President Trump Drops $200 Billion M.O.A.T on Red Dragon (Beijing)…

When you plant your tree in another man’s orchard, you might end up paying for your own apples; it’s a risk you take…
….and President Trump knows how to use that leverage better than anyone could possibly fathom; because in this metaphor Beijing relies upon the U.S. for both the seeds and the harvest.  President Trump drops the $200b M.O.A.T (Mother of All Tariffs):

White House – On Friday, I announced plans for tariffs on $50 billion worth of imports from China. These tariffs are being imposed to encourage China to change the unfair practices identified in the Section 301 action with respect to technology and innovation. They also serve as an initial step toward bringing balance to our trade relationship with China.

However and unfortunately, China has determined that it will raise tariffs on $50 billion worth of United States exports. China apparently has no intention of changing its unfair practices related to the acquisition of American intellectual property and technology. Rather than altering those practices, it is now threatening United States companies, workers, and farmers who have done nothing wrong.

This latest action by China clearly indicates its determination to keep the United States at a permanent and unfair disadvantage, which is reflected in our massive $376 billion trade imbalance in goods. This is unacceptable. Further action must be taken to encourage China to change its unfair practices, open its market to United States goods, and accept a more balanced trade relationship with the United States.

Therefore, today, I directed the United States Trade Representative to identify $200 billion worth of Chinese goods for additional tariffs at a rate of 10 percent. After the legal process is complete, these tariffs will go into effect if China refuses to change its practices, and also if it insists on going forward with the new tariffs that it has recently announced. If China increases its tariffs yet again, we will meet that action by pursuing additional tariffs on another $200 billion of goods. The trade relationship between the United States and China must be much more equitable.

I have an excellent relationship with President Xi, and we will continue working together on many issues. But the United States will no longer be taken advantage of on trade by China and other countries in the world.

We will continue using all available tools to create a better and fairer trading system for all Americans.

~ President Donald Trump

Historic Chinese geopolitical policy, vis-a-vis their totalitarian control over political sentiment (action) and diplomacy through silence, is evident in the strategic use of the space between carefully chosen words, not just the words themselves.
Each time China takes aggressive action (red dragon) China projects a panda face through silence and non-response to opinion of that action;…. and the action continues. The red dragon has a tendency to say one necessary thing publicly, while manipulating another necessary thing privately.  The Art of War.
President Trump is the first U.S. President to understand how the red dragon hides behind the panda mask.
It is specifically because he understands that Panda is a mask that President Trump messages warmth toward the Chinese people, and pours vociferous praise upon Xi Jinping, while simultaneously confronting the geopolitical doctrine of the Xi regime.
In essence Trump is mirroring the behavior of China while confronting their economic duplicity.
President Trump will not back down from his position; the U.S. holds all of the leverage and the issue must be addressed.  President Trump has waiting three decades for this moment.  This President and his team are entirely prepared for this.
We are finally confronting the geopolitical Red Dragon, China!

The Olive branch and arrows denote the power of peace and war. The symbol in any figure’s right hand has more significance than one in its left hand. Also important is the direction faced by the symbols central figure. The emphasis on the eagles stare signifies the preferred disposition. An eagle holding an arrow also symbolizes the war for freedom, and its use is commonly referred to the liberation fight of righteous people from abusive influence. The eagle on the original seal created for the Office of the President showed the gaze upon the arrows.

The Eagle and the Arrow – An Aesop’s Fable

An Eagle was soaring through the air. Suddenly it heard the whizz of an Arrow, and felt the dart pierce its breast. Slowly it fluttered down to earth. Its lifeblood pouring out. Looking at the Arrow with which it had been shot, the Eagle realized that the deadly shaft had been feathered with one of its own plumes.

Moral: We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.



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422 Responses to President Trump Drops $200 Billion M.O.A.T on Red Dragon (Beijing)…

  1. fleporeblog says:

    Treepers this was inevitable! I saw it coming since the 301 report was released by Robert Lighthizer.
    Our President is sitting on a Royal Flush and has positioned all his chips into the middle of the table. China ?? is in some serious trouble.
    They only have $150 billion dollars to play with. PDJT has indicated that he is putting $450 billion dollars the pot. $50 billion at 25% tariffs and $400 billion at 10% tariffs.
    The Federal Government will collect on tariffs from China ?? the following:
    $50 billion x 25% = $12.5 billion dollars
    $400 billion x 10% = $40 billion dollars
    Total Collected = $52.5 billion dollars

    • fleporeblog says:

      Watch for a change from Kim Jong-un following his meeting with Chairman Xi!

      • Minnie says:

        Thank you, flep.
        Now where will NOKO stand?

        • fleporeblog says:

          The Will side with China ??! If you don’t hear or see a course correction, than maybe just maybe there is an opening. However I would bet against it regrettably ☹️

          • Minnie says:

            That’s what I imagined, but I hope we are wrong.

            • YvonneMarie says:

              Kim will side with Trump.

              • A2 says:

                Not so sure about that. If Kim does, down the road, he and his dynasty will be toast. If he ‘opens up’, his people will revolt against him and the KWP (their communist party).
                Already reports coming in that the party apparatchiks (elites) are worried about the summit as they may lose control and dosh that comes from extortion from the people. Losing their positions of power and control. They are afraid, not just for their livelihood, but for their lives.

              • talker2u says:

                Kim will then disappear.

          • wendy forward says:

            Yes, I think you’re right sadly enough.
            But it never hurts to do the right thing.

          • jrapdx says:

            The odds are 100% that PT is aware of NK’s relationships with China and almost certainly factored it in when he decided to call China’s bluff. After the NK summit and all, PT very likely has contingency plans. While he might be willing to sacrifice N Korea denuclearization, my intuition is that PT isn’t going to do that. Can’t say what the President will do, but no doubt we’ll find out very soon what the outcome will be.

            • Payday says:

              China will then have to pull off the panda mask bare to the world. Trump will mobilize the world against China for interfering in world peace. Let’s see if they do it. It’s PT’s ace in the hole.

              • jrapdx says:

                Thank you, sounds about right. I had a very similar scenario in mind several days ago, but that was in regard to a military invasion of NK by China. Not only would PT use economic penalties but as you say China would lose face, engender world condemnation, and quite possibly have to endure economic sanctions from many nations.
                In my comment above I was thinking about less overt action by China, but you’re right world opinion (and sanctions) could still be mobilized against China in that case.

                • Jedi9 says:

                  I really don’t think China would be that stupid as to make a bold move like that! They play the long game better than any one, as they know making such provocative moves would only expose their weakness, which is their economy. They simply would not risk everything they invested in for the sake of showing how tough they are, its simply not their style. I expect that this will die down at some point as the China will insist on advocating for further negotiations. Watch for it!

              • Payday says:

                Thanks to SD. Teaching me how to analyze all this.

            • John says:

              Trump knows ,and is not fooled.

          • Didn’t Lil Kim replace 3 generals recently? The one in charge of keeping an eye on him for the party’s benefit?

          • AZ18 says:

            So you think PDJT reaching out to Russia at that G7 is related to this situation?

          • maiingankwe says:

            Respectfully, I disagree. China has been giving less and less financially and goods through the years. It has come to a point where China has essentially told them they will need to stand on their own, even though they both know the impossibility of that happening. China has been telling them their decades of freebies are coming to an end for awhile now.
            In addition, I would think Pompeo and his team are well aware of the situation NK is in. It’s why I strongly believe they have laid it out to Kim Jong Un all of the riches his country could have through denuclearization and working with South Korea, the U.S. and others. It’s kinda like the video they showed them when our POTUS met with Kim Jong Un. This is what you could have.
            I believe our POTUS, Pompeo and their team has enticed Kim Jong Un to the point of no return.
            I don’t know what China has under their sleeve, but I sincerely doubt Kim Jong Un will believe them after all of his experiences with them in the past. Not all of their visits have been pleasant, especially when Kim Jong Un has had to beg for what little resources they receive compared to when his father and grandfather had ruled. And in those years China has become richer and more powerful. This has not gone unnoticed.
            I may be wrong, but I really do think our POTUS has thought ahead in this respect, and it’s why he’s laid out such an enticing and reachable dream for Kim Jong Un and his country.
            Be well,

            • Jedi9 says:

              That’s a very well succinct observation and have to say is pretty close to being realistically plausible when considering all of the recent events and developments. China may try to entice Kim into accepting another deal, por simply will asked to stall the negotiations in order to allow China to have leverage as it relates to their trade issues with the US. I am sure Trump has an answer for this as well, as China must know getting into a trade war with the US doesn’t benefit them in the Long run, and just looking at simple numbers doesn’t take a genius to figure that out that indeed is the case! Hence the statement Trump made a few months ago about winning trade wars, because it is true the US has all the leverage.
              Funny I was just speaking with a Chinese colleague about this and even he said that most Chinese acknowledge that China steals all or most of their technology as this particular issue is currently dominating most conversations here in HK with this announcement getting air time 24/7!
              I will have more on this tomorrow, I just returned from China yesterday and was waiting for the right time to share with everyone some interesting insights!

              • Jedi9, can’t wait for your wisdom and experiences. We are so blessed here at the CTH to have such a rich variety of poster. You have much to offer.

                • Jedi9 says:

                  Thank you Mz Molly Anna!
                  Indeed we are blessed to have such a community like CTH! I learn so much every day from the many variety of posters here due to their rich diverse attributes from all walks of life and their intelligence is second to none! I come here to feed my addiction to be properly informed as well as offer insights! Truly a rewarding experience!

              • maiingankwe says:

                I can’t wait to read about your insights! Please send me a heads up, so I don’t miss it. I really would love to read it.
                Thank you for taking my thoughts into consideration as well, it meant a lot coming from you and your experiences.
                You are ever so lucky to be traveling the world and thankful you made it home safe and sound. I hope you are well rested now. It’s quite the distance to Hong Kong and the U.S. Hopefully, you had comfortable seats and good food too.
                Be well,

        • Esperanza says:

          If I were Kim, I’d defect to the US lol.

          • A2 says:

            Then we may haul him before the Hague for crimes against humanity.

            • scott467 says:

              “Then we may haul him before the Hague for crimes against humanity.”
              Unless Kim Jong-Un isn’t responsible for the crimes against humanity, and he has only been a puppet/hostage of the NK military leadership, which in turn are puppets of Chinese leadership and have been since… 1951?

              • A2 says:

                Watch this documentary. He is the anointed one of the Kim Cult. His grandfather, Kim Il Sung, whom he resembles, is considered the ‘Eternal Father’ of the country. That is why KJU goes and bows and prays at his shrine.
                Interesting to note is the photo that Sundance usually posts on his NK posts of the dour NK family, the original has KJU in it.
                He is guilty. That is all.

                • AZ18 says:

                  I am still at the beginner’s level of understanding Asia’s political and econmic arena, so I appreciate the articles that you post. Agree Kim is guilty of crimes against humanity. If Kim is removed from power by his own people, who steps in to take over?

                • jeans2nd says:

                  Thank you A2. Being kind of in Scott’s corner as well, wondering if KJU really really knew about all the abuses being done in his name, was an unanswered question for me.
                  Guess that question has been answered. Sad.

                • China has done many atrocities! They killed millions of Tibetans and UN and other countries including USA at that time looked the other way! May be they should do a documentary on china’s dark secrets! Even do one on Hillary’s foundation and money laundering!

        • NoKO Will be brought to the Bargaining Table, OR China (et al) will ALL Starve,, SCIENCE Will dictate this..
          Look up the term(s) Grand Solar Minimum..

          • PoCoNoMo says:

            Oh, goody-goody, global cooling could counteract global warming? Will the global elites fly in to meet at expensive hotels and decided how much money should be forked over for this particular scenario? I await the news with bated breath.

      • Hmmm... says:

        Seems about right. China did this previously. They see the domestic political success Trump is enjoying from talking to N. Korea and want to test Trump to see if he is willing to give up progress with North Korea in exchange for concessions on trade. Trump did not back down last time and surely he won’t this time either. It will be interesting to see if North Korea is starting to wean themselves from Chinese control.
        One of the more subtle but interesting things from Trump’s post summit press conference was when Trump spoke briefly about our intelligence capabilities. I think it was directed at China to let them know the US can see their every move in North Korea.
        I can’t even remember the context but it sorta stuck out to me because it was somewhat unnecessary to answer to the question so it seemed quite deliberate by Trump to signal something to someone. Perhaps a signal to Kim Jung Uhn that the US is fully aware of Chinese influence.
        Also from the press conference Trump went out of his way to convey that N. Korea would be protected if they made a deal. The obvious inference is that they would be protected from US military action but perhaps he meant protected from China instead. We’ll see I suppose. This could be Trump testing N. Korea’s willingness to decouple from Beijing as much as China’s testing Trump about his willingness to give up progress with N. Korea..
        Trump supposedly spoke to Kim today. Seems likely that this is a pretty key week regarding the N. Korea situation. If N. Korea rebuffs Chinese attempts to get them to saber rattle then that would really be a giant signal that N. Korea is serious about making a deal.

        • NOKO was China’s pit fighter dog, as such they were mistreated, China did not take care of them. NOKO will not play ball. They have a bigger bully to bully their bully. POTUS could give them the initial tariffs to build up NOKO, and US will still be playing with the house’s money.

        • jrapdx says:

          As discussed in comments above, China probably won’t mess with NK. If China does try to use NK, there will be a sharp reaction around the world in response to disrupting denuclearization and great advance for world peace. Negative repercussions for China would ensue, if that doesn’t happen spontaneously PT would see to it that does.

          • Rhoda R says:

            I expect that our President has a contingency plan for all possible situations. But I wouldn’t bet too much money of China giving much of a [email protected] about world opinion. Remember Tienanmen Square?

            • jrapdx says:

              You’re right on both points, but China does care about what PT thinks of them when he holds the key to their economic well-being.

      • Marica says:

        VSG—knows this…and he has more leverage than either one of the them and both put together… Not even a bit worried–
        However– Flep— what up? Are you gonna make me NOT sleep well tonite?

      • honestyoz says:

        Replacement orders to, say India, might send another message up the line. Closing production lines 7 and 8 due to loss of USA Walmart.

        • noswamp says:

          USA consumers not buying Chinese products because they are too expensive would lead to factory closures and riots in Chinese cities. I am surprised actually that China is playing chicken here.

      • farmhand1927 says:

        President Trump has been most clear with Xi and Kim that he wants not to just get along but to thrive together. He respects their cultures and doesn’t intend to change theirs to match ours. Each nation increasing it’s prosperity, each nation’s people enjoying the value and pride of work and producing quality is something the President firmly supports–it works, and he has the proof. The playing field must be levelled, it’s hard work but we have a Builder that will get the job done.
        Back during the Obama Regime, they promoted the idea that we needed to hold job fairs for ISIS, that once people have jobs, the pride of earning a paycheck and are able to participate in consumerism, they would change their evil ways. Yet when our President made history by holding a ‘job fair’ for Kim and is holding the line on our best interests with Xi, how does the Left respond? They jump to the ‘children in cages’ story line.
        Well done, Mr. President. Forge on.

      • daizeez says:

        Could be, but will China want to be publicly known as the ones who stopped the peace and denuclearization of NK? They want their Belt and Road project.

      • trialbytruth says:

        Possible scenario because it’s all related.
        China had told Kim to toughin up negotiations to embarrass Trump.
        Trump responds with tariffs to warn China off.
        China conters with tariffs and Kim holds his ground.
        Trump responds with tariffgeden.
        China calls in Kim to discuss new response.
        My guess is China makes a few contract changes with American tech companies and double pinky swears to be good. Kim destroys some nukes and we are back to the table.
        If I am right then Trump’s move is VSG. China is reminded that they are a small dragon and that they are going to lose NK. It is already cooked into the stew.
        China has an opportunity to make this win win. NK border problems go away. China becomes a world political power. China gets time to redesign their markets before we fully block them and their surrogates from our markets.
        VSGPOTUS indeed

      • It won’t work, China! Sooner or later, you will have to accept your gravy train ride is over!
        Our country has decided NOT to accept & abide your theft, cheating and panda mask belligerence any longer.
        China will have to play and trade fairly, they will have to stop stealing our intellectual property and technology. China will have to pay for what they’ve stolen in the past They must make amends for their misconduct.
        They will have to be respectful of American taxpayers and corporations trying to do business with them. If China refuses to change their conduct, then they will be the much bigger losers.
        America doesn’t need China. At one time, we manufactured everything they export to our country. We can do it again. America has tens of thousands of idle factories we can reopen. America will do without China’s cheap goods while we gear up to provide for ourselves once again.
        Americans will accept that we have to pay more for our goods…. because accepting China’s cheap crap has led to tens of millions of Americans being unemployed or underemployed and thousands of communities dying. We now know what allowing China to join the World Trade Organization and giving them Most Favored Nation Trading Status has resulted in.
        Their immoral, unethical behavior led to their lying, cheating and stealing. They weren’t grateful for the opportunities they were blessed with as they gained unfettered access to America. Their greed and arrogance has inflicted massive hardship on us.
        We The People will no longer accept China’s criminal abuse of us and our country.

        • Bendix says:

          The sale of all that cheap crap doesn’t even help the average Chinese person that much.
          Somehow, in a communist country, they have a growing middle class who can afford luxuries the factory workers cannot.
          We have Chinese coming here and buying homes, leaving their children ALONE to attend our superior schools (at least they pay for the schools through property taxes) and then there is the birth tourism.
          Chinese peasants come here in packing crates to work as sex slaves, and it is better than what they had at home?
          The unfair trade is financing a communist elite.
          BTW, mass Third World immigration subsidizes the global corporations that sell the cheap crap in America.
          Every time I go out, I see Africans and so forth with more discretionary spending power than I have.
          Shh. It’s racist and xenophobic to say that.
          I’m tired of paying for customers for these corporations.

    • rf121 says:

      Looks like China got the Wall paid for.

    • glenndc says:

      That’s enough for a Northern and a Southern Wall!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!

    • Jedi9 says:

      Ha ha! Sure enough, just as before, the YEN is strengthening on safe haven status!
      GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY USD/JPY, All had close to over 200 pip drop between yesterday and the start of today! Worth watching!

    • I hate to be pedantic Baba but the tariffs collected will not necessarily reach $52.5b because as Chinese products become more expensive, consumers will seek alternatives or cut back on purchases.
      It’s difficult to estimate how much will be collected because it’s impossible to determine the choices consumers will make.

      • Quote:**Chinese products become more expensive**
        We can MANUFACTURE anything that China “imports” .. Buy USA American Made We’ll ALL be better for it.. 😉

        • GB Bari says:

          We “can” manufacture…but not now or in the short term (1 to 2 years minimum). There are NO mass manufacturing companies in the US that make consumer electronics or small appliances in the quantity needed to meet normal average demand.
          Walk through Walmart and start checking country of origin for every non-food consumable (other than paper) your family normally buys. Then check the small appliance shelves.
          Textiles and clothing too. Low cost furniture and home furnishings.
          I hope POTUS is successful and these industries do return to the USA. They used to employ millions across the country, then evaporated (mostly overseas) in the 1980s.

          • dallasdan says:

            I agree. It’s a process that does not include immediate gratification. The long-term prospects of such a shift to U.S. manufacturing development would be highly favorable.

          • Wind Hawk says:

            As market demand appears, it will blow everyone’s mind how fast we tool up. And technology has advanced tremendously in just the last 5 years alone, so, we are installing the manufacturing latest technology. Our manufacturing base withered because it was impossible to be profitable competing on such a skewed table.
            There are a lot of “us” that read the tea leaves, and already are tooled up, wait for it…
            Another thing that the Administration could look carefully at is ENFORCING current customs. I am often conflicted when I receive shipments that *should* have had tariffs, but they sail through with none. (Note, I always demand the proper documentation be done, but the China shipper is the one who files the documentation. I have no say in the process when they ship “to door.”)

            • Wind Hawk says:

              Point in case: my new supplier for LCD color graphics panels is in Elgin, IL! (I90W 40mi from Chicago.) In the last six months, I am finding lots of new suppliers with better products than the [email protected] from China. A year ago, I couldn’t find US suppliers for the same parts. The pipeline is already filling. “You” just aren’t seeing it on the shelves, just yet.
              And for anyone who is unhappy that prices may go up a little, think about that Chinese shovel that the blade broke on the first time you try to dig a hole. For many years, I have been seeking out the “expensive” US made tools or whatever, because they actually work for the intended purpose.

              • I agree. I am so tired of cheap Chinese junk. I cannot wait to use a screw that won’t strip the first time I go to use it. I remember when a screw was made of metal that withstood being screwed in. I’ll happily pay extra for something that is not junk.

                • Wind Hawk says:

                  Here is the thing: the Chinese take apart products from other countries, and make cheaper clones. They don’t design anything. They just guess and make copies that look like the original. That is why it is all [email protected], and stops working in a few weeks. They have no clue how it works, or any desire/incentive to know. No design analysis.
                  And, that pervades their system. Layer after layer of [email protected], glued together to make something that looks like the real thing, then they lie about the specifications. Don’t ever buy a Chinese battery, if you have ANYTHING flammable in your house.
                  The metal is all [email protected] The components are all [email protected] The chemicals are all contaminated [email protected] (batteries, plastic, food). They don’t care. It is just a quick buck.
                  It is rare to find a China supplier that even considers that you will make a second purchase from them. They know they are selling [email protected]
                  MAGA. No More [email protected]!!!

            • AZ18 says:

              Wind- The best part of our tree are the ground report from folks with a variety of expertise. Thrilling to watch MAGA in action!

          • talker2u says:

            Walk through Walmart . . .
            Or just check your curb on Garbage Day.

            • Jedi9 says:

              Next time you debate a liberal in which they try to point out the America is the biggest polluters, just refer to their tag on their clothing or something they are in possession of, and remind them that it’s not American made junk that is filling in landfills at alarming rates! Shuts them up every time!

    • Perot Conservative says:

      Per year.
      Guess what. WALL paid for!

    • Sayit2016 says:

      Fe– what a lot of people do not know is that China STILL owes the US and other countries money from bonds they issued and did not pay pay off the bonds ( loan ) or the interest. FREE MONEY !! Decades ago China sold sovereign bonds worldwide. They sold tens of thousands of these bonds on U.S. soil to American citizens on the recommendation of our government, indicating it was a solid investment. Um no.
      Over the last sixty years, China has refused to pay to these bondholders or the US either the principal or interest on these full faith and credit sovereign bonds. (To say nothing of the hundreds of billions also owed to U.S. artists from unpaid royalties on the more recent sale of pirated CD’s and videos, but that’s another story).
      Back Story… in 1987, the UK threatened China with being kept out of the British financial markets, if they did not pay what was owed. China acknowledged the debt WAS owed from the sale of the bonds to British investors ( The same ones sold to Americans ) . As part of the Great Britain-PRC agreement on Hong Kong being reabsorbed back to China, they agreed to pay its debt to British citizens. By paying the British bondholders, but no other bond owners worldwide, including U.S. bondholders, China “selectively defaulted” on these bonds.
      I asked my Dad about this when we were in China on business in 1989, I said why have they been allowed to to default on these bonds and not take a massive credit hit. In usual Dad fashion he said ” Because they can, and there has not been a administration with the stones to say PAY IT”. So I said ok.. what can we use as leverage to MAKE them pay it. Dad answer: ” Turn back every sea going container from China from every port in America for 180 days.. He said I guarantee you within 80 days they will want to ” discuss” the matter. He said let it hurt a little longer… within 120 days they will pay it as they will have no choice to pay it.
      Over the years I have seen Ambassador after Ambassador to China kick this can down the road. They never even asked for it in real tangible manner. China blew them off US said um ok- sorry to have bothered you.
      There was a time when China’s credit rating was in the dirt. It was so bad the S & P rating ? D- – -. China started buying US Treasuries to collateralize their debt as NO one would touch them loan wise. Those US bonds made China legitimate as they were guaranteed by the US GOVERNMENT for payment in the event of default. Bear in mind this was BEFORE the Internet exploded. Trying to communication with China was nearly impossible. Telex communication and FED EX, that was it. Most of the time if you called a business or bank in China and you spoke English they just hung up.
      China charges nose bleed interest on money we have borrowed from them some 7 %- but on these bonds they have claimed … hey another administration agreed to that — we did not. Which is BS as that is a violation of International Law. Plus by the very nature of default and the money that is owed- China should have to pay considerably more to finance its debt than it does now, as any high risk borrower would be required to.
      S & P has been screwing around with their ratings ( FAKE RATINGS) for decades. It is as if you could simply pay a credit agency to write-up your credit score according to your own rules! We think WE should be A rated VIOLA A Rating it is.
      Funny that …. when Iraq fell, and Saddam was removed…guess who the first one was knocking at the door for payment ? Yep China. China went to the UN and demanded that any successor government in Iraq must be held to pay its debts, including debts to China. The U.N. approved. These rules apparently did not apply to the money China owes the US some 750 B at the time…with interest now closer to 1.2 Trillion.
      This has ticked me off for a LONG time. Because it is so shockly EASY to fix.
      We owe China $1.18 Trillion as of March 2018, they owe us 1.2 Trillion how easy would it be to say.. um we are taking OUR debt to you off our books as well as your nose bleed interest payments.

      • Curry Worsham says:

        “We owe China $1.18 Trillion as of March 2018, they owe us 1.2 Trillion…”

      • signreader says:

        This is a mind boggling info you just posted! No kidding
        I don’t know if PDJT peeps visit the blog, how would he see it?
        You need to get hold of some one on business news network likes of say Lou Dobbs to get it published with all the related facts and make it worthwhile! He sure can get to the right people!

      • Elizabeth Carter says:

        Sayit2016 This is great information. I have never heard it before. It is a real game changer.
        Stop the container ships and write off our debt against their debt. That was easy.
        One question. The Chinese lease most of our ports. How do we make them turn around? Do we have to declare a National Security breach or something like that?

      • kroesus61 says:

        the situation you discuss is from pre-WWII – end of the Chinese Civil War in 1948…..there were both Chinese bonds sold to individuals in the West including the US and direct government loans from the US France and UK mainly which Mao refused to honor once he chased the Nationalists to Taiwan… law holds a succeeding administration of a country is responsible for all sovereign debts including issued bonds…….they may claim default but the bonds and loans are still valid

      • Jedi9 says:

        Funny, there is never any mention of the money China never paid back prior to the regime change to Mao after WWII! Today’s value would add at least another trillion on the books which is still outstanding to this day! China’s excuse is that they weren’t responsible for paying back the debt due to a previous regimes financial transactions! Hmm, the reason we don’t ask for it back?

      • BRILLIANT POST!!! As i watch the Futures markets down this AM I am reminded of how fake market reactions are now-a-days. (old fart term there ya’ll) Computers read headlines now, and the algorithm selling begins! There is no sane reason why copper (HG Sept) is down 24 cents/ pound, Gold (GC Sept) is down $32/0z and the 30 year treasury (ZB Sept) is only up 2.10 in the same period (weekly chart). This is all fake. Markets are doing more than overreacting- they are being manipulated by “our betters” in their frantic grasping at their wobbly “new world order” where they steal our hard earned wealth and sovereignty. This is designed to hit our wallets and cause a universal “Dump Trump” pitchforks and torches reaction. Total BS. Buy the dip! The market is fundamentally strong because the US economy is fundamentally strong.

      • Chris Rezek says:

        we all need to repost this,please inform me how to. thanks All

      • Chris Rezek says:

        need procedure to copy/paste your comment

      • kjj says:

        For people who like to verify tales they hear on the internet:
        I don’t find this controversy on wikipedia, or other so-called ‘neutral’ sites. has information, but it is obviously biased, and I had never heard of them before today, so I can’t vouch for their credibility. Here is the 1987 UK statute regarding bond repayment, which shows that at least part of the story is historically accurate:

      • Bendix says:

        Thank you, Sayit.
        I’m thinking of all the trouble W went to, with his bankruptcy “reform”, to make sure the victims of the Higher Ed/Government student loan racket could never, ever discharge that debt.
        This is the debt he worried about.

    • elize says:

      Thank you Lord, that I’ve lived long enough to see the U.S. led by real men again. My doctors gave me my terminal diagnosis during O’s reign of terror. It may be selfish of me, but I’ve prayed often that the Lord call me home before I witness the complete wussification of the U.S.

      • Katherine McCoun says:

        Bless your heart! Sorry you are living with that prognosis.

      • TrueNorthSeeker says:

        Bless you Elize. May your doctors continue to be wrong in their prognosis and may you live to see and enjoy the full MAGA outcome. Prayers for your continued health.

      • Somebody says:

        Elize I am so sorry to hear your diagnosis, never give up, new drugs and treatments are in the pipeline. I will include you in my prayers.
        I am thankful you lived long enough to witness this time in history, it is wonderful to see our country roaring back isn’t it?

      • pyromancer76 says:

        Elize, fight the good fight as long as you have breath. You have a right to be “stunningly happy” everyday of this deep sadness, and probably pain, that you must suffer. President Trump has given you MAGA. Some of your prayers have been answered. Treepers care.

      • Dabigragu says:

        Strange as it may seem you are now witnessing the complete wussification of the socialist party. Apparently the Lord knew you deserved to witness this. Bless you elize.

    • David A says:

      The change in where said products hit with tariffs is the larger price. In other words China could potentially lose all 200 billion in business from 200 billion on tariffs.

    • Tesla Coiled says:

      Ya gotta love when Flep is the first poster, and sets the tone for the rest of the thread!

    • Johnnydub says:

      “Total Collected = $52.5 billion dollars”
      yes, from US customers if they replicate their current spending patterns.. I’m not anti Tariff in the bigger picture, but on their own, they’re not a great answer.

      • Tesla Coiled says:

        Problem is that if a US Company tries to build with US sourced parts, they will be priced out of the market by foreign subsidized parts. And that ignores the regulatory and benefits costs imposed on US companies. Worse, US companies compete by offering a better product. China companies compete by stealing IP, and sacrificing quality.

    • Flep, that $52.5 Billion will cover BOTH the Mexican and Canadian walls … before President Trump’s 2-wall DISCOUNT.

  2. Clinteastwood says:

    Well, whaddaya expect?

  3. calbear84 says:

    The beatings will continue until morale improves! MOAT and MAGA 🙂

  4. Earl & Pearl Tourist says:

    Rock and roll!!!❤️??❤️??

  5. ZurichMike says:

    More popcorn, please!

  6. brschultz says:

    I love Trump!!! The Man of his word and action!!!
    Markets crash into late August, this I believe is wave 5 of the wave count. My prediction is markets hit rock bottom around August 26
    1 John 4:10

    • Risa says:

      The I hope we see a stock market rebound in advance of the midterm elections. Any hope for that? We need a red wave to keep Trumo safe and strong, and I am concerned voters will get nervous about their 401ks.

      • Risa says:

        “Then” not “the”. And Trump not Trumo. Time to give up and go to bed.

        • wendy forward says:

          Feel ya.
          Hopefully the market will have adjusted from Wall St. to Main St./MAGA by then.
          Let’s see how big tomorrow’s tariff tantrum is.

          • Wind Hawk says:

            Regardless of the technicals, “They” will manipulate everything down before the midterm, just so they have a “Trump Bad” narrative. I am staying on the cautious sidelines until right after the midterms. (Note, markets are NOT my expertise!!! In fact, I consider myself sub-moron when it comes to playing the market.)

    • wheatietoo says:

      Meh…people said the market would “crash” if Trump was elected.
      Didn’t happen.
      There is presently a 6000 point cushion between what the market was at on election day, to where it is now.
      The market could ‘crash’ 2000 points and it would still be above what it was.
      The Russell 1000, which reflects Main Street, continues to climb.
      I doubt that it will slow down.
      There are a lot of overpriced stocks right now that depend on globalism continuing.
      They deserve to be taken down a bit.
      Some tech stocks are overvalued too…
      I wouldn’t shed a tear if Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter lost half their value.
      Any ‘crash’ in the stock market would be short lived.
      Investors would be looking for
      other stocks to invest in…and they will.

    • kroesus61 says:

      you really do not need to post this on EVERY thread multiple times

    • Jedi9 says:

      I doubt Markets will crash! There may be some fluctuations here and there such as safe havens going up such as tangible assets like Gold, silver, and safe haven currencies like JPY, CHF, and USD, as we are already seeing the markets react as such. Equities suffers in the short term due to less volume and liquidity in the market overall but once these trade issues resolve themselves then the markets go back to taking more risks such as business as usual. Anytime there is geopolitical tensions, investors get spooked and return their money to safe havens which may be happening now! Gold is a perfect time to buy now and prices dropped so much, in the last few days that eventually it has to start going up again. Meaning it is in demand again, but may take a little time to see how this particular issue between China and the USA will play out in the Long term to determine at what price buying gold is going to be profitable! Something I am currently watching right now!

  7. RedBallExpress says:

    The Dragon is so tight it would skin a fart for a nickel.

  8. Minnie says:

    “When you plant your tree in another man’s orchard, you might end up paying for your own apples; it’s a risk you take…”
    Sundance, you are THE Best!

  9. JoD says:

    zhu ni hao yun, Xi……you messed with the wrong Trump, today!

  10. progpoker says:

    I think I have just figured out VSG Trump’s plan. He’s trying to give all of the swamp-dwellers a Strzok. Just how many times can a head splodey?? ???

  11. Landslide says:

    Need more Winnamins!! I read this earlier today, but now I will focus on this great move of strength, this leading, this resolve, this determination to put America first as I drift off to sleep. Excellent.

  12. superfly007 says:

    LOL We’re getting McDonald’s! that is good one

  13. Alison says:

    I LOVE this post, Sundance. You could publish it once a week here, and I will celebrate our Mighty Lion and his Warrior Wolverines every single time.
    Winning, and understanding why we DESERVE to win, (which is quite honestly merely a leveling of the competitive field) feels so, so good. Thank you, President Trump. Thank you, Sundance.
    “I have an excellent relationship with Panda Xi.”
    “I have an excellent time slaying Red Dragon Xi.”
    “I am a Very Stable Genius.”

  14. Marygrace Powers says:

    Trump Proposes New Tariffs On $200B Worth Of Chinese Goods/
    By Joe Tacopino June 18, 2018 | 8:01pm |
    “I directed the United States Trade Representative to identify $200 billion worth of Chinese goods for additional tariffs at a rate of 10 percent,” read a statement from Trump released by The White House.
    “After the legal process is complete, these tariffs will go into effect if China refuses to change its practices, and also if it insists on going forward with the new tariffs that it has recently announced.”

    • Bendix says:

      We have enough “stuff” in our garages, to sustain us for at least a decade.
      I can shop at Salvation Army. I’m not too proud.

  15. ALEX says:

    The entirety of “Wealth of Nations” is fiction based upon a world that has never existed.
    An imagined world.
    Adam Smith pretends to analyze something that no man in history has ever witnessed…Free Trade.
    There is, and has never been, any such thing as Free Trade.
    Trade between nations is always Mercantilist.
    And always will be.
    It’s the nature of man.

  16. A2 says:

    I was going to post this previously on the Lighthizer/Ross threads last week as many posters were raising questions about the Chinese dumping US Treasuries and wringing the beads. Now it is appropriate.
    “Is it a risk for America that China holds over $1 trillion in U.S. debt?”
    It may answer all your questions, clearly and by an expert.

    • Linda says:

      Great article, A2. That did answer a lot of my questions. The talking heads are always acting like China holds most of our treasuries, whereas this article makes it clear that we hold most of our treasuries.

    • piper567 says:

      A2, thanks a million for this link.
      Very educational…Really learned a LOT!
      bookmarked for helping others navigate through these issues.

    • Prairierose123 says:

      A2 thank you for this! I always learn so much from your posts!

      • A2 says:

        What no one is commenting about is that Russia dumped 50% of it US Treasuries last week. They need the cash, and the dollar is high. Crimea rearmament, Baltic fleet out near Ukraine on high alert, World Cup venue debt due and the sink hole Syria.
        Not a blip in the World markets.

        • Russia’s almost ready to flip on Uranium One:
          • All the bribes and kickbacks sought by the Clinton-Obama Cabal.
          • All the communications.
          • Half the uranium returned.

    • Payday says:

      Too bad Dobbs did 80% of the talking.

      • lokiscout says:

        I swear these talking heads just bring experts in so they can show everyone how smart they are! After all they must be smart lots of people watch them every day. Sigh
        I like Dobbs but he is the smartest one in the room bar none… least in his mind!

  17. A2 says:

    What is important is that the President has changed tack. He is now targeting industries that China has proclaimed in their ‘2025 Made in China Plan’. High tech, innovation, AI, Robotics and all the other stuff China has been stealing from US companies.
    Go for it. This is not any longer about washing machines, solar panels or soybeans and pork.

    • prenanny says:

      It could have been about washing machines and solar panels but China was too stupid to
      comprehend TRUMP.
      President TRUMP is a TRAIN not a sailboat full speed ahead on track to MAGA.

      • A2 says:

        Considering the Chinese directives on their economy and geopolitical strategy, no I don’t think so. They were just fiddling about thinking that the President (because they listen to the US media) was a ‘paper tiger’. Now they have to reckon with the Eagle.

  18. truthbomb says:

    Sundance, why are you covering the EU as the second largest GDP “market”? Wasn’t that the point of the EU, to collectively take on the US? Aren’t they using that GDP to subvert the US every chance they get?

  19. Gil says:

    How is the one belt going to work now? We will knock out noko. POTUS has already made overtures through ASEAN. POTUS advanced partnership in INDIA. Pakistan is a problem for us on many fronts so I wonder economically if they will make a poor choice to support China in its endeavor? The middle east, not just Iran, needs to be an economic target for us. India’s friendship and cooperation is big. And then theres mining, gas in Africa.
    “China built its economic growth on low-cost exports of machinery and equipment. Massive government spending went into state-owned companies to fuel those exports. These state-owned companies are less profitable than private firms. They return only 4.9 percent on assets compared to 13.2 percent for private companies.
    These companies dominate their industries. They include the big three energy companies: PetroChina, Sinopec and China National Offshore Oil Corporation.
    China developed cities around these factories to attract workers. As a result, one-fourth of China’s economy is in real estate.
    The government also funded construction of railways and other infrastructure to support growth. As a result, it imported massive amounts of commodities, like aluminum and copper. 
    By 2013, the 10 percent annual growth threatened to become a bubble. That’s when China looked toward economic reform.
    China spends 9 percent of GDP on infrastructure.
    In 2013, it launched the One Belt, One Road Initiative,  the largest global infrastructure project in history. China will spend $150 billion a year to link 68 countries along the old Silk Road with Europe. It will build ports, railways, and pipelines. It plans to make a China-dominated Eurasia an economic rival to the American-dominated transatlantic trading area.
    China’s president, Xi Jinping, hopes the project will accomplish four objectives:
    Provide investments for China’s foreign exchange reserves. Most of them are tied up in low-return U.S. Treasurys.Provide new markets for China’s high-speed rail firms, and for cement, steel, and metal exports.Stabilize countries on China’s western border.Increase China’s claims in the South China Sea.”

    • wheatietoo says:

      China’s Belt & Road plan is a thinly disguised scheme to gain control of the resources in under-developed countries.
      Once they build roads, open mines and develop loading docks in those countries…they may have to deal with the people waking up and seizing control of all that they have developed.
      What will they do?
      Take over those countries by force?
      It will be interesting to see how that goes.

      • David A says:

        Yes, this played out many times in the past, and is “planting you tree on another persons property. ”
        For example the UK built the oil infrastructure in Iran, and consumed the vast majority of profit. ( Iran was not going to tolerate this much longer)
        The U.S. foreign policy was very effective at the time. Being in the thick of the cold war they had no desire for the Arab world to go hot, so while simultaneously making certain the Islamists did not gain power, and manipulating who did, they convinced the UK to give much greater profit to Iran. The result was that the Iranian economy grew very fast, faster then any Arab economy, and it was rapidly leaving the Islamists totalitarian culture in the dust. ( see photos from that time of Iranian women in college with modern dress) Then Carter came along.

      • Bendix says:

        I believe that what the “Paris Accord” money for Africa was all about.
        These other global corporations don’t want to take the risk that China is taking, but they don’t want China having the advantage of having gotten in there first, should it pan out.
        Hence, billions for Africa, to fight “climate change”.
        How ya gonna do that? Would these billions have been on pallets, in cash? Electronic transfers- to whom, or to what?
        Nice try, whoever you are.

      • yucki says:

        China building military installations into this infrastructure.
        So not only is BRI a resource grab, it’s the whole imperialist enchillada.

  20. Carrie2 says:

    I still feel that instead of purchasing “recycled” materials from China or any where else would not be a thing well done. When we made almost all of our materials for manufacturing here before, we sure can do it again! and not think we must rely on recycled anything.

  21. A2 says:

    Yes, Kim will go to Beijing (my today to tomorrow) to receive new instructions.
    A South Korean newspaper has reported that there are over 3K nuclear sites and related research sites in NK. Destroying the five known launch sites is immaterial as they have mobile launchers. No evidence from satellite images that any dismantling has occurred, and NK said they will dismantle, but no verification bodies to inspect. LOL.
    The President set the clock. six months. The clock is ticking.

    • dallasdan says:

      The President tried to manage summit-related expectations from the moment it appeared probable. Paraphrasing, he repeatedly said “We’ll see what happens. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll know in a minute if it’s a fraud.” He has been very cautious because he knows with whom he is dealing; KJU in the foreground, controlled by Xi, and Xi in the background.
      I think this tariff announcement is a clear indication that The President is skeptical of the likelihood that KJU follows-through with either giving-up his nuclear program, which is a constant jab in America’s eye, or ending the Korean war, simply because China would not profit from either.
      SD’s “panda and red dragon” masking analogies appear highly accurate representations of reality, and I think we can very safely assume that the President thoroughly understands the chicanery. Xi is very likely more impressed every day by the President and increasingly respects him as a very formidable foe.

    • whjoe says:

      NK has no miniature warheads to arm missiles. nor can they aim their missiles. their missiles take days to fuel.
      they have 1 sub that is dry docked and doesn’t work.
      what is making this guy negotiate is the los angeles class sub parked off that coast. he saw what they did in Syria. are you part of the propaganda or what? we could off this guy before he woke up. this nk thing is serious bs.

  22. Pyrran says:

    Memo to President Xi-Never play high stakes poker with an expert.

  23. […] sundance When you plant your tree in another man’s orchard, you might end up paying for your own […]

  24. jack says:

    So, I guess we should be buying china tv’s and stuff real quick before the prices go up? Computers, tv’s, electronic’s, smartphones, etc… ram, hard drives, small appliances … the list goes on and on.

    • jack says:

      I think practically everything I own is made in china, … and some of it is assembled in Mexico/Canada … but imported from china. I understand it’s necessary to balance trade , but how will people respond when they see the prices on goods go up due to tariffs (which go into the governments pockets).

      • rsmith1776 says:

        Well, the TRUMP government might just use that extra income to smartly alleviate the social costs of the economic redress it has initiated.

        • Johnny Bravo says:

          How about the financial benefits being received such as, tax cuts, wage increase, lower social benefit costs, more people in work, booming economy, etc etc rsmith1776? I think jack is missing and ass in his name!

          • David A says:

            No need to get personal from a fair comment.
            Yes, how such a trade war plays out has many turns, and China could end up permanently losing much of the targeted tariffs.

          • kroesus61 says:

            remember except in times of war the ENTIRE US government ran on tariffs duties and fees until the unconstitutional and unratified (legally) 16th Amendment was installed against the American public

      • Running Fast says:

        OR you might find out just how fast a manufacturing plant can actually be built when the barriers have been lowered (regs and rules) and incentives raised (it is more profitable here).
        President Trump had said many times don;t sell your home in a OH, PA, MI because it was all coming back.

        • treehouseron says:

          This is what I see happening too. There is absolutely no reason to build anywhere but here right now… and every tariff will just make that a better deal for American factories.

        • elize says:

          Exactly, we’ve become used to things being accomplished slowly or not at all. As a cost accountant I can remember decades ago when my employer would be tapping his foot waiting for us to manually process paperwork and checks because he quickly had the approval to build or start the next project.
          I sure took to computing quick when those tech advances were made!

        • tampafan says:

          No matter you opinions of Musk and Tesla – this is what can happen!!

          • tampafan says:

            ok -don’t know how to link to Elon Musk’s Twitter Feed, but he writes:
            “Needed another general assembly line to reach 5K/week Model 3 production. A new building was impossible, so we built a giant tent in two weeks kea!! Gah, love them so much.”
            “They also poured the concrete & built the whole assembly line using scrap we had in warehouses. And it’s way better than the other GA line cost hundreds of millions!”
            He then posts a pic from inside the tent.

      • Perot Conservative says:

        And what % of it breaks within too early?

      • heidi says:

        I remember when it seems suddenly all I could find was cheap crap made in china, furniture, clothes, microwaves, whatever. It was cheap but garbage that fell apart. American made products are just so much better IMO, even if it costs a bit more, it’s better quality. I’d rather support my fellow Americans & enjoy well made products than have piles of cheap crap I have to throw out & replace regularly!

      • thetrain2016 says:

        Buy less TVs, they show the same programs anyway…

      • Kaco says:

        I, for one, am sick to death of the cheap Chinese crap and will gladly welcome U.S. quality made goods, even if I have to pay a little more for it. The market will work itself out.

      • Bendix says:

        How will people respond? Which people?
        Who cares? I certainly don’t.

    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Or not. Save your money and make do with what you’ve got until you can buy a beautiful, sturdy, reliable Made in USA version.

      • Wind Hawk says:

        Or, quick go buy the 30% cheaper Made in China clone that catches fire or just pukes out after a week. Then go buy another the week after.

      • Bendix says:

        Around here, this time of year, we have “garage sales” “yard sales” and even more popular, “estate sales”.
        Yes, there are some greedy types hoping to discover low-priced antiques at the estate sales, but the main reason for their popularity is you can find the old stuff that lasted.
        If you can only afford the cheap Chinese stuff, you shouldn’t be buying new, and probably shouldn’t be shopping at all.

    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Why buy crap? Wait a bit for the “Made in the USA” good stuff. In the long run you will save money. Think about the last time you bought a small kitchen appliance made in China; how soon before you had to replace it or before it was not working properly? Buy the good stuff!

  25. drillerelite says:

    Kim Jong rocket man must be safe

  26. thomas says:

    I’m 100% for free trade but not with the enemy…!! Get em Mr. President

  27. Archie says:

    When is Trump going to drop a MOA-something in domestic politics? He has been pushed around by the UniParty and the IC for 18 months.

    • rsmith1776 says:

      Oh please, perhaps you are missing the fantastic Hillary Presidency we BARELY avoided.
      ONLY because of President Trump’s heroic involvement.

      • Bendix says:

        As he stated himself the other day, he beat back the Clinton/Bush dynasty. That was yuge.
        Yes, they are still sniping at him, but he’s our president and they aren’t.

    • i2choose says:

      It’s all Q’d up (English version of ‘It’s all in line’)

  28. Oh panda panda of China
    How to end this race?
    Will you come to your senses
    Or will you show the red dragon face.
    America’s eagle is strong and proud
    He will not be denied nor take a chance.
    The move is back in your court
    Do you choose the arrows or olive branch?
    Be not confused by what the media shouts
    The propaganda and lies they always harp.
    America will stand behind our lion and eagle
    Choose wisely panda, our arrows are sharp.

  29. EbonyRaptor says:

    Timing is everything and President Trump is a master tactician using timing of moves to full advantage. Having taken long walks in the park with a clearly jovial Kim, Trump has moved Xi into a position of either losing his pawn (Kim) or claiming ownership of the NoKo threat for all the world to see. Either NoKo is released from Chinese bondage or the Panda mask is dropped revealing China’s duplicity. Genius!

    • jrapdx says:

      Though the question about scenario 2 where “the Panda mask is dropped revealing China’s duplicity” is how much will China care that its duplicity is revealed? It’s not like everyone didn’t already know what China was up to. So what will be the repercussions to China if it drops the mask? I’d expect even more stringent trade penalties from the US, probably other countries the US leans on to go along. Would that be enough to prompt China to back off?
      I imagine PT has calculated his plays very carefully, perhaps has organized a strategy with NK in preparation for Chinese moves. It all remains to be seen, but it’s possible NK has been taken off the table.

      • svenwg says:

        Remember that China’s economy is almost entirely dependent on access to US markets. All President Trump has to do is place a 6 month moratorium on Chinese trade and there will be riots in the streets of China and revolutionary if there was a 12 month moratorium.
        President Trump and the USA holds all the Aces and the more China complains the harder their fall.

        • jrapdx says:

          That’s the bottom line re: China. If they want to mess with NK and NK truly wants to get out from under Chinese domination, NK has the opportunity. If NK modernizes, develops trade, etc., China will never be able to regain NK as it has been. There’s a point of no return once denuclearization and peaceful trade is established with NK. If NK wants to go there, that implies China has to choose between retaining NK as a puppet and face economic destruction via US trade penalties, or give up NK and be able to have its economy survive.

  30. SPANGLER says:

    Trump dont bluff……

  31. Ironclaw 601 says:

    SD keeps me sane.
    – Big Jake

  32. Running Fast says:

    Timing is everything. As posted above it will now be time for China to ask NK to “war up again” But what if that route has already been cleared? Then the mask must fall off. It will be interesting to see the mask fall off at the exact same time the mask falls off the deep state… coincidence or one and the same?

  33. Ventura Highway says:

    I have been to China 6 times in the last 1.5 years. They have a serious credit bubble there. The real estate is out of control. It will get away from them and come tumbling down. I would bet on it

    • A2 says:

      I live in China, and that is only one big problem they face. Interesting times.

    • kroesus61 says:

      over $25T in national debt on an $11T dollar economy…..naaah it is manageable……there are plenty of economic “experts” that will tell you so

      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Yeah, like those “I became a zillionaire by buying houses for no money down” in the 1980s videos… a flipping we will go…
        Maybe KKR will help them…oh, wait. They already have…

      • I’ve got a KILLER idea for Democrats:
        Trump is SURE to lose.
        Invest in Chinese DEBT!

  34. treehouseron says:

    His timing is perfect. He does this sh*t on purpose.
    China (like Ventura Highway was saying above) is in the middle of a bunch of trouble. Debt problems, real estate problems.
    On the other hand, we’ve got the best economy in years, perhaps decades going on right now.
    If this goes into full on trade war (It won’t) all it’s going to do is push companies to build facilities in the U.S. so they don’t have to pay the tariff.

  35. petepokyhomt says:

    Not America’s problem if these centralized economies collapse because Americans are no longer subsidizing them.

  36. Bill says:

    1) Trump simply doesn’t stop and rest! (Like all successful corporations!)
    2) The Chinese **MUST** have full employment or they risk unemployment riots. China has been handing out money (credit) just to keep people working. And they KNOW these loans will default.
    For China, social stability is EVERYTHING (their true achilles heel.)
    3) I think I just heard the European, Mexican and Canada leader’s jaw collectively hitting the ground. There can be NO DOUBT that President Trump is coming after them next. They must understand that President Trump is simply going to be firing at them next!
    It simply won’t be a steel and aluminum tariff, it will be a reciprocal 10% tariff on German car imports (up from 2.5%), the same that Germany applies to US cars.
    And Europe has it’s vacations lined up for summer, it can’t be bothered skipping vacation for a reciprocal trade war with the USA.
    4) If Trump drops the trade deficit to zero, it take the US GDP to almost $20 Trillion annually, up more than 5%….
    Stunning, I never thought I would see a President defend my family and nation again.

    • Running Fast says:

      That is too funny and true. Met a lead economist for the Dutch last weekend while camping. She is on her 2 month “holiday”!!

    • prenanny says:

      The Chinese are nowhere near full employment, unless they are counting the peasants scrounging for subsistence as employed.
      China is a mess that looks great on paper, they will hasten their own demise.

  37. Sylvia Avery says:

    An interesting historical perspective from VDH that includes how we got here on trade and open borders.
    “After World War II, only the United States possessed the capital, the military, freedom, and the international good will to arrest the spread of global Stalinism. To save the fragile postwar West, America was soon willing to rebuild and rearm war-torn former democracies. Over seven decades, it intervened in proxy wars against Soviet and Chinese clients, and radical rogue regimes. It accepted asymmetrical and unfavorable trade as the price of leading and saving the West. America became the sole patron for dozens of needy clients—with no time limit on such asymmetry.
    Yet what would become the globalized project was predicated on lots of flawed, but unquestioned assumptions:
    The great wealth and power of the United States was limitless. It alone could afford to subsidize other nations. Any commercial or military wound was always considered superficial and well worth the cost of protecting the civilized order.
    Only by piling up huge surpluses with the United States and avoiding costly defense expenditure through American military subsidies, could the shattered nations of Asia and Europe supposedly regain their security, prosperity and freedom. There was no shelf life on such dependencies….”

    • wheatietoo says:

      Yes, we sacrificed our economy and went into debt…to stop the spread of global Stalinism.
      But then, thanks to the Dems, it was imported into our own country…under the guise of “progressivism”.
      It’s no wonder the Progressives embraced Globalism.
      They knew that it would weaken us.
      A people who are broke, in debt and on their knees, are much easier to control and enslave.
      That was their evil plan for us.
      Thank God for President Donald J. Trump!

  38. noswamp says:

    China started this war decades ago. Finally, we have a POTUS that will FINISH it.

  39. A2 says:

    Here is a translated text of the 2025 Made in China Plan for the wonks here.

  40. wheatietoo says:

    Charles Payne put up a Poll about the prospect of rising prices.
    So far, the voting is 95% “Continue to Support” the President.
    With 7,181 votes so far.

    • jrapdx says:

      Quite a while back there was discussion here about consumer prices as trade relations change. Formerly Chinese-made goods would go up but domestically produced items like groceries would cost less. I’m probably way oversimplifying but the idea was there will be some compensating factors, the overall cost increases may not be as bad as portrayed. If I remember incorrectly I’m sure someone will step up to say so.

      • wheatietoo says:

        Yes, you’re remembering correctly, jrapdx.
        There will be several mitigating circumstances that will help to offset the higher prices.
        Number One, is…Jobs.
        People will have more money to spend, so the need for buying ‘cheap imports’ will lessen.
        Another is…paying less taxes.
        People who already have jobs will be seeing better paychecks.
        And as manufacturing returns…there will be better jobs for people to upgrade to.
        When we get Ocare repealed and start having Lower Healthcare Premiums…this will put money back in our pockets, too.
        So yeah, it won’t be the ‘doom & gloom’ that all the naysayers are predicting.

        • jrapdx says:

          Thanks for the refresher! Most of the time “doom and gloom” is exaggerated, getting back to reality is always important.

        • amwick says:

          TY Wheatie, but this is hard on retired people. Very hard. Just sayin’

          • Tesla Coiled says:

            Amwick, with utmost respect, NO.
            How many TVs and CellPhones do you buy a year? How many washers, driers and refrigerators? OTOH, what did you pay the last time you went grocery shopping? I’d bet you do that at least twice a month, and it costs more than buying a TV. Same game, different pocket. I’ll leave it to the more savvy to explain better, but SD has been over this.

            • prenanny says:

              You explained it fine.
              I am not sure why people are imagining the cost of American made “big ticket” items are going to cost more in the long run. Taxes have been lowered, regulations have and are being eliminated daily, energy is getting cheaper. As long as companies stay away from unions and avoid shiny shoed wall street types they can profit and pay employees well.
              There is going to be American made competition again and that equals good pricing.

              • Bendix says:

                Retired people already have their appliances.
                One thing my parents did not need, in their retirement, was any more “stuff”.

          • wheatietoo says:

            But bringing jobs back…is the only way to save SocSec and Medicare.
            These programs are based on jobs, to get funded.
            And good-paying jobs, too.
            Employers pay 50% of the funding for SocSec and Medicare.
            Paying higher prices for consumer goods will be tough on everyone.
            But if we don’t bring good jobs back to our country…we’re doomed.

          • Hang in there, Amwick.
            Lower healthcare costs are on the way!
            Same with less crime and related insurance rates.

          • Food and utility bills are going down, too.

        • True Treeper says:

          You’re right, Wheatietoo. Also, PDJT is negotiating. Too many of the talking heads on CNBC were saying “he speaks loudly and carries a little stick.” Guess they’re not laughing now, eh? I’m long and this will hurt, but it has to happen.

    • Bendix says:

      I’ll plant a victory garden.

  41. Publius2016 says:

    In order to dominate Space, we must protect intellectual property! China is banking on its representatives in Congress…they pay good money for them and have made the call…the Senate right on cue moves to stop the President…

  42. Pyrthroes says:

    Space Command is no side issue… this global shake-and-bake is samurai stuff on the part of DJT. Never let it be said that a 72-year old Jedi is past his prime– when Trump swings his razor-sharp Gendaito or Katana blade, beware!
    Eighteen to twenty-four months from now, we’ll see how many of the Chinese Dragon’s hydra-heads are still breathing fire.

  43. A2 says:

    The CCP Global Times is out with an Op-Ed on the new POTUS tariffs. I will excerpt some of it to give a flavor.
    “Trump’s latest statement indicates that he wants to launch a trade war on China and control its scale by forcing Beijing not to strike back. In this way, he can show off his capability and prove that his hardline approach works, in addition to showing that he is the unrivaled choice for president so that he can please US voters as much as possible.
    The US leader is gambling. He hopes China will tolerate his capricious and obstinate attitude, and endure threats with a view to placate the US to avoid more losses coming. Thus Washington would have full control on how the trade war ends.”
    “It would be upsetting if Trump believes that Beijing will tolerate what the US has done to it. No one can put up with unreasonable US tariffs, be it China, Europe, Canada or Mexico.
    Not only the Chinese government, but also the whole Chinese society cannot accept the US trying to blackmail China. We cannot accept that the US unilaterally define China-US relations in violation of basic international norms, nor can we allow it to establish trade hegemony overriding the current international trading system and interests of other nations.”
    OK, for the rest of the laughs read this in full.

  44. A2 says:

    Xinhua is a bit more sophisticated, supporting their position by quoting international negative comments cherry-picked to support their position.
    Spotlight: U.S. protectionism sabotages global trade order, development — observers
    Source: Xinhua 2018-06-19 12:31:31

  45. Publius2016 says:

    Since when is a BILATERAL TRADE AGREEMENT – A Trade War??? These Globalists are pure unadulterated FAKE NEWS! The days of dancing to the False Song of Globalism is over…AMERICA FIRST!

  46. MVW says:

    Look, Xi is doing the tit for tat because he has to. Hong Kong $$Chinese are now married to the Communist party and will fight to keep any advantage they have… until that costs more than, then they will back off. Pure economics.
    Some will suggest other well known tactics, buying politicians, propaganda media lackeys, and Hollywood’rs which has worked so well for everyone else. Cheap.
    Then there is the strategy of waiting until Trump is out in 2024, but in the internet age the waiting game does not work as well as in the old times.
    2018 mid terms is the make or break point. Trump retains the House, picks up a couple Senate seats, China will cave.
    Crunchtime guys. All in now or hunker down for pain all around.

    • MVW says:

      There is one more massive point. Tariffs, combined with deregulation & lower taxes will hyper amp factory construction in the US.
      China is pushing companies to build in the US instead of China. A Huge mistake.

      • MVW says:

        Every time China pushes Trump to put Tariffs in they cut their noses off to spite their face.
        They may not wait for 2018 midterms to cave.

        • MVW says:

          Trump’s plan is win-win. Pure genius. If China keeps raising tariff’s, Trump will follow with the result that there is more revenue, forcing more factories move to the US (that is where the market is). GDP may reach 7%?
          I hope China raises more tariffs right away.
          NAFTA turmoil keeps factories from going to Mexi-Can and Trudeau further goofed the Canada alt.
          Trump is the master of ‘win or ‘win-more’.

          • Publius2016 says:

            This is just a tax on the product…imagine how much they send if they’re up $500 Billion!

          • Tesla Coiled says:

            PLEASE, CHINA! Play the tariff game with Mr. Trump!
            I have enough TV’s, cheap China tablets, and plenty of chopsticks.
            A reasonable grocery bill would be much more appreciated.
            Just do it. Poke the Lion… Thanks for playing, Xi!

          • prenanny says:

            Trump is the master of “win” or “win more”.
            Anddddddd that is EXACTLY why I voted for him.
            We are well and truly BLESSED.
            OH yes he did ( I just love saying that )

  47. leont says:

    We probably raise oil prices too, will make it easier for China and EU understand where we want them to be.

    • MVW says:

      Yes, oil prices are on the rise which will boost GDP and revenue.

      • Tesla Coiled says:

        Funny how hedges work, when you find yourself happy to see some prices go up.

      • Alligator Gar says:

        Oil prices have pushed gas prices to the point my “tax raise” is gone and I actually have less disposable income than before the Trump tax cut. No. Do NOT raise oil prices. It hurts those of us who work in fixed income jobs where our compensation is at the whim of the legislature and not the discretion of our boss. (I’ve has one $1,000 raise in 13 years.)

        • Alligator Gar says:

          “had” darn old fat fingers.

        • prenanny says:

          TRUMP does not want the oil prices to go up, regardless of what was said upthread.
          He has said so many times.
          Your compensation has always been at YOUR whim nobody else’s, for whatever reason you decided to remain there.

  48. Kokanee says:

    This is going to be funny watching the Democrats. Do they keep harping about the children on the border? Or do they stop and attack Trump on tariffs? The CoC should be in full panic mode!

    • MVW says:

      You are so right, so funny! Trump has sucked the oxygen out of the DhimmiRats whole campaign narrative.

  49. jbrickley says:

    US: Bet you $50b
    CH: Match your $50b
    US: Raise you $200b, and I’m setting another $200b over here ready to go.
    Your move China, I can do this all day…

    • jbrickley says:

      Meanwhile, the US is making phone calls to India getting ready to increase trade with them. Ready to grant India favored nation status. Could also increase trade with the Philippines, Japan, heck even Vietnam. China is far from the only game in town. Don’t forget our distant cousins in the UK they will need it. If leadership changes in Germany and they Germixit we can trade directly.

  50. hellinahandbasket says:

    Now comes the Globalist’s reaction.
    They always expose themselves.
    This isn’t just a USofA “thing”.
    Trump “disrupts” on a global scale.
    Globalist usually go for the thumb-screws. . .
    Specifically for the USofA – twist some easy-to-turn-screws:
    Approach $4.00/gallon gasoline by fall; and
    Approach $5.00/gallon heating oil by winter.
    . . . Yeah, that should do the trick.
    Globalist reaction complete.

  51. Troublemaker10 says:

    How does ZTE fall into all of this?
    Trump to Make Personal Appeal to Republicans on His ZTE Deal
    The U.S. Senate passed legislation on Monday evening that would restore penalties on the Chinese telecom giant ZTE Corp., complicating President Donald Trump’s efforts to ease sanctions on the company.

  52. Ken Maritch says:

    Could this be the play?
    Trump uses tariffs against China to force trade to US through NoKo.
    Imagine if in conjunction with tariffs on CN, Trump opened trade with NoKo under the condition of unilateral, verifiable “de-nuke.”
    Then Trump “allows” CN to trade through NoKo into the US market.
    This would provide multiple benefits.
    This would allow CN non-tariffed entry into the US market (recovering some of the trade lost through the tariffs on direct trade.)
    NoKo would benefit as they would be able to quickly start trading with the US (as i don’t believe they have the infrastructure in place for international trade at this time.
    The NoKo people would benefit from the influx of money into their country.
    The US would benefit as I assume that NoKo’s labor costs are a fraction of others (Mexico.)… allowing lower priced good to make its way to US consumers.
    If NoKo attempts to restart their nuke program, Trump could shut off the valve… this would force CN to encourage NoKo to get back in line.
    As Sundance says… there are trillions at stake.

    • Bud Klatsch says:

      Emmm, one theory, but the fact is that for decades we have allowed cheap 3rd world trades that have taken our jobs and industry. NK would do the same with ChiComs help. No thanks.

      • AH_C says:

        I think it could work in a limited Marshall Plan for NoKo.
        Purpose is to bring them up from dead last to an economical place more equitable to South Korea’s economy. Just think of it if the combined Korea’s GDP was double South Korea’s, bring them to 3 trillion per year? It would put them in the top five. And as NoKo’s economy grew, (correspondingly, the cost of labor would rise rapidly) we ease off the pass-thru as NK takes on more manufacturing for themselves. Remember, Trump’s idea of fair trade is no tariffs and no subsidies.

        • USTerminator says:

          Let SK, Japan do the Marshall’s plan for NK. No free money for NK.

          • Mr. T. says:

            Exactly….No Free Money For NK. No Marshall Plan, no filtering of goods from China through NK. Amazing how fast people have forgotten what countries have done to us that we helped to rebuild. Germany and Japan made it tough for us to export our products into those countries. We don’t need a repeat of that with NK.

            • Me says:

              “Japan made it tough for us to export our products into those countries. We don’t need a repeat of that with NK.”
              No not correct. Also the Korean war helped to light a fire under the Japanese economy. Nice how another war helped out in the nick of time.

              • Mr. T. says:

                Me, you need to look at the trade deficits between the US and Japan. There was a reason why quotas were placed on imports from there years ago, many of which were mistakenly ended by President Reagan.

          • AH_C says:

            Agreed. No free money from US. Doesn’t mean we can’t give a grace period for them to get up and running, vis a vis tariffs. Give and take.

          • grlangworth says:

            DPRK has to be rebuilt as an economy rather than a slave labor resource. This is best attacked as an entrepreneurial endeavour, rather than via a government brokerage trick.

      • customdesigned says:

        Cheap 3rd world labor doesn’t stay cheap (or 3rd world). That is the “trouble” with capitalist “exploitation”. E.g. labor from India is now fairly expensive. If people jump at making $1/day because it’s better than what they had, why would you try to stop them? When you try to control labor prices with something insane like a minimum wage, you get a few higher paid people, and lots of unemployed people. A 3rd world country has no tax funded “safety net” for those unemployed to fall back on.

    • interkludge says:

      I think that would be a bad idea if the end game is Korean unification. Right now NK doesn’t really *have* a manufacturing/trade economy to speak of. China would be perfectly happy to pour manufacturing and trade investment into NK, as a means of re-asserting control over NK economically (as opposed to military control over NK, which Trump seems to have somehow weakened.)
      I would much rather see South Korean investment in North Korea; mixing those two economies would logically lead towards reunification. Chinese investment in NK would hinder it.

    • Interesting “scenario” until we look at the ALTERNATIVES and undesirable CONSEQUENCES:
      ALTERNATIVE already in place:
      • Keep the heavy sanctions on until NK COMPLETES denuclearization – verifiably and irreversibly – with the threat of MAXIMUM sanctions in the event of any hiccups in the process.
      • SK, Japan and China pay for the “Marshall Plan” by investing in NK Industry.
      • NK builds its own economy by drawing on its own assets, beginning with Infrastructure and Mining.
      CONSEQUENCES with negative effects for America:
      • Undermines President Trump’s urgent initiative to rebuild America’s steel, aluminum and automotive industries for National Defense.
      • Undermines America’s economic renaissance and job creation, which are rapidly reducing welfare and unemployment rolls – reversing their costs and growing our tax base – by sustaining cheap-labor imports that sustain or grow our Trade Deficits rather than eliminating those Deficits to reinvest in America.

      • Mr. T. says:

        BlackKnightRides, are you for real? Japan working with SK to invest in NK? Get your history book out. Turn to the chapter covering the Japanese occupation of Korea, and what horrible things they did to the Koreans when they occupied it. There is still much animosity between them today because of the brutality of the Japanese and it’s not easily forgotten. The South Koreans actually look forward to reunifying with the people in the north. The sooner the north is absorbed into the south, the better it will be for all concerned. China needs to be kept out of the mix and I believe they will be. Much of the outdated military hardware junk that NK has today, is from Russia, not China. Russia has had a very strong influence within NK since the end of WWII. They even provided some of their military pilots to fly combat missions for the north during the Korean War. The sooner SK reunifies with NK the better. China never cared about NK. They only wanted NK to use as puppets to manipulate against the USA.

    • noswamp says:

      Ken Maratch,
      This is what is happening now via Mexico and Canada that has resulted in loss of factories in the US. If they gave us full unfettered access to their markets, then maybe, but as of now, its impossible to do business in China without them assigning 50percent “partners” whose mission is to steal your IP and your ideas blind, then break up with you after a few years so they could make 100 percent profit instead of just 50 percent.

      • Mr. T. says:

        There are companies in China, many of whom have offices in Hong Kong, who will wine you and dine you as they say, put you up in 5 star hotels, even furnish you with high priced call girls at their expense, in the hopes that you will send your manufacturing business to them. After agreeing to a contract, built into the price for the goods that U.S citizens will pay, is the kickback money being paid to the heads of those corporations that sold us out while they line their own pockets. Of course, they have to be careful as that graft can’t be paid out with checks or deposited in a US bank account. Even the Swiss aren’t offering the protection they used to for US depositors. But, there are still creative ways to move the money. A few years down the road and the head of the Chinese manufacturing firm will tell the corporate big shots they will not be receiving anymore kickback money. They don’t need you anymore. Not only do those Chinese companies have contracts with those US companies, they also have your tooling, dies, molds, blueprints, plans, or whatever else they need to manufacturer your products. Good luck trying to break the contracts because if you do, you will NOT be getting that tooling, dies, molds, blueprints or plans back. They may even use your tooling, dies, molds, blueprints and plans to manufacture goods for sale in other parts of the world and you get NOTHING in return. President Trump understands this 110%. He’s right. They lure you in, steal your IP, then use it to enrichen themselves and the Chinese government just turns a blind eye to it. Occasionally, when a US company complains, especially the companies whose products were reversed engineered and them manufactured without a license or royalty being paid, then the Chinese government might put on a dog and pony show, where they will send in the troops to raid a factory, but that’s the exception, not the rule.
        True Story. A smaller US tire company sent their tire molds to China. They would have tires manufactured in big lots when needed. During the time that the molds were sitting idle, that Chinese company decided to do a run of tires using that US tire company’s molds. The tires made illegally, also had the US Tire Company’s name on them. That Chinese company then sold those tires to US black market brokers, fudged the US Customs paperwork, got them into the USA, making sure they were sold to dealers not in the US Tire company’s dealer network, while at the same time, many of the dealers buying those tires were unaware that they are buying illegal knockoffs. It all begins to unwind for the unsuspecting dealers when warranty problems arise. The US Tire Company finds out through warranty claims, that there are knockoff tires floating around the US with their name on them. The manufacturing code/date on the knockoff tires doesn’t correspond with any orders the US Tire Company placed with their manufacturer in China. Lawsuits against the tire manufacturer begin to pile up. The US Tire company is released of liability in court because they can prove they didn’t authorize or import the tires with defects. The unsuspecting dealers are the ones who get stuck with the bogus goods. In many cases, the US Tire Company, working through their lawyers with the help of US Customs and the US Marshal’s Service, legally confiscate and destroy many of those knockoff tires. Dealer gets NOTHING in return, except they are hit with credit card chargebacks, legal fees, and possible loss of their business insurance for the lawsuits that arose because of those illegal and defective tires, some of which may have even resulted in loss of life.
        China does not and never will play by the rules. Only way to beat them at their own game, is by playing their game but changing the rules, which is exactly what President Trump is doing. The Chinese government has been laying off workers. It was planned and they are releasing several million of them spread out over several years. If China’s financial health weakens, millions of people will be struggling just to find their next meal. Should that happen, it’s quite possible there could be a revolt against their own government and China knows this. By continually manipulating the value of their Yuan, as well as to keep stealing our IP rights and flooding the US market with cheap Chinese manufactured goods, they are hoping to hold onto their dominance. Hopefully President Trump will put an end to it but it’s not going to be easy and it isn’t going to happen overnight.
        You should also keep in mind, that many companies who sent their tooling, dies, molds, blueprints and plans to China, are hard pressed to bring those items back so they can manufacture goods here in the US. Many of them could bring the manufacturing back, but they are going to have to spend lots of money for new equipment. In the mean time, Chinese companies, still in possession of that tooling, dies, molds, blueprints and plans, will continue to manufacture goods with them and sell them elsewhere, all the while laughing at those executives who thought they were so smart, who actually caused great harm to the companies and shareholders whose interests they were supposed to be protecting. If you were wondering why so many corporate big shots are working so hard to keep the manufacturing in China, well, you now have better insight as to why.

        • Judith says:

          Those executives also caused great harm to the American worker and to our economy. Nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change. MAGA

        • Excellent post, Mr. T.
          Prediction: President Trump will force the Chinese to return the tooling just like NK is returning our hero bodies.
          As for the IP, the companies who let China under the hood will have to go through hell to get any value back for it.

    • So, in other words another form of NAFTA? No, thanks!

    • Deb says:

      We don’t need to rebuild them at he same level we did for Europe. Simply relaxing the sanctions and “normalizing” relations so they can feed their people would work wonders. Japan and Korea have already said they will pay for denuclearization. It’s up to NOKO if they want the carrot or the stick.

  53. paulraven1 says:

    Watch for following meme from MSM: Trump is risking collapse of NoKo progress and nuclear war because of bellicose, prideful position on trade (this, after deriding the NoKo summit as meaningless showboating). Trump is jeopardizing world peace. Everything that happens in the world now is simply fodder for that day’s anti-Trump narrative — zero historical context or memory, zero deep analysis, zero actual journalism. It’s like living in a raging kindergarten.

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Our fake news press – our concern troll press – has become CHINA’S CHEERLEADERS.

    • bofh says:

      “It’s like living in a raging kindergarten.”
      Excellent phrase. I am so stealing that.

      • dbobway says:

        At best these ‘faux news readers’, couldn’t compete with a 3rd grader in maturity.
        That is far back as I have to go to compare what I’ve heard before,
        To what these people are reading.

    • USTerminator says:

      It does not matter what MSN does. With the $200B tariff announcement, Every boardroom in America with anything related to China will dust off their China exit contingency plan. Who would be in the right mind to put more investment in China now?

    • wildsailor2018 says:

      Wait, they would be criticizing him for jeopardizing what they criticized him for doing in the first place? Blahahahahaha….I would not put it past them. They have nothing to do but sit and spin negative anything that POTUS does.

      • paulraven1 says:

        That’s the point — they go day to day with zero obligation to what they said yesterday and totally heedless of what they will say tomorrow. They don’t care. Whatever they need to damage Trump.

  54. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Trump can’t be scared like the Kasich rabbit. China can tit-for-tat us to the complete trade closure that DESTROYS THEIR MILITARY.
    Ummm……. OK. Sounds GOOD TO ME! 😎

    • Dave Radetsky says:

      I’m not sure I’m understanding what you’re saying, but if I am and it’s that if China tries to compete with us on trade since we have a much larger economy and stronger trade and they are dependent on us, it would only lead to them destroying their military because of the devastation we could cause to their military.
      If I’m close on that being the correct understanding, then I would say that the one thing we have to be aware of is that they will not allow that to happen without a fight, and I don’t mean a trade fight. If they feel too cornered their action would be to attack militarily. And they do have a very strong military with very good technology (thanks to the Democrats giving so much to them) that can take ours on. WIth a military that dwarfs ours, they can throw a lot of lives at us before running out. Part of their plan that was revealed a few years ago regarding attacking America included just throwing bodies at us because they had such an abundance of soldiers due to their high population. That is something the president will also be dealing with when considering our actions.

      • Rhoda R says:

        The ‘cannon fodder’ tactic is no where near as effective these days as it was in days of yore. We have more to worry about with the military technology they’ve stolen from us than their raw numbers.

      • Tuduri says:

        I can understand how they might want to employ military means in reaction to our tariffs, but it is more likely that they might do something like closing off the South China Sea to the US and other countries, hoping to suck our Navy into intervening. Then China might try to employ their anti-access military technology to sink one or two aircraft carriers and expect us to ‘cry uncle’.
        Yes, there is the argument that ‘they have more soldiers’ and will just ‘throw more bodies at us’. But how will they get those bodies over here? Troop ships? Not likely. What is more likely and logical is that China may want to provoke Noko to attack our troops in South Korea and then they would back up Noko with their own troops, using the Nokos as cannon fodder before introducing their own people.

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Trump knows that China fears us using THEIR CHOSEN WEAPON – economics. And Trump is REALLY GOOD with that weapon.
          Let’s say China sank one of our carriers. A fool would mount a big retaliatory military action.
          How do you REALLY get revenge on China?
          Go on DEFENSE with the military, in ways that the ChiComs regret for centuries, and NUKE TRADE.
          I would cut off all trade with them until they gave us 1000X reparations, including $1B per dead sailor, and the cost of 5 new carriers on top of that.
          Chinese love money. They FEAR losing it.
          ChiComs don’t care about their cannon fodder citizens. They care about their wealth.

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Sorry if I’m not clear.
        What I’m saying is that the ChiComs can’t build their military without “somebody else’s money”, and that somebody is us. Their trade trickery allows them to get us to subsidize their military. A level of “fair trade” takes away their advantage. “No trade” would ruin them, and not allow their military to grow at a winning rate, unless somebody else became the chump (most likely Europe).

  55. Kaiser Derden says:

    most people treat a negotiation as a fight i.e. adversarial … Trump treats it as a dance … with neither party leading and both making their own moves …

  56. simplewins says:

    OIL is down. The barrel price has dropped $9 since last week and gas prices have dropped about 10% with it. Which is great.

  57. repsort says:

    Bravo, PJDT, VSG!

  58. Kaiser Derden says:

    we don’t buy food or gas from China … everything else is non essential and can be bought from other sources (yes at a slightly higher price) … with 3-4% growth am pretty sure US consumers won’t even notice this “trade war” with China …

    • Shirley Goodwin says:

      A little naive, isn’t it, to assume that all Americans can easily handle price increases. Some of us lost everything, even our retirement funds, under Obama. Many Americans are still recovering and are very sensitive to any expenses at all.

      • Conservativeinny says:

        Shirley, I’m with you. Too many of us lost everything. For me, my house is underwater, I’ve had no raise in years and everything else has gone up. Gas in my area of NY where there is no public transportation is hovering between 2.99 and 3.07 per gal for 87. With the tax cut I am trying to pay of medical bills from my youngest before Nov. the raise in gas has cut into that a bit but before that they were going to have to go to collections. At least now I may pay them off.

      • Bendix says:

        Amy Dacyczyn’s books are still available. She went counter to the culture of spend spend spend, buy buy buy (on credit) during one of our previous financial bubbles.
        I am not being flippant. Been there, done that personally, when it comes to having to watch the pennies.
        During the Great Depression, the way my grandparents managed, was to avoid any spending or buying, outside of the barest necessities, at all.
        That was Amy’s view, too. She would become very frustrated with ‘money saving tips’ which were actually about spending, not saving.
        BTW, I have found that when you don’t have something like a toaster or TV set, there is always someone willing to give you their old one.

  59. Kokanee says:

    POTUS Trump’s timing is perfect. While the press and democrats are fixated on the children on the border POTUS drops a M.O.A.T on China. Do they abandon the children to focus on trade? CoC’s heads expoding!

  60. David says:

    China has been mercantilist for centuries. China refusing to buy foreign goods and draining all the silver out of Europe was the cause of the Opium Wars of the 1840s and 1850s.
    Unbalanced trade with China is not a new problem.

  61. Nightstand says:

    It is probably to early to see if the tariffs on China are working, but China doesn’t seem to be bothered about it at the moment. They have not reduced their tariffs on our goods yet. How long do you think we need to wait before we see them give in? A month , 6 months or longer?

    • The posture needs to be that it will take as long as it takes and that it is the best course. Talk about how long shows weakness & that makes it less likely that we will carry the day. That means the Chinese win and hollow out our Nation.

      • Jim Ryan says:

        I think your post defines what the Chinese will look at when evaluating any changes to their response. Corporations planning to exit Chinese partnerships will also play a role. When public response and corporate response to the tariffs show a growing concern over the viability of the Chinese trade positions, they will look for a way to back down and save face. I believe that laying the blame at the feet of North Korea will then be their public position on the trade war. What happens if Trump isolates NoKo before that time?

        • Interesting. I’m not sure President Trump will allow the blame for China’s multi year trade policies and abuses to be laid at NoK feet. One of POTUS winning strategies is assigning blame and blaming NoK would be inaccurate & dishonest.
          I agree with others that China may save face by getting involved in trade with America through NoK.

    • Deb says:

      It’s a war of attrition. The problem with communists, they think their population is expendable. Causing their population pain doesn’t phase them. We need to be willing to pay higher prices and persevere long enough for the communists who run their country to feel the pain. We’ll find out just how much of a paper tiger China really is.

  62. jbrickley says:

    China has just verbally responded but has not taken any steps yet. They say they are not afraid of a trade war; reality check, they should be. Trump has much more leverage if they don’t come to the table and reset fair trade balances. Trump is not going to blink, they match the $200B and he will initiate another $200B and if that doesn’t work, further measures will be taken. Additional percentages or new lateral trade agreements with OTC (Other Than China). A potential embargo is a nuke.

    • President Trump is our MAGA Trade Mechanic with a RATCHET WRENCH.
      Every single ratchet:
      • Cuts the Trade Deficit
      • Grows Domestic Production
      • Reaps Tariff Revenue
      … At the expense of China’s Military Expansion and Workforce Employment.
      … Reminding the populace of the folly of putting President Xi in place as Dictator for Life.
      Ratchet away, Mr. President!

    • wildsailor2018 says:

      Remember, when a trading partner BANS almost everything YOU make and want to import or force you to partner with a company inside their country to make it for you in their market you already have a TRADE WAR. We are just now coming to the field is all.

  63. True Treeper says:

    “Trump is not going to blink”…
    Again so many of the “experts” have underestimated PDJT. You’d think they’d have learned by now.

  64. thedoc00 says:

    Sundance be sure to also keep front and center as part of your editorializing, the President is also working the Technology IP theft issue as well.

  65. Nightstand says:

    So all these “experts ” still won’t say that so far China has not blinked, they have not reduced their tariffs. That’s the bottom line for now.

  66. Nightstand says:

    Have we under estimated the Chinese leader? So far he has not budged on removing tariffs on US goods and we are acting as if he has and Trump is winning! If China does not give in and remove their tariffs, which they have NOT done, how is that winning? Same thing holds true for Canada and Mexico. Right now they are winning, not us.

    • Sentient says:

      China only buys ~$170B in products from the US. That’s why Trump is enacting tariffs on $200B of Chinese goods – because they can’t respond in like measure. Don’t worry. Headlines are about US stocks crashing, but the Dow is only down 350 and the yield on the 10 Year only dropped .04%. Don’t listen to the Chicken Littles.

      • rudy1876 says:

        Short term pain for long term gain. We seem to be too comfortable losing just to avoid a little discomfort. The market has been a falsity for many years now inflated by the Fed literally giving investors no where to invest and denying obvious inflation. Saving money meant losing money.

    • Trust me, we are winning! Not only will the US Treasury be getting $20B in tariffs, but we buy $376B more of their goods than they buy of ours. That means they would have to import more American goods just to be able to match us tariff for tariff, which they cannot do. That means they will eventually run out of road in this “trade war”.
      Remember, -$376B, the only way to lose this war is to not fight it. #MoreWinning 😀

  67. Major Rage says:

    Trump could not have unsheathed the sword of global trade war at a better time. BREXIT and Islam are disupting the EU. NAFTA has a gun to its head. Latin America is imploding from its own corruption. The Middle East and Russia are fighting to see who go’s broke last. With his artful demonstration of power and purpose at Singapore, Trump has underscored his intent to change North Korea – at China’s expense, if necessary.
    In short, everyone, most especially China, is vulnerable. Trump would have a field day working all of the various players against each other. The President is in position to weave an epic tale about reversal of fortunes that our great-grandchildren will be reading in the history books. We certainly live in interesting times!

  68. The longer this “Trade Dispute with China” devolves …
    • The more Chinese manufacturers’ goods have to flood into other countries’ markets
    • The sooner those countries have to raise tariffs to protect their own manufacturers
    • The further Chinese exporters must cut prices to compensate
    • The higher receiving countries will raise their tariffs
    • The more goods they apply tariffs to
    • The quicker buyers of Chinese exports will source from other countries
    • The sooner buyers incur higher prices
    • The sooner that importing countries build DOMESTIC capacity
    • The faster Chinese manufacturers lose export markets altogether
    • The sooner Chinese Workers will lose their jobs
    • The more Chinese Factories close their doors
    • The faster the number of jobless Chinese Workers grows
    • The more China’s over-leveraged banks feel the stress
    • The more China’s banks need higher interest rates to cover their losses
    • The less China’s businesses can afford investment
    • The more China needs to bail out those losses
    • The faster China’s currency gets devalued
    • The sooner importing Countries impose quotas and sanctions on China
    The faster that TENS of MILLIONS of CHINESE will RISE against GOVERNMENT
    Message to President Trump:

    • Nightstand says:

      Let us all go out this week and buy as many Chinese goods as we can and stock pile what we think we will need before they go up. It may take years before President Trump can fix this. But then there is always Mexico and no wall ! We need more South American children. Print more money , that’s the answer.

    • Nightstand says:

      Oh that’s not a problem , China’s Government will just kill a few million and that will be the end of that thought. They will jump back in line.

      • Flip, but pointless: The Chinese government can never again massacre their people and expect foreign countries to import Chinese products … once our VSG President Trump reframed international relationships based on mutual defense, energy and trade that’s free, fair and RECIPROCAL.
        Cheatin China is facing failure and rejection unless they change DRAMATICALLY, VERIFIABLY and IRREVOCABLY.
        Haven’t we heard those words somewhere else recently? ?

  69. Nightstand says:

    China vulnerable? Not at all, they are expanding everywhere. They are hanging tough on their tariffs on our goods and so are Canada and Mexico. At the moment China is winning and China is happy for you to think that the U.S. Is winning. They are indeed laughing.

  70. jmclever says:


  71. lou says:

    I think Trump told Kim I’m going to put Tariffs on China and I will begin trading with you if you get rid of the Nukes. Your country will prosper and you will have more money in your pocket. Meeting Kim was step 1 putting tariffs on China step 2 who knows what step 3 is but Im assuming Trump knows what he’s doing

    • Nightstand says:

      That would be great , maybe they can start by cutting the lights on. Oh, that’s right they don’t have any.

  72. Anon says:

    Maybe the endgame is the collapse of China’s government?

  73. noswamp says:

    “Have we under estimated the Chinese leader? So far he has not budged on removing tariffs on US goods and we are acting as if he has and Trump is winning! If China does not give in and remove their tariffs, which they have NOT done, how is that winning? Same thing holds true for Canada and Mexico. Right now they are winning, not us.”
    They started the trade war. Trump will finish it. Jobs are leaving Canada, investors to NAFTA are on the sidelines and not investing in Mexico or Canada because they know Trump is done with NAFTA, China still wants to play games, but since we do not export hardly anything to them, they truly do not affect us. Our tariffs on their products affects them far more than us. Keep up the good work POTUS.

    • Nightstand says:

      I like Trumps plan better than the path we have walked the past 35 years. Republican and Democrats have all but distroyed our economy ,leaving a lot of us frustrated and distrustful of our Governments leaders that got us into this position in the first place.

  74. dufrst says:

    Tariffs actually lowering commodity prices domestically? I believe Sundance talked about this….

    • From the article, CNBC says:
      “More than half of U.S. soybeans go to China, the world’s largest consumer of the beans.”
      However, here’s the numbers from the USDA
      US soybean production (2015): 3,929 million bushels
      US soybean exports to China (2015): 1,085 million bushels
      US soybean exports total (2015): 1,940 million bushels
      What CNBC fails to tell their readers is that the “more than half” of US soybeans they quote only applies to exported soybeans, not total soybeans as they imply. In reality, exports to China account for only a quarter of total US soybeans.
      Pretty minor but it’s kind of fun pointing out the sensationalization of the news in live action. 🙂

      • Maquis says:

        Those other countries buying soybeans can likely take up any slack due to Chinese reductions. China may very well regret letting that happen, as producers having expanded trade with more reliable non-world-domination-bent partners would be reluctant to accomodate China’s “change of heart.”

  75. treehouseron says:

    To those saying we’re going to collapse China, etc. that’s not what he’s trying to do. He’s trying to recapture our manufacturing base here in America. China can take care of themselves.
    This is why he wants to cut a deal with ZTE. His goal isn’t to necessarily make the Chinese unemployed, his goal is to get a level playing field. With a level playing field, they will have the advantage of cheap labor, but we will have the advantage of educated labor, better quality, and better location (don’t have to ship everything around the world). He’s trying to set up a situation… similar to the situation the U.S. enjoyed 100 years ago, where the best goods in the world are made right here in America using our educated workforce.
    If ZTE wants to pay a huge fine and stop ripping us off, of course they can open back up. This is also leverage against Xi flipping out too much about the trade spat.
    The only reason any of this matters is A. it will make it more expensive to sell into China, and B. it will make it more expensive to buy from China. This is going to create a vacuum to create product HERE instead of in China… and will also create a vacuum to SELL here instead of China. Or sell other places with lower tariffs. A lot of this is agriculture stuff, which you’ll notice we just put the kabosh on importing as much from Canada, etc.
    He’s trying to make us sell and buy American.

    • Well said Ron! It’s not China last, it’s America first. We’re not in this to rip them apart, we’re in this to rebuild our globalist-ravaged country.

    • Bendix says:

      I am getting a little ticked off at the number of Americans who would rather not see manufacturing return, and men and women making a living wage for a hard day’s work, if it means the price of disposable junk from China will be out of reach.
      When I think about what my parents and grandparents did without, so we could free the world during WWII, and people are afraid they can’t run out and buy STUFF? Like what? Dishes with lead in them? If you are poor, quit buying STUFF!

    • Nail it, Ron, Nail it!
      Gee … a vacuum to produce more in America.
      More American Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
      USCOC now on snowflake MELT alert!
      Gee … China buys less of our soybeans.
      • They buy from Country B what Country Z would have bought.
      • So Country Z buys our soybeans instead.
      It’s a WORLD MARKET.

  76. Mercenary says:

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Trump is dropping these tariffs just as this “border crisis” is heating up. And clearly it’s related to the market drop.
    It’s very smart of Trump. He’s forcing the media to choose what to cover. $200 billion in tariffs is a huge move, no matter how you cut it. But the media is going to go with the border story. They will even be forced to devote some resources and page-space to China, which will divide their attention.
    I can’t imagine Trump planned it this way, but perhaps he was waiting for the right time to drop the tariffs. Smart play, as usual, from this President.

    • treehouseron says:

      His timing is amazing, it’s like he works on different time than other people. I heard some folks speculating about this over a year ago. Hear me out.
      Most people think of time as linear, but in reality some time is cyclical, like the day cycle, the moon cycle, the cycle of a year, etc.
      President Trump likely thinks of time a little differently than most people do, and this allows him to use it differently. I know that sounds crazy, but think about this…
      If you’re in a Rock Concert, time flies. It seems like 3 hours passes in a blink of an eye.
      If you’re at a funeral, it seems like time drags! 3 hours seems like an eternity.
      Einstein’s theory of special relativity basically said that time speeds up or slows down, relative to the viewer! If you’re moving 100 miles an hour, the telephone poles fly by… if you’re walking at 3 miles an hour, they casually stroll by.
      President Trump is manipulating the time around him at certain moments, and I think he’s doing it as a reflex, he doesn’t even have to think about it.

      • Mercenary says:

        I think his thinking is, if the media is going to go nuts over this story, let me do some REAL crazy sh*t since they’re going to go nuts anyways. What are they gonna do? If they switch topics, he wins. If they stay on topic and ignore his other actions, he wins. Heat is nothing to Trump, he simply cranks it up even higher.

        • BINGO:
          “Heat is nothing to Trump, he simply cranks it up even higher.”
          President Trump thrives on MULTIPLYING CHAOS around him.
          It multiplies his options for LEVERAGE.
          NO ONE can leverage CHAOS for the WIN like Trump.
          For a VSG President, CHAOS is a KICK!

  77. treehouseron says:

    BTW, if we had a decent businessman running Canada up north, he’d be on the phone right now with the President saying “President Trump, Screw China. I wanna know if we can drop all these tariffs and make everything level, and reciprocal, and sign a 0% tariff deal with the U.S. ? Canada wants to be the U.S.A.’s number 1 trading partner!”
    So much opportunity missed by all of these globalists.

  78. Bendix says:

    One of the things that really used to burn me, long before we had Trump, was that in any discussion of the manufacture of cheap goods from China, and the loss of American jobs, you could count on voluntary trolls passing along globalist propaganda.
    No, we consumers didn’t do this to ourselves, because we didn’t want to pay the cost of a quality hammer, made in America.
    I personally have never met anyone who actually wanted a hammer, who balked at the sticker price, and then decided to go with the cheap one that breaks after one or two uses.
    All the useless Republicans, most of whom don’t know how to use a hammer, could say was idiocy like “robots”.
    Thank God we have a worldly, very intelligent, patriotic man in charge.
    BTW, I think that not only was Obama not smart enough himself to grasp these issues, he didn’t have anyone around him who understood these things either.
    Hillary had to resort to telling potential voters that she was going to put her husband in charge of taking care of those who were “left out” of Obama’s wonderful recovery. I think Hillary and Barack together may have been as smart as Bill, but who needed her if she didn’t have the smarts herself, when we could start fresh with a new man who hadn’t put the American people through decades of hell?
    This is such a big deal. Just think, most younger Americans cannot even grasp how big a deal it is.

    • treehouseron says:

      Abso-Friekin’-Lutely. It’s kind of the opposite of what they say. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been doing some project with my brothers, and we need a hammer, and somebody says “Don’t use that cheap one, I’ve got an Estwing around here somewhere! Where’s that one? There it is, give me that one!”
      When you go buy another Estwing or whatever, imagine the disappointment when you figure out it’s made in China now, or this is cheaper than it used to be, or whatever.
      Estwing is still made in America, but just using them as an example. It’s the opposite of what the globalists say. People are proud of quality stuff made in America.

      • piper567 says:

        ron, my Dad used one of those his whole life.
        My Brother has it now.

      • Yes, yes, yes!!! Estwing is the bomb! Made in Illinois (Rockford) too! 😉

      • kea says:

        Yes I still used my old tools. They work great unlike the new ones.
        Reminds me of if you want a good washing machine buy a speedqueen.

      • chancebarns says:

        The wife and I still use a made in America, 40+ year-old Sunbeam toaster that her grandparents gave us as a hand-me-down after they had used it for a decade or so. That thing still works great!
        Not so long ago, American’s sure knew how to make things that last. And I believe that many people still do. The good Lord willing, and with a leader who puts America first, we can and will achieve that greatness again!

  79. mikedmccoy says:

    President Trump has called China’s bluff and the Chinese have no choice but to lick their wounds on the tariff issue. China has an enormous population advantage but the distribution of their newfound wealth is much worse than ours. President Xi has declared himself en equal to Chairman Mao but he’s not nearly as savvy.

  80. tonyE says:

    Well, I guess my bonus won’t be so good since we do a lot of our trade with China…
    OTOH, my pay raise better be good because I’m getting phone calls…

  81. trialbytruth says:

    Listened to ten minutes of Beck touting the COC line. The dangers.of trade.wars and how much more expensive crap will.cost at Wal-Mart. He said Congress sshoud vote on this. Gloom.despair and all that. My guess is he followed with a buy gold commercial.

    • treehouseron says:

      These guys like Beck are the friekin’ worst. They spout this crap that they honestly know nothing about, it’s just what they read and they believe it 100%, or worse they’re paid off to say it.
      “Trade wars are always a tax on the consumer!!!”
      Well Beck, we haven’t had one in a good while so screw you we’re going to try it differently this time with a President with the BALLS to make it work.

      • trialbytruth says:


      • Bendix says:

        Like he knows.

      • Deb says:

        I’m already being taxed, I can’t buy appliances that last more than a few years. The clothing I buy at the local store that used to last a few years only lasts one season. I’ve gone through 4 toasters in the last 5 years.
        I’m tired of cheap crap from China, and so is my pocketbook.

      • Nightstand says:

        Yes, I don’t think Beck knows anything about trade tariffs. If he did he wouldn’t say that America can’t win. Of course we win , look at the math, China pays us 200 billion, we pay them 30 billion. That’s winning. ” we can’t lose with the stuff Trump use”

  82. I have been waiting a LONG time to see a US President take a stand for the manufacturing of this country, having spent the last 4-5 years making a dedicated effort to buy things Made in the USA and to encourage others to do so to. (I know I’ve posted my site here before, but if this has anyone thinking they want to start buying American, here it is:
    Honestly, I just can’t explain how happy all of this makes me. To know my efforts have not been wasted, that my President is also fighting for America… it truly warms my heart. America is back baby! #MoreWinning 😀

  83. thedoc00 says:

    This is a major battle of attrition with the Chinese Government. It does not take an MBA, PHD in Economics or business science to understand there is NO negotiating with the Chinese Government without deploying an economic weapon with consequences. The Chinese are going to make every negotiation a “Trade War”. Because they know this forces President Trump and his team to battle the Chinese Government, plus 99% of the US Media and Wall Street supported by their lackeys in Congress.
    The only people who see this so far, whom I have seen, are the President, the President’s team, Charles Payne and Stewart Varney. Interesting that there were actually two guests on Varney this morning who actually stated the US consumer and even the mainstreet parts of the economy will see little impact of this “Trade War”. The long term members of Wall Street are going to make a mint off short term traders who are panicking.

  84. thedoc00 says:

    The Chinese Government is going to turn every form of negotiation into a “Trade War”. Currently this has the potential of working every time as long as President had to contend with the Chinese Government as well as 99% of the Media and Wall Street supported by their lackeys in congress.

    • thedoc00 says:

      It is notable that only Charles Payne and Stewart Varney have covered the pain being suffered by the Chinese Government and that the “Trade War” has not done any appreciable damage to the Main Street economic sectors or factors.

    • Over the last 3 months:
      • S&P up 3%
      • Shanghai Composite DOWN 10%
      … Plummeting around 8% during June
      Who’s winning?

    • Deb says:

      We’ve been in a trade war for 25 years, our side has been letting the commies win.

  85. kea says:

    President Trump has waiting three decades for this moment. This President and his team are entirely prepared for this.—- Yes and this is why I fully trust in Trump. And I think he has fully factors NK into all of this. Notice the timing.
    President Xi is about to meet with NK and yet Trump drops the M.O.A.T (Mother of All Tariffs). This shows China and the world he’s not playing. Its also before a rally. So yeah I fully Trust in Trump!!! MAGA on Sir!!!!

  86. Oldschool says:

    When it comes to China, NoKo, trade, not a doubt in my mind, Trump’s got this.

  87. truthbomb says:

    Hang Seng Index dropped 3% today. At critical support. China will have to use a lot of reserves to plug this dam that appears about to break.

  88. Elle says:

    Another morning, another jaw dropper, to be followed by at least one more wow/eyebrow raiser by evening. Not even close yet, but maybe, at some point, I really will get tired of all the winning.

  89. […] Back to May 23rd, 2018, and remember the auto tariff proposal.  President Trump has made it clear that he’s more than willing to use reciprocal trade tariffs against all trade partners in getting fair and balanced trade.  He ain’t bluffing. […]

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  91. […] in full Red Dragon mode.  The May and June, 2018, negotiations between the U.S. and China provided no progress.  The 301 review of China is now pulled back off the shelf, and President Trump assembles his […]

  92. […] where negotiations would end-up. The May and June, 2018, negotiations between the U.S. and China provided no progress.  The 301 review of China is now pulled back off the shelf, and President Trump assembles his […]

  93. […] where negotiations would end-up. The May and June, 2018, negotiations between the U.S. and China provided no progress.  The 301 review of China is now pulled back off the shelf, and President Trump assembles his […]

  94. […] where negotiations would end-up. The May and June, 2018, negotiations between the U.S. and China provided no progress.  The 301 review of China is now pulled back off the shelf, and President Trump assembles his […]

  95. […] where negotiations would end-up. The May and June, 2018, negotiations between the U.S. and China provided no progress.  The 301 review of China was pulled back off the shelf, and President Trump assembles his […]

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