DOJ-FBI “Small Group” Promote Defense of Spygate Operations – Former FBI/DOJ Officials Nervous, Hiring Lawyers…

The activity of the “small group” of coup plotters consists of three generalized subsidiary agencies: (1) DOJ/FBI, (2) CIA/ODNI, and (3) The State Department.

Within each “small group faction” a years-long review of their narrative constructs shows the groups have specific and unique media outlets for their offensive (’16, ’17) and defensive (’18, ’19) propaganda efforts.

•The DOJ/FBI faction of the “small group” leaks to narrative engineers at the New York Times and NBC. •The CIA/ODNI faction utilize the Washington Post and ABC; and •the State Dept. faction use CNN and CBS. Each faction uses the same reporters & pundits for their distribution. This pattern, albeit generalized, has been consistent for several years.

The originating media entity -utilizing the leaks, opinions and agenda of the faction most concerned- starts the process. The secondary media groups come in for support – reporting on the reporting; and then reporting on the reporting of the reporting… and so on. This process provides a concentric distribution effort to bolster the originating premise.

Similar to the Journ-o-list effort of Ezra Klein, all of the ideologically aligned reporters share information for the larger process of defending the prior activity and advancing a unified narrative. [Reference Buzzfeed’s Ali Watkins sharing leaks from SSCI Security Director James Wolfe to her peers at WaPo and New York Times while she had sex with the source to keep the information pipeline open.]

It is important to remember this concerted process whenever we are reviewing media articles concerning the matters of interest to each of the “small group” factions.

In essence, the propagandists within the media are the same; and the sources for the positions reflected in the articles are the same. Wash, rinse and repeat depending on the identified risk.

So today we see NBC and the New York Times going “out front” on behalf of their interests. Referencing the faction each outlet represents we see the *reporting* is to defend the interests of the DOJ and FBI.

The first “small group” report is from NBC. Toplines:

  • The Durham investigation is more broad and therefore more troubling.
  • Durham is moving to interview current/former CIA and current/former Intelligence Community operatives.
  • The CIA and Intelligence Community operatives are hiring lawyers prior to speaking to Durham.
  • The Durham investigation appears again looking at the ICA (Intelligence Community Assessment); which again is the part of Small Group operation which constructed the ‘vast Russian conspiracy’ (election interference) narrative.
  • The Small Group is worried the investigation has now shifted into a possible criminal probe.
  • The Small Group members themselves have NOT been questioned. This is making them nervous; hence the reporting.
  • Barr and Durham visiting Italy, the U.K. and Australia to speak with Mifsud, Halper and Downer respectively is really making the Small Group nervous.

Here’s the key NBC paragraphs, emphasis mine:

(Via NBC) A review launched by Attorney General William Barr into the origins of the Russia investigation has expanded significantly amid concerns about whether the probe has any legal or factual basis, multiple current and former officials told NBC News.

[The “multiple current and former officials” are members of the small group.  Based on the outlet and the material, these members are DOJ and FBI officials].

The prosecutor conducting the review, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, has expressed his intent to interview a number of current and former intelligence officials involved in examining Russia’s effort to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including former CIA Director John Brennan and former director of national intelligence James Clapper, Brennan told NBC News.

Durham has also requested to talk to CIA analysts involved in the intelligence assessment of Russia’s activities, prompting some of them to hire lawyers, according to three former CIA officials familiar with the matter. And there is tension between the CIA and the Justice Department over what classified documents Durham can examine, two people familiar with the matter said.

[Here we see Durham doing what we suspected five months ago. {Go Deep} Durham is looking at who put together the December 2016, Joint Analysis Report (JAR); and the January 2017, Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA); essentially the originating documents that promoted the vast Russian conspiracy and set the cornerstone for a special counsel investigation therein.]

With Barr’s approval, Durham has expanded his staff and the timeframe under scrutiny, according to a law enforcement official directly familiar with the matter.

[This is common sense.  If the ICA is a false political document, then guess what?  Yep, the entire narrative from the JAR and ICA is part of a big fraud (it is).  Then the construct of the special counsel probe (remember the “originating” construct), was false. (it was)]

[…] If Durham is conducting a criminal investigation, it’s not clear what allegations of wrongdoing are being examined. The Justice Department has not detailed any, and a spokeswoman declined to comment for this story.

“I don’t know what the legal basis for this is,” Brennan said, calling the probe “bizarre.”

[…] Justice Department officials have said that Durham has found something significant, and that critics should be careful.

[…] Skeptics who have been trying to track Durham’s movements say he has yet to interview key figures, including former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, former FBI agent Peter Stzrok and former FBI general counsel James Baker.

[“skeptics”?  Who are they?  …and why are they “trying to track Durham’s movements”?]

“Nobody who knows anything has been interviewed,” said a person in touch with those former officials.

[So the group is talking to themselves and using a third party to push their collective discussion into the media.  Important to note.]

[…] A Western intelligence official familiar with what Durham has been asking of foreign officials says his inquiries track closely with the questions raised about the Russia investigation in right-wing media.

[So some entity in the intelligence community, likely outside the U.S. , is in contact with the small group and keeping them apprised of what Durham is doing?  Interesting. Pay attention to what NBC is admitting here… Corrupt officials, co-conspirators, within the intelligence apparatus are monitoring John Durham; relaying information back to their allies; who then talk among themselves and coordinate media leaks based on the information they are able to extract from the tracking.   That’s a big admission.]

[…] The Senate intelligence committee examined the allegations about Downer, Mifsud and Halper, as part of its bipartisan investigation into the intelligence community’s assessment that Russia was responsible for attacking the 2016 election, and found nothing to substantiate any wrongdoing, a committee aide said. (read full article)

[Again, notice how the small group is utilizing the SSCI, and it is a committee aide within the SSCI that is leaking to NBC.  We already know the SSCI was completely compromised by the effort to remove President Trump from office. {Go Deep}  Part of that SSCI effort led to the discovery of SSCI Security Director James Wolfe leaking the FISA application to the media.  The SSCI was/is part of the coup/impeachment effort.]

(Go Deep)

Next up we look at the New York Times….

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225 Responses to DOJ-FBI “Small Group” Promote Defense of Spygate Operations – Former FBI/DOJ Officials Nervous, Hiring Lawyers…

  1. Perot Conservative says:


    Don’t AG Barr & attorney John Durham look like the REAL DEAL? And doesn’t the investigation look like the REAL DEAL?

    Barr – sterling reputation.
    Barr – publicly states he needs to see the ‘predicate’. [A legal term I, and many, were ignorant of.]
    Barr – in an interview in South America weeks into his new job – says he has more questions than when he started. Things aren’t ‘hanging together’.
    Durham hired – known, respected, non leaker.
    Durham hires bulldog attorney from outside the Swamp, Nora Dannehy.
    Joe DiGenova says Durham only speaks with ONE person – AG Barr.
    Barr / Durham interview Christopher Steele.
    Barr gives a morality based pep talk at Notre Dame.
    Barr & Durham go to Italy, the UK, to interview Misfud and others.
    Investigation timeline expands.
    Durham asks for more resources.
    Trump not talking or tweeting on said topics.
    Durham has found something significant.
    Barr recovers 2 BlackBerrys from Mifsud.
    FBI / DOJ freaking out.

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    • ristvan says:

      All good points. I could add some supporting evidence, but yes, Barr and Durham are the real deal. Enjoy the show.

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      • warrprin1 says:


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      • Perot Conservative says:

        Thank you, brother (or sister).

        The article I found on prosecuting attorney Nora also made me a bit more hopeful.

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        • cali says:

          @Perot Conservative: I agree with your reasoning! 🙂

          Again if we had a media we would know this little nugget: Comey and one of his buddy’s (I can’t recall his name) was in Australia at the same time Barr and Durham were there. Since all of these deep state agents lost their access to intelligence it appears that the Australian “Downers” may keep them apprise about the Law Men’s visits.

          What also recently dropped is that Imran Awan has been working for DIA HUMINT which is the same military intelligence LTG (ret) Flynn led. That would open a hole other can of worms.

          After their completion in Australia Barr and Durham returned to Italy as their fact finding in Australia did not jive with the findings in Italy ergo a revisit to Italy.

          The Italian media is reporting this info while the US media runs interference dreaming up ways to bamboozle the end result. That will remain an untenable goal.
          Of course the NYT and WP among the rest of the US media actively participated in the coup-related activities ergo their own entities are at stake.
          It would be surprising and yet so predictable for all involved in the coup attempt to succeed in any exoneration.
          I suppose the following remains to be true: “You lie down with dogs and get up with fleas”!

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    • bulwarker says:

      Barr’s reputation is suspect. He supported Obama’s nomination of Holder, which to date is unexplained/regretted. As AG there have been zero prosecutions under Barr despite overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing (declining to go after leaker Wolfe is the prime example). Don’t get your hopes up that *this time* will be any different, Barr is more than likely trying to protect the institutions than deliver accountability.

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    • JC says:

      PC, I listened twice to an interview of Sidney Powell this week and can confirm that she has full confidence in both Barr and Durham. She also said her access to more evidence while representing General Flynn has yielded even more widespread and egregious government corruption than anyone has imagined. I apologize that I have been unable to locate a link to the interview; perhaps it’s too recent to find an online link as yet.

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      • Perot Conservative says:

        Thank you! Sydney Powell, another jewel.

        Last I read the DOJ was still blocking Brady material from General Flynn.

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        • JC says:

          My pleasure, PC. I think that’s the last I heard, too, that DOJ withholding requested info. Ms. Powell didn’t reference that issue in the interview, nor was she free to share specifics at this time, but she was very clear that the expanded materials she has are very damning. We shall see, eh?

          She is such a superb attorney and human being, I tend to relax into her expertise and involvement in all of this. Still praying for her and for General Flynn – they face unbelievable challenges, perhaps even danger. We can have their backs in this.

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  2. Magabear says:

    So it appears that Durham is going for the heart of the multiheaded hydra instead of cutting each corrupt head off. Smart aporoach.

    Any doubt that the Lawfare group will provide their services pro bono to the corrupt small group members?

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    • Mike Robinson says:

      They’d best not hire Lawfare: they’re gonna need REAL lawyers now …

      Lawfare is the group that got them into this mess and kept them there for three very profitable years. But their legal advice is trash.

      And: “OF COURSE it is a Criminal probe!” If they’re not asking you questions, it’s probably because you’re about to be arrested. Durham & Barr have kept airtight security in place throughout: “no leaks.”

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      Groups set up to steal american tax dollars —

      NATO – soviet union doesnt exist (BROWDER – Magnitsky Act – Atlantic Council)

      NATO countries get their winter fuel from Russia (Start ISIS Pipeline to find them an alt; Putin cant allow this because his entire econmy is fuel money)

      Papadopulous – was invovled with the Israel GAS reserve find pipeline (ensures Israels future safety by having them a duel supplier with Russia to NATO countries; makes ISIS pipeline irrelevant… ISIS clearing path ahead for pipeline to be layed with no government in the way)

      Our agencies had members at the top appointed to work on behalf of these NATO interest and not ours.

      the problem is our institutions were molding into a global entity and they couldnt inform the citizens because they wouldnt approve (Five Eyes; FBI liasion offices overseas)

      The COUP is confused – because globalism has already been secretly implemented (funneling our resources and tax dollars across the world; our military dying to create favorable environments for the companies the globalist are invested in) and they view 2016 election has a sedition conspiracy and betrayer to the new global order.

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    • wlbeattie says:

      One can only hope there will be many requiring their services. Thus putting them all under an overwhelming pressure. (Like what happened to Lt Gen Flynn)

      Their pay has to come from somewhere and IMO their individual largesse will soon dry up (unless they all become successful authors).

      Time will tell.


      • WhiteBoard says:

        i’ll keep trying to repeat this – President Trump said yesterday that ‘they were trying to hide what they were doing by using other countries” (not verbatim).

        this is why – the UN ambassador is involved. the Ukraine ambassador is involved.. all 5 eye ambassadors.

        the COUP was using the Databases through access points via other country terminals? or global engagement center purposes?

        is there a predicate shows the AG signing off with no FISA – and the FISAs were just done to distract from that… get an IG report and spanked for bad bad boys, but it hides the President and AG overriding the entire FISA court period.

        the FISA abuse report audits were not about FISA warrants – it was about DATABASE acess abuse.

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  3. GuessAgain says:

    I’ll guess again,Barr and Durham are having some “about” and “to-from” quires going on.😂😂😂.

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    • Greg1 says:

      The part that concerns me is that the deep state players very well may be doing the same…………on Barr and Durham.

      I thought it most interesting that they are PERSONALLY going on trips to get the info first hand. Do they not have subordinates who could be trusted on these trips to write reports? Could their reports get hacked by deep state operatives.

      Anybody willing to try an “insurance policy” complete with wiretaps on a sitting President of the United States sure would NOT have a problem wiretapping and snooping in any way possible on the Attorney General…………and anybody else getting in their way.

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      • bocephusrex says:

        And now you know why Chief Justice Roberts has rolled on numerous high-profile cases (i.e. Obamacare) This is what worries me about an impeachment trial in the Senate-

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    • noswamp says:

      I trust Durham, but I don’t trust Barr. I hope I am wrong about him.


  4. Daniel says:

    Just goes to demonstrate their arrogance. They should have lawyered up and started making deals when Trump was elected.

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    • Greg1 says:

      He was supposed to have been gone by now………but Mueller didn’t deliver. Nobody else has, either. The effort goes on, with increasing desperation.

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      • Raptors2020 says:

        The allusions to violence/assassination are ratcheting up, back to the levels of the early days of his Presidency.
        They weren’t prepared for the long slog to impeachment then, they don’t really think impeachment is doable now.

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        • WhiteBoard says:

          exactly – it appears they are trying to induce the crazies to act to “save the constitution” – freaking irony! Pelosi is a SICK person even saying the constitution in the way she does.

          just keep the peace and remind people UKRAINE tricked us into going to war with Russia – because they ‘duped” the FBI on the server hacking. (this is easier for a leftists to understand than trying to explain to them their is an internal coup going on that included COMEY)

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    • Linda K. says:

      If they had let it all go, they would have been fine.

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  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    “Justice Department officials have said that Durham has found something significant

    Here we see Durham doing what we suspected five months ago. Durham is looking at who put together the December 2016, Joint Analysis Report (JAR); and the January 2017, Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA); essentially the originating documents that promoted the vast Russian conspiracy and set the cornerstone for a special counsel investigation therein.”

    Suggesting to me that Durham may have found one or more of the items identified above?

    Seems all we can do is to look and wait for more information.

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  6. Perot Conservative says:

    QUESTION: is there any obvious way we know this has become a criminal investigation? Can subpoenas be issued – secretly?

    *** Nora Dannehy – Background Corruption case ***

    HARTFORT CURANT, Sept 13, 2013, Kevin Rennie


    “…Dannehy was a member of the team of federal agents and prosecutors who pursued a wide conspiracy to use state pension funds under State Treasurer Paul Silvester for personal enrichment. Silvester, a close associate of Gov. John G. Rowland and Speaker of the House Thomas Ritter, was appointed to fill the vacant treasurer’s position….”

    “…As the tale of bribes for investment contracts and campaign contributions unraveled, Silvester and his unsavory circle began to fall as Dannehy and her colleagues squeezed the corrupt. Plenty of others who were part of the permanent government that trades in deals and favors trembled….”

    “…It was very tough to get the jump on Nora Dannehy….”

    “Dannehy’s rectitude probably kept her from appointments as the U.S. attorney in Connecticut and a seat on the federal bench. Winning those positions requires some chums in politics, and Dannehy has eschewed that route to influence. She relies on merit and a crowded belt of scalps.”

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  7. Darthawk says:

    What specific criminal statutes potentially apply to the Intelligence Analysts who created the “Russian Hacking” ICA?

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    • WhiteBoard says:


      Chambers of Commerce, Councils of Foreign Relations, etc…

      Notice how the man to Biden’s left smiles during his “fire the prosecuter” story???

      They are all in on these foreign aid scams, and sanction scams to benefit their “secret empires”.

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  8. Coma5 says:

    Thanks for doing such incredible work Sundance. You have been my go to source since the beginning. I would love to see the Pulitzer (a real one) in your near future.

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    • Riskographer2 says:

      I hope we all remember to contribute to the amazingly prescient team supporting Sundance. He never asks, but is always extremely gracious with his thanks…

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  9. Marina Sapir says:

    I am a skeptic. Durham shows some signs of life. It is all he is showing. The fact that he did not interview key figures tells me he is not serious. If they were called to testify it should give them more reasons to be nervous.
    I noticed, many Republicans try to convince public that Barr and Durham are good guys, even though there is nothing good done by DOJ since Barr is there. Just the opposite. DOJ continues the same policies blocking every attempt to get to the truth, refusing to indict anybody.


  10. Marina Sapir says:

    We are eagerly searching for some good signs from Barr and Durham. Meanwhile, DOJ is organizing the same type of operation against Giuliani, as they used against Flynn. They continue to stand behind the prosecution of Flynn. They continue the same type of conspiracies against Trump, and continue to cover up the coup.

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    • icthematrix says:

      This is why Barr and Durham are doing in person interviews THEMSELVES. The DOJ is dirty and they know it. The fact they went to all three countries to conduct these interviews tells me they have significant details. We are told they got the phones from Misfud. Good news. Small group worried and lawyering up? Priceless!

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      • noswamp says:

        Good point icthematrix!

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      • Marina Sapir says:

        You imply that Barr is not in control of DOJ. Now, why do you expect anything from him, if the people who have actual power there are still resisting Trump?
        Either he has power, or he does not. Either way, DOJ is still acting against Trump.
        So, Barr’s travels are irrelevant, they are a smoke screen, nothing more. The actions of DOJ is what allows us to predict its direction: and it is against Trump.


  11. menolikekoolaid says:

    Barr—William Tecumseh Sherman
    Durham—Winfield Scott Hancock
    Guiliani—Philip H. Sheridan
    Trump— Ulysses S. Grant

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  12. Republicanvet91 says:

    “[…] Skeptics who have been trying to track Durham’s movements say he has yet to interview key figures, including former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, former FBI agent Peter Stzrok and former FBI general counsel James Baker.”

    If they were not nervous as hell, those skeptics would not be trying to track Durham’s every move.

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  13. icanhasbailout says:

    If they turn over their leaders I’m content to be merciful and allow them a clean hanging rather than spending the rest of their lives being tortured in Gitmo.

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  14. Patriot 2019 says:

    Responding to WRB: re they thought Mueller and company would dig up something to use against Trump…

    According to Dennis Montgomery, whistleblower to the NSA/CIA/FBI, Obama and his henchmen used the Hammer domestically to spy on President Trump, his family and businesses for years prior to the 2016 election. The seditious players in this ongoing Coup KNEW Donald Trump, his family and his businesses were clean as a whistle.

    The members of this COUP including the the Clinton campaign and the DNC, Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, foreign spies, some members of Congress, the DOJ, and the state department, along with the lawfare group and a complicit media wrote and tried to sell the fictitious dossier (‘Muh Russia’) to the unsuspecting public, used the dossier to fraudulently obtain FISA warrants to spy on and entrap members of his campaign staff in process crimes; fraudulently appoint a special counsel to investigate President Trump and then use his protestations of innocence of ‘Muh Russia’ as evidence of obstruction.

    Of course, when that convoluted ‘Muh Russia’ mess didn’t work out too well using Rep. Nadler’s Judiciary committee, Speaker Pelosi used her majority power to move the unofficial/official “star chamber” impeachment inquiry of ‘Muh Ukraine’ to the Intelligence Committee run by her stooge Rep. Schiff.

    IMHO, to regain the rule of law in our constitutional republic, EVERYONE involved in this ongoing COUP (which includes the complicit media) must
    a. Admit their seditious crimes publicly (to awaken those suffering from TDS) and
    b. Hang for their crimes.

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    • bocephusrex says:

      This is why the wretched and vile HOUSE is so desperate to get their hands on Mueller’s grand jury testimony–nothing is sticking and they need a crap-ton of stuff they can selectively leak and further the narrative–

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    • We the people know says:

      I wonder if Horowitz is worried, too. I think he should be.

      I suspect that Horowitz has been preparing another IG report that would conclude the FISA court was duped and misled but that nothing rose to the level of deliberate lying. Everyone was well intentioned and patriotic. There was no malfeasance by our intelligence community, but many intelligence officials lacked candor. That is all.

      But then there’s that prosecutor up in Connecticut. If Durham comes out guns a blazing and with scores of criminal referrals after Horowitz issues another “nothing to see here” IG Report, he will be exposed as a top level cover upper or worse.

      I think that Horowitz, when he heard that Durham’s investigation’s scope, timeline and staffing was being expanded, his palms began to sweat and he needed time to revise his report so it’s not totally at odds with Durham.

      It’s an Inspector General vs a US Attorney. No wonder Horowitz kept needing more time.

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  15. Paula S Daly says:

    Hope they all go bankrupt, like they did to General Michael Flynn!

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  16. Republicanvet91 says:

    “amid concerns about whether the probe has any legal or factual basis, multiple current and former officials told NBC News.”

    Interesting concerns. If there was no legal or factual basis, why are those being questioned lawyering up?

    Is there some concern they have for the quality of their “work”?

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  17. TradeBait says:

    This stench runs deep in the swamp, all the little critters are infected as well.

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  18. Michael Russell says:

    Giuliani, and possibly Durham, were following the 2016 Manafort frame up and CrowdStrike in the Ukraine. The entire “impeachment” strategy is an attempt to stop this investigation. It has nothing to do with Biden. If Durham is allowed to follow leads, is this a legitimate lead. Can Durham investigate the Ukrainian origins of impeachment?

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  19. Republicanvet91 says:

    ““It’s unusual to the point that it looks to be political and it’s a bad thing for DOJ to appear to be doing something for political reasons,” Brower said,”

    Not something pointed out in Ken, Ken, Ken’s story is that Brower was the FBI liaison to Congress during their Russian meddling investigation.

    Brower has an interesting history that explains why he fit right in with Obama’s FBI:

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  20. Republicanvet91 says:

    “Many of those questions spring from accusations made by George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign aide who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. He declined to comment Friday.

    Contrite in the courtroom, Papadopoulos emerged from prison on the attack against what he calls a Deep State conspiracy to set him up in an effort to get Trump.

    Papadopoulos claims in his book that the professor who told him the Russians had Democratic emails – Joseph Mifsud, identified by the FBI as a Russian intelligence asset – was in fact working for Western intelligence.

    He has made similar allegations against Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, who relayed the story about the emails to the FBI; and about a Cambridge professor, Stefan Halper, whom Papadopoulos says grilled him about what he knew about the Russians.”

    If Papadopoulos is such a discredited liar to the FBI, why is Barr and Durham looking into Mifsud, Downer and Halper? Seems a lot of effort for allegations from someone discredited, right?

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  21. Boots says:

    I hope they all get a fair trial and a fine hanging. That’s what each and every one deserves. No less. They’re ALL enemies of the United States. They ALL want to be our overlords.

    They all deserve to pay the ultimate penalty. Anything less means they got away with it, and the others in sleeper cells will try it again.

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  22. Another Scott says:

    “ Skeptics who have been trying to track Durham’s movement”….skeptics….will they eventually be called “Russian Collusion Deniers”?

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  23. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Hiring lawyers? You mean the “gods” are afraid of something? Didn’t lord comey say just the other day that his mission is to defeat President Trump? Now he needs a lawyer? Well I’ll be….

    May they never have another second of peace….EVER.

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  24. Caius Lowell says:

    I saw a piece on CBS “News” the other day in which the Deep State and its complicit Enemedia were attacking Alex Jones and Infowars for speaking investigating 0bama’s Democrat corruption…

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      I thought Alex Jones was an insignificant conspiracy theorist. Why would the exalted-smart-well informed-on top of everything-truthers of the very fake news hysterical drive by media care what he says?

      As Limbaugh loves to say. They will always tell you who they fear most. They go on and on telling their tens and tens of viewers that everyone who disagrees with them or who speaks based on facts are “insignificant”. Then they turn around and spend hours of airtime talking about “insignificant” people spreading “conspiracies”. Why not just ignore them? After all, as in Jones’ case they have shut him down, right? Only racist, white supremacist nuts listen to him anyway. Hmmmm…

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  25. Midnite says:

    I wasn’t quite sure which thread to post this on, but it seems appropriate considering the topic. Let’s hope the Ukrainians are doing their part to expose the corruption that took place in their country and pipe lining that information to the AG. Here’s hoping these A–holes go down in flames.


  26. jfhdsiu says:

    I wonder if the author ever worked for S2. There is no need to actually reply to that as, if one did, one would not admit it and if one did admit it one would have to be lying……. Or committing treason. BUT, the author’s analysis is most certainly worthy of the kind of credible information gathering that myriad such agencies do. My congratulations on a well researched, formulated, thought out and presented article…..

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  27. I just listened to two programs on CSPAN BOOK TV, one a presentation by one James Stewart on his new book (if I am recalling the title correctly, it is “Deep State: The FBI, Trump and the Rule of Law”), and the other an interview of Susan Rice, Obama’s “point man” (in the interview, it comes out that she was a basketball point guard in her good old days, and she sees her Obama role as somewhat the same position).

    Bottom line: Democrat loyalists are being fed propaganda unabashedly, unendingly, and in mind-numbing fake detail, by people like Stewart and Rice. and there is no sign any D voter is questioning any of it, but instead lapping it up.

    It is an insane cult, derived from the “Blacks are still victims…and better than Whites too” angry racial narrative of the last 60 plus years, and empowered (brought to the very center and top of power) by the election of Obama in 2008. Like other false cults over those same 6 decades — Scientology the prime example — neither rational argument nor sympathy can change this cult. The leaders of the cult have to be shown to be “false prophets” to their followers. Some highly-placed cult members have to see the light and turn on the cult before the world, to show the truth of its utter falseness.

    And yet again, I remind everyone that Sundance and others have shown long ago that all of the shenanigans engaged in after April 2016 — operation Crossfire Hurricane, Mifsud, Halper etc. etc etc…even the IC “Community Assessment” of Brennan, Clapper and Comey — are all protected by the argument that they HAD to investigate Trump (because “everyone knows he’s bad, and we were so scared of what he might do as President…BAK-BAK-BAKAAK, the sky was falling!”). You can certainly show that, at every point along the way of the attempted coup d’etat, they acted unprofessionally, EXTREMELY biased, and actively unconstitutional (to the point that not a one of them, if they were honest professionals, should have acted as they did, at any time). But that is not getting at the root that Sundance and others have revealed, which is the FBI partisan political collusion with Fusion GPS PRIOR TO April 2016, and Nellie Ohr’s employment by same, for the same politically-weaponized purpose. Barr, I note, has even let Fusion GPS put out its own self-serving book, so they are still not scared in the slightest that they will have to pay for their political and Constitutional (treason) crimes. Barr is simply not getting that done, doesn’t look like he even wants to. And where the blue bloody … is ex-Admiral Mike Rogers? Drag him in, kicking and screaming if need be.

    I don’t much care what Barr and Durham are/were doing, in Italy, Australia, or even Ukraine, with regard to the latter-part of the conspiracy, after April 2016.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. White Maunsel says:

    If Halper, Downer, and Mifsud were all active and knowing participants in the plot to bring down Trump, What leverage does Barr and Durham have to compel anything but self-serving responses from them in an interview? They certainly cannot be compelled to be truthful , and American perjury law has no jurisdiction over them. It’s not clear what value these interviews would have other than showing that they are doing something that seems important.


  29. Raymond Capwell says:

    I hope they are bankrupted by Lawyer s like the people they have gone after we’re.


  30. Pokey says:

    Our media are a bunch of useful idiots walking lockstep towards the abyss. I say good riddance to them. The sooner the Globalists have to divest themselves of this whole media ownership scheme, the better off everyone will be.

    As for our fine cabal of Federal Demcommie Bureaucrats, none have been put on trial for any crime against The People of the USA, so I think we better not bet our expectations of eventual justice against a track record of abject failure in this matter. Until justice does prevail, all we will have is the continuance of this endless conjecture.

    Bureaucrats will never behave any differently if they are never held accountable for their actions. Hoping Bureaucrats will hold Bureaucrats accountable is likely a big waste of time for all of us, no?

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