Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Resigns After Pressure from Nationalist Matteo Salvini…

Italy is one of the key economies within the EU. In the past several years, driven by both economic challenges and unfettered immigration challenges, the populist revolt has gained ground. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, a nationalist-minded politician, has won the hearts of Italian voters.  Matteo Salvini is a proud Italian populist.

Several months ago Matteo Salvini challenged current Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to hold a snap election; and followed-up with continued pressure on the Italian government by advancing populist positions of economic patriotism, sovereignty and tougher immigration rules.

Amid a revolt against globalism writ large, it was not accidental that Nancy Pelosi traveled to Italy recently with a coalition of U.S. leftist politicians to organize a strategy to fend-off Salvini and assist Prime Minister Conte. Pelosi is an opportunist. Part of the plan for Conte to hold power was a shift within his party (Five Star Movement or 5sM) to form an alliance with the Italian left-wing Democratic Party (Pelosi’s ideological allies).

To pull off their plan, Conte and the Democratic Party would align; Conte would then resign and hold the snap election where 5sM and the far-left Democratic party would re-elect him. This approach would strategically counter the 36 percent of support currently held by Matteo Salvini (the League). Today Giuseppe Conte resigned.

(Wall Street Journal) […] Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced his resignation in a speech to the Senate on Tuesday, blaming far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for causing a political crisis as Italy looks to draw up a challenging budget to keep its parlous finances on track.

[…] Leaders of 5 Star are exploring the only plausible alternative to snap elections the League would likely win: a new coalition government with their longstanding foes, the mainstream center-left Democratic Party. Talks in coming days could show whether such a coalition is possible or early elections are needed.

Italy’s power struggle is a symptom of Europe’s continuing political upheaval after a decade of crises including the economic depression in the periphery of the eurozone and the pressures of rising immigration from poor and war-torn parts of Africa and the Middle East.

[…] The political upheaval has gone further in Italy than in most other EU countries. In March 2018 elections, Italy’s mainstream parties suffered a heavy defeat. In a country tired of economic stagnation and ineffectual political incumbents, one in three Italians backed 5 Star, while the League won 17% of the vote. Since then, however, 5 Star has struggled in government and its support has halved, while Mr. Salvini’s tough stance on immigration has helped double support for the League.

If Italy holds early elections, Mr. Salvini could become the first leader of a major EU nation who comes from a self-described populist party to the right of Europe’s mainstream conservatives. Mr. Salvini, an avowed admirer of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has challenged the EU’s rules on fiscal discipline, accusing Germany and France of hypocritically breaking the rules while imposing austerity on Italy. Some League officials have advocated Italy’s exit from the euro, although Mr. Salvini says it isn’t on his agenda. (read more)


In the background of all of this we have: (1) Italy’s involvement in “spygate” and the U.S. intelligence operations in/around Joseph Mifsud (Malta).  (2) The pending Brexit at the end of October, a threat to Pelosi’s ideological group.  (3) The possible defeat of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, another threat to Pelosi’s ideological group; and (4) the economics of Trump’s trade strategy, more threats to Pelosi’s scheme team.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is traveling the world in an attempt to block rising nationalism, and the consequences of economic trade deals therein, wherever possible.  Her domestic political interests in the 2020 election are predicated on stopping the deglobalization process underway by President Trump.

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199 Responses to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Resigns After Pressure from Nationalist Matteo Salvini…

  1. MD says:

    I bet their using military aircraft to go on these trips. Trump should do just like he did during the shutdown. Tell them, “Seeing as you have not passed or voted on any legislation to help the hard working tax payers, I see NO reason that they should pay for you to travel all around the world!” Request for government military travel DENIED!!!

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      If they are traveling to foreign countries to plot against American interests, they should have to do it on their own time and dime. And why do they get a six-week vacay and be allowed to travel anywhere but to their home district anyway?

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    • Allard Otten says:

      Pretense of Pelosi Italy trip was to talk with Africom, Based in Vincenza. Vicenza is a quick shot by car west of Venice. They take a mil flight to Aviano, a quick shot North of Venice, then put the families up in Venice to sightsee while they make do the figurehead meeting with the military and backroom meetings with their political interests. That’s my take.

      She did the same thing in the spring on the trip to Brussels. Took a mil flight but had to land in Brussels to re-fuel per official statement. Problem is, Brussels is basically on the glide path to Ramstein. My guess is 1/2 hour flight time. They ended up going to a EU meeting in Aachen that time. Aachen is a quick autobahn shot from Brussels, but a nightmare car ride from Ramstein, which is out in the sticks. No sightseeing opportunities in the Ramstein / K-Town area, either. It’s more known as a hiking spot (Palatinate Forest).

      Yeah, it’s a scam from my point of view.

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  2. helix35 says:

    So, Conte was colluding with the Americans.

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  3. BobBoxBody says:

    This isn’t going to go the way they’re hoping. Salvini is LOVED in Italy. I think he’ll have a much easier time galvanizing more soft support for his side than Conte’s coalition will.

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    • GB Bari says:

      The relatively brief WSJ article (I finally read all of it tonight in my stock market app where it’s NOT behind the WSJ paywall) doesn’t give us much feel for in-country opinions or attitudes for or against either Conte or Salvini. As such we have little information other than some high level political observations by the news service.


  4. calbear84 says:

    Remember when they were telling us that women voted for Trump because their husbands TOLD them to? That has to go on the short list of most idiotic statements ever!

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  5. jebg46 says:

    Don’t forget Canada and sparkle socks.


  6. Sammy Hains says:

    Hopefully Boris Johnson can get Salvini to do him a favor and veto any extension of Brexit if the treasonous Remainers try to block England from leaving the EU yet again.

    Any extension to the Brexit deadline can be blocked by just a single EU member.

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    • Michael Kunz says:

      Bojo will do what he always does, follow his ego, Merkel giving him the works was a majestic example of how to play a trout, the juciest looking morsel in your fly box, and the odd slow tweak. He’s different to May, but little better.


  7. Zorro says:

    A couple of things. Didn’t Obamboozler take a trip to Italy recently? There are stories out there that Italian deep state was used to try to hack and plant files (said to be Clinton emails) on US servers that our corrupt FBI would tie to Trump.

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  8. Gary Lacey says:

    It certainly appears the EU is crumbling.

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  9. The European Union is like a monolith. It’s outward appearance is one of sophistication and great riches. In truth, Germany is the only nation within the E.U. with the determination and discipline to keep it going. Now that Germany’s economic engine is sputtering, the twenty or so nations who depend on “handouts” especially Greece, Italy and Spain will soon panic and the monolith will be exposed as having “feet of clay.” The British are trying to extricate themselves from the coming collapse but it may be too late.

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    • julian says:

      it is the opposite.

      with austerity and money of souther european countries, germany and france saved their own destroyed banks. inform yourself.


    • alegenoa says:

      actually Italy has always been a net giver to the EU: imagine losing tens of billions through the years while being bossed around, while at the same time other struggling countries get handouts and close the gap.


  10. LBB says:

    Update, Conte back in .

    Snip (CNBC/Reuters)

    “Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was given a mandate to form a new government Thursday, as the opposition Democratic Party (PD) set aside its differences with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) to create a left-leaning coalition.

    Conte announced his intention to resign last week after a rocky power-sharing agreement between M5S and the right-wing Lega fractured. But following consultations with Italian President Sergio Mattarella, M5S came to a new arrangement with PD on Wednesday evening. On Thursday morning, Mattarella met with Conte and handed him a fresh mandate to form a government, which Conte accepted, and which will allow him to stay on as Italian leader.

    “In the coming days I will return to the president of the republic … and submit my proposals for ministers,” he said Thursday, according to Reuters.”


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