President Trump Preps For Meetings With Mid-East Alliance Members – Joint Arab Intervention Force…

Today President Trump met with NATO member and Muslim Brotherhood supporter, President Recep Erdogan, prior to heading overseas for meetings with anti-Brotherhood Mid-East alliance.  “The Joint Arab Intervention Force”.

The motive for Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan to travel to the White House today was obvious, anxiety.

A very specific foreboding type of anxiety, because President Trump is about to embark on an international trip filled with multilateral meetings attended by a coalition of people who regard President Erdogan as a nemesis to peace.

If you only absorbed the Western media headlines for the past five years you would be entirely missing the interpersonal dynamic that began immediately following the start of President Obama’s second term.  A framework of understanding that highlights the intentional policy of Obama, and how the region shifted into hunker down mode in an effort to outlast the Obama interventionist doctrine.

Within this less discussed reality we also find domestic motives to undermine President Trump’s upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  Both the severe left and the militaristic right have vested interests in blocking a successful Trump peace doctrine.

President Obama’s ideological left and Senator McCain’s ideological right both prefer the big cat cages remain wide open allowing blood lust extremists to create convenient chaos.  Unfortunately, Russia (Putin) and Syria (Assad) also carry a self-preservation interest within this complex and extremist dynamic.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will join President Trump at an “Arab, Islamic, and American Conference” in Saudi Arabia this coming Sunday.

More than a dozen heads of state from Arab and Islamic nations have been invited to attend the conference with President Trump including: Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (Egypt), King Abdullah III (Jordan), Muhammad Fuad Masum (Iraq), Mamnoon Hussain (Pakistan) and all six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE), are expected to be in attendance.

All of the aforementioned states, sans Turkey, are attempting to reset the entire relationship within the region as it relates to ideological expressions of extremist religion. The gulf states, with pressure from Saudi Arabia and al-Sisi (Egypt), previously exiled the extremist leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They currently reside in Turkey.

The day after the conference, President Trump is scheduled to travel to Jerusalem, where he will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders.

Other than Saudi King Salman, the most important figures amid the back story and cast of attendees are Fattah al-Sisi (Egypt) and King Abdullah III (Jordan).   al-Sisi and Abdullah built an Arab coalition for peace and moderation.   Their unified action has been taking place for several years prior to President Trump’s successful election.

However, it is the ‘new perspective’ of President Trump that provides them, and by extension their regional partners, the optimism that RIGHT NOW is the time to draw from the well of all their proactive endeavors.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi: “I first saw the campaign of his excellency President Trump, and I listened to his speech of the neccessity of facing and confronting terrorism all over the world; that he is a great personality and a unique individual, and that he will find great success.”

“I fully trust the capabilities of President Trump, and I have full conviction that he can do things, exert efforts, that very few people can do.  And he can succeed in so many fields that others cannot.  I trust him wholeheartedly.”

“I followed all his announcements through his campaign, he has a very unique personality and administration, and now I’m speaking with full confidence of unprecedented success for him.  He is seeking the interests of the United States and the American people in a very clear manner, and a very direct manner. And a very strong manner as well.”

“His true will is a very strong will to counter terrorism and extremism in the world; and that is a very strong commitment from his excellency the president, and in addition I am very supportive with full force in facing this terrorism.”

“There is a true understanding to the realities in the region, and there is a seriousness and responsible actions in facing extremism and terrorism in the region, and that’s a wonderful thing indeed.  There is nothing better than to counter evil.”  (link)

It would be too much to digest a full laying out of all the advance work that has gone into al-Sisi and Abdullah’s efforts over nearly five years.  However, here’s a link to an outline carrying over a hundred reference citations from an earlier summation.

We are entirely clear-eyed as to the scope of the challenge. No-one amid our association is naive to the seemingly impossible scale against the backdrop of history.  It may be that their task is impossible. Yet, if they do not try then how will we know it can’t be done? And if they do not try, it most certainly won’t be done…

There is absolutely no doubt of the work that has been going on for months, quietly, mostly under the radar.  National media are completely deficient for not covering the previous events and the diplomacy that has been taking place all year.

We have a front row seat to what President Trump has been assembling, and I would never bet against the ability of President Trump and the people now aligned in consequence.

♦ Immediately following his inauguration, President Trump spoke to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and gained his ideological and financial support for building a safe zone for Syrian’s as they rebuild.

♦ A week later, President Trump spoke at length to Egypt’s Fattah al-Sisi about their efforts.

♦ At the beginning of February – King Abdullah III of Jordan traveled to Washington to meet with Vice-President Mike Pence and discuss aid and assistance for regional security.   Previously, in November 2016, King Abdullah spoke to President-elect Trump

♦ A week later – Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington DC for a very warm and optimistic meeting with President Trump for talks on regional security.

♦ At the beginning of March – Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry visited Washington, met with members of Congress and held a long discussion with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson,

♦ Mid-March Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with an envoy from President Trump and told him that a peace deal is possible under the new president.

♦  April 3rd (Monday) – Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi  came to Washington for an official White House state visit and spent the day with President Trump.

♦ April 5th (Wednesday) – Jordan’s King Abdullah III came back to Washington for an official visit to the White House.

♦ May 3rd – Palestinian Authority Leader President Mahmoud Abbas visits the White House for an official visit including the entire PA delegation.

♦ May 12th – President Donald Trump meets with Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates.

♦ May 15th – Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan travels to Washington DC for an advance meeting with President Donald Trump.

Egyptian President Fattah al-Sisi has already secured most of the Sinai border region.  The current challenge is to keep the extremist elements in check and undermine the destabilizing efforts of the extremists.

[A big part of that stability includes Syria, Russia and the U.S. defeating the remnants of ISIS.  This is why Russia and Assad must be forced to confront ISIS.  Currently Bashir Assad benefits from the continuance of a fight ‘in-optics-only’.  His regime remains in power and hides behind the foil of ISIS, while the reality is he fights his political opposition.]

Additionally, under-reported in Western media, during the fall/winter of 2014 and spring/summer of 2015 Fattah al-Sisi removed every Hamas tunnel and relocated thousands of homes to create a miles-wide buffer zone no longer useful by terrorists.

gaza border sinai

Netanyahu-and-General-el-Sisi-of-Egypt-333-x-248The scope of what Egypt did to secure the Southern and Eastern border of Israel/Gaza is quite remarkable, and they have paid a high price battling extremists every inch of the way.

Simultaneously, as his Egyptian forces were removing the most significant security threat, al-Sisi brokered a peace deal between Abbas and Netanyahu and forced the Palestinian Authority to speak with one voice.   That’s why Egypt was so furious when John Kerry insisted on poking his nose into the agreement.

After the peace deal, and after he constructed the border security zone, Fattah al-Sisi then set up the construct for a Joint Arab Intervention Force.

We have continued to express optimism for a confluence of events, people and activity that is happening quietly, and could stun the geo-political world.  The timing is right, because we view these activities through a different prism.

We review current events against the backdrop of President Obama’s mid-east failure, equitable misery.

The reality of President Obama’s expressed foreign policy of regime change -regardless of cost or consequence- has left millions of Mid-East communities in peril; far worse off today than they were nine years ago.  In an odd and accidental way, President Obama created equitable misery.

• The Egyptian people, in no way a populist entity favorable to Israel, suffered through two years of brutal dictatorship from the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi.  Their very survival only due to a successful return of cultural and economic stability at the hands of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

• The Syrian people, again holding no favorable disposition toward Israel writ large, only just now coming out of the shadows of a horrific five-year civil war and seeing sunlight for the first time in half a decade.  Breathing room.

• The Libyan people, caught amid an ongoing crisis of regional and tribal strife suffering through ongoing extremist violence that has taken them into the depths of economic and social chaos.  And before the fighting is even over, Europe is outlining demands of the North African gates.

• The Jordanian people, again a tenuous and precarious Muslim nation, who has watched the most barbaric and horrific consequences from extremist violence in their lifetimes.

The end result of almost all far-left policies when carried out to their natural conclusion is equitable misery.  At no moment in recent history has the choking consequence of a decade-long ideological war left a larger population of people so exhausted than at this very moment.

Think of the nationalist possibility.  ♦ Fattah al-Sisi (Egypt), ♦ King Abdullah III (Jordan), ♦ Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), ♦ Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian Authority), ♦ King Salman and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Saudi Arabia), and ♦ U.S. President Donald Trump.  Together they have a remarkable canvas.

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142 Responses to President Trump Preps For Meetings With Mid-East Alliance Members – Joint Arab Intervention Force…

  1. NJF says:

    Go get em Mr. President.

    Liked by 8 people

  2. LibertyVibe says:

    I wish we had a clearer view of what POTUS’ objectives were for this trip. Having observed how he operates, I am sure his goals are very specific. Is he trying to make certain groups get along, for economic purposes? To unite against terrorism? To work together to create safe zone and curtail Christian persecution? Or is he truly trying to solve the problem between the Palestinians and the Jews by dividing Jerusalem? The first set of objectives seems reasonable . The last one? Not so much

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jerzy2GA says:

      I think the President’s plan is multi-dimensional. Peace (some semblance of it) in the region, handling the syria crisis , going after terrorism and building an alliance. With so many factions it is intricate though.

      Liked by 1 person

      • LibertyVibe says:

        I agree! So many people automatically think that any diplomatic effort on his part involving the Middle East must mean he is trying to divide Jerusalem, and therefore he MUST be the ANTICHRIST.


  3. Derek Hagen says:

    “If you’re going to think, think big.” – President Donald J. Trump

    This next week should be interesting. Not that every week in the past almost 2 years hasn’t been interesting, but man, the pitch of it all is getting just a bit intense.

    Mr. President, good luck sir. I pray for you (I never used to do that kind of thing).

    Liked by 17 people

  4. USMCLt says:

    Abbas is the fly in the ointment. He represents a purely terrorist organization that has vowed never to coexist with the State of Israel. He should be left on the sidelines with Erdogan.

    Liked by 8 people

    • miketrivi says:

      The fly in the ointment is Islamic doctrine that enshrines violence and death towards non-muslims. Abbas, an indeed all muslims, view their warlord prophet Mohammed as the model of human behavior.

      Liked by 6 people

    • AmyB says:

      But peace cannot come to Israel without dealing with Abbas. President Trump knows that the Palestinians have thwarted every attempt at an agreement over decades of attempts at peace. Nevertheless, President Trump must attempt an agreement in good faith. For an agreement, you need both sides at the table. I have no doubt, though, that he has his eyes wide open. I imagine that he abhors people who deal in bad faith and will not participate in that. There is a difference this time, however. All of the other stakeholders in the larger effort for regional peace will not be happy if Abbas is the one hold out. In the past, the other countries were cheering the Palestinians on for abandoning the peace process, even after getting 90 percent of their demands met. It is different now.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Texas Fossil says:

      Thank you Sundance for the excellent article.

      All of the Islamist elements hate the very work “cooperation”. But the Islamists will never be part of the solution, they are the essence of the problem. Question? Is the experience of the Great Evil called ISIS enough to bring together Left, Right, East and West to a common objective, Ending ISIS and Islamist Terrorism? There is evidence in the communities of Northern Syria that such cooperation is in fact possible. Are the Middle East, Western, Asian leadership mature enough to do the same?

      Past that question, when Islamist Terrorism is ended. Is an honest Middle East peace possible? If it can be done, nobody is better fitted to get it done.


  5. BMG says:

    My concern is POTUS safety on this ME trip. Whose bright idea was it for McMaster to drill down and announce (dog whistle?) every fricken second of POTUS itinerary at yesterdays Presser?
    POTUS has got a fetid swamp right inside the WH.

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  6. miketrivi says:

    I wonder how many times we will hear violent islamic terrorism being characterized as “crime” during this shindig.


  7. miketrivi says:

    Remember “The Snake”.


  8. Anne says:

    The disgusting MSM are in full “impeachment” mode, in an effort to discredit President Trump in the eyes of the world ahead of his first official trip abroad. ¨
    When will the White House hire a strong team to strike back against this nonsense? Where is the DOJ? Where is Jeff Sessions?

    Examples of the disgusting campaign of the MSM:

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  9. Bendix says:

    The part about the people left exhausted – I saw an Arab man, I didn’t catch his name, discussing Syria on the PBS Newshour. He said Aleppo would haunt Obama. The newswoman asked him why the Middle East countries didn’t do more about the carnage in Syria, help-wise, and he said pretty much that, the people were so worn down and exhausted by violence they were inured to it.
    Remember the reporter trying so hard to get the crowd at Arab Spring to praise Obama? They were all like, “Obama who”? It was hilarious.
    Then there was what was happening perhaps at that very moment, to Lara Logan. Her own network tried to cover it up because it didn’t fit the narrative.
    I’m no expert on the Middle East, but look how things end up under the ministrations of the know it alls.
    Look at the positive way other men react to a man of strength (as opposed to a strongman) putting his most strongly held principle up front? I’m referring to Donald’s America First policy. No one can respect a leader who doesn’t respect his own country.
    You can see in these pictures how pleased these men are to deal with someone who truly sees them as equals.

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  10. Excellent information and analysis, Sundance. I wish more people would read this. I have learned so much from you. I don’t always agree with every thing but I sure do learn a lot! Thanks.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Anne says:

    Now this:


    • Lburg says:

      You mean this Al Green??

      Alexander N. “Al” Green (D-Tx). Al Green’s resume includes accusations of sexual assault of a former employee as well as failure to report $300,000 in campaign contributions


  12. dreadnok89 says:

    How is a memo written by comey proof?

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  13. joshua says:

    Al-Sisi KNOWS how to sucure his borders. And Trump can use his experience and cost estimates for OUR SOUTHERN BORFER SECURITY.


  14. joshua says:

    Al-Sisi KNOWS how to sucure his borders. And Trump can use his experience and cost estimates for OUR SOUTHERN BORFER SECURITY.


  15. I just posted this in Open Thread this is where it should be:

    I am so PROUD of President Trump….just an amazing speech earlier at the Coast Guard graduation, General/Secretary Kelly too! Just beautiful! And the band playing all the Service Branch songs. Trump45 evoked God’ name many times, so beautiful

    I just found this song, fair winds and following seas, Mr. President, always & nas you travel abroad. American Patriots have your back, we’ve got your six at home!! Trust me, aint nothing gonna stop us protecting you, aint nothing gonna stop us singing your praises while you are overseas making us proud, just like you make us proud when you are here on our precious soil.

    This song gives the Glory to God and I also dedicate this to President Trump for his perseverance, grace and love of us and country, and to his family and all Treepers keeping up the good fight!


  16. ogzy says:

    Doing business with Abbas is a waste of time.

    Trump, Jared (et al.) better remember Oslo. He who forgets history is destined to repeat it.


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