The Stakes are High – Macron Emphasizes Maximum G7 Control – Even Spouses Segregated During Dinner…

The stakes are high at this G7 Summit in Biarritz France.  Against the rising tide of populist nationalism -pushing against the globalist/corporatist world order- perhaps these stakes are the highest in the modern political era.

(Where are the spouses?)

Italian President Giuseppe Conte’ is a lame duck summit participant having just quit his job due to economic and immigration backlash from his Italian population.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel has steered her export dependent economy into a recession; and has announced she won’t seek reelection while simultaneously putting the EU central bank into a 28 nation economic quagmire filled with unsustainable IOU’s….

French President Emmanuel Macron, the host for this year’s summit, has spent the better part of the last year trying to violently block the rising yellow vest populist movement, and he is desperate for any distraction away from his own economic reality.

Meanwhile EU President Donald Tusk is locked in an economic death match with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the terms of the U.K. Brexit from the union; while simultaneously dealing with a lack of tax receipts from the aforementioned banks of Germany and France…

The EU’s only North American ideological ally, Justin from Canada, is essentially useless. Trudeau has used his political self-identification to hurt his own citizens economically;  Canada is experiencing a continued loss in private-sector employment amid the malaise Justin coordinates; and his tenuous (at best) re-election is scheduled for October 21st…

On the other side of the equation, the more nationalist minded Shinzo Abe (Japan) and U.S. President Donald Trump are not encountering the same economic collapse as their Euro-centric counterparts.

Not coincidentally both Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Trump hold the highest domestic approval ratings amid the group of seven nations.  Huh, funny that…. And also not coincidental, both President Trump and PM Abe stand to gain the majority of benefit from a Chinese economic contraction.

So the 2019 G7 in Biarritz, France, ends up happening at a crucial time for those who generationally supported the globalist central-banking “New World Order”.

It all boils down to the economics of things; Globalism -vs- Nationalism, or the multinationals -vs the Main Street yellow vests.

There are trillions at stake amid the layers of banks and multinational financial institutions.

Into that mix of ideology comes President Trump with his MAGA ‘America First’ tariff arsenal in one hand and the massive leverage of the U.S. $20 trillion market in the other.

With both weapons, 30 years of plans for how to use them and a sense of unyielding urgency, what President Trump has begun is a comprehensive global trade reset based on bilateral agreements.

President Trump’s economic plan destroys decades of multilateral terms constructed to the exclusive benefit of corporations and institutions that gained power and wealth over the yellow-vested people.  The scale of consequence within this economic inflection point is generational.

The nationalists (Trump, Abe) with strong economies; and the globalists (Macron, Merkel, Trudeau and Tusk) with ever-weakening economies; and the fence sitters (Johnson and Conte) who are being literally forced, against their preferred outlook – by their respective populations, out of the globalist world and into a populist/nationalist economy.

Quite a dynamic.

This geopolitical struggle is why Emmanuel Macron is fighting so hard to control the optics of this G7.

It is truly quite remarkable when you know what to look for.






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225 Responses to The Stakes are High – Macron Emphasizes Maximum G7 Control – Even Spouses Segregated During Dinner…

  1. SwampRatTerrier says:

    Just great!

    Globalists: “Freedom and bottomless Riches for Me.
    Nothing for those Deplorables behind the Tree.

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    • GGHD says:

      Excellent black and white picture of Trump and Boris Johnson talking. … The lighting on the trees is an example of ‘light used as practical art’ ~ for both illumination and for an artistic effect.

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    • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

      POTUS needs to lock in for years to come if we are to survive, I have to agree with this post that politics has destroyed damn near everything. When we start talking to people on the streets no matter where we are at, let them know that politicians do not give a rats a$$ about any of us. It’s all about them getting re-elected so smoke and mirrors is how they always role!!!

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    • If they insist then I say that we should water the hell out of that tree, what say you?

      Oh yes, I am definitely serious. They are counting on us not doing so… ever.

      But… at what price liberty?

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      • mopar2016 says:

        Most of those globalist clowns have TDS, they’re going to need some relief.

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      • Dutchman says:

        I say ‘patience, Francis’;
        The beauty of Economic Security is National Security is we may not HAVE,to water that tree, so much as deprive the weeds,of water, and let em die.
        Its fighting SMARTER, not HARDER. Their MAY be some blood of tyrants and patriots spilled in HK, for instance.
        But, WATCH how it plays out and learn.

        It MAY be that it becomes Chinas velvet revolution, and the beginning of the end.

        Fight smarter, not harder. The goal is NOT to die your cause. Any damn fool can do THAT. The goal is to get the OTHER damn fool to die for his cause,…or better yet to realise he has no bullets, and wouldn’t mattrr if he did, cause his rifle doesn’t work,…and he hasn’t eaten in weeks, last water he had,was 2 days ago.
        So, keep your powder dry,….for now.

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        • Oh, did you read my comment as a call to arm ourselves and march to the streets today?

          “patience, Francis”?

          Good grief. “Any damn fool can do THAT.”

          Ahem… Man too big for britches bound to show @$$.

          Relax Mancy, it’s a simple statement of be prepared to fight for that we hold dear, despite much of it being ABSENT from our lives. We could stand well with a lot more ACTION of our own accord in this nation.

          You know, like when “they” destroyed our system of health insurance that we could actually afford and had paid into for decades… not a single “yellow vest” was in the streets save for a member of a street or sanitation crew.

          But, that said, thanks for trying to “steer me in the right direction” and the “free advice”! 😀

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          • Dutchman says:

            Go back before that. How about the steady transformation of our Public school system, into an indoctrination for Conmunist ideology, as ‘we’ collectively stood by.
            WE, and I include myself in this, got snookered. We were, for the most part complacent, or fooled into the thinking that the opposition were honest, good people who just had different policy positions, and we could work out reasonable compromise.
            And, we got doubly snookered, cause we THOUGHT we had voted for representatives that would fight for our views, not realising they were in cahoots with the opposition, that has now finally revealed themselves as the enemy.

            Sorry if I sounded condescending, yes I DID view your post as a call to arms and charge into the streets.

            It IS frustrating that the only time we get 10,000+ Maga people together is at a rally. I mean thats great, but would love to have seen 50-60 Million in D.C. on July 4th.

            Scare the u-know-what out of Congresscritters and smug beurocrats wanting to control us and destroy our country.

            Anyway, down of my high horse, hitched up my pants, thanks.

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            • Better yet, go all the way back to the most crushing blow to America ever, 1913 and the “federal” “reserve” act. Neither federal nor a reserve… then the extortion revenue “service”, and how by the mid-thirties Americans were financing their own demise.

              Social “security”, new deal “safety net” that is nanny state “welfare”, great society, patriot act, etc… on and on and on… systematically destroying all things free with liberty, including personal responsibility.

              Enemedia maintenance of social indoctrination, steering and manipulation. Evil. And, myriad other avenues of destruction too numerous to mention, eh? Yep.

              Yep, we are on the same team, mostly the same page but frankly, the most important part of my comment you missed was IF THEY INSIST. Meh. It’s not a call to arm up and rush the streets, it’s a reminder that the second amendment is just like all the others, a Natural Right.

              A Natural Right which is of no use unless it’s used when needed… hopefully, and I believe we will see this, President VSG Trump will make corrections that last a very long time IF we work our tails off to keep them in place.

              My bottom line is hope for the best, prepare for the worst. We’ve seen what hope can bring… britches hitched are a good thing. lol

              Take care Dutchman, & keep doing your thing brother. I wasn’t and ain’t mad atcha. 😀


              • Dutchman says:

                Yeah, we’re on the same side in this war, and in agreement it IS a war.
                Living in a farraday cage, lol (an older airstream type trailer) with ammo under the bed, I definetly am into hope and prepare.
                Yes, it started HERE with Wilson, at the same time as the,Russian revolution that produced the,USSR. Coincidence? I don’t THINK so.

                I admit I AM intrigued with the,concept behind the velvet revolution; that its not just about arms; that if the population flat refuses to comply, the dictatorship can not continue.
                But, got my arms ready if necesary, as a velvet revolution requires the POPULATION, as a,whole, to say with their actions, in a UNITED way,..”No!”

                Too many wishy washies, uncommitteds, pearl clutchers, etc. and it won’t work.

                And yeah, in a way the 2A is like a strong military;
                You HAVE it, so hopefully you don’t NEED to use it.

                Certainly the constant assault on the 2nd, makes it clear the enemies understand the impediment it presents to their plans to undermine our country.


        • nuthinmuffin says:

          From the 2009 film ‘The International’ comes the following truth:

          “When you control the debt of conflict, you control everything”

          no one can fight without the weapons of war, and the debt that creates can be crushing.


    • vincent cuomo says:

      It has been that way for TOO long; it is about time and Trump is the man who will get it done.

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  2. Carrie says:

    I wasn’t counting on Conte being there. I thought Salvini would be . Macron obviously invited Tusk (odious man) to further tilt the odds. But in actuality it should be Globalist: Merkel, Macron, Trudeau. Non-globalist: PDJT, Abe, Johnson, and Salvini.

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  3. RobInPA says:

    I would love to see VSG PDJT show up at lunch tomorrow wearing a nice bright yellow vest!!

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  4. SwampRatTerrier says:

    Love Our Magnanimous President Trump.

    I howled with laughter at what President Trump said was the best meeting he ever had with PM Marcon.

    Donald J. Trump
    ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
    2h2 hours ago

    France and President @EmmanuelMacron have done a really great job thus far with a very important G-7. Lunch with Emmanuel was the best meeting we have yet had. Likewise, evening meeting with World Leaders went very well. Progress being made!

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  5. All knowing says:

    What most people fail to realize is we don’t need any country on this planet. America can self sustain, we can build our own cars and electronics, we can grow and feed our entire population.

    Unlike the rest of the world that needs us, China is about to go through a depression that will make the American Great Depression look like a slumber party.

    Were not in a trade war with China, were in the period of economic dominance over China, where we are holding the sword of Demacules and we truly will ruin them unless they bend the knee and accept all of the demands

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    • Kent says:

      …they were offered a hand up and they chose to not only bite that hand but to chew it to the bone while demanding impunity……..our own people chose to take their bribes and place our citizenry in jeopardy for their own selfish desires…

      But that game is over…..

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      • All knowing says:

        I mean Donald did say he was going to tax the hell out of china, and the COC and the uniparty and media mocked and scoffed at Donald, and now they clutch their pearls, yet Donald knew what he was doing.

        All the economic “experts” have no idea about economics. The foreign policy “experts” have no idea about foreign policy.

        I’m entering my last couple classes before I graduate with my second degree, my next class I have a professor who believes in the gender pay gap. When I found this out I got a big giant smile as I am going to bury her with the facts and truth and it will be glorious

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        • SwampRatTerrier says:

          I find it oddly appropriate that the Ivy League schools that first introduced economic classes, still have it in the same departments that also teach Abnormal Psychology and other “social science” courses.

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          • SwampRatTerrier says:


            I was shocked to discover last year that many universities do not require any financial accounting classes or any accounting courses at all for their ECON majors!

            No wonder that Economics is called the “Dismal Science” if many of their majors don’t even take what is many times called the “Language of Business” – Accounting.

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          • Robert Smith says:

            Economics did their best to Introduce the sciences to the Social Sciences, but somewhere along the way Economists let politics destroy their economic thought.

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            • SwampRatTerrier says:


              It even used to be called “Political Economy.”

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            • Kent says:

              I’m just a joey lunchbucket…but I help run a billion dollar unit which makes, depending on margin…half a million to $1.6mm per day….maybe more…can one intensive?

              Oil refinery operations…..come on in and get ya’ll some…….you’ll love it….(not necessarily only a reply to you, Mr. Smith, but to the youngsters upthread too….)

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        • jebg46 says:

          Be careful if you still want to pass that course.

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        • Tim says:

          “I am going to bury her with facts and truth” VERY BAD IDEA. A friend did that and failed the professors class with a grade of 49%. it added 6 months to his degree,, thats 6 months delay in entering the workforce !.. You actually dont want to win the arguement , you want to win the person. watch red pill black and a documentary red pill 2016 to see what is involved in prople changing from the feminist oppression model of the world.

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          • All knowing says:

            I’m already in the workforce, I’ve already got one degree while working full time, and now finishing up my second degree while working full time and with 3 kids.

            Once I complete this business degree, I’m going to take a few more classes to get a degree in political science.

            I’m also going to get an honorary doctorate in religious studies so I can do weddings and counseling.

            I’m constantly wanting to learn different things, its why ive spent the majority of my adult life not only working but also learning.

            I get bored easily and this way I don’t drive my wife nuts with my ADHD and OCD

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            • GP says:

              @all knowing-I believe your post belongs on another thread…BUT that is impressive. It’s borderline unbelievable. There’s only 24 hours in a day. I’m known for being wicked productive, but I never approached that kind of time management. Maybe you’re just smarter than me 🙂

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        • FrankieZee says:

          Trump may go down as the greatest President ever, but I think there is another GREATEST about him that no one is talking about. That GREATNESS is the ability to educate the population about economics and exposing us, to how corrupt and inept our politicians on both sides of the aisle have been to the citizens of the USA.

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        • TreeClimber says:

          General question here to everyone discussing economics/courses:

          Keeping in mind that I’m pretty terrible at math and barely passed algebra by the skin of my teeth, but basic arithmetic is no big deal for me: seeing as I’m very interested in economic theory and am kinda-sorta kicking around the idea of attempting at least a minimum degree in it, and also that I have zero experience with college or any educational institutions, having been homeschooled my whole life…

          What courses/do I want to take/know before getting into trying to acquire any certified economic knowledge?


      • decisiontime16 says:

        “The US last had a trade surplus in 1975.”

        “In 2018, the year that a trade war with China was launched by U.S. President Donald Trump, the U.S. trade deficit in goods reached $891 billion, the largest on record.”

        Our wealth transfer is staggering. We’ve been hemorrhaging money to China. Thank God for President Trump is all I can say. Everything else I’m thinking about these traitors aka globalists isn’t fit to put in writing.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Not disagreeing, I just see it ,..differently.
      I like to keep it simple,…
      This is WW4; WW3 was the ‘cold war’, and while it WAS,fought with bullets, in prixie wars, it was,’won’by Reagan using ECONOMICS.
      Because,Conmunism, regardless of iteration, can NOT compete with capitalism.
      Globalism is just the latest iteration of Conmunism, and China is just the current largest state sponsor.

      With the EU a close second. Economic Security is National Security is a doctrine, a TOOL, or strategy for beating Globalism.

      By forcing Globalism to compete with Capitalism, Economic Nationalism wins.
      Why? See above. Conmunism CAN NOT compete, on a level playing field, with capitalism. Hence, they CHEAT.

      I don’t REALLY care whether someone, or some entity, is a ‘useful idiot’, buying the crap, a “true believer” zealot, a sell out in it for personal aggrandisement, or corrupted or blackmailed, or one of the upper hierarchy elites, that KNOWS the ideology is horse pucky, and its all about power.

      Doesn’t really matter;
      GLOBALIST= The enemy.
      They want to destroy us, and EVERYTHING we believe in. Our country, our religion, our way of life,
      Our very existence. They want to enslave us, ….
      And dat ain’t happenin, folks.

      There is NO ‘Compromise’, no go along to get along, no “I support Trump, but,…
      This is WAR; Existential destroy the enemy, or they destroy us. Either get in this damn foxhole, and start shooting, and passing ammo, or get the HELL out.

      You want to pearl clutch, or divide from within, sewing dissention, being the trator inside the gates, I’ll kill ya in a heartbeat, without hesitation or remorse.
      Take your marquis of queensbury rules, and put them where the,sun don’t shine.
      If I had been Boris Johnson, I WOULD NOT have put my foot on that little table.
      I would have picked that table up, and beat macrons head in, till grey matter leaked out. Cause this is WAR, for survival.
      But,…thats me. I like things,..simple.

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      • A Moderate Man says:

        You are doing it again Dutchman…scaring the heck out of us the readers.


      • deeperinfo says:

        World War 0, the original world wide conflict, is still with us as we continue our fight for survival against the Islamic imperialist.
        Jefferson and Churchill identified the enemy directly/ it is the same one today.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Islamist, Conmunist, Globalist its just variations of flavor, same underling substance.
          Enslavement is the goal.
          Enslavement of the World.

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          • Phil aka Felipe says:

            Right, Freedom or Slavery.

            ** The forces of Marx want to make the government everyone’s God.

            ** The forces of Mohammed want to make their God everyone’s government.

            Note that both “forces” have the siren song of a false ‘God’.

            When the True God is rejected, false Gods fill the void and mankind is ruled by wicked man making himself our to be ‘God’.


            • Dutchman says:

              Yes, many look at the apperent hypocrisy of the unholy alliance of conmunism and islamism.
              They focus on the stark difference in views of LBGTQ vs. ‘Stone them or throw off roof’, and Womans rights/opportunity vs. FGM.

              Instead, if you focus in the SIMILARITIES, instead of the differences, it makes sense.

              BOTH are CONS; hence the ideology is mutable, its not REAL, its just used to fool and unite their respective masses.

              They are both about world domination, and using their mutable ‘phoney’ ideology to con the masses into giving an elite group absolute control.

              And yes, one makes government and technology the God, promising heaven on earth, if only.
              The other expropriates the concept of heaven in the afterlife, to offer the absurd notion that God will give you 72 virgins in heaven, in exchange for doing Satans work, here on earth.

              One wonders how the souls of those 72 virgins feel about that?
              Is their assignment a reward also, or are they doing pennance?


        • Michael Todaro says:

          We were fighting the Barbary Wars during the Jefferson era. For many years, USA was paying 15% of its annual budget to moslem pirates for the privilege of doing business in Europe. Jefferson thought paying the moslems only encouraged more piracy. The merchant class overruled him. (Chamber of Commerce?)
          Moslem pirates were kidnapping American sailors and young white girls as far north as Ireland and well into eastern Europe. All became slaves never seen again. The moslems, to this very day, are still doing it. There are 2,000,000,000 of them worldwide.

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      • Just my kind of guy!

        But then I am a burn it all down kind of gal! 😉

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      • 🍺Gunny66 says:


        You are not scaring me……..And if that is the case, then people need to be scared or when they wake up one morning, we’ll all wake up slaves

        Agree….These people are just like the Radical Muslims that we had weeks of meetings regarding “How to defeat Them”

        We thought some things:

        We said, maybe talking would work..
        Maybe money….
        We could treat them in a Christian way…..

        But…We determined:

        They wanted world domination and would do anything and kill anyone to achieve it
        They would not negotiate
        They would not change:
        They would not quit……ever…

        The decision reached was sobering, but what everyone has known for thousands of years.

        The only cure for them was to eliminate them

        There is no middle ground

        For the Globalists….same….defeat them…..isolate them, build an international economy with bi-lateral trade benefiting each country…….take their money


        They want world domination and would do anything and kill anyone to achieve it
        They will not negotiate
        They will not change:
        They will not quit……ever…

        Our President is fighting the world….

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        • Dutchman says:

          Now YOU, Gunny, can share my foxhole, anytime!
          We would like to just all ‘get along’,…doesn’t matter.
          We, would like to think these are just policy differences and we can work this all out, amicably.
          Doesn’t matter.
          The Islamists is one faction, the Globalist another, joined together in an unholy alliance.

          They want to destroy us. They don’t WANT to compromise, or negotiate.

          We have more in common with the HK protesters, or the yellow vests, or the Nationalists of La Pen, than we do with the likes of George Will, or Pelosi.

          Our President is LEADING the fight for our world, and we are,RIGHT BESIDE HIM, inseperable from him.

          And I agree, some people NEED to be scared; far better scared than dead.

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          • Mom4Trump2020 says:

            Inseparable from him! Yes!

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            • Dutchman says:

              We are now formally at war. Politics stops at the,waters edge. We, the deplorables MUST be as one with PDJT, INSEPERABLE, as his detractors will now go crazy in their attempts to bring him down.

              Hence, no more pearlc clutching, no more patient argueing with Trolls.

              Get in the,foxhole and pass the ammunition, or GTFO. It really IS that simple.

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        • ann says:

          Darn right, Gunny ✅


        • Dixie says:

          They will not quit….ever…..

          neither will we. Not as long as we are still standing…..

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        • VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

          What strikes me about all this is a dull aching sense there’s been a whole lot of good-natured and optimistic folks all over this developed world who honestly believe the end of strife between people and nations is not only possible but a realistic goal.

          Look, I’m allergic to the idea of revisiting any of the mass Carnage of much of the 20th century. I would not want to be the medic attending to a lethal injection execution, much less the governor actually ordering it.

          But maybe that’s where we got it wrong with the whole concept of the, “War to end All Wars”, or the idea of a supposedly United Nations where taking up arms against other nations kind of goes into a polite negative existence. See no evil, hear no evil kind of naivety.

          Because what is to be done, then, in the face of cruel, in your face evil. The kind of evil that drives humans to pilot planeloads of other humans into buildings? Where pre teen girls are found by our border patrol with the semen of a dozen!?! or so men in in her? The news articles of the past few years detailing the day to day operations of Planned Parenthood ‘facilities’?

          Where is the visceral righteous rage seeking only to remove these things from amongst us if not utterly destroy them?

          The rage of even – yes Jesus Himself – taking whips to the corrupt money changers in His Father’s house?

          It’s a lesson I only began to learn decades ago; a young, very naive version of myself standing in front of Check Point Charlie, of the Berlin a few years before that Wall came down. More curious tourist than anything else. Yet wearing the uniform of my Uncle Sam. That’s when I truly began to… Understand.


        • Blue Moon says:

          Great comment. I totally agree.

          I come to this site to learn. There is so much going on in politics and the world that I don’t understand.
          I love the informative comments that that people post here at the CTH.
          Thank all of you for posting insightful information and debating so politely.
          Your thinking may be way above my abilities but many of you write with such clarity that a simpleton like me can learn and reason for myself.

          I also thank you from my heart for supporting President Trump. He has earned my respect and I pray that all conservatives get out and vote for the all important upcoming election.

          My first post here.
          Thanks again folks!

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      • TreeClimber says:

        I’ll stand with you. I like things simple, too.

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        • Dutchman says:

          The old “Kiss” principle; Keep It Simple, Stupid works pretty well.

          So easy to get caught up in all these nuances, and fighting over the meaning of words, and is it neo-marxist, or neo-stalinist, etc.

          I have the enemy, in my sights. I can shoot him, or not. Simple choice.
          Metaphorically speaking, of coarse.

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    • We owe them a few shekels too if I’m not mistaken ?
      We could “forget” not pay them back…. Or do a Whimpy on them till they straighten up and fly right….. ( I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday…..)


  6. Publius2016 says:

    2020 is everything! Tokyo Olympics 2020!!


    anyone else notice NK, China and now, SK joining forces???

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  7. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Dear Globalists,
    New Rules.
    We Win.
    you lose
    Our winning ticket?
    His name is Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.
    To God Be the Glory.

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  8. JoeMeek says:

    “The globalist/corporatist world order”

    Aka Bourbon Dynasty 2.0, aka The Fourth Reich.

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    • ann says:

      Not too different from Napoleon’s Enforcement of a Continental System and it’s repressive bureaucracy and pervasive covert intelligence operation.

      Vested powerholders cling on, and stupidly ratchet up the coercive control rather than concede. It was ever thus.

      This embattled set of degenerate elites portrays common sense & pragmatism as existential threate


  9. Kent says:

    …he’s got them surrounded….

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  10. Goedhart says:

    I never could understand how anybody could sit at a table with a bunch of pompous as*holes through a whole meal without punching one in the side of the head.
    Now I get it, they have them spaced at that table so each person is just out of fist range of the next.
    If we would have done that when I was a kid, it would have saved a lot of black eyes. (Grandma was a little ornery).

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    • TreeClimber says:

      I’ve wondered that myself. How he doesn’t just bop them on the head and walk away. Macron needed his head put through a table earlier.

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      • ann says:

        Macron & Trudeau need to be kitted our w bibs & booster seats.
        And Merkel’s bovine expression, that dead stare, one expects to swipe off drool

        After watching her stolidly imposing a continental invasion, my animus is personal
        I find her repugnant. ugh


    • Michael Todaro says:

      We were fighting the Barbary Wars during the Jefferson era. For many years, USA was paying 15% of its annual budget to moslem pirates for the privilege of doing business in Europe. Jefferson thought paying the moslems only encouraged more piracy. The merchant class overruled him. (Chamber of Commerce?)
      Moslem pirates were kidnapping American sailors and young white girls as far north as Ireland and well into eastern Europe. All became slaves never seen again. The moslems, to this very day, are still doing it. There are 2,000,000,000 of them worldwide.


    • Michael Todaro says:

      No spouses at the table because FLOTUS Melania outshines them all to the point of awkward embarrassment.


  11. sarasotosfan says:

    Was roast duck on the menu?


  12. Containment of China is priority number one! It’s crucial for the USA to forge a historic alliance with Japan at this point.

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  13. jjs says:

    Rankings of top 10 economies. No one at the G7 is even close to the USA!
    United States (GDP: $21,410,230)
    China (GDP: $15,543,710)
    Japan (GDP: $5,362,220)
    Germany (GDP: $4,416,800)
    India (GDP: $3,155,230)
    France (GDP: $3,060,070)
    United Kingdom (GDP: $3,022,580)
    Italy (GDP: $2,261,460)
    Brazil (GDP: $2,256,850)
    Canada (GDP: $1,908,530)

    Liked by 4 people

  14. jeans2nd says:

    Has anyone yet pointed out that our economy is more than the other 6 nations combined?
    Talk about having leverage.
    Swagger On, Mr President, Swagger On.
    We’re Swaggering right behind ya.

    Liked by 7 people

  15. Daniel says:

    The most competent president ever! That cannot be stated enough. We have never had a president with ACTUAL knowledge of the affairs in which he is dealing. What have we seen before? A president who has ideals and a general direction of where he wants the country to go, but always relies on (bad) advisors to implement the details. And while I have no doubt Trump’s advisors are actually running their respective operations, Trump is involved, in communication and he knows how to get things done and probably ends up advising his own advisors much of the time.

    This guy is very smart and very stable and amazingly competent.

    Liked by 19 people

  16. MaineCoon says:

    Trump (thinking): This G7 is a waste of my time. By next year only me, Abe, and Johnson, maybe Macron will attend my G7. I’ll switch things up. Heck. I’ll invite Putin. He isn’t going anywhere. In fact I’ll invite Bolsonaro, Morrison, and all my Asia-Pacific friends too. Then I can get some real work done and show any glbies how it’s done?

    Liked by 9 people

    • Dnaiel M. Camac says:

      MaineC, I like the way you think but I don’t think President Trump thinks the G7 is a waste of time for 3 reasons.
      1) Our President does not waste time. You know what he was accomplished in ~3 years against all odds and that didn’t happen by wasting time. It happened because he is a Leader.
      2) This meeting allows him to gauge the effectiveness of his US policies against our enemies and use that info to modify his next moves.
      3) He gets to “feel” the room. Our President has the unique ability to judge his adversaries
      and somehow know what their next move might be. I’m not saying he’s the “Chosen One”, although he did say that in jest and the enemedianites laughed AND then they published it the next day like it was Scripture!

      Maybe next Chopper Presser he will hold up hands and ask the Father to remove all demons from the press corps….and then they’ll all vaporize.

      Oh well. As our VSGPDJT says,”Complicated Business.”

      Liked by 8 people

      • Bluto Ruffian says:

        …And they they’ll all vaporize!
        That has been happening since the chopper pressers are now the ‘daily press briefing’.
        Gotta love this President!

        Liked by 2 people

  17. sarasotosfan says:

    All those in attendance had to be thinking how much different the table will be next year.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Blind no Longer says:

    I think Macron and Tusk know…..THIS IS FOR ALL THE MARBLES!!!!
    I never thought I would be so interested in trade agreements! Donald J Trump has changed everything! He made an average girl like me, interested in trade…who’d a thunk it!

    Liked by 19 people

  19. Bendix says:

    Colossus astride the globe; that’s our beloved president.

    Liked by 5 people

  20. Mike in a Truck says:

    Think of this. Babies born in 1989 never knew what America was like before it was pillaged and strip mined by the Globalist Bolsheviks. They never knew when America was great. Now they can see what an America First President can do.You ain’t seen nothing yet. Stand by..

    Liked by 19 people

  21. Gary Lacey says:

    America’s EU allies are at the lest untrustworthy and worse, America’s enemy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ezgoer says:

      If it wasn’t for the threat of the Russian bear there would be little to hold the USA-EU nations alliance together. Economically they’re more adversary than friend. The Brits have been corrupted and we’ll see if BoJo can restore them to sanity.

      Liked by 2 people

  22. swimeasy says:

    Thank you Sundance.You were right-again. The motorcade restrictions gave the obedient US press pool cover to pack up and leave, essentially creating a defacto information/photo embargo. The seating chart at that dinner was painfully constructed- POTUS is so far away from Johnson that even mutual eye contact could be monitored. The size of the round table seemed carefully selected as well for the number at the table-impossible to have any dialogue with anyone diagonally across the table without bordering on shouting.

    Each Nationalist has a buffer zone of globalist(s) persuasion, the main threat book ended by a lame duck to one side and ‘optics control in overdrive’ Macron on the other.

    They are still underestimating the stable genius.

    Liked by 10 people

    • Dutchman says:

      Do they REALLY think such infantile actions, like seating chart arrangements are going to keep PDJT from talking to Boris and Abe?

      Its juvenile, but they have been so focused, for so long on optics over substance, that they just can’t NOT think that way.

      Its cerebral circuitry; their brains are wired to actually BELIEVE “Its NOT what HAPPENS that counts, only what is PERCIEVED as happening.


      Liked by 10 people

      • jebg46 says:

        Definitely. Back when Clinton was president, he invented what Rush Limbaugh defined as “Symbolism over Substance “. Clinton could bring on tears on command with his empathy “I feel your pain” act. It was vomit producing behavior.

        Liked by 3 people

        • Dutchman says:

          Yup. Media got into the act, big time as well.
          They are all like the father in Pleasantville, walking through the house, saying “Honey, I’m HOME!,…Wheres my DINNER?

          Like flicking the light switch, over and over, unable to accept that it just doesn’t work, any more.
          Unwilling to realise their view of us as dumb rubes, easily conned, just isn’t accurate.

          And, that they grossly overestimated their own ability to shape opinion.

          Liked by 2 people

    • CTH Fan says:

      It may be my imagination, but from the limited photos I have seen Boris seems a little uncomfortable around POTUS. I wonder if he is afraid that he might offend his globalist buddies if he seems too friendly.

      I saw the press conference with Boris and Macron and I am not exactly sure what Boris meant by the block trading agreement. Is he really going to let the EU control the U.K. trade agreements. It all seems very sketchy to me.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Troublemaker10 says:

    Is everyone ignoring Trudeau here, too? 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  24. David R. Graham says:

    PDJT is not awed by luxury, wealth, sophistication. Rare among mere mortals.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Brian Baker says:

    So what G7 country is Tusk representing?

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Pristach says:

    About 1% of the US population bore the entire brunt of our last three wars, initiated by
    globalist administrations determined to make the case that America cannot manufacture
    Products competitively, or that we must tether ourselves to a service economy.
    Surely, we can all participate and do “our fair share” in this economic reset and Make America Great Again.

    Liked by 4 people

    • underwhelmingposter says:

      It would be especially gratifying if the unions would join the reset effort. All except SEIU. That should go the way of the Air Traffic Controllers during the Reagan years!

      Liked by 4 people

  27. DJT2020 says:

    Australian “reporter” just so happens to “accidentally” run into justin from canada. Totally random folks. Totally random!


  28. teabag14 says:

    Does Merkel (sp?) have a spouse? Wonder how that person is doing? I hate eating meals with people I don’t like/don’t want to spend time with. One has to be truly committed to put up with all this insane BS. Thank you, VSGPDJT. ❤U❤🇺🇸

    Liked by 1 person

    • swissik says:

      Yes, Merkel is married. I once saw a rare photo of him in a Swiss newspaper, he looked kind of mousy. The couple however has no children as most no doubt know already.

      Liked by 1 person

      • teabag14 says:

        Thanks for the info. If he came along it must have been a very interesting evening for him. I have lots of prayers going on for PDJT. 🙏


  29. TradeBait says:

    Amusing to watch play out. PDT is schooling the globalists and enjoying every minute. So comfortable in the environment. This presidency has been one for the ages. Trade reset is well underway and We the People win. The only thing that can make this any better is to perp walk the traitors and seditionists. The future generations need to know what happens to those who would sell out our country.

    Liked by 5 people

  30. WSB says:

    Liked by 3 people

  31. Daniel M. Camac says:

    Just one question for Sundance… photo 5, who’s hand is on OUR President’s shoulder? He better be a member of the President’s security team. If not, we need backup.


  32. k4jjj says:

    When our nation was founded, its founders were businessmen and farmers. Look at the world today. Leaders are almost all professional politicians who have never done ANYTHING constructive in their lives. Our founders did not LIVE off their government work. They were not paid. Donald Trump is cut from the same cloth as our founders and his real-world experience has made a massive difference. Today’s politicians become wealthy through political influence and bribery. They do not create wealth as businessmen. They leech off the productive in our society.

    We should eliminate salaries of politicians and make it illegal for them to gain personally from their political offices.

    Liked by 5 people

  33. AnotherView says:

    Another terrific analysis, Sundance

    Liked by 2 people

  34. wouldifhecould says:

    Why do I see 8 at G7


  35. Monadnock says:

    (Please pardon that first run-on sentence – it’s been a LONG day…)

    Something we must remember (while educating our fellow citizens) is while the reasons for the elite/establishment to hate PDJT are numerous, I believe the one that has them shaking in their shoes is the fact that the President is accomplishing so many positive things for America that one has no alternative but to conclude that the reason nothing in the country ever got solved is not because solutions are impossible, but rather that solutions are not their desired outcome. We have been and continue being used.

    Going forward in years to come, the example set by PDJT will be THE reference point against which all future US governments are judged. Failure to resolve supposedly impossible issues will no longer be tolerated. Future govts will either produce genuine solutions to “difficult” issues, or be voted out (or removed) post haste.

    Liked by 3 people

  36. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    “Not coincidentally both Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Trump hold the highest domestic approval ratings amid the group of seven nations. Huh, funny that“

    Funny that indeed…..

    Liked by 4 people

  37. spoogels says:

    Josh Dawsey

    US officials say Macron surprised Trump at hotel. US is expressing frustration that much of G7 is about climate change, Africa development, gender inequality and other issues they see as “niche,” in words of one senior admin official, and that French won’t accept US edits.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dixie says:

      climate change; Africa development; gender inequality……

      So…..the French couldn’t find anything important to talk about?

      Liked by 1 person

      • yy4u says:

        Let Africans handle Africa’s own development. It is demeaning for Africans to always have to be “helped” by Europeans (the ones who colonized them in the first place). Gender equality? Where? The Middle East? Afghanistan? Iran? Good luck with that. Their religion gives women second class status! Climate change? Bogus. Just a way to destroy the middle class. Can’t have a functioning feudal society if you have a middle class. The lords in the 15th c knew that and the Soviets in the 20th century knew that. Climate change is a way to return to the default of humanity — a small rich/elite/royal/noble class that rules over a large powerless serf (working) class. No middle class to speak of. The middle class tends to stick its nose into the business of governing. the serfs just try to survive.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Allard Otten says:

      “US officials say Macron surprised Trump at hotel”

      I would think that would be a big SS issue. How long would it take to clear that venue?

      If it happens again it would be a good reason to pack up and leave. The G7 agenda is just a virtue signalling fest at this point anyway, playing to EU snobbery and attempting to paint POTUS as misguided on climate and as a racist for not being interested in African progress. EU is a pretty sanctimonious lot in my experience. EU bigs have nothing to bring to the table economically, so they have to put on airs to show the plebes they’re all big and stuff and can rub elbows with the big boys.


    • littleanniefannie says:

      Viva merde de taureau


  38. Rynn69 says:

    Excellent summary here by Sundance.

    “The nationalists (Trump, Abe) with strong economies; and the globalists (Macron, Merkel, Trudeau and Tusk) with ever-weakening economies; and the fence sitters (Johnson and Conte) who are being literally forced, against their preferred outlook – by their respective populations, out of the globalist world and into a populist/nationalist economy.
    Quite a dynamic.”

    SD’s MAGAnomic posts are the best posts. 🙂


  39. curator55 says:

    sundance–“The EU’s only North American ideological ally, Justin from Canada, is essentially useless. Trudeau has used his political self-identification to hurt his own citizens economically…”

    PM’s Johnson and Trudeau will have to negotiate a new trade agreement due to the Brexit exit. I wonder if Justin will have to ask the UK’s Labor Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn for permission to begin talks and then instructions on if he should ratify the deal or not if it is negotiated like he allegedly did with the USMCA and Pelosi?

    Check out Justin’s special G7 Summit socks and tie combo below:


  40. scrap1ron says:

    They must have given Macaroni a booster seat at the round table to make him appear taller.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Doug Amos says:

    Outstanding work! In the end, it always comes down to people. 3 despicable rats, 1 loose cannon, 1 ornament and only 2 there who deserve our trust. 1 of them has changed the world and brought truth to those who will listen, President Trump. The election of this brilliant man by a nation drenched in corruption, by good people who knew there had to be a better way was the most significant event in the history of the world. He has given us a chance where there was none; we must help him.


  42. Great first big press announcement. Bilateral trade agreement between US and Japan.

    This should set the tone for the rest of the G7. Direction of G7 is now Bilateral trade deals BETWEEN NATIONS.

    This also blows out Macron’s surprise lunch with PDJT. 🖕🏻Global governance.


  43. Maria makes first response on US/Japan trade deal. Says this trade deal strengthens US position against China. Adds allies in “Trade War.” Also predicts PDJT and PM Boris Johnson will announce a Trade Deal.

    Maria B. gets it! She is on fire 🔥. Gonna have to watch her show later.


  44. ed357 says:

    Trump45 should have asked Tusk….why the hell he’s there…

    Last time I checked the G-7 was France, Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States…..

    I think the unelected EU overseers and their globalism needs to be kicked out of the G-7 meeting.


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