Eagle Hits Dragon With $50 Billion Interference Penalty…

Buried in a Wall Street Journal article outlining their shock and horror over President Trump following through with a Phase-I trade penalty of $50 billion, you find the following quote from Captain Obvious at Cornell University:

“The Trump administration is clearly signaling, ahead of Wilbur Ross’s trip to Beijing, that the gloves are off given China’s unwillingness to agree to a trade deficit reduction target or to make broader trade concessions,” said Eswar Prasad, a Cornell University professor of international trade. In addition, the “hardline stance may partly reflect the perception that China played a part in nearly derailing the Trump-Kim summit.” (link)

Gee, ya think?

The White House announced today it will clarify by June 15 a final list of $50 billion in imports from China that would be subject to tariffs of 25%, with the duties implemented “shortly thereafter.”  Additionally, future investment restrictions aimed at preventing Chinese acquisition of American technology will be announced by June 30.

Statement from the White House:

YEARS OF UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES: China has consistently taken advantage of the American economy with practices that undermine fair and reciprocal trade.

For many years, China has pursued industrial policies and unfair trade practices—including dumping, discriminatory non-tariff barriers, forced technology transfer, over capacity, and industrial subsidies—that champion Chinese firms and make it impossible for many United States firms to compete on a level playing field.

  • China’s industrial policies, such as its “Made in China 2025” plan, harm companies in the United States and around the world.
  • China imposes much higher tariffs on United States exports than the United States imposes on China.
  • China’s average tariff rate is nearly three times higher than the average United States rate.
  • Certain products are even more imbalanced, for instance the United States charges a 2.5 percent tariff on Chinese cars, while China currently maintains a 25 percent tariff on cars from the United States.
  • China has banned imports of United States agricultural products such as poultry, cutting off America’s ranchers and farmers from a major market for their goods.
  • China has dumped and unfairly subsidized a range of goods for the United States market, undermining America’s domestic industry.

♦In 2018 alone, the Trump Administration has found dumping or unfair subsidies on 13 different products, including steel wheels, cold-drawn mechanical tubing, tool chests and cabinets, forged steel fittings, aluminum foil, rubber bands, cast iron soil pipe and fittings, and large diameter welded pipe.

♦In January 2018, the Trump Administration found that China’s overproduction of steel and aluminum, and the resulting impact on global markets, is a circumstance that threatens to impair America’s national security.

♦The United States has run a trade in goods deficit with China for years, including a $375 billion deficit in 2017 alone.

UNDERMINING AMERICAN INNOVATION AND JOBS: China has aggressively sought to obtain technology from American companies and undermine American innovation and creativity.

  • The cost of China’s intellectual property theft costs United States innovators billions of dollars a year, and China accounts for 87 percent of counterfeit goods seized coming into the United States.
  • United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) Section 301 investigation identified four of China’s aggressive technology policies that put 44 million American technology jobs at risk:

•Forced technology transfer;
•Requiring licensing at less than economic value;
•Chinese state-directed acquisition of sensitive United States technology for strategic purposes; and
•Outright cyber theft.

  • China uses foreign ownership restrictions, administrative review, and licensing processes to force or pressure technology transfers from American companies.
  • China requires foreign companies that access their New Energy Vehicles market to transfer core technologies and disclose development and manufacturing technology.
  • China imposes contractual restrictions on the licensing of intellectual property and technology by foreign firms into China, but does not put the same restrictions on contracts between two Chinese enterprises.
  • China directs and facilitates investments in and acquisitions of United States companies to generate large-scale technology transfer.
  • China conducts and supports cyber intrusions into United States computer networks to gain access to valuable business information so Chinese companies can copy products.

STANDING UP TO CHINA’S UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES: President Trump has taken long overdue action to finally address the source of the problem, China’s unfair trade practices that hurt America’s workers and our innovative industries.

  • In January 2018, the President announced his decision to provide safeguard relief to United States manufacturers injured by surging imports of washing machines and solar products.
  • This was the first use of Section 201 of the Trade Act of 1974 to impose tariffs in 16 years.
  • These actions responded to injurious trade practices by China and other countries, including attempts to avoid legally imposed antidumping and countervailing duties.
  • Following the decision, Whirlpool announced 200 new jobs in Ohio.
  • USTR and the Department of Commerce are working together to defend the right of the United States to continue treating China as a non-market economy in antidumping investigations until China makes the reforms it agreed to when it joined the World Trade Organization (WTO).
  • President Trump’s Administration has successfully litigated WTO disputes targeting unfair trade practices and upholding our right to enforce United States trade laws.
  • In February 2018, USTR won a WTO compliance challenge against China’s unfair antidumping and countervailing duties on United States poultry exports and China announced the termination of those duties.

PROTECTING AMERICAN INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY: President Trump has worked to defend America’s intellectual property and proprietary technology from theft and other threats.

In August 2017, the Administration initiated a Section 301 investigation into China’s practices related to forced technology transfer, unfair licensing, and intellectual property policies.

After USTR completed its Section 301 report in March 2018, the President directed the agencies to explore numerous actions to protect domestic technology and intellectual property.

Under President Trump’s leadership:

  • The United States will impose a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion of goods imported from China containing industrially significant technology, including those related to the “Made in China 2025” program. The final list of covered imports will be announced by June 15, 2018.
  • USTR will continue WTO dispute settlement against China originally initiated in March to address China’s discriminatory technology licensing requirements.
  • The United States will implement specific investment restrictions and enhanced export controls for Chinese persons and entities related to the acquisition of industrially significant technology. The list of restrictions and controls will be announced by June 30, 2018.


“Oh dear”..


See you on Saturday…

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150 Responses to Eagle Hits Dragon With $50 Billion Interference Penalty…

  1. Cheesehead54016 says:

    Soon there will be even MORE WINNING. Thx POTUS and crew. Stay the path and America First will win out!!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      You are absolutely right!

      China is not the only country that is going to realize that our President lives by his motto of “AMERICA FIRST”. China, Mexico, Canada, the EU, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and Japan are going to get a wake up call on June 1st when it comes to the steel and aluminum tariffs.

      Our President is going to show China it means business at the end of this month when the countries that have been exempt from the steel and aluminum tariffs (above) no longer have that exemption. The only country that will have the exemption is South Korea because they renegotiated a new KORUS with us.

      This will occur one day prior to our Wilburine’s visit. It will set the tone for the visit!

      China will see that our President is not afraid of anybody. Including are so called allies and countries that are adjacent to us.

      Our President will make sure Wilburine explains what the ARROWS look like that will be used in the foreseeable future. The 232 on cars, trucks and parts is going to be crippling for China as well as Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea and the European Union (specifically Germany).

      Our President has complete power when it comes to 232 tariffs. RINOs, CoC, Lobbyists, Globalist etc. can’t do a damn thing to stop what is coming. Just like they couldn’t do anything to stop the tariffs on steel and aluminum.

      Good luck RINOs telling the American people that you are looking to the courts to put an injunction on our President’s tariffs on cars, trucks and parts.

      GM, Ford, Chrysler etc. can scream all they want that what the President is doing will not help them.

      Once again the car corporations and the RINOs fail to understand AMERICA FIRST. His only concern is the people of this country.

      They have less than a year to start expanding and building factories in the US in order to circumvent the tariffs. If they decide to wait it out, oh well, they will learn the hard way.

      PDJT is also going to push forward not only with this $50 billion but the additional $100 billion he asked for. That will bring the total with the 301 tariffs to $150 billion dollars of Chinese goods.

      As soon as China reciprocates, our President will call for an additional $150 billion dollars of tariffs. The problem for China is that they have nothing left to put tariffs on. They can only tariff $150 billion. Their gun shoots blanks after that.

      Our Wilburine will tell China that they better tell the Brazilians to produce much more soy because their people will starve to death based on their own stupidity.

      Chairman Xi is going to pay like it is nobody’s business. You FU……K with the EAGLE 🦅 and you will feel every single ARROW that comes your way!

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        HEAR, HEAR!!! 😎

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      • CoinSteward says:

        I really like how that comment ended. I believe we have a leader who knows how to follow through and finish strong. I also really appreciate your perspective on things.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        Greetings from Hong Kong, May, 30th 2018 10:52am

        Well they certainly are focusing on that here in Asia. Chinese propaganda is hilarious and also transparent. Look at these, notice the boxing gloves? All too funny!

        Words very commonly used when entering agreements with “laowai’s” (laowai means foreigner in mandarin). Cooperation, Mutual, trust, inclusiveness, “to our mutual benefit” are words to beware of when entering any arrangements with Chinese nationals. They don’t don’t do deals in which is fair, transparent, and or never abide by a level playing field, but only ones where they have the upper hand to take more.

        A friend of mine, many years ago went to China to open a business, particularly a Pizza restaurant in which he had a Chinese partner to help facilitate setting up. He had all his own recipes, and even imported special ovens to make his special pizza, which much of the expenses were out of pocket for him and very little investment of his partner’s own money went into the business itself. He had this planned for many years and finally took the opportunity to make his vision happen. After his grand opening, his business started to flourish and was making quite of bit of money due to his recipe and good business smarts to capitalized. Well after the business started packing houses in Beijing, he expanded with a few locations around Beijing and business boomed even more, all because of his unique recipe that no one could resist. Then one day, his partner with his wife stole more than 2 million dollars of his money, (USD’s) and tried to seize total control of the pizza business from the American based on nationalistic business interests and profit loss technicalities written within their by-laws that that favors Chinese citizens over American foreign nationals operating within China.

        Unfortunately for the Chinese partner, the American challenged him in court on the basis of not only stealing his money, but of violations of NDA clauses that he made his Chinese partner sign prior to them opening the business together which stipulated that he could not copy nor steal his recipes should they decide to part ways. The court case played out for over a year before my American friend decided he had enough of being bled dry with legal fees, and there endless bureaucratic nonsense with the Chinese legal system, (which to him he states to me unequivocally it was a nightmare) so he decided to settle the case.

        The end result was the two partners agreed to spit the business up equally, and the Chinese partner had to return the full 2 million USD dollars to my friend with interest accrued in which the Chinese court ordered that they would enforce. The Chinese partner essentially made out because he got to keep the recipe and use it for his business, which a few years later was still around. My friend was not happy, but he continued with his half the business but suffered for a while until eventually selling the business and leaving China for good, with him telling me over a beer one night, he would never do business with the Chinese ever again out of shear disgust for the deception they regularly practice. The good news for him though, he did get his money back, and made a little money by selling his business, but in his views had it not been for the greed of his partner, both of them would have been multi-millionaires by now. True story that played out between the years of 2011 to 2012 in Beijing China while I was teaching.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Thank you 😊 for sharing that with me! SD says that for China, win win doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. I think they are going to realize shortly that they messed with the wrong Americans. Our President is going to take it to them like it was nobody’s business. He realizes that China is the biggest threat to our country.

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        • USTerminator says:

          That is unfortunate that is very common in China.There is zero intellectual property protection in China, especially against foreigners. When a dispute comes between Chinese and foreigner, chance is foreigner will not prevail even the contract in writing. One more thing, you don’t own real estate property in China, they are leased to you for 25 years (most of the time) so after that lease is up they can take the company or business away legally. The 25 years lease will be due starting in about 2020 or so and you can bet that if your business is doing good or desired by Chinese, your lease will not be renewed and you will be sent packing empty handed without compensation or selling for a cheap to local Chinese.


      • RoddREpub says:

        Very well said!

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    • helix35 says:

      Don’t mess with the D.

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    • Any advice appreciated. Anyone know how to un-grayout the comments section (disqus) on a website. My computer may have been hacked and my settings changed to cause comments grayout (can’t post on a couple of websites).


    • VeritasVincit says:

      “More winning” TRUE, but with the winning comes more whining.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      BOOM!!!!! Yeah baby! There’s a new sheriff in town!


  2. bosscook says:

    I know this is serious business, but I can’t stop laughing. MAGA

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  3. DanO64 says:

    Thanks SD. More please.

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      It’s good to be on a team that knows how to play hardball.

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      • With NAFTAs June 1st dead line, USTR Lighthizer must be the busiest cabinet person ever. The fate of our countries economic prosperity is depending on him, Wilburine, Navarro and of course President Trump.

        Why don’t we just put all the tariffs on China to eliminate at least part of the fatal flaw with the NAFTA. This would set a hug presidency for other countries trying to use Canada and Mexico as their mules. It would also bring more manufacturers to the US.

        I can just see President Trump rubbing his hands together, waiting for an other opportunity to shoot an arrows in the “made in China 2025” program! What a time to be alive, and boy o boy did we just by the skin of our teeth, avoid the Hillbilly’s doom and gloom. I bet China and Russia were praying the she would win!

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      • arete55 says:

        Hardball on behalf of The People.

        The Jack-Boot Liberals play their form of “Smash-Mouth” to insure their own perpetuity of control and “skimmed” riches…

        We finally have a Team Captain who plays offense to consistently score, not to punt or “take a knee”…


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      • Indeed it is. We have seen so little of it lately. It’s good to have a front row seat to see how it really works. All we can do is smile. And smile. And smile.

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  4. Everywhereguy says:

    How do you say BOOM. in Chinese?

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  5. Sylvia Avery says:

    “Additionally, future investment restrictions aimed at preventing Chinese acquisition of American technology will be announced by June 30.”

    Thank goodness. Just one of the many things that has alarmed me in recent years. So glad PDJT and The Wolverines are on the job.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      Protecting US technology is even more important than the tariffs. The Clintons and Gore sold out missile guidance technology via Loral Aerospace to the Chinese for campaign contributions. They should be in jail.

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      • Electra says:

        Years ago, I was a member of a certain Republican County Central Committee. It was during this time, in the 90’s, that a great deal of controversy was swirling around over whether or not to impeach Clinton over the Monica Lewinski thing. Many of us, mostly the younger folks, were jumping up and down, screaming about the missile tech transfer and how we should go after Clinton for that–not a sexcapade that, although reprehensible and abusive, just didn’t seem to upset the voters. It just seemed inexplicable to us that the GOP was letting the Clintons get away with treason.

        Well, slowly the whispers leaked out from those-in-the-know that there were reasons the Leadership wouldn’t touch the missile issue: First, it seemed clear, there was at least one Republican senator who was also guilty of trading military tech to the Chinese–Second, the free-traders were really on the march during this period, and no one wanted to draw attention to the perfidy of the Chinese, because it might jeopardize the gazillions of dollars they thought they were going to make in China– and third, there was general sense that if we really started looking under the Clinton rugs, we might find stuff (like murder) that would forever damage America’s picture of itself. It was felt that if we could just impeach Clinton, the nightmare would all go away–easy-peasy.

        Well, we’ve seen how that went. The Clintons keep coming back like a bad penny, and massive corruption has become entrenched in Washington, and…and the list is too long. All thanks to a cowardly Uniparty. (Sorry for the long rant. I’ve been waiting for twenty years to let it out.)

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    • Jedi9 says:

      Yes Sylvia, this is so important in protecting American interests that it can not be stated enough! We also have to be very vigilant about not only our own citizens committing treason and espionage, but Chinese foreign nationals operating here on business visas! They need to be watched, scrutinized and vetted with extreme prejudice in order to insure what is ours stays ours. Making it tougher for them to steal anything, and Tariffs is just the beginning.

      Another issue is their influence in our universities systems with their indoctrination policies to allow Chinese Foreign nationals with easier access to bypass the testing standards such as SAT and TEFL requirements. One such ORG is the Chinese Confucius Institute, where the accusations that it is a front that helps a network of Chinese spying has been recently coming to the forefront of a much larger issue within our University and education system.



      This is really the heart of their spy network where they are stealing a lot of our ideas where they are at the beginning stages of development in order to get a head of our own. This must stop and more needs to be done to advocate in order to address our universities that cater to this willful, blatant, egregious violations to our sovereign rights that our of national interests.

      Lastly, lest not we forget the ones who were caught, where this was happening right under our noses, and where was the media on this news front? Where is it now in reflection to our vulnerable we are in terms of our tech trade secrets?

      Indeed, this is what a traitor looks like, and had the shoe been on the other foot, I am sure he would have faced a firing squad had it been in China!

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  6. Cow wow says:

    God bless our team! PDJT and co have done more to stand up for us (USA!) than anything I’ve seen in my lifetime.

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  7. DanO64 says:

    Almost like it was PLANNED. Just say N.

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  8. Psycho Monkee says:

    Good thing Sundance factually and accurately pointed this out here in reality-land; a.k.a. CTH, cuz it sure as heck won’t be reported on the alphabets. ❤️🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸❤️

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  9. booger71 says:

    * China has banned imports of United States agricultural products such as poultry, cutting off America’s ranchers and farmers from a major market for their goods.
    Isn’t that because they bought some chicken slaughter houses in the U.S. or is that pork only

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  10. vikingmom says:

    Not meaning to overstate the obvious, but Donald Trump was already a wealthy man, with decades of success in the private sector, and therefore had no economic incentive to run for President and has no need to structure laws and treaties in ways that will personally benefit him.

    In comparison, both Billy Jeff Clinton (and his “lovely” bride) and Barry Soetero got into politics because they had an insatiable desire for money, power, and prestige, with no discernible skills, other than an ability to lie as easily as most people breathe! They are now both incredibly wealthy and the country that was foolish enough to elect them is considerably poorer, in many ways!

    So excited to see all of the dangerous, damaging deals foisted onto the American people in order to enrich a small group of well-connected political cronies finally being exposed and overturned!

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  11. 335blues says:

    To hell with china. Their leadership is consumed with an imperialist delusion of taking over the world through the spread of communism.
    They are a communist country who are planning the demise of America through economic warfare.
    They already have 5, 10 and 20 year plans that envision the structured takeover of the American economy, government and civil society. Part of this plan is responsible for the increasing stream of chinese over our porous southern border. They are coming here at the behest, and with the help of the chinese government.
    Communist china must be disabused of their imperialist delusion, and soon.

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    • talker2u says:

      One of the terms of our coming trade-war victory should be to force the Chinese to come over here on Garbage Days to pick up and get rid of all the poorly manufactured junk they sold us at Dollar General, Walmart, etc.

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      • L. Gee says:

        Uhhhh . . . NO to more Chinese coming here “temporarily” and then staying permanently. Hey, I’m all for legal immigration, but China is already buying up too much property and too many businesses!!!

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    • piper567 says:

      The Chinese students who come here for an “education”, also then enter our workforce and are, imo, the source of tech spies.

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      • JmkNY says:

        Piper567 – all Chinese immigrants are potential spies, not just students. It’s a communist country and anyone who leaves to emigrate here can only do so with permission. Does anyone truly believe they let the disaffected and unhappy leave? Only those loyal to China.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      China’s achellies heel is the Remembi. When that tanks, the price of Chinese manufactured goods go up, and their cost of living raises. The Chinese economy is supported by massive exports. If exports fall, manufacturing slows and millions become unemployed, the pressure on the CCP will be intense to restore growth. How they’ll do that remains a monster problem. That’s when the CCP will turn to the PLA to find a war to avert the Chinese attention from a failed state run economy. Trump and the Wolverines have a dragon by the tail.

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      • Paco Loco says:

        Revaluation of the Remembi coupled with higher US tariffs is going to put sever pressure on Xi and the CCP to come up with a fix. Not enough capital and too many mouths to feed could bring the revolution to a sudden end. “Complicated business folks, complicated business.”

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  12. TheWanderingStar says:

    Economic B52’s in formation for a carpet bombing run.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “a carpet bombing run”

      Any survivors are guaranteed to have extreme PTSD from the noise and blast concussions. Ask Saddam’s Revolutionary Guard. Most of the 1960’s era Viet Cong survivors would be deceased by now.

      PDJT will have his “Economic B52’s in formation” for maximum effectiveness, not like Robert Strange McNamara having B52’s fly their missions single file at the same altitude every day, thus making them easy pickings for the VC SAM 2 AA missiles.

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  13. wheatietoo says:

    It is absurd that China is still designated as a ‘Developing Nation’.

    This designation allows China to have preferential treatment with the WTO and the UN.
    It gives China no incentives to improve the situation of their workers…because they would lose this designation if they did.

    China has developed a space program and nuclear weapons.
    They should lose their ‘developing nation’ status on that alone.

    Thanks, Sundance, for yet another comprehensive write-up of China’s trade policies.
    It is much appreciated!

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  14. BAM says:

    We may end up with a trade war, China has control of approximately 90% of rare earth minerals, and those rare earth minerals are used in military applications as well as anything using chips. That is their big leverage point.

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  15. talker2u says:

    Thank you, Mr. President, and wolverines, one and all!

    And thank you again, Masked Patriot.

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  16. Non=combative. says:

    Maybe, just maybe Xi can make up the trade differential with the soon to be prosperous North Korea…. And maybe he will learn to not interfere when PDT has another summit..

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  17. nuthinmuffin says:

    “China accounts for 87 percent of counterfeit goods seized coming into the United States.”
    theft and fraud for them is just another choice for economic advantage

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  18. dissonant1 says:

    Wonderful statement from the WH! Maddening that most of the public will never see or understand this, because the Progressive MSM will never publicize it and the defenders of Wall Street (such as the WSJ) will only scream “trade war!.” Wonderful that Sundace and others outside of the MSM are relaying this to us and can be counted on to tell the truth to us.

    The effects of the NAFTA pull out and punching China in the nose will need to be seen sooner rather than later for most of the public to understand the benefits of what PDJT is doing.

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  19. Pam says:

    Xi will live to regret the day he crossed POTUS. This is too much winning!

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  20. Gil says:

    If it comes to it, they are going to pay to export their own food here. Not just meats but fruit, grain, etc. Their obsession with taking their farmers into the city factories and ripping out farmland and leaving their food here was stupid. The multinationals are going to wail. California’s economy in many ways has become a sell out to China. I see a hotbed of economic tumult here specifically with nafta, china, the wall, and elections.

    “In an effort to cut out the middleman, foreign buyers are trying to circumvent the American farmer. Instead of buying food from farmers who work their own land, some foreign buyers want to own and operate these American farms themselves—as well as the livestock barns and slaughterhouses. Between the 2013 purchase of pork processor Smithfield by a Chinese holding company and ChemChina’s pending $43 billion offer for the agrichemical company Syngenta, the world’s most populous country is making a major play to buy the proverbial American farm—and U.S. politicians are lending a helping hand.

    On Feb. 11, Nebraska’s Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts signed L.B. 176 into law, reversing a 1999 law that prevented meatpackers from owning livestock for more than five days prior to slaughter. Pork processors like Smithfield, which owns a plant employing more than 2,000 in Crete, Nebraska, will soon be able to vertically integrate their operations. Instead of buying hogs from numerous independent farmers, farmers will contract with processors like Smithfield for the privilege of selling their pork.

    It’s a big concern for farmers who worry the pork industry will be swallowed up by contract farming, like the chicken industry. This is one area where pork producers don’t want to be “the other white meat.” Chicken “growers” are paid to raise the birds on their land as well as pay for expensive poultry houses, labor, and maintenance. But it’s the major poultry companies who own the chickens—as well as the hatcheries, slaughterhouses, and feed.”


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    • Electra says:

      Great info.

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      • Electra says:

        It seems like the Chinese are colonizing us the same way they are so many third-world countries. Buy up the natural resources like farmland and minerals, buy off the local politicians, and then make sure the government is in deep debt to China. The next thing we know, they’ll be building their military bases here.

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    • G. Combs says:

      We looked into Chicken farming. It is a really big TRAP. The Corporation owns the birds, the feed they are fed and THE BUILDINGS you pay a mortgage on. They also OWN the USDA so by the time you have the building paid off the rules have changed and you have to tear down the old and buy a new one.

      Around here the chicken farmers raise cows and hay. The chicken manure is ‘Free fertilizer’ and that is about the ONLY profit you get out of the business.

      I have yet to meet a farmer that did not have another job or business that was paying the actual build.

      A decade or more ago, a study showed on average American farm were in the hole and operating in the red. That was bad press for the USDA/FDA and commies yelling about ‘rich farmers’ So the USDA changed the accounting practices. They now include in the farm ‘income’ the rental value of the farmers home!!!!

      Information from my old notes:
      There are 2.2 million farms in the USA. According to the 2007 census over half the farms, 1,167,751, reported losses, with an average loss $15,596.

      Only 396,054 farms have gains of over $25,000 a year, that means 1.8 million are near or BELOW the poverty threshold.

      1,070,668 farms have less than 25% of their income from farming.

      Only 4,048 are full time farmers deriving 100% of the income from farming.

      The average age is 55.4 years with many farmers beyond or approaching retirement age

      According to the USDA, almost 90 percent of the total income of rancher or farmer households now comes from outside earnings. More than 60 percent of US farms are resource, residential or retirement farms. There is a widening gap between retail price and farm value. a USDA market basket of food has increased 2.8 percent while the farm value of that food has fallen by 35.7 percent!

      We now have a ONE BUYER monopsony where the buyer (or cartel) sets the price and the farmer has no ability to haggle over the price.

      First in business the net (your salary) is about 5 to 15 % of the gross  after you pay for the cost of doing business. Second we are talking farm (not individual) income. Like most businesses farmers hire help at least some of the time even small farmers.
      Now to the actual earnings.  This is according to the 2002 Ag Census.
      There are 2,128,982 farms In the USA.
        1,519,209 GROSS  less than $25,000 a year
          298,385 GROSS between $25,000 and $100.000
        240,746 farms GROSS between $100,000 and $500,000

          Only 70,642 farms in the ENTIRE USA GROSS over $500,00, these are the corporate farms.

       “commodity products” like rice, wheat, corn and cotton get government money.  The small farmers raising fruit, veggies and livestock — the stuff we eat that is not exported, do not.
      2007 Ag census Farming Statistics: 2,204,792 Farms

      For a four-person family unit with two children, the 2009 poverty threshold is $21,756.

      Corporate farms 34,726
      Corporate farms – -Non Family 5,105

      # of farms with losses 1,167,751 avg loss $15,596
      # of farms with net gains, 1,037,041 avg net gain $33,827

      Farms with gains of-
      less than $1,000 ………………………………………………….. 103,330
      $1,000 to $4,999 ………………………………………………….. 222,713
      $5,000 to $9,999 ………………………………………………….. 129,906
      $10,000 to $24,999 ………………………………………………. 173,780
      $25,000 to $49,999 ………………………………………………. 122,964
      $50,000 or more ………………………………………………… 273,090

      Percent of operator’s total household income from farming:
      Less than 25 percent ………………………………………….. 1,070,668
      25 to 49 percent ………………………………………………… 73,057
      50 to 74 percent ………………………………………………… 47,429
      75 to 99 percent ………………………………………………… 15,709
      100 percent ………………………………………………………. 4,048

      Avg age of a farmer is 55.4 years

      total farm expenses: $39,9057,715 (Added individual cat)
      Total farm sales: $297,220,491
      Total cash income: $74,581,098

      That is an 18.7% profit BEFORE you figure in YOUR wages.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Lindenlee says:

      Anyone remember that the Ricketts family was so anti-Trump, and the delegate fight in NE? Hhmmmmm…….


  21. deplorable says:

    Another unfair trade practice: Chinese manipulation of their Yuan currency exchange rate with the US dollar – China pegs the Yuan to the US Dollar instead of letting it float to its market value – giving Chinese products yet another price advantage.

    Liked by 6 people

  22. Bill says:

    Above, was Wilbur saying “Check!” or “Check-mate!”?? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Andy says:

    POTUS Trump is tearing apart the old crony system where protected interests based on payouts were the primary beneficiaries of our trade policies. Now the American innovator and worker will be the beneficiary of our policies. No wonder the politicians owned by big money are screaming so loud!! (Dims and RINO’s). Winning! MAGA# Covfefe baby!

    Liked by 6 people

  24. Doug says:

    you know what would be great is if China responded by banning hollywood films from the country.. it would devastate Hollywood and that would be fine by me

    Liked by 2 people

    • wheatietoo says:

      China has been buying up Hollywood.

      This is why movies and tv shows have become so Pro-China.
      That remake of ‘Red Dawn’ a few years ago, was originally with China as the invading force…but it was pulled and rewritten with NorKo as the invaders.

      Liked by 5 people

  25. Justice Warrior says:

    Sweet! Love it!

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Justice Warrior says:

    Never too much winning! Never!

    Liked by 3 people

  27. MTK says:

    Add the following to the list:

    – China is number one exporter of fentanyl, illicit synthetic drugs and the precursor chemicals for the manufactor of meth.

    – China is number one source of consumer products of food and comestics containing high levels of LEAD.

    Liked by 7 people

  28. magatrump says:

    Thank God. Thank God for President Trump. Finally we have a President who looks out for America’s Interests.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. Pyrthroes says:

    You don’t need to be a bloated capitalist pig to become a Chinese Communist, but it helps.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. josh says:

    Im just loving this at last we have someone stepping up to the bullies! No Russia Collusion communist china regime threat is the real and only deal at immediate hand. I will not be surprised if they are cornered and a war breaks out. I wonder who would Russia support in this scenario as Europe is spineless?. Would love if Russia would team up with USA then we would have the last laugh 🙂


  31. Fools Gold says:

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade but somehow 25% on $50B doesn’t settle the score to me. The China trade deficit is how much for how long? Seems to me this hits china in the ass with a fly swat, instead of a bullet in ass. Maybe I’m way off on my thinking and someone can correct me.


    • I’m looking for REPARATIONS from China for their Theft of Intellectual Property.

      Nothing less will do.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Fools Gold says:

        I’m looking for reciprocal trade, nothing less. I realize it’s being negotiated by a fierce badger but i prefer a large biting off of a kneecap as the first bite of “now let’s talk a deal”. Guess he’s saving that bite pending the nork talk.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Electra says:

      I’m with you, but these are dangerous seas that Trump is sailing. If he disrupts whole industries and their supply lines too quickly, it could have repercussions in our economy–repercussions big enough to crater the mid-term elections–then GAME OVER. The other big danger is that too much pressure applied too quickly to China could tempt them to resort to military action. It’s a real balancing act–but just wait. Trump has seven more years to level the playing field.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fools Gold says:

        Your over reacting Electra. This ain’t Hillary, Bill, Poor George, or his crooked CIA dad doing the bidding with their weak knee paid for chump globalist peckerwoods. This is Our MAGA president, Our Military, and Us for the next 61/2 years at minimum.

        Liked by 4 people

  32. Lou Dobbs, if you’re still following CTH, have you lost your mind or just your decorum?

    Your incessant interruptions and rude repartee with Peter Navarro were out of line.

    Peter was nothing but respectful and helpful … notwithstanding your pointless aggressions.

    I hope for your sake (and for interested viewers) that your health hasn’t impaired your capabilities.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Payday says:

      Absolutely! He embarrassed himself. He’s done this too often…but this was by far the worst.

      Liked by 3 people

    • jeans2nd says:

      But you missed the larger point, Knight.

      “301 is not a bargaining chip…it’s going to happen.”
      “ZTE is a law enforcement/national security/Sec Ross/DOJ issue.”
      Navarro is on point, unleashed, and not silenced. Dobbs…meh. 7:48

      Perhaps Dobbs has forgotten that Navarro’s real job as an econ prof is to ask and answer questions for Navarro’s dummy Univ of Calif-Irvine students.

      Liked by 2 people

      • In fact, we’re likely to see REGULAR Tariff increases and Sanction additions for China until North Korea is denuclearized and China
        has cut a Comprehnsive Trade Deal and the NAFTA end-run exports to America have been TERMINATED.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Lindenlee says:

      Yew, it was terrible. T3ll him on FB, Twitter, etc. Or email. Unnecessary, rude, and Navarro was a gentleman. One more time like that, and I will not watch anymore.

      Liked by 1 person

  33. harrietht3 says:

    I’d like to see the Chinese restricted in their purchases of our land and real estate.
    I’ll never forget how shocked I was to learn in 1983 on a trip to London that the Intercontinental Hotel had been bought by Arabs; now look at London, a hornet’s nest of hostile invaders.

    The Brits are paying the piper for their greed — their culture is going down the toilet as daily they become more dhimmified. (As Geert Wilders says, “The more Islam the less freedom we have”.) Don’t think the Chinese don’t have their own brand of incremental takeover. My sister has until recently done real estate in the tonier parts of southern California, and she says the Chinese come in (not Chinese Americans) and buy up multi-million dollar homes and pay CASH.

    It’s not a few, here and there, but a steady stream, pushing up the already soaring cost of real estate for Californians.

    That’s it for today’s rant.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. beigun says:

    Too bad Nixon, etc., didn’t do this with Japan 40 years ago. It would have saved the American Middle Class. Ditto with Korea. And Trump is playing the same hard-ball with Seoul and Tokyo as he is with China. Let’s see who will negotiate a deal with the USA? China, Korea or Japan? Who has benefited the most over the decades? Trump will use all three countries as a yard-stick during negotiations as the areas of trade imbalance are very similar, i.e., autos, steel, aluminum, beef, rice, etc. Its called doing business in Asia….same structural barriers, monopolies, etc.

    BTW, China only overtook Japan in GDP 8 years ago…Japan held Number 2 in GDP for 42 years. And we had a trade imbalance every one of those years…so this “Big Fix” is very long in the making!

    Trump is fixing America’s Asia Problem: Unsustainable trade imbalances with military commitments for the region’s security.

    The USA has received 110 years of cumulative trade imbalances with Japan, Korea, and China (60 years of consecutive deficits with Japan, 30 with Korea and 20 with China). That devastated fly-over America and was one of the main reasons Trump was elected. So, no surprise if one listened to the campaign speeches.

    Liked by 4 people

  35. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    Recently,after watching corporations fold to the liberals ranting and demanding, I admit it just hasn’t felt like winning.
    But thanks to SD, yup, feels like Magna winning!
    Thank you for the renewed hope!

    Liked by 4 people

  36. scott467 says:

    “China has consistently taken advantage of the American economy with practices that undermine fair and reciprocal trade.”


    That is because Communism is a pirate ideology, a bandit, a marauder. It will always seek to take what it wants by force or subterfuge.

    Liked by 5 people

    • G. Combs says:

      “…Communism is a pirate ideology, a bandit, a marauder. It will always seek to take what it wants by force or subterfuge.”

      And that is why Communists LOVE Islam, ANOTHER pirate ideology.

      Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret – Political Islam

      WHY in hades do these people HATE the producers and innovators that lifted everyone out of a life that is Nasty, Brutal and Short?

      Ayn Rand was correct.

      Envy/Hatred of the Good for Being the Good

      Today, we live in the Age of Envy
      “Envy” is not the emotion I have in mind, but it is the clearest manifestation of an emotion that has remained nameless;….

      That emotion is: hatred of the good for being the good.[…]”

      And this is what is being TAUGHT to our children in school.

      “They do not want to own your fortune, they want you to lose it; they do not want to succeed, they want you to fail; they do not want to live, they want you to die; they desire nothing, they hate existence, and they keep running, each trying not to learn that the object of his hatred is himself . . . . They are the essence of evil, they, those anti-living objects who seek, by devouring the world, to fill the selfless zero of their soul. It is not your wealth that they’re after. Theirs is a conspiracy against the mind, which means: against life and man.”

      Liked by 2 people

  37. Texian says:

    An insider partially tiptoeing into acknowledging the Trumpian reality..

    Sir Trump is making some big waves.. get off your beach.. get out there and catch a wave America.. the waves are great..

    The Big Kahuna, The Economic Knievel..

    Liked by 3 people

  38. Mujhunter says:

    For me, the ultimate success of our China trade problem is IP theft and preventing US companies from accessing a Chinese market that respects the sanctity of US IP protections.

    The one primary case that is coming up for sentencing in June, is the case of Sinovel, China’s 3rd largest Wind Turbine company. Sinovel represents the ONLY Chinese company that has, thus far, been found CRIMINALLY GUILTY IN A US COURT of blatantly stealing IP from a US company, in this case, American Superconductor (AMSC)..

    In 2010, Sinovel outright stole AMSC’s power management software and used it on 8,000+ of their installed turbines. As a result of lost contract revenue and profits exceeding $1.2 BILLION, 700+ jobs, and a Billion in lost stock valuation. Furthermore, the DOJ, which found the damages to be worthy of a $4.8 BILLION FINE!!! (Sentencing is due sometime in June)..

    There has been VERY little coverage of the criminal conviction against Sinovel.. Again, the FIRST time a Chinese company has been found Criminally Guilty of IP theft.. So it’s a critical bell-whether on how the Trump administration is going to protect US IP against theft by China.

    Everyone is talking about ZTE.. steel and aluminum issues, but this is a solid case, with a conviction and pending damages and multi-BILLION dollar fine..

    If there is no resolution/reconciliation between the US and China over this conviction and paying damages, then Trump’s trade policies are doomed to fail.. No one will believe them.

    Page 43 starts the testimony before the USTR by AMSC CEO, Daniel McGahn..

    Click to access Hearing%20Transcript%20Proposed%20Tariffs%2C%20Day%201.pdf

    Article from the (now retired) FBI agent who investigated the case..

    CNBC interview with CEO of AMSC..

    DOJ announcement of conviction against Sinovel

    Liked by 1 person

  39. SharkFL says:

    A nice start. Now let’s see 25 years of American trade surpluses in China, where they take and live with a $500 billion trade deficit each year.

    Force Red China to pay 10x trade tariffs. Force them to turn over their advanced technology (lol .. just kidding).

    China is our #1 global economic and military enemy. Let’s never forget that.


  40. dufrst says:

    Sundance add the Russian bear to that graphic too! Apparently, they want in on it.

    The world has come to realization that Trump is serious and all the leaders are rallying together to try to resist. They will find, as has all Trump’s domestic opponents, that Trump simply wins. MAGA!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • G. Combs says:

      It remains to be seen which side Russia comes down on. Putin may use this to get trade concessions from the USA.

      The Russia/Trump collusion is nicely turning into United Kingdom/Hillary collusion-sedition so Putin could see this as a good time to make a move that can not be easily spin by the MSM.

      Putin also has a degree in economics and understands the need for trade esp in energy. He is an ANTI-GLOBALIST Christian and Russia has never been a really big fan of China. As Putin has pointed out historically Russia and the USA have been friends (Until US and EU banksters helped Lenin turn it into a Communist slave camp.)

      Liked by 1 person

  41. It seems we’ve been supporting the world for year. Now let them support their self and will keep our money. Maybe China will have to not build so many islands for military purpose.


  42. Imagine cutting off all trade with China. No more ‘Made in China’ stickers laughing at you on every damned consumer good made of plastic. Sure, we could survive. American industry would pick up the slack pretty fast for the right price. Lithium might be a bit scarce but I’m sure we’d develop a substitute. As for China, they’d be in the tank. Somehow that doesn’t bother me much.


  43. Cheri Lawrence says:

    The truth is our government not only allowed it but enabled it!! All these deceptions must be revealed as we have a new sheriff in town thank god!!


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