Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses GDP Release, USMCA, China Trade and U.S. Tariffs…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appears with Charles Payne to discuss the latest economic data and the Q2 GDP release.  Within the interview Secretary Ross explains the information behind the data; the status of the USMCA and Pelosi’s motives to delay ratification; the baseline for the U.S-China trade discussions, and the position of the administration to advance the economic interests of the U.S. above all others.

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30 Responses to Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses GDP Release, USMCA, China Trade and U.S. Tariffs…

  1. Sentient says:

    This guy must be besieged with women. Cool as a cucumber.

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  2. JC says:

    Who knew economic news and numbers could be so engrossing, but there they are in all their glory. Could listen to Secretary Wilburine Ross all day long.

    Poor Lilliputian Dems scurrying around swatting at gnats… they never had a chance.

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  3. Cheetah says:

    I loved the not so subtle shot across the bough at the Democrats if they don’t pass the USMCA this year. They are in a can’t win situation. If they pass it, then it is a major, major victory for our President as well as the economy. But if they don’t pass it, it becomes a major campaign issue which will be indefensible.

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  4. “Well, the enemy keeps postponing when the recession’s going to come. They’re dying to have a recession. They can’t bear going into next year’s election with the economy the way that it is. But you get USMCA through, that’s a half a point, or there abouts, on the economy. It’s 180,000 jobs…”

    I don’t recall ever having been amused, let alone enthralled, with the comments of previous Secretaries of Commerce, but this 81 y.o. man speaks in sound bites of brilliance. He brings information to a level so that high school kids can understand his remarks.

    He’s exceptional in many different ways, and we’re fortunate that he and PDJT crossed paths, all those years ago.

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    • Damn you, WordPress!! I did NOT “like” my own comment, despite it showing that.

      I read about some people here at TCTH who aren’t able to ‘like’ a comment; but I have the exact opposite problem. On occasion, WordPress arbitrarily and capriciously chooses my ‘likes’ and marks them for me. Many years ago, I used to be able to ‘undo’ likes, in the same manner that one can undo a ‘like’ on Twitter. However, for the past couple of years or so, WordPress doesn’t let me do that.

      So again, I apologize. I didn’t intentionally ‘like’ that comment.


    • MaineCoon says:

      I thought Secy Ross’ comment was spot on! I have learned quite a lot from him and thoroughly enjoy every interview. I vry much appreciate that he and the other wolverines will even work in the quagmire of DC. His public service is greatly appreciate. Like President Trump he gave up a luxurious life to serve our country with very little to personally gain that he doesn’t alread have. Very admirable.

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  5. Mike in a Truck says:

    Of all the vile evil things the left has,does and continues to do, none is worse( except for pedos) than wishing and praying ( to Satan) for a bad U.S. economy. The sadder they are the happier I am.

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  6. rashomon says:

    Pundits from both sides criticize PDJT’s hiring of Ross, the epitome of Rothschild/Wall Street/NWO Banksters. Who, pray tell, would you prefer to have disassembling and redirecting this Global franchise than one who has been a critical player over the years? Wilbur the Wolverine seems to be dedicated to — and enjoying — the task assigned and, to date, has kept the buggy on the road, no matter how bumpy, barricaded or detoured.

    No complaints here.

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  7. scrap1ron says:

    If the Democrat rats don’t ratify USMCA then our trade agreements revert back to pre-NAFTA status, correct?

    If so, sounds like heads we win, tails you lose.

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  8. Pa Hermit says:

    Where does Trump find these people and the rest of the pols have no clue?


    • GB Bari says:


      President Trump chooses people based on proven performance (merit).

      The rest of the politicians choose people based on ideology and connections.

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    • GGHD says:

      CB Bari has it right!

      If I was a >Late-Night radio host, I’d say, ‘There’s a conspiracy among the people with huge brain craniums working within the Trump economic team. [Charlie Payne (in this video) of Fox Business News must be a Ringleader.] … +See the photographs of Kudlow, Ross, Mnuchin, Navarro, and Lighthizer.


    • Wilbur Ross was the Senior Managing Director of Rothschild, Inc. in the1980s, when PDJT’s Atlantic City casinos were in financial distress and facing foreclosure.

      Ross represented the shareholders, but he encouraged them to agree to terms that allowed DJT to retain control over the casinos. PDJT was appreciative, and was also impressed with Ross’ sagacity.

      Ross showed faith in DJT when it wasn’t a popular position to hold. Ultimately, the decision to allow DJT proved wiser than driving the casinos into bankruptcy and a judge-appointed Special Master, who would not be as knowledgeable about the casinos’ operations as DJT.

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  9. Maquis says:

    President Trump has clearly been assembling the Knights of his Round Table for a very long time.
    I love his Killers!

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    • rashomon says:

      I know what you mean by “killers”. but to differentiate him from previous presidents, he holds no interest in dropping a bomb or using the military to depopulate. Rather, his Knights of the Round Table, even Bolton now, are challenged to out-think, out-maneuver those who would do our nation harm. The Brzezinski/Kissinger types are not welcome. (Why were they ever consulted in the first place, much less their tactics used?)

      Could this be called killing one softly?


      • Maquis says:

        Perhaps. PDJT referred to his Killers in the campaign, so I honor that descriptor here, though I don’t use it often for likely the same reasons you might not. I didn’t even know men like this existed, let alone imagine anyone could create such a team.
        I like Sundance’s Wolverines best, they tear things up but good.

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        • rashomon says:

          I’m just joshing ya, Maquis. I used your comment to point out that this president, when all is said and done with rhetoric, shuns physical violence in favor of diplomatic negotiations, no matter how difficult a path. Warfare (and lawfare have become easy ways out for those who sit in Ivory Towers, Brussels’ black-wIndowed highrises and that Land of Oz in D.C.


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