
        nice new wheels. Even sending out for food every day, when they’d been
        brown bagging it to make the rent.

        This would be the ideal sting for Project Veritas. Just wish the time wasn’t
        so short. Basically: Who do you know at the media place you work ( or
        worked) at that suddenly struck it rich after Trump won the campaign?
        And, how hard did this same person push the Russian collusion story in
        article after article, video after video, breaking news appearance on cable
        or broadcast?

        Years ago, I figured out someone at the local housing authority was on the take.
        It didn’t involve rocket science. It was as simple as briefly talking to the guy,
        and noticing the fact that he was wearing four hundred dollar Italian shoes to
        work. Thieves notice little things like that. It makes it easier for them to know
        who to approach. Especially if said person is lowest level of mid management.

        If Allie Watkins wasn’t getting banged by Wolfe, there’s a really good chance
        her circumstances,neighborhood, daily transportation improved dramatically after
        the dust settled.

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      • Despicable Me says:

        If bank records are obtained via FGJ subpoena, the issuing court can order the bank to not disclose the existence of the subpoena.


    • NME666 says:

      Rosen STAIN


    • fabrabbit says:

      Wolfe was only charged with lying to FBI and not with leaking classified information. Not a lawyer but I would think he could still be charged with leaking.


  16. Merkin Muffley says:

    I read this twice and still couldn’t find the part about the fair being a cover story. Can someone tell me where it appears?

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  17. dwpender says:

    If only a Nunes had been the ranking Republican on SSCI from 2015 forward. It’s astounding all that occurred on a Committee with nominal Republican leadership.

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  18. Parker Longbaugh says:

    I just don’t see it.

    Sure there were some mistakes in process and a clear need to review in house systems to prevent other government employees following these incorrect paths.

    But these selfless servants of the people would never knowingly engage in improper conduct.

    I mean, I mean, look at the Clintons and their decades of service.

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  19. Perot Conservative says:

    What are the odds Steele isn’t employed, but got a substantial bribe? … a contract would be for $100 an hour or $400 an hour, or even a $20,000-a-month retainer.

    But think about it. $50 Freaking Million!

    Sounds like some key people got payoffs, bribes. Money is traceable, usually. If Steele deposited $2 Million in an offshore bank account, could he have a sword of damocles over his head – for tax evasion, taking a bribe, and such? Leverage!

    And the media. Are key members actually on the SSCI / Feinstein / DNC payroll? Did Wolff get a payoff for taking a dive? Who paid his likely substantial legal bill? I bet not his wife!

    Don’t forget, there appear to be no new relevatory facts coming from Steele or Dan Jones. Just muck raking.

    Further, don’t forget the OIG reportedly has a concurrent FBI Leak / Bribery investigation ongoing. Originally estimated at 50 – 100 individuals, possibly more. … we’ve seen a lot of false leaks … barium pills? Maybe even Joe diGenova is caught up in them given his multiple false Tick Tock revelations. (Love you, Joe!) If we still have hundreds of Patriots in the FBI… they could be making headway.

    QUESTION: anything illegal about reporters taking bribes or payoffs?

    P.S. No explanation for why Ali bumping uglies w a Troll staffer was a cover story?


    • Zy says:

      He just wanted to help his lover in her career goes down a lot easier than a US Senator told me to leak classified info to a journalist he trusts will handle a leak discreetly.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Bucknutguy says:

      Yes. I have visions of Steele ten years from now arriving in his tommy Bahama shirt and cargo shorts with a woman 20s year his younger on a float plane to some remote shore where he will collect his millions.

      When trillions are at stake millions are a rounding error.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Despicable Me says:

      Not everything is either/or. It can be both or neither.


  20. Phflipper says:

    AG Barr, we require accountability. There has to be accountability. Just do it.


  21. TradeBait says:

    What an amazing web of corruption. We do hard time if caught like these clowns. They get off because Senators are involved? That’s sick. They should all fry.

    Liked by 4 people

  22. jengancworld says:

    Sundance ,We all know this, but the work you do is absolutely AMAZING… if you were a lefty, you would be getting a Pulitzer prize!!!

    Liked by 8 people

  23. dwpender says:

    If Watkins and Wolfe in fact had no intimate relationship, that would be “something” significant, but I hope the “something significant” that Durham has found DWARFS this in significance.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Perot Conservative says:

      That’s a trifle.

      Liked by 2 people

      • dwpender says:

        I’m inclined to agree with you, but Sundance seems to think it significant. Might the significance be in exactly how Durham obtained the information (only 2 people could know for sure)? Is Wolfe now cooperating to get a lighter or reduced sentence? If so, what/whom is he offering up?

        Liked by 1 person

  24. JoeMeek says:

    There is no need to search for foreign enemies as the FBI and CIA are the greatest enemies this Nation has ever had.

    Liked by 8 people

  25. The Akh says:

    Prove to me Strozk and Page were actually lovers.


  26. jamaica queens says:

    Cocaine Mitch will tell Trump to stop Barr and Durham or the Senate will convict him over the Ukraine bs.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Sherri Young says:

      Not beyond belief at all.

      Liked by 3 people

      • CopperTop says:

        I think this is the significance of the action re: turkey/kurds. POTUS is in the position to dismantle long held “state craft” positions. He can ruin ‘but but what about our allies’ talking points that uniparty rely on to continue their global self enrichment programs.

        They wanna play a game of chicken. He’ll just speed up the timetable on all the things they REALLY feared he do as POTUS. None of which harm the United States directly.

        Liked by 1 person

      • beachbum31 says:

        but then the martyr former president Trump endorses the impending landslide victor into office and begins his memoirs which will guide the exposure and prosecution.
        the perps know they’re in a wreck, they’re just hoping the air bags go off.


    • progpoker says:

      And POTUS would tell Turtle something that rhymes with Round Band!


    • icthematrix says:

      I hope our President is wearing a wire anytime he’s speaking with the Turtle, any member of Congress or anyone related to this crap. Any attempt to threaten or blackmail gets exposed with all the other coup junk. This is so corrupt it may eventually take out more politicians than we expected…on both sides.

      So many R’s leaving….makes you wonder.

      Here in SW Florida Rep. Rooney announces he is done after two terms. GOOD! He has opposed our President on multiple issues. I told him last year I’d work to ship him out in the primary. I know for a fact the President ostracized him at a public presser to announce the funding of river/watershed improvements vitally needed here.

      Burn them all down…every guilty evil puke one of them.

      Liked by 1 person

    • And jamaica queens; do you believe VSGPDJT will cave to the Turtle?
      How do you believe President Trump would respond to Senator McConnell if he offered that quid pro quo?

      Liked by 1 person

    • jebg46 says:

      Don’t forget McConnel is part of the gang of 8 but we’re not sure Brennan actually informed the Republicans with the same info.


  27. Tazok says:

    Where’s the new evidence constituting proof that Watkins-Wolfe liason was a “cover story”? The article seems like a summary/rehash of old articles/facts.


    • bruzedorange says:

      I’ve re-read and am wondering the same.

      I’m inferring that the “affair” story served to give prosecutors at DOJ room to NOT charge Wolfe with leaking classified information. (In Washington it seems pillowtalk with someone-not-your-spouse is accepted as “giving away secrets under duress” — or underdressed.)

      Removing the leaking charge as unfortunate pillowtalk (like, he just blurted out 82 pages of a secret document during orgasm) would allow Wolfe to eventually pleed down to one count of lying to the FBI.

      …though I do buy the idea that telling a DC “journalist” that you have secret documents in your drawers crosses the line between foreplay and seduction-by-aphrodisiac.


  28. Bogeyfree says:


    Maybe I’m slow or just don’t get it.

    What is IT that you think Durham has found that is significant?

    Is the answer, Durham may now know or have evidence that the SSCI was in on the coup from the beginning?

    I’ll take a simple yes or no reply.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Bogeyfree says:

      And if yes, then the follow up just for clarification.

      Is the small group trying to bring the SSCI back into the picture for PROTECTION??

      And then the final question. If both are Yes answers then…….

      If Barr knows and has the evidence then doesn’t he have to take down the small group AND some Senators because now they go hand in hand in this coup?

      Please tell me I have all 3 questions right,

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jerry Joe says:

      Bogey, you are at least the 5th comment confused by the title and the contents of the article. After three re-reads, there is no value analysis or discussion of the speculative affair.

      Where the faux Stroke n Lisa affair might have provided some initial ‘cover’ or post hoc rationalization for redactions of text messages, this omission of analysis between Wolfe n Ali has not gone unnoticed. I, too, hope Sundance clears it up.


      • WhiteBoard says:

        Barr is taking out senators to cover is quid pro quo impeachment. Trump must be immediately impeached with all hiding Republicans suddenly jumping to votes yes.

        See how this goes? Their defense is the civil war threat, aka burn it all down.

        These people are sick!

        barr is methodically checkmating them to where they are naked in front of us all. Enjoy the show..


        • WhiteBoard says:

          Sarc on the barr taking out senators etc….
          That’s what the coup will frame it as, if any effort to indict a senators happens


  29. IGiveUp says:

    Complicated conspiracy and crimes. As a juror, I’ve heard enough. Guilty. Hang them. And let us go home now please. We have lives to lead.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. PVCDroid says:

    When I first saw pictures of Wolfe and the cute little reporter, I thought something didn’t look right. Granted most reporters are whores but I just couldn’t see those two doing anything together.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Excuse me for beating a drum but-

    The CIA whistleblower seems to have NEVER submitted a “Complaint form” or “Urgent Concern Form” to the ICIG or CIA-IG.

    On September 26, Adam Schiff held a press conference and released an August 12, 2019 LETTER from the CIA Spy/ Whistleblower to Adam Schiff at HPSCI (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) and Richard Burr at SSCI (Senate Select Committee on Intelligence).
    Which alerted HPSCI and SSCI that a whistleblower complaint would be filed (it wasn’t) and attached Top-Secret documents for the HPSCI and SSCI to leak to force the ICIG to accept the whistleblower complaint.

    Just check the metadata on the .PDFs released by the Congressional intelligence committees and you can track the who-what-where of the CIA pushing Top-Secret information to Schiff and Burr BEFORE any Complaint was filed.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Gary Lacey says:

    sundance, I wish you would, could have a video/or a chalk board tell all made.
    Perhaps an appearance on Mark Levin’s show or Tucker or Hannity


    • jeans2nd says:

      No worries, one of those aforementioned will steal it and present it as their own.
      Happens all the time, so do not be surprised when you see it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Tom says:

        At least some have now taken to giving him credit. Sundance got in a beef with Bongino on twitter over this exact thing.

        We need to all be working together, and give credit where credit is due. Sundance does appear at times to be the research arm of a lot of these people. Call them out if you see it. Make them site their research.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Despicable Me says:

          Wasn’t it President Reagan that said something to the effect of that there is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit? Intellectual property and bylines I guess are a different story.

          Liked by 1 person

  33. Judith says:

    I’ll bet Peter and Lisa were never “lovers” either. That was an excuse to withhold certain incriminating text messages where they may have discussed assassination?

    Like Hellary’s deleted emails were all about her daighter’s wedding. /s.

    PDJT hinted at the Texas rally that “maybe” somebody has Hellary’s lost emails.

    Liked by 2 people

    • WES says:

      Judith: I think President Trump’s use of the word “lovers” is a good indication to the not so small group that he knows they were not lovers. He is just rubbing it in their faces because he knows they can not do anything to contradict him or their “story” quickly falls apart! They must remain silent!

      Liked by 6 people

      • CopperTop says:

        One text between them has Lisa suggesting how Peter explain the urgency to his wife over an upcoming meeting together.

        Gohmert called PS out in the hearing about lying to his wife. There was no denial about the accusation.

        That’s the only flimsy evidence we have of an actual relationship.

        There might have been a ‘declined to prosecute’ DOJ OPM report on a DOJ employee engaging in an inappropriate relationship that refers to one of them.

        It looks like Lisa got a 45 day time frame to leave or defend herself (which is sometimes the process office romances use to decide who actually is keeping their job or which party feels generous to walk away)


        • Sherri Young says:

          John Solomon said during an interview that he asked Bill Priestap if he knew about the Strzok/Page affair. Priestap said the he knew and should have addressed the matter as Strzok’s supervisor but simply was not comfortable having that conversation.

          Liked by 1 person

  34. CountryDoc says:

    Need a better title. This is a treasure trove of info. New info, and ties in to much of what we already know. Very much a must read. Good work Sundance. At first glance it just appears to be a new piece of information, but it is an excellent summary.

    We need a large full sheet with blow up capabilities Showing all the connections. Maybe several sheets, each one referring to timelines going back to at least 2012, but maybe to post Reagan years

    Show the development of each cesspool of the swamp: CIA, DOJ, FBI, Bushes, Clintons and Clinton foundation, Chamber of Commers (and each complex: Military, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Green Industry, Exfiltration of wealth and the globalists, the Bilderbergs).

    With each development further away from a consitutional government and free market system, show the laws that were violated and how they were circumvented.

    We must learn from this, learn our mistakes, and reinforce our constitution to protect the purpose of our government.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Paul Gerst says:

    Seems a lot easier and faster to declassify everything – just a “hunch” but suspect the lefty traitors will be exterminated like vermin.


  36. Bogeyfree says:

    Sundance, any thoughts on what Sidney might be filing on the Flynn case this Tuesday at noon?

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Heika says:

    Imagine the carnage in all of these ‘houses’ should the truth be the lead? If the cleaning was true, and included the lobby bribes, the snakery and the cover ups
    I would say – over 70% to 90% of the total of all houses and committees would be obliterated.
    Any wonder the likes of pathetic rats like Rosenstein can still stand on a stage and crack jokes about his suffering, and psychopathic narcissists like Comey can look up at giant trees and wonder if he can actually beat the height of it. To say the least…

    What a stench.


    • IGiveUp says:

      “Imagine the carnage in all of these ‘houses’ should the truth be the lead? If the cleaning was true, and included the lobby bribes, the snakery and the cover ups
      I would say – over 70% to 90% of the total of all houses and committees would be obliterated.”

      Ultimately, this is probably the reason why countries sweep their failures, disgraces, corruptions and perfidies under the rug. The US has a long enough history now so there’s lots of stuff under our rug and more to come.

      Ex. What will the House of Windsor do now that one of its most senior members is revealed as a pedophile. Close down?

      Liked by 1 person

  38. Amy2 says:

    Thank you Mr. Sundance! I’m sure you must have a tiny bit of sympathy for AG Barr coming in so late to the game and having to backtrack and put all this together. and this is only a small slice. He should make you a special agent!

    Liked by 3 people

  39. Ken Green says:

    Great work, Sundance, but why did the SSCI (Wolfe) leak the FISA warrant when it is clearly based on garbage intel, thus, damaging the government’s case.


  40. dbobway says:

    No that’s funny Zorro.

    I voted for a traitor to my own country in Richard Burr.
    Thom Tillis is pulling the same crap right now. All of a sudden he’s a Trumper.
    Till’is he gets elected. He will never get my vote again.
    Garland Tucker is primering Thommy,
    Mr. Tucker is a true supporter of a free and transparent America, with the full support for our President. He is not a traitor to the American people. Thom Tillis would just soon make NC a immigration Mecca.

    Liked by 3 people

    • sickconservative says:

      Yes it is frustrating here in NC, have voted against both in every primary but the good old boys club is deep.


    • swimeasy says:

      Same here dbobway. Like you, it’s Garland Tucker all the way. Tillis has been running misleading ads about how he supported the wall, which of course is totally false.

      sickconservative, the good old boys club may be deep but there is no way Tillis will be getting my vote again.


  41. Jo price says:

    WOW! Temporarily speechless! Time for prosecutions!


  42. mtg50 says:

    First comes Horowitz, then comes Durham with indictments and only then comes President Trump’s Oval Office address. Take it to the bank. Rogers, Durham and Barr will be historical figures.

    Liked by 4 people

  43. Mncpo(ret) says:

    I said here sometime ago that I had to get more white boards, my three were totally full, just trying to follow what had been and was going on. Connecting names/dots/countries. It’s just too huge.

    This case is a tiny example of what is/was happening.

    Can you imagine the depth and scope of what our President’s men have on their plate?

    We complain about things not happening fast enough. We are way more clued in than the majority of Americans.

    The people who have to put these cases together have one shot at this. Think of the magnitude of what they’re trying to achieve. I wouldn’t want that onus on me.

    Liked by 5 people

  44. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    That picture of DiFi is just so scary and crap like this explains why she so desperately wants to disarm us.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. spren says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m so sick of this never-ending charade of a pretense of justice being sought. Remember, Barr said this investigation was designed to find if there was a “predicate” justifying their inquiry even if it was based on false premises. I’m afraid that is what is going to come out. As flawed and as criminal what these deep state miscreants tried to pull off, Barr will find that they still had some predicate that justified their fraudulent investigations.

    Sundance, through his meticulous research, has let us all know what actually transpired. But, I’m afraid none of that matters and Barr is going to let them off of the hook. This tick-tock, tick-tock stuff is driving me crazy. The IG has watered down his previous reports and I suspect the soon to be released FISA report will be the same thing. I sincerely hope I am wrong and am being unduly skeptical in my expectations. Biden can proudly claim the things that Trump is being falsely accused of, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I hope my faith can be restored that actual justice will be served.


    • gda53 says:

      Well, the IG Report in 2018 might have watered down, but that was under Rosenstein.

      The last IG mini-Report on Comey was NOT ‘watered down’, and happened under Barr’s watch. So rest easy there.

      There is no way Barr is going to hand-wave away a predicate as ridiculous as the one that was put forward. Everything that we know (through Sundance), Barr knows, and much more.

      In that context, while you may not have meant it that way, your comment “Barr will find that they still had some predicate that justified their fraudulent investigations” seems somewhat premature, to say the least.

      Liked by 2 people

  46. Okay. I just read the whole article. Nowhere did I see anything about what the headline stated. Maybe I’m just slower than most. So their sleeping together was a cover story but nowhere in the article was this topic even brought up. At all!


    • dwpender says:

      Sundance is intimating — which is unusual for him — that he has reliable sources who have supplied him with nonpublic information that Durham has discovered there was no intimate relationship between Wolfe and Watkins.

      The major significance is that only two people know for sure whether such a relationship existed. One of them is talking/cooperating. If it’s Wolfe, what/whom is he offering up to try to reduce his sentence?

      Liked by 2 people

      • WES says:

        Dw: I doubt it could be Wolfe because he has already been tried and sentenced. Doubt he can be tried a second time. So unlikely he would need to talk.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Despicable Me says:

          Just because one pleads guilty and is sentenced on one (or a set of) charge(s) doesn’t mean one can’t ever be prosecuted (or threatened with prosecution) again especially if new evidence of similar but unrelated crimes emerges.


        • bruzedorange says:

          Doubt it would be Ali, since by precedent or by law, journalists are not prosecuted for receiving classified information, whether from love-sick dupes or traitorous scum.

          Leverage against Wolfe might be inclusion in THE conspiracy. Or maybe Barr just threatened to leak that Wolfe is willing to testify against Hillary. I’d think anyone in DC fears arkancide more than the justice system.


    • WES says:

      Bill: The “lovers” label is just a “Oh, look squirrel” tactic used to divert your attention.

      That Wolf and Ali were not lovers and by remaining quiet proves that they are 100% part of the coup.

      President Trump’s use of the word “two lovers” is a way to publically tease the coup plotters that he knows that they were not lovers. Again their silence confirms that Lisa & Peter are 100% part of the coup.

      Liked by 2 people

    • All Too Much says:

      An affair explained why Wolfe sent her the FISC document.
      The true reason Wolfe sent it to her was at direction of committee coup participants, but affair myth covered that up and explained why Wolfe did what he did.
      The document needed to be leaked as part of the effort to set up a Special Prosecutor argument.

      Liked by 2 people

      • SD usually spells it out. The is has to be the only time his headline left me scratching my hair. Oh wait…I don’t have any hair!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Despicable Me says:

        Couldn’t the disclosure to the journalist be both because of an affair (why Wolfe told her he was making the disclosure….he was using her) and also countenanced/directed by the SSCI (why Wolfe was really making the disclosure)?


  47. dpc32 says:

    So, a government-wide coup since we’ve recently added the State Department’s early, hearty efforts to facilitate the major players such as Steele to the coup. The stubbornness to provide documents and other evidence from groups such as the FBI, along with a mysterious lack of evidence coming from other govt., branches turns out to be no mystery at all. It was all-pervasive as designed by Obama and his cabal associates. (All by the book of course.)

    Liked by 4 people

  48. dustahl says:

    If a senator was spying for a country that the U.S. was at war with, >>>
    I see no difference here subversion against Trump, than the above.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. John says:

    If Mr. Steele isn’t in a witness protection program already he needs to get some plastic surgery and disappear before he gets disappeared.

    Liked by 5 people

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