Canadian Economy Loses 69,300 Private Sector Jobs in July – Unemployment Rate Increased to 5.7%…

After reviewing the unexpected resignation of Canadian Ambassador to the United States, David MacNaughton, several aspects of the U.S-Canada economic relationship; and the larger political ideological relationship between the far-left in both countries; begins to take a sharper focus.

Justin from Canada has acquiesced to the influence of democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and agreed to postpone any USMCA ratification vote in Parliament until Pelosi gives Justin her approval.  For political purposes, Speaker Pelosi is attempting to stall the USMCA vote in congress, which directly supports China, as long as possible.

When we first reviewed this political quid-pro-quo, we wondered if Justin from Canada was actually willing to hurt his own economy just to assist the political efforts of U.S. democrats.  Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding yes.

OTTAWA—Canada’s unemployment rate rose in July as the economy unexpectedly shed jobs for a second straight month, fueling speculation over a possible Bank of Canada rate cut later this year.

The Canadian economy lost a net 24,200 jobs in July on a seasonally adjusted basis, Statistics Canada said Friday. Market expectations were for a net job increase of 12,500.

Canada’s jobless rate rose to 5.7% in July, up from 5.5% in the previous month. Market expectations were for the jobless rate to remain unchanged at 5.5%

[…] The July jobs report showed the number of part-time jobs declined by 12,600 in July and full-time positions fell by 11,600. The private sector dropped 69,300 jobs, while the public sector added 17,500. (read more)

In relative terms based on the scale of the economy, the loss of 69,300 Canadian private sector jobs, is the equivalent of 700,000 private sector jobs being lost in the United States in a single month.  The scale of the negative economic impact from Justin’s politically motivated economic decision-making is simply stunning.

Meanwhile the growth in both jobs and blue collar wealth/wages amid Main Street USA is booming.  In the same month Canada lost 24,000 jobs, the U.S. gained 164,000 jobs.

Flashback 2017:

The May 1–7, 2017, issue of Bloomberg Businessweek — featuring a picture of Trudeau headlined “The Anti-Trump” — caught President Trump’s attention, according to 4 sources with direct knowledge. Trump tore the cover off the magazine and wrote on it, in silver Sharpie, something to the effect of “Looking good! Hope it’s not true!” according to these sources.  (read more)

In the opaque background of this dynamic, the fingerprints remain visible.


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200 Responses to Canadian Economy Loses 69,300 Private Sector Jobs in July – Unemployment Rate Increased to 5.7%…

  1. WethePeopleHandbook says:

    This is so sad. Over 125 comments and only two (2)!!! mentioned the only Rule Book we need to be concerned with…the Constitution…especially when it works in our favor. It always does if we just would learn it and acknowledge it.

    The Constitution does not provide any authority for the federal government to have “agreements” with foreign countries, only Treaties; and then that involves only the Senate’s ratification. Pelosi would not be involved. If We (and our elected officials) knew more about the Constitution as intended, life would be so much more simpler.

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    • trump20162024 says:

      Why isn’t piglosi charged with violating the Logan Act?
      . .
      “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”


      • Elizabeth Russon says:

        Not the first time. She was over in the UK consulting with Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Official Opposition Labour Party. If you don’t believe these parties are actually international, then you need to do more research.


  2. GGHD says:

    2015 [Figure CAN.1 Canada: U.S. cross-border exports of private services, by sector, 2011—15 (~>million $)]
    Sector……………………………………………………. Value Share
    Distribution services………………………………… 2,957 5%
    Electronic services………………………………….. 5,081 9%
    Financial services…………………………………… 8,059 14%
    Travel services……………………………………….. 22,684 40%
    Charges for the Use of Intellectual Property.. 6,344 11%
    Professional services………………………………. 9,096 16%
    All other sectors……………………………………… 1,862 3%
    Total……………………………………………………… 56,083 100%

    Sales of services in Canada by majority U.S.-owned affiliates were $117.2 billion in 2016 (latest data available), while sales of services in the United States by majority Canada-owned firms were $108.5 billion.

    [From the office of the = United States Trade Representative (US Government)]
    Posted, because I >still do NOT understand the concept of an International Trade in Services. ,,, Travel Services (40%) must refer to the tourist-businesses. ,,, The USA was headed for a ‘service’ economy until, Trump said, ‘Bring the good manufacturing jobs back to the USA.’

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    • 3kidmama says:

      I wonder if “Travel Services” might also include medical tourism? I see a group of cardiologists in a city 5hrs from the Canadian border. The waiting room ALWAYS has Canadians waiting to see these doctors. My pacemaker nurses have been telling me for the past 20+yrs that they often get Canadian patients who are diagnosed with heart disease in Canada, and put on a many months long waiting list for their pacemakers. So the Canadieans will drive the 5hrs and come to the Emergency room in this city hospital. they get admitted right away and within 24hrs get the pacemakers or defibrillators (or other heart surgeries/tests) they need. They then return to Canada for their ongoing routine care. My heart nurses think the government of Canada must reimburse the US for their medical care?


      • rayvandune says:

        These are wealthy Canadians who can pay cash. The single-tier healthcare system of Canada is a lie. If you can afford to, you simply jump out of the system, pay for and get your care almost immediately in the US, and jump back in. If you are not wealthy, you go on a list, and wait, typically a lot longer than in the US. I have extended family in both countries, and I know.


      • rayvandune says:

        These are wealthy Canadians who can pay cash. The single-tier healthcare system of Canada is a lie. If you can afford to, you simply jump out of the system, pay for and get your care almost immediately in the US, and jump back in. If you are not wealthy, you go on a list, and wait, typically a lot longer than in the US. I have extended family in both countries, and I know.


  3. sDee says:

    America has always stood as the greatest obstacle to global governance.

    Canada, China – any nation, culture or people are acceptable losses to that end.

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  4. TradeBait says:

    If Canadians want Justine as their leader, they can kiss their arses goodbye. I would be embarrassed beyond belief if he was my head of state. The rest of the world has figured out that nationalist populism is the way to restore prosperity to their citizens. Even those opposed to it know it works the best, which is why they adamantly fight it so hard.

    People amaze me, more than half never even consider the motives of the people who want to lead and control them. Just mindless “give me my stuff” sheep. Rise up off the mat, Canada. Get with the program and get to work. The generations that follow are depending on you. By electing wannabes like Justine you are sticking it to your own families and friends.

    No USMCA means no trade agreements with Canada because NAFTA is dead no matter what. We have the basis for a bi-lateral with Mexico already in operation. Might mean we have to build wall on the northern border, but that’s OK. I’m sure the Corp of Engineers, steel mills and construction industry won’t mind.

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  5. Suzanne says:

    Good morning Sundance et al. Anything from Manny on this?


  6. justafly says:

    Will we need a Northern wall soon? ha-ha


  7. I am Canadian and Justin is an embarrassment to many of us. I hope and pray he is voted out in the next election. But the press in Canada is only too happy to overlook his stupidity and sound the anti-Trump rhetoric like good sheep. God help us.

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    • scottmc37 says:

      Well, you know the press is being paid off to do that, and the CBC depends 100% on Govt funding and mandate… If the press is negative(honest) about Sock boy they dont get their Govt payment


    • Frank says:

      I see comments like yours all the time, but never any praise for the Trudeau administration. That tells me that you’re almost certain to get somebody better this October, as long as you get out there and vote to Make Canada Great Again!

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      • I hope so. But people around me say they can’t vote Conservative because they fear Scheer, the leader. The CBC and the press have done all they can to make Justin’s opponent a boogeyman. Scheer is married, with children, and a good Christian. Sound the alarms! He will ruin Canada!


  8. MILupper says:

    The pic of Justine and Ozero was perfect. An empty restaurant. All those newly unemployed Canadians can no longer afford to eat out.

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  9. Scott Lyddon says:

    Reminder: Justin from Canada has an election to worry about on October 21st. He may need to go against Pelosi and implement USMCA to keep his job.

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  10. mostlyogauge says:

    Why does/is the House of Representatives have any involvement with the USMCA? I thought all trade agreements were ratified only by the Senate? Looking for enlightenment.

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  11. Donzo says:

    “While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has seen his popularity dip among voters in recent weeks (thanks to a cringeworthy trip to India, fashionwise), the politician continues to be a sock style trendmaker.”

    Looks like Justine from Canada has staked out a life after PM.

    Folks this hilarious article from Footwear News is a must read. And while you’re at it check it this one:

    “I have to be honest here… Even if we could make our product in Canada, we probably still wouldn’t. We have gotten to know the people who make our socks. They are small business owners. They have families and employees to support and you know what? They make incredible socks. Why would we stop supporting them?”

    That’s the closing argument for why Friday Sock Co. makes their socks in Italy.

    Canada should hang their “Out to Lunch” sign next time a factory goes belly up, which is sometime this afternoon.

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  12. Jlwary says:

    What a damn shame.


  13. Moe Grimm says:

    And heard this a.m. on the way in that Chase Bank is exiting the credit card mkt. in canada. With this? All standing debt (credit card balances) they’re forgiving on their way out.


  14. Pokey says:

    About every 10 years the Canadian people make another near fatal lurch to the left. Electing Trudeau was as serious mistake and I think most Canadians know it. I think Trudeau is toast, but we also have to remember that a large percentage of the Canadian population descend from supporters of the English crown during our Revolutionary War and migrated to Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces at that time. The distrust of the US has been passed down through the generations and survives even today. These are voters that are conditioned to vote for whatever the people of the USA seem to oppose. We should ignore Canada completely and let them see what is in their own best interest. They normally get it right after electoral failures like Trudeau.

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    • JeffP says:

      Thanks for the warning about the Truly Stupid that live in Canada. Good to know. Appreciate it much!


    • Wayne Robinson says:

      What a load of horse shit . The man i consider my dad , was a french Canadian born 1920 in Edmondton Canada. He joined up at beginning of ww2 . Found success as hard charging infantry rifleman .when Pearl was bombed he was transferred to US army . When his hitch was up he enlisted in US Marines. He. Reuped until he was forced to retire in 65 . He had more awards and ribbons than just about anyone . He is buried at Riverside national twenty five yards from medal of honor monument . I took my 45 year old son down two months ago for us to renew his monument . I made him promise me to tend to it one more time after i pass . Thank God for Joe / without his influence i do not think i would have come through . I retired with two pensions in 05 ssi and ironworkers pension . On my dads DD214 it says he became a citizen and also as a young man in Canada he was a steel worker / this actually means he was an Ironworker but probably not a union member . I am eternally grateful to God for putting Joe into my life . Can any good thing come out of Canada ? Well it has before in my life


      • Pokey says:

        Since when was Edmonton part of an Atlantic Province or part of Ontario? I lived in Calgary in the 1980s and I have seen the voting pattern I poorly described in my post play out several times. Sorry for somehow offending you.


  15. As in the words of Barack the Terrible. “This is the new norm. Get used to it.”


  16. JeffP says:

    Are you @#$%^&* Canadians going to Remove this Moron and stop him from utterly Destroying YOUR NATION????? The last name Kennedy comes to mind.
    Just wondering….You cannot say America has not had it happen on more than 1 occasion….just saying.


  17. MaineCoon says:

    Instantly, the Bloomberg Trudeau picture brough Castro to mind, again.


  18. Bugsdaddy says:

    Heh, heh, heh……”Unexpectedly”!!!!


  19. Doug Amos says:

    According to Canadian media the economy has never been stronger, the unemployment rate, never lower. The opposition is unelectable, led by someone who keeps reassuring voters he is not President trump; in that, he is correct. There is no change coming to Canada other than those who believe in climate change which is now climbing to 9 out of 10 and 100% with those who have the public forum. Today, Epstein could not make the front page and will not unless another Squeaky comes forward to accuse the American President.


  20. Benedict Comey says:

    Justin sparkle socks has a thing for older women. Clearly senile yet still in denial San Fran Nan is pulling zit’s strings. Sucks to be Canadian right now …


  21. Lunatic Loops says:

    Phukk you Canadian scum.


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