NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Dinner Table Convo With Chinese Delegation…

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow discusses some of the key specifics within the dinner table conversation between President Trump and Chairman Xi.  [*note* at the very end of this briefing, Kudlow is asked about the German auto visit tomorrow]

President Trump has been brutally consistent for more than three decades on his intent and purpose with the Chinese.  President Trump is the first U.S. President to understand how the red dragon hides behind the panda mask.  Additionally, while carrying out the objectives of the confrontation, Secretary Mnuchin, Secretary Ross, Ambassador Lighthizer and adviser Navarro are well aware of Beijing’s panda mask; POTUS Trump will never let them forget about it.


With a full quarter of trade data to analyze the impacts, the Chinese tariff results are now measurable.  A multinational group studying the outcome (full pdf), identified that approximately 4.5% of the current tariff impact is being carried by American consumers.  The overwhelming cost of the tariff is being paid (20.5% absorbed) by Chinese producers.

There is no doubt in my mind that President Trump has a very well thought out long-term strategy regarding China. President Trump takes strategic messaging toward the people of China very importantly. President Trump has, very publicly, complimented the friendship he feels toward President Xi Jinping; and praises Chairman Xi for his character, strength and purposeful leadership. Trump knows how to play their panda/dragon games.

In June and July last year it became obvious President Trump was going to initiate a full-frontal geopolitical confrontation with China based on their ambitions for economic conquest.  We labeled the confrontation: Eagle -vs- Red Dragon.

Specifically around: intellectual property theft; massive U.S. trade imbalances; imposed tariffs, and ridiculous non-tariff barriers put in place by China, we anticipated the conflict would eventually force Beijing to drop the Panda mask and expose their economic intentions.  Additionally there was clarity within President Trump’s approach for any observer who was willing to accept the history of Mr. Trump’s views on the larger issues. In short, POTUS Trump will not back down.

In March of 2018 U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer completed a section 301 review of China’s trade practices.  [SEE HERE] Section 301 of the U.S. Trade Act of 1974 authorizes the President to take all appropriate action, including retaliation, to obtain the removal of any act, policy, or practice of a foreign government that violates an international trade agreement or is unjustified, unreasonable, or discriminatory, and that burdens or restricts U.S. commerce.  However, as talks with China progressed, President Trump shelved the 301 action to see where negotiations would end-up.

Due to the severity of communist ideology, and the intransigence of China to make any modification to their global economic plans, Chairman Xi Jinping made the strategic decision to elevate the confrontation in full Red Dragon mode.  The May and June, 2018, negotiations between the U.S. and China provided no progress.  The 301 review of China was pulled back off the shelf in August 2018, and President Trump began executing his trade-war strategy.

When President Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced tariffs on Steel and Aluminum, in combination with Round #1 tariffs on imported Chinese products, the Wall Street financial media went bananas with dire predictions of inflation.

However, in September, October and November the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) released the August and Sept measures of inflation in consumer goods.  Despite the doom-and-gloom predictions from the self-interested multinationals, the inflation rate is still below 0.2% the same result as July ’18.  Core inflation, which excludes volatile energy and food components, is hovering between 0.1% and 0.2% overall.

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 250,000 in October, following an average monthly gain of 211,000 over the prior 12 months. In October, job growth occurred in health care, in manufacturing, in construction, and in transportation and warehousing. (See table B-1.)

Low inflation; expanding employment opportunity; low unemployment; and rising wages.

These measures all have a cumulative impact on paycheck-to-paycheck Americans.  Prices for durable goods are stable and wage growth is exceeding inflation.  That means more disposable income in the middle-class…. which, when combined with the increased pay from lower middle-class tax rates, is exactly the intended outcome of MAGAnomics.

This creates a situation where the U.S. consumer can fuel the the U.S. economy while President Trump, Secretary Ross, Secretary Mnuchin and Ambassador Robert Lighthizer utilize the leverage within tariffs, to negotiate better America-First trade deals.

President Trump’s economic policy cabinet is the most effective group of individuals every assembled in modern U.S. history; arguably in all of U.S. history.   The economic policy plans are working exactly as projected; and, in combination with the domestic economic strength, this empowers President Trump’s international engagements with a stunning amount of influence and leverage.

Economic Security is National Security.  We are seeing this multidimensional truth being carried out for the first time in our lifetimes, thanks to a blue-collar billionaire.


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47 Responses to NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Dinner Table Convo With Chinese Delegation…

  1. That Kudlow koala graphic makes me laugh every single time I see it.

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    • Teddy Blanchard says:

      All good! But:
      1 I need a wall
      2 I need DOJ indictments

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      • Kenji says:

        Me too! And an end to birthright citizenship and chain migration. Now!

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        • G. Alistar says:

          Ok you guys. IF you get the wall, the indictments and and end to birthright citizenship and chain migration, will you then say you are tired of winning? p.s., then what will Trump have to do from 2020-2024?

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          • Retired EE says:

            Are you kidding? There has been no end of damage done by Obo and the DeMocRats (also GOPe)! There is a lot that needs to be done and no end of possibilities remaining for 2020-2024!

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          • Maquis says:

            Make the Moon Great Again and get us to Mars and mining the Asteroid Belt!

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          • platoriusnepos says:

            Trump can turn his eye to our colleges and schools for more winning. Education has become the indoctrination of our young minds with left wing socialist propaganda. If colleges and universities are non profits then might they be challenged for their deliberate attempt to shut out conservative and republican views while supporting far left, liberal democrat ideology? Seems to me there ought to be a way to reexamine their tax status with respect to the politically enforced ideology. Just a thought…always focused on the money.

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            • Mia C says:

              I agree. It’s unfair. They discriminate against you for degrees, jobs and more at universities all for being a Conservative. Why are we letting this outright discrimination happen with tax payer funding for all the students via loans and the universities themselves? It’s something we MUST address.


      • G. Combs says:

        “All good! But:
        1 I need a wall….”

        …Giving them the rope to hang themselves….

        President Trump does not attack a problem head on. He takes the lumps out. He uses Sun Tzu, The Art of War

        “O divine art of subtlety and secrecy!
        Through you we learn to be invisible,
        through you inaudible,
        and hence we can hold the enemy’s fate in our hands.”

        President Trump tried the straightforward method of getting a wall and the ReBOOBlicans blocked him. So now he is going to take on the deeper problem and correct not just the lack of a wall but the forces BEHIND mass migration.

        NAFTA was one of those forces SEE: Small Farmers And The Doha Round: Lessons From Mexico’s NAFTA Experience NAFTA banckrupted 75% or more of Mexico’s small farmers BUT did not give them the ‘promised’ sity jobs. INSTEAD those jobs were shipped to China. President Trump is undoing that damage.

        Sex and Drug Trafficking is the other force:

        “Trump just dropped the bomb on pedophiles and sex traffickers with this official statement on

        “President Donald J. Trump is Working to End Human Trafficking – My Administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem. ~ President Donald J. Trump”

        Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

        Trump’s Executive Order for Military Tribunals
        “….What does Trump’s new Executive Order published on March 1, 2018 mean? It gives new powers to the Department of Defense by allowing civilian courts and lawyers to be used to augment military staff during military tribunals. It also alludes to the current law allowing Martial Law to be declared during times of National Emergency or during any threat to National Security. We are already declared, via Executive Orders, to be in a state of National Emergency. Are we going to have military tribunals of US civilians? Is this akin to Martial Law?

        For the first time in history, experienced civilians to take part in the US Military court-martial process—thus clearing a path for mass “Deep State” arrests whose trials and sentencing would not impact the normal flow of the US Military justice system.

        The rumored 14,000 sealed indictments being served against pedophiles and the Gitmo housing expanded by 13,000 beds in the US budget relate….”


      • pochas94 says:

        I’d like him to try to bring better government to Africa, home to so much human misery. The British Commonwealth is a step in the right direction, and maybe we (the colonies) can participate, or form a similar association. Let them join and receive the benefits (to be determined), but make them behave or be suspended. The UN doesn’t allow us the influence we need, and of course we do not wish to infringe the sovereignty of any nation


    • Haveaspine says:

      I like the earlier one without the shades. The expression of the Koala with the eyes half closed resembled Kudlow. These pictures are priceless. Fits everyone’s character.

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    • jnr2d2 says:

      ME too

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    • Wink says:

      Me, too. Love that Koala.


  2. Scott Volz says:

    Love the Kudlow koala!

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  3. GweninKC says:

    Great article, Sundance. No one writes analysis on these topics as well as you do. We appreciate all the time and effort you put into this and the speed with which you share it all. You are truly a gift to all of us at the Treehouse. Thank You and Merry Christmas.

    Liked by 21 people

  4. fred5678 says:

    Koala makes a perfect spokesperson for MAGAnomics.

    His radio show was great prep for ‘splainin’ economics to the uninformed/willfully-ignorant masses (and that ESPECIALLY includes pressitutes).

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    • motreehouse says:

      I agree POTUS has chosen an excellent spokesman in Mr. kudlow, and feel Larry needs to guard against making an unforced error (revealing any key insight as to the internal dialogue of Our trade team) to the benefit the Chicoms. Loose lips sink ships

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  5. quintrillion says:

    2 koalas having an argument video:

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  6. tomidlewood says:

    VSGPDJT is a miraculous and energetic powerhouse fighting for the American people. It’s a shame the MSM is so hateful toward our President, and does not cover the huge positive steps the administration is taking under his leadership. Sundance’s writing on the Dragon Mask/Panda Face dynamics are truly insightful.

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      The shame is on them and the deep state who willingly follow the orders given to them by the globalist cabal. Their day is coming and they cannot stop it.

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    • The escalation in frustrated hatred of President Trump is due to his personal success in these first 2 years. The Dem-media would have liked to pass off that much of President Trump’s ‘Wins’ were a result of momentum of the previous administration. That wishful dreaming is becoming less and less believable. It is now being replaced with clearly Trumpian evidence of Trumpian Wins. Yesterday is gone. Yesterday’s legacy has disappeared. They hate him now more because it is more difficult award true victory to anyone else. They hate him because they cannot steal his aura and charisma.

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  7. Pyrthroes says:

    Absent Rat media’s seditious libel, Trump’s approval rating would be pushing 65%.

    Meantime, revelations of “ballot harvesting” and other ongoing electoral frauds are of increasingly serious concern: Since Chicago’s Daly Machine conspired with UMW’s murderous Tony Boyle in West Virginia to implant JFK in 1960, census-verifiable tallies indicate that 8 – 12% (easily five million Rat constituents) are typically illegitimate or non-existent.

    In Election 2016, Rat boasts of “winning the popular vote” rely on spurious tabulations adding a full eight million (!) to MzBill’s recorded 57 million maximum. Either Trump gets serious, via the corrupted FEC or other instruments, or Whitey Bulger’s Winter Gang will pull a once-and-forever Leninist coup d’oeuvre within the next few cycles.

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  8. Ristvan says:

    An interesting economic factoid just out from down under. Australia is China’s leading iron ore supplier by far. Used for steel both for domestic consumption (industry, infrastructure) and export. Last quarter’s China shipments were down more than 9%. Shows how the US steel and China general tariff policies are biting—hard.

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  9. Psycho Monkee says:

    It’s not WHAT Mr. Kudlow said is the reason President Xi “made the pitch”. China’s economy is in the tank, their people are hungry, unemployment is rising…Yeah, THAT’s the reason. Red Dragon’s got a belly ache due to Communisim “Economics” 101. Billionaire Blue Collar Man -vs- Panda. I like our odds on that.

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  10. quintrillion says:

    USA has captured the dragon and the panda can save face. No one else could ever have charmed and jolted Communist China out of their world dominance. Only President Trump and his brilliant band of negotiators could ever make these deals. It is glorious to behold.

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    • Dallavise says:

      I feel like we are in Round 1 of a Heavy Weight Championship. We definitely are winning, but don’t feel good enough to claim victory yet. I feel like the only enemy we have is time. I’m not sure if we win 2020, too many idiots who don’t understand that the world isn’t made up of latte’s and rent-a-scooters.

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  11. rayvandune says:

    This morning on NPR, Navarro said that Chairman Xi spoke for the first 30 minutes of the G20 dinner meeting, and made substantive and responsive commitments on all 142 points previously raised by the US concerning China’s trade practices. This seems to be not only too good to be true, but nearly physically impossible. Has there been any confirming information on that?


  12. rashomon says:

    I won’t say China lies, but its leaders stretch the truth to where reality is about to bite them in their backsides. Their economy is fake, and PDJT knows it. He walks a fine line by trying to bring back American jobs and justice, while not sending China’s economy into major upheaval.

    The media and most academics, who seem totally unable to figure this out, would benefit from a compilation of Sundance’s analyses, the most spot-on work since this president’s campaign began.

    Working steadily toward stability will benefit all nations. A Trump/Xi/Putin alliance can bring that stability about regardless of what the City of London, Brussels and the EU want. The corrupt UN remains a worldwide disaster-waiting-to-happen.

    Our neo-con politicians; global bankers; arms manufacturers and brokers; the EU and its London financiers have initiated way too many wars that benefit none of those called upon to sacrifice for their arrogant, self-serving interests. Let them eat cake for a change.

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  13. I had an office once next to the top salesman for the company and he dealt with the Chinese. He said, they have a different standard for doing business. They will agree to make a product based on whatever is presented, but it is perfectly ok for them to decide to change ingredients, etc, without saying anything, in order to make more money, as long as they produce the final product. That’s how we end up with dog food that kills dogs, etc. They see nothing wrong with this. Just business.

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  14. Great interview with Ludlow.
    Key point is that President Trump is not trying to start at trade war, but instead to re-set trade much closer to the economic ideal of Free Trade. This talking point needs to be emphasized far more–particularly to persuade the few relatively fair media pubs. That narrative would be helpful for suburban/”sophisticated” independent voters.

    Most interesting to me was Kudlow’s discussion that Chmn Xi and POTUS were the key negotiators at the dinner, well briefed on extensive details on the trade negotiations. I’m linking a fascinating article from The American Spectator today that seeks to explain Pres. Trump’s negotiating style as like poker. Poker is better suited, says the author, for one/one negotiations and in situations of great fluidity. (During the Cold War, two party negotiations were better handled using “chess like” moves).

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  15. Dallavise says:

    It truly is Donald Trump against the world. I understand China wants to outlast him, because he is the only person (at the moment) between them and eventual world dominance. Trade is sole issue that took me from an agnostic supporter, into a die-hard one. I can’t believe all the people in this country that have knowingly let this happen. I know there are far more people like myself, that just didn’t have a clue as to why we were letting China do this, but apparently it’s as simple as it has always seemed….they are selling us and our children down the river for their own prosperity. The founders would be sickened, and yet, not surprised.


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