NAFTA Watch – President Trump Promotes America-First Trade Expert Peter Navarro…

Earlier today President Trump spoke candidly with the White House assembly of U.S. Governors about the critical need to re-evaluate their position(s) on trade.  President Trump’s remarks were direct, but also remarkably nuanced toward the audience.  However, if you follow Trump’s process, you’ll note the familiar indications.

Next, far less subtle and yet following along the same predictable process, the Wall Street Journal is reporting President Trump now promoting his economic guru Peter Navarro to be Assistant to The President.   Navarro is a brilliant and strategic trade hawk who has a long track record of supporting the same trade principles as Donald Trump.

A NAFTA decision/announcement looms. ♦ As expected and predicted, a recent phone call by Mexican President Pena Nieto to POTUS Trump didn’t end well. ♦ USTR Lighthizer blasted Canada at the end of round six NAFTA renegotiation. ♦  Placing Pete Navarro inside the circle puts him directly in the right place to speak on behalf of President Trump for an upcoming announcement.   All of these NAFTA exit indicators are great news.

Our wolverine team is growing.  Now we have Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Asst. To POTUS Peter Navarro, all assembled.

WASHINGTON—The White House plans to promote an adviser known for his hawkish views on trade policy, giving economic nationalists a stronger voice in internal debates as the Trump administration nears decisions on high-profile trade issues.

Peter Navarro, an economist who helped shape Donald Trump’s 2016 protectionist campaign platform, will be named an assistant to the president, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Mr. Navarro began Mr. Trump’s presidency with broad influence and regular access to the Oval Office but his role was quickly limited after he clashed with the aides who oppose his views on trade deficits and multilateral trade agreements.

The move to elevate Mr. Navarro comes as the White House is nearing decisions on several high-profile trade matters.

The administration faces an April deadline on whether to impose broad-based steel and aluminum tariffs in the name of national security. Officials are also completing an investigation on widespread complaints that China improperly forces U.S. companies to turn over valuable intellectual property, a probe that is expected to result in significant economic sanctions against Beijing.

It is unclear exactly how Mr. Navarro’s role will change, but the promotion is likely to give Mr. Navarro a more regular role in trade debates and meetings at the White House, according to the person familiar with the matter, a trade expert who has discussed the move with White House officials.

“This gives Peter a more formal seat at the table when trade and manufacturing policies are discussed,” this person said. “That’s something that has been in question the last six months.” (link)


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  1. AmSa/Mx says:


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  2. ATheoK says:


    Did you mean, instead, America-First?

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  3. WhistlingPast says:

    The hands . . .


  4. NYGuy54 says:

    Tomorrow morning at 9am est, we get the final 4th quarter and full year GDP.

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    • ALEX says:

      Estimate 2017: IV and annual
      Gross Domestic Product

      Advance January 26
      Second February 28
      Third March 28

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      • NYGuy54 says:

        Thanks. I am doing this from memory.

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      • BlueDevil93 says:

        Aren’t the real numbers better than that? I saw, where, the BEA used the worst possible number from their metric chart for exports in the 3rd quarter to skew the GDP growth downward.

        Somewhat akin to the birth/death rate by the BLS for business birth/deaths under Obama. The statistical probability that the skew was always in their formulations favor to make Obama look good was akin to winning the lottery twice. Unless there were unusual circumstance from the article I read, the 3rd quarter numbers reeked of bureaucrats attempting to water down the Trump Administration’s effect.

        And, take note: Presidents’ economic impact, typically, isn’t felt until 18 months in historically, although, President Trump had immediate impact.

        The concern going forward will be rising interest rates. That pinch however is needed to trim the dead branches from the tree. The problem however is the structural social welfare costs of society and the debt we have amassed from it.

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  5. parteagirl says:

    Ahhh. Doesn’t it feel good to have some real ADULTS in charge again?

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  6. Curry Worsham says:

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  7. Bree says:

    Good riddance NAFTA!!!!!

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  8. Carrie2 says:

    America-First Tread expert. Trump sure knows how to pick the right people to get done what must be done and that means Mexico will step up or out of working with us. Canada has already chosen WTO so a goner. Canada will be owned by China and socks doesn’t have a clue. He made a fool of himself in India and rightly so. Gee, Canadians, pray hard as we did to get Trump so you can get someone far better in every way than this Obama twin! We’ll pray with you on this as we don’t want to lose Canada as a close friend and with a real government that also makes Canada first and closes borders, etc.

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  9. Beigun says:

    Asia trade with the US is in for major reform as this POTUS fully understands the situation of 100 cumulative years of trade deficits with Japan, Korea and China. And how that situation, along with NAFTA, destroyed 70,000 factories. Trump campaigned on this theme to flip those blue states red. He is a businessman and has heard the sad stories of US business in Asia, trade deficits, and the decline of the middle class.

    Trump knows the way to achieve a real trade deal with Japan (Mondale and Foley failed) is through China first. He knows Japan is going to be harder to tackle as it will involve renegotiating bases to make a deal. But first the DPRK…no fireworks before the midterm, but after that….Katy, bar the door!

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  10. TreeperInTraining says:

    As they say in my neck of the woods…

    Shafta Da NAFTA!

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  11. Jedi9 says:

    The potential to disrupt the globalist cabal whereas they will be left to be exposed for dog meat is always going to be a good day! China, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and a few others who have exploited the US loopholes that is commonly regarded as NAFTA, will no longer serve as their go to to mask their weaknesses and deficiencies or subsidise as in Canada’s case their welfare state. I am watching the CAD in particular on shorts vs the US dollar. The Canadian dollar drop it will! Ca Ching!

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    • Liked up to your last 2 sentences.
      They’re pure speculation, at the whims of the globalist banking cartel.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        No not at the whims of the Globalist banking cartel, never suggested that. What I did suggest that the Globalist cartel have taken advantage of NAFTA loopholes which is a fact. It also widely accepted that China, Germany, Mexico,Canada and other EU member states subscribe to a Globalist point of view. The speculation part is the CAD falling as a result of NAFTA being disbanded. I am a trader and know intimately that this is a real possibility when this news is announced. Price of oil is not really where is used to be, which Canada is very dependent on and just as as Sundance has pointed out on several occasions that China (if NAFTA were to be abolished) has no need for Canada other than hocking their goods through NAFTA to take advantage of the US market without paying the tariffs. Germany is another. Particularly auto parts.

        Agriculture is another issue in which the two countries share in trade that could see some trade wars develop as was the case with dairy and other goods.

        My point is, Canada with one of the worlds largest house hold debts and their ballooning housing markets will be in real trouble soon if NAFTA is done making the Canadian dollar weaker. Mexico is in a much worse position and now it looks like Nieto will probably not win his reelection and having a socialist succeed him doesn’t exactly look like good times for the Mexican people.

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        • Deplorable_Infidel says:

          “…the Globalist cartel have taken advantage of NAFTA loopholes which is a fact.”

          I first found out about those loopholes right here at TCT, a little while ago in simple terms that anyone that can read could understand.
          I never heard that brought up over at FoxBizNewz.
          I am sure I could have found out on-line with putting in a lot of time researching, but that is not a productive use of my time, since I do not have to write an op-ed column about it.

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          • Jedi9 says:

            FoxBiz probably won’t cover it because the COC with their many influential cronies they represent probably have some influence in the advertising dollars they pay Fox in some way or indirect way, so they limit their reporting if it reflects badly for any clients that they may represent. At least that is my guess, and this line of thinking is plausible in a practical sense. Follow the money!

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    • Dekester says:

      Macro economic policies are far above my pay grade.

      However I can say on the micro level the feeling up here in much of the Canadian business community is one of fear. Many industries and businesses have been coddled by our reliance on NAFTA.

      NAFTA does benefit the average Canadian immensely.

      As regards the dollar. Some of us UK ex-Pats remember when Soros crushed the UK pound sterling in I think it was 1992. So anything is possible with these massive players, and sovereign wealth funds.

      That said. A weaker Canadian dollar is a massive boost to our movie, tourism and lumber business. As your U.S housing rise continues, our lumber trade with the U.S. has been on a pretty dramatic rise. I was across the line yesterday, a five minute drive. It costs approximately forty dollars less (C) to fill up my old GMC 3/4 ton.

      As I drove back up the Nexus lane (an expedited express lane.) to my left in the regular border lanes were countless of Washington State plates heading north. Many heading to our Ski slopes, still others likely visiting drugstores to buy items not available in your drug stores unless you have a doctors note. Americans have told us that these drug store visits is quite the big business.

      Maybe NAFTA will change that..who knows. But the little guys should never trust our governments. No matter where we live. They are not the friend of the “ little guy” or “ gal”

      God bless PDJT.

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      • China, with Xi in power for life, is now playing extreme “long ball”.

        • The further the CAD drops, the cheaper it becomes for China to buy up strategic Canadian businesses and lock up strategic Canadian natural resources.

        • Think about it: Canada and Australia are the largest and cheapest strategic takeover targets on the planet for China.

        • Remember: China’s near-term strategy is ECONOMIC ENTANGLEMENT, and Canada has unparalleled value next door to America … like no other country on earth. Mexico could become the other slice of bread for China’s sandwich, but why mess with that S**thole when Trudeau’s already buttered the Canadian slice for ingestion.

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        • Jedi9 says:

          Those are some excellent points! All the more that America gets tough on trade and abolish NAFTA!

          I just returned from a trip to Australia not too Long ago, and I was amazed by the volume of presence of Chinese nationals within the country. They have been buying property like it’s no body’s business and have been doing the same in Canada for quite some time.

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  12. yucki says:

    Time for our anything-but-patriotic tech honchos to climb aboard the America-First Train.
    Apple – hello?-

    Apple to Start Putting Sensitive Encryption Keys in China
    Codes for Chinese users of iCloud will be kept in a secure location, company says


  13. TMonroe says:

    So, when do we hear that he had brunch in the Russian Tea Room and thus needs to resign?

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  14. jmuniz1 says:

    No reporting this on Brietbart.


  15. Peter Navarro is a Hunter Killer for America, he is one smart dude and he doesn’t mince words. Check out this Video of him on China. So happy he is on the wolverine team.

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  16. scott467 says:

    It’s strange that this is even an issue, that the drama queens at the Chamber of Corruption (CoC) and with their bribed Republi-Con puppets are playing their ‘resist we much’ routine over doing the obvious and the necessary.

    Princess Justina of Canadia doesn’t really care. He’s not a serious person. It’s not going to affect him one way or the other because even if NAFTA ends, he’ll always be a princess. When the going gets tough, he can put on his happy socks and just dance the night away.

    But not Nieto. There are some bad hombres holding the end of his leash, and if he’s not careful, he’ll sleep with the Chihuahuas. That makes Pena a very high strung little lap dog.

    All Trump is demanding is reciprocity — and stop your lyin’, thievin’, no good, low down, dirty cheatin’ ways.

    Is that so wrong?

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    • rf121 says:

      That just means Nieto is F’d. Agrees with PT then the cartels take him out. Goes against PT then the economy tanks and he is politically screwed so the cartels take him out.

      Meanwhile clueless Justina goes shopping for more socks. Dude, just have the sex change. Please. Turn in your man card if you ever had one. You are an embarrassment.

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    • usayes says:

      Yes — Nieto knows that if the Chinese expressway to the USA via Mexico (aka NAFTA’s current rules of origin) is derailed, Mexico loses global relevancy and TRILLIONS of pesos.

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  17. Sgt Stryker says:

    I’m in Pennsylvania and I swear I hear that “great sucking sound” coming from both north and south of the US border.
    Oh Canada and Mehico; enjoy the suck.

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  18. Jenny Hatch says:

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  19. I highly recommend a book written by Arthur Herman titled, “Freedom’s Forge:How American Business Produced Victory in WWII.” If NAFTA existed back then we would all be speaking German. Apart from the economy the need for American Manufacturing is national security. Donald Trump and his economic team are acutely aware of this. They are right on the money to get rid of NAFTA.

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  20. A2 says:

    Navarro’s return to the table is also significant as newly elevated Emperor Xi’s top economic courtier and advisor, Liu He, is scheduled to arrive in Washington this week. China is worried about tariffs, sanctions and other trade payback that is coming their way.

    (When the news was announced in China that Chairman Xi could become ‘the son of heaven’ the search term ‘migration’ spiked on Baidu. The censors have been furiously deleting posts and comments online. One fifth of humanity will now be subject essentially to the will of one man. Called it during the 19th Congress.)

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  21. Donna in Oregon says:

    Expand Executive Order 13784 of March 29, 2017, and update to declare a Public Health emergency due to opioid deaths from Fentanyl and Heroin, immediately close the Mexican border.

    Let Canada know that the same can happen if Canada allows drug trafficking of Fentanyl and Heroin as well.

    Solves the problem of supply….. immediately. Meanwhile the Commission that was formed on March 29th executes an extensive outreach to save the lives of those Americans that are addicted.

    It is the right thing to do, American lives matter. We need an opportunity to solve this epidemic.

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    • donny says:

      Yes, we absolutely must take care of that. No question. But think about it. What if there was something bigger we could do today, something big enough to include many other stuff too? I say; ‘We go for it’.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “We need an opportunity to solve this epidemic”.

      True, but it is a complex problem with many factors. Some of them would include the decline in morality and the nuclear family, the general gloomy outlook (nihilistic) on life by many as a direct result of BHO’s “fundamentally transforming America” (resulting in the popularity of movies such as “The Hunger Games”), the CIA importing and promoting drug use for decades to produce a doped citizenry, promotions for increased use by big pharma, etc.

      There is also the decreased emphasis on personal responsibility the last few decades. The doctors prescribing these substances do not know how each patient will react. In addition to being effective pain relievers, some people will also experience a tremendous euphoria. Other people will not – the drugs just relieve the pain.

      A certain number of people will seek out this euphoria, just like some people abuse alcohol. I know several individuals that don’t chase the high. I know others that did. They are dead despite the crackdown on making legal opiates harder to obtain by patients that legitimately need them and use them according to label directions.

      Virtually EVERYONE I have known (including myself) that has a legitimate prescription for that type of drug DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE TO TAKE IT! We would like our lives and our bodies to be back the way they were before the circumstances and events of life changed us forever..

      But we have to start somewhere, but remember we cannot legislate morality. Hence the abject failure of our experiment with prohibition.

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        Stop the illegal, cross-border flows and leave citizens under licensed MDs’ care alone! Chronic pain is bad enough (understatement of the century); don’t need a bunch of idjit bureaucrats and wannabe SWATers up our azzes, too!


  22. donny says:

    Maybe 4-6 months lurking, today first time posting. New man on deck, Sir.

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  23. iwasthere says:

    Sundance, what is your guess on the Nafta exit announcement ? Trying to figure out the stock trade for the day. Smiles. All the best.

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  24. jmclever says:

    Janet Yellen stepped down from the Fed at the beginning of February, so Our Lion has his guy running the Fed now. This could also have a synergistic effect on what Mick Mulvaney is working to accomplish over at CFPB since technically it is under the Fed’s jurisdiction. By the time the Swamp realizes what happened, they will be flopping around like a bunch of fish out of water gasping for breath.

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  25. Sayit2016 says:

    See… this is what I do not get about the Rino’s…well and and idiot dems.

    I am an expert in a certain global market. I am not an expert on ALL matters but this one I know cold.
    People call me to get my advice. I go through their doc’s and come back with a report.

    “This is the course of action I recommend and why”.

    Long time clients just sign off on it. With a new client there is more conversation and assurances, some hand holding, reviews of past recommendations and their outcome etc. …I say there is a reason X referred you to me. So when things happen as I say it will— he or she becomes a ” sign off client”. I recommend- they act.

    Having said this– I do not get it why President Trump has to fight for EVERYTHING. I understand the Uniparty push back– but I actually think that many in congress have no clue how anything is run , they could not read a balance sheet to save their souls, they do not understand macro or micro economics. They don’t know and they do not want to show they don’t know. So instead of trusting the EXPERTS ( ie people with a history of GOOD outcomes) they vote against it.

    When is the GOP going to start TRUSTING President Trump’s judgement?

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    • NC PATRIOT says:

      Because they are too busy listening to the Chamber of Commerce, who also push back against P45.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “When is the GOP going to start TRUSTING President Trump’s judgement?”

      – when they realize their re-election solely depends on supporting HIM, rather than doing the bidding of the oligarch “donor class” that they have been beholden to.

      Which is why I do not understand why he did not take control of the republican party finances.


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      • This. This. This.

        Let’s watch what Ronna McDaniel does with the Trump-generated funding of the RNC.

        In a chance encounter with her on a D.C. sidewalk last January, she responded that the RNC would only fund incumbents.

        That may be about to change.

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    • Jimbob says:

      You’re assuming that these puppets in congress have the luxury of thinking for themselves. You’re also assuming that tgey care what is best for the US, and worry about doing the right thing.

      After what we witnessed in 2016 and 2017, you should know better than to make those assumptions. They will start listening to Trump when he’s able to bribe and blackmail them better than their current donors/masters. In other words, never.

      Only solution is to replace them in the primaries with non-establishment types.

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        I am not one to assume anything except their political survival DEPENDS on Trump. Self interest always trumps ideology.

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        • Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

          I guess the real question is how many of them actually understand that, and how many are so wrapped up in their bubble of privilege and DC society that they are out of touch or in denial.
          (and how many have enough money & support that they can crush any primary opposition for their safe seat.)

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    • Charlie says:

      Government employees (most) do not have to EARN money with their mind nor hands. Most have never had to work their way through bankruptcy and out the other end nor make payroll. Government seems to be a ponzi scheme and tax payers are the ponzi.

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    • Blacksmith8 says:

      Bless your heart. You are seeing the good in the congress. They themselves don’t.

      Your references are for people who make their own way and owe feality to NO ONE.

      Sadly, our congress owes feality to multiple masters. Please keep your rational views and share them with us. The insight helps with my jaded and jaundiced views.

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        Thank you … I think …. ; )

        I do not believe everyone is good or bad. I think if you look for the good in people you can find it — bad as well. I just think that FEAR tends to make bad decisions. People are afraid of what they do not understand. On the other hand knowledge is POWER. It’s not what you know that can hurt you it’s what you don’t know.

        We live in a cynical word… I get that — but…

        “Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.”


    • cdr164bn says:

      They’re the best Congress money can buy. Props to Will Rogers..

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Ahhhh SatIt, I wish I could throw my arms around you and hug you big!


  26. sundance says:

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    • donny says:

      I read most of it. MAGA.

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    • NJ Transplant says:

      Mexico’s chief negotiator is named Kenneth Smith?

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    • usayes says:

      So Jason Bernstein flies back to the USA to speak with Detroit auto reps and the reps the report indicates it’s a “positive” sign. I gather that would be true if the auto reps were happy to increase the U.S. content requirements, an outcome which would be very hard to believe.

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    • jeff says:

      LEVERAGE !

      All signs point to the AMEREXIT of NAFTA . NAFTA made CANADA and MEXICO the path for China to access the US MARKET around trade agreements . President Trump’s TAX BILL opened the door for CAPITALISM once again in AMERICA and the Capital and industry chickens are coming home to ROOST !!

      Mexico and Canada are like the gas station convenience store on the main highway as the INTERSTATE HWY is about to open . Only there are no on /off ramps for people to access their stores .

      “A seventh round of talks began on Sunday with the three sides aiming to finish reworking less contentious chapters while also meeting to discuss the trickiest subjects blocking progress to rework the pact that underpins $1.2 trillion in annual trade. ”

      At some point the LEVERAGE that Trumps AMERICA FIRST holds is the recognition that without the remittance payments flowing to Mexico , the payments from China to back door their products in to America , and the looming loss of the auto manufacturing industry and parts suppliers , a WALL seems like a small price to pay for losing EVERYTHING .

      Losing EVERYTHING means Mexico is a shi$hole even for the ” elites” of Mexico . The Drug Cartels take over fully without the NAFTA BUCKS . After all What will Mexico’s leaders use to pay their protection money to the Cartels with ? Coffee ? Tourism ? Tequila sales ?

      Whatever Mexico’s share of the $1.2 TRILLION is its better to get SOME money than nothing at all !! What’s a measly $2 Billion a year to build a WALL for 5 years against the potential loss of $600 BILLION ( or whatever the Mexican share of $1.2 TRILLION is ) in revenue !!

      Did I mention $1.2 TRILLION in ANNUAL TRADE !! ?

      President Trump meeting with Mexico’s negotiator Smith ….anonymous sources reporting

      President Trump ….” I have a big BEAUTIFUL plan for a WALL . Let me show you how BIGLY and beautiful it is Mr Smith . No …really I brought the final plans with me . See this number here …That is Mexico’s part of the payment .”

      Mexico’s negotiator Smith…..” Mr President , Enrique Pena Nieto has been watching your CNN and he says your going to be impeached . That I should play hardball with you and tell you we’re keeping the auto industry here in Mexico . ”

      President Trump ……” My people are beautiful people . They’ve been scouring the LIBEL LAWS for months now in preparation for the TRUTH ACT . The FCC will pull the license of CNN FAKE NEWS and Enrique will have to go back to UNIVISION for his FAKE NEWS ”

      Mexico’s negotiator Smith …” OH …you mean you’re not really down in the polls ? What about that porn star thingy ? What about that kid CRISIS ACTOR Hogg and the anti-gun people ….and and on the View they said ……( President Trump interrupts )

      President Trump …interrupting Smith ” Let me show you the NEW NUMBER there where it says BUILD THE WALL .See where I wrote $2 billion a year for 5 years ? ….tell Enrique we’ll be expecting the first payment in 30 days …..and then maybe we’ll build a small off ramp and Enrique can keep the remittance payments flowing south . I’ll throw in a few parts suppliers if the payment is on time. I love the Mexican people and they will love me too . I’ll put in a big BEAUTIFUL DOOR in the WALL too ”

      Mexico’s negotiator Smith ….” We’ll TAKE IT SIR “

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      • Brilliant:
        Mexico and Canada are like the gas station convenience store on the main highway as the [Post-NAFTA] INTERSTATE HWY is about to open . Only there are no on /off ramps for people to access their stores .

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        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          Yep. I remember when the Interstates came in in the very late 1950s and early 1960s, and the towns around the older highways dying off. Just look at some of the shreds of the old Route 66, Highway 50, and the old US east-west roads. LOTS of faded history there.

          Could well happen to Mexico and Canada too. Are you watching/reading/thinking, Nay-toe(s) and Princess Sparklesocks?

          The Interstates rolled over the old towns and cities, just like MAGA (the TrumpTrain) is going to roll over NAFTA (and the corruption and CoC). Better climb on and hang on before you’re run over, guys…

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  27. justfactsplz says:

    Sundance I can hardly wait to see the wolverine picture you assign to Mr. Navarro. This appointment is an excellent choice. WOLVERINES!

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  28. donny says:

    Hands, settle down. Yes the wind is blowing, but look at our sails. Hands all clear on deck.

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  29. gfgustav says:

    “Peter Navarro, an economist who helped shape Donald Trump’s 2016 protectionist campaign platform…”

    Wrong. But thank you for playing, you lying, mendacious miscreants.

    Edit: “Peter Navarro, and economist who helped shape Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign platform for free, fair, and reciprocal trade.”

    There. Fixed it. (Grrrrrrr….)

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  30. dutzie60 says:

    I knew nothing Mr. Navarro so did the wiki search and read. I started out smiling and by the middle I was LOLing because THEY hate him. And the best part, he doesn’t give a damn just like our President Lion Trump! 😂 It is footnoted out the wazu and I noted that whoever wrote most of it loves Politico. Here it is – have a good laugh.

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  31. NJ Transplant says:

    Peter Navarro is great. Lou Dobbs had him on during the election. I was glad he joined the administration. I wonder who are the aides he clashed with? Are they still working in the White House? Peter Navarro’s promotion tells you all you need to know.

    Welcome back Lou Dobbs – you were greatly missed these past 3 weeks. You look great.

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  32. BlueDevil93 says:

    Navarro will need to address a level of entanglement with China under NAFTA. If renegotiated, as opposed to justly eliminated, China will use Mexico and Canada as conduits under NAFTA for exports to the US when we institute sanctions against them. This is problematic as China is not asleep at the wheel, and, the Red Dragon has prepped this ground, and, will have their way with Trudeau.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      China was already using loopholes to get products destined for America via Mexico and Canada, it was mentioned earlier in the thread, so they have it covered.

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  33. Rynn69 says:

    It all comes down to $$$. $$$ is power. Put it back in the hands of the American people. President Trump has laser focus on all $$$ issues.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      It was laws passed, regulations & tax policies enacted, etc. that came about which practically forced manufacturers to outsource that initially tried to keep production here.
      Many found out it was not worth it. even with the 3rd world wages, their quality control and productivity went down the latrine and they had increased shipping costs.

      Mark Levin is correct, the more government – the more problems result.

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  34. Kyrissaean says:

    notice mexico refuse to improve like $8 wage or encourage own GNP like Mexican tech/video games as long as sanctuary cities exist? dems flood US with illegals=high local taxes,Paris treaty=steal crumb


  35. elricviii says:

    Excellent choice. In the words of one of my heroes, “Hold ’em by the nose and kick ’em in the ass!”


  36. lcpusa says:



  37. Who knew wolverines were so loveable!

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  38. jeans2nd says:

    The problem with all these globalist policies is that the U.S. is still in what Henry Kissinger calls the “U.S. missionary” mode.

    The U.S. has been, and still is, giving away our technology and expertise to what used to be disadvantaged countries, like China and post WWII Germany and Japan.

    None of these countries are still disadvantaged. It is past time to stop giving away our secrets and the energy of the American mind, a mind which is unlike any other in the world and cannot be taught nor duplicated. We are unique.

    They are negotiating energy trade. It is past time to stop regarding trade as merely tangible assets to be bartered and negotiated.

    Put the energy of the mind into trade talks. Stop giving away the energy of the American mind. Energy is energy, after all.

    We have been waiting anxiously for Peter Navarro. Crouching Tiger, meet Roaring Lion Swooping Eagle.
    China, NAFTA, et al, do not stand a chance.

    For those unfamiliar, watch a few Crouching Tiger Death by China episodes on youtube, or read Peter Navarro’s book.
    Navarro’s 17 page resume

    Liked by 1 person

  39. On March 6, 2017, Navarro gave a great speech about trade deficits to fellow business economists. His main points were:

    1. Trade deficits subtract from GDP growth.
    2. Requiring balanced trade would reduce barriers to U.S. products.
    3. Balancing trade would increase fixed-investment and long-term growth.
    4. Trade deficits give us debt, which will have to be repaid with interest.
    5. Trade deficits endanger our national security.

    We discussed it in the American Thinker:

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  40. Maquis says:

    Happy Happy!!

    Joy Joy!!

    PDJT is the best talent scout ever!!


    Liked by 1 person

  41. Canadatrump says:

    Well we are so brainwashed here in Canada that we just move forward like lemmings. We are not crazed like Schiffy or Waters but we blindly move forward like Trudeau and the government care about the citizens. No electoral college is painful , we kind of have a phony seat representation system but not the same. That is why I have been cheering for patriots and Trump to succeed, he will help Canadians hit rock bottom and force them to change before we have no freedom left. I mean seriously we are about to lose our most important relationship in the world and instead of finding out how to make a deal, Our leaders would rather dance with people that didn’t even want him there. You guys must win bigly so we can awake more Canadians, as much as that will hurt.
    MAGA and then MC’GA!

    Liked by 7 people

  42. Greg61 says:

    Canada is so f’d. Today is federal budget day, and Prime Minster crap for brains has already indicated it will be focused on gender equity.

    Liked by 2 people

  43. I would like to thank Justin Trudeau. I now know what a neutered human male looks like.


  44. TheWanderingStar says:

    “Navarro is a brilliant and strategic trade hawk…”
    …”Our wolverine team is growing.”

    A wolverine with hawk wings – awesome!

    Liked by 2 people

  45. daughnworks247 says:

    I do business in China/Brazil/India/Turkey/Europe on a daily basis and have for about 15 years.
    For over a decade, at least once a week I scream and curse, throw things, etc., frustrated with US Trade Policy and my hands being tied.
    Treepers, I promise you, a dozen of my girlfriends could have handled US Trade policy better than Bush/Obama.
    No kidding.
    I’ve spent thousands of hours pounding Vodka/Bourbon/Beers with brilliant business owners (my customers) trying to figure out a way to bring the business home and every one of those guys were smarter than me, had more money, and felt the same frustration.
    And then, Trump was elected.
    I saw grown men cry………. happy tears.
    But I never imagined, in my wildest of all wild dreams, we would end up with a crew like Ross, Lighthizer, Mnuchin, Tillerson, and now, Peter Navarro.

    The clouds have lifted and the Trade Gods have descended from Mt. Olympus.
    I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime and it brings me to tears.
    I’m so happy with President Trump.
    Making the economy work, lighting all the boilers, and correcting the real injustices of bad trade policy will make EVERYTHING else possible.

    Liked by 4 people

  46. cdr164bn says:

    You learn a lot from reading Sundance every day. I go here last because I want to savor the anticipation. One of the things he taught me is to look for the dots to be connected later. Here are some dots I’ve noticed in the last few days:

    There is talk of going hard on steel and aluminum tariffs. One of the Russian oligarchs tied to the Steele dossier is a huge aluminum supplier. Hmmmmm, there might be a link there. Play with the Donald and get your ass kicked.

    The President just announced that it is going to hit companies that are working with North Korea as an increase in sanction pressure. Probably most of these companies are Chinese. This is another dot where the Donald is kicking China in the ass both for North Korea and for NAFTA purposes.

    Many say he plays multi level chess. I think I only noticed a few of these chess moves and there are probably lots more if you are watching. We are living in interesting times…..

    Liked by 3 people

  47. I thank the good Lord again for this awesome web and the wonderfully gifted Brains that bring Great Truths to LIGHT !
    I continue to Pray for the safety and well being of PDJT…..his family….and America..

    Liked by 2 people

  48. There’s one Trudeau who knows the score.


  49. tonyE says:

    “Losing” Navarro to the WH was a big blow to the quality of the UCI Faculty.

    It amazes me that such a clear thinker would have been allowed to teach at UC.

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